The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 20, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 20, 1933
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Served by the United Press TMT*^CTTrnr 1 1 ^ V/'l I "VT^ JTTy^y T"i ¥ 1111y ^ i i ttTim, r&'-j THE DOMINANT NEWSPAl'En Of NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AMI, a™vn,,«..<«, „„ ^ • * * ^—/ NEWSPAPER OP NORTHKAST AKKANSA3 ANU SOUTHEAST MIBSOUIU HOME EDITION VOL. XXX—NO. 211 FUjrUievlUe.lHUy News. blyitieTUl« Courat. Letder. !Hvtt,«niu H»'-M .rV ARKANSAS. MONDAY, NOVUMHKU 2(1, 1<W~ SINGLE COPIES. FIVE CKNTO u. s. Robert Lee Burns Hurt at C. C. C. Camp Robert Lee Burns, son of Mr. Mrs. Jim Burns of this city. sustained injuries Lo 111 1 ; bae-k in QP* ii-p *in accident w!:ic:h O'jcm-i-cd near II I] I a Civi!mn Conservation Cor|is nr H I t!im p' <5 miie * •""« ''i"* iiiuit ' ULM I hist night. Aboiilion o{ Job lie Seeks Is Sole.Plai n in Clinton L. Caltlwell of Jilowah tndny announced his candidacy for the . Ue-moa-aU'; nu:;unaiicn for congressman fioni the First Arkansas district ra the, 1934, primary. He will make the race, Mr. CfclUwcll said, in a platform con- tnirilng a single plank culling for amendment of the federal constitution, to abolish the two houses of congress and transfer all of their powers to the president. The president, under Mr. Cald- 'vell's plan, would be subject to tuspenslon by vote of a majority of the 48 governors who would at the same time call a special national election to elect his successor. "With congress abolished," Mr. Cnldwell said in his announcement, "such a recall provision should hand the government back (o the people, prevent a dictatorship, preient any possible revolution, destroy p.t its source the greatest aggregation of machine sncl spoils politicians the wo ever contained, recover lost respect for the law. and strike down to its knees the rule oi preCitory wealth and raise to its feet the rule of men." ' Mr. Caldwcll has lived ncai Etowah, in Ihb county for eleven iears. Born in Dwioht, 111., and a graduate of the University of Michigan, he practiced law in Kansas for eiaht years and in Missouri for 25 years before retiring to take Tip cotton growing in this county. . J».-.Catdwe!l's.' announcement in full will appear in the Courier N'ews tomorrow. YOUIIK Bu;ns, a member of the cctp, \\;is ridlni; in a truck whii-ti ovenumcd when it ran over a His' 1 ' 0 ' on p< lo " tl llljav " le c ' ml l j > 1 13 | according to reports received here. Clarence Webb and Robert Baxter, also from this city, were also ridiisa on the truck but I'suipcd injury. The extent of Burns' injury was'not knov.n. Your Uncle Sam's Debt Situation Is By No Means Hopeless. Spanish Conservatives Claim Election Victory MADRID, Spain. Nov. a) <Ul>) — night whm' political leaders (•I'lirncd a hiwt.slidc victory in the bitterly contest general election I U'HLCJI cu i iliri'e lives and was spiced with rumors of a military molt. Tlie dead included Bernardo Soils, mayor of Badajos. stubbed when he tried lo conciliate two political groups. Firing In defense, Bolls gravely wounded ;i woman and a child. There were rumors that army Mon-commKsloncd officers and prl- NKA Bob Crews Injured in Upset Near Luxora Bob Crews of the Little River section was seriously hurt and two other occupants of his car were slightly hurt when the machine turned over in n ditch on Highway 61 near Luxora Sunday after- head injuries and possible internal injuries. His 'son. Bob, jr., suffered slight lacerations as did another man. Miss Nona Crews, nurse at, the Blytheville hospital, escaped uninjured. Crews was confined at the hospital today. Subscriptions Coming in Rapidly, Committee in Charge Reports. With S1.200 already subscribed and Sl.CCO morn tentatively pledged, leaders in lhe movement to finance purchase of n