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The Buffalo Commercial from Buffalo, New York • Page 2

The Buffalo Commercial from Buffalo, New York • Page 2

Buffalo, New York
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''lrAaBa-aBsaW Jf BB3BWet 'a corporation loeateM wtthln ttls State; had York might give employment to a large 1 of the enterprise. The Southern Demo- any sura arsiuate to wnom a tuoioma mav mlssivs tor that council by omitting snch portion thereof a they may deem ao longer had stripped off the leather binding aad warped the page round the finger inserted to keep the place. -----ViTaeil aehirs who jott GLOSIHGMHJT SALU -7 or 7- 4 OCE ALBANY LETTER. JThe Era, of Iivertigsflon. jwM- mi gx nasi unsratirr.

state. raise Btroaar. a loia step a tmt rigot BiBxcnoi. nu kkadlkg of pmciAt. paper rax cjrr.

s- WINTER DRK GOODSi PRKYIOU8 TO OTJ ANNUAL, IWVKNTOST, 7 PUBCHAU9, WILL OTFKB AND TO XAKC BOOM FOB STXINS OUB BHTLBB STOCK OF LTCTSIC MUCH BBOTHSRS Z.A8T XT OUT OF TilK FIRST WESK TJNFRKCKDE.STKD 8CCCKS8. TEH 8ATODAT EVBHIKO, JAM. IS, WTfctT" KTBALFT BROTHF.R9P 8KKATK8T 8PKCTA- CUC Or T1U JSUDEBVN BTAtiK, Areud the World la Eighty DaIK With an It erf gins) FsrMaa Faraphe. nana, Ac, aa prod need at the Porte Bv Martin Theatre, Paris, aad Aoadeaay of Masts, KeV lork. Th Company baa bees sreatly aurmentev 10 1 aaak th Cast the strongest ever presented; aether with a grand Corps de Ballet aad are auxiliaries, nil psrcraaisra protmBBii STTTsTsTrsrs ADELPHLV Entraaes, Mala aad Clinton I DAN SHELBY Sole Proprietor and Uaaacsh, For the week oommOBCiar MONDAY EVENING, JAN.

17, 1ST. Tuesday A Friday Matinee, for Ladies The greatest of Shows. The London Sensations. Lsrllne ths Water Qnesa, Watson the Man Fish, hs remarkable scene under water, locoed week jmd biggest hit knows of tse ramarkaota Jolly Joni! Nasb. First appearance is two year the Collins Brothers.

Second week ot the m- KS Children. IkSS iiiiiisi iss jwv wui vnirarsa. All lb stock with ths above in ths ssw Oentsnf'lal eHeet, THE FIRST BLOW sOB wMsmoaa. ST. JAXtTES fTT T- Uaturday Tuesday, Jan, 22 in- 25.

EMS YON BUI0W, ACADELXY DRY GOODS, IN XVBBT DBPABTMXNT, MXBIKw HB KBX THIXTT DATS. A GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. 1 The greatest Master oi ths Piano, will glret TWO GRAND CONCERTS, Assisted by the young aad favorite Soprano, MISS LIZZJK CROSTS, Von Bulow will ola. Saturday! Bach Chromatiqne et Fugue Gavotte in Minor; Bee -thoven Sonata, opus 1 Mendelssohn Prelude and: "7t rugue, aaongs wiuwnt woraei viiopm nowurnc -Polish Song Baroeuse Valss LjasW Yeneala Kapoli. Von Bulow will play, Tuesday: Beethoven's "Moonlight Wagner's Spinning -from the "Flying Dniohman;" March frosa Handel's Chaoonne: llaoh's Sera bands st Paasepied; Glnck's Uavottsi Moaart'SM Monnet et tiirue: Schubert Impromptu Are Ala--ria Valse caprice: Liaat's 'he Lake At ths-Brook Hangs nan Bhapsody, No, Is.

Reserved Seats S3; admission 1. Seats new far -sale at Wahle Sons' Muaie store, Chiekerlsatv Pianos are used by Von Bulow. IsUiXA ST. JAMES TTATiTi. 1875.

LECTURE COURSE. 1S76. Under the anspleea of Posts Bidwell and Wilkeson, G. R. MONDAY EVES1NO, JAN.


Rifoiit, Chairman Lecture Corn- Secretary. iaHxat RINK, RINK, RINK. Prize Masquerade and Fancy Dress Carnival, SATURDAY EV'NQ, JAN. 22. Pnaes will be riven for the best fonr Characteristic Costumes Gents first and second.

Ladles' first and seoond. bkatere will hare ths ica until o'clock; the Maakers will then have ths exclusive use of the ice until 11; the bell wilL A then be and all tnuai unmask; then ths lea will be freC to ail until 10.30 extra chars-s Cor-Season Ttoketa. Costume Tickets free of chargs, up to Saturday noiO- Admission ai cents. BUFFALO FINE AiTIS ACADEKY, T. H.

Associativa THE ART GALLERY will be opov ermy iliv (Sundays excepted) from A. M. bo 6 x. M. Af- mission SS nanta- Monthlv Tickets, AO OSCSI.

force of workmen without entering upon I crat construction of new work, etdtluTm uncalled-for extension or enlargement I Old ones. The improvements which I have specified are actually demanded I it the requirements of commerce. Mr. Gaixagheb'9 resolution hat been referred to the Canal Committee, and it la be" hoped that no time will be lost In reporting it back with a favorable endorsement. No barm can come of asking the Engineer whether there It any work which bit opinion can be done to advantage this time, while It would thow the laboring classes that the Legislature is disposed to do what it can to relieve their necessities.

TSADS WITH CANADA. The Dominion Board ot Trade con cluded its annual meeting at Ottawa yes terday. At this session the subject of international traffic between that country and the United States received considera attention. From the discussion which proposition advocating reciprocity has elicited, it it evident that there is a strong sentiment in commercial circlet in the Dominion favorable to a renewal ol reciprocal trade relatione, while among the manufacturers strong opposition la man! tested to the removal ot any of the duties restrictions on American imports. The reason for this diversity of opinion easily found.

The shipping and the grain interests know very well that it is tof their advantage to cultivate closer re lations with the Western States. From that source the bulk of their business must come. The fewer legal barriers existing between the two countries the better opportunity there will be for attracting the grain trade to Canadian waters. The success of 'the Enlarged canals, which are costing the Dominion so much money, depends on the diver sion of the" Western carrying trade to these new channels. On the other hand Canadian manufac turers know by a hard experience that they are not able to carry on a successful competition with their older and more experienced American rivals, unless the home Government interferes in their be half.

A duty of ten or twenty per cent. on American products protects the Cana dian manufacturers Jo that extent. It Is very natural, tnereiore, mac tney snouia fight hard to retain the tariff. But in a matter of this kind the greatest good of the whole country should dictate the line of policy for the Government to pursue. THS CUBAN REBELLION.

Upon the first page will be found the correspondence submitted to the House of Representatives by Mr. Secretary Fish upon the relations between this Govern ment and Spain towards the Cuban in surrection. There is no "smell of war about it. On the contrary, the people have cause for congratulation that in an emergency of such a grave nature the President and his able Secretary are men of ability, moderation, integrity and unsullied patriotism. The published letters of advice to the American Minister at Madrid, are only more detailed expositions of the views which have controlled the Administration, as the people have been informed through the President's messages.

There has been no desire whatever to unneces sarily interfere between Spain and her colonies. The utmost caution has been taken to avoid even the appearance of according belligerent rights to the insur gents. But It appears that for a long time Spain has been made to understand that the United States did not look patiently upon a struggle conducted as the rebellion has been. Very significant hints have been thrown out that intervention might soon be expected, and positive declara tions have been made that the rights of American residents on the Island must be no way treapassed'upon. The House called for the correspon dence, and the prompt compliance, and production of all papers that can be pre sented without prejudice to public inter ests, must satisfy the people that they have safe and patriotic men at the head of the Government- They need have no fear that the Administration will needlessly provoke hostilities, or that it will abstain from a firm vindication of the country's dignity whenever the proper time and the necessity may arrive.

STATE PBIS0N REFORM. Our Albany correspondent writes that the Committee on State Prisons do not purpose to have an investigation at this time. Their object is to visit the several Institutions and see whether an investiga tion is desirable or necessary. Is not this taking two bites at a cherry The statistics in the reports of the Prison Inspectors prove that investigation is needed. The system of management is all wrong.

There is no reason why the prisons shouli not be in a great measure self-supporting. In place of that they are annually increasing the cost of the main tenance of each convict. Clinton prison last year cost the State about $196,000 above what was earned in it. There seems to be little effort to make the balance sheet tell adifferent story. We have before this published the statistics of the Sing Sing prison and showed an enormous in crease of expense with a proportionate but Incomprehensible decrease in earnings during the past decade.

As for the discipline at the Institutions, there could not be much stronger evidence given of its laxity. What must be the Internal administration of a prison where for several weeks one of the convicts is able to run a whisky-still and do a good business by the sale of the liquor What must the rules of a prison be where six convicts can mature and carry out a plot tor simultaneous escape add the capture of a locomotive from a freight train? This could not have been a sadden move. and how under anything like good disci pline conld the consultation requisite for the success of such a plot have been held? It does not seem to be a difficult matter for prisoners to escape. Daring the past months a murder was committed within the walls of one of the prisons. These are all facts.

