The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 18, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 18, 1933
Page 3
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SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 18. 1933 BLYTHRV1LI.R, (AKK.) COURIER NEWS Succeeds Woodin as Treasury Head He Listens But Without Hope for Call From. People He Ruled. BV II. C. BUIJRMAX United Kress Correspondent DOORN, Nov. 15. (UP)—"Die Wbehl am Rheln" still is kept by an acing and disillusioned Wtlhelm n. " * . . „ The slier, vigil goes on, as In the old days, [hough the Rhine here !s tilt a pla':id country creek—the wolcher an enfeebled shadow of the man who ruled imperial Germany in its day.of greatest .glory. Fifteen .years after, ris.'.fllght into exile. Wilhelm invardly nas al-. te'red very little. Gone- are the imperial trappings and..Lho uniforms; the hnir and the bristling,' )iplurned mustache are snow-white ! now. like the beard he has grown. [ But beneath the externals, Wil-' helm. Ihe nmn, is the saine--im- perious, o little sentimental, schol- j'arly, stubborn and'sometlmes child- At the srnoll wayside station of Mflarn, a few miles from i^ere, a dojen newspapermen, including my- selg, along with-a few Dutch gen T darmes. paced lha -platform nerv-: onsly 15 years ago. One rumor said Wilhelm was to arrive at Manrn. another that he was headed toward Utrecht, and still another that he would end his flight at Arnhem. Darkness was coming on. - The little group on'the platform grew j New restive. Suddenly, out of the fading ttrTiight, came Wilhelm's imperial train. Gliding smoothly in. il slowed lo a halt, and from it stepped trie Kaiser, preceded by his bodyguard. He was dressert in his field-gray uniform and obviously was tired, but the eagie eyes still flashed and the bearing was just as imperious. The tan of Ihe battlefields was on his face. • He had just coirn from the German army headqucK-. 3 behind the front. 'Wilhelm'walked slowly to an au- PAOB TREK* NEXT WEEK ai Rlytheville's Theatres TUB: RITZ I A story mini's, nap from hell." "While Woman" loki U: '-\njli'. ti;re I.I.IIIL; ;. HIM niiKi-y cli'MH-nts lsi\vas directed bv Stuart Walker. 1 Might 1 . ihi- fen- Malicious nosslp has branded lev" will be shown Saturday al the Rllz, It is a waterfront story, filllioiiRh basically nn odd chnrnclcr study. Human 1s built around a little foundling, and for thrill and spectacle the U. S. imvy and a race track scene me Incorporated. THE Iii "llrlef Moment" nt Ihe Roxy|nn," a romantic comedy of a Nile. -. Hi r ' .y nnd Mondny Carole Lorn-1 Bi'lrtc whose philandering adyen- bmd liurrprcls Ihe character of lurcs lclui " tm Into » love affair Aliby 1-tme. a stnigijllng cabaret I™' 1 nn E "6ltsh woman. The ro- sliiKcr who mi'i'lii nnd ml , rr | cs I"iiuillc guide wins her .love only Rodnoy Doane, rich mid Idle EOII nfter D series of cxcillng events of a lully prumlnm family. '" lhc desert, cinises her to leave Is like u bit of henven llcr n ' m «, n young English en• ••»>'* - "•« n n- j ,11 ,i 11 v. ivj it.-> i;v?w)i|j nun uiiimit-M .*iii< i iLi,;i' is il At 1 H mi, yi licilvCli -••*.•*•*., .. ^ VUHQ OH^JI^M *.u- the H:'./. Summy CaroU- l.nmhi.-d In the Malay 1 for u while—until Abby comes to tflncer, and return with him to | .H'lllenu'nl iti which she llves.l realize tho futility of II all—the llls trlbc - M>'rna Loy takes the i 'ihf MIC mil-cm-; John Harry-: While she i-; pleading with ilie'ccns-lMs loiiml of parlies, drink- j' art otu\c heroine, and Reginald Imurj. ;,:i ,,; r mall company inui'i-! I'Ulliorlilos not to ileporl her, 1 ing Ixiuls and piny. She Implores "™ny « the young engineer. Thc irocr. V.!II:M- m.>d Is Itm the malll Charles Uuiglilnn, In the role of.Koil to t;o lo work. He agrees, but >'' ct !' rc wm "jf shown Tuesday, 'must |ji, tliuurgli: Holier t Muni'!'' 