The Edwardsville Intelligencer from Edwardsville, Illinois on September 8, 1966 · Page 13
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The Edwardsville Intelligencer from Edwardsville, Illinois · Page 13

Edwardsville, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 8, 1966
Page 13
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Thursday, September 8,1968 THE EDWARDSVILLE INTELLIGENCER Pace II TV Scout Reports The Green Hornet Buzzes Again Thursday's TV Previews The H«ro. Show is the best comedy pilot TV Scout h a s seen. Richard Mulligan should become a Dig star as a result of his portrayal of Sam Garret, an actor who stars on a TV western called Jed Clayton, U.S. Marshal. As Clayton he is tough and swaggering, but as Garret he is eager, well-meaning and awkward. Mariette Hartley is pretty and ladylike as his wife, Bobby Horan is their son, Victor French is the good friend next door and Joey Baio is his son, a kid who is al- always "ambushing" Mulligan. In the first show, Mulligan has a problem: he must go to an awards dinner (he is a nominee) which is the same night as his son's acting debut in a school play. Compounding the problem: a gun stuck on Mulligan's finger, an automobile too big too park, and a gas station hold-up. It's very funny, the situations are delightfully ridiculous and the actors' reactions to them are realistic. (COLOR). Premiere. 8:30-9 p.m., Channel 5. Batman. Holy Forsooth, Batman and Robin spring along as they escape The Archer's lances, only to batleap to the conclusion that The Archer and his merry marauders are after the $10 million in cash the Wayne Foundation is handing out to the poor of Gotham City. A very funny script, with a marvelous performance from Art Carney as the Archer, and a lot of funny bits, including Alfred the butler masquerading as Bat,man. (COLOR). Season Premiere. 6:30-7 p.m., Channel 2. That Girl. Series has a sparkling personality in Mario Thomas, very lively as an aspiring actress who must work at odd jobs while \v siting for h e r break. Ted Bessell is her boy friend (her meeting with him forms the basis of the first thow), and Bonnie Scott is her roommate. Mario, working at a candy counter in a New York office building, gets a job for a commercial to be filmed in t h e building. While filming t h e commercial (she is bound and gagged and being abducted), Bessell "rescues" her. They argue over this, and over a roll- top desk, and over a wolfish ftuniture store owner, in some funny scenes brightened by snappy dialogue. (COLOR). Premiere. 8:30-9 p.m., Channel 2. Hawk. The only series being filmed entirely in New York stars Burt Reynolds as a Mohawk Indian detective w h o works out oi the District Attorney's office and prowls the streets at night. Wayne Grice ]s his assistant. "Do Not Mutilate of Spindle" is an exciting episode, with a fingernail-chewing climax. A psychotic, deranged by automation and sin, has killed one woman. Now he is making threatening telephone calls to Elaine Nadeau, a friend of Sam, a newsstand owner who sends her to Hawk. Photography is excellent, acting good, and Sam Wanamaker's direction is properly spare and taut. (COLOR) Premiere. 9-10 p.m., Channel 2. Th» Dean Martin Summer Show. Program reaches its finale with hosts Rowan and Martin spotlighting the talented regulars and ventriloquist Russ Lewis. (COLOR). 9-10 p.m., Channel 5. The Tammy Grimes Show. Series gives every indication of attempting to become another Lucy Show, with our gravel- voiced, turned-up-nose heroine getting into wild costumes and situations. She and Dick Sargent star as twins, the niece and nephew of bank president Hiram Sherman. In the opening episode, Tammy goes to say bon voyage to her brother on a two-week tour of duty in the Naval Reserve, and winds up stuck on the ship as it sails. She masquerades as an Admiral, and a cook's helper, and displays a good pair of legs as the masquerade ends. The big scene: Tammy trying to serve dinner during a rough sea. (COLOR). Premiere. 