The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 7, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, December 7, 1937
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS VOLUMK XXXIV—NO. 22=1 Blytheville Courier Blytheville Herald JTHE DOMINANT .•nCTSPAPER^OP NORTHKAST AHKANBAS ANt) SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HMTitKyiLLK, ARKANSAS, TUKSDAY, DKCHMUKH i, KIR? Blytheville Dally He\vs Nanking SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Leader Gives Up Fighl To Save Capital Fiom Jap- SHANGHAr. Dec. 7 <UI>) _ Through n trail of fire and smoke thc Japanese armies fought their way past the usburbs of Nanking nnrt arrived tonight at the north and west gates of the capital. Willie Die Japanese forces massed against the undent ENGLEWOOn. N. J.. Dec 7 (UP) —Col. and Mrs. Cliurlcs A. I,ln:l- bcrgh .sinroimded their movoinent:; tcdny with the sume secrccv thru accompanied their arrival in the ER EXPECTED RE RE eKIIEBESBfl! SSre^r^ru.J'.r E ^> ^ Tcmpcralures President Harding. It was believed (hat they would remain at. the estate of Airs Lindbergh's mother. Mrs. Dwi«ht Morrow. until interest in their visit had subsided and that the colonel would attend to business matters requiring his attention as technical adviser to Pnn American airways. -\fany reports »wa circulated concerning the couple's plans. One •«&"•*••'" Liit uiii-jLjJV W«)l^ ,j " --i.j.nj a jjjujia, \jn\ Generalissimo CMang Kai Sheki was that Mrs - Charles A. Llndberel, fled by all-plane, indicating that Sl " :i De(ro 'l- school teacher, would organized resistance was near an end and thc fall of thc cupila! was imminent. come here io see ho- son. Another was that the Lindberghs either would return to England in time >ina imiiimi. in.-, _ , — ~-- = «<m\« ILJ nun; LIIVJII, (Mill I,IIQ iivuiiigc i or tntj stfltc Chinese troops were drawing I,,', in,',""" f„ j'" U ""-'>' ccmlcl a few *Wes higlier than that of ftcadlly into the eitv leaving only IP,, , l , he "' clllklri! ". John. five, thc night before. The northwest rear (juard detachments lo hold up ,.,.,„" , seve " 'V 10 "" 15 - ° 1 ' «>al i section of the state, however, had temporarily the Japanese in what ?,. ?!MI "1 J.° n[(S , be m(ule to i lts Collle5t weather of thc season Predicted For State Wednesday Night By Hulled Press With slUhtly warmer weather evident today, Arkansas Is scheduled to have .Us coldest SHOD of thc current season tomorrow. The fed- era! weather bureau at Little Rock forecast n drop in Icmueratitrr for tomorrow and even further declines In thc mercury Wednesday niaht. Loirs of ten degrees or more below freezing were reported l n st| nlcht with th 0 average for the stale 2 ve ! ^ 1( ' ^°P in P»»'8iiit bf Fleeing Chinese • •.''"•.>'./ ••;•"; v.jjtfr-wtfwpT- '< :A>^Ite . -... b uu,u uci.a^-iimL-lli.s it) J1UHI up t temporarily the Japanese in what I appeared to he a futile last stand. Countryside Is Aflame 1 As the Chinese retreated through Hie gales of the capital they applied ll:e torch to everything In their path in an effort'to throw' up a barrier of fire. Reliable reports said that the Japanese forces were executing a. flanking movement In order to! bring two columns to the north and west gates . simultaneously, thus cutting off the Chinese retreat to Pnkow. . General Chiang, supreme com- niander of China's armies, was reported to have left Nanking at 7 a. m., .accompanied by his wife Destination of the, general was _;iot divulged.