The Press Democrat from Santa Rosa, California on August 23, 1942 · 14
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The Press Democrat from Santa Rosa, California · 14

Santa Rosa, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 23, 1942
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THE PRESS DEMOCRAT.SANTA ROSA, CALIFORNIA, SUNDAY, AUGUST 23, 1942 14 U. S. MARINES TRY OUT GUARDS' ASSAULT COURSE First Fabricated Ship Launched at Mare Island Yard BUTTS ARE FIRE HAZARD LANSING, Mich., Aug. 22 (UP) The Michigan Bureau of Standards, testing forest fire hazards, has found that cigarette butts an inch and a quarter long burn eight to 12 minutes after being thrown away, The bureau found that on dried grass with a three-rnile-an-hour wind, 85 per cent of these butts will ignite the grass in an average of five minutes. Behind the Scenes: SECOND GENERATION IN MOVIE CAST HERE By BYRD WEYLER KELLOGG The second generation of a theatrical family was in Santa Rosa a few days ago in the person of Irving Bacon, character actor wno took tne part ot tne station agent at tne iorin-western Pacific depot during the filming of scenes for faShadow of a Doubt." Bacon is the son of Myrtle Vane and Millar Bacon who played in repertoire companies for many years. Santa Rosa was on the theater circuit traveled by the charming leading lady and the talented Millar Bacon. Often a member cf the company was Bert Hadley. the "heavy" in Hays starring Miss Vane. He quit the profession years ago to become a make-up man, and is in Santa Rcsa now with the film company. Vote (or CHARLES 0. SCOTT for COUNTY TREASURER THANK YOU, SONOMA COUNTY The character player and make-up man talked over old times when they met here. They recalled the beginning of Irving Bacon's career in pictures in 1912, working with Mack Sen-nett Since that time he has been kept before the public as a dependable portrayer in character parts. He will be seen as the caretaker in "Holiday Inn," a recent release from Paramount Studio. Bacon has just completed a characterization in "The Desperados," a film made in Columbia Studios. Irving Bacon was instantly recognized by Santa Rosa picture fans as soon as they saw him, although they thought he was some one they knew. There was a sense of reality to him even when he was up town in character which made several ask if the train was on time. He was happy during his short stay in Santa Rosa. It pleased him to remember the cordial reception always given his parents when they played here and he found congenial companions to visit with when not working at the depot. There may be a third generation of actors in the Bacon family but "There Are No Lower Terms Anywhere Than Stone Co. Terms" SCOOPS Famous All-Steel C00LERAT0R REFRIGERATORS These All-Steel Ice Condition Refrigerators Are Exclusive With Us 20 Down ...12 Months to Pay SEE THEM ON DISPLAY IN OUR STOKE THE STONE COMPANY "TRY STONE'S FOR SOFT BEDS" 625 Fifth Street - Santa Rosa - Phone 621 Whin United States Marines in London decide 1 to try out the assault course of the famous Coldstream Guards in a park of the British capital, tli:y promptly started to break records in getting through, under and over the obstacles. They are pictured above crossing cne of the "easier" obstacles, a rope ladder over a stream. the next in line will not step before the lens if he ever does until the war is over. Bob Bacon may follow the profession of his father and grandparents, but he is now a first lieutenant in aviation, stationed at Camp Maar, near Barstow. "All the world's a stage" and Lieut Bob is playing his character part with the armed forces of his native land. If urged to talk about his home life, Irving Bacon will tell of his son's impatience to enlist after "the devil entered the prompter's box." The father smiles as he recalls the pride of Bob's younger brother and sister because the family can hang a service flag in the window. A spectator at the Northwestern Pacific depot asked Bacon, the sta tion master, what he was thinking of while waiting for the train to come. Without hesitating a second, the actor replied: "The future of the theater and the picture indusr try." That inquiry opened the flood gates of Irving Bacon's aspirations and hopes. He believes that the entertainment world must eventually recognize the need of a theater for adults, and he hopes that he can, even in a small way, help create pictures for mature minds, filmed stories based on principles beyond the understanding of youth and above the authority of censor boards. "A strong play reflects all of life, not just the odds and ends of emotions that censors demand, and a vital picture story must do the same," Baccn told the inquisitive spectator at the depot location. And then because the future of the world is also the inextricable destiny of his own family, Char acter Actor Bacon continued to state his views in the following way: "The men in the armed forces are living in a brutal, uncivilized world but it is real. They can never come back to the flowery paths our wishful thinking