The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 17, 1931
Page 3
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I'ESDAY, MARCH 17, 1MI KLYTIUOVIU.E. (AKK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THRRt. Wise-Cracking Jimniie Is City's Symbol STUFF is New York's Play-Boy Ex- '.xulive Dcef-'i't Let Cril- inis.n Spoil His Fun. Hi: ... SOTE: '1'Ms li ii-l <;f Ihtct arllrlrs on tin- wi" :-n:l colorful r.ri.-:nii!lil>' o! N.v V::h's Mayer J-ini" J. U'alUir. wliL, »Hh his .-.linlnlstralHin. is niniir (ir* in what nuy li;;'' 1 ";:- a : .-mil!-in'.' UY P.U'I, jlSAKll'SON NEA Service Writer NEW YOHK.—The vacation inn shine of California may prove- el?; rimental to the politicf-l linl'I' t mayor Jlinniy Walker, bin i! c:: bleach little cif Ihe i>lcliit?s!|urni- • from his amazing per?snality. James J. Walker has IK-IMI n::- ; cused of deserting hi; rf=r)Dn<-..i,;;i. • ties during the hour of New York'.-1 rat need for honest stncral- scandal unparalleled in extent si.~.c the clays of Tweed. Crrtain civic leaders arc clamoring for his removal and i>olilical disgracv. It is t!ie fiercest attack that IX" play-boy mayor ever Ins l:r:n 0:1'.!- cd upon to face. And he i:; m??: - ing il just as he lias many cf in? others—with absence and silence. He has said, quite frankly: "I wnn: to get away from all thes; investigations." Vacations seem to b? a p:,r; r-.'! Jimmy Walker's regular straie^y. 1; is a formula that works. Since lu tcck office in 192'j anil besan succumbing lo the wanderlust that lias taken him over mnst of Ibis comi- n?nt and Europe, virtually all c: i his excursions have been launched i amiil chorees of desertion by lih | enemies. | Left Knotty Problems- They say he fled to Havana when a vice scandal threatened in to Paliu Bsach when a subway ru , flared in 1323. In 1830 he made B precipitate departure for Flcrhia in | Hie private car of W. P. K:nny. wealthy friend cf A! Smith. He bft three knotty problems b:h:iu!—im- portant transit, tunnel und brid'jc legislation, a pending report on a costly bus franchise, nnd the In Tin: ffl hvcntor Claims Solution OU1S iVlan 1 Mil to llll'V ' °" Mllvdl " ''l-lunrn, whemn .uuih I»MN IK.HI tu Jill) (hfy may ,,„„,,,,„ ,„ b: >_ celebrate for Alleiiecl Abslraclions ««-' tcMn\ <-t si. iMu-irk. nu<ii I (•, ] r. i; i 'Kii'at titttlnnnl sanil. w!io dKl on <:! Lasll t'l'OIll Vnilll. dan- In «.). at the patriarch • - lal age of 1M. IfAliniSON, Ark.. Mnrcli If 'the duy is a national liollilny I" lUl'l—Hen Mays, brother ol Kil Ireland and Is obs.i'rvccl with much May?. ineskii-nl nl the Oiand Na- Tin 1 .shamrock Is worn J tional llnnk of St. Louis. ItMcnnl, everywhere, in onmiiiir.T.ulon t. I lodny lo italr's witnesses testify p the fact thtit wiirn S'-. I'nlth'k .vu- 1 a^ilns 1 . him, then suddenly waived ' preaching Ihi 1 dcctriiii' of tin- Trin- I preliminary Iwuring and was In-lit Ky hv nuule use ol this plunt for Investigation by a grand Jury I here In July. | Mays lii-ard two bank ollli'lals I tell .1 slury of having missed funds , )e amttm[ ,,,, hv s . lvllls , Mml „. Ifrom a small vault, of Imvliig IK- lol , m , C(1 .,„,, f!ll , rcll( ,,' ,. m . v ^ M ;.-\ come suspicions of him and o( hav-' Inc placcit two marked $20 bills In Hie \aiili. When the bills wen- missed, [hoy claimed, an olliciT had Mays ;nrested. Marked money was fumiil on liltn, they .sulcl. Al till:', point of the preliminary Mays v..mvd the hearing nnd was ivleust'il unrlcr Sl,000 bond. threo leaves npun on;- stein :i symbol of the (jrcul mystery. 