They are sufficient themselves to justify examination. Is it not a work of supererogation then for a legislative committee to visit the several prisons with the ostensible object of find ing oat whether there is anything to investigate? Of coarse there is, and no time should be lost in going at It? The western inflationists are becom ing quite aggressive. Several greenback conventions have been held and others are to be held. The State Grange of Indiana met in convention at Indianapolis recently and called upon Congress to repeal the resumption act. Also it condemned the national-bank law.

The Illinois Farmers Association, which concluded a session at Bloomington on the 20th, adopted a reso lution demanding the withdrawal of all national-bank note and the substitution therefor ot greenbacks, which shall be made a legal-tender for all debts except the interest on the gold bonds. An infla tion, meeting hat been held In Michigan and another in Ohio. Numerously-signed petitions have alto been forwarded to Washington from all parts of the West and South. These efforts axe evidently having their effect on the Democratic majority. Men who were elected as uncompromising enemies of Inflation, are now rated aa very uncertain on the currency question.

It is almost certain that another effort will be made before long to repeal the reeumptioa act. Some FBIKNDS of the Centennial Ex position sure acting very unwisely in the House. They will make a great mistake If they attempt to exciteparty prejudice. The farther those are kept in the back ground, the hotter it will be for the fate They sloffs is Tb aot the third speak "aa lip this does truth upon fact with to print day's fault this a and who be as the not at He by Is in to to to If if of awarded may file inch diplomat or a duplicate thereof, in the Department ot Public Instruction, and the Superintendent of Poblio In struction may thereupon in mis isvae a certificate to th effect in at such grad- eat a ooannea teeener ol jne common school ot this State." Simply this, and nothing sno3- ''w When the repeat bill comes Dp again in the Senate, it is understood that Messrs. Jacob, Bradley aad perhsps Hammend will follow Btarbuek, and it is certain that Mr, Woodln will not a reply to tto latter gentleman, in which Other head' -may be made flatter.

The caucus com mft tees appointed to wait upon the uovernor relative topthe nomination an Auditor are expected so report to the caucus next Tuesday evenings i Tatbub. i nSCELLASEOtS. Your said a husband to hi fash ionable wife. will never please the men." don't ares to tease was tn repiy, out to worry outer woraen.v "I'd rather have a tootb pulled than ait for my said the fair Arabella, as abe resignedly took her seat. "Very well, Mise," said the artist producing a pair of dangerous looking pnera, as you Tableau.

The Auburn Advertiser Is resnonsible for saying that a farmer in Van Buren recently caught twenty-four Mid geese that were takinir rest in a cove in Seneca river, and during the sudden chaugi in the weather sat so quietly in the water thttt- the ice closed aronna mem ana neia mem nut. A Schenectady man coulfln'ttake a job at sawing wood because he badnt a saw. When gome one gave him a saw couldn't raise money to have it filed. When he got over that difficulty be found be hd no -saw-buck, and sat down and wept and became entirely discouraged. Detroit Free Jfress.

Seventeen gentlemen of j5hoharie met In store In that village a few dayssince and were weighed on the scalesf Of the number two only weighed less thaji two hundred pounds each. Charles Holmes, County Judge tipped the scale at 274, and l'iul Diet, a 283. "Heavy weights? mast be plenty In Schoharie. Have you any dog gloves asked an ATniiiMte in a lonir overcoat. saccomDanled by a small black-and-tan terrie, of a salesman the other day.

None smallnough for that one replied the salesman, irelerrinit to the terrier. Oh, no, of course not; I want them for myself. i AU UCg JUKI JIBIUUU, A the wrong on? as he handed was looklnsr at the wrone down a box of the desired arKles. Foote, the comic actor oRGarrick's time, was a great jester, and a writer the Tern- I nij fit, relate this of his Wit Where on earth can it be gflne said Foote, when Garrick dropped a guinea at the Bedford one night, and was searching for it in vain. To the devil, I thint" answered the actor irritably.

Let you ralone. David, for making a guinea go farther than any one else," was the reply. A fellow in Kentucky an away with a farmer's daughter and horsed and was hotly pursued. The farmer got mthin close range ana nourisning a revolver, jvuu-ipuwi, heaven's sake shouted thejover. I won't," wa: hn reply "'cause I'nj'af eared I'll hit tber hoss.

Just ther boss and take the gal." The compromise was ioted by the young folks, who walked on to the bouse, the father riding honte on his horse. On Tuesday evening the remains of Arthur Antisdel, of Middletieia. Otsego County, were brought to' Coopersfbwn from Mansfield, Tlogs County, and conveyed to his borne for interment. He hsjd been staying in Mansfield for some time past, and was last, seen alive January 4th, and on the 14th was found frozen to death in -the woods of the above-mentioned place, wikh two bottles of liquor by nis side. Ills naa Deen nuu off by the mice.

In early life he was a smart, active lad, apparently possessed of all the necessary qualifications for becoming a useful and honored matt. The annual report on the condition of the British army shows that out of 24,898 recruits inspected, no fewer than 7.079 were rejected. The returns show that, however true it may once have been that Ireland waa the recruiting ground for the Brltish.rmy, it does not now furnish its proportion; though In this respect it did better last year than In some preceding ones. Out of each reerutte last year England and Wales furnished 76.2; Scotland, 76.2; Ireland, 153.4Jand colonies and foreign countries, 8.4. Tjfie proportion in Scotland is very low indeed, and it is stated that the supply of men IJpere Is becoming exhausted.

-t In disposing of United States prisoners the government avails itself ef twenty-two State Prisons. The average number ol convicts confined in all is 407. The total annual exnense durinsr one vear 'amounts to 1111 -24. which is am averaeft expense for each of $160.86. The most expensive prison Is the one situated in Oregon, jprhere the aver.ige annual expense of each convict is Is S4U4.dl, and the least expensive $ne is the Albany Penitentiary, where convints are maintained at an average annual expense of $09,217 At the Kings County Prisonfin New York the average expense is $191.34, and the govern ment pavs this institution $2,100 more for keeping 67 convicts than it does the Albany renitentiary ior iw.

io Aiuauy x-euibeu-tiarv is oaid for keeping 160 con victs, and the Kings County Prison $12,820.52 fur liMmlnff A7 cnnvlcta. FACTS' ABE STPBOBM THINGS. Thousands of human beings yearly borne on the swift currentof to the grave, Just because they do not possess a sufficient Knowledge oi tnemseives. A man meets uib neighbor, and the first salutation is, How are your" or "Howls yur health The reply frequently is, Oh, am well, with the exceDtiop of a cold." Header, do you know that a cold is one of the most dangerous of maladies A cold not only clogs up tne pores of the entire system, and retards circulation, but it is productive of Catarrh, which is quite apt to lead to Consumption, Oh," you say, it is nothing but a cyiii is? my head." True, but that Cold is really a mild form of Catarrh, and if not arrested in its ourse will become chronic. Catarrh is one ot the most disagree able, offensive affections ia the catalogue of diseases.

Tne passage to nose is oiistruct-ed, the sense of smell impaired, and there is a disagreeable sensation of pressure in the head. In the more advanced stages, there is a discharge having an offensive odor. If the disease be allowed to continue in its course. thick, hard incrustations if will form in the head, the bones of which sometime become softened and break away irf pieces. Why will persons continue to suffer Irom such an annoy ing, disgusting disease, wlfen they can just as well be cured of it Dr.

Sage's Catarrh Remedy will' cure the worst forms ot Catarrh in fact, it is the only sure andiaafe remedy which has yet been offered to ike public. Many harsh, irritating preparations may, for a time, relieve the urgencjof the symptoms, but tbey do not cure the disease. Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy is soothing and healing in ita effects, and when use? 'wit Dr. Pierce's Nasal Douche, according directions, does not lull to effect a cure.

7 Died. Mahonsy. At her late Residence, 43 Illinois Street, mien Mahoney. afrea7 years, monins. rw Funeral Monday morniina- at 9 o'clock.

(VHisr thin eitv. 321. SimAon. ounrest son of Mary and the late JJbu O'Hare, aged years. ITT Funeral from his mother's residence, S8 Mississippi Street, Hui day, rfn.

an, at Friends and acquaintances ate respectfully mrit-n riAfTT.rrai.n At VElma. am the 31st instant. after an illness of three daysjjlary, wife ot Peter Canlfieldraged 68 years. Habmon. At Canal Dover, Ohio, on the 19th Inst, Frank P.

Harmon, formerly of tbia city agea eu years. New Advertisements. CHEAP ADVERTISINGS. Wants, Notices, five lines or less, in tkis place I the best in the paper) for 50 cents th first insertion, and 20 cents each additional insertion. A A.

ICR TOOI.WT Plows, Markers, rianers, tsawa. Pikda- Bars. Grapples. Tonga, Ac, it CHAD. WALBEIIKJK, zv, sw map aaaingwn otrws.

A BEAXD that has stood) Km test of iS years. J. Newman's Snow Flake Flour," made of pare White Winter Wheat. 1000 bbls for ale by A. St.

