The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 19, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 19, 1949
Page 7
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BA'tUHDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 1949 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WilliomT ^—^——-—• •- - , BLYTHEVrLLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS I KKJOWiOU HAVEN'T.' THOSE THINGS DON'T MEEPTOBEFIRSP . BRIKJG POWN <3AME--1 KNOW TH 1 PRINCIPLE OF BALL BEARINGS MOW/ BOBK1 THIRTY VEAEJS TOO SCOW Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople THIS LETTER JUST CAME, MR. EARLY- 1 RlSER/-*~S6FORe YOU RSOO IT. TACK THIS tHOL)6HT DOWN FIRMLY IhS YOUR HftRDWOOD HEAD — IF You WOM THAtf SCULPTURE PRIZE, T- MARRieo VOL) FOR BETTER OR FOR vJORSe~— AMD SO FAR. IT'S ALL. AV/PF-SPDTT-TT/; HOWS THAT. MRRTHfl M.V DEAR? —OH, Y6S, A LETTER/-^ UM.'T SUPPOSE •> YOUR. FeMicJi CURIOSITY DEMIVJDS THftT t DPElJ IT Private Rooms Comroruble Bedroom: close to town Men only 310 W Walnut iivia PK 11 ilia Nice tiedroom Men only Adjoint bath B13. Walnut Phon« 2496 6.23 ck 11|28 ' Front bedroom Ph 2333 1[3 pk 12:5 Nice Eioam healed bedroom adjohi- Ins bain. 301 Weal Ash. Il;l9 pk 12,4 Wanted (iencral Mgr. lor cleaning plant. Capable to cleaning, spotting & press- Ing. Re-Nil Cleaners. Monete. Ark. TAXI Call Ask for either while or colored driver. Eijht cabs at your service. FOR SALE Concrete cDJverts • 12 meb to 49 inch, plain or.,reenforced AIM Oonrrele Bnlldlni Blacb ebeap- er than inmber tar ha mi chicken huDsea. pump houe*, tenant hnusn. tool ilteits V,~ drHTer Call us for free estimate Phone 691 .'• . OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. vi. You Can Tell the Difference in Good Shoe Repair WOODS Drug Store Experienced Prescription Service WOODS Drug Store BIJW .Veil . CJift SI,, leciiun < wllk Torn O'.Veill. .Vi-N'« Xrlr nnij Vnkov, mfjiu- > I» tke Three \VKIir* I lo »<•« rhr cilinvo cul- lln^ar Illnir. A NDREY VI YAKOV was Tom O'Neill's latest trophy tor his creative people collection. He had met Yakov at the local art gallery and had borne him home to exhibit to Nell and the pseudo- Bohemians and artists who usually were clustered around the O'Neill liquor cabinet. The bold oils Yakov had shown as his had been slavishly received by Tom and his satellites. Yakov turned his head slightly and smiled at Nell. "I have heard from many people about this wonderful warm coast where one could work congenially among fellow artists." His narrow mustache curved genially. "Like you and your husband. You were of Ihc ballet, were you not?" "Not exactly. 1 did a kind of interpretive dancing. American, you know." "But your mother? She was a Russian ballerina?" . "How did you know that?'! "Did you not tell me? Or our good Tom, perhaps?" "Oh, I guess it was Tom." Her mother's talents were the one thing she'd been able to throw back at him when he jeered at Nell's dancing years. He'd said, i of course, that he didn't believe her story, but evidently that hadn't prevented him from raving to Yakov about it. Perversely, now. Nell felt cheated. She had looked forward to making quite a fabulous tale out of it. Andrey interrupted her thoughts: 'That is the place just ahead, is it not? The Three Wishes Shop ol H-w Blair?" Nell leaned forward. "Yes." As Yakov negotiated' the turn nto [he driveway, Nell glanced through the big windows ol the store. "There's Ha gar Blair," she said, 'and Miss Smith, the girl who works for tier. And there's Arnold Plieiler—that little worm Tom tried to speak to when we stari«<l out." Yakov consulted his watch: "We are just in time. It is not quite 30 minutes past 5 o'clock." * • • ELL O'NEILL preceded Andrey