The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 17, 1931
Page 2
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PAGE TWO Bi,yrnRviLLE. -(AKK.V COURIER NKWS Society Calendar .1 Wednesday There will IN n dance nt the city auditorium siwnsorcd by tl:e congregation of (i:c Temple Israel. The Central Word I'arcni-Teach- cr Association is meeting at tile school at 3 o'clock. Friday The Music department, of the Woman's club Is meeting at the duo at 2:30 o'clock. jVrctbytcrlan Officers Arc Installed, Officers" oi the' Woman's Auxiliary o! (lie First Presbyterian church weie installed in nn impressive ceremony conducted by the Rev.- Marsh M. Callaway last evening at ' Hie church. The' officers for the church year beginning April 1 arc: Mrs. lioss Stevens, president; Mrs. J. E. Bell, vice president; .Mrs. D. C. McLean, secretary; Mrs, Roy Walton, treasurer; Mrs. James B. Clark, historian; Mrs. C. R. Bnbcorit, chairman circle 1; Mrs. George R. Crockett, chairman circle 2; Mrs. O. p. Moss, chairman circle 3; Mrs. Robert E. tec King, chairman circle 4; Mrs. -Marsh M. Callaway, chairman high school girls..- circle; Mrs. J. Nick Thomas,- chairman Home circle; Mrs. nny Worlhlngton, secretary spiritual' life; Mrs. Leslie Hooper. secretary of foreign missions; Mrs. C. M. Gray, secretary assembly's home missions; Mrs. Edgar Chrlh- fleld, secretary Synodical and 1'res- bylcrlal missions; Mre. U. C. Dent, Jr.. secretary Christian education and ministerial relief; Mrs. w. A. Dobyns, secretary religious cduca- tlon; Mrs. George W. Dillahunty, . secretary oi literature: Mrs. C. J. Crane, secretary social activities; Mrs. R. S. Mott. -secretary Christian social service; Mrs. T. J. Mahan, pastor's aid secretary; Mrs. n. R. Allen, Bible study leader. Mrs. Robert E. L'eo King was leader of the devotional period. For the year's reports the "treasures" .were taken out of the chest with the theme "In the Gloaming" car- the social hour dc-llclous refreshments WIT.-; served- Mrs. B. 1). Gillen 'au<l Mrs. C. S. Stevens were hastc^cs (o lhe 111 members cf elide J who met al lhe Oillen hunk?. For (lie devo-' lional Mrs. P. E. Cooley used Luke, 4:1-15 and Ihcrc woro sentence prayers. 1'lans were made for forv- ing the church's fellowship dinner Friday evening. Instead refreshments the hostess contributed S1.50 to tl'; circle trcasiij-y. i Circle 3 ihct with Mrs. A. M. I! i Branson wilh eight members in al-! tendance. With Mrs. J. u. liarks- ', dale as leader of lhe dcvotionnl period Mrs. W- M. Taylor read from (he Ihlrd chapter of Philip- plans. * • « Mr. anil Mrs, Onrgr. M. Cclebrale Wedding Anniversary Mr. mid Mrs. Qcoige M. Lru celebrated their twelfth wedding anniversary last evening wilh a dinner. Ineludcil in the guest lisl K-cre members oi lhe First Melli- odisl church choir, of which Mrs. Lee Is dlrecloi, and lliclr wives and husbands. The affair was given al Hie Wo- miin's club. Covers wero laid for 32 guests at atlraclively appointed tables decorated wilh low how's oil green filled with Jonquils and pnn- 6i:s. Tho same color motif of giccn and yellow was seen In the delicious iiicnu served. During dinner lhe gucsls enjoyed :uttio music and lalcr n delightful iirogram was rendered wilh J. \v. i. of Cedar Falls. Iowa, at Two Hearts on l!ie Deck ried