1 '". khiK ur the nu-r, becomes 1 under the of t«ln« cm-j' vc "" c '™ lly nn " Thursday. . i'cmi-iv. tin- |ii;c>: cii tin- u.uis-i iii'tUI-.'dly Imi'ii'Med In the girl, ployed he scamps nround town /.mlcnii I..II; C'nrk Ciublr. shuutins! I v ailt! > I' 1 '' 1 . What he wants, lie ncrthu:inS t::rout!li n U'rrilicj D 011 '- limn I'.itu-jonUi, nnd Ik-leu, He arrives;'vitli Carole-at his 1-wsc-toui home.- far up Ihe river I.'nyea. (i.\blj\ •ivuriy-ilhir.icii.-ii l.wsc-toui home far up Ihe river vile. ;..ii!::irdiiuti: pin's bilni! u'.it in (he jun^ln. Here in tl)o midst cxcflli-!': \\trh [ran. Myrrm : Ixiy,, r.f these wuiiiaii-slnrvcd men, mid Wnliam,i-i. c. Henry Gordon, tli:- ti-i'w!ji'vo:r natives, she l! Leslie ! ,.;itcj!i ;l nil utlniv:. Lionel Ion-eel lo fivht her \\ny Ihroagh H:iiiyii.c; k -. AS HIM<iisy-j :.ll Wild.' U [ hi.yrfshlps, H:ui VIM: feet'' ' uth, ' ' kind.- ut h;.><Ishi|X<; "' |lfl "' i '"•"' " lul -' lra ' llsl "' d Hi:'" Die others, I flllls i».'ovi> with her. Through this afr^HcM canes l.ts r •genera- scamps with his former cronies. When his 1 nrlstllng with action, "The wife dlx-overs the deception fihe 13oilh)B I'olnt" with Hoot Gibson piomiilly leavi-s him. The turn of In the leading role will be shown events and the llnal denouement!J-'rlday and Saturday.) The pic- provide the srul!)i( tor tender, ro-i ture Is nllvc with exjltlng situa- mantlc ilranin and sclnllllallna I'ons and Ls said tolbe one of comedy. Ramon N'ovnrro plays in one of his "The Burtavl- Oibson's best Wcsten| tlou there will be 'a, an Installment of thai In addl- irtopn and ?rlal, "Last Frontier" with Crelghttin Chancy. W. H. Sheltnn, Farmer of Near Lepanto, Dies T .,,,,..... .,•.,; . . . l -" n - In -- ovi: ™ !l lwr - Through w. n. Melton, ra rieiiu-ndniis llinll value is in- j this aff;':ilo:i canes his rjgenern- , „ t l-.m-ii! !!i Hie luniiiu'i- In wlilcli tlcn. She l-j li:;cwls,c chr.ngjd, and Ol Near Lepar brown n:ts tack and forth from tlu-y i!c!it thsir wuy to liajipl-J I.EPANTO, Ark.—Fu CiiiL-.c 1:1 [IK sv>n»-,j,itii.... i 1-0:3. {i-niv'L-iiienlj; for W H, ! 1C B:n:->iiia-e, it-Hie In his cilice; i ' pronilni'iit Mt-slsslppl < 10 llf.-n finj^j. Irani';; 1 OVi-l - un- ' The fO'.jr Mnrx hrnttlors Irt TUfr \v>m .mirc-nmlMiH n Srr:ii .suspense lo scenes • show- "purser" of the nation's Ship of Slate . . . Henry A. Mors er.thau, Jr., meets the press after his appointment. imeral ur- SheHon. 60, p'ronilni'iil Mississippi comity fur- The fo'jr Marx brothers In their mer, who succumbed at his home ne\vi3i c'liniMly, "Duck Soup" aro near here Wc<lnesday following u featured al tho Illtj. Thursday fhort illness ol pneumonia, are of Gable's niul Friday. ..held in abeyance, pending tho Jir- (•Jnnc (!i-ji)!ihi 3 lower and lower.' The locule is n myllilcal slate rival of a son from California. i.iiiil iii.jlly it r:s:lsici-s "empty 1 :— of which Hufus te prime mlnLntcr, I He Is survived bv his wife, four \ :i i i::: iro'jii-l m sight through » position he attained by whecd-' daughters. Mrs. Eunice Wallace, 'iv !..,!: :iur.!i clouds. j Hug enough dough out of Mrs. Mrs. l.cona Hlavlock. Mrs. Clco ,-•- sTeasdalc to keep the country go- Chrlsmond, Mrs. Ncoma Moore, all "Whir". 'Htnrrlng Char- i '"^ T ' ie P' 01 apparently Is for- of near l.epanlo, and four sons. Joe l-j-jjliton. Carole 1] Lombard, Chart-s nichiord and Kent Taylor li tiie main attraction Tuesday nncl Wednesday. gotten as the gng parade begins. Awall, Lloyd, Joe Robb, nnd Obc- A pec.nut vendor and hat swap- die, nil of near l.epanlo. and John Voice af the Late Tom Walsh Heard at lluey Long Inquiry tbmobilei two giant German officers in front of him and two more close behind. The newspapermen stood transfixed. One by one they removed tfteir hats. The stolid Dutch gendarmes saluted. Wilhelm smiled faintly and touched thc peak of Ills cup. BV RODNEY DUXCHER Courier News Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON, Nov. IT. — The voice of the late Senator Tom In Vote Scandal Then came the wild rush of motor cars to castle Amerongen. where Wilhelm's friend. Count Hsn- tinck. lived. The reporters followed. When they arrived at the an-. (knt chateau, surrounded by a deep moat, they found it silent— I the dr'ay,-bridge'up.,.yVilhelm's flight 1 had ended. •...''