The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 19, 1949 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 19, 1949
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT Crommelin Case Is Called Closed Naval Operations • Chief Denies Demand For Court Martial WASHINGTON, Nov. 19. W) — Admiral Forrest Sherman, Chief o Naval Operation*, said todsy tha the ca« of Capt. John Crommelin it "closed." ; Officers said that means the rep rimand administered to the tier; air officer stands, and he does no gel the court martial he has de Bianded. The case grew put of Cromnielln' nnauthorlaed disclosure of Navj documents relating to the controversy over the Air Force's B-3i bomber. • Sherman's office told reporter, that "In the original letter of rep rimand Capt. Crommelin was givei opportunity to reply and he hai made that reply." -•Thit closes the case, It was »«ld. In his reply, made public yesterday, Crommelin put the Navy on the. spot with new charges tha Pentagon "zealots" with a "lust for power" have clamped Nazi-type controls over the Defense Department. His latest blast against Pcntagor policy rawed had this ticklish question for naval officers: . Will (he Navy stand pat on a •tiff rebuke already handed Crommelin for his part In a scrap among the armed services—or will it lei the whole bitter row over vital defense policies blaze up once more In a court martial? The 48,-year-old war hero insisted yesterday that either the reprimand should be erased from his otherwise sparkling record or he should be allowed to explain his actions In a court martial. Church Music Student To Direct Program .-, O. B. White, a prospective minister, of music and education at the First Baptist .'Church will direct the music program at the church tomorrow. ' • 1',Mr. White, a senior at "the School ' of Sacred Music at Southwestern Baptist Seminary, will arrive today, and'conduct a choir rehearsal at ,. the: church tonight al 7:30 p.m. -Mr. White attended Ouacliita Baptist College, and was a member of th« j Ouachita Choir, and following graduation was an officer In the Army, Mrs White and their 3-year old •on remained in Ft. Worth, and will not accompany Mr. White on his first appearance before the Blythe- Tille church A special number will be the .choir's singing, "Thanks Be to God," under Mr. White's direction. In the Sequoia National Park there are 8,122 giant redwood trees more than IB feet in diameter. Nevada Gambler Is Wounded by Shotgun Ambush RENO, Nev., Nov. 19-W-mi- coln Fitzgerald, Nevada and Michigan gambling figure, was critically injured by .shotgun blasts In an ambush shooting here at midnight Although the 57-year old casino operator was reputed to have carried large sums of money, Detective Sgt. Michael Salonlsan declared: Jjit couldn't have been rob- "It must have been revenge," the police officer added. Fitzgerald, eo-opei'ator of the hie downtown gambling house, the Nevada Club, was shot down as he started to leave his home for work at about ii:« pjii. Both shots were fired Into his back at close range. sa jj! lef ° r Po'ice k. R. Greesdn "It does not look like a robbery attempt." The chief would not amplify his statement with any Indication of the motive. Fitzgerald, a former club operator in iiaconib County, Mich, was found by hi s wife shortly after the blast of the shotgun awoke many residents in his exclusive southwest Reno neighborhood. TEACHER!" Continued from rage 1 in guidance programs, recreational training nn d alert to healn, needs of students were recormncntl- ed. Teacher Welfare Important Teacher welfare Is of paramount hitoiest to the community, Mr ferryman said. Inasmuch as the type of education given the students and future leaders was directly connected with the attitude of the teacher and often her indivld- •i. happiness or dissatisfaction Feacners and administrators must Know what the community wants and_ be sensitive to the changes' needed, Mr. Mcrryman pointed out Character personality, Interest | n pupil growth, sincerity, sense of honor, sense of humor, ability to recognize individual differences, a divine faith and scholarship were isfcd by teachers participating in the discussion on the profession as a nioMng force, as the characteristics of a good tracher. .Deer, representing that group that the group felt that In- :c training should be stressed so that teachers with degrees would ^tl'.'ann^/.r''' 1 ""nUhed -ts and didn't need further /aluntion, participation in acuity meetings, or school vlslta- Mr. Deer pointed out that lack of mity of thought between admlnls- rators and teachers, lack of acquaintance with the entire program ,. , scll "°'. including finances and lack of freedom In choice of material and procedure'were humoring t),e teachers professionally. The group sanctioned local A.E.A. paiurations and favored discu-i- lon meetings so that each Individ ual could be a part of the program. TrainIng, experience, and merit houM be considered In the selling IP of the salary scale. Mr. Deer also explained. Approximately 575 teachers at- mpcting yesterday in which was supervised executive secretary REAL LIFE ROLE—Onetime star of the silent films Constance Talmadgc — now Mrs. Walter Giblin—is an enthusiastic volunteer worker at a New York cancer hospital Working two days a week in the clinic, she <says it's the most satisfying work she's ever done. IAKK..1 'CUUJU1KK NEWS DOG APES MAN—AH (iiossed up like a very Important person Ilalo the performing pup, takes his litlle pet dog 'for a walk on the stage of a Parisian music hall. Ilalo is one of a troupe of dogs taught to satirize humans by Italian clog trainer Mario Malta, currently appearing in Paris. (Photo by NEA-Acme staff corre- soondcnl Rene Henry.) WRECK Continued nom Page 1 noon at the cobb Chauel by the Rev. E. c. Brown, pastor of the First Baptist church, of which Mr. Roberson had been a member for about 23 years. Burial will be in the Elmwood C.:meler.v. Surviving Mr. Roucrson is a son Jessie Loron (Sonny) Roberson of Blytlicville. and tsvo grandchildren, and his divorced wife. Mrs. Jessie C. noberson. Mrs. Roberson ami a cousin, Mrs. Lizzie Snider of Blytheville, remained at the hospital with him during the night, but he did not regain consciousness. ire was born In Lccsbiire, Oa., and had lived in Marston only a few months. Mr. Pollard is married and has two children. His wife arrived from Marston shortly after tile accident and is at the hospital with Mr. Pollard now. 115-MPH Winds Batter U. S. Base on Guam GUAM, Nov. 19. (AP)-ThLs huge (J.S. base yesterday emerged batter- d;and bruised from a typhoon with l=-milc winds or more which melons dam:1BC P os slnly high In No deaths were reported. There 'ere few serious injuries The all-clear came at a a.m after night of howling winds, and the epair of the damage began. Both lutian and military property was nrd hit. Communications have fen partly restored. Hear Adm. Edward C. Ewen com- nander in the Marianns. said that amnge was "very extensive" 73 Children Is Not Unlucky Number, Says Blytheville Woman Mrs. A. R. Woolriclge pfobably will not agree that 13 is an unlucky number. Wednesday at the Blytheville Hospital she gave birth to her 13th child, an eight-pound daughter. All of Mr. and Mrs. Woolridge children are living anti all are at home, with- the exception of a 20"' recently year old "-naugh'ter, married. -.