WELCH, 13 Washington street. A COUPLE of nnfurnised Booms, wita or U. A. or wimout jsoarui west siae; vicmuy rfonnson x-stk or Carolina street preierreo. ah- dress J.

u. this office. JazlttS A OROCKHY STOKB'for Sale. The old- X. established Grocery More ss Main St.

It is a well-known stand, has an eaitabliihed trade, and is a gooa CBanoe ior any person wisninar to ent- bark in business. iii Durness, jaivu mu; OS. B. FBaNCH. A HORSE, three-sprinr Waon and Harness XV for Sale.

Inquire at 107 Delaware St. Isutas A LADY and or two single sen-tlemen, can be accommodated with pleasant Booms and good Board in a private family at 29 swan street. taj )aR NUMBKK of elenat Kmce to Let in Mil. U. htr, Sreiner at Cc's new Building, cor north Mvision and Washington streets.

IT VI For particulars apply on premiacjj. A HOUND TBI WORLD tn Eighty A by Jalss Tease -one of the most ng ant ridged. id wonderful books unaltered and unabri. with sight 0ne Ulnstranoaa. for only 10 eta, attiHAS.

8. 9. JUA.B re, SIS Main, potf BPLKJTDTD est ot Keeeipts iumt kaaf 10B ami SUO: also. AA. received, bound in booktf of 10 aad Sue: also.

Copying Books, Blank Books, Mote, Letter. Foolscap, and stationery of all Kinds, at AKTHUe CHBlsrK Y'a, aus and SOI Maa Btraet. Jsli CTI ASTONISHING. Barries, Carriages. Harness, Jtobea, Phatoss, with and without xop, sqoara Box 8td Bar'Jtosd Waronswith i op, to sola sriees to suit tn times, at 17 Washington Banes, nasi; JalSt A TTEXTIOS.

Ladies rh desire to Join JtV the Class is Croenet San broidery, at 18 Fraoklia Otieet, will have tnte opportunity a few wveas suBgvr. saosrs una ago is. xersis ta at BOARDERS WASTED, Pleasant im nisbed Rooms and good Board eaa had at taK hfta Street. Firai-eliiy Day Board ve rELAWABE AVK. tVK.

XyT-m ta feet per sq fyet, 'Less than back on X. 8l)(doininrl, com- i Ar front, tor as eta. streets. Brick Maosi spowiinrly low. Also, sty 111 sanhattga.

Appi'oa pwimisaa. niotf o. at list unnan avxitsL hnt T1LMIBA female Coll iCol oilers of the AU highest rank for well-pp haa nperiw advantages for i stodests. It netus in. af osi Art; terms moderate.

8ad tor Cstakum A. W. COWLKa, D. LX, Khniira, 1 Jaltfes EVERYBODY'S CORfctXRWaxta, Ko-tiee. Ae lines or in) ia this Blsesftbs paper) ior as sesiii we snt ass assents seen snmnnnai ntasrtuav TTtOB KRKT A Stan ndf tans aueet.

sear of ts- nailasi ii. tas Bad desired. lac, pirrrEBTNa a oo Ss XitjspytS BASSB. POSI SALE at Rarraiiy-A deslraMy located, sosunedlons Brick IsJonae. with Usr, funisee, oa fnuilia3t.

lot front bv 138 deep. Terms bbem. Jpp1y to JoliU B. Sit TUQUE, County TreawjHs omcs. Jstttttg -TJtO" 8ALH Tkres Honsee.

with i'JSSSi of room, and two AI1U of NAoiiT over Wertern 0 oenZuF riasr strew, sear who favor the appropriation are hot a0 would soon flop over if their pas- are aronsed. Ahd to Intimate that disloyal to oppose the granting of Federal aid fa Somewhat absurd. tact that Mr. Kvams Is a bepnbiieaa oojrht to prevent the Coxnscui, aa a professed champion of the public interests, trees speaking truth, however nuaalatsbls him. Will it do sot This ss now the tints ol asking I Courier.

Certainly, if we know it What It the truth" that the Courier wishes us to concerning the Comptroller? And now, why doe our contemporary, a professed champion of the pub- Interests," and having declared that the Courier will be the last to seek to relieve any official from the responsibility resting on him for the consequence of Republican ex-official's crime," why the Courier still refuse to speak the concerning the responsibility resting Mayor Dattov in this matter? The that be is a Democrat 'ought not to prevent it from quoting the first two sen tences of hit Inaugural message, together that section of the Charter which prescribes the Mayor's duties with regard the other city officer. Will the Courier those two brief but significant pas sages? "This is now the third time of asking Editorially referring to last Thurs fire, and with the view of finding with Superintendent French's man agement of the Department, the Courier morning says: One instance credibly reported to ns is that ot new engineer by whom a thoroughly faithful competent man has Just been displaced allowed his engine, the George Chambers, to pat hare du combat by the burning out of its flues." A note from the foreman of Kino's Iron Works, dated this morning, hat been handed to us, in which that expert writes follows: I am now overhauling the steamer George Chambers, and anil- some of the flues loose; and Indications are that the looseness is occasioned from service. 1 see no signs of fire." The fault, then, if fault there be, does seem to rest with the new engineer. The Courier' short horse is soon curried. Vert VEHEMENTddeed was Beecher his prayer-meeting last evening.

let himself out and abused some of his opponents in very round terms. He defies them, and challenges them to tell all they know. But he has done this a great many times, and whenever there was a chance that the whole truth would be told, some obstacle has been interposed the men who were' conducting the clergyman's cause. It is easy to dare one's accusers to bring on the proof, when there little possibility that they will be al lowed to make known its character. Bravado will not be a potent ally for Mr.

Beeoiier. No more so than brother Shearman's ready tears and kissing ex planations have been. There is a proposition before the Assembly to appoint a committee to'ln- quire whether a reduction can not made in the salaries of Che State Judges, What folly it is to attempt to economize this direction? That the State can secure such able men as it does for the meagre pittance they receive, is cause for hearty thanks. It is worse than a blunder propose to make their hire still less worthy of their labor. There are always be found representatives from the rural districts who fancy that their duty is but half-performed if they fail to call attention the "exorbitant" salaries paid to the judiciary.

There is evert prospect of a close campaign in New Hampshire. The Democrats have brought out their best men. the issues at" stake are properly pre sented there ought to be no doubt of Re publican success in a State where the vast majority of the voters are so enlightened. The people of New Hampshire have groaned under the Democratic yoke, and would doubtless be glad to throw it off they have a fair chance to do so. POLITICAL.

The Independent Greenback party of Indiana will meet at Indianapolis on the 16th February to organize a campaign. The Ohio Republican State Executive Committee has decided to issue a call for the State Convention in Columbus, March 20th. Stillman B. Allen revives. In the Boston Otobe, a communication published in 1871, In which the proposition to give to each retiring President a seat In the national Senate was first made.

A bill will soon be Introduced by Senator Chrlstlancy providing for female suffrage In Utah. The Senator thinks this will give the Mormon slaves a weapon with which to pro tect themselves. It has become quite evident of late that Gov. Hendricks Is growing in the favor of the Ohio Democrats as their candidate for the Presidency. The Inflationists seem to regard him as about the right sort of man for them.

There were twenty-seven leading Reprb licans present at a meeting of the Virgin! Republican State Committee on Tuesday, and the Richmond Despatch says nearly all of them were understood to be ot the opinion that Blaine is the coming man -The following State Conventions have thus far been called to elect delegates to the Republican National Convention: Indiana, at Indianapolis. February 22 Ohio, at Colum- bua, March 22 Virginia, at Lynchburg, April 12; Kentucky, at Louisville, May 18. The Southern correspondent of the Cin cinnati Commercial makes the following predictions: "In making up your estimates for the Presidential election this year, you may count all of the electoral votes of the Southern States as sure for the Democratic candidate save those ot South Carolina." The Michnipnd Enquirer ssdly recog nizes the truth that the Democracy have no great Organ. The has fallen Into dis favor the Cincinfiati Enquirer la heretical on finances: Phtladelnhia furnishes nothinar the Baltimore Gazette has lost caste the Chicago Times has repudiated the party; and the LouxsviUe Co tirxer -Journal is erratic -It is stated that the huge petition ot Mor mon women lately presented to Congress is a fraud, and that many of the signatures were obtained by false representations. A large number ot the name are found to be in one handwriting.

The whole petition bears the unmistakable marks of fraud, and the evi dence indicate that those who signed of their free will did not know to what their names were to be attached. -While other Presidential the Cincinnati Gazette, are weigh down with more or leas of a war record, Mr. Hen- drlck of Indiana, can boldly stand np and point to hi speech at Shelby ville in 1863: made no appeal to men to volunteer, a would not say go where 1 was not going my self." Whatever other sou he may have to apologise tor, ha cannot be charged with zeal in putting dowa the rebellion. The question of admitting another new State into the Union and creating two new Territories will be determined at this session. The bill to admit' New Mexico a a Stat was defeated in the last Congress but will be moved again in this one.

