The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1968 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 29, 1968
Page 6
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»<r«*i<U* »v»-Ti\*«« _ ROMMEY CO/V\IK<5 The Political Pace Political activity in the county these days has an exciting sense of urgency and pace. Lieutenant Governor Maurice Britt was in town last week. Secretary of Agriculture Orville Freeman is coming tomorrow and Governor Winthrop Rockefeller is due late next month- Add to the list those who will be present for tomorrow night's affair (or who might be present; such as Senators Fulbright and McGlellan) and you get the idea. In show biz, Lt Governor Britt would be known as a pussy cat (i.e., a genuinely nice guy). The presence of this former University of Arkansas football star and hero of World War II in the Republican camp has greatly enhanced the stature of the party in Arkansas. Some of Mr. Britt's remarks here lust week were well founded ("We don't have a race problem in this state. We have an educational problem," and "With cool heads and warm hearts we can achieve success and continue to go forward rather than backward"). However, Mr. Britt ran smack upon the shoal which most often , Of OtL Archie Moore Speaks Out A Broken. Heart Really Does Care * DEAR ABBY: My husband '(I'll call him Ted) is a salesman, We've been married for 20 years. Last month, white Ted was, on the road, he had a sever* heart attack. His brother called me and said that Ted was extending his business trip a "few extra days" and for me not to worry, but I Sinew something was wrong and I finally got his brother to tell ma that Ted was in the hospital with a heart attack, Naturally I immediately went to be with Ted. I stayed for three weeks and when I asked the hospital cashier for Ted's bill, I saw his admittance form, revealing that he had had the heart attack at 2 a.m. in the apartment of a woman. She called the ambulance and he was hospitalized, using her ADDRESS. Also, instructions were left that his bill should be sent to HER house. When I asked Ted to explain it, he said he didn't know the woman, that she was just the AMBULANCE DRIVER! , I have since found a number of : cancelled checks in .iny husband's desk made out to this woman, going back founders the ship of state when the rock-ribbed anti-tax Republican is at the helm. The. trouble with state finance, Mr. Britt told his audience, is that the entire nation is leaning toward socialism and the only way to pay for all these governmental services is with more taxes. AVell, public school education for example may be socialistic, but it also is in the best American tradition and Arkansas well may start laying plans for coming up with some revenues to fund this program- We feel sure that Mr. Britt did not intend to leave the impression that Republicans uo not favor adequate medical and educational facilities and equitable welfare payments. However, it is difficult to hold out Republicanism as the party of low taxes without leading others to conclude that any party of low taxes in this state also might be a party of indifference to problems which are keeping Arkansas from realizing a destiny which may be the most beautiful part of the state's transformation. The devil is at work in America, and it is up to us to drive him out. Snipers and looters, white or black, deserve no mercy. Those who would profit from their brother's misfortunes deserve no mercy, and those who would set fellow Americans upon each other deserve no mercy. "I'll fight the man who calls me 'Uncle Tom.' I have broken bread with heads of state, chatted with presidents and traveled all over the world was born in a ghetlo, but refused to stay there. I am a Negro, and proud to be one. I am also an American, and I'm proud of that. The young people of today think they have a hard lot. They should have been around in the 30's when I was coming up in St. Louis. We had no way to go, but a lot of us made it. 1 became light-heavyweight champion of the world. A neighbor kid down the block, Clark Terry, became ono of the most famous jazz musicians in the world. There were doctors, lawyers and chiefs who came oul ot that ghetto. One of the top policemen in St. Louis came from our neighborhood. We made it because we had a goal, and we were willing to work for it. Don't talk to me of your 'guaranteed annual •Income.' .Any fool knows that this is insanity. Do we bring those who worked to get ahead down to the level of those who never gave a hoot? The world owu nobody-black or white-a living. God helps the man who helps himself. Archie Moore, the retired light heavyweight champion, for Copley News Service: Now then, don't get Ui* idea that I didn't grow up hating the injustices of tliis world. I ain a staunch advocate of the Negro revolution tor the good of mankind. I've seen almost unbelievable progress made in the last handful of years. Do we want to become wild beasts bent only on revenge, looting and killing and laying America bare? Hate is bait — bait for the simple-minded. If you listen to the professional rabble rousers, adhere to this idea of giving up everlhing you've gained in order to revenge yourself for the wrongs that were done to you in Uie past — then you'd better watch your neighbor, because he'll be looting your house next. Law and order is the only edge we have. No man is an island. Granted, the Negro 1 still has a long way to go to gain a fair shake in this country. But believe this: If we resort to lawlessness, the only thing we can hope for is civil war, untold bloodshed, and the end of our dreams. We have to have a meeting of qualified, men of both races. Mind you I said qualified men, not some punk kid ranting the catch phrases put in his mouth by some paid hate monger. There are forces in the world today bent on the destruction of America. 