site here for a Mississippi county falii- groimds were confident today that the $5,CCO needed would be assured by the ;iul of this week. A committee headed by County •fudge: Z. B. Harrison was busy in this city today obtaining subscriptions, and Sheriff C. H. Wilton was in the south part of the Lounty enlislin^ ihc aid of residents of Osrcola and o'hcr com-, niunilies. The fair committee has options a number of. sites, all suitable r.nd all available for $5.000 or less. Actual seleclion of the site will be made by the- committee after sufficient funds for its purchase has beeh raised Improvement of the grounds, in- cludlngj construction of a race tracfc'and erection of suitable buildings, can be financed with federal public works funds, it is b:lteved. Response of local business men to appeals for subscriptions has teen uiiexpecl-clly favorable, according fo J. Well Brooks, secretary of the chamber of commerce, who said that the committee so THOHNTON vision the government as wadii* , Minister of Interior Avollos Mid.' litto a hopeless swamp of deot needn't be unduly alarmed. Taxpayers who see the future as an endless parade ol higher and higher federal taxes may take hope. The debt being piled up In fighting fcr recovery is not yet hopeless. ' The trade upturn which has been a ray of daylight to many a business man also has begun to put a little lining In your Uncle Sa-.-n's flat pockelbook. His income Is increasing, and in- far has not met ri single noon. Crews sustained New York Cotton NEW YORK, Nov. 20 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. open high -low close 904 1005 933 1004 1001 1013 1004 1013 1020 luM 1020 1029 1030 1044 1035 1042 Dec Jan March May July Ocr 1048 1QS8 1050 1072 1047 1087 Si.ols closed cteady at 1025, up 1C. ii\ew Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 20 (UP)—j Cotton closed steady. open high low Dec 9il8 1002 998 Jnn 1003 1012 1005 March 1017 1027 1010 1025 May 1031 1041 1031 1039 July 1048 1053 1047 1053 Oct 10GO 106« 10CO ICIlb Spots closed steady at 1001, up 7. creasing so healthily that the stale of his packetbcok Ls "rather favorable than ' not." Outlook Held Hopeful You may lake the word of L. H. Parker for that. He's chief of staff of the Joint Committee on Internal Revenue Taxation, aixl it's he who supervises tr.e gathering ol information on which congressmen later base lax policies. And Parker feels that, so far as incoming revenue is concerned, the government's situation is "distinctly hopeful." Today's deficits have two causes. It's not only that Uncle Sam Is spending money like water in fighting the depression. That's but one side of it. Tlie other side is that, as business stagnated, his income fell off slckenlngly. Thai's the side that's picking up as business picks up. Here's how It iworks: Miscellaneous internal revenue taxes (not Including the income tax) put $169,776,114 into Lhe federal purse in October. In August they produced $135,000.000. Compare that with August, 1932. when (hey produced 504,000,000. Pickup Shnwn in Taxes Take a typical case of such a lax, the tobacco tax. The rale hasn't been changed for years. Therefore, the proceeds frcm it make a pretty good index of business. In August, 1933, it netted Uncle Sam $40,700,000, compared 10 535.500,000 in August, 1932. That's a. better than $5,000,000 dividend to Uncle Sam through business recovery in a single inontn, and it's been Increasing steadily ever since April. The playing card tax (10 cents a pack) netted $501,000 in August, 1933, compared to $204,000 -in August, 1932. nearly dcuWe. That gives you a picture of how Uncle Sam stands to gain from' every increase in business Uiat he can foster. Harvest From Liquor Very soon now, further Income should begin to pour in from liquor. Estimates vary. Parker believes It FhcuM bring not less than $500,- OCitl.cXX) every year, and some optimistic estimates have gone as high as a billion. U all depends on how much liquor is used, and on how high the tax can be set without . starting excessive bootlegging. r i I T f II IT i Four, taxes now on the books- Fatal 10 fuller Youth ! lh(; federal additional half-cent tax I on gasoline, and the dividends. LITTLE ROCK, Ark. —Gordon! Ci>pi ' al stock, and excess profits close | j Singleton, quarterback of the \ ' axes of the KIRA—are automation ^ucf higj, scnoo] t e!lm di<!l j a( . n | ically repealed as soon as prohl- lo 12 hospital here yesterday from in- • billon is dead refusal. A few persons have been lukewarm toward the proposition, but all have agreed _to help, or. in the case of ioc.U managers of out of town corporations, to consult their superiors. 1055. 1072 Former Local Resident Suffers Serious Injury Homer Snodgrnss, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Snodgrass who lived here before going to Chicago several ycnrs ago. was seriously injured in an automobile collision in Chicago Friday, November 10. Both hips were fractured ar ar. ankli broken. He was llirou out. of his truck \vhen another ct struck him froiM the rear, tipping his machine ov::r. Mr. Snodgra-,$. who is at St. Luke's hospital owned a poultr> farm. His parents reside at 5448 Tvimbark. Sailing Skyward Civil Works Program Will Be Functioning Here Within a Few Days. The first of 1,732 Mississippi eeunty residen 1 .'; to be given cin- i:!cymcnt under the new $400.000,KO federal civil works program will be put to work this week. Emergency relief olfices here and >il Osceola \ve.-e busy today listing able bodied beneficiaries of the icli;f program for transfer to the civil works Ihcs. This county's c,vil works quota is 1,732 men. and n this number of able bodied n:en cannot be (aken from the re- I'ci lists oilier unemployed men of the county will be eligible for the jobs, Mrs. Harmon Heford of i''c county relief organization said this morning. It was understood here today (hat one state highway project m the vicinity of Manila had al- reidy been approved under the tlyll works program. Coimly' Judge Z. B. Ua'rrUon planned to go to Little Rock th!s week to confer with W. H. Dyra. state director, eoncerning the use of civil works labor on county highways. An effort will niso x made to obtain approval of drainage ditch clean- in; operations. Ck'velaiul Truck Driver Suicides; Two of His Children Dead. Cl KVF.LAND. 9., NOV. 20 IU1') •When his wife'and tlnee children asked for water, .Ip-ae Kearney. 36, biixery truck driver, save them poisoned ginger a!e, then slim himself lo death early today. Two of the children died. The mother and the other child were in critical condition. Breaking' of a big water main on Cleveland's west side left the Kearney household without water, police reported, climaxing a clav in which Kearney and his wife ind been quarreling. At midnight Mrs. Kearney and the children asked for water. The truck drive;' finally agreed lo take them out to obtain a drink. Alone for a moment In the kitchen, Kearney poured four drinks of Ginger ale mo the yltecs and added to each from a bottle wrapped in brown i" 1 """ which he took from his pocket. . , ' When the family finally entered | UK room he offered them the ginger ale. He ordered John, 1C, the eldest son, to take the paper lackct to the basement and burn It. The-two younger children. Robert, 13, and Ethel, 11. gulned their rtdnks forthwith. .The mother and John, however, noticed something with the Ringer ale and refused to drink the entire; contents of thtlr glares. Kearnev >-in 'roiri the house and lo a confec- Jonerv a few blocks awny where he called police. The officers were at the home when he returned. The husband and wife, police said, bjean to accuse each other of the children. The young T injury In Grid Game Seek Jobs for 1,000,000 WASHINGTON, Nov. 20 (UP) — One million jjl:!ess men and women were schsdiiled to-find cm- |;!oyment throughout the country on civil works projects today, starting a moss movement designed to remow 4.000,000 persons .'rom the relief rolls by Decem- t<r 15. Co-operation of slate and municipal officials was relied upon ov Administrator Hopkins to carry cut the schedule. Four hundred mil.'