7:308 p.m , Channel 2. Star Trek. Show Is good science-fiction, with great special erfects, imaginative sets and a fine performance from star William Shatner, who plays Capt. James T. Kirk, commander of a space ship on a five-year tour of duty, checking on galaxies and delivering supplies to space stations. Leonard Nimoy is Spock, with pointed ears and a lack of human emotion as a result of having a father from Vulcan and DeForest Kelley is the shop's doctor. In "The Man Trap," Jeanne Bal guest stars as the wife of Alfred Ryder, both archaeologists. But there is a strange chameleon-like quality about her so that everyone sees her differently. To one she is a warm and lovely woman, to another she is a brassy blonde. She can assume any shape, and she has a strange need for salt. When you see her in her actual form--well, that's the kicker of a good sci-fi plot. (COLOR). Premiere. 7:30-8 30 p m., Channel 5. Wonderful World of Wheels. Program is a superficial look at America's passion for driving--everything from Go-Karts to hotrods. There's nothing new here, and only brief excitement in the shots of C r a i g Breedlove going for the world's speed record on Utah's Bonneville Salt Flats. There a r e "cameo" bits by James Drury, talking to Ken Miles (wno was killed recently), Fabian racing his Kart, Bob Fuller on a motorcycle, John Derek in z sports car, and--something that has been shown on TV too much-scenes from "Goldfingcr" with Sean Connery in that overly exposed Aston Martin. L l o y d Bridges is the narrator. (COLOR). 6-30-7:30 p.m , Channel 4. Tarzan. AAAAEEEEYYYYII- III--Tarzan is back, swinging through the trees, talking to Cheetah, displaying a wry sense of humor, rushing through lush foliage (the series was filmed in the Brazilian jungle, which explains why some of the African natives look Indian). Regulars are Ron Ely, properly muscled as the jungle man, Manuel Padilla Jr. as a big-eyed orphan, Rockne Tarkington as a vet and Alan Caillou as a mustachioed settlement leader. The plot in the first episode, which is not to be taken seriously, concerns Tarzan's search for a blind girl's seeing e y e lion (that's what we said). There are some exciting moments and pretty scenery. (COLOR). Premiere. 6:30-7-30 p.m., Channel 5. F Troop. Series is back, zany as ever, cast intact, with a new day and time slot. Paul Lynde is "The Singing Mountie" in a spoof of these Nelson Eddy roles. He rides into Fort Courage on a dog sled, singing in a high tenor, searching for Lucky Pierre, a man he says is a fur thief. Lucky Pierre happens to be Cpl. Agarn's cousin (Larry Storch plays both roles), a man who has crossed a lynx with a marmoset and gotten minks. Pierre insists he is not a fur thief, but rather the victim of the Burglar of Banff (pronounced with two ff's). (COLOR). Season Premiere, 77:30 p.m., Channel 2. Friday'* TV Previews The Green Hornet. Series, based on the old radio show, buzzes into your living room as a fast-paced, slickly produced cops and robbers series. Although this is another offering of William Dozier producer of OUT OUR WAY By NEC COCHRAN LOOK.' A POLIBLE-BARRELEP SCHEME FOR DISCOUKAOIM' MIGHT RAIDS OWTHE GARBAGE CAKJ.' A DO5 WUPSES OFF THE LIP AM' GETS A TIM CAW SHOWER -- IF THAT POESKJ'TSEWE? HIM PACKIW THE MOISE WAKES / ME AW' I aiVE HIM A COLP SHOWER.' BRILLIANT/ AMD \ WOW LET'S HEAR SOME BRILLIAMT EXPLAMATIOMS TO aiVE THE NEIGHBORS WHEW THE COMPLAIMTS START COMIMSIM/ . VOU'VE 6OT FIVE MIWUTESTODIS- egftSK WHY MOTHERS Batman, don't expect it to have the campy trappings of