The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1943 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 19, 1943
Page 3
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'? PAGE FiDUR ^LYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, MARCH 19, 1943 !Published Every'Friday In 'thef Interesfof Farm Ffcmiliee of TWi|j Agricultural-Section. FARM NEWS-PEA 7 URES I Suggestions For Better Farming Featured For This Section'! Progressive Farmers. Just Received ... |.ifew^iiipinent, of woHd famous DEWING Water Systems . . . Both electric and Gasoline Driven.' 'See Us for i e I' lt ' n a "^ otjier Farmers Have Chance To Win Cash Awards And Aid War Program Slate extension directors find Farm Security Administration supervisors this week issued a. pica to all farmers of Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi suid Missouri, who are participating in the Kootl For Freedom program this year, to enroll in thu Plant To Prosper or I,ive-Al-Il6me Compu- Couricr News ami The Commercial £..Aslc us about Ejcming Water : Systems. All sires ami capacities of shallow and deep \vpjl systems'are; available.. The " teiii (illustrated) ' is/low pi iced buc Has features you vrould ordinarily 4,-xpcct in higher jS-iccd sysicms. Quid oficrnlioti, dependable performance, low cSst maintenance, and long life ot Dcming Water Systems pro- t"eci your investment in running water... tbc greatest of all modern conveniences! Tberc's a right type of Dcming Water iystcm to meet YOUR requirements. Ask about ill titions, sponsored by Appeal. Farmers who enroll in Hie four- j point newspaper contest have an opportunity to win cnsli prizes Idnlint! SM50, it wns pninted out by a<4ricuHi]ral leaders, and also will cuiilrlbiiie greatly lo the war 11 by diversifying their crops, conserving their soil, living at home and improving tlielr furm nnd home mnnasomont. First prlw will be $500 in cash In tin' Plant To Prosper Contest, while Hit 1 Livc-al-llome swccp- nkes prize Is $250. Stale prizes e $100 for flrsl, $75 for second id S50 lor third lo both lantl- vnerr, iiml lennnls In Planl To rosper, and $50 for flrst, $25 for cuml, $15 (or Ihlrcl nml $10 for lUilh to both landowners and •limits in Ihe Llvc-Al-IIome Con est. In addition, all county winners ill receive the Commercial Ap- etil's Certificate ot Merit, tcstl- [ to Ihclr ability and Indus- as, farmers, and an- invita- lon lo the annual rallies and ban- ucls Is- Memphis in December. All farmers of Ihe four slates ,ro eligible lo enter one ot tlu, onlcsts, the Uve-Al-Ilomc Divl ion bchiB lor negro 'farmers. En ollmcnt blanks nnd record book uny lie obtained at Ihe offices a lie county extension nycnt, horn ienxuistrallon agent, or tlie Farm Security Administration. Ranting A VICTORY GARDEN? g] Sec us for FKKKY-MOUSU seeds of all kinds. Fresh Stock Of OKLAHOMA; ALFALFA :; SEED .^ / .And, Other Field Seeds Jri u B mm HARDWARE CO. FSfl (iEPfllENlS Borrowers Well Ahead Of Schedule In Clearing Up Indebtedness iraiu Feeds Used In Producing ;''Market Pork .; Should Be Balanced Producing: pork for Victory, MIs- . ls*'lu|>l County runners are feeding out more lions than iisunl to finished weishts. At the same lime, how- ilicy confronted with a lluild Own' I'irc En e lues JOHNSTOWN,'Pa. tU.P'K — Fire, engines arc s'cnrcc in wartime, so Jolinslown liremcn are building their own equipment. Work is pro- Ui'PVslng. on four pumping mills, mounts for which are constructed trom old aulos and 'parIs gnllifirctl from nulo and junk dealers. Tiiere 'is no shiny nlcke 1 , and red paint, "but (hey tbrow water and do tbe jcb and that's all we're co;-.oerned with," said Councilman Fred S. Broslous. • •' A total ot 280,504 troops 'served with tbc United Stales Army i» the Spanish-American War. ' Read •.Courier News want ads. . Federal Land Bank 31HOMS —T.OXC 'I'EilM LOANS —I.O\V INTEREST —Short Term Privileges Marcus Williams Secretary-Treasurer Cotton licit N.F.L.A. Osccola, Ark. Farm Security Administration borrowers in Mississippi ' County compare favorably with FSA borrowers In other sections of the Unitrd Stales In repayment of loans, iccordiny to Robert \V, Downs, FSA supervisor. A report from Washington shows that repayment on FSA rehabilitation tons in tlie na'.ion jumped to 92.0 per cent of mauirltics Dee. 1, 1342. compared-with 75.4 per cent tn the same date In 1041. Repayments on FSA loans in 'Mississippi County represent 131.5 per cent of amounts due ns of March 1, 1915, Mr. Downs said. Ihese compare with 100 percent at the same