.on dollars was available for wages, Hopkins said, from the S3.3CO.OOO.OOO p-.ib- lir works funds appropriated by the special session of congress lust summer. It will be spent directly without contract requirements. "We have accepted the challenge |:rreen;cd by lhe lack of work for millions of willing and capable workers,'' Hopkins declared. "He lief is not eno'wh." Chicago Wheat open Den 83 May 91 1-4 close 8!) 1-4 85 3-4 89 ] fK 5-8 89 1-2 92 3-8 Dec. Chicago Corn open high low close 46 3-4 47 7-8 45 7-8 47 5-8 juries received in a football game, i Bl ". despite this, the net tax gain Singleton was hurt in a game ', *° th« government every year at Mabslville a week ago. He sus-1 should be at least $280,000,000 thru tained a broken rib but told no|''o. u °r taxes, one of his injury until after the Further, it seems likely that the game was over. Several days later Income tax reached an ail-time low he became ill .and wah rushed to j In receipts for the fiscal year ended a_ hospital here. Physicians said June 30. 1033—S620.000.000—under "b had irritated a.thc highest peace-time rates ever set. compare that with income tix receipts of $3.957,000.000 in fiscal year 1920 and S3.228.000.000 in fiscal Quake on West Coast 1921. ,-hcn only slightly rales prevailed. higher Seeks $1,227 for Hurts Sustained in Mud Fight Mud-slinging, of the Big Lake and not the political variety, ii the basis of an unusual damagi action filed in circuit court here. L. E. Rlddick, former employe of Vollmer and Son, Inc.. local dredg- ng contractor, Is seeking $1,227.70 r rom his ex-employers for an In- lury to his left eye allegedly sus- nired durine a "mud battle." Tlie mud-slinging is said to have occurred on a motorboat enroute from a landing point to the scene of dredging operations by the dc: endar.ts. The mud throwing broke out among employes of the defendant on the boat, and the fore- LOS ANGELES. Nov. 20 (UP)— Ei lhcr of these tremendous col- May 531-2 513-4 523-4 541-2iAn earthquake of extremely mild 1 1cctf ons would have paid in cash force was felt In Los Angeles j for ll >e S3.300.000.000 public works countv at 2:35 a. m. today. No P r °gram which is causing concern A. T. and T 121 1-B Anaconda Cooper 16 3-4 Bethlehem si»cl 33 3-4 Chrysier 49 3-4 Cities Service 21-Coca Cola 97 3-4 General Amcrelan Tank 30 7-8 General Electric 22 General Motors 33 5-5 International Harvester 44 MicMlewest Utilities .... 1-8 Montgomery Ward New York Central ..... damage was reported. Legion Meets Tonight There will bo a meeting of the >ud Cason pos . American Legion, tonight. 7:3fl" o'clock. AH members arc urged to ctlend. Knitlfd sucks Made in 182!) as a high public expenditure. ] Income Tax Hits Bottom [ But the Income tax sagged, especially since 1929. It was a little more than two billions in 1929 wllh low rates, while the high rates of the current law produce for the fiscal year 1933 that mere trickle of 5020,150,000— less (hsn tobacco "nd beer taxes alone probably will bring, It Is very unlikely that revenue BERLIN, \Vis. (UP>—A pair of rr °m Income taxes ever will fall so „„,,. v . rl .. „„„, . 1 " 8 , hand knit inen's socks, made In ! ow again, now that there are more S VorS " 371 - 2 |l829, were unearthed recently 1,1 incomes to lax. and p'.ugs are about DWIII™" p'oVi-i.^.', I th0 personal*-belongings of the to be inserted In some of the more no'J PS r.n rC n R ' eUm " „ J!?'