The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 9, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 9, 1950
Page 5
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FRIDAY, JUNE 9, 1950 (AHK.) COURIER NEWS Do State Primaries Point Success for Democrats or GOP? By D. HAROLD OLIVER VfASHlNGTON, June 9. (AP) — Voters In the L3 state primaries ^held to dale have been unusually easy on the "Ins." Candidates have already been chosen for 173 house scats—and not a single incumbent has tasted defeat. And of 11 Senate seals involved In 10 states, only two sitting .members —Pepper (D-Fla) and Gurney (R- SD)—have lost/ out, both to in- cunibent reprcse'ntatives. A third, Senator Graham (D-NC), faces a run-off June 24. What mean? One may jump to the conclusion that it augurs well for tlie party in power in November; that apparent satisfaction with the present legislative personnel indicates the Democrats will easily retain control ol both branch tw. Difference of Opinion There's a difference of opinion about this, While keeping an open mind, Victor Hunt Harding, executive secretary of the House Democratic campaign committee, told a reporter it certainly indicates one of two tilings—there is no serious dissatisfaction inside party ranks with incumbents in either party, or the people are indifferent. § fn either event, tie feels It points to Democratic retention of control of both houses in the next Congress, despite the traditional pull-away from the party in power in non- presidential election years. Martin Agrees Rep. Martin (Mass), House Re- publican floor leader, agrees that the results to date show the voters feem satisfied with their representatives. But he said in an interview this does not necessarily mean the present line-ups of 259 Democrats and 110 Republicans in the House and 51 Democrats and 42 Republicans in the Senate will be anywhere near the same next January. He said the vote will ue larger in November and national Issues— lacking In primary battles to date will be stressed in the post-primary campaigns. Siring to GOP "There Is a swing back to the Republicans." ho asserted. "Tlie indications iwiut that way. We've got better than an even chance for 56 Democratic House seats, with less than 50 needed for control. And a lot of seats now held by Democrats are normally Republican.' Records show that in the last off- year election in 19-16, five senators and 21 representatives were defeated in primaries. In the same states that have held primaries this year so far, four House members were eliminated, but no senators. In 1948, 15. house members and two senators were knocked off in the primaries, including seven representatives and one senator in the 13 state that have held primaries so far this year. Neither harding nor Martin look for many upsets among incumbents in the remaining primaries running into September. Electronic Working Girl Is Live W/re Nationalist Dispatches Report Heavy Red Troop Shift Toward Formosa TAIPEI, June 9. (/i>) Official*.Nationalist dispatches tonight reported a heavy movement of Communist troops from central and south China, toward the east coast for an invasion of Formosa. Rumors spread through this capital of Nationalist China that the Reds would attempt their invasion In the first part of July. (The Communists have masked their invasion planes well. There have been various reports they will strike immediately, this ,fall and next year.) Electricity Cut-Off The Nationalist defense ministry • nnounced electric power will be ihut off In the event of air raids. Tests have shown that light control through individual blackouts was ineffective. ^ The defense mfnistry claimed Nationalist warships, constantly on the prowl ' to "thwart any invasion attempt, foiled a try by three troop laden junks to la'nd In two islands of the Wanshan group southwest of British Honk Kong. Tiro Junks Sunk Two of the junks were sunk. Another dispatch said a warship and Red artillery guns engaged in a duel' in the Pearl River off Canton. Nationalist, quarters credited the warship with knocking- out tvlo Communist shore guns. The official reports on the mass- Ing of Red troops opposite Formosa said a large number or crafts of all types were being massed on the mainland coast. The; greatest troop movements were toward Amoy, Swatow and other invasion ports. NEW Bo* Opens Week Oajs 7:00 p.m. Matinee Saturdays & Sundays Mat.-Sun. 1 p.m. Cont. Showing Manila, Ark. Friday <j "GOD IS MY CO-PILOT with Dennis Morgan Also Shorts Saturday "TRIGGER TRIO wilh the Three [VIcMiuilcc Selected Shorts Saturday Owl Show "AN ACT OF MURDER" t willi Fretlric March Sunday & Monday "ADAM'S RIB" Spencer Tracy, Kafhryn Hepburn FOR SALE Oncrcee eifrrrti IZ Inch I« « Inch, plain nt reinforced Also C.ntrete «»il<11ng Klocks cheap, ei than l»mbe> foi barns chicken h««»es. pimp houses, tenanl ho«sei toMl sheds' We deliver Call •> t.r fret minute. