The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 6, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 6, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE SIX PU//IC—Find I he '\Vinnei BLYTOEVnj.E^fARK.) COURIER NEWS FOOTHILL BE lEFTJHIILE Meehan Doesn't \V a n I Rules Legislation Against Present Variecf Forms ' llv HAIiltV OHAVSO\ N S'orls Kdilor, \KA .Sea-ice NEW YORK. Dee. G.—John lYoncIs Mechlin, of Manhattan, v.ho bcm arcrnul, Is In fa,o- (f fr'jlfcnll deti-rises liiin-{ permitted !•» remain mobile, fhick, as most people know ".e ' i'01> Syracuse Mick,' liopes lint the rules comn?iUee't ttj lo IcjklaU" against III- live-nun . Icv.Mimn, or any oilier kind of riif.-n-ive line, on Ihe tsroiuuli tint KUI.II a move would he plumb foil isli. M'(-han says that if Ihe rule- milkers want tg cto .someifiln» o 1:'!|| the iHtaek. they mijiht bcnc- fit from the experience of Hit- pro- Irs-Ic-nati. By so doln« they wouli Irinj Ihe ball In 15 yards fron the sideline.s instead of 10, am I'.ut Ihe goal posls back 'whel tliov belong—on the goal- line. "Why have Ihe college kWs plii the game, the- hard way mid the professionals the easy way?" n No Wonder ll's TOUKI. College conches nre cilllclml for not developing field goal kickers 'J he critics appareully don't ren- li-'e that Ihe nearest n college :>o> f'.cts for a field goal is 'M yards -ft'cm the '1)051.5. And if the a'tlticA stilled nt Ihe 30-yard line Oriental Ruler litt .1 40-yard Jo make. A quite, nn event in professional lootball. Why expect college kids them as a mailer " to kick ''course? ;By bringing- the ball in is ynrds • from the sidelines every tinie it nets over toward the side of tlie field, (lie offense has a wider scope : of operations. It can go either way. no matter If it is a "Noire Dnmc" attack operating from a . balanced line, or a .single wing team with an unbalanced line. The defense has to worry about Hie ihort side as, well as the strong. With the gbal posts on the goal line. Held goals, again would l.e- comc a real factor, and radically change the picture. A team with a.field goal lead slill can be a touchdown, so it cannot fold .up and go conservative u would be out there trying, to «ct another I6uchdo\vn Ijecanscv n see- ohd -field goal wouldn't keep It out in front if the opposition .scored a touchdown anil made the extra point. Coaches lack Co-opcralioi "I believe that the conches do something about this if You im-ht not think so il In I , , me, but o< i of It r s< .|pnj l( ,,lit russlini! behemoths reposing on Ihe mat quite oWlvlons lo cveicihin,'. actually the winner «,( Ihelr match nl I.os An s cli's. El |>,ii jw ,!„' Tortilla -nvlsler. left, was the first K, be revived by In,, tnilner,' mul Maiisered upii«ln lo claim the verdict over Nick Uilv.e. Tlie Dope Bucket Ky J. r. Frleiiii -TRADES—Trnde wind mmors blow thick and fast on the eve of the major league baseball bigwig annual winter huddle . -. Ami, oddly enough, Solilhern boys flliiue in most of them . . . The Walkers, Gerald and nixie, Ihu- tlcsbiirg, Miss,, have • already been traded . , . Gerald being trapped to the White Sox by the 