« George Wade. Berlin pioneer, gaping leaks. Radio Corp 7 3.3 Scvcral subsU ntlai "darns" show- Simmons Bed-, Slfl Louis-San Francisco Standard of N. J Texas Co O, S Steel ;,,, 18 1-* ed they had received f^rvice. They were exhibited In a Berlin store 2 1-2 48 3-4 27 3-8 45 to show the difference between present day nnd early American The deficit 0:1 regular operating expenses of tlie government is being cut down. U was $2.880,000.000 In the fiscal year 1932, and $1,180,000,000 In 1933. f\>r the flsca (Continued on Page Thr«) SETTLE 11 MILES UP STILL_ Vlay Break Russian Alti- : tuclc Record of More 'lltan Eleven Miles. JCIINSTOWM. I'll., Nov. 20 ' (0 "">—H. Com. Kettle's stratosphere alloon was siijhled from .- the luckfluwn. Pa., airport shortly nf- L-i- '>:'M P. M, today. - • • •. The balloon appeared to''bc- iver .Wlntliier nl an altitude of uliout 10 mlle.i, the airport ob- •er said. Windbar is between HiiL'k5lo\vn and Johnstown and 38 nllea i-oiitheasl of Gnxnsburg,' r.vcr u:uch Scttb reported -him-' self at 3:10 P. M. The balloon Is taking an air inc trail toward .Washington,' U. :., 11 wns salil at the airport. "The t-a'loon Is flying its straight is if it had an engine nnd n ruci- der." an employe of the imval nullo station .mid, • . cr eon and daughter were already were In convulsions. Suddenly Kearney started toward a rear door. A policeman followed but was unable lo restrain the truck- driver when he drew ii gun from ills pocket and shot himself through the head. An altitude of 58,000 feet was the gital c r Lt. Com.'T. (i. W.'Sctti left above, and. his aide, MuJ. Cheslcr L,. Forrtnr-y, right, as the ' " ' ' started skyward this morning In their bajloon, pv-.tiircd below, .for The talloon v;os drifting !-s'oiUh- ^•'^ flight Into the slralosphcre,. -His goaf'rl^ 4,100 -fcGt. bclowrtiio-ircl2'it 1 ' ! ^-' : -^*>rd- iip - s .irjtc^-.^ypIOdrlili:^;:^* _•,....,>j I.. ..i. n i.._.r L... 11.,_-!--. ....i i,_i_ ' 55 HllTl"!. r-pr limit- •'• " •. ,. ^. •VI|H Climbing ... '. AKUON. O.. Nov. .20 (UP;—Lf. Crm. T. G. w. Settle succeeded'- In piloting the first American bal- Itcn Into the stratosphere. .' "'. •• The comniaii'.ler and. his aide, Mni. Chester Fordhoy of the'-U. B. Marines, nwrted to ground nidlo stailoiw tliat they 'had risen" le- » height of more than- 53,00(1 ... fret and still were, climbing. - : •. Tin: balloon was -somewhere, in the vicinity ol Pittsburgh the last : ' : t:m» the commpiidcr- reported . to . tround stations, llie teiii|x;ralur2 inside the gondola ..^as^ ap'proxt- :: malely 40 degrees centigrade. ,miich. v.anner than on earth.- 'fhe' tein>"i". iwrature' outside the sealed/ijie'tol"-•.•: -.'I toll, hpvsever, was almost 80 'de- ''" '' l>3low recently iillnfiiccl by Lake Street 'Scene of Armed Robbery Two unmasked white men. blandishing plilols. took- S32 from .1 carpenter, numed Rlley. Saturday night he grporlcrl-tu police. The hold-up is said to have occurred on Lake street, a short distance from thi Main street intersection. Police were u'lhoul clues-as to liio Identity of the robbers. Motorist Slens on Gas With Big Lake Officer on Running Board. Newt Moore, deputy under Wright. Dig Lake township constable, went for a "ride" unexpectedly Saturday afternoon. Moore and Wright were at the j^ther d'OSS, 18, Taken scene of road reuairs on Highway | ,, .' ' .. °-. Bis Lake, awaiting ar-1 to Memphis Wllh Bullet Wounds in Chcsl. J. B. Bunn and E. R. Bo' gan State Meetings. 55 mitei. per hour. The two Intrepid aeronauts shot upward from earth at.9:27 A; M. loday. encased :n a metal gondola attached to a huge balloon! : Thc > galloon lore itself from' the Crssp of the g.ound crew and shot skyward as a relatively small, cvowd of 400 or 500 persons watched. The emit soared Into the tlr and drifted off .toward .the southeast, rising rapidly. ' • May Approach Coist ... n r \ •. 