- but his-' departure ;was tBfcen to Indicate Hint the fall of Nanking would be conceded --hortly and Increased the possU , - ur t i in , " m " e lo I lls coulC5t «•«"""• o f the season „ L rlljldl ' e " liw <> for Hie | last night with the mercury falling hoklays. Willy of his retirement. Earlier it ii H( | been reported it . rt , • - vnti it.-jjyitl.-u that Chiang would stay and defend the capital which the government nbiindcne:! ago. two weeks Bandits Obtain $3,500 In Alabama Bank Holdup HALEYVILLE, Ala., Dec 7 (UP) -•lln-ec bandtU today held up and robbed the Tennessee Valley bank here of $3,500. They fled ufter nrin° fcur stiots nt a bystander who attempted to Interfere. He was nol lilt-. One of the bandits dropped $1000 of the loot—In small change—as he fled toward n waiting- automobile Police said state highway patrolmen were In pursuit of the trio Thcv fled toward Wlnnfleld in a 1937 black Chevrolet sedan ivllh a trunk patrol headquarters said. The car bore a New Mexico li- censp tag No. 57,910. Rice Given Permission For Colton Bowl Game OFTHFBIIIIOS Tax Appeals Board Rules Against Government In Majority of Cases | lo eight degrees at Benlonville. Unofficial reports from several O f the towns in thc Ozark section in the northwest, part of the state indicated that th e mercury in several places dropped one or two degrees lower than the eight recorded at Benlonville. Kwedcs Further South The bitter cold that hits gripped the south the last two days will scend .Itself tonight in the Florida peninsula and along the Mississippi-Alabama gulf const, the United States weather bureau reported today, .The * cold wave recession left WASHINGTON. Dec. , , U i,— , ..,„ i_u lu Bll , t . i-cucssiun icii Thy board ; of Ja_x appeals today si!?htlv .milder mercury reading siLffnlneil government "claims forTiiVfls-'fTAiir'tfrnvTi "from IhVnouii: one* tuxes, estimated at $750.000.1 west with the result that Atlanta asainst the late Andrew w. Mellon, j On., hint n nine above zero at 6-30 but absolved tho former Pittsburgh financier of fraud. In an opinion, concurred in by all 15 members of the bonrd. thn former secretary of treasury and •""ttassadcr to Great Britain was cleared of fraud charges in connection with his 1931 income tax returns. Melton's estate emerged victor In six of the ten major Issu6s in which the government sought to collect $3,075,103 in taxes. The government's claims were upheld on tlireo of the remaining Issues and the flnni Issue ended in compromise. Stock Prices NEW YORK. Dec. 7 lUPl—Avia- tion shares featured an irregular advance on t lie stock market today. Trading continued very dull A. T. & T " 150 Cop. Anaconda Assoc. D. Beth. Rtcfl Boeing Ail- Chrysler . .. Coca Coin . Gen. Elec. . Gen. Hfot. Hit. Harvest i Montgomery Ward Once the jugsernaut got SUnnglmfs defenders on (he move, nothing could bo pcrmMca to stop It. "'s^niw.acrosi mfelH brtdscs. over ol.stnclcs, troops and machines rumbled In pursuit of thc .-\tln B With u tank lending the »ny Heross the tottering bridge, .fnpimese loot soldiers hurry to come to grips with the enemy. Scaling Taiyuan's Wall tt.m.. compared-lo marks of 15 !:i more northern Memphis, Tenn.. nnd 12 in Birmingham, Ala., in the snme latitude but fai-tiier west. One death in Tennessee was attributable directly lo the cold. A negro froze to death at Savannah. Tenn. Several truffle deaths in Tennessee nnd Kentucky were. Ice. A negro In Atlanta wan turned to death when his clothing caught (Vre from an open si-ate. A child In New Orleans. MX years old. died of a siinllur cause. With rising temperatures predicted for loUny and freezing, but nol quite so cold, for tonight nnd tomorrow the cold wave's remam- luu threat is in Florida whero damage to truck crops resulted from today's freezes. Mayor Williams and City Attorney Nelson Attend Conference Mayor Marlon Williams nnd Clt.