'risers, nnd Dixie to the bnslies . . . Erie McNnlr, Meridian, Miss., one of the most brilliant prospects ever lunie.1 out by the Cotton States League, is reported 1mb ol a ClevelaiM-Rert Sox barter . . The Crimson nre reported to have offered McNnlr for Mel Harder or Willis Hndlln, pitchers . . . Cleveland has countered with a deal involving Odell (Sammy) :lnle. El Dorarto. Dame Rumor has t . . . Arky VniiRlin, Clifty, Ark., Star Pittsburgh shortstop, Is slated .0 join the Dnffy Boys of Brook- yn If the proposed offer for Van Mngle Mungo goes I'oy •-. H Is likely, however, I Hint Spot may need u little more j KciiNoiilUK mxl may spend a year j in Claw C . . . Tlie Southeastern j a prcbatilli'v . . n»r- [ tchel Ilobo may make a hid for him for his nVw Class C chili 1 Nothlnn would suit Reed teller , . . The Skipper is tops ivltli him . . . Amunu Ihe applicants for llie Hot Springs job ivas M. A. tSplkc) former Jonesboro niana- fhe Brooklyn problem child pitcher,,, Munpo, also "figured in n wssiblc trade lo the Oiants for Mel Ott... . . OU joined the Giants direct from the Grelim, Ui., ALL-STATE— Despite the- fact that the Chick's were just a trifle Hut against Forrest city in the 1M7 football flimlc, four were se- lech'd by finoul Carlisle on tlie Times Herald nil-suite team They were James "llab" RoberU, left end . . . Alfred iUrredlth, . quarterback hnlfbnck . , back . . . , Russell Moslcv, LeRoy Brown, full- Little Rock and Pine Bluff were completely Ignored KiisH-llvllle planed hvn. North Ul- tle Rock 1, Forrest City 1, Srinkley 1. Jonesboro 1. Shiltgiut i . "Blylhevllle's Meredith Is uivcn the quarterback post as he directed ll;e niulefcnlcd Chicks ' play lor two years and is bit;, and fairly fnst a ml m smart field general Salmon of Rvissellvillr and Mosley of Dlylhcville are Ihe two best triple threat backs in the state . . Blylheville's Drown Is the slate's outstanding line plunger and 1ms speed and power along with weight- . . . Blythevllle's s Cross are Ihe andlots at- the tender age of lli.Kobcrts ami StiiUgs first citizen of Holdonvlllc. Okla..' slMenl end" ! °ever m \ mid other polnt.s, Is constantly up ^ it l(tl iy] OI1 'he trading hlock . . . There will -forget inofeEsionaf ^ifieremjes lins bec " , (alk ' to °- Ilbollt .cooking the turned out in are line on both i up nn exchange for Arkansas' ton Wnrnekc . . . Schoolboy Howe's t-alnry wing | s a matter of con- .and 'systems'," says Median. "But you know how It is. Tlie balanced line fellows don't want to gii'e the wibalnnced, single-wingers any J ecllir <> - - . At present he is on mere than they c ,in help. ' tl!c suspended list . . . Some be "And when It comes to- moving'' 0 vc h S > s through forever . . the goal posts, coaches nhvnys re- >e siunc fov Don " "nil Mu member the game Uicy won—or -- -- - -.,., .,,,M Im ailments have been stnlc nn< oiroiisc and defense ns they have proven all fall," comments Carlisle . . . The coast wise money is hiving 2-1 on Cnllfomia to take Alabama in the nose Bowl classic - . - Pictures of Hcrschel Mosley and, Haywoo:! Snnford. 