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Half Moon News The WSCS met at the church Tuesday night with five members present. Mrs. H. C. Buck gave the devotional after which prayer was led by Mrs. W. D. Lightfoot. __ The program, "Why Is My Gift So Needed " was-presented -.vith each member participating. At the close of the program pledges were made for the new year. In the business session plans were discussed for a joint meeting with the Dell WSCS. Cleone Mitchell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C-rville Mitchell, is-visiting in Hot Springs as guest of her grandparents, Dr. and Mrs. J. p. Roland. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Buck spent the weekend i;i Poplar Bluff as guests of Mr. Buck's mother, Mrs. John R. Buck and family. Mrs. Jessie Brake of St. Louis spent the past week with her mother, Mrs. T. Alexander. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Gnrrlgan, Mrs. B. F. Gay nnd their guest, Mrs. Mary White, of St. Petersburg, Fla., spent the weekend at Bear Creek Lake. Mrs. Minnie Williams and son, John A. Williams of Luxora visited in the home of Mrs. W. D. Lighlfoot and family, Tuesday. Mrs. John Till of Portajreville Mo., Ls visiting this week with Mrs. John H. Harnmon. Mrs. Coy Twecdle spent the past Florence N'aum: Only irlrl in » .. electrical maze. By NBA Service YPSILANTI, Mich.—(NEA5— I f they ever get an electronic milker down on the Naum farm in Parm- Ington. Mich., the farmer's daughter can tell them how to run it. The farmer's daughter is dark- haired Florence Naum. and right now she's the only woman electrical technician in a big motor car company. Having reached that goal H years after her graduation from high school, she figures it isn't enough; she has started back to school to get an engineering degree. To make the grade, she'll have to sandwich any vacation she takes this summer between night classes at the University of Detroit, where she's one of two girls in an otherwise all-male class. Five days a weeK she makes the hour-alld-a-half round-trip from Farmington to tiie Ford Motor plant in Ypsilanti, where she began as a stock handler in 1939. Two nights a week she drives to the university for classes—two-hour round-trip. And two nights a week she hits the books. In between times, she shares the housework with her mother and three sisters. Sometimes she works in the garden, too. Mainly, however, she wants to climb from "only woman electrical technician" to "only woman electrical engineer." Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, III. June 3. (/ft— Hogs 8500; uneven, barrows and gilts steady to 25 lower than average Thursday; mostly 10 to 25 oft; sows up to 450 Ibs 25 to 50 lower; heavier weights. 50 to 1.00 or more lower; bulk good and choice 180-240 Ibs 20.25-50; top 20.60 early week In Memphis with her brother, Cletus Underwood, who is a patient at Kennedy Veterans Hospital. I'ou'Ii Love Our Flowersl BLVTHEVILLE FLOWER MART Memphis Him* Phone 6O02 SKYLINE DRIVE-IN 3 DAYS — STARTING TODAY Adulfs Only — Adm. 75c tax inc. SNAPPY. / ! SPICY '!! SEXY ! f COKGEOUt cms GftEAT COMEDIANS •tAMOKOUt DANCm PAGE PIVB Union Strike Cuts Off Milk for Five Million PITTSBURGH, June 9. (/!>)— Milk and dairy supplies were cut off from five million western Pcnnsylvanlaus today by a strike of 3.250 APL. dairy workers. Mayor Dnvld L. Lawrence's llth- Iwur attempt to halt the strike failed. A four-hour meeting of union and ndustry spokesmen broke up shortly after 1 a.m. (EOT) more than an hour after the strike deadline. Another negotiating session \vns set for 10 a.m. Lawrence, who called the strike n "calamity," declared: 'The only hopeful thing Is that the union and industry spokesman have agreed to meet again." The strike affected not only residents of Pittsburgh and populous Allegheny county but these adjoin- ing counties: Beaver, Butler, Lawrence, Greene, Fayelte and Washington. The union—APL-Lc^al 205, milk and ice cream salesmen and dairy employees — said It will provide, workers to process and haul milk to hospitals. ' Oilier emergency measures are ing made to provide milk for orphanages, homes for (lie aged, infants on special formulas and persons whose physicians certify they need milk. The union's contract expired Ins May i. E.xact demands for the new contract have not been released and neither have facts on current wages Industry and union -spokesmen sn; the breakdown is too complicated. Weekend Accident Rates Near Figures for Memorial Day CHICAGO, June 0. MV-The National Safety Council expressed hope today that the nation will be "shocked into action" by learning that 455 persons died in accidents in one non-hotldav weekend The figure represents the toll reported last weekend In a 102- hour survey made by the Assoclalcd Press. The check wass designed to provide a comparison with the four-day Memorial Day weekend The comparison showed the following accidental death totals: Traffic Drowtiings Mlscel Total Memorial Day 311 . OC 128 571 Last weekend ., 270 75 110 455 Ned H. Dearborn, Snfcty Council president, said the survey has produced two significant facts: 1. "Holiday traffic tolls are, just as we have feared, greater than the more normal toll by about 30 per cent. Therefore, there is need for extra effort to meet the extra dangers due to tile increase in traffic volume orer holiday periods." 