The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 31, 1940 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 31, 1940
Page 2
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(ARK.) COURIER NEWS ' 'WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. Otto Scrape entertaining . ADC Bridge club. .Delta Contract club meeting with Mrs.,W. D. McClurkin. THURSDAY'S EVENTS • Mrs.. Elton Foster entertaining Y. M. B. club. , Cee-Que Bridge club meeting with Miss Frances Holland. Mrs. J. J. Cookston having Thursday Bridge club. Delta Delta Dslta club having tea for Miss Sara Jo Little, 4:30 co 6:00 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Herrhon Carl ton. FRIDAY'S "EVENTS Mrs. Bob Copeland entertaining C. B.. C. Bridge club. Mrs. Charles G. Morehead and Miss Nancy" Kirshner entertaining at Kirshner home for Miss Sara Jo Little. Executive board, Woman's Missionary Union, First Baptist church, meeting 2:30 o'clock, with Mis. Everett Renegear. Mrs. A. M. R, Branson and Mrs, W. T. Oberst entertaining Wo- j man's Bible class, First Methodist Church, 7:30 o'clock at Oberst •horns. FUNNY BUSINESS Entertains at Dinner Party at Afflick Home Miss Mary Jean Afflick enter- -tained 20 guests at her home Monday • night with a dinner party, another affair in the series of ac: tivities: for the young college social-set. during the holidays. . Among the guests was Cliff , Hood 'of Leland, Miss., houseguest of Lloyd Ward; . A bowl of red snapdragons and •narcissuses flanked by white tapevs formed ; the centerpiece of the dining table and established the red and white motif, used in the dinner decorations; A three course dinner was served^ /;• 'S : TUESDAY, DECEMBER 31, 1940 They'll Bind the Wounds of British Blitzkriegers »'*;. ••; '•"*' "Last year you made resolutions*to quit smoking— Wil 'r i\ew dear's resolutions arc you making this year" ~ " Florman, and Miss Roberta Flor- They wiP eo to n«\* n n , man, .who had been with him, S tor f™ A^ ™ Ur& ** y to i\cr* ~~<~.. i i ' VJ oJi, ior two aavs. Mr -111^,^^,..also returned home. Mr. and' Mrs. Sr H L Winbum has re - : S Wa S» and Sl *'" s **™* »« „.__, : . uinouin «as re- Mrs. O'Shea and .Tnhrm,, i,, »*»_ T «u • J ° hnny ln Mem " home in Arkadelphia phis alter spending the holidays here A*,'. , xr with her daughter, Mrs' Farmer fmcl Mrs - Phii Hassell have England, and Mr. England. gone to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl MX. and Mrs. Oliver W Con- iS game betwee . n University of Jdge, Miss Carolvn PridP nmi Te ™essee and Boston Colleee:' pedge, C. C. Councille have gone to New Orleans for the University' of Tennessee-Boston College game in the Sugar Bowl. The group danced and played Jimrn y Rigg. s . n student it Hen games m the recreation room fol- drix college at Conwav spent tie low,™ dmnpr ^ ^^ am i | Christmas* holiday, here wUh his lowing dinner. Here, balloons proved a red; white and pareus, the Rev and MK A _. _ . "ni.1 iviia. /\. blue decorative scheme. •'• .'•'.,• '-'•.*' * ' •* 1 Ohio People Visit-- Here at Lee Goodman will return to her ,-,„•** •«•--.-. , home in." Memphis- Wednesday af- ng. the affairs, planned for ter having .pent sevcril •SSrh^-'^i 6 - 8 '^--'^- Ann With her Krandparenti, Smith during their visit was dinner Mrs. K. W Goodman iy night at the home of Mr. | Miss Louise Leggett i.s «, n and W. Meyer. tr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Stanley and son. William,, of Hillsboro;,O., have returned home after spending Christmas with Mrs. Smith; and family. : •;. ,; . Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Gerald Robinson and Miss Mattie Lou Russell. Before going to Birmingham, she visited Miss A l ic , e . Le ?? ctt in Memphis. his ihouseguest, Bits of News Mostly Personal! : Mr.' and. Mrs. Parser Dodge and son..; Parker DeHav.en, • returned Sunday night from St. Louis where :';they: had spent, Christmas with •Mrs. .Dodge's parents. Mr., and Mrs..Russell DeHaven, and family. Mrs. ..J. W. • Dunn and son. ; James, : returned to Union City, Term., Sunday after having spent Christmas here with Mrs. Dunn's mother, Mrs. Pearl Hires. Lloyd Florman returned home ! Sl:gar Bowl i. .