.' From his window. In Castle Amerongen,he could see "the Rhine wind sluggishly over the flat Holland landscape. Later he moved over to DDorn. There, at 74. he-now lives out his days in a. never-ending "Water, on the Rhine"—an aging exile with his face turned toward the Easfc. listening intenlly fcr the call of hk people. ("Eberl . . . Hindenburg . . . Hitler," he has heard, but not Hoh- cnztllern. After years of waiting l:e has lost interesl in whether he himself ever shall rule Germany again. A Hohenzollern, yes. A Hoh- enzollern must rule again—but not Will-.elm II. They must "wait and see." Sometimes Hermine iie?.;ly dcspaire. Hcrmine. his. consort, plans and schemes to hasten the restoration But Wilhelm will have nothing to do with her parties, salons "and charity bazaars. Walsh of Montana is barking at the special Senate committee investigating the Overton election in Huey Long's state. It makes the committee look more like a bunch of sick cats than any other that ever spent a tax- paver's nickel. Young John Holland, the chief investigator, who denounced the Connally committee at New Or- eans for its seeming obeisance to Huey. was Walsh's protege. Trust- d confidant of that great in- uisitor. he learned how Senate nvestigations were run when pro- edited.; honestly and relentlessly. to Take Able Bod- f ied from Emergency Relief Administration Rolls All persons in Mississippi county ;• employed on relief work . projects .. ore to become employes of the new Civil Works Administration ere ated recently by President Roosc velt, according to W. R. Dyess state director of relief, and wit receive a scale of wages ranging from 40c per hour for unsktllet labor, to SI an hour 'for skillec Inbcr. except on road projects. The new .wage scale will'not gc into effect,' however, until the ac lual transfer is made, but', afte that time the workers will be given regular weekly wages on the civ] works payroll and will be dropped entirely from the social investiga ll"n of the Emergency Relief Ad ministration. On road work thc man will be paid 30c an hour for unskilled la bor and 40c an hour for skille; labor, the rates being based on th state highway department sc»le under the new NRA highway pro pram. Road workers, however, wi I* allowed a « nour weck , wh |i all others win be allowed to WOT orlv SO hours per weck. Under the new set-up, accord- J '?, . Ir ' nycss - tnc civ " Works Administration proposes to take rvtr all approved relief work projects now under' way i n each county, making them Civil Works projects as of November 16 1933 4Ml men who are eltiiblc will be Tallowed to work 30 hours a w«k Yfg«rdless of need. All persons on relief work rolls never was afraid of anyone. Holland ' dug up the facts for Walsh hi tlie Teapot Dome scandal and watched the old bulldog hound "all," Sinclair, and Doheny. to ob- cquy. Walsh called him in again or the sensational lobby investi -i atlons. Walsh had given Holland his first job in the senator's own ;ffice here. • • • So you can imagine how Holland 'clt when he iound senators bot- !in? up his evidence in the clec^ tion case of Huey Long's other senator, John Overton. There was oo much of Tom Walsh's spirit and integrity In Holland to allow him to keep on taking it. He blew up with an amazingly oud bang— called Chairman Con- lally "yellow" and charged the committee with "covering up for he rat from Louisiana." His friends here were astonished. 3ut they knew how he felt. They magined Tom Walsh would have been proud of him. Holland lias preslige and many friends here. The Connally committee can't laugh him off. The Louisiana "investigation" had been considered more or less of a joke. Everyone knew Huey was beinij handled with gloves. piiut-dcstroyliiB stunts are the West of Los Anseles. Cnl. vnngiiards in which Brownie, Chi- | Mr. Shcllon came here wllh his , ,...,,, , •,,,,, collnl " ml thc Vendor participate, family In 1922 from • Eupora, Miss. n ci .:.