1 do not for a moment think that any truly responsible Negro wants anarchy. I don't think you will find intelligent, mature Negroes running wild in the streets or sniping at total strangers. Do we have to choke what could be a beautiful garden with weeds of hate? I say NOI and I stand ready to start "Operation Gardener." I invite the respected Negro leaders of our country to Join me. ever a year, Now Ted says he owed her money and was just paying her back, and he refuses to talk about it further. I 'spoke with this woman on the phone and found out that ihe is a divorcee. She,says she and Ted are "good friends." Ted will be discharged next week. His doctor gave me instructions on how to care for him during his convalescence. The doctor assumes that my husband will be coming home for a three month bed rest. Under the circumstances, I'm not so sure I want him. Whereas his heart has been damaged, mine has been broken. What should I do? 'HIS WIFE DEAR WIFE: If you say your heart has been "broken" — you must still care something for Ted. In which case, let him come home, and talk things over when his heart is.stronger — and yours is lighter. . DEAR ABBY: I just finished reading the letter from SECOND FIDDLE, she is fsu- ed with resentment because her husband has pictures-o£ his first wife all over th« house and asked that he be buried beside her when he died. I married my husband two years after his first wife died. He also had pictures of 75 Years Ago —In Blytheville Billy Boone was elected president of the Blytheville Junior Chamber of Commerce for the coming year''at last night's meeting of the organization. Seven Blythevllle girls have been named delegates to the J953 Girl's State encampment sponsored by the American Legion at Camp Robinson. Dele gates are Gaylia. Stilwell, Mary Kay Crafton Bernice Flowers , Betty Lee Garrott, Evelyn Bowen, Kay Kindman arid Jaunlta Ferguson. S. E. Tune, Mrs, James C. Guard and '. Mrs. Oscar Fendler left today for Johnson City,. Tenn., where they w i 11 attend the National Convention of Junior Auxiliaries, . , Mrs, Henry Humphrey and Mrs. E, J, Cure were guests when Mrs, Jesse Taylor entertained with a luncheon at her home for members of the Tuesday Club. - . Vher" all over the house. Before we were married, he told me that he had loved his first wife very much but he said he loved MB* too. He passed away recently, and althp our years together were few in number, they were happy. And during bur marriage I felt no resentment whatsoever toward his first wife, In fact, I would have thought something was terribly wrong had he not cherished loving memories of Her, as they were married for many years. Their marriage was right before God and nian. And so was ours. SECOND WIFE BUT NOT SECOND FIDDLE DEAR ABBY: Your "Confidential to Fort.Worth Willy" was good. You said, "No man works as hard for his money as the man who marries for it." ' However, I happen to be a living example of a man who married more dough in 15 minutes than I could hav». earned in a lifetime. Besides, it's just as easy to love a rich woman M * poor one. Sign me, MAX Everybody has a problem, What's yours? For a personal reply write to Abby, Box 697011 Los Angeles, Gal., 90069 and enclose a stamped, self • addressed envelope. For Abby's Booklet, "How To Have A Lovely Wedding," send .ft.OO to Abby, Box 69700, Los Angeles,' Cat., 90089. THE Bl rTHEVIUJ COUTWER NEWS THE COTOIE3 NEWS CO. C W HAINB.V PUBLISH* HABBT A. HA1NKB Autstant PubUitw-EcUU* OEKE AUS11N Advertising Manager Bil> ' National Advertising Represeotitlve ^_ Wallao Wltmer Co. New Tons, OMMgo Dottolt, Atlanta. Memp&H .Second-clase postage piuu . ,.jit BiJthe'UH, Art, Hembe. ot the assocMeti ««*• SUBSCRIPTION RATES 8j carrier In the city of Bly«»> Tide or any mbafcan to^u wfcort . carrier wrvfci to maintained 33« p« week. *MO per month, By mull within • wdtiu ot 9> mites. JS.OO per. yeal. 15.00 lor — mmtia'."}3.of for tnre» raonthi. bj mall, ouuldt 5j mUei rtdlvu HIM per year payable In advance. Ui'l subscription! ire not accepted in towns and cltlei where Tta Oourlei Newn strrler eerviee !»' maintained, «"l »ubtoilptloai 1M paytBU In advance, NOTE: TH« oeurtw H« so reBponsibiuiy for p MnUfllpt, ,W«^JgjJ , -. . ltt (or powibf. publication. 4MW, 600P LUCK IM PETALUMA! 