lime a year ago. Collections from Farm Security borrowers In Arkansas rcprcsenl 95.8 per cent of amounts due on rehabilitation loans as of Feb. 2 J. v. IIlBhfill, state director of Arkansas.' lias, announced. Farni families who .. bori'9>vp( money from the Farm Seciirilj .dministratlon to buy their' owi arms in Mississippi : County, , loo lave a splendid record .of rspay ijcnt,, Mr, jD'owns added. " j; ; Twenty-five farm ownership (j'or rowers in this county iiavc pai< S1.087.00 on their farm purchnsi on ns since July I.. 1042, ulthougl he total amount due is only 983.00 ' Coiiection figures of Dec. 21 sho\ .hat 40 Arkansas farm familus whi borrowed money from the FSA t 'juy family-type farms made pay nent of over 51,000 each tbuv psst year. In addition, 53 Arkansas'f Arm ownership borrowers paid 'from $500 to- $1,000 each en their 'loiins. Avernye payment due was approximately S200 ami tliEsc borrowers arc ' from two 'to five payments ahead with money made from fann earnings in 1942. shortage of animal proteins lo balance (he 1 grain feeds being used in Ihis iiu-reascd pork prodiicllon program, and for feeding brood sows and young pigs, polnls ° ut •>• J - Plckri'ii, counly agenl. Hiviius? of their high miality, animal proleins are the most desirable of all protel;: supplements for wine feeding. They also furnish oriiiin imporlanl vitamins anc minerals necessary for economical' ruins. offset (he shortage of nnlmal , i.j duiine the emergency, the Jniversily of Arkansas College of Agriculture recommends the use if ii larger proportion of oil meals, loin Clubs, Gates Urges Farm Women In the Interests of greater unity of effort in meeting wartime food production needs, Aubrey D. Gates, ussislant, extension director of the .Unlvcisity of Arkansas College of Agriculture, llils week urged all fnrin women in the stale lo en- •oll In home demonstration clubs. In announcing n month • long drive l)y the state's 2,530 hclno production on the farm front a.s well as the release of commercial stocks of food for American and allied fighting forces and Industrial workers. In regard to the membership drive. Gates pointed out that mcm- ucli as cottonseed mrnl nnd soybean meal. \Vlicn oil meals are used for pro- cln supplements, the hogs .should :c nr'zed on winter 'grains or fed ground alfalfa hay. If hey ts fed, t inny constitute 10 to 15 per cent if ihc entire- ration. Breeding stock ihotild have at least 15 per cent of lie t;il meal In their ration. "To provide.the minerals, usually 'urnishcd through Ihe nnlmal pro- .sins. the College of Agriculture ccommcncls that a- mixture of 20 .joiimh of ground limestone, 20 loimiLs of .steamed bone meal, nnd pcimds of salt should be provided demonstration clubs lo Increase membership, Mr. Gales • declared lhat farm women can help themselves In meeting new wartime problems as well as assist the Extension Service , in overcoming the current problem of curtailed travel by joining the Extension-sponsored farm women's organi/atton. He explained Unit March, desij- nalcd as Home Demonstration War Pledge Month throughout the nation, jvitl be observed in Arkansas by an Intensified membership campaign and a movement to step up the produclion of a "home food suply for Victory." With Ihe labor shortage threatening a decrease in the state's to-' tal prop production in 1943, Gates said that maximum home production of food should be Ihe minimum goal of all rural families in 1943. The production of an adequate year-round food supply all farm families in the stale he pointed out, would assure the maintenance of health and ca- In home demonstration clubs gives I'ach member the benefit of din epei'lcnce of all other members of the club as well ns the personal assistance of Extension-trained subject matter local leaders. . Explaining that the program of home demonstration clubs is developed by farm women them- through the Arkansas Council of Home Demonstration Clubs, r. Gules said that some of the wartime problems which Ihe clubs will tackle (his year include In- :rcased food production; tlie reduction of Illness accidents, and Tires; conservation of clothing and tiome equipment; and the bolstering of community morale. Home demoirslration clubs are also forwarding scrap collection and bond purchase drives, and studying la- tloning and consumer buying problems, lie said. An average of only one of every 800 oysters hutched reaches maturity. Hearing, as a rule, is more acute with the right car than with the left. ^v/^.'