- — —v.wiwv, at W&sh- mgton and Lee University. Mr j Hood has "been the guest "of Mr' Ward and his mother. Mrs. L. L Ward, since Sunday. Mr. Ward j had previously visited him in Le- for two days. Mrs. Harry k'irby has been admitted to Memphis Baptist hospital. •John R Burns, who is employed near Heath. Ark,, will return home Thursday after having visited his mother, Mrs. Jim Burns, and family here since Sunday. Mrs. w. T. Oberst returned Monday night frcm Jackson. Miss where she spent the holidays with her daughter. Mrs. Spurgeon Patterson, and family. and Mrs. Eddie Rcgenold Mr. have gone to New Orleans for the ! Sugar Bnvvl trnmo K«fi.-^.^ T between Tenn- I; Monday night from Memphis Bap-' essee and Boston College. They i^v'tist hospital where he had under- efl today .-••;.. gone.•-•; treatment "for : ;sinus: 'since Sunday. His mother. Mrs. Sam Shapely Showgirl . B. J. McCray will leave Wednesday for her home in Palo Alto. Calif., after having ppenl a month here with friends and relatives and her .son. Bill Godwin Mr. and Mrs. A. w. Lowery. and' son. AI, of Chicago, are spending two days here with Mrs. Lowerv's sister. Mrs. Hunter C. Sims, and family. Hulen Williams returned to Hen- onx college at Conway today after 1 "'-ng spent the holidays here with parents, the Rev. and Mrs E ; B. Williams. He was accompanied i by MISS Virginia Price, of North Little Rock, who lias been visiting i 'n the Williams home during the' holiday. Fred If a n m» is able to bo out after having been injured in an , J automobile accident Oof. 12. He is no\V fin rriifr-Jioo - > --.. College Mrs. W. J. Rogers is quite ill r her home. Miss Cora Lee Coleman, who underwent an operation for the removal of a growth from her limb nt Memphis Baptist hospital during the Christmas holidays, will remain in the hospital for another week. Billy Seasons, who has been spending Christmas here with his aunt and uncle, the Rev. and Mrs T-m K '« SeWa11 ' returne <l today to Little Rock where he is a student m the medical school of the University of Arkansas. Mrs. Bob Matthews returned to her home in New Orleans Mondav after having spent Christmas with her parents, Mr. and Mrs Ed Warren Eberhart hss returned to Gainesville. Ga., after having been the guest of Miss, Jane Branson and ATr, and Mrs. ..U. S. Branson over Christmas. Miss Branson, who teaches in Crestview. Fla, will leave Saturday. Other members of the Branson family, u. S. Jr and Cecil, who have been here Christ- mns will also leave Saturday to return to Sapulpa. Okla, and De- P.fiyw University nt Greencastle incl.. respectively. Mrs. W. A. stickmon is spending *thc week in Memphis with mends. Miss Doris Delk, who is a student m the Academy of 'Arts at Memphis, returned to Memphis today after having spent the holidays here with her parents. Mr and Mrs. Jack Delk. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Zachrv and children and Mr. and Mrs E P. Hardin have returned from Locksburg. Ark., where they spent with Mr. Zachry's Mr. and Mrs. Victor Craig O f Riverside. Calif.. are visiting t.h»ir parents. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Oral* ?, f herc> Hnd Mr - anfi Mrs. 0«; Wilkcrson. of Hnyti Christmas mother. ar Cheerful : east port. Marriage Licenses Thirty four couples have applied for licenses to wed at the Blytheville office of the county court clerk during the past threc weeks l\M Names of the couples and the f|» officer's or ministers performing I the ' ceremonies, if listed, are as follows: Benford Kimes and Miss Hazel Anita Holt, both of Blytheville, by Magistrate T. L. Cassidy; Bill Sweat and Miss Louise Calvert, of Blytheville, by Magistrate Cassidy Alva D. Dinnel! and Miss Viola May McNeil of Benton Harbor Mich., by the Rev. Alfred Carpenter; Lee Lindsey, of Amber, and Miss Ethel Gauf, of Monette by Thomas L. Conner. Homer Durham, of Blytheville and Miss Ruby Newman, of Luxora, by the Rev. E. B. Williams- James B. Stiles and Miss Mary Vetus Acton,, of Blytheville. by the Rev. Alfred Carpenter; Woodrow Wilson Sigmin, of Dell, and Mfcs Geraldine Ellis, of Blytheville. by J. L. Newsom; Woodrow Kirk and Miss Dink Hale, of Roseland, by the Rev. Mr. Williams Herbert Voland of New Rochelle, N. Y., and Miss Laura Hale of'Armore); Pat Thomas and Miss Mary Young, of Armorel; W. M Timmons, of Steele, and Miss Mildred Lakey, of Holland, by Ma^is- trate Cassidy; Hugh Button and Miss Juanita Hensley, of Holland by Magistrate Cassidy; H. J Meadows Jr. and Miss Lillie Long, of Etowah, by Leslie Richard' Houston Hillis and Miss Lilitha Wallace, of Blytheville, by Magistrate Cassidy; Louis Newsom and Miss Ella Mae Roy, of Huffman, by Magistrate Cassidy; Cleveland DInnes and Miss Mae Willie Carvin, of Blytheville, by Z. E. John- Son; Walter Croney and Mrs Johnie Shultz. of Luxora, by Magistrate Cassidy; Roy Leon Stihvell and Miss Geneva Esther Alexander of Blytheville. Earnest Hughes and Miss Annie Mae Beavers, of Blytheville, by Magistrate Cassidy; Boyce Russell and Miss Adell. Ketchum. of Roseland, by A. E. Tate; Connie Smothers and Miss Ruth Kelling, of Manila, by L. M. Harlan; Herbert Auldron Smith, of 4 Blytheville. nnd Miss Mildred Louise Nelson, of Armorel. by the Rev. Mr. Newsom- Aaron Anderson and Miss Bertha Mae McElroy. of Blytheville, by Magistrate Cassidy. James Smith and Mrs. Grace Pinion, ol Dell, by E. P. Alston; Jack Sells,^ of Osceola. and Miss Beryl Gay," ol" Luxora. by Magistrate Cast-idy: Wilburn Sullivan and Miss Ruth White, of Hornbeak. Tenn.. by Magistrate Cassidy Thurman Gray, of Hermondale, nnd Miss, Naomi Gray, of Blytheville. by Magistrate Cassidy: Floyd Handley and Miss Suvella Miller of Blyihe-viUe. by Magistrate Cassidy. Thomas Walter Pinlcy and Mrs. Ida M. Lee. of Manila.'by Magis r -' trate Cassidy: J. C. Chllders and Mrs. Ethel Davis, of Blytheville, by Magistrate Cassidy; Walter R Smith nnd MLss Gertrude AU:e McKennie. of Manila, by Magistrate Cassidy: Huia Hanirick and Miss Elizabeth Andrews, of Blytheville. by E. L. Rhodes: Berford Fisher and Miss Juanita Wyatt, cf Blytheville. by Magistrate Cassidy; Calvin Bcnefield and Mrs. Susie Burchfield. of Blytheville, by Magistrate Ca-ssidv. Sailor Beware . of these Australian nurses, pictured minister to the British troops wounded in the The "Pram Squad" Goes Into Action To Get $2,343,434 Highway Aid Funcf WASHINGTON, Dec. 31. tUP>~ Somebody might take a potshot at this fearsome-looking object thinking it's some kind of weird animal. But it's just a sailor aboard a British destroyer, poking his head through a porthole to see how things are going topside. Three Men Sentenced To Penitentiary Terms Pleas of guilty resulted in sentencing of three men to prison terms in the criminal division of circuit court here Monday aii Judge G. E. Keck held an adjourned day of court. Bonds were set in lit. number of other cases. Sentenced were Jesse Elder, burglary and grand larceny, two years; John Henry Barnes, grand larceny, two years, and W. J. Tur- antine, grand larceny, four years. Enlow Wilson was fined $10~ and costs on a charge of public drunkenness. Admitted to bond upon entering pleas of not guilty were Odell Mullins and Noah Chamness. grand larceny, $500 bond; Junior Reagon. grand larceny, SI.000; Sammy Lee Woodard, $1.000; Tulu Crawford. $500, and Rosetta Wilson, $500. all on grand larceny charges: Henry Malone, burglary and grand larceny. $1,000.''Osca'r N. Sawyers and Freddie Cobb, burglary and grand larceny, pleaded not guilty. The next circuit court regular term is scheduled to begin March 31. § UXili v' ry ^ gain's armed forces temporarily steals the spotlight from its elders • the s ™ ller s P linters for firewood aftera expressions,__it..doesn't seem much like hard work to them. Flying Field Jinx Upset: • --•... .