The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 8, 1950 · Page 19
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 19

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 8, 1950
Page 19
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'AT, 8, (ARK.y COURIER WEWS PASS rfTrTlFI"RWf OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople f j 1 DON'T KMOW WHY ONE SMALL WSSTERMTOWN SHERIFF MEEPS SUCH A BIS OFFICE FORCE J WMCT Television on Thursday 1:30 p.mj—Ilendliiies 1:40—News 1:45—MliISoulli News *i'W— Bcrl Olswanger ^S30—Fashion Pararte - 2:45— Ilonscliold Hints 3:00—Jr. Disc Jockey 3:30—Howdy Doody 4:00—Cac-lus Jim 4:30—Spins i Needles 5:00^-Kukla. Fran & Olli* 5:3fr—Spinning IniagPK S^.'V—News Caravan 6:WV—Slop the Music 1:00—Kay Kyser 8:OO—Martin Kane 8:30—Blind Dale 9:00—Morey Amsterdam 9:30—Garroway At Large 10:00—Allen Young 10:30—News We offer complete Television s*rrice.. supplying and install- Inf General Klectric, Motorola, and Capehart models. FO* FREE ESTIMATES HlSVISION & RADIO SALES AND SERVICE ;tt MAINST BIYTHEVIUE ARK J.ior Rent A Car... Drive It Yourself ™ Fr'«ih Crappi* • -;.• ; Chicken Dinner Package Delivery Anywhen Cafe Simpson's STATE LINE Phones 4948 - 937 Political Announcement Th» Courier News tits been authOT 7 . ked to announce the following candidates, tubjact to the Democratic jrimarJM, July 36 and Augitst 8. . FOR COTINTT JTIDGE Roland Green J9*. STATE REPRESKNTATIVE Ix B. Autry ]M-*lectfon po«t No. a John J. Cowan Kenneth 8. Sulcer Post No. 3 I. o, "Oene" nseman (fvr re-election Post No. 4) W. P. WeUs . -; . . For' RiaU Senator W R. Nicholson J. Lee Bearden •HfltTFF AND CO1XECTOR Osee Nunnallj You'll Love Our Flowers! " BLYTREVILLE FLOWER MART MetnphU Eltw*? Phone «*0z jiic, «ht- lniHlK t.Niii^-1'ly In »•«• Jiild- rilr of • murtlcr rn.if, 'I'ht ItrJioi^* dls:i|i|i<'nr null (he JFAI! Imdj ttt nn Kiiilfruorld chitriifttr IM r»nnrl In the Itrownn 1 duiu Fj^allf r, *inM>*>d l.v Ih*- knffr Gloria hnil !«•/( lic- liinil nl Mr*. Hc.iimr*. 1'olEr*- nrp MIIKpti-hUlx 1ml JXTrtiH fil.lrln fillll HIT liusli.Tml to pfun an outfiiK »< A S Gloria set oul to buy food for the lunch on the beach, she saw evidences of this morning's debacle in (he corridor, where a big burly policeman stood outside the Benonis' door and the Janitor was bringing him a kileheii chair io sit on. The janitor complained: <**Morc blinking chaps all over the place, pretending to be what they ain't-" For some reason it made Gloria remember the new little )anitor this morning. Could he be a cop Loo? As she got out ot the elevator, she was surprised to find a new doorman on duty. "Is Eric on vacation?" Gloria asked him. "No, Ma'am, He's on duty mornings and me evenings." He was rvery tall, bigger than Eric even in the shoulders, with keener, more friendly look about him as he walked with her out onto the ^itlewnlk, saying impulsively as he looked at her white net shopping bag, "If you're going to Fifth Avenue, I saw some de- licipiis-looking pears at Tony's. You're Mrs. Brown.^ aren't you?" "Mrs. Miltiadea Brown," she told him proudly. "Thank you tor telling me. My husband loves pears." It was only later that she remembered she'd forgotten to ask his name. She pattered along, the high heels of her xvhite sandals clicking against the pavement, planning her menu. A loud shrill whistle, the kind small boys achieve with a finger in the mouth, made her jump. "Hi, Handsome!" Sammy came rushing toward her across the av- enue ignoring traffic with terrifying nonchalance. "Next lime,'* she shivered ns he came up, grinning, "wnit for the Hght so I won't hnve a heart attack. Why, Sammy! Are for me? You shouldn't have spent your money." • * • T.1E was holding out lo her in his Xi small grimy hand a twist of once-white paper from which protruded the heads of two wilted, bedraggled carnations, one white and the other pink. "I didn't," he confessed. "There's a guy with a pushcart gives 'em away nights when he can't sell 'cm. They looked good this morning but— ypu're kind'a late today, ain't you?" Before she could answer, a noisy argument broke out on the sidewalk behind them and they lurnod to watch a girl in pink slacks very light across the seat and wearing a sleev-y blouse that hid very little trying lo yank her arm away from the grip of a small man in a gray suit. Gloria recognized the man. It was the little janitor. "Aw, it's only Sal," Sammy said. "She's always gelting coked up and making a fuss and the flatties haul her