lead us through. They will demand straight, hard-surfaced highways to travel, and they will want the generation that is growing up, while they are at war, to be able to keep step with them. "I wish when Shakespeare wrote about the world being a stage where every man must play a part, he had said 'and mine is a strong one.' What he did write was 'and mine is a sad one.' "And it is. It is enough to make anyone sad to have to reduce talent to the understanding of a child. The world needs a theater for adult mentality!" NOTICE 'iO CREDITORS No. 15031 IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF MARGARET M. JAMISON, DECEASED. NOTICE is hereby given bv the undersigned, J. WESLEY JAMISON, as the administrator of the estate of Margaret M. Jamison, deceased, to the creditors of and all persons having claims against the said decedent, to file them, with- the necessary vouchers, within six months after the first publication of this notice, in the office of the clerk of the Superior Court of the State of California in and for the Coumy of Sonoma, or to exhibit them, with the necessary vouchers, within six months after the first publication of this notice to the said administrator, at the law offices of BARRETT & Mc- CONNELL. attorneys at law. in the Bank of America Building, in the City of Santa Rosa. County of Sonoma. State of California, the same being his place of business in all matters connected with said estate of Margaret M. Jamison, deceased. Dated August 21, 1942. J. WESLEY JAMISON. Administrator of the Estate of Margaret M. Jamison. Deceased. BARRETT & McCONNELL, Santa Rosa, California, Attorneys for Said Administrator (Date of first publication Aug. 21, 1942) 9-18 VALLEJO, Cal.. Aug. 22. (UP) The corvette II. M. S. Bcntinck, pre-fabricated in Colorado and assembled at Mare Island navy yard, was launched today the first f 25 escort vessels to be built here for the British navy. Governor Ralph Carr of Colorado and Rear Admiral W. L. Friedell, commandant of Mare Island, combined in praising the joint accomplishment of Colorado industrialists and navy workmen in the speedy construction of the Bentinck. "On an occasion made noteworthy by its very novelty," said Gov. Carr, "we give you the first ship of the Rocky Mountain fleet." The Bentinck was sponsored by Miss Cynthia Carr, daughter of the governor. "We challenge history," said Carr, "for a previous instance of a ship which came down to the sea on a railroad train. The con struction of sea-going vessels is commonplace along the coast, but it is v quite another thing when the steel parts of the craft, designed to become material additions to the haval fighting forces of world powers, are fabricated on a mountain top, a mile above the sea,, for assembling and launching at a port 1200 miles away. . ' Colorado manufacturers joined in an industrial pool to fabricate parts for the corvettes, which will be used to escort merchant vessels and combat Axis submarines. The . corvettes were authorized under the lend-lease act of 1941. Admiral Friedell paid tribute to the efforts of Henry J. Kaiser's construction crews who successfully undertook the "impossible" job of converting a muddy marshland adjacent to Mare Island into a ten-way corvette shipyard within 90 days. The poisonous black widow spider always approaches its victim backwards extending a freshly spun thread of viscid silk with either one or both hind legs, and attempts to tie down the thrashing appendages of the victim. A PROFESSIONAL MAN FOR THIS IMPORTANT OFFICE . Vote for. . . DR. GALEN F. AHEE M for CORONER Thoroughly Qualified and Trained Would Like To Be Sonoma County's Coroner This advertisement paid for by friends of Dr. Galen F. Maher A Record of Faithful S ervice Government as the PEOPLE Want It. Member Committees on Agriculture, Livestock and Dairies. Experience Understanding Keep Right RE-ELECT Richard H. nam nn cm (Incumbent)' CERTIFICATE OF INDIVIDUAL DO ING BUSINESS t'NDEB FICTI- TIOUS NAME NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the i undersiened, T. J. Kunkle. and W. E. Nohle are transacting business in the State of California under the name of i MODERN SICTN SHOP, and that their; principal place of business is 521 5th ! Street, in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, ! California. j That the full names and places of i residence of the undersigned are as ! follows: I T. J. Kunkle, 718 Beaver Street, Santa I Rosa, Califomia. i W. E. Nohle. Wayne Hotel. 319 5th I Street, Santa Rasa, California. j T. J. KUNKLE. W. E. NOBLE. fiTATF, OF CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OF SONOMA ss. On this I2th day of August, A. D. 1B42. before me. a Notary Public in and for the County of Sonoma. State of California, personally appeared T. J. Kunkle. and W. E. Noble, known to me to be the persons whose names are subscribed to the within instrument, and they acknowledged to me that they signed and executed the same. IN WITNESS WHEREOF. I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my official seal, the day and year in this certificate first above written. LEWIS II. DeCASTLE. Notary Public in and for the County of Sonoma, State of California. (Seal) jFirst publication Aug. 14, 1042) 9-11 NOTICETO CONTRACTORS The Board of Education of the City of Santa Rosa High School District, Santa Rosa, California, will receive sealed bids not later than September 2. 