t h e Caped Crusader. Van Williams, is a straight forward h e r o , without super duper weapons. He plays Britt Reid, a crime- fighting newspaper publisher who doubles as a .masked "bandit" with a snap-brim Fedora, at night. Britt does this so he can infiltrate the underworld. In the first episode, he and his houseboy Kato, a whiz at Gung-Fu, try to find the operator of a silent gun used in a killing witnessed by the district attorney. The large cast of regulars include Bruce Lee as Kato; Wende Wagner as Nora Case, Britt's secretary; Lloyd Gou'gh as Mike Axford and Walter Brooke as the knowing D.A., who is in on The Green Hornet's secret. (COLOR). Premiere. 6:30-7 p,m., Channel 2. Time Tunnel. This new adventure series with science fiction overtones, is so handsomely and expensively produced you wish it were better written. There seems an obvious effort to please younger viewers based on the first episode which too often employs childlike dialogue. The Time Tunnel is a U.S. research project,\800 floors below the Arizona desert (and there are some breathtaking glimpses of the deep pit). What the machine can do is send man backward or forward into time. In the first episode, guest player Gary Merrill plays an itchy cost-conscious Senator, who provokes regular James Darren, an eager beaver scientist, to try out the tunnel before it has been perfected. Amazingly, he lands on the Titanic on the eve of the ship's sinking in 1912. He is soon joined by another regular and fellow scientist Robert Colbert. There's some suspense as you wonder if the scientists can change history. Other regulars, all members of the Arizona team, are Lee Meriwether, Whit Bissel and John Zaremba, who fret a lot. (COLOR). Premiere. 7 - 8 p m., Channel 2. The Milton Berle Show. If you still think Uncle Miltie is "Mr. Television" you are going to enjoy the show, which leans heavily on a variety of slapstick and outdated jokes which only its star can deliver without embarrassment. Lucille Ball is Berle's first guest and the two come on strong in a sketch about an inane magician and his questionable helper. But Berle properly hits his stride joining Richard Harris, the English actor, in a ribbing of the Broadway comedy, "The Odd Couple" and with Miss Ball in a satire on the Jet Age, "L.A. to London in 12 Minutes." Musical segments are handled by Bobby Rydell and the Dan Blocker Singers. Bill Dana, a funnyman in his own right, is executive producer. (COLOR). Premiere. 8-9 p m., Channel 2. 12 O'Clock High. Series flies back for another season on a new day and at a new time fits original one). But there's little change in the World War II series if the first script, "Gauntlet of Fire," is any indication. Paul Burke is still the hard-pressed colonel of the 918th who wars with the Germans and his staff, especially Chris Robinson, his touchy sergeant. This time the boys expect a furlough only to have it cancelled for a leaflet-dropping mission. When Burke orders his planes to fly dangerously low his men are afraid the enemy can "hit 'em with spit- * TV Proorams THURSDAV P.M. 6:00 2--W«lls Fargo. 4, 5--News. 9--They Came Singing. 6:30 7:00 7:30 8 00 8.30 9-00 9:30 9:55 10:00 10:15 10:30 11:00 12:00 P.M. 6:00 6:30 11--Ernest Tubb Show. 2--Batman. 4--Top Auto Race Drivers. S--Tarzan. 9--What's New? 11--Wanderlust. 2--F Troop. 9--Children Growing. 11--Of Lands and Seas, 2--Tammy Grimes Show. 4--My Three Sons. 5--Star Trek. 9--Initial Teaching Al 1 phabet. 2--Bewitched. 4--Movie. "The Ladies Man." 9--Out of the Past. H--Billy Graham. 2--That Girl. 5--The Hero. 9--American Crises. "The Rise of New Towns." 2--Hawk. 5--Rowan and Martin Show. 11--Route 66. 9--French Chef. 5--United Fund. President Johnson. 2, 4, 5--News. 9--Dynamics of Leadership. 11--Have Gun, Will Travel. 