'Bauia's Arkansas twins, appeared • in Ihe Commere.lnl Appeal's 'sport Vlllanova has lurn- HORIZON'TAIj 1 Jiulcrof Japrm M Enamel, 15 Uowini; tool. 1C Grcv/ diro. 17 Diseases.' 18Krj(/ine. 20 Tribal unit. 21 Morindin dye 22 Hiirdenfd. 23 Almond. 25-Spain. iO Com t. Answer to 1'rcvlous Puizlc 12K(lifices of worship. „ 13 Poem, rvb 18 Middle. TIBE SEIS -MONDAY, OKCEMBKK G, 1037 . 31 Minor nolo. .'12 Pcrtainini: lo tho li\ r er S4 Scolded. 3. r i Kxisls. became ruler. covering. . 39 Provided. W Paid pnblif -iiy 42 J'rcposilifm. • 4. 1 ! Street « He was ---before In mountain. M Withered SlSlulh. ' M Iliilkiii coins. MJnpanest- 'A Frost bite .WKlripcd fabriu. 5.0 Insect's egii. lilllliR Is a . country. VERTICAL 1 Hoof point. I! To prf-ss. !' Projiosition. 10 I'ossc-ssed. !1 I'm t of Horn; tnnntli. 22 To surfeit. 24 S'nilor. 20 JIJs counlry is »t odds willi ?." Act of snvinc n boat. 20 Tokyo is tlu> i—- of his MH iand. SJ To cs|x)iise 33 Credit. 43 Sleepy gra 44 Small livi^ 'IG Silkworm •17 Naive. •1U Wiiterfnt'. .111 Slrei-l r,:'t Ami On'-/ Six States Slill Dry But Licnior Problem Re, mains Unsettled »v THOKXTON ; NO Srr v«- ( . Stall 1 Conrxpomlenl The rcpcul lira whkh «„-; | e! . 1-w.i: on December r>, iu:j:j appears Ui fcr reiU'liiii" iis crest. There is • vii'cnr-c tr:ul under flu- surface a :irTniiie elji) [[,!,, lias sol In. f'mr years alter repeal, her.; '•'•''"• .'Ome el' the inteiestini; d"'.i '.'•••mi-ntT. ' ' A':ih:i!ii:i in ia:n beranic I.)K- •WiKl ."t.ili' i-, p-rmit ..„],. or -luird- a wuu no ae a aronl deal O f iifc'llalon to foment a formidable prohibition movement In Ooiiisress." .^;w. The rise HL innomuime death Mils gives them their best iMiiunieiii since 191!). j l'.illi.,ii Dollars Imfsl.-il In til iiWic. n«t lx)0lle«eing is by no means gone. No one ki;ows how much liquor Is bootlegged. Estimates vary all the way from 16 to 40 i>or cent. Some bootlegging is "big" enough so that 98 people were indicted iu one Philadelphia riiil!. The revemioi's are stilt sewing a half-million gallons of illicit Iwo/e each year. Thus, four years after repeal, nothing has been settled uljoul the liquor problem i-x<:i pling Ihe fact thai notliing is ever seltled aboui. the liquor problem. The .was ijood for II! months when Ohio first licensed motor vehicles in 1901. at last i for storage j S7 rinshi-l. fi8Mca:,iirr of :n-(-ii Minis >jii;|f. jifjHor i^ivs. GeoiKia : li-niws sale of beer and domestic '.vine only. Kansas and Oklahoma ; pel-lint only :i.2 iio,-,-. TeniH'.ssr:e r, i per cent. Mi>.:,|)p| permits loenJ cplLon on 4 per P( , m bct .|. N , nrU| j Carolina, :lry stulv-widc. permits j ciiimllp.s to cell liffiior If (hey wish. (3r:nli!ally (io Diy I Of llie 28 stales (nnd'the DLs- I Hi'-t of Ctjhnnbia) whk-li have I lieense syslems. and the 14 suites j v.'hk-li have .stale monopolies, none I has switched systems since repeal j Many "wet" rtatei; arc urathtallv i KOHig dry lornlly. Ohio Is "wet" 1 j till already 1C per rent of her | people live under some form of j comity or township prohibition. i Kenliiekj', home of bourbon has prohibition in a Ihird of its counties. That recalls the slt- | tuition jns( before national pro- i hibltion in 1920. Represenlntive ,lol:n j. Coehran nuiii liquor JUKI beer. I Liquor production in j filial Ihe i;n]> >«i:im'd 1U i .Muiugv j i-.nd using. Now it will level off i l._ n|ipro:.iiiiiitr:!y, the rate of coii- .