1942. on the Contractor's letter head for the furnishing of all labor, material and equipment required to provide a new composition roof on Arcades and Girls' section of Gymnasium, and Roof Gutters of the Auditorium and Gymnasium Buildings for the High School. The furnishing of all labor, materials and equipment for the Painting of all exterior wood finish of the Auditorium, Arcades. Gymnasium and Arministra-tion Building for the High School. All according to specifications prepared for same by Harold H. Weeks, Architect. 593 Market Street, San Francisco, California. Specifications may be obtained from the Office of the City Superintendent of Schools., in the Junior High School Building, City of Santa Rosa. Wage scale shall be as per rates on file at the office of The City Superintendent of Schools. Separate bids shall be submitted for each segregation, with Cashier's check for 5 of Bid Price. Said check to be returned at time of signing of Official Contract. The Board of Education reserves the right to reject any and all bids re ceived on this work. HELEN M LEHMAN. Signed: Secretary Board of Education. fFlrst publication Aug. 18. 1942) 8-25 9 O NOTICE TO CREDITORS No. 15007 IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA. IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF SONOMA. In the Matter of the Estate of CHESTER A. BYRON, Deceased. NOTICE is hereby given by the undersigned Executor of the Last Will and Testament of Chester A. Byron, deceased, to the creditors of and all persons having claims against the said decedent, to file them, with the necessary vouchor, within six months after the first pnblicatinn'of this notice, in the office of the clerk of the Superior Court of the State of California, in and for the County of Sonoma, or to exhibit them, with the necessary vouchers, within six months after the first publication of this notice to the said Bank of America National Trust and Savings Association, a national hanking association, at its Santa Rosa Branch. 219 Exchange Avenue, in the City of Santa Rosa, County of Sonoma, State of California, the same being designated as the place of business in all matters connected with said estate of Chester A. Byron, Deceased. Dated July 29th. 1942. RANK OF AMERICA NATIONAL TRUST AND SAVINGS ASSOCIATION. Executor of the Last Will and Testament of Chester A. Byron, deceased. Bv JOS. F. MEILIKE, Trust Officer. GEARY & TAUZER, Suite 400, Bank of America Bldg, Santa Rosa, California, Attorneys for Executor. ' Fint Publication J"lv 30- 1942). 8-27 THE CLASSIFIED WAY IS THK PAYING WAY WHnatt lis ES3nBimy WHAT ARE THE FACTS? Business and Personal Us D3as IBestt Assett RALPH SALISBURY, candidate for the office of County Clerk, therefore REPEATS the assurances and pledges made in this campaign: "If elected County Clerk I pledge that I will devote my entire time to the job, as I have no outside interests or attractions to complicate my efficiency in the conduct of the office." THE INCUMBENT, IN POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENTS, APPARENTLY DESIGNED TO MAKE VOTERS BELIEVE THAT HE IS AN EFFICIENT COUNTY CLERK, SPEAKS OF SUCH THINGS AS ECONOMY, NEW SYSTEMS, MODERNIZED EQUIPMENT, ETC. Let us briefly examine the incumbent's record of almost eight years of "wishful thinking." 1. Economy He says, two years ago in one stroke, that he saved the taxpayers money by making corrections to the indexes to the Great Register instead of re-printing. WHY DID HE WAIT SIX YEARS BEFORE PRACTICING ECONOMY? 2. New Systems He tells of "du plicate receipt books " SINCE WHEN IS AN ORDINARY, EVERY DAY RECEIPT IN DUPLICATE A "NEW SYSTEM?" 3. Modernized Equipment Why speak of equipment that WAS IN THE OFFICE when he took over almost eight years ago? 4 Election Department Re-Modeled-IS IT "EFFICIENCY" TO WAIT SIX OR SEVEN YEARS BEFORE MAKING NECESSARY IMPROVEMENTS? What kind of "FANCIFUL GUESSWORK" is this much vaunted efficiency of which the incumbent boasts? Why deceive the voters? Why not be HONEST? Why not be SINCERE? Why not be FAIR? ' Do not (lie taxpayers pay the incumbent well? Arc tbey not entitled, to his full time and efforts? The VOTERS WILL JUDGE at the polls Tuesday whether or not they believe RALPH SALISBURY has the ability to efficiently and honestly administrate the office of County Clerk. RALPH SALISBURY offers years of successful business experience, he knows the need of economy. RALPH SALISBURY is pledged to stay on the job every day, all day. By his proven ability and integrity above reproach, RALPH SALISBURY will give you a business-like administration. RALPH SALISBURY Candidate for County Clerk Elect Ralph Salisbury County Clerk -v -if

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