Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 25, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, January 25, 1895
Page 5
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Holiday Novelties Neckwear! ' Handkerchiefs Gloves! - - Suspenders! Night Robes! Elegant Goods! Great Variety! DEWEN TER, THE HATTE :. I f\M GOING fVWrtY. | Said one of our Customers, but I want you to save my measure. \VhenIgeta GOOD TAILOR I stick to him. You Suit me to a T, E. PLURIBUa UNUM1 TUCKER&YOUNG, THE, PErtRL STRBET TfllLORS. P. J. PITZLIN, of St. Louis, Is organizing clnsse.H In Physical Culture. Everyone wlstilni: to Join con obiniri /all iwrti ' cnUrsnt I WW1-I/S* UlUAll STOKK JlTOn*. I^., Dec 14, ISM We tmv" b»on mem-urn of P..( Hltzlln AHil-tlc Clnsn mid lm>o ' t'f» w- II ploftufl with hi." method 0! loiwlilitK Physicm Culturw Pror .Pnzlln Is » .jHiim-takliiKlfiiBhHrund ta-ei (treat cure ibut each pupil \f correct y Instructed In every mov Weheiutllyrpccomi'iul h'in >o imj one i!fl* rl"K bis cervices. BH l.« n Ki-niU'iniin mid thoroughly nnderstandxhls business. K L wiicutt-H 11 M Wlnnns M D C H Antnony f W heath D L Banto Ed S Muddy 1Vnlt»r Scott win Meyers Arthnr W Case, DAILY JOURNAL FRIDAY MORNING, JAN. 25. B'g reductions in cloaks and furc at the Bee Hive Telephone No. 331 waa yesterday put in at VHU Busklrk's saw mill. Remnants of all kinds at your own I price today and tomorrow at the Beo Hive. Lost—-Sealskin muff. Finder please leave at Coupon's drug store and receive reward. Thomas Lynch was released from jail yo8t«raay, he having finUhed his jentonoefor loitering-. I^B'MIss Maude Ward enterlalnod a ' number of friends at cards last evening at her home on High street. A little son of Curl Weiee of the Wost Side, had a finger pinched off Wednesday night in a clothes wringer. The tide hns turned. The auction and bankrupt craze has dit-d. Tho Boo Hive ofTdrs-you n tow bargains in remnants. • Paul J. Piizlln of St. Louis, the Instructor in physical culture, beli&vefc in the manly art of self-defoose, and that every joung mun should gain, In tho proper way. a proficiency la the use of his bunds. p. J PltzUn, tho profess."!- of hoi- Ing and physical culture! has received substantial encouragement from tho young business men of Lof ansport, and thinks that his class will bo organized this week. Awarded ' Highest Honors—World'5 Fair. DR. CREAM BAKING POWDER MOST PERFECT MADE. A f«« Grape Crenm L ' Tartar Powder, Free -«ny other adulterant 40 YEARS THE STANDARD, For a Inn-vet. An exchange says that two girls, daughters of Lake county's lending families, met in Hammond and fought to decide who should become the bride of Fntnk Hess, City Clerk of Hammond, Miss Murtba Carston, one of tne girls, lives with her parents In Tollooton, nine miles eaat of Ham mond. Her fair opponent ia Miss Anna Haseelman, of Saxony. For several months the young women havi) been sharing the attentions of Mr. Hens, who is a widower. By virtue of being the sister of Mr. Hess 1 dead wife, Miss Unsaelman claimed ihe right to his love. Snb has been hia housekeeper and the foster mother to his two little children since Mrs, Hess died a year ago For several months Mr. Hdfls, who is just turning forty years, has been making weekly trips to the home of the Carstons, who, by the way, are wealthy. The parents, it is said, louked favorably on hie euit. Hess has been alternately paying court to both girls. Miss Hasstlman did not believe tho gossip of the neighbors when they said that Ml«8 Oirsten and Mr. Hoss were to be married within a week. To satisfy herself she sent a "rush" telegram to Miss Carsten at Tollesion, requesting tier to oome to Hammond on the first train. To