-.- Malay jungles, iTIic picture has lltllc continuity. He was n member of the Mcthotl- cf tiY.eiieious snvuses, wosnrui- u C | 11B ,,u comc dy anil nonsense. Isl church. men and a kt^illful, | i n i erim ,nl wll , ^ ln anrdcn pp]Ka!i!i» wcsnan, a prlae for', stnrrlng Ulchanl Arlen and Ju- Point cemetery in these H-.HI who live nl the "last! tilth Allen, "Hell mid High Wa- county, near Etowah. Mississippi Thc Ilrst Is the^hrapesl CO, S' UP Super-lit^' That New V Cv3 Mcdl'.im Slzr l.ump -.Per Ton Half Tnn Coal iO Cash LOO Superior Goal & Mining j Co. 304 W. Walnut Phone 700 •"The oaly redFon yon are here 'ConMni"-d fr»m POTC One) ouiet. genial fellow of the professorial type. He is (al!, rather thin, v.-lth a lon^ fnce tap=rma to the chin, hieh forehead, prav eves nnd rimless spectacles. His father was President Wilson's am- ba^iador to Turkey. In the last few nionlhs he has been "the world's higgesl bank- tr." in charge of the admiimlra-" tlon effort to save the farms of debl-ridden farmers in danger of eviction. This huge operalion involves the use of 52,000.009.0011 to take over farm' mortgages j frpm their holders, reduce interest, an- i thorize five-year moratoriums on ; prmci]>al and substitute a long- jtime amortization plan. Morgcntlmu ' had the task - of arouping under him the various federal farm credit agcncirs—In- termediate credit banks, joint stock land banks, federal land, banks, H F. C. and Department of Agthe Federal I riculture Loans and now -Is to close' die record FPVIU Board •which Senator Mov/ell Rave' Ills life to bilild an.I u-lm-li tlial nil from LoulsiniKi helped kill!" •Byes blazlns n-iiir onser. Clilef Investigator John G. Holland is pictured as he unloosed a tirade agaiD&i Senaii>i'f Logaa and ' Thomas, meiulii'fc^ pt the Senate j comniinee invoil'j'atinf Louisiana election s^ind^is. at New Orleans, fluey l,(ni£. at a nearby table, was the ihinl target ol Holland'* denunciatloa. t:ey out of the committee in her His chief interest haci always been in farinin!;. One? lif was engaged in social work In New York, but lie chose to BO to Cornell to study agriculture. His ancestors had been German farmers. At college his health i'rokc dmvn and he went oft to a Texas ranch. He studied farms firsthand. When he graduated he looked about for a farm and finally consolidated 1.4CO acres in Dntchess County: New York. He and Roosevelt, "gentlemen ; farmers" both, became neighbors, demand for a' Studious, quiet Morgenthau likes recent exchange of telegrams with ' Connally. Replying to a — - - , ... "real" investigation, Connally to bra S auollt h >s ^rm. which he pompously indicated that the lady'. ^ e ™ te ^J° /""", nllti , Jti "', r ^ >r , od " was spared contempt proceedings "" ' T "" '""" >- " '""'* "'""^ only because of her ignorance. ,,,,,. Even Huey's Iriends admit that herd of 100 registered Holstcms Hilda Hammond thereupon skinned an d Jerseys, including a nrize Hol- him alive. ... The enraged, con- "(cin bull named Hshklll Sir May- Mrs. Hilda Phelps Hammond, temptuous blast of its own investi- Hungcrveld Uek-ol <v!>!ch has a leader of the Louisiana women's gator only made the committee's .remarkable record. . trnsade against Long, made a mon- position more absurd than ever. | The Morgenlhau fanri makes a Last vcnr he sold 23.0.^ bii- -hels of fine annles. He has a as of Nov. 7 (when the president made the announcement) will be eligible for employment first. All on direct relief, who are able- bodied and placed on direct relief only because no projects were, available for work relief urojects. ' will be used next. When this sup-' ply is exhausted, all unemployed may apply to the Reemoloyment, Service, and through them be First Experience at Wheel of Car Ends in Trouble Waiting In his . uncle's shiny certified to the Civil Works Ad- ncw car * 1u ' LC thc owner was ministration for employment on avva >' . a moment was too much for A. P. Jackson. 