11lc voluminous folds of the huge On rrogram lOl' 5iH«m balloon sagged nnd flapped in the wind as the'bag was only partially filled by the 120.000 cubic feel of hydrogen lining gas. At" mi altitude of 40,000 feet the gas OSCEOI.A. Ark., Nov. 20 — A rumbcr of Oceolans, many.,of will linvo expanded sufficiently to them dlcnitancs of the three] completely fill tlio 600,000 cubic tnUcrnal orders meeting in Little i foot bag. Rock Ihls wee's, will attend tho meetings of Eastern Star grand chapter, F. and A. Marcus, ana Royal Arch (rrr.ntl ledge. The grand chapter O. E. S. convenes today continuing through Wednesday, At the present velocity of "the. i-iRrf It was expected the balloon would near the Atlantic coast before coming to earth. It was Thought Settle would reach the • maximum altitude tilts afternoon, Masonic grand after which the descent would begin. Settle's flight had been delayed since last Friday by unfavorable weather.* At 11 p. m. last night Settle and Fordney decided to lake the bal- ..7rs. loon out at dawn. The b.-ig had let deputy' been inflated with hydrogen for (he ririccnlhifo ur days, awaiting a take off. rival of a motorist said to have, been driving recklessly, when another car weavcd across the road. The officers waved the driver to HAYTT. Mo.. Nov. 20.—A country a stop ' nnd Moore mounted the I dance In the Stanley community running, board on one fide of the:six miles north of litre was the car while Wright opened a dour scene of a serious shooting early ™> tiir. other. P'MlOpnh- the driv-1 Saturday night, er stepped on the accelerator and ; Lulher Cross. 18, Is In a serious the car shot forward, runnln* condition in a Memphis hospital '-ver a ston on the road. Wrjght, suffering from bullet wounds In .lumped out of the ay hut Moore his chest immediately above his .- - - — i ...„..,,, ,.„ „ ,, . •vn.i left, dtngine to the rimnlnsr heart and in his left hand which s!on. speaking for establishment wo " lrt „"" etmtoto. ground crew, hoard of the machine (is It picked UC rc said lo have been Inflicted bv ' ol the propurrd Sixjiirnuargor en- ""' "" fr ""' "" ""'"' "'" ""'" lodgc meets'Tuesday and Wcdne.s- oay and the Koyal Arch chapter holds i(s meeting Thursday. Attending (he Eastern otar meeting from Osceola will be J. U. Bunn and E. R. Began, _bolh of whom arc on the program. Frances Bogan. < Ei ami lecturer for ..._ district. Mrs. J. B. Bunn a:idj Settle and his aide, Fordney, climbed inlo the metal goridola. Mm. .1. T. Fowler, delegates from the Osceola crapter. Gradually the lieat from the ris- Mr. Bunn will deliver one of thc[ m (>' sun expanded the'hydrogen. r.rincipal addresses of the ses- . wnen It seemed the balloon up speed. . . After a fost anci hectic half [] lr , dance was being held. E ar ] Leclbelter. 43. at whose home I dowmrnt fund of $iO.OOO to pro' vl(!e higher education for girl . mile Moore succeeded In pulling Ledbetter was arrested shortly 1 graduates from the Masonic home his eun and'persuading the drrv-: n f lcr ti, c s hoo!!ng by Constable n! Batesviile. The fund is spon- *ored by the woman's oi-ganlza- s hoo!!ng by Constable er to stop and let him off. Then I johnny Williams and was taken to . tlie motorist drove rapldlv away. I Camthersville and lodged in the lion to match an endowment in Later 'a Par.if-ould officer call- rr-mlscot county jail. Pending the j like amount provided by the late cd here and told officers that a outcome of Cross'- injury, he was' J. P. Hall of S.Ocin. Ark., for boys ?, a ,™I° ult ! mot , orl , 5 , 1 had been the ch.irsed with felonious assault. An 'of the home. """" ....... conducted Mr. Bogan will deliver a tcch- , */• ^,.