81. I'alili'k's wurk In Ireland may a school by Hie side of cadi; tint he ortjunlml at least om> urchiepH- copal we, consecrated two or more bishops, eslabll.slu-:! on? or I crnlly. „ INTEKNATIONAUTY DISPUTED r ni i o n LI ! LINDA U, Bavaria. (UI')-The 01 Uld uUtl rroblemjnucstlon us to whether Lake Con- 'stance Is International territory— WIMTHROI', Mass.. tUP) — The' 0110 »'h'ch «««' several gorern- rohiliun .f n problem, which for "'-cuts during the war—Iras bse:i lus tallied expert etm- solved to lib own satisfaction by .•il'.l".--':i':f<'itif>n of the llml bar- the proprietor o! a ferry plyiiin be;il. locki-d lirm-li principle lor twcen German, Swiss and Austrhn •i rni-iiii!ii>i'..ilic i-Mles ni:tl other ports. He claims the lake Is inter- ilium'.- -lus l-coii claimed by national, therefore customs 1'rce. riauklin K. YOIIIIR, grey-haired lo- and sells German tobacco, or Swiss uui'iuiT. ;Honors, without any tax. chea-v 'liii- diAii-i- ivhlrh Young asserts; than they can be bought in t!i: he IKIS pafi-etnl after :)5 years' at;country ot origin. jiilk-rifiu-... bi.^n E» designed! in Ix' IHli-d IB tin 1 already : inlillury rincs throughout.! I. uaiis.foiiiDiii; them Into; .i:i:itii' nlli's cap.ibie of; u]i to L : 0 yhuts. or even 'h,:nl iv lo.'.dinK. | '. [March FAIlMMIl MAKTS QIUI.T j JjjJJ UKLOI'I, \\'is. .Ui'i—A pink and; ^ while "lin-.M'! varilvn" ii.itch work; R(>|; i|iilll wiiii-.i liv !•• in.ikliiK for lils ; i-lster k:'Cps Amlicw Jdni'lii'lini'r. 70-yi'iir-nlil fanner, busy alter his; clitri's iiu- ilaiie. Hi- "u us.' a ne:- 1 die as well as u pltt-htiiik or plu\v ! and has miulu tlic'ssw. lor chlldr.'iv ; aprons shlit.s. jinil doiv.' fancy I York Cotton NEW YOfiK, March IV (UP) — Cotlon ctosi'd barely steady. open high low 103:1 1CM3 lOCT 1007 1112 1112 108<j 1087 1130 1131 1111 1113 1164 11M 1141 1143 lIBfi 1139 1161 1IG5 1193 1103 11C8 1111 closed quiet at 1075. off 20. 1 Orleans Cotton • Jan Spots Around the coast of llrllaln Iliive n:i' .ibnit 29C life-saving sr.>- llons and t.COD vohintc.?rs and members of life-saviuy brlyiulrs. In addition to the regular lifeboat service. rcsaidinn thi 1 saint Is ihat which Hives him credit for driving all', ATIjANTA ,IJP,_T|H' name ol'March the snakes mil of IrclnncL | Uu , ujvi^Fisr!;,.,- cnnalarliim here i May lias teen chnngi'd (o (lie Crawf or .i | .Inly All wines do not Improve with W. l.unn Hospital mid Clinic lu ' OH ane; a -.v.iv.- much is uulillVienl lit honor v[ the noted Cienrula physl-1 Dec the start will usually eel worse us clan who discovered the use ol elh-1 Jan NfiRW ORIEANS. March 11 (UP» —Cnllnn closed steady. open high low cltsi 1088 1088 1070 1070-GBb 1105 till 1084 1007 1134 1131; 1110 1111 11(55 lliiB 113!) 1H3 1185 1185 1159 11.0'JJ 1101 llllb it yets oldfr. ef as an asaeilhetic. Spots clwril steady at 10-15. olt 18. Eiv.y at his clfice in City Hall, or pi. aiiu^-icekini; o;i anutlur of his numerous vacations, the Mayor ol j New York is the same dapper, debrnalr. wife-cracking Jimmy Walker who has become a symbol of Ills | skyscrfin r city. Plans Slreamlined Railroad Trains PITTSBURGH- -From a drop of water may cotr.e the solution to < ne of Ihe ditficult problems the! h:v> besn puzzling the rail- nip.dr; ar.:l shrn lines these years. Thai. po!:l-:u> hss been how to Htljation over the 7-cent fare, i fii.eslal! the ?rcv.-in» competition wiiich had reached the U. S. preme Court. Net many months after t'::e beginning of his second term, ;vh?r: rrwniimny was believe;! to be tijht- fat.''; Us grip on City Hall, Mayor Walker to;k a vacation in Bermuda. ' In 1930. when there were Increased rumblings of civic corruption, he wont to Florida again. A few months preciously there had been handed (o Gov. Franklin n. icprejc-Jit C.OCy.OOO "injured" citizens. charged that during the fir = ' half three end a half years cf office he had been guilty of "prodigiously wasteful neglect, inefficiency. broken