-uiKpiion. nuritiJ thwx; four years ulinost :i liiilf billlun 'giilloiv; of | whiskey have t-,,n,- u, i! Jf .- Ijondfil |WUI.-I|(,UM-S. ] N<.l!lin(; Is i.;v(-r Sl-lllcil | j 'I'iin "big-tinu-" |,ootlei!BiiiB dial' (made, a shambli-.s (if the '20s Is ! SPECIAL .Mi'irhiints Hale HOTEL NOBLE "Wliere Huspllalily is n Kfailly. 11 WRESTLING * Monday N'ight, S:J5 EDDJE MALONE FLOYD'BYRD ?THEBAT? JIM PARKER American Leftion Arena Mulonc Opposes Byi'd Tonight. Jfn Maich A i Arena in the bout tonight lie will be about a. 1 ) pounds lighter limn Puiker and may be nimble lo ovncoiib' the weight handicap. llolh matches are down for tlie !>0 minute (line limit. l:es:t two out. of three falls. Eddie Afalonc, the frlshmaiv mat- man, will .settle his differences with Floyd Byrd, Birmingham mennie, In one of (he matches on the Legion curd hci? tonight. Mft- j (Iccio Braggadocio Divides Two Tilts With Cooler Mo., Dec.. -I.—Bi Cootc'v divided -TOPCOATS U " t.l\.J V.U11—111 • «- >'^>.ll HL- 1 IJIL.1 J[.|[I V]L]a the one they kept some other out- * C1 ' |JWI " lS ' K l"illar to that of Howe, ed down an offer lo lit frnin \vl.\uiiif. ,,, n ^ n i.. i . - * » * ' i ., .._.. fit from \vlniiing-merely becaus the Risls were where they are ut this lime. "Look at GIANTS-In of the fact ,. -. j that Hank DeBcrry. minor leaspie ".^.^.'^ " I'"- innnnger and chief for fhe lone has appeared here Severn) ] {,'iinies nt Cooler lust night, limes reeen-.:y ;imi proved to] Tl:e Bragijaclricio bo.vs won 17 local fans he knows Ihe ins and j lo II, but the Cooler i;lrls Irl- ouls of the mat gnmn. I3yrd isi»m|ihecl, 3(1 to !4. i even littler known to local ring- ' ' f found many an. Tlu. llrst- c-rvliuder automouile ,.„,„, ;. , bo ° """ for l»s i i'> Ihe United Slates was exhibited ionsh mclhoflK. ! in 1001 llt t!, e ,\ nv Yort; umoino . Cn Ihe other ennl the musket! i bllc ' show. j murvcl who wrestles as "The Bat" ! and who has promised to remove! Ins Wnck hood n,c first, niatr.h he i loses in t:-,e local arena. Inki-,- on I l)li; Jim x Parker. Hie hravj 1 henvyJ weight. The hooded one iiaa lu-'n > -siin-L-ssfiil i,, defcaitnir | lis 0 ,, 1)0 . j In the "Oil Howl" at Tnlsa Year's Oay don't need the dough . . „„„ that the football togs are ])ackc<l away in mothballs plans for amateur boxing can go forward . A franchise has already boon secured nnd the fighters,'headed "by "Bab" Roberts, southern Italu- heavy Golden Glove clinmplnn'nre heie . . . mug the ROUJ; FARM LOANS' 5SOO anil Ur /^rftausas and Silssonrj !.ouv>t r.Mi'f —lovu-vl fyjn-n^f Also city iiropt-rlic-!- DON H. KASSEKMAN Tiiomiis I,nnd Co. Office P. O. Box 470, Phone 527. >-ey made up tlieir -^MalnEed with trie, r i-«. End to try to U OHrm to their pupils. Ferijaps *hen all hands fciniJiar v.Hli the current c sr ot " !ctiLs!y mata iviii 1 the same amount . , . Memphis Bill told your correspondent In SI. 