\ Attorney Roy Nelson arc in Llt- — — ~..j ,.v..^ tic, Rock today to confer with ibc blamed nn roads made slloperv by clt i'"s agents. W.. J. Herring cotn- irc A IIPO™ in Aiionin ,„„.. i p a ,iy officials, nnd representatives of R. if. Johnston. Oklahoma city I Ckla.. regarding the possible pin'- 1 chase by the city, of BlythevilU' " Blytheville. Water co«n- of- the pa i iv. The city last week authorized the Little Rock bond house, us Ms afjent, to offer Johnston, ownei of the waterworks system here . $300,000 for the plant. Thc ron- | ference today \vas called In Estimates of damage lo truck! cir °''< 'o 'arrive at tin informal 28 58 S-8 1 115 Icit « 3-3 171 330 I-a! crops in central Florida ran .... high as 75 per cent killed. Shipment of strawberries was delayed 15 days oriel bean, pepper, egg- " •* '" *""*" ptont, and pea crops were ruined, purchase of the jimm, uccanse 01 It was believed the bulk of the j 5 l' cciflc statutory authority ror ti-us crop escaped due to the l )llrcll ase of utilities by immtclpalt- purchase agreement, it Is under- slcod. No .special election will be necessary to /)o,il ,1 bond Issue toi because of of ; "Jv/mgwiiit * v rriini Jit i -j • HOUSTON'. Tex, Dec. 'I (UP1-1N- Y. Central '» 5-3iThaw Out PinAc sulhwcst conference schools con- Packard 5 \utaw VUl ripes Soulhwcst conference schools consented unanimously today for Htce Institute's 1931 championship team lo meet the University of Colorado's undefeated and untied eleven in the Dallas Cotton bowl on New Year's Day. Phillips Radio Echenly DisL Simmons . .. tics v.-Jth 'the issuance of reran «. tends. Only revenue from opera lion of the system and the plant properties would be obligated lo payment of the bonds, no prop' 1-elng cxtcn(ied. 23 3-8 D - ., ... r >' »x -eng cxtcn( KeSlUence Atire So fl>r no announ - j Public hem-i lne " nnd . - . Thnwlnj |>lu»iblng- pipes caused a small fire at the residence of , ' ccc mmendallons cement of n ing at which business . . Eld. Oil N. J. — •• - u oijuiji 1111; tiu iiiL IrSKlUllCC 01 i •••-••*-• «w«*tvmo tji n 15 5-81 Mrs. B, P. LoHln. 100 West Ken-' (lolls ' hns been made. may siibijiil thoir in the negotla 24 7-8 Texas Corp 4'2 . { U. S. Smelt. U. S. Steel 69 1-2 58 1-8 New York Cotton NEW YORK. Dec, 7. (UP) — Cotton closed st6ady. open high 80 Almost any young student of navigation can .steer n ship safely out In the open water. But it takes a. seasoned old sailor to steer safely through-hidden reefs and treacherous current.'!. It's pretty much the same in business. An education . is a line thing to have,' but duly- bitter experience can teach you to avoir! the pit-falls. One of the most cautious men I ever knew was my Uncle Orchle. The other day, when the mnllnum delivered a package to him and I told him to sign a receipt, he studied,the. receipt for thirty minutes before he finally signed it. When I asked him why he did that, he says "Well, over since I signed my marriage certificate, I've, mndc It a rule to read over • nil papers carefully, 786 783 730 794 800 807 low c los 1 ! 