2. "Even on a non-holiday weekend there is a denth toll from accidents that is appalling and a disgrace to any civilized nation Certainly no one can ever be complacent when 455 people are being killed in all kinds of accidents over a four-day period in a needless and tragic manner. "We sincerely hope this survey will shock the nation Into action against accidents." for several loads; 251-270 Ibs 19 75-, 20.15; 270-300 Ibs 19.00-75; HO-170 Ibs 18.25-20.25; few to 20.50:100-130 Ibs 14.50-18.00; good and choice sows 400 Ibs down 16.50-17.50; largely 17.25 down; 410-500 Ibs 15.00-1025; heavier weights 13.50-15.25- stags 10.50-12.50; boars 7.50-10.50. Cattle 600; calves 700; mostly about steady in cleanup trade; few good lightweight replacement steers 27.00-28.00; medium and good heifers and mixed yearlings 25.00-29.50; cows slow; common and medium 18.50-20.00; few medium and goo< 20.00-22.00; canncrs and cutlers 14.50-18.00. AI me i es FOOT ITCH NOT HARD TO KILL. IN ONE HOUR, If not pealed, yoisr 40c hj|(k B( ^ drug atore. T-4-L, & STRONG funrl- ucle. contain* 9O per cent alcohol H I'ENETRATES.,,, MORE ,^m la KILL Ibc lick. Ted.y ,1 KIRBY DKUG STORES In England — It's the Chemist Shop In France — It's the Apothecary Shop Jn BlylheviJIe — H' s BARNEY'S DRUG For Expert PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Phone 591 Nationally advertised permanent plastic wall covering I PLAIN COLORS! "TILE' WAINSCOTINGS! 2 95 Come, see how you can save time, work, money by using Sondura-V/all wall covering in your kitchen, bath, child's room. Sandura-Wall looks, wears and CLEANS like tile. A damp clofh wipes dirt, grease stains off without effort. Pattern won"? wash off; colors are fade-proof! And it hangs like wallpaper i . . anyone can apply il! 15 colors, ind. white! Bring room measurements— Get fffff fst/mofe Youth Shoots Father; Jury Says 'Not Guilty' CHARLESTON, W. V»., June t. 1';—Fifteen-year-old Jimmy Bashin gripped Ills chair as he watched | the jury file into the courtroom \ last nlchl. H had been out for three Jioiirs. To those 12 persons Jimmy had lold how he thought he did the . right thing" by shooting his father to dcalli . . . how on April 2, he look down the family r |f]e and shot , Charles Ted Baslmm, 45-year-olrt | coal miner, while he slept In a [ living room chair after a drinking bout. He shot his dad. Jimmy had re- ited, because "he threatened to kill me and because he had beaten ic and mother many ilmcs," The foreman rose. "... Not culty." Air Cooled Apartments FLORAL PARK, N.Y.—</T>-Gar- rien apartments being built on the former estate of the late John Lew- Is Childs. horticulturist, arc being equipped with Individual air-cooling units for each room. The devices, based on air-conditioning mechanism usually placed on window sills, are being built Into the walls. They were developed oy General Motors to specifications of Robert Metrlck, the builder. With 248 families to be accommo- BLYTHEVILLE'S ONLY ALL WHITE THEATDF Friday —DOUBLE FEATURE— Eddie Albert and Gail Storm In 'DUDE GOES WEST' Edmund O'Brien and Kobert Stack In "FIGHTING SQUADRON" Saturday —DOUBLE FEATURB— Melbourne Stone "THE JUDGE" Kill Klllott as "lied Ryder" In "SAN ANTON!A KID' Open 7:30, SUrts 8:00 Friday —DOUBLE FEATURE— Ava Gardner and Dick Hiivmes In 'ONE TOUCH OF VENUS' Also Yvonne rie Car In and Ito<) Cameron In "RIVER LADY" Also Cartoon Saturday —DOUBLE FEATURE— Johnny Welssmuller and Jnhii. Sheffield and "Chela" In "TARZAN AND THE AMAZONS" Victor McI.aRlffn »nrl I'rt.slon Foster fn "SEA DEVILS" Also Cartoon •Sunday Only Maria Monte/, and Jon Hall In 'COBRA WOMAN' Two Cartoons RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Friday & Saturday "RANGELAND" with Whip Wilson Serial & Cartoon Saturday Owl Show "BLACK MAGIC" with Orson Welles »nd Nancy Guild Sunday, Monday & Tuesday "THE BIG WHEEL" wltk Mickey Rooncy, Thomas Matchell >nd M»ry Hatcher Warner News A SliorU DO YOU OWN A HOME? HERE IS A SPRING SPECIAL- 50 Any ordinary house treated for termites - Vte don'! have to praclieo or experiment on your job—we have liiid 12 years of experience. All our work is (lone according to regulations, our work is licensed by (lie Arkansas Stale I'lan.l Hoard. FREE INSPECTION & ESTIMATE—IF NEEDED SUPERIOR TERMITE CO. H. C. ntiinkenship .. 309 Basl Kentucky L. J. Zeller .. Phone 2350 or 3579 at the Modern Air Conditioned Razorback It Costs Less for' The Family to Eat Here ITALIAN SPAGHETTI Served with Delicious Italian Sauce Meticulously Prepared By a Master Chef 75 Shrimp Cocktail Fried Shrimp Tenderloin of Trout Chicken & Dumplings Pit Barbecue Barbecue Ribs Razorback Hiway 61 So. Blyrheville GASOLINE — THACTOK FUKI — KKHOSENE FUEL OIL — D1ESKL FUEL OIL & GKEASE G. 0. POETZ OIL CO. 2089—Phone—2089 ' Office: 110 W. Walnut Ruth I'laru: Promised Land

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