pledges, [also official publicity. preventable delays. mi?sp*ni- met', r vehicles and pipe linrs. The water, drop, il is b:lievcd, v ill le-d the raiiroaris and electric iRU-mrbEin lines to'a revival of K speedy, yet hifj'.ily economical, service by which they hons to regain (he pr.trciuje they have teen lor,- in^ to Ihe :I:WESL fonns of transportation. For from this simple water drop has rnme a form of s^rtrari'.liiieJ car ihat lends itself lo high speeds at Itcosevclt thr- first definite ri-mnn-1 | much Icwcr hor;cpo;vev thon has for the removal from office of May- bt:n required tr> n:n j^rerent types cr Walker. A director of t.:e lit.'..- i of cars. The idea has b:cr. tested : <K..\r tute for Public Service, claiming ;;j land upplbi lo mcd?ls i:i wind tu:i-1 llcw mo dcl, is.showii bclo-.v. n:-ls by Dr. Os:ar G. Tictjem. German acrodynpmic rn?ineer, al Ihe replica of it could travel 00 miles v,-ay.i and pipe lines, a new style in \Vestinghouse Research Lab^rato- j an hour with only 140 horsepower. )-.i ? h :,p«d cars and trains is e.x- ries h°re • • while the present type of car at j-.^rtfii lo appear soon. By .shaping a mode! car almost . that speed requires 288 horsepower, like a drop of wuier, Dr. Tietjens j According to Tieljens. it is wind has calculate:! through his wir.d I resistance that demands most ot • 5low the proposed streamlined ' railroad car compare.; in sue and : shape with the present type i-an> ; is cliown by the above models. I Note the sleek lints of the new speeds. When the present ot electric passenger car Is moving SO miles an hour, wind re- i> almost 50 per cent of the total resistance, the rest, con- t.lins of mechanical friction. When Ihe car's speed is pushed up Ic 80 miles an hour, however, t!'.? u-;::d resistance has become mcr- ;!ian 75 per cent of the total. T!*? same is Irn? of trains, says Tictjeiis. who suggests that long tsriii.s could easily acquire a stream jii:- 'liape as an entire unit from ^"motive to observation car. Only '•:': ficiu ai:c! the rear would hnvc - : "-• shaped to conform to the ".r/or-drop rtcsim. The greater the speed wanted. ing. overtaxing, unfair assessing, and the encouragement of grail an-i violation of law." There were 2T specific charges. Jimmy Walker ha; sold that "there is nothing so disarming to a critfc ns to be ignored." Anyway. he did just that, and the critics were disarmed. 5Te rrr anrl its extreme Icnsth—twice t.:c more important becomes stream- that of Hie lyp= ntiv uml. Ilr. :i;»:i-;. ECi-ordins to IheEC findings. Tieljrns, whu ti-itcd thr ; ' : - : '- : ^ 'he railroads are directing liu-.r cffcrt^ Inward greater speeds, thtir competition with the high- tunnrl tests that an actual fuil-sUu; the power needed to run the ear at. (-.fried This watrr-drop style. Dr. Tietjens s.iys. will add not only to f.p:cd but to efficiency and econ- utny of operation. o $1.000.000 appropriation to im- | n - OVD j ; All tli'= i- "---I Jimmy Walker" fn.slraicil in an cirlv am^l'.inn to be an actr-r. i- i playing the Ic.irtiin role Mv 'h-n j tbe Jazz Mayor. Jimmy the Jestijr. | cms he has li?en cffi-iallv New York's Ambassador lo thr Wcrld, ^T^yor-at-Lar2e, Lord Mayor of Gotham and, to most of those 0,000.000 "injured" citizen; "good old Jimmy." No Brr-ak In Routine Never has he permitted disapprobation to interfere with his p;- culiar routine. He has continue! to prowl the bri;h; spots a: nidit. to go lale to bis office, to brea 1 : Important official a:;pDir.i:nc:'.t^; ^>'Iicut apology, and tc (lash ^ie\ily through transactions cf city business of such moment t'f.rit *. wrong 1 decision would mer.n the !:.