The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 20, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 20, 1933
Page 2
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fWO BLYTHEVJLLli. {ARK.) COURIER NEWS ; MONDAY; yoVbMBfen 20,' 1933 Social Calendar MONDAY'S EVENTS .Woman's council, First Christian church, Mrs. B. L, Dcdman, hostess. Bt. i Stephen Episcopal Guild, Miss Ellse Moore hostess at home of Mr. R. B. Nolen. TUESDAY'S EVENTS Young Mali-oils Bridge flub, Mrs. Crawford Greene, hostess. Mrs. Hunter C. Sims hostess to Tuesday Contract club. Lange P. T. A. meeting at school at 3 p. m. ••'••• THURSDAY'S EVENTS •; Thursday Contract club, Mrs. Carrol Blakcmore, hostess. .FRIDAY'S EVENTS Pro-School P. T. A. meeting with Mrs. Crawford Greene at 2:30 p. m. SATURDAY'S EVENTS Central Wari P. T. A. Bingo party, Frigldalie oillce, 7:30 P, M. Mrs. Walter Wood Is Ekcttd Council President , Mrs. .Walter Wood, of Luxora, was elected president of the Mississippi county council in a meeting Saturday nt the Woman's club • when the Promised Land Demonstration club was hostess to delegates from'11 communities. Mrs. J. W. Field, of Lcachvllle, was elected vice president, and Mrs. P. B. Jarrett, of New Liberty, named secretary and treasurer. . Recommendations made by the executive board and adopted by the council were: for each club to sponsor a community Thanksgiving Day program In her club; to have the December council meeting December 16 when the Christmas party will be at the same time when eacli member will bring a gift for an unknown friend; (tat ' the council endorse efforts being made to secure n county fairgrounds; that the year .book committee be thanked for raising $35.32; that each club sponsor EOine feature of.entertain- ment for the council; that the council urge Individual members to send in annual reports, that the : council give a steam pressure cooier and sealer to the club having the best report. Luncheon was served at banquet .table's decorated with autumn leaves'; and T^xas blue bonnets. ' ' - '• • • ' • Daoghte'r Born Mr. arid Mrs. W. .C. Colston.on nounce-;.the' L birth -of 'a daughter Saturday morning. The baby, weighs'eight and'a halt pounds has not yet been named. Before Jjorv marriage. Mrs, Colston pa Miss Edna Earl White. Having .Bunco Farty Mrs. O. M. Morgan nnd Miss Mamie Louise Edwards will entertain members of the Business and Professional Women's club with a bunco party tonight, 7:30 o'clock, at the home of Miss Edwards on Missouri avenue. Has Party The last of a series of interesting parties planned for Mrs. Smir- geon Patterson, prior to her departure for Birmingham. Ala., tomorrow wlwre she is to reside, was a bridge party Saturday evening when Mrs. J. Nral Gcscll was hostess to two tables. The prize, bath powder, went to Mrs. E. H. Mason and Mrs. Patterson was showered with an assortment of handkerchiefs. RECOVERY ACT. ItyllKI.KN WKLSmMI-n ; were coin; ti>.)!<*vca— At least 1 understood The palh that we Kittled Through brambles and a wood VT/KNT winding tip to Eden, ' Until you lost Ita way • You saw a B'psy dancing, You lie.inl a iiipcr play. VOU ran away (o find them, Your laughter drifted bxk. . . You tiropiKiT my heart, I picked It up And nut il in a sack. A ND looV it home MI) loM the men ' v I didn't like, before,. That you hail run away from roe. And gone to Singapore. ITS probable that 5 The way Iheir hea Hu niadc me gay an At I liopc you Bits oj Afeu* Mostly Personal MlHATE GLAMOUR- * <^ttE HOUSE-GOAT BELOW, AT THE- ^* LEFT, IS TAILORED !N -BEIGE BROADCLOTH WITH PAWED COLLAR' AND CUFFS. THE BUTTONS ARE BLACK PEARL . THE- CENTER, 'ROSE VELVET FORMS A LUXURIOUS NIGHT GOWN WITH TIN/ RUFFlt'S OF 5ATJN BORDERING Wants to Forget Shorter Stilt the Better Contract With Tfris Hand A lemon dessert topped whipped cream was served coffee. : wilh with Today's Contract Problem Soulli flays the following linud at four hdirls. Ho I::MI mnkc live, even Iliuiigh West opciiu with n S|irule nmt torccn Suiitli to rnfT a spndn ovcvy lime West KLMS in. U Icoks us i.' South must lose one olHl^. How e liearls? A 7 r, 2 * 4 A 10 M lliniiKli.' South m Club arnt t\vo (llii cinl'Iio make Jive 47432 * 10 *KQ J SC, 4 A S i 4 Nonu V <V 10 9 7 4 4KJ G : # A K S 7 5 • .Solution In next Issue. SISTER MARYS KITCHEN Solution to Previous Contract Problem Bi' WM. t. McKfcNNEV Secretary, Ametlcati ISrldgr !