The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 7, 1952 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 7, 1952
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, MAY 7, 1952 BLYTHEVIU.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS OSCEOLA NEWS arr Chief Tkrailkill Finds Osceola's Folks Give Least Trouble An officer of the law for almost 40 years is somewhat of a reccrd In anybody's language. In 1014, Jake Thrailkill was appointed deputy sheriff in Mi^issip- pi County under the late Sheriff Sam Mai] Id en of BlythevlUc. am! is still serving. In 1942 he was named chlpf of police lor Osceola and said he ha5 found out a lot of things about human nature, but one of the biggest things he has learned is that young people give him less trouble than anybody. The reason; In (he beginning, he won their respect and taught the little ones he was their friend, and when you win the love of a child, you have nothing else to fear. American youth, as Dr. George GalJup says. Is tough-fibcred, loyal nnd hopeful. "Young people believe in 07ir town and have faith In Us future and I have very. very, little trouble with our youth," added Mr. .Thrallkill, Pi "Training our youngsters, that are to be our future leaders, Is where you have to start and If all towns adopted that plan as we have done here in Osceola, half of the prisons over the conntrj' would close up shop. "WHEN I SEE a youngster Into any kind of devilment, I don't run to the parents about, it, I feel that giving him a heart to heart talk will do more good for that boy than anything in the world. Sometimes the parents think they should give them a whipping maybe for some little something, and that, a lot of times, tends to make the child rebellious. "I'm not one to spare the rod and spoil the child—not on your lifp— but I do think phoning a child the f u hire d ancers of wh at Is only a petty thing now, can do more good than all the peach-tree tea in the R'orJd. "It does my soul good." continued Mr Thrailkill. "to be riding down the street and for all the kids in town fo holler 'Hi. Mr. h Jake.' Regardless of the errand I'm on, cr how deep in thought I am, I'm never too busy to answer them back, most of the time by their in me because it is just as much my place to learn their name as it is for them to learn mine, so we pet along tine. 'Kids now-a-riays aren't nearly ns bad as I was their age. Of course, you have to expect a little jtrouble now and then but I believe Osceola !s one town in a million when it comes to children. .."Of course," added Mr. Thrallkill, * » • t "OF COURSE," added Mr. Thrall"there are things that are tin- Chief Thrallkill...youth is better behaved nowadays.., or else T wouldn't have but the good outweighs pleasant this job, the bad." Mr. Thrallkill recalled the two men. Rube Forcible and Kiley Gunn. he stopped one nlcht thinking they were transporting liquor. "The late Clarence Wlson \vns then sheriff and when we searched the car. we found every known weapon that was ever heard of except the atom bomb. I immediately called Clarence to come to Osceola as quick as he could and see if he could identify the two men. "I had taken them to jail and when Clarence walked in, he called the two men by their first names, which surprised the two as much as .It did me. I later found out he recognized them from posters sent out for their arrest, dead or alive. "Theywere wanted in practical ly every state in the East and North for murder and robbery. On questioning, they tolri there was another man with them but the night before, after a robbery, he WRS shot and died in the stolen car they were driving. They said PAGE FTVB STARR GAZING On the Social Side... Ruth (Mrs. Tommie) Florida deserves a pat on the brick for making 200 baskets all by herself for the crippled children that attended the clinic in Osceola Thursday. I'i sorry they were not inaled on May U, 1860; Joan of Arc was put to death on May 30 1431. Richard Byrd reached the north pole by airplane, nn May » 192B and Charles Lindbergh com, nrl display pleted Ills non-slop air journey m one of the store windows where from New York to Paris on Mav every one emild have seen them, U 21, 1921. tack work and ingenuity to make tha: ninny and no two alike. Huth Never does anything little and this was no exception. A lot of historical events happened in May. t-pcivsion of Arkansas happened on Mny fi. 1861: Minnesota and Wisconsin became stall's: the Lusiianla sank on May 1. 