out. The 35 present, which included several men who were visitors, were served dainty refreshments. Have Social Meeting.' Members of the Business and Professional Women's club were guests of Misses Marie Harnish and Ella Morris last .evening lor a social meeting ai'the'Coil Hotel'.' Informal discussion^ concerning the annual district conference to be held Saturday night and Sunday supplemented the delightful entertainment, There were 15 present. Seventy Atlmd Fil>t Baptist Training School. There are- 70 members of the six B. y. P. u.V> o! tho First Lsjhist church attending the annual tram- ing school being held at the church this weei. The four classes are tnughl bj the Rev. C. L. Kinsolving, pastoi of the Luxora Baptist church, who Is teaching "Soulhern Baptists Working Together", Ihe Rev. Alfred S. • Harwell, pa;::: of the church, vi ho conducts a class in the senior manual, Mrs. Hattle Smill> who leaches, lhe. inlermunaie manual and the junior manual taught by Mrs. R. G. Cash. Features ot the school are lhe serving of supper each night b; the Woman's Missionary Union and "The Pepper Bos", a publication issued dally in which the and activilies of the given. Miss Luna B. Wilhelm is director of the B. Y. P. u.'s which will close thq rchcol Friday night when diplomas will be awarded. Bits of News Mostly Personal Mrs. \V M. Ulaylock is 111 fro::i: Influoiii'.a. ! Mr. and Mrs. Gustave M. Wen- '. zel, of Chicago, spent last, night j here enroiite to Hot Springs. Mr. Wenzcl Is auditor of llm Chicago poitofficc- Crawford (iri-enc, Mini.-rlnlciidi.Kij of the city schools, is 111. Mr. and Mrs. H'.crnbi-rg, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Jcscph and two -sons. Mr. and Mrs. !•;. C. Coulic;- and daughter, Uorlnne, returned last night j from Si. Louis where they allcml- ed the funeral of their mother and i grandmother, Mrs. Carrie M. j fiiernberg, whu died Saturday neon following n brief Illness while visiting in that eily. ! W. Loon is III al his home un ihe South highway. C. L. Bennett, formerly' of here and now of Frcdei Icktown, Mo., is attending to business here. He was accompanied by his daughter, Miss ISessb Slsson. • ': The. condition of Mri. Malind.i W noTilER r££L<? DlfFERENTlY I Miss Colcman, Meeting With Clubs This Week lloth Women's Demonstration clubs and 4-H clubs are bring attended liiis week by Miss Cora Lee Webb, who was liikcn seriously ill' Cole-man, home demonstration Bunday, Is Improved'- lodiiy. - ' agent, who is Hiving in- Mlss Artie Eton, who has Lven: s |>'"| : "ons In the care of baby n student nt Jonesboro colk-', c P 1 " 3 ' llle P Iantlll i: of gardens In- Joncsboro. has arrived home. ' , c!> ,!^ lnB vegetables and Dowers. ,,,,.,, , , , , '• rl) e Woman's elub at Marie met H J. Klmbro of Joncsuoi-o._.l:s-: Mom]By af , crnoon . Wednesday the raiKKiwu. o. i,«mr runs. Iowa, ,u - ,,., , . . y the cello and Mis. R. A. Moore us I Even on the deck of a liner in mid- „!„ ,,.