'Louis that he didn't mind Investing a ceniple of thoiuand )iere • In fact, he hnd figured thai he • t would wind up lhal much in the i red . . . nut when it amounted j lo slightly more than 54,000, that TULSA. Okii. up,. ix-|,vlive N C. Sturgeon rinsvvereii tin- u-li- I.-IIOIIP. An aim-irenily exd.ul n,ru; :routed: "Send n scout c.n- cut lure >-tKt away." "What's (lie nwter?" Slurgron aske<l. . ._ _^ .,.„,„- Ive ' nsl won S5 °" «- liuiU'h HAYTI. Mo - The h-,a-mh,n' lo '"" ll " onc fmn'tii" tiiat "much I",'" 1 ""' nn<1 lhcy w011 ' 1 W «W-" schedule for 'the Hayti Indian as a 8««ranlee ... n the loss "'L,','"" 1 Sald ' . basketball t Mms th b year fa as rt ° CS Cxcfcd S2 ' MO "«* «'°»'' '^'crMei , »«er kn ew vvhelher hr fellows: X S <\ c«U . . . The reserve list is ccll « tc<) <"e $5. Punch boards arc Hayti Cage Schedule .... , for Season Listed S8lCl00 here hcrc lait su '»"wr. I Surely the town .sr.oiild be willin Board Winner Wants Police To Collect Hubert Btley's Service Station 24FOUU SEHVICK Phillips Gns i rii a* ' ax ^2^ I'aid ''•S 2 Pkgs. 2Sr, !S1.]5 (; arlon ijlhwny ft I—Holland, MO. Just J-n Time to Make Christmas Dollars Go Farther ALL NEW STYLES - ALL SIZES Every Suit and Topcoat in our entire stock included in this sale. IV & MERIT SUITS against the law In Oklahoma. published in a recent issue of the " " Will I. ..L,, vjni miit-1,%- , , ~ - ~ -.' "*• tvi lit there; Jan. 28. Lilbourn I p x P cclcci Kf]l * nnd Pavich would there; Feb. i. Holland, there- Pcb' '" at le;lst cbw B hall j 4. Decring, here; Feb. 9-10-11, girls : L)lUo ror Spot Reed. Blylheville' tn-county tournament, here; Fcb —^ -'—15, Canithersvllle, hei-e- Fe'b 18 Deerlng. there; Feb. 23-24-25 county tournament, Canithersville; Mar. 3-4-5, Regional Tournament Steele Cagers Split With Deering Clubs STEEXE, MoTDec. 4 - Steele basketball teams split a double header with Deering teams ni Deerlng Friday night, The Steele girls lost 26 to 23 tout the Steele boys won, 22 to 21 PHONE 103 FOR 'PETE' THE PLUMBER Highest Market Prices Goldslcin Hide & Fur Co. Rear Joe Isaacs 1 store WHAT IT COSTS HOT TOI'KKI'AKBTHI.; AUTO FOR COI.n WEATIIKH DRIVING FROZEN RADIATOR §3.00 lo S70.01) KROZEV w N "^ 1: J 51 ' 0 ^ --S'i5.00 to $-100.00 (> v j ixi\ JLJ 1) O u F Tli A T^RAn^^iir^M cif\ A/» i \?I^AII vj--^/ i i '»•« vi\ o.'i loo lUiN <io') \lt) t fi 'S"(HI lT?iwn RGKl ? 1}ATTERV S1.00 to $2>,0 iiuii\jv(j liA i J KRY • $^ 00 to "^MO Oft Don't Let This Happen to You! PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPflNY THONK Sio $, MISSOIUI FARM & CITY Interest iates Easy Paysnents-bng Terms I'astest closing service of any morlRagc loan conniany tloinjj Imsiness in -(hcse slates.' FIOBIDA BROS. & CO. t.ifv Insurance - - Fi rc Insurance Invcslmcnt Securities v .OSCKOI.A, ARK. $2230 Suits $2J.7S Suits $27.50 Suits §29.75 Suits $37.50 Suits 25.00 $45.00 Suits 3 0.00 .. $15.00 16.50 18.50 20.00 MTEER & MERIT TOPCOATS $2230 Topcoats 25.00 Topcoats 27.50 Topcoats 'WM Topcoats $15,00 16.75 18,50 26.75 LEATHER COATS REDUCED $8.75 Coals $6.75 $10.00 Coats $7.75 $11.75 Coats $8.75 $12.95 Coats $9.75 R. D. HUGHES & CO.

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