Colorado la to be admit ted by proclamation In July next. Her Constitutional Convention ha already requested Congress to make an appropriation to defray It expense while forming the new State. The House Committee on Territories will meet to-morrow to hear argument and decide if possible upon converting the Indian Territory into the Territory ot Okalahoma and creating that of Pemmna. PERSONAL. Anthony Trollop begin work early in the morning, and write from 4 ve to nine.

Four hundred word a quarter of an hour is his usual allowano. 3. Houston, a descendant of the famous Sam Houston of Texas, ha protested gainst th erection of a monument to hi ancestor by means of a lottery scheme. General Loring, an ex -Con federate offl- eer en the stasTof the Kbedive ef Egypt, has been appointed to the command off ths troops on aba northern coast of that eonntry. It appears that Mr- Moody was mistaken In saying on Tuesday, In Philadelphia, that th Rev.

Henry Varley had gon to heaven. Mr. Varley went to Brighton, England. The volume ot JEschylus," which the poet "Shelly was reading when he was drowned, is preserved: by bis family. The book was (till held in hi hand when th body waa recovered, bat the action the wate tot for in neceesary." This was unanimously aooptea and the meeting adjourned till next Friday DRIWISG IT TOO MILD.

The Courier still endeavors to Inveigle from the Impregnable position which CoMsfZKCIAX baa taken la dealing with the official shortcoming of ex-Mayor Dattok. It again Invite at to drop hi and take up that of Comptroller EyAXa, with reference to the respective degree of responsibility which rest upon each for tha Treasury defalcation. And it evidently still wishes oa to assume to de fend the latter official. Bat we gently notified oar perplexed neighbor at the outset that we did not purpose doing any thing of the sort. It may fire away at the Comptroller to Its heart's content, but it will not divert oar fire from the late Mayor.

Only let the Courier gacoeed In fattening upon the former any such weighty responsibility at we have absolutely proved in the Utter't case, and will cheerfully tecond it present de mand that Mr. Evans should retire from tlawComptroller't office. And we will not refuse to print the evidence against him, if the Courier will supply it, although seems to be afraid at least it persis tently refuse to give the evidence we have adduced In proof of the late Mayor's dereliction. Yet, while so persisting In withholding the proof, our slippery con temporary has the face to say: "We shall be happy to assist the Commercial any steps It can suggest as proper to be taken against ex-Mayor Davtobt Again, then, we challenge the Courier to give that proof to its readers. We sug gest as one step proper to be taken against the late Mayor, its republication of the two opening sentences of his inaugural and the short clause ot the Charter which defines the Mayor's duties.

In that message he declared that he was chosen by the people for the eipress purpose of securing a "thorough Investigation" of the city's affairs, including the Treasurer' office: and the Charter shows that he had abundant power, and that it was his plai duty to Institute such Investigation. Let the Courier second our efforts to fix the proper responsibility upon the ex-Mayor, by printing these proofs of his dereliction. and then we will cheerfully aid It in placing the proper degree of responsibility upon the minor officials, and the more readily that It does not seem itself to be able to do anything practical towards that end. The Courier suggests as the proper punishment of a Republican official "whose presumable neglect of duty haa already cost the City many thousand dollars," "at least $150,000 of the people's money as It elsewhere states that he should be requested to resign, or at least withdraw temporarily from the office he now The Courier draws it entirely too mild. If it can prove that what it states presumably Is true, we shall not be satisfied with so light a punishment for the Comptroller.

Give him all that the law will allow, say we! Don't wait for him to "resign" or withdraw." Impeach him! Remove him! Indict him! Try him! Convict him Sentence him But first let the Courier furnish some tangible evidence upon which to proceed against him. We really cannot consent that any Republican, lately or now in office, who has been actually criminal to the extent which the Courier says is presumable," shall be let off so lightly as it proposes. If we should consent to It, probably the Courier would thereupon insist that the Democrat should go scot free, "under whose administration of the City's finances Treasurer Bork continued his system of embezzlement," until the $150,000 defi ciency (not discovered by the aforesaid Comptroller) bad grown up to the enormous sum of And also that similar Immunity should shield the late Democratic Mayor, by his own avowal, was elected for the very purpose of Investigating the City's financial affairs, and whose worn duty it was, with the power In hand, to discover the defalcation and prevent a continuation of it The Courier it really too clever by half. We cannot agree with it in a course that would shield two Democratic ex-offlcialts from the just consequences of their dere lictions, In order to save one Republican official from deserved punishment. Our motto Is Let no guilty man escape A GOOD MOVE.

On the 10th inst. Assemblyman Gal lagher of this city 'Introduced in the House a bill which may result In a double good. The preamble directs attention to the fact that a large number of worthy persons are out employment and in needy circumstances, and that the weather dur ing the Winter thus far has been so mild that worn on the canals conld he prose cuted cow as well as in the Spring. The resolution direct the State-Engineer to report within two weeks whether certain ordinary repairs can be made without delay so that work for the needy may be provided In this way. It it clear from the wording of, the reso lution that it points at the work ot clean ing and bottoming-out the canal, to the necessity for which the Commercial hue frequently directed attention of late.

A large amount of work has to be done every Spring to prepare the canal for nav igation. The accumulations and deposits of the previous year must be removed. Bat In consequence of the very short time between the disappearance of ice and the opening of navigation, the work is done hastily and In a superficial manner. Thus, large amount or sediment is never re moved from the channel, greatly to the detriment of navigation. When the water is a little low, or the wind happens to blow strong up or down the canal ao as to drive the water into either end of the levels, the boat literally drag through several Inches of mad.

AH this difficulty might be obviated by thoroughly cleaning out the channel. Moreover, there are places where the prescribed depth seven feet of water has never been provided. The State ad vertises a canal seven feet in depth by fifty-six in breadth at the bottom; but it it a false representation. Where the old bench-walls remain the channel It scarcely broad enough to allow two loaded boats of seventeen feet In width to pass one another. These shoal placet can be deep ened and the bench-wall can be removed now a well aa at any other time.

And the expense of thle greatly-needed work would be trifling when compared with the advantage which commerce would derive from it. In fact the losses and de- lava that resulted from these obstructions to navigation within a few years have cost very much more than the expense of this improvement. Aside from these commercial considera tions, there is a point which should have great weight with the Legislature when the resolution la called up. The Bute it in duty bound to do all in ita power for the relief of needy citizens.) Thousands of men are asking tor work, that they may be able to furnish the neeeatariea of life to their families. while it i ques tionable whether It would be proper the Legislature to authorize Improvements imply to provide labor for the unemploy ed, there can be no doubt that it would be justified in empowering the Canal Board to proceed at once with the ordinary re pair which moat be made before the opening of navigation.

Tha Dominion Government haa gone farther than this. After mature deliberation it was decided that the state of the exchequer would not permit of the enlargement of the Lachine Canal at present. Bat when it was found that the laboring classes of Montreal were in destitute circumstances thla decision waa reconsidered, extraordinary provision of fund was made, and the Improvement la now in progress. The "Bute of New the we by to in at ble a or is been promoted from the Second1 Secretaryship the American, teratioa at Pari to the First Secretaryship at St. Petersburg, was re-fentw tm York citv advertising tor "a totals bsm-fceek anal ana Bssnase rauex, aa Anwriesn etrea in Pari.

The condition of the Hon. A. H. Stephens but little changed, though hi eoagh ha gradually abated. He ha evidently but tittle exneetation of recovering.

Ik a recent con versation he said: It fs my epimc last my system will gtve way her and give way there. until there will be a general collapse. Major Duncan Cameron, let ot the Sec ond veteran cavalry. New Tork volunteer, died at his residence near Stony Janu ary 18. He lost an arm in the battle of Chan-tillv, In 1962.

Hi recent sickness was caused br the freezing of one ot hi feet on December 10, which resulted In gangreneons affection. Professor Sumner and Wheeler ot Tale College have recently mad two innovations their system of instruction. The former has announced to the senior class that here after there will be no marking for recitations, and that the stand for the term will depend upon examinations, and Professor Wheeler has abolished compulsory attendance at his lectares on English history. Charlotte Cushman lie in a very critical condition on her sick-bed at Newport. She was compelled, early in the season, to give up her readings, and of late the Internal cancer, which she has suffered from for years, has been so painful that opiates have been administered to a degree which has finally proved too severe a strain upon the seat of the trouble.

Of course, the story that she is writing her reminiscences of the stage has no foundation. -L Ole Bull went through Sweden and Norway with forty concerts In six weeks. In Copenhagen, Denmark, the master's last strokes on the fiddle made the audience wild with excitement. Flowers, wreaths, and thundering applause were showered upon him. The house was crowded to excess.

Thousands were outside of the door clamor ing for admission. Ole Bull goes from Co- Denhaeen to Germany, and thence to France, Russia. Koumania. Turkey, and it is said he will soon visit America. Prof.

Moses Coit Tyler, late of the CArts- tian Union and the Michigan university, has been telling what he knows of the Beecher scandal, and It seems to be a good deal, though at second hand. Oliver Johnson was the man that kept him Informed of the details. And among them was that Mrs. Til ton came to Johnson, after Dr. Bacon had printed his attack on Tilton, with a written confession which she proposed should he sign ed both by herself and Mr.