*agu What Is the most favorabl trump dUtribuiIo'n —to hold flv trump yourself and hnvc you usrtner hold three? or to hold Ibu one! find your partner with four The tour-four distribution Is b far the best because, idicn you nn yoiii irartncr each hold four cart nt a suit, this suit has no voU iur discards as a side suit. If Hi .s not trump It will win only its * A K Q 0 V (J J 10 S 2 4 A S * 97 ' Duplicate—^Ufltli hldts Vul. OpeniliB leari—4 K. S6U«i West North luist ; i!'» :i » ''ass t 1* &*• f* s3 It I'iioi J*«*s rasa North knows by Ihe bidding thnt Eolith ; holds more hcnrls tlmn spades and. holding six hearCs hinuelf L It is natural that he should figure Ills. partner for five hearts and loxir spades. However, in j\i raping to five spades over West's bid of - lour Mrs. Hal McHancy, of Kennell Mo., aiid Mrs. John W. McHnnes of St. Louis, were guests of Dr arid Mrs. L. H. Moore Friday. Mrs. Robert. Lane and Mrs. MaHe Craig have returned to their home In Detroit, Micli., after a two months stay with Mrs. A. <?. Gable. , • . i Mrs. Luther Williams, of St. Louis, has arrived for a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John olden. i i• | Misses Lucile Armslrong and Eve arwell spent Ihe weekend in keston, Mo. W. C. Lcggelt and daughter, Miss Marie, and son, Chifles, o to Oxford, Miss., for several ays stay with Mr. Leg^ett's fa- icr, C. A. Leggett, and.Mrs. Leg- jett's parents, Mr. and Mrs. N. E arfcs. Mr. and Mrs. Victor E.. Tcdc nd Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Friend l>ent yesterday at Plggott, Ark. where Mr. Friend, as president, o he stale B. Y. P. U. association ddressed a meeting of the Clny- Greeri counties B. Y. P. U. He spoke on "the Challenge of the' Jhsavcd to Young Christians." Dr. and Mrs. L. H. Moore had as their guests Sunday Dr. and Mrs. H. A. Mcltahcy, parents of Mrs. Moore, and their daughters, Miss Alice and Hallie, of kennctt, «o., and Mrs. Cornelia Surriate, of Troy, Mo. Mrs. N. B. Menard returned §uturday night from Hot Springs where she attended the state I 1 . T. A. meeting. Mr. nnd Mrs. James Cecil.Lowe hove, as Iheir gue&e M'r. Lowe's mother, Mrs. A. O. Lowe, fo MH- lington, Tenn^ Mrs. M. T. Moon spent tlic weekend in Cape Glrardeau, Mo. as the guest 'of Mrs. W. W. Dnvls rind daughter. Clifford Joyncr has returned from Khoxvllle, Tenn., where he attended the football game Sal- urday. Miss Mary McHahcy spent Hie Weekend nt Keimctt, Mo. Mr. 1 !. Henley went lo St. Louis Saturday for a visit with her mother. Mrs. Robert E. Lee King returned to Boyle, Miss., Saturday nf- tei a week's stay with her daughters, Mrs. Leonard W. Holt, Miss Bbbhlfe Tx* Kiiig anil Mrs. Samne P.. Norris. She was accompanied by'Mrs. Robert MaKrne, 'of Pace,! Hiss.,- who spent a week here with her parents. Mrs. J. &. Ge&seil went to Liltle Rock today for'several days stay with relatives. Mrs. Hugh Nelson Thompson and 'son, Morris King, of Memphis, spent last week with Mrs. Thompson's sister, Mrs. Leonard W. Holt and family. She returned homo satiirbay' afWrnoorf, accompanied by J. L. Thompson jr., of Mem- C AND RABBITS WOOL COMBINE- TO MAKE THE cosy PAJAMAS AT THE RIGHf.THEy ARE IN PALE B1UE TRIMMED WITH PINK. Teacher Training Institutions Unnecessary Says Mi'ssourian. •ST. JOSEPH, Mo. (UP)—Representative J. E. Tetherow is in favor - of eliminating the flve slate teachers' colleges of Missouri, concentrating their courses at the University of Missouri and using the money for improving gradr schools and high schools. "Money now spent for the operation of teachers' colleges could be.used to njore advantage for high school and grade school education, said the stale representative