„'! ,, BC1 ot [hK Sotithwesn-Mi Boys nn[ , Qir]s 4 .,, ch|b of Yarbro accompanist. Mr. Parkinson, who I Atlantic. Charles Parrel! and Vir- i,',,' kl « ? t-onp.nij, attend.: | S nu . e tin s . She will give a demon- has loured both I he United Stales and L'urot:, also demonstrated his rhylhin orchestra and his school of instruction. Included In the numbers rendered, with the piano accompanist also a feature, \vere:"Li Cinquatahc," "Song of India" by~rtinsky-Korsi- kolf: "Oavolte" "Ll?bcsfrcnd," by Gabriel Marie; by Krclsler and ;;, vam-0^'kcer,a 0; i-is---">•• "<. the camera's eye. Co-slarrlng on ! to Osceola today. their own honeymoon, the two film I Tlle iicv - nlu ' Mf s. Marsh M. tal- favorllcs arc seen here—all deck- -. ' nwn >' n "d O. L. Hancock wen: m cd out In the newest prjuatic mode xrcl "l'hls Monday lor Ihe day. —as they appeared en roule to "'™ " ' '" ' Euroix; after their surprise marriage In New York. "Lieueslraum," by Llskt. Kirkpulrck-Vancll The marriage of Miss Flosuinond Vancll and Mr. Uvcrell Kirkpatrlek both ot Canton, 111., was solemnized at the home ot (he Rev. !>. Q. Roiic, al nuon (inlay, 'iiie ring oore- mMiy was used. ML« Hiuc! 'l hrone and Mr. William SallU-i. also of CanUin, were the only uUtnriants Mr. and Mrs. Klrknuluck will, leave tomorrow lor u motor Irlp lo|conlalus In Us leaves, ip-.iuch wins SISTER KITCHEN I1V SISTER MAKY NE.l Scrvhe V>'rilfr Wl:.;n markt-d for lhe bencflls it scralton in canning chicken Thursday at Burdclte i!i addition to ihe Women's meeting and Friday the j -1-H and Woman'.; club will meet ; al Pawheen while at Boynton only Mrs. B. J. Allen, who was on- j ihe .boys and girls will have a va!"scing following a -recsnt illi:iss! meeting. has line' a relapse and is confined n ! , : : her bed again. ' ' | II ' fi I Ross Elevens 'and M.'jonlz a:- !J)'WC)''ljfOV6 j tended lo business in Memphis y.s- i tcrday. . . . ! Charles Springer spent Saturday -Mr. and Mrs. Eric PachVof Ciii- [cago, have arrived lo make their (home In Ihis cily. Mr. Pachl iri.s •accepted n position (is designer uv.,1 'grower for Healon's Iloinc of FI-j.v- ers. | Mrs. W. ,\, Slickmon will yo -c Yarbro (cday to spend !hc rcnia-.::- der of the week with her daugiif:.-, Mrs. W. A. Hollingsworlli, and family. Misses Dorothy Gray and Rn'.;\ Florida and ujton Iheir return will i "high score" without doubi. Tv.c : Crab, accompanied by R:ilph Han. al-lioini- In Canton. .large amuunl of iron and vitamins ;have reimnecl to Parma, Mo., r.f!;-.- !2 bride, who ijriidiiati'il from i present make il valuable In the "did spending the. week-end with Mr. the Canton rlly high school last year, is the ntlracllve daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Viuicll. The bridegroom [larenls are Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ktrkpatrick, also of Canton. « • • Give Frosvain A program on "Forgotlen America" was given al lhe meeting of the woman's missionary union of lhe Second Baptist, church which of both sick and well. As mothers have learned the virtues of spinach, the demand lias increased and so stimulated its culture that it's procurable in the markets the whole year round. However, the eaily spring harvest usually Is the heaviest and of the finest Quality. When you go to market and shop for spinach, look for plants with plenty of good healthy leaves. Tills mel yesterday aflernoon nl the ] vegetable is an edible foliage, so the home of Mrs. B. A Morris. In the business session plans wore forinu- and Mrs. Ray Hull. Harold Sternberg, who atleucln Southwestern University at -Memphis, is spending u a>w days al home. Mrs. S. S StcrnbCTg has rclurn- crt from St. Louis vhcre .she attend lhe funeral of Mrs. Carrieij!. Stcrnberg wlio died in lhat city SaluuEay upon, ,, [ C. A. Cunningham has retiirned from Liltle Rock where he atleriS •H! lo business. condition of the l<vwes Is most im-! Rep. E. B. Alexander lin.s roturir!