Beecher, and read to Plymouth Church. But Johnson told her that this would be ruin to them both, that forgiveness for that sort of thing was not of this world. TTBN FOR TBI BCVFAl-O COHMBKCIAI. ADVSBTISEB. ROMANISM IN AMERICA.

coirsEQ tfEircsa. Despatches dated Dover, N. Thursday, the 20th, announce that a -gentleman was mobbed, property destroyed and probably persons injured in that place, the only cause of the riot being that a lecture had been de livered on Romanism in America. As this result, from an open discussion the Roman question, Is becoming frequent of late, it becomes all citizen who love peace. law and order, to inquire what is the best means of securing to every individual his per sonal safety in the exercise of that freedom of speech which every American holds to he his natural as well as constitutional right.

Shall the fanatical mob of faith-blinded zealots to be found in almost every locality In the United States be allowed to maltreat those who differ from them in opinion Shall a rabble incited by a bigoted priesthood hold the free citizens of this country In constant peril of their lives. when exercising one of the most precious rights tor which this nation sought its Jnde pendence and which became fundamental In its establishment The telegram does not disclose, in terms, what view of Romanism the lecturer took, or what was the sentiment which actuated the mob in attacking him; but past occurrences of a like kind leave but little room for doubt that the lecturer was opposing Romanism, and that the mob which attacked him and stormed the house wherein he had taken refuge, and against which the police were compelled to use their revolvers, was a Roman-Catholic mob. And we believe it has been uniformly the case, tor several years, that no man or woman has openly and publicly exposed the infamy In the practices, or the nefarious designs of Romanism in America, without becoming the subject of abuse In person or reputation, or property. Witness the hue-and-cry raised In all parts of the country against Edith O'Gorman the es caped nun, because she disclosed the shocking features of life in these living tombs of Romanism, pelted with missiles, traduced in her character, followed even in seclusion with all the vituperation that the most refined cruelty could devise. Witness the treatment of Father Gerdeman, of Philadelphia, because he left his moral imprisonment and declared himself a free man, shook off the chains ot Rome and followed the dictates of his own conscience.

Has there been any villiflcation too foul for Roman Catholics to apply to him? He was charged with crime, and was mobbed. and his life was only- saved by the police. Witness the Baron de Camin, a poor old man, for many years a Dominican, followed by abuse In his travels for disclosing the secret machinations, and frightful cruelties of this political-religious institution. He was mob. bed In Ogdensburgb.

Witness the Rev. J. G. White, a man who was never a Roman Catholic, and therefore under no imputation of trai-tortsm but he was followed by lies and slan der, mobbed In different places we believe, and i eggs were thrown at him in St. James Hall in this city the progress of a lecture.

Witness the Rev. DeWltt Talmafce whose house was set on fire, and himself threatened, by reason of his standing on the same subject. And notice the tact, further.that in all parts of the country wherever a peyion dares openly to denounce the vices of Romanism, or severs his connection with 4t, evil Is sure to come upon him, sometimes openly and sometimes secretly. It only requires observation to verify this, and no very retentive memory to know of all the more prominent example before cited. The question Is not whether such public riots and private abuse for such cause Is right or There can be but one answer to this.

But it ii a question for patriot to pon der, how wide-spread and how deep extends this reign of terror which crops out here and there In these riotous demonstrations, and is known to lie beneath this stratum of personal injury? Allow me to ask your readers, one and all. Do you feel just'as much at ease in the pres ence of a Roman Catholic to oppose Roman- Ism on principle, as you do in the presence of a Democrat to to oppose the Democratic party on principle It not, why? Is not one as open to discussion as the ether? Ha this system of foreign polities acquired such an ascendancy that it holds immunities not allowed to domestic politics? It so, it has become time for every citizen, in this Centennial year, ta renew the declaration of independence, to declare himself and the nation tree, as it ought to be, from the thraldom ot every foreign power whether England or Rome and to begin again wbsre our forefather began, with America first, last and always, with the undoubted right and unmolested privilege ot liberty, of conscience and freedom ot speech. To this end we should pledge our live, our fortune and our sacred honor." Colo. DOXIKI03 BOARD OF TRADE. Ottawa, Jan.

21. Tha Dominion Board of iBJule today resolved that IV Js very dealraMe to have treaty of reciprocity with the United State on a comprehensive, liberal and fair basis, eonld such be obtained, but the Initiative step thereto ought to come from ths United States government. It was resolved that the Dominion government be maraorializad to secure the right of Canadian vessel owner respecting ths use of American canal, notably ths Champlain Canal, where it waa stated Canadian vessels had, been compelled onload at the first port of entry. A eommrttee was appointed to urge npon the government the development of Canadian Iron mines. Ths Board without expressing say opinion on the subject of ths combination of working-men expressed the belief that the govorn-ment should memorialized to take measures to protect shippers loading vessels against interference from such combination.

On motion of Mr. Howland, the nseretarr was requested to bring the question of the formation of tribunals of commerce again before the notice of the government; aad Mr. W. Robertson of Montreal was unanimously chosen the next President of the Board. A resolution expressive of the gratification of tha board at ths presence of delegates from the National Board of the United State was unanimously adopted.

Mr. Henry of New Tork acknowledged the compliment with thanks, and the President of the Trsjasportstton Convention of the United States extended a hearty invitation to the delegate of ths Dominion Board to ths next meeting which, will be held at Lsens-ville, Ky during ths Centesnisl. A resolution wss adopted empowering the President to appoint delegate to the Transportation and Commerce Convention, the United States si Louisville. After transacting some reatin basins the board adjourned. i i raniimt th aiibn.

"I'm only afraid if" I do that the old woman Will po my private papers tne first liilne, jBrwiUjw Arqus, used and said on this of ot ing the ral It i isffals, Satsrday Eveaiig, Jan. 22, 1878. CORRESfONDMJfTS.Ko notice teitt be taken of amnnymoue pass ansa lea Moss. Th names of eorreepondente wOl not be used except at their desire. We are ptad to hear from our rssd.r upon oM current topics, but sannot un-- aerlahe to Bdra rejected eemmvteations.

TO ADVERTISERS. Our customer! are re-quested to hand Ss their advertimtmrmtt at at trip am hour as possible, in order that they may be properly eUteeified. These not received before 1 o'clock (noon) wiUnot betnserted Ml next day. Itoadlnf Hatter oa Orislds Pages. FIRST PAQB Travellers' Guide; The Monthly Magazine! Our New York Let-' teri The Cuban Question.

FOURTH PAGE Two Lover; Music and the Drama; The same (Ad Story Over-Ornamentation; A Coffin in a Draw- ina-Room; Moments: 'The Three Hong of the Hunchback; How a Trousseau is made; Indian Juaolers: Man and Mon- key; An Oriental Stnctum: Children's Winter Clothing; A Man's Friends; The Star of Bethlehem; Life; ReUgious Matter s. THE SfcvTS. Cblcaf ha just organized a new gat com pnr. Up to the present time this hum fcog hsvs ban packed lit Qalncy, Illinois. Franklin Adsma, a prominent merchant Fainnount.

Illinois, 1 committed suicide Wednesday by taking lamlanum. A mm drought is prevailing at the present, tlm In many sections of Kbode Itland. The ponds and streams are extremely low. 't Tbteabthet session yesterday lasted near ly tws hours, bat lie consideration was not attended by any circumstance of particular laportanoa. A.

J. Tarbro, ex-T; Collector of Tipton County, Tennessee! was arrested there Thursday oa a charge ot being a defaulter to the amount ot $18,000. "Joseph, frost, a well-to-do farmer near BloomlovtoD, Illinois, committed suicide by banging, on Sunday last, while laboring under a V. of temporary Insanity. The new Jewish Synagogue, which been erected en Blebmond Street west, Toronto, was dedicated Thursday morning, the Bev.

DeBola, of Montreal, officiating. Yesterday being hangman's day observed by the execution of Jacobs, the wife-murderer at Jollet, and Marshal J. Crsln at Marlon, Williamson County, Mississippi. An incendiary: wai captured at Little Beck, Arkansas, Wednesday night in the at tempt to set the Slate House on Are. He re-fusee to rive bis name, and has not yet been identified, i A young aoa of Mr.

J. W. Adams of Wln-GbendoQ, while playing with a pistol la Keene oa Tuesday lodged a bullet in the neck of Miss Annie Oldls, Inflicting a severe "wound. i The correspondence between our Government aad Spain In relation to Cuban affairs eras transmitted to the House of Representatives yesterday. A telegraphic abstract will bo found oa our first page.

A decree of foreclosure of mortgage will bo made against the Louisville, New Albany A 6L Louis Alr-Llne railroad shortly, with Noble C. Butler as Master In Chancery. The aale will probably be made In six weeks. 3ctor Hugo has Issued an address to the aenaUirlxl delegates for; Parts and France, In which be asks them to found a democracy which shall end foreign war by arbitration, i vll war by amnesty and distress by education: Cambridge University, England, will not decide Its connection with the American Centennial rowing regatta the general assembly of the students Stakes place, when the matter will be considered by the captain of the various boat clubs. Belksble statistics obtained through the Board of Trade show tint the total number of hogs packed in Indianapolis this season up to data, baa been number packed during tha same period last year, 247,337 increase this year to date, 11.0-27.