this it is said she signed "Frank Hess" and wecl to Mr. Hoss' borne to await results. Mlsj Carsteo came on the evening train, and, not finding Mr. He?s a.t the station await- leg her arrival, BhB went to his homo The bell was answered by Miss Hu3- Bolmnu, and before tho young woman from Tolleston onuld step into the hall, the tight was begun. Tae Brsc round WHS practically Mlas Onrsten'a after sue ha, I secured n firm grip on ihe psjche knot o' her -auburn haired riv»l. Matters were becoming inter, j eating for the half dozen nolooKere when Mr. Hx-ss appeared on tho scene. Tne women wore parted, but this only made mutters worse. They turned on ihe peacemaker and demanded then and there t» know what he meant by proposing to both of them. Tbe ques tlons staggered him and he made bis escape, leaving the two infuriated aldOLS to finish their fi;*ht. Mr. Hess: is reticent nnd declines to talk regarding the affair. 'The girls ouch say they will marry him or die In Oliteu Tt^n-8 People overlooked tho importance o' permanently beneficial effects and were satisfied with transient action; but no *ih it k is generally known -that Syrup of Figs will permanently cure habitual constipation, well-informea people will not buy other laxatives, which ac; for a time, but finally injure the sysrtem. He Ctttit Liven. W. W. Burns, thd printer, who wa§ said to have been killed recent 7 at Goodland, by a moving train, was not dead up to yesterday, and there were then bopei that he would recover. Homer Closson. who baa had charg* of the Keystone drug store iince !a»( Aorll, may now be found at B. F Keeiling'» old stand on Fourth street where he will have charge in Mr. Keeellag'B absence. IODB NAME 15 PKLNT. Itenu of » Personal Character Con FrluuQB. In the city yesterday: August Liehl of Cincinnati. E B Williams of Elkhart. John Naratta of Brookiton. Geo B. Morris of Newcastle. R. A. Edmonds and W. B. HficCllntii of Peru. P. W. Jones and R. M. Jones o Wanatab. J. B. Stanley went to Civrcera yes terday. John Reidllnger is at Lafayette on business George Barren was In Inciianapoli yesterrlay. John M. Johnston is at lodlnnapolia on business. Lew Shurte has returned from Lowell, Ind 3beR>37. H. J. Norrls has re'.urned from Orvllle, Oalo. Lewis Hall of Delphi ia here visit Ing a brother, Frank Hill. Mrs Julian left yesterday for Can ton, Onlo, lo visit friends. C. L. Crosby the insurance man went to Lafayette yesterday on busi nese. Miss Lola Hoover of Pulaakt, ia the Rueat of Mr. and Mrs. Jullua Liene mann. MUe L'zzieEehwald has returned from Peru, where she visited friends few days. J. M. Overshlner of El wood was a guest of hU son E. B. Overabiner In the city yeiterday. O. L, Grunwell and John Parks o Royal Center were calling on friends In the city yesterday. Miss Nettie Lonis has returned to her homo at Lafayette after a short visit with Meeds hero. C. 3, Junes has gone to Sidney, 111., in aoswpr to a message announcing tho sickness of bla brother-in-law. Carl Keller, Stuart Frazee, Will Uhl and WU1 Small will goto Monticello today to attend a daoce to be given there tonight. . W. H. Anderson of Cincinnati,Ohio, was in the city yesterday for a few hours, tho guest of Mrs. Llllle Ander son of East Broad .<?ay. G-oorge W. Thomas and daughter of New Carlisle, Ohio, are visiting rela- ;ives in the city. Mr. Tbocnas is a former resident of Logansport. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Miller and daughter of St. Joseph, Mlc'h.. are here, called by the serious sickness of daughter, Mrs. Wm Bischo:!. Mr- Miller formerly lived here. Peru Chronicle; Miss Lizz'e Weidner went to Logansport this afternoon to visit relatives. ..Will Jassett went to Logansport this afternoon to attend a dance Mra. Haesett has been there for several days. Feru Journal: Mrs. Michael Wolf ,nd son Joe were in Logansport last venlng and today to visit a relative who will shortly le.avefor a sojourn in Jurope.. . .Mrs. Will Bassets came homo this morning from Lopfineport ; rter a few dcys' visit with relatives ,nd frlenfif. I'resl>yter!un Illrtluloy Party. The ladles of the Presbyterian hurch at Mftrion, says the Curonicle J that place, have sent out invitations o a birthday party, which will be held t the residence ol "-Irs. Lee Hall,. 613 iranson street on Friday evening, anuary 25'.h. at 8 o'clock. The pur- oso IIP d nature of the parly is sot forth In rVivroe as follows: This birthday pMtr is sjlven to you; We hope jon Wil come. And propose, if jou do, Sorudsnod things to eat, And, besides man) others, A musical tnwt. AS we could not secure The numh-r of oin lies To M y"ur light fklne, We send this tan dangle: Pat surely within It An many round penrcles As years j on nre old, -Ue noppjou arts many; If jousptid u or bring It. Whl'e we will keep darn, U.-o. w:sb, what's within It. The Ctmrcti Aid S-wMy, W ith greetlnps most hearty, Feel suirfyou will come To ronr own birthday party. The fen-diagle U a little yellow bag, and the guesc i-i to put in it as many pennies as he is years old. This is a very novel find Interesting <3e parture from the usual in church affairs, and promises to be profitable to the church and pleasant to the guests. Xonryto Loan. ; Any one desiring to buy real ostite can secure a loan to ba repaid on the monthly pUn. Interest only 5} per •eot. Consult J.' T. COCKBUEN, Room 3, Spry Building. LE6ISL1TITE XOTES. Muter* T&»t Oar L.-Rl»l«ior« »r» l>lflcuiMluff—Farmer* in ibe JliiJ^r- liy lu the M»awt Indianapolis. Jin. 24. Mtjority and minority reports were submitted by the House committee on elections ID the case of Miller againat Bowers from Dearborn. Ohio and Switzerland counties Considerable dibcuasion followed and the case b«d not been disposed of when the House adjourned. Representative Statesman took a prominent part in the debate. He bald he had examined the three deputed ballots, and he was c.ertain that two of them should have been counted lor Miller, the contesior. As to the third ballot be was not so positive, bui believed it should have been counted for Miller. He eald there waa no desire to oust Bowers bacau-e he was a Democrat; all that WHS do ilred was to do exact justice. He sa d ho understood ttie com-n t ee refused to hear testimony that fourteen Inmates of a poor huu-e voted for Bowers. The committee, he eaid. should have heard this testimony. » * The Indianapolis News has prepared a list of ttie members of the House, which gives their oily address and occupations. The farmers have the majority. There are thlrty-elgtit of them against twenty-six lawyers. There are eight merchants, six newspaper men, five physicians, three real estate agents, three contractors, t*o manufacturers iwo insurance agents, one trader, one banker, one minister, one crugglat one stonemason, one blacksmith and one fruit grower. * The bill to prevent fraudulent marriages, after considerable discussion in the House, was ordered engrossed. The bill provide* that any man who, being liable to prosecution for seduction, marries a woman aod then abandons her within t>«o years after marriage without just cause, shall be i-ent to the penitentiary for from one to five years. 9 * Senator Boyd'a foe and salary bill raUus the salaries of the State Libra.