- portant. Medium-sized plants of cd from Little Rock folowin? ih'e laled for the dinner to be served : . good, dark green color, leaves fresh | adjournment of lhe. stale )c gisla- cleclion day. April 7. ( and crisp, free from sand or dirt, The '20 members and two guests; tire desirable and mean that (he heard this program wilh Mrs. C. E. Parks us leador: lalks, Mrs. P. Holt, vegetable will be lender and an al- tractive vivid green when cooked Mrs. L. T. Ashcr, Mrs- W. M. Me- and dressed for the table. Fariand, Mrs. Jimuiie Peterson,! Of course, spinach Is prone lo Mrs. S. H. Shirley, Mrs. Pleas;Imperfections even us all other life Kimes and Mrs. C. C. Lankford;jof the vegetable kingdom. The most prayers, Mrs L. T. Ashcr, Mrs. J.| common o! these being weeds, plant untauun ia C. Hnrinsh, the Her. E. Z. New-1 insects, sandincss, yellow or willed lie uro-ress so™, Mrs- Clyde Ellis, Mrs. Leslie leaves and woodiness. s-hcol° are Moor; ,Mrs. E. Z. .Newsom. Ctonlue Is Important . The hostess, asiiited by Mrs. Nowadays it's very seldom ilia Has Bridge I'jrly For Uridc Elccl. Miss Margaret Mahan, who ._ tcing complimcnled wilh a series of interesting evenls since lhe announcement of her approacliing marriage . to Mr. James Hlckman Be-11, was Iha honored guest at a Clinl Dunlop, served delicious re- (reshments- Mrs. L. N. Malh'is was leader of l!:' n shipping of spinach is decidedly weedy. However, this should be 1933 Soldiers, Wearing 1812 Garb, to Stand Guard CHICAGO, (UP)—Soldiers in th gay uniforms of the American army of the War of 1812 will sunid guard day and night in lhe log replica of Old Fort Dearborn a-, the Chicago World's Fair in 1933. Ancient blue prims of tho original Ft, Dearborn discovered in (he light with Vick Hyde of Gosnell. and Odus Russell number of their Misses Irene cntcrlainr-d riends Sunday aflernoon. Mrs. karo Sweat and Miss Irene liufscll were guests of Mrs Bill Southard Thursday afternoon Amos Williams and family left I'uesday for Lake Cily where llijy will make their future home. Mrs. Sam Healh antl Misses La- vc-m and Ruby Se'.loon visited friends in Oosnell Tueslnv. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Srttcon of Chigjjei Ridgu arc moving to Ihis vicinity. Mr., antl Mrs. A. J. Wilson and Mr. and Mrs. Thurman Wilson have moved lo i?cc:m Grove. Liivcrn Seuofln was the guest of Irene Russi'll Saturday night and Sunday. Vick Hyde Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Bowles spent Thursday afUrnoon with Ihsir dau- ghler. Mrs. Blan H. Williamson. Mrs. R. M. Dawcs and children p who are here lor a months stay' with Mrs. Uawes parents, Mr. anil Mrs. H. McKay, are visiting relatives in Caruthersville this week. Buddie and Ollie Cassiday and Flo Mae I.ollar were visitors In Stcele, Saturday night. Dorothy Dawcs spent Tuesday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. McKay. Oibin Brackin has returned to his home in Qullin, Mo., alter visiting relatives here. Agnes McKay has returned toi ™EST Ojccola after spending