__. The Woolricige home is west of the Half Moon Comunity. State Hospital to Get New Bus/ness Manager LITTLE ROOK, Nov 10. IIP, — Arkansas Purchasing Agent H. 1! Curtis is slated to become business manager of the State Hospital shortly after Jan. 1. This was disclosed by Governor McMalh. who said Car] Parker, now assistant revenue commissioner, will succeed Curtis as purchasing agent The present hospital business manager, diaries O. Smitliers. has asked to be relieved of his duties M-Maih declined to announce at this tune who will succeed Parker assistant revenue commissioner Four New Forest Fires Start Near Little Rack LITTLE ROCK. Nov. 19. (#•)_ Pour new forest fires broke out near Little Rock today, and the Forestry Department said the situation looked "pretty rough." The area west of Little Rock Is one of the worst hit sections in a current outbreak of fire throu"h- out the state. However, Assistant State Forester T. H. Martin said two of the wrist of sis previously-ieiMrled fires near here had been brought under control. Elsewhere in the state, fires wore •cporled In the woods near Fordyce, Harrison, Mountain view. iirmvjrnj Ashdon-n, Eureka Sprin»s am Salem. Two Men Lose Fingers In Separate Accidents T\vo men received serious hand • injuries in two diftemit accidents! wa7;"a'idlo"have 1 'bc'e,'''the'womTo 1 Negro Deaths Lula Sebastian Ricks, formerly of •osncll, died thus morning at l-r ome in Indianapolis, Ind. -i Survivors include her husband ' \norow Ricks: two sisters, Mattic '• toele and Suzic Williams, both of ' •lythcvillc; and two brothers. s lust week and both were reported by nurses at the Wails Hospital as improved, today. J. R. Mussick. 65, who resides at 1 East Davis, had all the fingers on his right hand amputated, alter they were caught in an electric saw at the Cooly Cabinet Shop. Wednesday. His address was previously given in the Courier News ns Manila Carter Brown, 59. of Manila, hud the index and middle finger and one-third of his ring finger amputated from his left haml. His injury was suffered while cleaning a gin stand. Guam Typhoon Damage Is Set at $1,600,000 GUAM. Nov. 19. MV-Gov. Carlton Skinner today csiiniatPfi that Thursday's typhoon wr , 0 m SI.COO.OOO in damage to civilian property exclusive of crop losses. No estimate was made of the damage to -military installations which also were hard hit. The slorni hit Guam since 1918. There are one- (rilliun feet rjf tim- ucr standing in die three west coast stales—Washington, Orcyoi and California. Fur CAUI'KNTIJY.I'AINTINI SI Mi AY PAINTING 1'APKU HANGING CA1.I, ;!S20 — in _ (isr.r; IN LOW WILSON is now connected with our firm as a salesman WE INVITE HIS MANY FRIENDS TO COME IN SHELTON MOTOR CO. 215 South 2nd Phone 4438 HERE'S A PICTURE WHERE _ ...Ih. (wro't o foofbofl cooch who do«n't win a gamo! ...*« k»f-j«end louthdown isn't mode —* VN | -.*• moW cWt, up-betting on rt>. oih« l»ml Oiftcitd bf JOHN M. STAM. ed kr f RED KOHIVJW Negro School PTA Holds Dinner To Raise Funds The Parent Teachers Association of the Robinson School, elementary Negro school, conducted a Calendar Turkey Dinner last night to rake funds for books and sh:ubs for the playground. Jinnnle Warren, principal, said Hint people were turned away be- rausc of the unexpected crowd, anti that almost $100 was added to the £>TA treasury after the event. The elementary students at Robnson have been carrying on a food EDSON Continued from Page 4 brigade for the past several weeks, accumulating food for the dinner. Much of the food was brought in 'potato at a time," the principal said. During the evening, prizes were iwarcled to the PTA chairman rep- •esentiiiE the ticket, sales, id for the month having the best able decorations. Twelve PTA hair m e n, each representing a lonth of the year, directed the tlck- t sales and table decorations. ; The program was opened by a na by fifth grade students. During e program, special numbers were Iso presented by the fourth anil ixlh grades, and Joyce Thomas eaii the scripture. Manic Manns uul M. Rollins presented piano se- cctions and M. Williams a vocal o\<f. Discussions, included "How We Iclp Youth" by A. Buchanan, "Need or Wholesome Recreation" and an pen forum on school attendance by teacher at Wilson High Scncc'l .id George Hollis, principal of the IniTison High School. C. Home was lasler of ceremonies. Those directing the dinner and iogram other than the principal ncludcd Ethel Mills, president of he P.T.A,. and classroom teachers t Robinson, Ollic Howard, Connne *ertoat. Otera O'Rear, Emma Lester nd Marilyn Watkius. California