781 782 1BG 782 782 788 791 IX eoi tucky avenue, about nine o'clock; A " engineer of the Little Rock! Finds ['' I'A'il lo Escape J'Yom Old Mine Pl'NCKNKYVll.U:, III, IV.'C. I). iUI')~~Uiwroin:o U'e, w, lost in a inii/i: of Iraicherous |mssii«e wnv* of liu' old nrlnr Hill mine for two dnys, found n lon^ forgotten escape exit todny mid cllmlx'd (o the .surface. Apparently hi> wan unln]nred bv Ills cxperfeiK'e. He was thirsty nnd liuiwry but walked steadily. He was taken to his homo immediately for .examination iiiul earn. "I sure ntii glad (o lie out," was all he said before excited friends rushed him lo his home. Edgar Newsom, treasurer of the old nrlnr Hill company, snld LCS wandered Inlo nbandoned mine number sis, adjoining the Ui-lar Hill mine, mid stumbled 011(0 n crumbling air and escape shaft. "He climbed out lint I don't know how he did it." Nowsom said. "He looks all rlljht nnd doesn't seem to be Injured. He scemcil to need a nhnvu." Physicians Decide S mi7 of law Bono /Not Be Necessary WASHINGTON, Dec. 1 (UP) — Examination of X-rav pictures disclosed today that it will nol bo necessary t o Bfroi>e • president Roosevelt's Jaw boric- ,ln treatment of Infecllon resulting ,from eslrac- tlon of 11 diseased tooth. The Infection, X-rays revealed, h cpnllncd 19 Ihe soft tissue sur- ioiliidli>ir the,-'place where tho Icoth was removed. It docs not in any way Involye the bone ns luul been froi-cd, Scerelary Stcphaii E. Enrlv sfltd. Mr. Roosevelt submitted U> further treatment Icday by Dr. Arthur H. Yando of (he nnval denial corns nnd Dr. ROM T. Mclntlrc, White llouso physician. "Itie doctors say there 1.1 r.llll sonic iorenoss nnd a slight drain ngo but both are hl«hly na ho reault ol' the x-rays," Early elections explained. Mr. Hoosevelt .hcther ho wound undertake n full day nl the office or work In his SEWIE REJECTS T VfcNaiy Ain6n'Anenl Is Volccl DovvnV'Push Toward Finnl Vote WASIIINCITON, Dec. 7. (UP)- Tlio ticiuUo lodny defeated ti proposal by Minority Leader Ciiarlen ' ArcNary lo place a 1940 limit on omllon of Ihe now farm bill. Atl- nKivnllon lenders drove both lionses toward passive of the farm measure before Christmas. Spurred by Majority Leader AN lien w. Darkley (Dem., Ky.) nnrt Senator James I'. Pone <Dcm., Ida.) wnn(Q Deiuocratii voted doivn McNary's proixunl lo convert tho farm measure inio n temunrarv roller bill by prohibiting ml|ustment- contracts wllli fai-.iwrs utter 1Q40 Void Ts 25 to 51 The roll call on thci McNary ninendmciU was as to 51. , '• Administration speakers cm»hn- ! l/.'-d Hint success of the ever normal granary theory depended on oermnncncy. The vote followed a sllrrlnf? np- ncal bv Scnalol- Hiram w. Jolin- son (Rep., calin for approval of McNarv's amendment. Tn his ftnil cxtentlixl traced! of in session the veteran CJallforiiiaii cftllc<l for a "brake" on the farm, "rcnimciitallon" proposed by Iho administration, "Lot's do every thins necessary for Iho farmer bii', let's nut a brnkp on that will permit us to end It'hi-. 1IHO, if it Ls believed wise,"'Johnson cried. :• •' lloiise Rejects Amendment - Mosmwhllo Uio house, resuming consideration of lunondmcnts to its farm bill, relected an amendment lo make cotton control provisions applicable beginning with tho l!)38 •"Wflii<t year, instead of lf»a.' Tlio change- wna proposed by Hep Sam Hobbs (Dom., Ala.). MeMnry : offered an amendment providing that no-cro|) contract with tanners should bo entered Into aflcr 194(1. His proposal, camo-as •ulmlnlstralloii leaders abandoned hope of special session cctlon on nnv major bills except tho farm bill. McNnry said tlmt, tecause -tho farm bill was "put toecther hur- '•Indlv It Is li spectacle of dhjointeci relationships" and wa.i difficult to amend. Ho proposed amendment of the. bill to limit Its operations, colntln; out that, ns n result of the 10iO elections a. new admlnlstrallon might want to change tho entre undecided theory of farm relief McNary tatd he wished to avoid un farmers In coulraols that .n un ers n couraos a study on llm second floor of the ml 8 nt hinder a chance <-.! policy mansion. He will hold his regular i n 1040. weekly press conference at 4 p.m Draws $100 Fine On Drunken Driving Charge Sixteen arrests for public drunk- I enncss and three on chnrRCs of driving while under the Influence of liquor were listed on the Moi>- dny morning municipal court docket over the weekend. Uoy Frfllertoii was fined $100 on Funeral Services Held For Infant at Osceola OSCETOLA, Ark., Dec. 7.