*— . . , .1 J ; Cadet Editor Gets Wings BY United Tress SlafT Correspondent FORT WORTH. Tex. (UP) — Cadet Cecil H. Scott turned over the Hicks Field Herald to a new chief and thus became the first "I feel safer as the flying editor of this sheet." he proclaimed, "than I do when I ride into towns on the week end." Two permanent members of the udito,. ot ,,c., ,„" i r ; y,7 D ;;: r; remain - They are *** s ^ ever 10 HVP th,™ C ,, „?;.£MXMBhens. «cretary to Major B. S. instruction. secretary to Major B. S. commandant, and Jeff Isbell. director of Y.M.C.A, The jinx that followed and fin-! activities at the field ally killed all previous editors of ! M rt i™™,,^ „• J" the field paper .started World War when the field to train American and fliers, it i s now used for primary army fight instruction. Col. David L. ROKCOP. of important change will be *" P ° liCy ln * • Paper. unintelii- v. ., gible to the layman. To wit this •sample: ^••-. ~.i . < u LJ. rs.ui'.CU!', O NCW "HrrhiHc (^ AT Tt--,,London, M. H.. one-time command- L-c 1 0 ? b lL M J; ^ nms °" er nf \\^^ niv n«i^^ • . l ' Ol bein g tf is first man Two County Youthj I« TT C U j gway a in U. 5. rorcCS beginning _ Tuly .1. 1911. and said i defense needs would take preced- Aieinphis recruiting officers had tncc in ^P construction provided a_ busy day Monday, enlisting 23 ' " " men for militarj- duty, including three from this area. Included in Arniv noxv on crutches werr cla. rer: Lloyd D. Percw 23 farmer, nnd Solomon' R" Richardson. 27. \viis. driver. on rtor 'uu.. win return home y after having visited Mr ReicheVs parents. Mr. and Mr.s F G. Beichel. and family here since Sunday. Mr. Reiche! is a student -M the University of Alabama. Dr. w. M. Owens, and his cuests for Uifi Siioa;- Bowl gamp< - Jobn j Cnver "Bo" Coppedge. Norman t Monk" Mosl^.v. MayfleJd "Sonny" jiloyd. and Everett Croslow left > tniR morning for New' Orlraiu to < *?c University of Tennessee meet Boston College tomorrow i _ Mrs. Thad Nicol and dRuehtor jJ«or Annis. are visiting Mrs. ' -il s parents. Judge and Mrs G W. iri Rock. Eugene Still of Plvmouth N c ho spent Christmas here with Mrs Still and family at the home 01 Mns. C. S. Stevens, has returned to Plymouth. Mrs. still and son. Gene. ,., n join him lhcrc ^^ ^ of the month. Airs. Stevens ^11 accompany them there for a i s receiving Mrs. Loy Welch treatment at Memphis Methodist hospital.. She will return home la a -short.while. B&r a- must not be far v^™,. 7 S_ -,•"'? Sh^'P" 6 "' 8 . Mr. "and not be far wrons, , Mrs. : w.' A. PPCA Stockholders Will Meet Jan. 17 by the funds. j that, class to the Wash-Tub ride. °' on The "Wash-Tub" ride, editors one -survived a fatal crash. Not. - t . la1Rd - l flight taken ----,-,- >.-« *.»*'* i. ^^\/1- o ' \\ 11 11 T t one dabbled with the shcnrs and! — the paste pot more ihan a week I" '""."_ 'There, were 5-1 fatal air crashes »'.>« « ,- -,- = -.,, l » co '«»d»"6 officer, it. termines whetlier. a cadetVshall ccntinue instruction or be flunked, "washed out." . Joiner News Local People To Attend Sugrar Bowl Several local people will attend the Sugar Bowl game between the University of Tennessee and Boston College in New Orleans on New Year's Day. They are Mr. and Mrs. Donald Fletcher and Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Shelby, who plan to go on to Florida after the game. Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Branch, and Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Bowden. Read Courier News want ads. CAUGHT COLD? Get direct relief from discomforts.;.rub throat; chest, back with clinic-tested 3 Reasons Why! Quality supreme insures coin- plete satisfaction and protec- Read Courier News want ads isssjiiijiiii an Wert Optometrist "HE MAKES 'EM SEE" Over Joe Isaacs' Stor» Phone 540 Priority will he given roads leari-j nt ! hc threc ficlds f '»''inK Col. Rosing to army and navy establish- c . oes scven mo ^^ -l-yjiero in the ments and plant* of defense industries. Thp federal allotments marie annually include: Arkansas. S2.343.43-l. in.striic- At The Hospitals Rly(hovillp. Hospital World Wnr.) Scott left for :iclv;mcrd (.ion at, Randolph Field i n San Antonio. He pnsspcl the "oditor's chair to Cnrtet H. Hoot he. a part-j '•'me reporter on thr AM-apin con-- M.itution nnri a jzrau-, ;1(r o( Duk ' University. Not Surirrstilious— IJn( Former f^.sj.stant cny-nc the Dallas Tiiucs-Hornld. Plain h;»vr conmiotrd fnr tonipjoieci tor rnr nnniirtl .stockholders meotin* of Mie Planters Production Credit Association i o br held on Friday Jan. IT nf tlir Oscrnia Comnm- ni'.v Hoi'M\ accordini: lo aii- nouTjcpmoTit. made today by Frank BeiJ. ^errotnry and . treasurer of Ttr . . Mrs. Woodroxv plimi. Decring. ad- : it\ over." j tiou.s. "But." hf acid milled. SroU stan^ci Billy Wjlk^on. Hayti. dismiss, c.^bn" nck Fir, ^ ™ f ;^ j-ames Cooper. HaytL di,mi,seri. attrr ho arrivn] A ^ A n cnf ' meeting open at. 10-00 Glenn Bunting. Hayti. cli.s Walls IlnspiUiJ Rut.h Ann Jamr.s. Stcrlr mittfd. Kelty Glover. Dell, admitted. . o'cluvk and close at 3:00 o'clock lunch brine served at the Community House from 12-00 to I-CO o'clock. A program inciudim " 11 "- and entertainment will ^ announced at a later date. All stockholder.-? arc attend. Mr. Bell stated. Lutherans To Hold New Year's Eve Service A special New Year's Eve service is to be conducted at the P'l- gnm Lutheran church tonight at 8:00 o-clock, according to announcement made today by the : Rev H J. Kleindienst. pastor. ;The , pastor .will .speak -on the "^ the Turn of misseci. Isistori only of iwn n | pages. Soon, spnyhtu ;ul- J it was. Lhp pap?, into t'onr rs and Kelly Glover. Dell, admitted writen; and, V«« • , ™ dteS5«Jr. E - Gay and ^- ( ^ ^^£™J™^™»^£ Bcacher Princr, Tyler, diritnifwed. I th^po^'^ Ud " 01 " Ml(irut - ; «':-t»li at Princr, Tyler. Mi>\ U. w. Moore, city Memphis Haptist Hospital Lloyd Florman. citv. ? „„,„. Oscar Hardinvay Jr.. citv admitted. Winriov BRECKENRIDGE. If the energy ciows could "The Herald is ;m Demccmtic-Kepubluun .supporting whal. u. . t _. f—fj^t i .;_ that in one schcolhoiwe alone wil of superstition, WATER CO. "TVatcr Is Tour Cheapest tion of your health. Service that excels. We strive to please in .store— by phone— cr deliver}-. Your pleasure is 0111 success. Prices are right every day on everything. Money refunded ii' we charge you too much at any time on anything. K. C. Meats— Fancy and staple groceries— fruit.s and vegetables — Flours-Seeds. Heavy groceries and general merchandise. Regardless of what you buy or when, your complete satisfaction is assured and guaranteed by the one and only Home- Owned and operated. Rite Price Store III-II?, K. Main ii TRKSII PIG BRAINS j Kxtra Large Nice OYSTERS 3 of Many Values! 12': 29c 15c B. K. Teas Pound Hoc Jowls P.olh for These threc reasons are our rr«:;orv-: why w c solicit your p»tron»£:c. The recent poi great ".strain" on ;hc editor" of tho Herald. Students NOTICE Young ladies. 18 years or older, interested in business career, practical experience, study, .small salaries. For fuli particulars sec T. H. VanBibbciV Prop. Rite Prir: Store at above address. While in Blytheville. if yon'r.: rcoming permanently or occasionally . .. . you may live like a king at a poor man's price at the Peabody Hotel. Steam Heat. Hot Water. Special rates, in E. Main, upstairs. >&&>.* ^ -

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