in an interview here. "I believe th: Missouri college work should b< centered In the state university. "The teachers' colleges are cost irig the state about $2,500,000 bi enniall. With teacher training nov a part of high school and junlo college courses there is, in m opinion, no reason • why such' schools and the University of Missouri could not take care of teacher training without assistance from the five, colleges.'' The flve colleges are located at Kirksvlile, Maryville,. Warrensburg, .Springfield .and Cape , Glr- ardeitu. Representative Tetherow ssjld He was drawing no! bill against 1 the schools for. the: special session of the legislature- and doubted if one could 'be introduced at this session. ZS-Year-Old Post*! Arrived HOLLAND, Mich.. (UP) —'A postal .card received recently by Fred S. Bertsch, was mailed from New York, Sept. 17, 1813, by Harry Engle, Chicago art clinic, it bore a picture of women in ankle- length skirts promenading in Madison Square Garden. A new ordinance map of th county of Surrey, England, with scale of 25 inches to the mi will show every building mor than 10 feet square. Daisy's Litter Challenge To NRA Leaders phjs, who siicnt the week here. Mr. aurt Mrs. L. N. Henbesl and VISALTA, cal. (OP)—If "Daisy," Deri Linton's white Chester Vsow, pulls aiiotlscr stunt like she did the other dny, slie will incur the rath of ll« Agricultural -Adjust- nent Administration. ' Daisy gave birth to 11 red pigs n a Saturday night. The next Verinesday she had seven white Igs. Lint on said he watched her losely to sec if she would give irth to blue pigs, complcling the lational colors, but that she ft larently had no such intention. "Daisy," LilUon explained, "does lot believe in the birth conlro plan advocated by Secretary Wai BY SISTER MARY NEA Service Start ViiUer White fruit cake will nol keep moist as long as a dart fruit cake but il is very popular in the Southern states and is a truly, delicious cake. Plan to make thls'take nol more than two weeks before wanted. White Fruit Cake lilgh card tricks. With a four-four distribution, generally, three rounds will pick up all outstanding trump and you (lien lirive a trump left in each I'.or.d so that you may get a rutl both ways. With a five-three distribution, however, it still takes three rounds to pick up tlic outstanding trump and now you have trump in only one honrt. Therefore, if your bidding indicates that you hold a four and a five-card major suit, your partner •liibs he Is very optimistic, because there are only two outstanding hearts and both of them may be in the West hand, in which case West can open a heart, which East immediately will rufT and fjnickiy defeat the contract. However, when the hand was played, several tables arrived at a' slam contrjrt, but only one table played it at six spades, ant) that was the only table to make It, due .to the fact that a losing diamond could be discarded ori the long heart in dummy. All North add South had to Erant.a™s a club trlcX—the other club (Cop; <b«g ruffed in dummy. )jW|jht, 1033, NEA Service, Inc.) Conditions Keep British Frorn ftniifc Homestead* daughter, t.ndy Ruth, spent the weekend in Memphis. Mr. nnd Mrs. J. A. Leech and Mrs. C. W. Afftick were visitors il Memphis Saturday. Holmes Child Dies Alllce Allen Holmes, 10-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. E Hblni6s of Promised Land, died a the family home Saturday alter nodri at four o'clock. Funeral services were held SUn day afternoon at Sandy Rids cemetery wilh the Rev. W. E Hughes officiating. The L. G. Mos UndeVtaklng company' was I charge o ffiinefal arrangements. The deceased Is survived by he parents and one sister. Constipation 6 Years, : Trouble Now Gon John J. Davis had chroriic con stipation for six years.''By • usih Adlerika he soon got rid'of iti an feels like a new person. Adlerik ii quick acting—safe. Sold iii Ely Street arid Snyder Averiue station. I theville by City Drug His ."beat" is the neighborhood Jf'Fifth and Oregon Averiue, and already he has two arrests to His ?