5--Tonight Show. 2--Movie. "Beat the Devil." 4--Movie. "Mr. Arkadin." 9--Special. "Years Without Harvest." 11--Marshal Dillon. 11--Movie. "Man on the Eiffel Tower." 2--News. 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 10.00 10:15 10:30 11:00 12:00 FRIDAY 2--Wells Fargo. 4, 5--News. 9--Initial Teaching Alphabet. 11--Norville Dollar. 2--Green Hornet. 4--The Wild, Wild West. 5--AFL Football. New York Jets vs. Miami Dolphins. 9--What's New? 11--World of Lowell Thomas. 2--Time Tunnel. 9--Museum Open House. 11--Of Lands and Seas. 4--Hogan's Heroes. 9--School Story. 2--Milton Berle Show. 4--Gomer Pyle. 9--USA Art and Public. 11--Billy Graham. 4--Smothers Brothers. 9--Creative Person. 2--12 O'Clock High. 4--News Special. 5--Man From UNCLE. 9--Festival of the Arts. 11--Suspicion. . 2, 4, 5--News. 9--Saki Stories. 11--Special. "Girl Game." 5--Tonight Show. 2--Movie. "Born to Kill." 4--Movie. "For Whom the Bell Tolls." 11--Marshal Dillon. 11--M o v i e . "Tobacco Road." 2--News. 5--Merv Griffin Show. balls." Guest players include William Windom and Linden Chiles. (COLOR). Season Premiere. 9-10 p.m., Channel 2. The American Economy: Is Something Really Wrong? Program is a CBS News Special recommended for viewers who are worried the stock market is gasping its last breath. Eric Sevareid holds court over a flock of top economists who probe behind the headlines to detail the unpublicized forces affecting the economic scene. Their chats are spiced by some vivid film clips of the stock market's unrest. 9-10 p.m., Channel 4. ANNUAL PICNIC ALHAMBRA--Employes, and their families, of the brick yard in Etlwardsville held theit annual picnic Sunday at the Fire- rnan's-Legion Parft. Approximately 75 persons attended. All Togged Out ACROSS 1 Chapeau 4 Outer garment 8 Hair pads 12 Self-esteem 13 Church part 14 Awry 15 Blemish 16 Reinstall 18 Make believe 20 Facilitates 21 Three-toed 1 sloths 22 Nobleman 24 Green gem stone 20 Anglo-Saxon theow 27 Russian community 30 Idolizes 32 Internal portion 34 Stanzas 35 Rents 36 Reply (ab ) 37 Plexus (anat.) 39 Exploit 40 Cattle (dial.) 41 Weight of India 42 Unaccompanied 45 Kind of battery 49 Electrical device ' 51 Sleeping furniture 52 Speed contest 63 Unasplrated 54 Loiter ' 55 Primates 56 War god of Greece 57 Before DOWN 1 Gallows rope (slang)' 2Agalloch SBullfightert 4 Anxieties ^ 5 Not dosed 6 Stage whispers 7 Number 8 Assessment amount 9 Mohammedan commanders 10 Head (Fr.) 11 Observes 17 Unruffled IB Layers 23 Old-womanish 24 Malayan Island 25 Arabian gulf, 26 German city 27 Wretched, 28 Notion 29 Pause 31 Weirder 33 More cecure 38 Bed canopy 40 Leg joints 41 Painful spots 42 Taj Mahal site 43 Jump 44 One time 46 Musical quality 47 Toothed wheel 48 Rim SOWmglike part (anat ) NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN. EEK * MEEK By HOWIE SCHNEIDER THE WAV I LOCK AT IT... I'M THE NATIONS NUMBER OWE MWEFFiaEWCY' EXPERT.' TROUBLE IS THfiRES A GROvUJWG WMAND FOR UK KJMDOF VUOR.K! I'M A % BOKCH-UP,' MAM FOR VARIOUS GOVERNMENT 'WHATEVER HAS TO BE PONE WELL IS WOT WORTH AT ALL'...THAT'S MV MOTTO! PRISCILLA'S POP By AL VERMEER /·"·· OU NEVER ( WANT TO SHARE S-WITW YOUR (BROTHER/ _u^^W J^^^K . WINTHROP By DICK CAVALLI GE8AL0 BZMIH0QWTEA . HB WAS BONNIN0 / *50 [ rEA \ NOTTO BRING HOME Vr e nu kj Nt*. I AND HE ATE THAT TOO. SHORT RIBS By FRANK O'NEAL WHA7S1WAT? -- i j A CRUTCH. BUGS BUNNY By kALPH HEIMDAHL ALLEY OOP By V. T. HAMLIN WHERE \ ALLEY'S/ BACK! YOURE TIZZY BvKATEOSANN SIDE GLANCES t IM by N», ht. m «H V !. M. Ml CMJULOJL)ULUAJIJU^ Mother, Fip UNEASY when my room is neat!" By GILL FOX f f\ 0 19M Iv HE*. Int TU ««i \1S. M. an. "Lucky girl! I hear she has to eat seven times a day keep up her strength I" EWSPAPERl

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