lias 95 institutions of nghcr learning—36 colleges and iniverslties, 14 professional schools and 45 junior colleges. daughter of Britain's former prim minister, was married at Sea Island G., photographers asked her to pas on the nearby ruins of old For Frederlca. The British had useci th garrison against the Spanih In co lonlal day. She agreed, but a lad der had to be found to get her up on the high parapet. The first oni located had a couple of rungs missing so the ystarte to search for another. That didn't bother Sarah She said: "Use that one. I know all about things. Remember ,my father Is a painter. Ifiglier Mathematics Veterans' Administration insurance officials report that the hundreds of thousands of veterans who cither did not put a serial number on their Ol insurance dividend application card, or put more than one, have nothing to worry about. A vet had more than one -serial If he rose from enlisted man to officer. Tlie serial number determines how soon « man gets his dividend check In the case of no serial number be- mR put on the card, VA ha.s gotten it Irom the records. In the case of more than one, VA will add them together and determine mailin priority from tile total. Guarding Home for a Change U.S. Women's Bureau reports thai policewomen now make up one per cent of the nation's ^ police force. Report state.s that there is a shortage of women for this work. There's not much chance for women over 35. And the report advises married women who are interested that they "may find alternating shifts difficult to fit in with home responsibilities." I Vets Are Moving In A change in eVterans' Administration regulation has been made to ease an unusual hardship to vet home buyers during the winter months. As the rules were written a vet couldn't move into a new home 8y FELIX CAW Instead of waiting (o choose that refrigerator, range, or washer . . . come to us now. Or values are high, but our prices are low. "Instead of waiting (or their ship lo come in more people should swim out lo meet it." says Hannah. SALES CO. On these coltl days it's wise to think of your health and have your washing done at the laundry. Call -MIS for lilythcville Laundry-Cleaners their expert service is, yours to enjoy.. .incx:- pcnsivelv. BLYTHEVILLE LAUNDRY-CLEANERS Phone 4418 KEROSENE and FUEL OIL G.O.PoetzOilCo Phone 2089 sign a waiver and escrow the funds n Shed! 0 " U1UiJ tlle holds in for II e NEW B »* Opens Week Days 7:00 p, m Matinee Saturday & Sundays Mal.-bim. 1 p. m . cont. Sho Manila, Ark. Shows KVEKV NIGHT Saturday 'BANDIT KING OF TEXAS" with Allan Lane Also Shorts RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark: Saturday 'STAGECOACH KID' with Tim Holt Cartoon i Serial Saturday Owl Srmv "HOMICIDE" with It. Douglas Also ShorU Sunday & Monday "FATHER WAS A FULLBACK" with Fred MacMurray and Maureen O'Han Also Siiurts Saturday Owl Show "BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN" ' with Boris Karloff V Also Cartoon Sunday & Alonday PI A STORY OF EXTRAORDINARY Rtl.iw) Thru Unilni Artim LAST TIMES TONIGHT Big Double Feature Thrills, Chills, Action K ? Hl Taylor • Lon Chancy "THE DALTONs" RIDE AGAIN ALSO The Thrill Show iiFBrBVAIf Of The Year .... FREAKS First Blyfheville Showins n! Dorothy Lamour in "THE LUCKY STIFF" with Brian . Donlevy —ALSO— Itctiirn Showing of Frank 'Buck's Bring 'Em Back Alive" ALSO DISNEY CARTOON B LYTHEV 1 LLES ONLv" ALL WHITE THEATPF Last Ray • Open 12:30 'Smart Girls Don'l Talk" —ALSO— "Lawless Valley" -OWL SHOW 11:15— "Key Witness" ^=^-omu-r»un.'= Two Top Hit Pictures on Same Program '! GENE KELLY : : JUDY GARLAND t J MICKEY RODNEY |i : mi ALLYSON / •"- PERRY COMO: \ UN I, -- ' HORNE I ^™***i*AHf Words PLUS lusrc r^Ji'j i»«, Latest World News • Cartoon NU-WA LAUNDRY CLEANERS Phone 4474 In England It's the Chemist Shop In Franc* It't th* Apothecary Shop In Blythtville It's BARNEY'S DRUG STORE , For Expert Prescription Service

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