£"•• . ... •fie wa*--following Mounted. ;Pa-1 rolma'ri Thomas' King, when' they passed a Junk yard. He started' to >ark and King investigated, find-., rig two men .stealing an aulomo-' bile. They were arrested and Capl. John Connor listed Jackie as "aiding .'in the arrest." —Adv. J- Unlike ilic many who get •embroiled in the- toils, of romance In Hollywood, Barbara Adams, Kansas City Junior Leaguer, above, lias come to the «lm-city:to escape. Cupid. Slio wants to forget the love aRair she had:•with.a dapper aviator. Captain Frank Hunter of th» t). S. army.'flyinjr corps. >fayba her work l» »l*tures will do It The onrush of mechanical equipment made it teem that tne windmills of Holland were doomed, but methods now nre being devised to utilize these old structures with ,iew machinery. G. G. Caudill General Insurance 106 N. Broadway Phone 797 HEMORRHOIDS (P»(S) cared without the knife. Skin cincer, varicosed veins, ton- slU removed non-sarsicillj. DBS. NIES and NIES Ofltce S14 Main : Phone 98 The . cheapest of all' fabrics in Madagascar Is silk. . '.- Thedford's Youthful Police Dog Credited With 2 Arrests PHILADELPHIA (UP) —Jackie, a nine-months old jwlicc dog, is a regular patrolman of the Fourth Family Laxative F' 11 Children like the Syrup for the "t)uf-of-Door" Man Button Leg Breeches $1.95 Grey' cord or khaki, heavy durable quality. Per pair Corduroy Zipper Jackets Good quality corduroy, heavy fleece ' Read Courier News Want Ads. MONTREAL.. (UP)-Undcr proper conditions of organized immigration tens of thousands of Brit- ishers would be glad to emigrate IEITI5T5 PlESCtlBIIG IEW MME TREATMEIT FOB TEIIER GUMS should support your.'/our-card suit l ° Canada, or to any of the other One cup butter, 1 cup powdered sugar, whites 5 eggs, 3 1-2 cups flour, 2 teaspoons baking powder, 1-2 cup orange juice, 1 cup blanched and shredded almonds, 1-2 'cup sliced Brazil huts. I cup whiU raisins, 1 cup thinly sliced candled pineapple, 1 cup shredded cilron, 1 cup freshly-gralcd cocoanut, 1-2 teaspoon salt, 1 -teaspoon vanilla, Ir2 cup milk. /Cream butter-and sugar. Silt 1-2 cup flour over - raisins, pineapple and citron'and'slur with a forX until each-piece is-coated. Sift 1-2 cup floor falo. creamed .butter and sugar, 'and mix thoroughly.- Beat In hal'f tte. milk and add another half cup't&i flour. Mix and sift remaining BOur tilth salt an dbak- ing powder^nd :' add alternately wtth orange jute. Add prepared fruit, nuts and cocoanut and told in whiles of eggs beaten until stiff and dry. Add vanilla and turn into one brge l«f pan or two small ones. Line pans with two thick- nesses of heavfr waxed paper and bake in a slo* oven for two hours The temperature should not' be over 2S5 degrees P. Chctries AM C*krr Candied, cherries rna'kc an attractive 6H *&f°''cto'faf' scattered through the .cake if jJdu want to uas Ihefn. .' : : •'.:"'.' . . Three /stole-, eggs'' can be used .to place :ot five egg whiles but the , •:,-:;-/.«)» StoU-:* jwllow^raUierv than if he holds four of that suit and only three In the other. Losing tricks can then be discarded on the two lori£ cards in your five- card suit. . ' • '. Such is the cose in today's h.and. North's Jump to three hearts over West's diamond bid.shows a very fine hand. When South then goes to three spades, showing n second suit (ntlcr partner has ask;d, by his three-heart bid, for a bid of cither rtur hearts or three nc trump), this becomes a slam in. pure, while. Sherry and wliito wine can be substituted for the milt and orange juice, too. It you 1-ave llicm on hand and want lo use tliem. When whole eggs are used candied orange and lemon pods arc a good addition omitting the candied pineapple. Beat whites and yolks cf eggs separately, adding yolks to creamed butler and sugar and folding whites in at the last. Tomorrow's Skua -HEAKFAST: -Halves of grape fruit, cereal cooked with dates, cream, waffles, honey, milk, codec. LUNCHEON: Poached eggs in baked sweet potaUxs. endive acid ccKry salad, filled cup cak&s. milk, tea. DINNER: Baked smoked sausage, mashed" potatoes, sauerkraut, stuffed s.pple salad, raisin pic, milk, coffoe, Dominions, according to Commls sloncr David Limb of the Salvation Army ^headquarters In Lon- .don. .