>= of millions of dollars. He is conscientious about presiding at important board msc'.ings. wher? IT' wit and autl'.o"ivy arc given fv, 1 ! play. But he usually i; willing f Have an Important t- greet some brjclri'^loji y;nfi \\-\r. his pushed 'a peanut arro;s t!-,? eminent to the stops of City U::!I. il .liminy Wolhor chose to nu- manclrd for his Ras^r^nt ?t:d his r-apuy-so-lnckv attituE'^ i-i • is conceded to hp.Vi 1 fr n ~) Ihe main rcascn for !v: brni: wi,'' , Alfred E. Frnith. Ne-.v-na-^e :n'.n j that S'ui'h heols for hours in fiC" v:h!lr jim-nv 'BiTS^lf rni^'n DO OM tile slcrp lest rlitri 1 . 1 .? a r'U" cf dinners and piilic-. l!ic ;iUh 'l-^t fm woiT ' nxi ?,Iiv- Wclfccr—thcis'h 1-; r-iil-' n i • "nn^ lh»-T. 1 : 1-,. ,--:; V-'r-r ••>•-• vo-i F«t t>"-.-e." .rv-^i-- 'it ir;i-t ;i., -n^ '*-hc •''"T.V-: gpt 5 t'^r"" nn fm'': U- the h?y "to Hve-j t'n'ngn up • pht w>ini hn does o«-rit-n;' Tleptir's on- I-Vier.rts Hr r.-vn" h?.<^ trier] to niplre a •?rre? of i 1 '- I?ct t'.r.l he ', heavily on hi? fdrnds rtnd .suborcli- -iit^- nr-l Tainmai'.y TT ' ll i. lohn F. realize that he has made no promises and has said, in fact, ahnost --> •. nothing at all. At board meetings. His Honor i for another, and apparently right! co'JS indignation for dcpartu-ent : hcuds who want increased nppro- : prialicns- He never admits igjior- ' ante cf a subject, and generally makes pood his bluff. "More or Less Shccltert" liqs ml--! M-- Rnl Ilot nlwn >' s - Ollc? wllcn a ; t Hi- H-nT's i' -•usgCElion was made that n dieti-' Deepest Oil .,. f, „ ... Well 111 Lalltomia civ.i be employed for the pul .-hnols. he held forth for several itiiiriti-s c:i Ihe "absurdity" cf the r;-o->?r.s!. "On? dietician for all t'.-.o'r.: children?" exclaimed the VKVor. "Why. I've boen to iloz?ns o! "cllficlr.ns and they can't lell nt's \vrcng with me." Nobcdy BAKERSFIELD, Cal, (UP)What is declared by Shell company officials to be the deepest oil well in liu world Ls under construction at Semi-Tropic. 50 miles northwest of )'.>re. The hole has reached a depth of 9.7C1J feet and will be continued 10.0CO feet, company officials said. The temperature at the bot- tcm of th! \\M is. said to be 210 | coerces fnhrenheit The weight of I the pipe supported by the derrick is 210,000 11>5. MINING OLD VAY DIRT MEDFORD. Ore. (UP)—Le;i by Afayor Mclnlyre, the community of mining camp ct th? early '50's, is staging a "pick, shovel miscon- a ,jd rocker" inining industry. Nine dared l:'l thr sycaSer that what he JacksoIlvil | Ci i:-.nnl v.-si,5 dia?nostlcians. WTiih the disclosures of . ;',i:ct til ihc parts of some city "town lot" cold diggings are In op- tr.nfir.trahE, and the expostirc of n oration on a payin; basis. The "pay i".ce rinc involving police and min- ( i| r f underlies Jacksonville in three cr CjU'.-t office's. Mnyor Walker D ],j ancient draining "\pre:;crt himwlf as being '.'more or neighboring hills. ''" l'd fri'r,- 1 srr-c!arv. sa-er hi.', critics he co:ild. no doubt ! ^ to City Hall to b: th? point out that nearly nil cf his v.i- cations have b:en taken at II": Mine time each year. a:i;l t'nnl !ii' prewnt one was delayed for ny.r time agalntt his doctor?' orde':" He also could challenge his enemies to mme any period duri:i- hls two terms of office whcr, f would not have pr.'vi 1--! escape from sorae sort of scandal. His administration lies been expensive beyond any other en record, costing some S570.000.003 annually. Yet Ihe Mayor lias ma:b no patlicalar pretense of economy. -.TV "If we're going to improve ihis city," hr- said, "we've eot t-< pi- f-; : it." With no doRnit: Idea of how (hey were lo fcr flninc;!. r has initialed vast projects, such as $300.000.000 for schools, SGOO.OOO.OCO for subways. He ;\r(s Quickly With tbe apparent snap judgment- Ihat characterizes «vcrythtiii hp cloes. he one day visited on? k;Vw:inl