—Funeral services lor Aim Qiilnn Wilson, t\venty-flve-day-oHl daughter - of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Wilson, who died at the Baptist Hospital Sunday night, were held from (he residence of Mrs, Wilson's parents, Jlr. and IVfrs. Earl Qninn. yesterday after- mtity avenue, nuom nine o clock'. "" «-"s'"<--«:i 01 tne Little Rock; '— " ' .,.„,. „„,,.„ „„.,, ,,7, ,.7 last night. The wall pap.r became • *™* Louse, which will obtain n |"Ovcr the lop" renlly meant S omclhln ff to the.,, Japanese troop, st nlglu ^ y igmted hut was q uickly extln s u, s h- Jx^pcr cent^ comnilsslon on Uie; who were «.,.,« the .all, of the North china c£ of Talyuan. o'.e Thc"!S» of Carey 5, fi - m a,i, who 792 7Sti BOO 801 IS? 79.? 797 804 Spots closed steady nt 797. off C,| >\'ew Orfeanx Cotton NE\v ORLEANS, Dec, 7. (UP)—] Cotton futures closed steady today.' Trader.-, were Inclined to wait for tho final federal crop report and developments In farm bills. Doc. Jan. Mar. Way July Oct. open high low close 799 799 708 79 791!) -M 79f. 804 80S 801 SOG 807 803 793b| 802 purchase price if li ca iiom V, bond issue, bonds to be retired 10 were sealing the walls of the North China city of Tnlyuaii. one the mast heavily fortified towns taken by the Japanese, ns the over about a 33-year period .hns abovc nlct>lre *'"* tnl^n. Hole thc hole blown In the top of thc wall estimated that the city govern-! bv » shell during the Intense arllllei-y ban-age which precede/] Ihe The cnse of Carey Sis-man, who was arrested Saturday night on n continued un- water service but make no profit';, An effort by the city to purchase, the waterworks system about three or four years ago. through a PW;V loan and grant, fov cd. 'Cecil Shane, i time, said that the trustees and various officials of Kansas City, Mo., federal cos,.., rlull ror payment of around $50.000 of win, the $160,000 in cash blocked ibe deal. A short time afterwards crv Johnston purchased the plant re- porlodly at a more attractive price for cash, than the city had oeen offered. Caruthersville jFall Proves Fatal To , • - Fugitives Recaptured Aged Tyler, Mo. Farmer' amount' CARUTHERSVJLLB, Mo.. Dec. 7 til Tuesday. The third case was that of Lester Hawkins wlio was lined $100 after entering a plea of guilty. Those arreitcd on charge of | public drunkenness were each fined | $10 or forfeited bonds of the same ~ Two of who escaped from Hie comity Jail Sunday night, have been recaptured. ft Paul VVcbsler, who Is charged J. I- 1 . Pale, long time resident of Tyler. MO., died at the Blythc- vllle hospital at nine o'clock this mor »'»!{ fiijurie.i received In public drunkenness, Boyle, charged with captured here. , and, • " ...^ |^>UIU, 1C |.ortedly at a more attractive price,- - .-- f/ "- "•"'• "— •• - •• - are: Lawrence Wilson, negro, white assault wllli intent lo kill, and 808 S10 810 812 SIX 809 803 810b Spots closed steady at 802, off 2 Chicago Wheat If a bachelor fasts (or a day before the Christmas feast,, a Finnish superstition is that during the meal his future brida will stand before him unseen by the, other leastersi Mav open high low close OS 1-2 06 5-8' 95 3-8, 85 3-4 Sept. Si 9i 1-4 92 7-8 »3 1-8 B Adirondack Hunters Tell Of Finding Blind Deer CANTON. NTyTdJP) - Deer hunters in the Adirondack Mountains reported