19J5; Abraham Lincoln was nom- done. he bought up all the law books he could and studied every chance that ho could and when he came out. ho took the bar examination and passed it. "I saw him once after thru, and hn shook hands with me but r never did know ex- nctly what was on his mind — whether he was thanking me for putting him where he could make something ouf of his brains or just what he had on his mind." IN 1!U3. Mr. Thrailkill went Into, the Masonic Lodse in Wilson. Kef has held every oflice in the Blue LodRe and now holds the highest office of the Royal Arch Masons in Arkansas— "Most Excellent grand high priest of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Arkansas." He lias served as worthy patron of the Eastern Star three different years and has bven "Rainbow Dad" for five years. He became a shriller In 1!)39 when Osceola held its first Shrine Convention. "Keeping busy in Masonic. work and working in the public all of my life has marie life very interesting for me. Very few real>74! the few times a policeman can sit down with his family and finish a meal The smallest thine:, well becomes artistic. Manhood, not. scholarship, is the first nlm of education. Why is it when a fellow Isn't do- tnc any good where he Is. thinks he can do better some other place? Tile felloty who complains Ihe most Isnl' the fellow who has the T don't know why song-writers always write about, 'Three Little Words '—"I Love You", seems to me they are about Ihree of the biggesi words in existence. No kidding, when you make chocolate fudge next time, fry mixing sugar and cocon together before you arid the cream and then blend together before cooking. Takes half the time and is twice as smooth. In ease you're a newcomer here's the quantity to us for making fudge: two cups oi supar. two tablespoons cocoa, one cup of cream, one tablespoon while Karo. Blending it in Mrs. Jacob? Ourst Mrs. W. E. Hunt was hostess to her Friday bridge club for luncheon last tcoek. Playing with Ihe members were Mrs. Spencer Gibson. Mrs. Kate Halo and Mrs. Bcttye N'ellc Starr. Airs, F. P. Jacobs. 8r. a member of the club, came from Memphis, where she is residing, to attend. Variegated irts in tall cut class and you'H see what you've missing. been ( vases were used in the living room The small tables where Ihe guests ere sealed were centered with, bubble bowls holding n single iris, Mrs. Starr won high, score. A Son for Blorlgelt's Dr, and Mrs, Don nioctectt announce the Wrth of a son, born Fri- dny at the Methodist, Hospital in Memphis. The Blodgetls have Icrs, Anne and Betty Miss I>av < The population of Mississippi County in 1854 was only 2.2fiG, of whom 541 were slaves; in 18-io the population was 000 whites and 510 slaves. The first court house. Ihe old two-story over on Broads ny was erected in 1882-84 under the administration of the late Capt. S. S. Seinnie.s. court judge at a cost of $8,500. Mississippi County was organized in accordance with nn act of thft lepislnlure of Arkansas, approved Nov. 1 1833. The first covm- ty judgo was Edwin Jones, who served from 1833-35. The first sheriff M'ius- K. F 1 . Lloyd, whrj served from 1B33-3E5. The first rlerk was J. W. Whuworth, who a I s n served 1R33-35. Tho first treasurer was Un.'ih Russell, who served froin 18^6-38 and. fitting enough. this manner, walch your step or it | Hie fii'M coroner ivas S, McLung. will slick, stir nil the time it's! who served from 1933-30. cooking. It's hoped .vou know when / The first county .surveyor was it's done, drop a few drops In colrt'o. C. Barfield. who served from water. Add hunk of buttrr and lei j 183,1.36. The firsl post inosler in cool before you star!, boating it, | Osceola wns Join. W. nuckner All hail the seniors! | w ) lo served /ronl Jan. 6, 183S im,._ , ,, ''I April 22, 183!). This is anlhenlc "Echo" was a mylhical nymph in Greek legend, who, as a punishment, was made speechless, except to repeat the last words o( others. She fell in love with Narcissus and pined away except for her voice. Actually nn echo is i produced by waves of compression 1 or rarefaction in the. air. Thei according to a list of I received from Washington, D. C. But that's another slory com- in^: tip snon. two daugh- Jane. Miss EmilyMason compliim-nterr Miss June Dny Saturday niplu with! a buffet supper and canasta party. |! The table was cenlered with a low bowl of garden flowers flanked by while tapers. The 16 guest* were sealed at small tables which were centered with graceful sprays of llties-of- the-valley. Red ro=es were used In profusion throughout, (he Mason home. Miss Day received In a pink shantung sunback dress, which featured a black lace bolero. The hostess pinned a purple of- chid at her shoulder. In the games of canasta, Mrs. O. L. Day. mother of the bride-elect, won first prize, Mrs. Bill Joe Ed- KeeJOSCHOLA NEWS on Fife 11 RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. WKD.