Yakov into the shop ol Hagar Blair. The trio clustering around the cameo collection cabinol looked up with varying altitudes, none of them cordial. "Hello Jlagar." Nell nodded to the other two: "Miss Smith, Arnold." Reaching back, she tugged Yakov forward by his sleeve. "This Is Andrey Yakov. the distinguished Russian artist. He asked to meet you. Hagar. he's heard about your cameo collection and he wants to see it He's a collector himself." Arnold Pflefter nastily transferred a glittering object from the glass top of the case to the dark velvet interior of a silvei box. Yakov was at his side instantly 'Ah! Another cameo!" With R frantic gesture, Arnold snatched up the box. He fumbled and it fell to the floor, the cameo dropped out and slithered into a pool of light against the iron leg of an Italian torchicre. There was a moment's awed silence, then n general surge forward. Arnold reached the spot first, he dropped to his knees, gingerly picked up the pin and inspected it worriedly, Nell, Hagar, Yakov and Slephanie peered intently over his shoulder. From his crouching position, Arnold glanced up at Ineir faces •*"^*M!'s broken/' he announced. Ha^v." moved backward, stooped Kl retrieved the box. "May I look now. if you please?" Yakov extended his hand. Arnold looked confused. With an almost mechanical gesture. Arnold placed the pin in Andrey Yakov's palm. Stephanie stepped forward with a gesture of pretest. Yakov's eyes Challenged her. she paused, and fie deliberately turned his back on ier and benl over the iewel he held. Nell grasped his elbow and whispered urgently: "That's it! That's my cameo!" Arnold scrambled to his feet. "1 licard you. Nell O'Neill. You're .-'R—that cameo belongs to Martin Falter." She whirled on him with a venomous glance: "It belongs to rne!" ''Rut I am going to buy it," Hagar interrupted. "So, it's as good as mine." • * * ' WHEN Yakov gave Nell-an encouraging nod, she drew herself up to her full height and said: "It's my cameo. 1 may sell it, or I may not. And. if 1 sell it, there are several intcrested buyers" Arnold PfieJIcr, - with -catlike swiftness, snatched the cameo our of Yakov's open hand. His eyes (lashed defiance above his trembling chin and he darted qvei to stand behind Hagar. She reached around and gave him tfiR box- Yakov's first movement ws nn involuntary one of pursuit, bul seemed to change his mind and now stood quietly, "We must decide who is the owner before we decide who will be the buyer, [ am speaking frankly. Miss Blair, when I sny that I intend to be the buyer!" "No!" The word came explosively from Stephanie. Ynkov turned to her with" an attitude of polite interest: "The young lady says 'no'?" Hagar gave him a triumphant smirk. "The young lady says 'no.' And the old lady says 'no.' The cameo has been ofTcred to me at a prire, 1 have an option oo it, you might say." (To Be Continued) ATTENTION EX-G.I.'s To Maintain CDUI Benefits PAY YOUR LEGION UUES NOW! DUD CASON POST 24 FOR SALE CONCRETE CDLVER1 TILE Colt* you tt9h y«i lui^ lunflo (h&n an? other brLriRt material Hit* 8-10-I2-li-IS-Zl-i4-27-J!0-3b incnei CONCRETE SEWER TILE CONCRETE SKPTIC TANKS • Best Pncej »v» luluci A. H. 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HOW FELLOW ftWERICANiy ARE VOU 30NE-S i 1...I WOULD LIKE TO SHOW VOU THE/ ALL THE RUSHI » I'M MkSHTY ANXIOUS 10 HEW! WHWWU KUON WASH TUegS nuns RUNNY Whnda Urain! SO.SSETHIN' WRONG WTH THAT PI RE PLACE T. BUILT YA, PETUNIA? IT SMOKE5 LIKE THAT ALL, THE TIME... I'LL FIX IT 5O'S THAT S.VOKE WON'T BOTHER VA NO MORE/ WITH THAT ••4 YA'U. NOTICE I KNOW JUST WHAT BY V. T. HAM1.IN ROOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN

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