of one licspital. found il "u'.i- K i ii: for dogs," nn:l forced an appro- I priation of S10.000.C-00 for tho re- habilitaticn of all city hospitals H-; tock a ride through Central Park. . F i;cvrl- n v:ho iVhcn tt'.c !csi?iature began con- siriJiins a sweepins investigation ;f t!;c city fovernnunt. and the District Attorney was cited for and a woman witness in the Courier News Want Aeis Pay. Tivatr a-i ••r,:-; h:3r- 'he 'it'" of "As=istant -o i- :f imisiry was defiantly murder-, 'lir Mayor." s!:o:i!rl' i rr., o! r( i. i! ;c city's chief executive left' •Mail. On their a;ivi:e aro ta<cd | or p.ii,,, sj-.riins. Cal. xvl'-?rc he is ••:p!iy rf hi- drcis'cns. Anolher i nltiilii easy mc'.orir.g ri'Istancc of "•in- flirt irked Al Sm'.th was this n- lC bright li-jhts of Hollywood and ; blind trust. D^ir'icularly In the nut-' (i ;e race tracks of Agua Callentc. 'cr of i]'ntc. «:ch as mac- [jm U0 [ cvt . n jimmy Walker's en- j !S(:acl7s. v-ithoul invss'.i-! tn ,; es crnsicirr this an acl of inor-! •pile:;. al cowardice. Political expediency: A \-n- f.f the Mnvor broke nil |; ( ma y \ K or colossal indifference., 'vs rcr?c:in! rjrrcec!en's to admit! um ti lc ,y imow too much cf the | ».->! there "rrd^il bJ seme waste. '• Mjvor's career trv lick respect for Jiaft an:l ir.rr>.pibllity in the varl-; ;,; s 5n£OC ;ty and nerve rus city inquiry into them. Nothing! . _._ . | •npncncd. Qiiest'.oned rbwit char?- • NEXT: The rise of Jimmy Walk's Ihat he Allowed police to pn-! cr. : iSc and exploit speakeas'cs. he' ••iu "Yes I'm !o!ci there are atoit ] MOO speakca^s. Ant. what of i,r ^^^ ^^oX-. Jimmy Walker is not averse to ';"inj walled upon by delegations of citizens. He has even received -ommunWs. Such encounters per- him the verbal lencing at A'hich he c-xccl?. Ccmmitteemen go •o City Hall expecting to state their grievances, remain to 1st him do ill the tilliinrt. and are ushered out, with heads so full of Mghsoundlivj! Ing to one expert, ns secinit that' our sleep is untroubled. ; LIQUID OR TABLETS j Cure Colds, Ilciuiachos, Fcvc-j THIS ended his headaches this quick way F OR years he sufTere_d with sick headaches. Sometimes it was from over-work, sometimes nerves or his stomach, but when the headaches came he suffered uitold misery. Now when headaches come he takes Capudinc and he gels relief in just a few minutes. Tieing liquid, Capudinc acis immediately, ouen in one-third the lime required by other forms. It con• tains no narcocics,does not disturb digestion and is approved by doctors and druggists. Even with the most severe hcadache.rclietcoincs \cry quickly. Sold « DtoR Store>, 10.', JO/ ft 60<b<xiltl tad by the dose *l loai fcuDuinl. went back to City Hall nnd san:!- j earnestness and sentiment that the Board of Estimate with | they are hnlt-wcy home tofore they 666 SALVE Cures IJaliy's Cold. I Heat Purifies LUCKIES are always kind to your throat The advice of your physician is out o/ doors, in the open nir, breathe ciecj)l>; take ptcmy o/ c.vcrcise in the Tnolloiu sunshine, and linrc a / chi'cl:-i<|; on I fie of your body. TUNE IN— The Lucky Strike Dance Orchcs- iroi every Tuej* ilay, Thursday and Saturday evening over N. B. C. net- Everyone knows that sunshine mellows-that's why the "TOASTING" process includes the use oJ the Ultra Violet Rays. LUCKY STRIKE- made of the finest tobaccos- the Cream of the Crop-THEN -"ITS TOASTED" — an extra, secret heating process. Harsh irritants present in all raw tobaccos are expelled by "TOASTING." These irritants are sold to others. They are not present in your LUCKY STRIKE. No wonder LUCKIES are always kind to your throat. Your Throat Protection*-against irritation •"against cough

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