^.1.. ^i u,.,,^.,. • I nlcal address to secretaries of the the slehl of his badge was what sheriff Judcn said witnesses told = subordinate chr.plers. lUr. Hogan ts made the driver leave In a hurry. ....... i victim of a hold-Tip attempt at investigation" is being i His Lake. Officer Wright claims iby sheriff Ed Jiiden. him Ledbetter was slightly into.xi- rjrand and all from the earth the order was given to release the ropes and the bag shot toward the sky. Rusrians Hold Record NEW YORK, Nov. 20 (UP) — The present world altitude record u (W.32C fact (11.3 milesi was EC; bv fha crew of Hie Russian talloon U. S. S. R.. In a flight of eight hours and 20 m;nutes on September 30 of this year. Pilot George Prokofiev and -his two companions landed after the not a participant In the "battle," | while under the influence of in-1 liquor from a room adjoining the was struck In the eye by a mud [locating liquor. dance floor, ball which caused great injury and' suffering, It Is alleged. Oscar Pendler. attorney of Manila and Blytheville, Is counsel for the plaintiff. Wife of Former Banker James M. Hancock of Clear Lake Dies Former Pastor Speaks ,B the Masonic meclingl " OI - '™S^c ficcard or Belgium Tuesday and Wednesday will bo * 1 ; c " 11hc1 *, s , contl<>ri 53 ' 152 fcrt ' Aug ' Mr. Bunn, who Is scheduled fcc elcvatlon lo the olllcc of depuly grand masler. W. R. Allen, dls- James M. tfancock, 47, died at his home in the Clear Lake com.--..-. __.„„. , inn n jty at 011C o-fio,,). yesterdiy Suit rOr UlVOrCCrafternoon. His death followed an KKtacl: of mnla.'ia. Mrs. Tona Ma? Roderick has filed! Funeral services '.<:ll in chancery court seeking divorce from Eai-1 Roderick, former be held Mils afternoon at the Baptist church at Clear Lake with the Rev. Mr. Hughe; and the Rev. Mr. Horn officiating Interment will Mrs. Roderick's complaint al-!tc made at Sawyers cemetery. Th; cashier of Leachvllle. the defunct Bnnk of trie! deputy gr.nid master for the i C' L D n i' i TL .L lrntl1 district. H. H. Broaks. wor- at First Baptist UlUrCll phlotul master and C. M. Dennl- son, senior warden of the Osceola legcd Indlgnilir-s and failure to support. The Rodericks were msr- i,ed In March, 1931 and separated In June, 1933. The Rev. L. D. Summers, pastor of the Park Placa Baptist church of Ho 1 . Spring, preached three sermons at an all day rally of the First Baptist church Sunday. ITc addressed large audiences ">! the 11 o'clo-1: and 7:.10 o'clock! regular weekly sermens and Dlsoj spoke at 2:30 o'clock to the 175. ^•.embers who were served dinner at the church. The Itev. Mr. lodge, J. L. Smith, Claude Thomfson, D. I. H:lt. Coleman Crews and I. D. James, delegates from the Osceola lodge. WEATHER lUit 18. 1931 Claude F. Cooper fcr Mrs. Roderick Is allorncy Cobb Undertaking company is in Summers is a former pastor oil charge of funeral arrangements. I this congregation. The deceased is survived by his widow. Mrs. Mpmie Hancock, and five sons. Wilson, F.dward, Eu- Krne. Gerald and O'Neal. Approximately S500 was given In free will offering. cooler in northwest |>ortion. Memphis nnd Vicinity —Cloudy and cooler tonight and Tuesday. North Dakotan Makes 2,500-Mile River Trip WILLISTON. N. D. (UP)—C,lp- tain B. F. Keith, 53 years old. who left here two years ago In a homemade houseboat, has completed a 2.500-milc trip down the Missouri River his friends learned recently. To fulfill a dream of his boy; hood. Cautaln Keith built the boat .'himself. He hopes eventually, to lake it all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. At the present time he and !•' p n:ittn!! home are at the Lake of the Czarks. in Arkansas. The craft, christened "The Spirit The maximum temperature here]of. Willlslon," Is propelled'-by twin yesterday waj 70. minimum 43,, paddlewheels driven by ft .Ford Members of the Woman's Mis-1 clear, according to Samuel P.l truck motor. Forty empty oil sionary society srrcrd dinner. . Norrls. weather observer. I drums keep it nftost,

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