three weeks! S—X-10- BEIDGM A Series of Halting Hands—As Ex-1 Here is v.heru North plans his perls May Them I entries. HP leads (he eight of BV Lim'AKI) t:. WOLl-'i: i hearts (not the six) and wins the Member of (lie National Cliam-i trick with dummy's king. The pioustiip Auction Team I two cf hearts is returned (not the . This is the 14th of a series of 20 prearranged hands recently played by Cleveland's bridge fxperls to test their skill in the play of difficult hands. here. Hulon Holmes of Memphis, Mildred Ray and Preston Perry and Lira Mne Copeland were visitors in Jonesboro last week. Cllie Cassiday spent Saturday nish 1 . with Flo Mac Lollar. Mis, . Joufcs and children of' Lcacliville spent Sunday with her 7-4 H-Q-9-5 D—Q-1Q- S C—8-6-5 r.-^RTK—D^ALEft DECLARER S-A-Q.) H-A-J-8-e D-K-J-7-4 C-A-K SOUTH— DUMMY S-8-5 H-K-7-4-2 EAST S—9-63-2 H—10-3 D—9-6 C—Q-J- 10-43 L— 9-7-2 Entry! tn-tiy! •]i-lry! This dinner SniKlay. cf Cornell was the guest cf Charles Springer The Rev. Walters of Barfield preached at Driver Grove Sunday night. Tom DickcK-on of Luxora was a guest of Charley Springer and family Wednesday nigln. Among those who attended the enleitainnient nt tile home of Mr and Mrs. H. D. Jjhnnpyfell at Half Mcon Tuesday night were: Henry Gaincs. Charles nnd Troy Bigruiii. Charles Springi-r jr.. Grover Wiseman, Thomas Oainos and rM. and Mrs. Charley Springer. The Rev. W. H. Springer of Bly- thcvillc will preach ai Driver Grove son. Mr. Thomas Hasletl. Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Huffman were Huifman visitors, Sunday. ] s | lur |, W ord is very vital in the Mrs. Harold Pompham and dan- . bridge player's le-xicon In its cn- gntcr C f Hayll were callers at the; tirety and especially important is home of Mr. and Mrs. H. McKay, i Us 'last syllabic. "'Pake for Tuesday- stance the following hand: licssic Cassiday who has been ill EVEI-J- writer, teacher and with the flu. is improving. I tutfr on the subject of briilr Mrs. T. W. Snecd and son. Joe I tempts to impress upon tin Wayne of Osceola, Mrs. Luke Cns-ldcnl (lie great Importance of seven) and ,the jack . When this holds he leads Ihj ace which picks up lhe micen. leaving the North hand holrtinj the six of hearts and [lie South hand wilh (he sc-ve:'.—"a re-entry!" Thereafter North proceeds with the dla- ' monds in lhe same manner, leading the seven (not lhe fouv) and. winning with lhe dummy ace. The rclurn of ihe diamond tv. D (nol lhe five), enables North to sue- " eessfully finesse the Jac!:. The ' six of hearts is then led p.iul won by the seven in dummy and the • spade nncssed. When this holds ' North plays the kina of diamonds" and then tin fne of d!n:iioiids, " j thus permitting North Is put ' j dummy in lhe lead to lin?E35 the spade again, resulting in a grand ; slam. (Copyright. 