Fannie Decker, of L'nlonville, N. has recovered $5,000 from John B. Elston for breach ot promise. These twain had kept company for seven or eight years. Mr.

El. ton changed his but a heartless jury saw fit to charge him accordingly. Peter Fannon, a well-known saloon-keeper of Ludlngton, Mlch-i was fatally stabbed Thursday by a drunken mill-hand who had juet been ejected from? his saloon, Fannon baa a large family. The murderer was arrested and la now In jail awaiting trial. The election! tor members ot the Cortes arc proceeding In an orderly manner throughjj out Spain.

The Madrid Epoca InHM J'i to- I rial oa the financial situation lh-jfes the ministry to reorganize the fiational finances on a sound basis andveitrict the nulillo. exnenril- turelTs much as possible. The Highway Commissioners of Provl-- denoe, B. are unable to give work to the host that apply and Mr. Wightman has shut down on the tickets after giving out- nearly 800.

The Overseer of the Poor thinks that 400 men could be found willing to work at half a dollar a' day. Over 800 have applied during the past two weeks. The village of St. Jean Bapttste, which Is dependent upon Montreal for the water sup-- ply, failed to pay their taxes, and the supply was eut off. They are famishing for water.

but the water committee refuse to turn on the tap until they pay. There are thousands of poor people in Montreal in just the same predicament as Is the village of St. Jean Bap- tisto. i la return for the kindness ot the Inbsbl taota of the Pltoalrn Islands to a shipwrecked American crew, a collection of useful articles la making in 8an Francisco, which a vessel going around Caps Hern will deliver. The articles most needed by the Islanders are women's? clothing, hardware and agricutural Implements, axes, a fresh water condenser and books.

T. H. W. Lynde, 'County Clerk of Wayne Co-, Indiana, haa been compelled to vacate that office by the withdrawal of his sureties from their bonds, on account of Lynde's in- temperate habits. He is a man ot unusual ability, but the baneful habit of drink ruined him.

The Commissioners appointed Moore, Mr. Lynde's deputy, to fill the 7 vacancy until the election, next fall. At a meeting ot the National Blfle Asso-olatloa ot Great Britain at London yesterday, it was resolved that the Association should accept tha Invitation of the National Association at New York, to organize a team to represent the United Kingdom in a match for the championship of toe world, provided that 'no other independents team sent from Bog- land, Bcotland, or Ireland be Inoluded In the match. i The statistics ot the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, In New York City, show that the society prose- euted 8H eases of cruelty during the past year. Moat of these were for cruelty to borsea, but there waa also a considerable number of prosecutions lor cock-fights, dog-fights, etc Tha society embraces tome ot the beat men In New York, and la constantly extending its operations.

The body ot Elizabeth Trombaoh, a German girl aged 14 years waa found in a thicket Bear Youngstown, Ohio, yesterday. Her veil was tied around throat. She had evldent- ly boon strangled. The verdict ot the coro ner's Inquest was that she had been ravished and murdered. Charles Sterling, a been arrested on suspicion, and trnow In jail at Youngstown.

The authorities are after another supposed tramp suspected of complic ity. Great excitement prevails in the neigh' boroodof the tragedy! Blehard Banner Oakley, proprietor ot the Co-operative Credit ot London, waa ar raigned yesterday belwe the Lord Mayor ana Sir B. Cards oa charges of fraud, false pie- tenses aad eonsDiracyi The prosecuting eoun 4. eel aald the bank" had received 40.000 from 1 the public in the shape of deposHvi and current accounts. Am execution was put into the bank last Saturday, when it waa found that there waa only 11a 9d" on hand and no money to pay tha clerks.

Oa tha same day a lady paid In 700, which waa sued to pay out the exeootloa and wages or clerks, The prisoner waa remanded, the Lord Mayor refusing to. UkebaiL The trial ot' MeKee for whisky frauds, oommoneed in St. Lou la yesterday. A jury I waa empanelled with but little trouble, there betaa- but taw challengea. The juror an all from interior counties of the State and consist merchants, mechanics and tanner.

Dis trict-Attorney Dyer opened the ease, O. Megrue waa put on tha witness stand and srav pretty raooh the same evidence given by him in tha McDonald and Avery cases. Joseph M. Fitxroy, who served as Deputy Collector under TJhas. W.

Ford and Constantino Maguire was called aod testified that oa on occasion MeKee received a portion of the money which he (witness) eollested from distillers. It waa handed MeKee by Joyce In the Supervisor's office. I At the adjourned meeting ot Plymouth Church last Bight Mr. Beeeher made a lengthy addreaa in reference to the letter ot Mrs. Moulton and Judge Tan Cett recently published.

Mr. Beeeher denied that Ply-" mouth Church had broken up the mutual council and said It had never asked that any churche named by the other, side should be excluded- It would have gon on with the council whether these ehurche withdrew or not. Wben Mr. Beeeher had concluded, Mr. the following resolution: r-l, That the committee on the uCrid amend the letiir oa the ease we It In JTrem Our Jtegutar ptrret Albany, Ju.

JL. 187a. Tber are 'nsora rumor hen of iavestlga- tions, a to how the public money has been and to whom paid within the paat ten year, than ever known before. The latest most important of the investigation I to be in regard to the HEW CAPITOL which those who profees to know say many hundred thousand of dollar have been abso lutely squandered- Thow who are moving in particular matter, purpose that the in quiry shall go back to the very first inception a new building, aad Include the purchase the Congress Hall block, and everything from the passage ot the original bill authoriz a new Capitol in Albany to the present time. If a really impartial and intelligent committee can be secured in either house lor purpose, there is little dobut the develop ment would throw Gov.

Tilden's Canal Investigating Commission into the shade. Ai this is the era of Reform, by all mean let us have light oa this most useless expenditure on the part of th State to which taxpayer have to contribute. The Assembly Committee on 8TATB PRISONS have held a meeting to discuss the condition and management of the prisons, and have de- elded to ask a few days leave ot absence for the purpose of visiting th three prisons and making a personal examination of their gene condition, the books and papers, Ac. Th Committee will not make a formal investigation, the object now being to ascertain If It be advisable to recommend the appointment of special commission for that purpose. In the Senate this morning Mr.

Rogers pre sented a bill amending the act of May 11, lt74, to facilitate the KXORGANIZATION Of RAILROADS sold under mortgage, and providing for the formation of new companies in such cases." The Grey-Nuns bill was called In Committee of the Whole, but Mr. Jacobs saying he waa not today prepared for ita further discussion was laid aside. Mr. Woodln Introduced a bill entitled an act to prevent the abuse of corporate franchises and special privileges conferred by law through their use by corrupt and partisan purposes." The bill provides in substance that no corporation or association now existing or whieh may be hereafter formed, shall in its incorporate or associate name, or by or through any corporate ict, by and through the exercise of any franchise or special authority under a law of this State, do or aid in doing or biinirlng abeut any one of the following acts or results: First The designation, election, or appointment of any delegate to any political convention or caucus, and no person acting as the agent, officer, representative, or employee of any aach corporation or association shall do or take part In doing or bringing about any result which such a corporation is forbidden to do. Nothing contained In the section, however.

Is to be construed aa preventing any organization from using its name, funds, and authority for disseminating political opinions In any other manner than that forbidden above. aeeona xne nomination, election, or ap- poimment oi any person to any omce or any clerical position whatever, be the same municipal. State or Federal. Third The removal of any person from any such office or position, or the increase of the salary or promotion of any such officer or clerk. Fourth The securing or distributing of any political patronage.

Fifth The apportioning, imposing, or collecting of any party, any political assessment, or the collecting of money from any officer, clerk, or other employee of the city, State, or National Government, for any partv purpose, or the care, custody, or use of any money derived from any such assessment or collection. The second section of the bill provides that any person who shall do or attempt to do or aid In doing In any of the acts referred to. shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and be liable to punishment for every such offence, and be liable to pay a fine of $250, which fine may be sued for and recovered, with costs, in any court having Jurisdiction suit may be brought by any taxpayer or freeholder. In case any corporation, association, officer, or person shall collect, receive, hold, or disburse any money derived from any political assessment in violation of this act, such money may be sued for snd recovered from any such corporation, officer, or person, by any citizen in his own name, one half of the money so recovered to go to the citizen suing and the other half to be paid over to the proper authorities for the benefit of the poor of the county where the offence occurred. The final section of the bill provides that the Supreme Court, or any Judge ef the Supreme Court, shall have power to grant injunctions to restrain the violation of this act.

The Union League Club and other prominent citizenB urge the passage of this bill, but how it will be received by the magnates of Tammany Hall, against which institution it Is aimed, remains to be seen. After transacting some other business, the Senate adjourned to Monday evening. The House has been engaged this morning on resolutions to appoint more subordinates, all of which were referred to the Committee on Expenditures of the House. Mr. Hanson offered a resolution, with preamble, reciting that the directors of the DEL AW ARB HUDSON CANAL COMPANY had abused their powers to the great Injury of the stockholders, (the stock Is so high and so cioseiy new Dy prudent men that none Is offered on the Stock Exchange) directing the Railroad Committee to investigate, and for this purpose have power to send for persons, papers and the books of the company.