itu" Flatties. So the little janitor was a cop, Gloria thought. Could he by any chance be the plainclothes, man the lieutenant had sent to follow her? "Leggo my ami," the girl was screaming. She had hair golden on topHand black at the roots. The ofiicer looked down the block at the policeman controlling traffic and then as if suddenly conscious of the gathering crowd and of Gloria and Sammy watching him, he dropped the girl's arm, walked oil, scowling. "You mean," Gloria asked Sammy, horrified, "she lakes drugs?" "It ain't luilhin," Sammy insisted. "She'll sleep it oft." He was almost blubbering and suddenly Gloria knew why; hc'c waited all day to give her his flowers and now his bubble of romance had burst. She put her white-gloved hand up lo touch the carnations, proudly as if they had been green orchids. "This is the very nicest corsage I ever had. I cannot tell you how much it means lo me on this particular day to hnve R boy friend bring me flowers, Sammy," she said sincerely. She'd called him her boy friend! The tide of joy running up burned his neck nrick-red and to hide his embarrassment, he tore out into :he street, yelling happily, "PiuersJ Pipers!" • » • /"^"LOKIA, smiling, went on down VJF the street to Tony's at the very end of the block. It was a nice- looking stand wilh oranges, grapefruit, apples and other fruit arranged in designs on one side, with the vegetables on the other. Tony himself was a hunchback wilh his head twisted on one side, giving on« the queer feeling he could see both before an behind at once, but his brown suit was pressed and his white apron clean. "Pears?" Tony repeated her query. "Sure, 1 gotta da swell pear. Better ones inside. You come see, Mrs. Brown?" How did he know her name? Without waiting for her to answer, he took her arm, prop«litng her inside his shop, behind the high fruit counter. "Stop it!" Gloria gasped. "I'll yell!" She was pushed Into the back room where a woman was standing. "Why, Mrs. BenortU" Gloria gasped. "If you make too much noises, I come back," the hunchback warned.' Scowling at Mra. Behoni, he ordered: "You, Sadie, talk fast and get her out of here. If you were not my cousin's cousin . . . It is dangerous." Mrs. Bcnoni looked terrible; she'd been crying, her usually carefully-kept hair was disheveled, and her eyes looked wild as she grabbed at Gloria's hand. V'You got to help' me!" she begged. "Benny, my husband, is in terrible danger and I have no one but you." (To Be Continued) FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS-BY MERRILL BLOSSWI Spolt« Too Soon "You never can wake your father up calling him that way—you'll limply have to learn how to get excited 1 ." t TtlRKID HEATWAVE GONmiueS A3 lix'ft Y fyxw/sf$ Oil. OH, OLD SOSItfe i URN ED IN A I'HISCILLA'S POJ- And He's Sliitk Wilh It BY AL VERMEER Various nntions set the length of the nautical mile at 6,076.1 feet to 6,085.95 feet. 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LET'S 5EE HOW FAR VOU CAN HIT THIS ONE! JUST WATCH ME! THAT'S MY BUBBLE-GUM PITCH! UY MICHABI, O'MALI.EY and RALPH LANK :, WIR HNCf AISC AND I ANNOUNCED OUE EN6AGEMENT HIS LIFE'S BEEN IN , JSOPAROY. MAVBE IF T LEAVE FOR GOOD EVERYTHINS WILL BE- All BIGHT AGAIN. WITHOUT YOU, BOBBY, KINGS WILL NEVEK BE •RISHT* FOR CAN'T IMAGINE WHO'D BE CALLING ME.PROBABLY T SUfti A QUIZ PSOGPAM. SEE 1 Tt«NS, YOU BEFORE YOU LEAVE, V VIC. BOBBY? CAPTAIN EASY (Inhe Blows VJii RY LESUE TURNER _.cucrw>js w \soop GOSH otoiemY.icic! H' WIUDER5_ \AIN'T THERE NO SAflSFVIN' AMD ft FENCE \ 1HM WOMAN f SHtU BE AROUMD TIT HOUSE WPIM' FOR A MAKBLE 10 KEEP W STOCK / STNRVAV 10 TtT MllCK- OUTDOOKS- / 1 WEXTl I HMt TO fi!l*JC, X 6»tS DCMMICIU' SOME WPKOVEMIUT )? A UNPLEftSAUT \AROtlNP HERE,OABE,_CM1LE 6i»RDS IK^TEADA MRf SATES SHI CAU'TOPEU 1«AS JUSTTHIMKIIO OF M1Z COBb. SMS'S Will, PItOB'LV GOT YOU KNOW I NUT 8OT A CWftCAl *O«E IU MV'BODY, ICK..,BUT THAT'S IlftoCLE- BCMUOEST P!G-HEftDEDE5T FEMALE EVER I ONCTSH6 SETS'EK HEAD OH SUMP'H.SHE RUNS f>. FEILER IILLSHE GITS IT! POINT OUT MEE GOOD reftns REMEMBER OK TWO..,NO DOU&T. I— BUGS BUNNY I T-TOUI7 HI« MB COULC? S-STOP PRftCTICIN' BUT HE REFUSES'; SOWETHlM'S HSHE'S A QUARTER TAKE' A 1 UUR3V UP, OCEKO/ I IT TOOK WE'Ll. MISS TH' .—' A L1TTLB CIRST SHOW/ ^/ LOM««R THAI t PISUKEP T'OST TH' POUOH 15 Y V. T. HAML1N NOTHIN 1 LIKE THIS EVEK. HAPPENS UNLESS YOU'RE DINOSAUR. SQUA.TTIN RIGHT I HOOTS AND HKR BUDDIES BY KDGAR MARTIN MlYOU T.mwv' 1 ^wiw.TO TOP

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