-THUUS. STRANGERS ON A TRAIN Kiirlcy C Rulh Roman & NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Community Center^ MANILA, ARK. Mn(ine«s Sat. & Sun. Phone 58 Knltl. Walker! FRIDAY "WHEN I GROW UP" Robhy Driscoll. Rohcrl Preston & Martha Scot I WED.-THURS. "Model & The Marriage Broker' Jcnniic Grain Scolt BrnrJv FRIDAY "BRANDED" Starring Allan l,add , without the telephone ringing, but'. sound is reflected at right angles to [ '""" '— :hey buried him out In the woods For two who murdered 13 or 14 men, it came easy for them to bury their buddy, so they told the officers." • • • THERE WERE bullet holes all over the car but Ihey had smeared mud. over ihem so they wouldn't be so noticeable. We lurned the men over to the FBI and those two are now vacationing on Alcn- trav,, and I believe are the only prisoners there from Arkansas. They'll be there for a mighty long time. "Another arrest I'll never forget was .sending n man to the pen for seven years. He came out a tine lawyer, so I'm told. He was a smart fellow but just couldn't keep out of trouble go when he found my wife has been accustomed to keeping mine in the 'warming closet' for so many years that she really is surprised when I pet to eat a meal without an interruption. "The Ihree-way radio on the police cars, which were installed two months ago is one of the most time saving devices ever invented to help fi cop. besides making ft safer" Mr. Thrailkill added. • * * MR. THKAII.KII.L'S son has been with Westlnghonse in Chicago (or 21 years and his daughter, Mrs. Gladys Burr, has taupht in the Osceola schools for eight years. He and Mrs. Thrailklll have reared two grandaughtcrs. The day we chased him all over town to make this picture, the last place we would have thought, of finding him was at home. Whrfh we did find him. his little granddaughter had him around the neck and was smothering him with kisses, so for a chief of .police, a deputy sheriff ,Knd a Mason with a title thai, would choke a ventriloquist, he's just plain "Jake" lo the grown-ufis in Osceola and "Mr. the surface. out he hart to serve seven years. | ,Jake" to the kltls. The elderberry Is n member of Ihe honeysuckle family. There ain't nothing you're outer than a match. Thp collie (tog was first bred In Scotland. Somebody Is always asking for a rcccipe for old-fashioned boiled dressing, here it Is: two well beaten eggs, one tablespoon sngar, *,\ cups of vinegar, one teaspoon salt and one tablespoon flour. Mix all together and cook, in lop of double boiler mil thick.. The most Important tiling In conversation is silence! It is? This Is constitutional: but It Is well to remember that Indolence and soft beds tend to enervate the mind. I'd much rather miss see- Incr the moon rise than to rnlss n sunrise. Everything growing seems a lot more interesting early In the mornlnR. Try it for 30 days Wise shoppers pause I ^"j, „ CORRECTION Last Friday's COURIER incorrectly lisfetl the Mox Theater admission prices. The correct admission prices are: MOX ADMISSION PRICES: CHILDREN 10 ADULTS 30 ALWAYS A DOUBLE FEATURE I'hone 4G21 Show Starts Weekdays 7:3(1 p.m. Sal. Sun. 1:00 P-m. LAST TIMES TONITE! 2 HITS Buddy Nire! 2 for Price of 1 THURS.-FRI. DOUBLE FEATURE it CIH1CR • GtOSEE MURPHY lii>, IC1N OHYIS • lUKCY KtlU V'I KSUKCt MOORE ~x, KI !U , ..X.4 As your pile of packages grows, treat yourself to the pause that refreshes with ice-cold Coca-Cola. rn~ . AUUto " Iy °' W eocj.coi* COMrAMY lr COvA-COLA BOTTLING CO. OF BLYTHEVILLE , mi coc»-c<x» CO»>»WT Valu Gal es viaiore IN SUMMER SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY Ladies & Girls Sandals Hays Store has (he newest sanrlnl slyles in hnlh fJnl and medium heels. A rain- how 01 brilliant summer colors. You'll want (wo pair at these exciting low prices: 1 98 &2 .98 Men's Beach Shoes In a basket-weave fabric with one- inch thick soles! Like walking on air! Try on a pair of these extra comfortable shoes. Compare at $(i.',)5! Our low price, 4.95 Ladies Kedettes You'll marvel at fhe wide assortment of styles and colors Hays Store offers in these ever-popular Kedettes. A cloth play shoe that's fine for work or'piny. Bargain price, 2.98 Boys & Girls Sandals BROWN ONLY 3 to 8 S'/i (o 12 \1Vi Id 3 Sl.DS fn a complete riin^c of beauliful new colors, our hoys and girls sandals are li^ht and airy on your child's feel. !•'o r comfortable summer wear. See our scleclion (he next time you come down. WHITE ONLY 3 lo S Sl.98 S'i fo 12 ? J2',} to ,'! 52.89 Little Girls BALLERINAS Choose from cither white or pink ... in sizes of 5i/i lo .'!. Havs Store's low price is ortlv .. . 2.89 Ladies BALLERINAS Choose your favorite color — while, blue or pink. Si/.es t to !). A real t>ar- iiin a( tin's price . .. 1.98 Boys & Mons SANDALS Leather Uppers HOYS MKNS 2'., loft G'ifoII 3.95 4.95 ZOO E. MAIN ST.

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