-;'•."'•.-: The cplrll'bf adventure is not dead in Britain," he said. "H there were an immigration scheme of such magnitude a; would assure people of a continuing economic livelihood, I would guarantee to find tens of thousands of Britains willing to come to Canada, or the other Dominions." Commissioner Lamb Is returning to Britain after haying spent several weeks in . studying the workings of the NRA in the United, Stales and the economic condition of Canada. Bronx Cheer Draws Prisoner Heavy Sentence/ ABERDEEN, Wash. (UP)—Pol ice Judge R. E. Tnggart heard evidence Indicating f. A. Ryals Aberdeen, was drunk when arrest ed Saturday and fined the mai $15. Ryals tossed hack his head and Issued a robust Bronx cheer. An gercd, Hie judge added 10 days in jail. A (.a in Rydls gave the salute. The Judge Increased the sentence to 30 days. Rya!s Bronx chccrert again. Tlic sentence went lo to days. The jailor hauled him oul of the court roonl before lie could sputter himsflt into Jail for a longer period. dentists patients. 1 If Ihe cost of giving your lender, sensitive gums the treatment they should have has cawed you to ncglfect them, you can now set the home treatment at your drug store which leading prescribing (or their Infection caues softn:i;:g of gums. U eventually loosens your teeth. Stop the iiifiamma'.io:'. while you can. Begin brushing your teeth and gums with Prescript'ion Tooth otid Gum Powder. Dentists v ho nre responsible tor the success of this tooth powder approve it n.q n, home treatment tor yjiisilive ginr.s which become fore, and blcrrt attcr brushing. You can get it l:oro al noblnson Dnig Co.. anil Klrbj Ilros.. distributors, by jus', asking for it by the name—Pro.;crtpllor Tooth nnd Gum Powder. —Adv. I BARGAINS IN NKW A I'SKI) FURNITURE R.J.DODSON 303 E. JIMn - Phone laa The Tale of a Tie Tf I'M an old tic ... old .enough to he sensitive about my age. A year ago I was my owner's •favorite .tic. He wore me .only on.spccial occasions. I attended a lot of dinners', parties and dances •with him. Those were the good old days for me. !5ut the pace soon ;told on.-hie ... I lost some of my former. brilliant; and another tic 'look'.my',place as his . favorite. '-¥or months I' hung ill the corner of his closet '. • . in obscurity,, ignored by the man who once wore mo with pride. Then somc- t h i n g happened. He bundled me up with a lot of his other old tics and sent me lo the cleaners. They bathed me in a mild, but positive cleaning, fluid known as Stoddard's Solvent. U was jiistHike getting your face lifted . . . my old- color came back and 1 again felt like my former self. You can't imagine my owner's surprise, He was tickled to death., Last mgtii ho wore me to church. It was certainly a new deal for me. BACNEJ* NU-WA CLEANERS • .\V .T&" - ; ••£••> Photic 180 Sheenlined Coats Tuftex SheUs, wombat collars, extra long, unusually good quality ................ Leatherette Zipper Jackets $3.95 Suede Cloth Zippers $3.95 Yduhg Men's Corduroy Pants Rain and • \vlnd proof, heavy fleece linings, corduroy collars Extra heavy, knit bottoms, heavily iflecced, fain and wind proof Soft quality corduroy, 22 inch bottoms, Tan, l7i'ue and Brown Nothing better for real .service. Per pair Moleskin Work Pants $2.25 Men's Heavy Covert Work Pants $1.95 Suede Shirts € butto'n, coat style, 2 pockets, triple stitched. A fine value at plain toe All Leather Boots Made W' Friedman-Shelby, 18 .inch top? last, full double leathep,sple and heel, storm welt. Sizes 7 to 12 ............. . ..... Boys Leather Boots The. famous Hcd Goose line made by Friedman- Shelby, ah 1 feather throughout, leallinr fl» Jti QC heel and sofes, Storm welts, a fine bod 5PHfc'ii**O Men's Cbrdtiroy Suits at Lowest Prices Haynes Men's Shop

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