'BRING BA.CKWUOBLP'SURIST- U)RE£TLIN6 CHAMPIONSHIP,,.! KNOlt) YOU CAN HORT,,,I NKPMOR6 HELL05... S h o w be a t by dick kieiner Kleins? MEXICO CITY - NEA) The Latin temperament of Dean Martin crashed bead-on .with the Latin temperament of Mexico's press — and we almost had another war. Dean is down here filming "Five ard Stud," Hal Wallis 1 big western with Robert Mitchum, Inger Stevens, Roddy Me- Dowall and Katherine Justice. And good old Dino, bless his foot - in - mouth acrobatics, stirred np a hot tamale of a fight, He was just sitting there in the sun, out at the Churubusco studio, between takes. Nobody told him that the Mexico City photographers have free run o f' the studio and feel they can Shoot pictures of anything of is- terest. Dean Martin is interesting. They began clicking away. Yon, have to understand that, in Mexico City, there are nine dally newspapers and 150 magazines and they all have staff and free - lance photographers. They make Rome's paparazzi seem like tsetse flies. They surrounded Dean before you can say Juan Robinson and popped away from all an&les. Well, old Dean didn't like it. And he let them know he didn't like it. He had them shooed away and there were guards posted so you couldn't see Dean with a telcphoto lens. The press wrote it up in loud Latin language. So Hal Wa'lis figured a party — when in doubt throw a party, that's the Hollywood tradition — would smooth things over. The Mexican press said they would boycott the party. .Eventually, the lure of free drinks and hors d'oeuvres was bigger lhan pride, and a few hundred showed up atop the Ba- mcr Hotel. It was a success even (hough Bob Mitchum grew angry at (be flashbulgs in his face and walked out) because Dean and Jeannie Martin stayed and stayed and posed and posed. All is forgiven. Maybe. Mexico City is like that. The company Is finding that there are advantages and disadvantages to working here. Director Hcrtry Hathaway — who lias shot dtwn here before, once as far back as a Pola Negri picture — thinks the Mexican c re w s are great. They move fast and be can average 15 to 20 set-ups a day, against the eight to 12 he gets in Holly- wood. But he has been known to get angry at their tendency to chat. The Doctor Says - by wayne g. brandstadt, m.d. - The most frequent type of paralysis of the facial nerve is Bell's palsy. It affects only one side of the face and is caused by an inflammation of the nerve. This in turn may be caused by exposure to cold, a tumor or an infection, usually with a virus. Recent reports indicate that it is sometimes caused by airplane travel in persons with a blockage of the Eustachian tube leading from the middle ear to the throat. This type of Bell's palsy always clears up spontaneously. In older persons the disease may be associated with diabetes or hardening of the arteries. The onset is usually sudden and the victim is unable to close his eyelids completely or <J) 1M ky NEA, Inc. "Wo, Ww/n-it'i not YOW" wrinkle his brow on the affected side or to whistle. It is important .to remember that Bell's palsy is not the result of a stroke — a frequent source of worry. Patients with stroke involving the facial muscles can't whistle but they can wrinkle their brows and close their eyelids. About 75 per cent oj all cases recover without treatment within a few weeks. Unfortunately, there is no. easy way to identify the 25 percent who will need, treatment. When tests of function made three days after the onset show that the facial para- •lysis is incomplete, recovery is the rule. But it is also true that 50 per cent of those whose paralysis is complete will recover as'well. Tests o£ the electrical conduction through the affected nerve early in the. course of the disease help to determine which victims need treatment. Some doctors have had good results with the anti-inflammatory drug, ACTH, started on the first day of the disease. 01 hers prefer blocking the sympathetic nerves In the'neck oh the affected side. While waiting for return of function in the facial nerve, heatj massage and electrical stimulation are beneficial. Another treatment, that,has given excellent results in selected cases is a surgical widening of the bony channel through which the inflamed nerve passes. This relieves pressure on the nerve which,' if allowed 'to continue, leads to permanent degeneration of the nerve. Full recovery following tnli opeartipn occurs in two to eight weeks. Once he had his Mexican assistant call for quiet - "Silencio, por favor" (quiet, please) — and he was so angry he yelled, "Cut out the 'por favor. 1 " The Americans in the company like the good food and the shopping opportunities Mexica City affords, but Katherine Justice is a little upset at the behavior of some of the citi- ens. "The men are very aggressive," she says. "They sidle up to you on the street and pat your bottom." The company had shot on location in Durango before moving down to Mexico City, and they all found Durango dirty and unpleasant. "I'm still dirty," Dean Martin said. "I'm going to take 20 showers a day for a week when I get home. I'm going to wash my hair from the inside." But it's different from Hollywood. The women who wander on the stage, selling lottery tickets. The seafood soup. The good, inexpensive shoes. The. tequila. And, of course, the Latin temperament. Dean Martin knows all about that now. An Old Story INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. AP) Bill Marvel says he avoided a $460 fine by returning an overdue hook during the Indianapolis library's amnesty week on fines. The book, "The Story of Aircraft," was 9,215 days late. Marvel borrowed it in 1943 when he was 12 years old. Fishy Tactics MOSCOW AP) — When the carp didn't . bite, three Sov.iet fishermen drained the pond with a pump and scooped the fish out of the mud. For this, two were sentenced to two years in prison and the third a year at corrective labor, the newspaper Trud reported Friday. Slytheville (Ark.) Courier Page Six Monday, April £9, 1M»

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