- rlao and. her assistants—the Libra rian's to $1 600; the first assistant's to 200; and the second assistant's to $1,000. Senator Bojd In a speech teday said complaints haveboen made that too many relatives of the families of em- ployes are aupportel by the Slate at benevolent institutions. * ¥ A bill that wont to third reading provides that juries ia criminal cases ehallDLdihe defendant guilty or not guilty and that the court shall fix the punishment. The cornmlttoe on finance reported in lavor of the bill to exempt from taxation cemetery association organized to do business without profit. if * A bill requiring physical culture to be taught in schools has been introduced by Senator McCuicheon. About five hundred bills have already been Introduced in the two Houses. Two candidates were given the Master Mason degree in the Tlpion odga F & A. M lust nigh; at Orient odge hall on B.-oadway. Ttie ceremonies being ovi;r, tbo company, umbering about SeVcuty^Sve sat down 10 a banquet prep-red for tho jecssion, and u mo.-t enjoyable fes-i t, proved. There were a number of viblti.'g Masons from lodges In other cltiee, who happened tuba in the city and who wore made welcome to the prosd. Are Ton Irer Cnoored. >y a buzzing ur roaring touad in your iead? Have you difficulty in hedrlcg .istlnctly? Are joa troubled with a :ontinual dropping of mucous, irrita- tng the throat and causing you to lougn? Is you.- breath unpleasantly .fftfded and accompanied with bad aate? Is your tearing less acute? f so. you have catarrh «.nd should at once procure a bottle jf Ely's Cream Balm, the best known remedy. The Ja m will give instam relief. SiOt:C6. There will ba * culled meeting of ,ogan Lodge. K. of H., at the Lodge oom Saturday evening, 26ih tn=t, to make arrangements for the funeral of Brother Moses M-caaels Members if Wnbaah Lodge 1831, are iavited to ,ttend. J M. BALLOL-, Dictator. F. W. Proich, Reporter. [Evening papers pleesa copy.] H B. Newcomb of Indianapolis, bat taken a position at 8 F. KeesHng's [rug store- Mr. Newcom') is a drug- 'tst of many years' experience, and ,n affable gentleman. Cut Price No 2. Ladies Jersej brand rubbers 2 aiid 3 15c LaHies spring heel Caudee rubbers 3 t-- 5 25c Childreas heel rubbers 7 to 10 ^" c Misses heel rub! era LUc^e And 0->odyosr 13c L-id es storm rubbers 2 and 3 15c Ladies French Hee; Oa-ydee 1 -' 4 18c Mieses Caadee .il-y ka- bee; 13 to 1 35c » ' •< <pri'.-.-i 13 to 1 3jc Ladies ' " - 2 i-j 3 50c Ch.ldren 3 •< -' : " 6 t- 10 25c Mis?es high button Arctic? >vonh $2 C5e tfiidowT Ladies Ji.---ed ; co :-k cs A ;nh $1 25 7oc Mecs heavy rubbers ftMrtn (>'">, 40c Metis extra heavy ruMKrs «v.;-th 7?c SOc Meas fvsttboois M.O.I i,.« cu-. <-wr AMr^.h -SI 50 98c Mens kip bunfrs, h»j*i\y .«•»> '.v f; rf« *2. $1 25 Meiis rubber boot,; wor.h ?2 :o H ^8 Lad ec calf saxes worfh. -?i 2 <>5c OTTO KRAUS. Big Bargains in Overcoats, J.Q BRIDGE. o R G A N S BEST STANDARD M*KES. PRICES LOW. TERMS EASY. 410 Broadway. Rear Hauk's Jewelry Store. DEATH OF AN OLD CITIZEN. Mo»"« Ml«liaol» I>lr* fT Ilcurt Failure ltli*- llouli. 01 III* I) iiislitrr. MfM. Jjeo XUHHbuuni ;it Jllarloa. Most s Michaels, for thirty-five years a citizen of Liginsport.dled yesterday morning a r . ihe home of hla daughter, Mrs Leo tfussbaum of Marlon. His death was attributed to heart failure, and wan entirely unexpected although for several years his health has apparently been very pior. Mrs. Michaels, son Charles acd daughter, Miss Rose, have been sojourning In [""lorlda during tho winter, and are now on thsir way to this city. Too funeral will occur hare Sunday. The decuased was n M.K&OQ, a mem. Der of the Knights of Honor nn« of t.he iOBtioKnial Fraternal Union, Eit rreensfelder r.ad Henry Six of ibe t'ipion Ma±ot.lc lodge, vrcie sent to ilarlon lo take charge o" !uO body in iha came of Ihe order. Toe niffht before his ueaih