Tbis was laid over, which will give the authors in the background time to ascertain that this corporation will not bleed. A resolution was offered that when the House adjourn it be to Monday night, when Mr. Strahan, who has once or twice assumed to be the leader on the Republican side opposed It, but it was carried. The THIRD BEADING OP BILLS was then 'taken op, and the bill repealing the Grey Nuns act read and passed, with only five or six negative votes. Next came the bill to Prevent Cruelty to Animals in New York Tork, by the throwiug of salt on railroad tracks, broken glass and nails in the streets, Mr.

Halllday moved to recommit, and have the bill printed, as it had been greatly amended, and members could not know for what they were voting. Mr. Strahan, who is unfortunately very supercilious In bis manner, again attempted the role of leader, and hoped the bill would not be retarded in its passage by the action proposed, and he proceeded to lecture Mr. Halllday (who Is a Dem ocrat) for hi temerity, doing that In a grandiloquent style. Mr.

Halllday replied, in a manner which must have taught Mr. Strahan that he had better relegate the leadership to Mr. Sloan, who from his position is entitled to it, and who is an affable gentleman. The motion of Mr. Halllday was carried, fig to 86, and Mr, Strahan tat down discomfited.

Th Hon. Or low W. Chapman having, ten dered to the Governor his resignation a SDPCKINTBNDBNT OP INSURAXCK, to take effect on the 31st there are sev eral candidates in the field. Mr. Smith Weed is prominent, being backed by many influential Republican, as well a by his imme diate Democratic friends.

Mr. William Barnes, formerly Superintendent, I vigorously pushing his ease with the Governor, and Mr. Wil liam Smyth, the present Deputy is hopeful of holding on, under supposition that the Senate will not confirm any nomination sent in by the uovernor. Some Industrious person has put in circulation a report that a bill was preparing in the Executive Chamber for such an amendment to thefstatate relating to TRIAL BY JURY, a dull authorize nine of tha twelve composing a Jury in criminal case to find a verdict. aad that this bill waa especially designed to asest the essa of George D.

Lord, recently tried in Buffalo, where the jury disagreed, and the Attorney General gave notice he should move it for trial again at the February This is the most ridiculous part of thla story, a no bill amending so materially a law coexistent with magna eharta, could possibly be passed In time to effect the ease named. The report 1 a canard from the beginning, and bo such bill ha been drawn or heard of in the Executive Chamber except as read in the newspapera. This denial 1 made on the highest authority. The following is a statutory history of the enactments relating to TUB OstaTT BltJsTB. Th original act to lncorporata the Sister hood of Grey Nona," waa passed April 1671, with Josephine Jones, Amelia Clarissa, Lode Laporta, Julienne Bertrand, and Claris Foinier as corporator.

The second settoa. provide that the object of th said corporation sre the education ef persons, a well those abls aa emabl to pay, the vliiUsg the poor and the sick, aad th dispensing madl-dBea to them, tha foundation of aa industrial school for girls eat of emptoynt, and general missionary snd baaavsient work." Xhe net si last year now sought to be repealed, amend this act by adding the lot-lowing: said corporation is hereby authorized to grant otptema and Honorary lestunonisia. is an-h form and under such as its board of trustees may determine, to any person wss sua. ivs or mmj serrater. graduated at any summary ol Haruin.

ol said Mr. to ot a Adam, Bleldrum 396, 398 and 400, JslllS.17.SlJi.M rilRL WANTED At North Street, to oook. Must be a good waaner ana iruoor, and have good references. 1" CI BAPHIC BASB-BURNBB and Graphic tore, at W. WOLTGt'8, al9 Ham are working so beautifully with Loyal book coai, for which am agent, that it will be to your ad vantage to look at them ana compare pnoee.

IF KALTH and Cleanliness secured by aamg Kedzie'a Water Kilters. They make Niag ara water clear as crystal. CHA8. K. WAV BitlDOJli, 8W, 29nd 801 Waehingtoa Street.

I AM AUTHORIZED by the manufacturers of the l-iraphto Range to meet and beat any rice at Foundry, or any other place, for a similar nary, or may oiacr uww, ve. OrapMC woras to trrecuon is srusrmu- teed, or no pay. WOI1'UB. 81 Main St. KBDZIB'S reliable, improvea water niters have stood the test ot wen ty-Bve years.

Best Filter made. CHAS. E. WAL.B&XDUS, W7, 298 and 901 Washington Street. 08T On Wednesday iv.

either on ssaus, rw c. AJ Genesee, l'earl or Delaware street, a Beal- skin Muff. The finder will be suitably rewirnea on. returning ittoXrti Delaware saw, ysxaso VfHW GOODS received at W. WilLTGK'S, IN siu Main KMMt- White Bubber Handle Ta- ii ita.u.rt KnivaL extra fln0 jcnglisfi and American Carvers in Sets, Fam ily Grindstones, Silver-plated Tea Knives, Ao.

GOODS received this day at W. ttid Main Ht. C.ArriAite Dusters a handful, as they used to be; Jewett's new Wa ter Kilter same as Kedzie, but improvea ana cheaper; Magto Flour tuiter. siuonn. r.

Nntinns. five lines or A. less, 8, in this place (the beat in the paper) for 60 cents th first insertion, and 16 oenu eacn auai-tlonal insertion. -v vrrufi a trus VBW, -We restore the I I color ot old Mink good and give them a new look. Ermine and all White Furs cleaned and 1w.t.

likA n.wMi, n.t Main Street. deW 'baSSETTJLIJSQ, NB OB TWO gentlemen can obtain a pleasant Boom, wun gas anu wm pleasant Boom, with gas and water, on the wC" uoou rexerences requutni. this ma. SBAL 8ACQTJJES Aa SJVS A Being ueurr-mined to close out our Ladies' Furs, we offer mi. inriiii-ementa to Darchasers.

The soods are fresh and desirable, and will be sold at bargains. OOltttl UAOesK. J. A A vj, aw uu rilll HEALTH-LIFT A complete system JL of Physical Education in ten minutes, once a day. Call and investigate.

Exercise Booms open from 9 A. M. to 6H P. M. Buffalo Branch of NY.

Health-Lift SS Niagara street. CT-W UVIT Wwnn, latnf MAV HOXt. StOIS 135 1 Washington street, Washington Block, now occupied by IsweeLCook Co. Inquire of lalStf MATTHEWS WABKEN. RENT Office ta Exchange Street, Waai- 1 inarton Block.

size BDOBI Tnnnireof ixAS feet, with good Fireproof Vault MATTUJSWS ABKErt, WANTED By a young lady thorougniy competent, a position as Copyist or Aeie- Tipn m- less this office. -w-er iVTRll Ac. Cash paid for all descriptions of old. broken, also goal nwl Kolri. sneer.

Fire-arms. Musical 'instruments. 4c, at ALLEN'S, 81 Ex Si M1 Jal9t change Street. Close at 5 p. YlfHAT YOU WANT.

wants, nouoea, VV nM li.M 0- imb- in this nlace (the beet in the paper) for SO cents the llrst insertion, and MCfineacddUionAnseriion OP ACTUAL BUSINESS. An institution designed to prepareyonnr men and young women toi; oing a livi ivei ihood, aad qualify them for business positions. Open day na and evening. Seneca streets, or send for Circular. J.

C. BRYANT A SON, Buffalo. aX29s is.AOoam.iy E. P. H0LLISTER, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALER IN Anthracite Bituminous COAL, No.

2 East Swan Street, BUFFALO. GEO. A. PRINCE CO. Organs Melodeons The Oldest, Largest, and Most Perfeet Mann factory in the United States, 55,000 NOW IN USE.

No other Musical Instrument ever obtained the same Popularity. SEND FOB PKICK LISTS. Address BUFFALO, N. Y. CHRISTMAS.

1875. Headquarters for Skates. D. C. WEED 284 Main Street, (CORN EE OF SWAN BUFFALO.

Barney Berry dab Rink Skates, New York CI ab Skates, Florence Club Skates, And a large variety of other styles. Tool-Boxes from 75c to $25, WOOD and IRON BRACKET SAW FRAMES, HAWS and CAB VI NO TOOLS. Pocket Knives, Scissors, Sleigh Bells, Carvers, Also, BODGEB8 IN CASES, Ac. Ac tuthaoow.i PIANOS. Handsomest Rooms in the City.

ENABE, Grand. Square, and Upright, 1 Have no rival, bat surpass an other masse have tested, either is this country or in Karons PAULUtE LUCCA? NSW YOSJC, Jan TI, 1S7A," 1 SAINS THE CHEAPEST FIBST-CLASS PIANO MADE PiflJiOS, ALL STYLES sJTD PEICES. i-Plan08, KEW, tm. PfftTlfM RENT, AND BENT ALLOW' PIANO STOOLS, COVERS, sle. Organs and I2lodona.

I CL II, CTIJET, PEARL ST- NEAR SENECA CUrBlMI tXJUBT, Kris County, If. Y. a avowant wwopw, siauntw, ssatnet Wllliaas Juflsos sad tteorg Taylor, defendant. Sunt. BBoas Moaev DemAsd.