19S1. NEA Service, Inc.V" m- slilay and Mrs. M. E. Wilson and children of Carulhcrsville. were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. H. McKay. Wednesday. Half-Moon Miss Irene Richardson entertained a large crowd of young people music and cauls, Saturday night at her home. ing from the weak strong, as can Ekron News Notes leo; „ c at- stU; lead- j Tliursdav. A. B. Cox of New Albany. Miss." was an Ekvon busin:;:,. Y:sitor ; '. huiid lo UK i MISS \v-yoiiia Ford spent l!i- p-=t " tins manner; w - cct willl rcla ^ iv( , 3 at Dur(1 , ttc _ •-' Mrs. E. L. Frank? had as hc;\'. predates kings for that puipose, but llle cx- I>ert by formulating his campaign] EdVard R spsiit His. with friends. considered, as weedy spinach means • nrchivvc's of the War Department ' '° 55 oi wc '6ht- as well as lime ini^erc used lit building the nc-.v n. j sorting out the wmis. | Dearborn and the uniforms of lhe . s l >inllch whlch 1s ™ r V *•>»">• m , -de tenders" lit 1933 will Ix- iii'n r ,™rin,' nr'lho Woman's Mis- dirly ls extremely difUcult to cir;in. I as au7ientic, according to J.l-'rank- "on ySnof he S 'B^I ^ the grit seems to defy al, uash- lin Bel, ,of the Centmy ,,f P,o- church Monday aflernoon when lhe "di'"™ '° rC '" a " 1 "' l! '° """ B ' theme "Loom of America" was co ^°' rtls , 1 ';.._, ___ „-. "- -~ theme used. These numbers formed the program: song. "Joy to the World"; If the leaves arc light colored; before adding additional and of a yellowish tinge nnd light- , d «,rvinir ly curled, plant insects are usi.illy I • If , hc |, o . rrult prcscnl. If this i-midition '" C no ''- (Ul(c Sunday morning at 11 o'clock. Mrs. Bart Uichardsjn of Blylho- viile has been Hie guest of her mother. Mrs. Bertha Drock, for North won the (rick with the king. | nil his appclntnicnt ai I--i;r-n Sun Mr. and Mrs. J. I. Daniels were The first step in planning (he cam- i dav . church services vill 'i e IP d Blytl-.cville visitors Saturday. | paign was estimating dummy's! ; ,|,'n a . m. anil M lso at 3 n m Ev Mr. and Mrs. Homer Hodge spent' entries. • North could see that he cry 01K j s invited Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. J. G. must lead twice towards spades | Mr. and Mrs James Smit'i of ndl' RiL-hardson. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Lucius of and oner towards hearts nnd cnce | w crc the guests of Porter Smith towards diamonds, which would | Sunday. Lone Oak was visitors in this com- require four entries in dummy.: MJSS Cora Lee Coleman -inri Mr '" tnc.niMiiity Monday. i With the i;ucen-10 outstanding Intcrilz. comity agric'-Hiiral a«cnls : ~- : young people from here | the l:eart and diamond suits.! visited the Ekron schnol Thurs-lay'" thoro is only one way lo finesse. I am! gave instructions to llic -S-II and that is Ihc jack on Ihe second ! club members nb:-ut (he plam-nr,' " rour - <l - ' of Iheir garden.; and o'.her iirajrcls?'.;^''. !»« «'' : '*- . ! several ,.....„ „, M ™- G ™ r !: |; ; Swain wa.s the gurst j attended (hr da°nc'e a[ Mr. Briltain^ of X.rc. Mamie bprms.'i- Thurfday. ilt Lcno Oak. Saturday night. U-on Riiwel and Charles Spring- Mr. B. F. Gay spent Saturday in I'rid , a' U),,o Onk '' ^"^ \ Blythcvillc °" u '< sill( *s\\'. A. Alexander visited in Biy- Iheville Friday night. Prayer services will be held at the Driver Grove schcol house Wednesday night. Hospital Notes spinach with due, cook and .-.TV: cure and [lien devise an in- taken from Luke, Acts and Rom- ... . , . Mrs - Lela Overtoil spent Wc;l-l will buy her ne.