-l^i^.rtM, • ;^^''^ S r ' r ,Yfa\t' V>'. -• • '2«t'n.'i wliere ihe hogs will always luic access to it. If small amoiml.s of animal protein are available, these should be fed to breeding slock and young pies, • Mr. Farmer See Us For Farm Equipment Of All Kinds! MODERN KNIGHT Oni: tif U'lusUc's Outstiinillng Bourv. Two Horse HREAKING 1'LOWS (No. certificate required) 'Horse-Drawn, 1 row I'l.ANTOUS I No certificate required) All sizes nc«- A-C TUACTORS (Meed certificate) . All sizes Clipper SEED'CLEANERS Need certificate) Horse and Tractor DISC HARROWS (Need ccrtificaleV Sec us fin FIELD SEED of all kinds. PAUL BYRUM Phone 104 1 liuvc a few Kilts milled In Modern Kninh.1, one of (lie highest hred hours out of I lie North. Also, ;i few l«'iill hoars .sirctl \>y Streamline li. Hoars for service. We lire now booking orders for Sprint;- pigs sired by Whislle's New lira. J. R. WHISTLE MANILA, AUK. Phone (i7 rove Increase tock! Tofits! : . . .Any member oi 'c'ms Association will he glad to give you (acts "„"" asiil (igiu es on the advantages oi raising these profitable hogs. Top Pedigree Durocs For Sale />'[/ These Members: I C. BUCHANAN C. M. ABBOTT CASTL10 BROTHRES Blytheville, Ark. B, s. 'WHISTLE Bkck Oak, Ark. J. R. WHISTLE Manila, Ark, ..Blytheville, Ark. STANTON- PEPPER • j . • Huffman, Ark. 1. H. AUTRY Burdette, Ark. Luxora, Ark. C. H. WHISTLE Whistleville, Ark. E, S, BOLLARD Blytheville, Ark. BURDETTE PLANTATION, Burdette, Ark. Wriks SOO Servicemen • ERIE, I'a. (U.P.I—Charles Stone, 17. regularly corresponds with upward cf 500 Ecrvhx men scnttca-u over the country- and most ofthtm! he never met. One grateful soldier I wroic Slonc. "I'm always anxious to make new friends, and from' your very patriotic idea 1 gather •ou would b e a good frisncl lo lave." Published By The DelU Implement Co., Blythevillo Scries I Friday, March 19 . Good Chix 2 Good Feed 3 Proper Sanitation Send in your contribution lo the Red Cross today—the money is needed this year as never before. If in doubt as to what to give, just lake last year's donation and multiply by hvo. "This year, give double" is Ihe theme for the 1943 drive. DI We have a new Fannall II tractor tagged for North Mississippi County. The line I'roms to the right. No. 30 -Dl- Mrs. Wslelle Stewart, on South llwy. 01, has a good used one-row riding planter for nali 1 . It may he seen a! Hill Cable's place on Dogwood Hidge. -DI- score a HOME HUN, you J- can't skip a sinfilc base. S.iino thing is true in.raising chicks. Start with GOOD Cliix.,.fccd 'cm GOOD Feed...follow GOOD Sanitation. Slipju only one —and you may be called OUT! Thai's why we say... BUY OURQUAUTYCHIX Uarclml RIGHT frm.i li-pinducinK (locks, ready ro GROW die ruin- ulc you ue' 'cm! INSIST on STARTENA America's (;nlejl selling Slaner. Only 2 pouiulsi>:[ chick is .ill you HCcJ. RELY on CHEK-R-TABS IViltcct vour invcslilKiU i:i C.'iOkt chix and fccJ \vili; lliis j-»-ay \va[cr lablcf. We're TCJ Jy to serve all your pouiir-| mcJs. Sec us — ianil touch all bircc. L L Ashcraft Co. 112 K. ^lain VbrWA We still have Dayton water pumps and systems in hnlli gasoline and clcclriciilly operated inixluls. \\ r o also have water softeners. Get our prices before buying- DI Jesse I). I'ierce, farming south of Ulythc- villo, asked ns (o mention Unit fie h:w a used riding cultivator for sale. He says il's good as now. DI We have a completely rebuilt Karmall K-i}0 on the used lot now. It's tires are good for plenty of service. No certificate is needed. We can give you a good guiiriuilec on H'is Iracloi'. DI There is a t;ood used light weight Athens bush and lios (raclor disc harrow for sale on our used lot. We're showing it for James C'hildcrs. —DI 525 Iniy.s the cleanest used man's bicycle you've seen lately. It has good tires in lirsl class condition. See it here at our place—but come cnr'y! TANK UP YOUR ALBUM DON'T HAVE IT STUCK HALFWAY Boon if info 0 foncf TODAYI TTENTION MB. FARMER! j four pasture should be considered as one of the most valuable crops on your farm. Tom Little Hardware Co. has a complete stock of fresh seed, which are recommended by eSPTY AGEKTS, wh* with a committee of County Farmers recommend various seed for SAN®Y SOILS, WET LAND AND mmi softs Ira Little Hardware Co, mixes these seed as you want them. seed which have jast arrived frosn tagledorf Seed Co, Also a complete line of garden seed-owing to a huge shortage of canned foods, why not plant a History Garden and can your owsi- LITTLE HARDWARE Co. 12(5 W. Alain Phone 515

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