Cousisisisatiarai To ths osrasdsats shove seised sad each af -w Mmny, wmmmami mma rsqolrsd will a sled in the OSes of ta Clerk of tha Coaaty ef Erts sad asm eopy of your sastwer a aaa, at say emee, ta ths City of Buffalo, New York, within tweatr days after ths ssrvies hereof, sxslsatrs of ths day of service; aad if you fail to aassrer ths eoni plaint ss aforesaid, ths plaiatisT win jwaHvv. sawn you IS SUSS Of twa hundred sad twentv dollars aad aia cents, with tatsrest tharwos frosa ths third dsy of March, 187, besides tha coats of this nation. Arst- su AHisaio, January is, in sd BnEalo. Jannarv 14. vn.

vj i. r. ii a a i i aian its Attorney, IS Wsst seasos Buffalo, sr. V. The eeianlslat hsraia ws Sled ta the office of 1 the Clerk of tos-eouoty of Erie on the 1 Jth day of wannanr.ix.a.

jr. At. )aiuiah. I'laitme Aoorn ef and Anderson, MAIN STREET, LOYAL SOCK 0 A L. The Best is the 5 Cheapest mv.1.

iv.1 a WKW enmsT for favor at ths hands of ths eoal-oonsumera of ths i City of Buf- tfio. It haa been THUtuvusiii wn foond to possess nu raawn Anthracite Coal. IT CONTAINS 90 per Cent pure Carbon IT MAKES NO CLINKERS. LASTS LONGER and MAKES AN INTENSE HEAT, leaving no waste save a eiean wane uu. In its preparation It la nneqnaled By ANT OTHEB COAL, the aisea being mors eguiar.

EVERY ONE Who uses Coal should try It. Prices, screened and delivered: Orate 7.40 per ton of SOOO s- Erg 7.40 Stove 7 85 Chestnut 7 60 Dealer supplied in quantities on liberal tern: a. TUCKER st TILER, COR. EXCHANGE MICHIGAN STREETS. Yards, 648 650 South Division SI BRANCH OFFICE AT W.


F. S. PEASE, Manufacturer of Oil, 65 and 67 Male 82, 84 It 86 Wash'M BUFFALO, IT. T. Jaltttis A.

M. A. FIFTY THOUSAND YARDS Direct from the Manufactory. New and Elegant Designs In HAMBURG EDGINGS and INSERTIONS, At prices that will defy competition, ranging from Scent, to SEN. Ths Inspection of ths Ladies is Invited.

ADAM, MEL0RUM ANDERSON AMERICAN BLOCK, 396, 398 and 400 Main Street. SILVER-PLATED WARE. Tea Seta, Traya, Ioe Pitchers, Castors, Cake Baskets, Fruit Dishes, Vases, Knives, Forks, Spoons, A.O. THE FINEST DISPLAY OP PLATED WARE TO EE FOUND TM THE CITY, JUST RECEIVED BT W. H.

Glenny, Sons Co. 246 KHS STREET. Re-stocked, R-fttted, Renmted. THE BUFFALO Homoeopathic Pharmacy, 362 MAIN STREET I MANOTACTTJEE AND SELL THE FOL LOWING SPECIALTIES: Appleby's Dirt. Ext Witch Hazel, A Psaslrr eased for Piles, Sprains, Bursa.

Bruises, Rhsnmatlsas, Chllblaias; also Ior Toothache. Hesdsehs. Sors Throat, Catarrh. Ao ate. ache.

Can rafer to hundreds ia nas stty whs have seed Applebj's Dollar Case of Homceo- pathie Medicines, With spseiSe iastraoHmia for NetaasUy hoai4bs without it. fresh' op W-POX. H. T. APPLEBY, Proprietor, MMslnstiwk NAB3AU.

7N. P. A Famona Winter Reaort vor moss oeatreu. of aseaprng tk. ssnrlty of Hortbara slissata.

Temscratars never fans bs- Fanrsnbelt, aor rise shows as ths vanalioa io.s sot vasad ds in hours. THE ROYAL YICTCSIA HOTEL bessrtifnny soae4 aad wwll kept Pnlted Staass and British Mail Stasaisrs VERT TEE DAY. HOE SAVANNAH. GA Trip only 4 bowr aad ia sight of land aearly the stir dlstano. Illustrate! Kasasu Uaids sent frss os appliesUos.

MURRAY, FERRI4 ss South surest, Ksw York: or 6. W. M1LLKR. Agsat, ttH Main Strast, Buassa. taiutlais (OH SALE or tobs cxehanaad for improved steal Estate or a arm A.

Vssssl hi nam. tug Buout 4 biawl OTTO, Peart 8ev i ot Family Tioketa, good till January 1, 178, A. M. FABNHAM, Bupt pro Sews. Intttr-uctUnW BUFFALO FEMALE ACADEMY- THE NEW TEEM COMMENCES 4 On Monday Next, 24th Tnat- Jttltx A T.

CHESTER, Principal. JOHN M. SCHIXEK, PRACTICAL PIANO-TUN1SO and BEPAIRIJ'O done ta the moit thorough manner, and on ah ort notice. Orders may be left at sol Waabinatoa or at Ed. Moeller'a Piano Warerooms, oor.

cUiowa snd Pearl andMerger A Clorioh'a Bookstore, aw Main St- DAISCISG SCHOOL, MoArthnr's Hall, 383 Main St. NBW TKBM. A. JK. COBLEIOHI HCHOOI EVERY THURSDAY st FRIDAY, i Commencing on Thursday, Jan.

6, 1876. Children, 4 P. M. Thursdays and P. St.

Fridays: Ladies, P.M. Gentlemen, 7X P.M. Fridays. sslttts Auctiop Sot. BY J.

RENTsTE. ON WEDNESDAY, JAN. 16, AT 10 A. M. at the Grand Central HaletTOOHW, 354 AND 39S WASHINGTON 8T.

FIRST-CLASS FURMTUHE, Consisting of 1 Parlor Suites, different styles, 8 Chamber Suites, Marble Tops, really elesjaaa patterns; Sprinr Beds, pure Hsir Mattresses, Feather Pillows, sofas. Lounges, Chairs, Extension Tables, Crockery. Glassware, Cook and Parlor Stoves. HENRY ENGLISH Anctisaeer. By OH AH.

O. IRISH. City Aictlta Haste, 303 Wstblattts St. ON WEDNESDAY, JAN. St AT 9H A.

At-Will old without reaerve SPECIAL ATTRACTIONS IN HOUSEHOLD FU1INITUKE, Parlor and Chamber Sets, Cook snd'or stoves. CarpeU and Oilcloths, House-furnishing Uoods, -Goods eaa be seen Tuesday P. M. ty The highest cash pries paid for sap amount of aeoond'hasd Furniture and. General Merchandise by calling st tha stove.

Ess) males cheerfully gives. C3T Money loaned on Watches. Diantonds, Jewelry, and personal property ot every deesrlp tton. f3T Plrst-elss Storags. FOR SIXTY DAYS, At Prices Truly Marr Ions.

MANUFACTURER'S SALE OF 1 HAIR SWITCHES AT RETAIL. Will open THURSDAY, January th Boston Clothing Stores, 285 Main St ROOM Na Wide entrance, short Sight of stairs and pleasant rooms. talMfslftJs Mb. G. W.

ADAMS, ia charge Jaa. Sraono. Gko. a. stnosa.


Flowert for Weddlnga, Funerals, SuppUad and arranged with ths grestsst skUl CUT FLOWERS always on hand. Plasss lesvs orders st StotsSBt Main SL.or Past: Clrpla Qresshssss. North at. mhsa.bvp A BOX OF SEOAIIS FOB A Niw YeaVa Present. 1 211 Main Bt.

A.B.YOUNO. WHOLESALE AKO BETAL. MOFFAT'S BBEWEUY POR RENT. This eU snd popnlar estsbUshaent win bs ran tad ior a term of years frost tha Snt of April nszb It hos boss In saeoeMful operattea far aaors thanfortv vaara. aaut BNuMtti a ana ounoa.

tnnitr to engsssAs rod table business. Inantan ef WM. MOFFAT, Exsenlsv, let Mais Street. LU LIBER. Ws sre now sfsnif ear htrre stock of afJCtTU AM iBfl l.ATM.

BAS PIKK.FENCltPOt.rb. ihKPLUASBK FLOORIBG, SIDIXt sn LEfcffbKIl LUAS BEE is oraer. st pnees that oaf petition. 1 boss in wsst of stock wUldswsD to eali atlas Erissa, mm ij.wm A D. CO LIE CO.

DR. DON, :7 i i Oiace, 175 East Swan St, Buffalo. Avsntararndsaasof sasdietaa. Tiaal. allli wa.

paralleled snsoeas all special, ehrasie aad vine lent diseases. Twen ty-B rs yean' azperiMea ew sbias hist to guaraatas euree ia tha aaorteM peaaw fJWB SALE Th. desirable dweiiiag So Ai-P las scrset, with all ths sotaexm. Apply -r AJSE. PICEEEINQ 4 JlUa-ar.

St, IjlOB SALE Tba gas twe-storv rraautlioass JD mm Essthwsn ewset; gaa and wawr. r-lta EKlo at OOi Xiaaara aor. Pearl SALE-A Trf dinm.tawn.

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