flndln? a blind doe wandering through tho woods. Claude Tracy, 0110 of the hunters said he walked up to the animal and stroked its ears Hongkong Is one of the world's The three prisoners yet at large Lawrence Wilson, negro, charged with attacking a white woman; Monroe Bell, charged with . fall October 23. Funeral services will be held nt the Baptist church of Cooler Wednesday after ssault with intent lo kill, and ve o e ycve ospta wc ave no „ nother negro charged with Wand whcre <><> remained for some tlme.' bMn claimed will be burled this ,f arceny I H « »«« Mv "moved to the home . <m«"oon at Sandy Ridge cemetery. I ^ 1 Bon l ™' P larceny . . I of his daughter, Mrs. J. L. Clinton, Bojnner wa.s found dead after Mrs. John Hosier, wife of thci at Osccola, but was returned lo ''avlng seemingly been In good sheriff, and her daiiglHer. Lida thc hospital n week ngo, when his i health n few minutes before. He greatest uans-shipment^ porta. break. Mae, prevented 35 other prisoners condition became worse from making their getaway by oH T^ 7 3 .j. C ar.old farmer was well rt U< £i,." 8 R ,, pa - S5a S? V '; h "° ^ n ° thei ' known In southeast Mlssour whero o-aughter, Mrs. Charles Oregorj', ] 10 ha<1 tcsl(Jcd ror moro than 40 called city police. They nsecl parts years. He was a native of Twines- of an iron cot to pry bricks and se« |wrs from a rear side window The only member of his Imme- through which the five escaped dlate famllv Is Mra Clinton before' Mrs. Hosier learned of the! * i n Is a charge of driving while under J noon, with burial in the" Violet Ihe Influence of liquor after Deputy Cemetery. Constable Raymond Bomar testi- ^1,,,,,; weve cmAMiM by tho fled ho had to travel 70 miles an RCV. 0. E. Welch of Memphis and |l:our to overtake Fullerlon who West .Memphis, nssstcd by the Rev. E. L. Cole, local paslor. pallbearers were Dr. George Cone, George Florida, Wade Quinn. Robert Ken- drlck, and L. W. Walters Jr. Gov. Bailey Confined To Home By Illness LITTLE ROCK. Dec. 7 (UP)— Oov. Carl E. Bailey was confined to his home today by a recurrenca of a kidney complaint, tt was announced today by attaches of Ills sUitchouse office. ' The physician, called to nltcnrt the governor, cautioned him to remain asray from \vork today James L. Bland, executive secretary, said. WEATHER Arkansas — Cloudy, possibly rain or snow in the east portion Wed- . , colder In west and cen- _. portions Wednesday. Memphis and vicinity—Increasing cloudiness and warmer tonight; lowest temperature, 30 to M; Wednesday cloudy and. colder, probably snow; much colder Thursday, Tlie maximum temperature hera yesterdty was 29, minimum 17, cloudy, according to Samuel P. rftrris, official weather observer, Last nlgh't tho temperature fell to a minimum of 13 degrees. Find Jail Inmate Died From Natural Causes James Bonncr. 62-year-old cotton picker who was found dead In tho -- uuvti,i TT vmn,.T\i.ijr nj 1,1; l iiuuu, | )-ni.n.ti vvnu \% u-> munll CIC9.U 111 tllO 2:30 o'clock, with the Rev. J. W. city Jail Monday of last ivceX-, died Hunt officiating and burial will be from natural causes, it was decided made at the cemetery there. | by a Jury at a coroner's inquest After his hip was fractured, when lleld !ftt « yesterday afternoon, he fell at n Tyler store, he was ! Coroner W. H. stovall announced removed to the Blytheville hospital lhal - lll <: remains, which have not was placed in Jail on th e previous night after officers found him walk- In? down town, apparently drunk. Chirogn Corn open high. low close May 543-8 5* 5-8 53 7-8 54 1-4 July 577-8 51 7-8 67 1-4 57 1-2

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