-day with Mrs. L;:l,i Overtoil. i C. B. Holt. cilv. was admitted to the Blyihevills hospital today. Head Courier News want nds. — nsiann "inaian ian UBII, -MISS vir-i bells. The yellow and whiic wasiginia Tompkins; prayer, Mrs. E. E.' also noted in the delicious plate I Alexander. ot frozen fruit salad, roscltes. sand- The program differed from the , wiches, olives and hot tea. Mrs. R. F. Kirshner won the high score prize, the cut awaidl • went to Mrs. Otlo Kochtitzky and i usual meetings in that the high school sludents were included. I The washing of spinach is ii-r- iiijv\vi>\o-r J ' L'-IL , • • . 1 r™-iiv cimuio i.,,f nf ... , • . ' UKt "Kl AST — bnr:i!.«-(i irr»h ar'%^ mi ^r r.^is^r^tcS'in,;^ urMti from one water toll, «, the o-.hcr. ."LUN^TON- V ^ i ^l, lrir . | n his way lhe s.ind which lcg c and lettuce smdv.i;-;. ','.,.:, - lo Ilie boltom of tl:c „.,„ is no; ;lis- i s , ra wbe,rie s . fitlc™ nlimitc V^e Mrs. lYonk Lind was the gurtt of Mrs. Oran Randolph Saturday. Dclphlans To Mtel. Mrs. Olio Kochlilzky will I;<J Mr. and Mrs. Chester Woald'ricige leader at lhe meeting of lhe Del-1 visited Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lind phian society at lhe Hotel Noble Srnday Wcdmrday morning. Circles Meet of ly of the First Methodist! MUs Daisy Eaton is ill with an attack of appendicitis. w, are apt (o A LIQUID TO BRING BACK 10, 2 .ind 4 o clock arc everybody's "Zero" hours, when the energy supply i< low. You cjn w.iit it out 'till meal time and run along on. your nerve. But it helps i hcjn to walk out of your ivorrics and dnr.k i bite to cat. Try it. You feel spiff)-... in just a jiffy J - c - ° r luncheon meeting at the churcli. j Blythevilio on biisin'cfs ^Circle 1 was entertained by. Mrs.) Mrs. A. J .Hill vlsitod M I ,"\"T,,n r V" l riul lf lllcy ni:c not Ciisri ""v1cd. jiiillcrrrs (a wriir n,e Th--nim t ri^i , „ A ' J ' H111 was ft busmess visllor Let Spinach Drain Mmo- cb - r « ,,,- l,n ™ V J- Cn-cles of the woman"s_n,: .-:•.-, at Blylhevllle Monday. | After ll.oroughly waM,, 11B spin- ! SI ka^'s o" MO ™ f'.pw ;t firm j sell '.ct it drain In a colander for ci free ropyri-,-hl«i Lcok v.l'iir'h rx- ' li '' .llr V'"." 11 " '? r ' mo " "«M v.-.i- plains A mild, sine tivaimein fijr iw..i at t IT. llten cook it ra-.vred ever a liriiir.rrholds ipiU-o ->nci nil [nr'ii.i 'i.irdiuin lire imlil .-'.iMinn-.i-. atoia i of nvi.-.l dishes Th:< tic riiicrl M, Burns vilh eight P.-^arV M ^ih^"^'^^!^ Si^-KhT^. c^k ^ ! p^ ^*?^ ^ ^ Hi',1 vis- !cov,- ;f |. until loader ,„;,! ,;,„,, <,,y. :.'.:! vears. "in \u,tn, for ,!„- Irok. i;s Crawlcy [Season with fall 1,-mov- |tl;ei-.- ::; r.o cr.s> or .ro'.lt.-U'OM " I r Ing Iro.n lire. Drain if ncce.*.uy I '—Adv.! w. prcsenl. Mrs. O. C. Ganske conducted the devotional with Mrs. Alice Lee leading lit prayer and in Lconoia itcd William and SiK-oks Sunday. ©n.p.c.,i?lt Why Count Sheep,^ To Go to Sleep 9 TPOO much work, too nnich worry. Tired lint loo * nervous to sleep. Counting imaginary sheep, relaxing your muscles, making yom- mind a blank, all no use. You'll feel "nil in" tomorrow. Just dissolve a Dr. Miles' KfTcrvesccnt Nervine Tnhlct in a lialf glass of water. Drink (ho clear sparkling beverage. Drift off into deep ilrcamiess sleep and get up in the ir.nrninc refreshed ill mir.d and body, ar.d icaily for the day's iluiics 01- plcasures. Dr. Miles' Nervine- is now made in two forms—Liquid ar.J Effervescent Tablet. Both arc tr.e same Ihcrapcutically. Get them at your drug store l-arsc Package SI.00 OCLOCK

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