Mr. Michaels seemed lobe In bettor health cl spirits ihsn uiuiil. He rttti/ndfcd the i'oc&ption o. r IEO Comccercitil Club lu ;be evening and wtniio bed about midnight, blB last remark being thai he ••never felt better in hid li'e." Wben ha was called yesterday mornlnp about 7:30 o'clock, he did not answer, and it was then that the fact of his death was discovered. The remains will ba brought to this ci'.y today. The deceased was 61 years of age acd had been in this country for more than half a century. He was born in Hamburg-, Germany. He had been eneaged In this city for many years in the manufacture of cement, and In spite of his poor health, attended to bi« business up to the tima of bis death. u«r Die. I've heard about the mean thioga women can pleasantly say to each, other but could scarcely keep my countenance when listening- to two of my sex parrying verbal hatefdnesft. the other day. '"'There tomes Ida Comssock." said my companion. "Friend of yours?" 1 inquired. "Oh, we pretend to be!" was the reply, "but she's a cat and shell give me a dig.before we part." '•\Vell; you are prepared for lier at any rate," thought I but said nothing-. Up floated Miss Comsiock. ,,_.., "Sweet day; so glad to see. jpa, r and all the rest of it. While'prolong-in;* her good-by she remarked smilingly: "What an av«"fu3 swell you are! that's snch a pretty dress! that color used to be so fashionable."— N. Y. Recorder. Soclnl It hs.6 been currently reported on the streets in Kokomo that Mayor Klrkpatrick has Issued orders to the police to look aftor gambling in prl. vnte houses. Toal is 10 say, where parties are made up for the purpose of playing- euchre or pedro or like games for prizes, they shall investigate, and if they find that prizes arc being played for, they shall make arieoiB the samo as if tho gambling was done in a public gaming bouse. A Kokomo Dispatch reporter asked " such information was true. Tae Mayor failed slightly as he answered: "The rumor probably aioso from the conversation I had with the younp moo who wore bsfors mo last Monday morning, chnrged with gambling. I talked lo ihe -a on thoovils of gan ing, and said ii WAS not the public gamine . which in mv estimation, was the most repreneDS!b!o; but that tho playing o! c:irds in private houses 'Or prizes had a n-or.-.e tendency on the morals of the cuDKHuiiity than pibiio gaming, or wortia 10 ih-it tfTjut. My recnarus on the rupprcs=ioa o: t^ch praciicee were not ac dressed particularly to the police, bus more lo the prosecutor, that be might Investigate suet charges and bring prosecutions in case his investigation led him to believe that gambling of this eort wae Carried, on. The practice IB not confined to peo. pie whodo notuffiliate with the church, but church members themselves engage in it. and it la tble that I directed my remarks more particularly against." ••You did not say, then, that the police should enter private houses for ibe purpose of detecting iucb practices?" • -No, sir. That le & matter ID which. I have co voice. I really do not h»re the right to order the proaecutor to investigate such thing, and the remark I made on the occation mentioned war) more in the way of a. guggesiior tbao oiberwiae. Still 1 would be glad to §eu euch a practice dUeontioued, ai in my opinion H IB the worst pbs«e of gambling and leads to more ham. than the public gaming houee*-" Marion Ne*«: Mra. LouSia and daughter have returned from Lo- gftn«port. where they were called, to mtend the funeral of Mm. Cus^r'f brother, CharieuH- Home, who die* suddenly lam Tuesday. Mr« Cu»t*r'§ father is seriously ill with typhoid fever at hi* home in Logaceport.

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