16-year-okl negro. over behind tho on the starter and ' projects. In view of thc fad that suffi- •t nrojecls will be submilted He moved 1 heel, em'iloyment for all needy plo. ed, and Ihe prevailing wage I 'profit. Sa does the American Air- "•iciiltiirin of Poiiehkeeiwle. which he bought in 1022, booslin? its circulation from 1CO.OOO to 160,000. When Roosevelt becnme Boycr- nor of New York he promptly drafted Morgenthaii to he-ad [non-partisan p.dvisor\ | commission. The farm program i worked out by the commission Rave the farmers in poorer sections far belter and chca|>er system of roads. Later Morgcnthau was chief of the state's conservation department, operating a $20.000.000 reforestation program. Finally he became the state commissioner of snd go back. r vlll be sufficient to supply j ' U ' Q *° D8C o'e funds necessary to main-: Then he anro'e met trouble. Planting tali, a minimum living standard, his f °ot heavily on the accelerator all persons taken from relief rolls ar >d getting a firm grip on the and employed on projects will be v.heel the negro youth essayed required to work not to exceed eight hours a day. and the requirements shall be the same as If they were work in z for private enter- "U" turn on Highway 61 at lhc north edge of the city. He turned but In a broader circle the highway allowed and prises, and in cases where such (replied Into a one-man lunch- cmploves are discharged for fail- ''"d. knocking It off its founda- ure to nerfqrm reasonable, day's tlon. work, they will not be allowed lo! cday the owner of the car, come back on relief rolls. Arthur Freeman, state 'line negro. Mr. Dyess said notice would bo uas buying a new set o! dishes given soon of Information as to 1or the lunchstancT operalor and the time and place for registration ' the stand back on an even for ihts work. keel. He still has n '<- repair. Heat waves in England seldom Japanese viviparous snail last longer than three or four days, 'brings forth its young nllve and according to records. rlready Marlng shells. 4. ._',L-\ agriculture and during the 19321 presidential campaign was known] as Roosevelt's chief adviser on farm problems. • * » Washington had liltlc warniim that a farmer was lo lake over the Treasury. Everybody was surprised. The only Indication had b;en| the appointment of Morgcnthnu to the commiltee which dnlly fixes the price of gold, along with other evidence that he had Income one of Roosevelt's monetary advisor}' group. Rcccnlly he had also been del-| egated to handle for the govern- Take a Nurse's Word About the Mouth Wash You Should Be Using Any nurse can tell you of cases where fearful consequences rcsullcd when people used something less effective than what a physician or dentist would use. Leadingdentists regard the use (if mouth washes so important that Ihey are prescribing a for. nuila they believe lo be necessary, (o aerially give people the healthy condition the moulli and throat innst have to avoid (rouble. By using the same prescription, you can be sure that when you use it for the important duly of removing harmful germs from the mouth and throat, it is really removing them. Yon can get it tit your own drug store by simply asking for Prescription Mouth Wash. He sure to ask for it by that name to get the genuine. KIRHY BUGS. DRUG CO., Distributors mcnt such negotiations as contemplated trade agreements Russia. Thc acting secretary is married and has three children of whose company he ii cslrcmrly fond. EVIDENCE OF PURITY INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH Uboratoriej WASHINGTON, D. C REPORT—I have just completed 3 comprehensive analyse of this product and thc assay showj tKat it con- fomi$ to the highest standard of efficiency and in my opinion it meeti every desire in a perfect preparation. Subscribed and sworn to before tnt

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