The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 4, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 4, 1937
Page 8
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Risko, Then And Now lit 1 •Veteran Comes Out Of Retirement To Meet k'ghl Heavy I!V. HAItltV KKAVNON' 'f ports Kditor, NKA Servk-e CLEVELAND, Dec. 4 (UP) — Jolivmy 'Rlsko ts back In the thick of things, more bltibbcry. If noi more 'rubbery,' Ilian ever. . Kis; friends have advised rii'ko to cmll. Danny Dunn, the 1'Ulr: manager who luid faith In NIC'-'HubbCr Man 10 'years ago. when ' everybody else laugned, phaded with him to remain in rrtl'-nme'hi. But fighters never know when lh(-.y have liad enough. Alter three years on the .sidelines, 'Hisko returned the other Kiglil lo otit-mniil Dob Ollti In 10 rounds. Although considerably yovnger thnn Risko, OHil had gone hack even farther than the one- lime baker boy. Thai was the difference, if any, between them. Encouraged by. this, Ihe ever optimistic': and (courageous Risko is tackling the vastly more accomplished, younger, and active John Henry Lewis here Uoc. 17. Although Isidore (Jnslanaga clipped him while he was cold In Ijjrtroit not long ngo, ami pom- melled him so badly that lie was forced to cancel a trip abroad, Lewis still must be considered one cf Die best among the mediocre crop of mittmen plying their trade toda,y. The light-heavyweight champion is expected to rectify" the Gast.inaga mistake when they collide In a second edition In St. Louis Dec. 7. The Old Mrehorsc But Risko . dismisses Lewis as .ilrily as lie dismissed She gigantic George Godfrey and Bearcat : :WrIght In 1928. .The Austrian never lost, to a Negro, which may be one reason /why he actually is looking right by Lewis In the direction of Joe Louis. It Isn't lack of money that has returned Risks- to the wars. The Spoiler of Tex Rickard's heyday Is worth 'something like $200,000. He has $50,000 In cash and a monthly income of $550 from two- family houses and such. "1 couldn't stand being out," tmiles Rtsko. "Guess I just had to take" a., sock nt somebody." " So he worked for weeks in biihn's little walk-up gymnasium, on the S'est side of Cleveland, where IK .started. Toiling in nothing more than suits of old-fashioned winter underwear, he took .off more than 30 pounds, and now comes in at 198, which was his weight when he was in full stride. 'Naturally, there arc'rolk of fat around Risko's waist, however,. In three years of idleness he took on tonnage which was not meant to come off the frame of a man who will be^35-years old this month. It's All in Fun Ore!lt Bl . Ualn coll(n j, 1B mbm erous _ Risko, who was paid $26,000 lor: spas and practically any kind of beating Jack Sbarkey, and $23.uw si'" treatment can be obtained for out-scrambling Tom Hcenev treie "uuunui The Dope Birckot lly .1. I'. Friend SATURDAY, DECEMBER Carutheraville Society — Personal couldn't have been paid much fa.-, the Olln .scrap, but, apparently noil pisnly of fun out O r it. j nisko'.s t'oniebaclc can result j,i I only one thing—tlie knockout thai will convince lilm thai he belongs In bathrobe and slippers. Thai would be lamentable, for Johnny always was an, honest nnil good entertainer. H's loo had thai, these washed- up ghuifntors who still have (ho urge won't confine their bo.vins to bii* jj'ove.s an:) the Byinna:,ium. 'where they would he spared ihc damage Hint ptit.s Diem tuck on their heck. Yet after (hat Nathan Mam-,.Bob Pastor tiling In New York the other "tgbl, you .scarcely cnn blame the ancient Risko for carrying on. Indeed. I wonder what's holding Jack Delaney', Tom Heeiiey. -Jim Sliiloncy, mid cVen old worn-out never-was-muches like Kiryo Chrlslner? Links Lion Lionised Flier Warns Of Fire, Then Calls Apparatus SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (DPI— Elmer Aclcock still has his farm home because of n n observing National Guard airplane pilot. Cnpt. Eric Kaeppel. flying at 2.0UO feet, paw ,jsmoke pull from the roof of the Adcock home. He circled Ihe house until the roar ol Ins motor aroused the farmer. . ,..„ ....,,,,.^Then the flier circled the general who greeted the John Bunyan of-the golf With no further reason Montague shows his happiness just alter he soundly kissed' store a mile away until lie attracted attention. Next he flew back (o| the Adcocl: farm •* i-,-...~..~, JM..V ,,ni.j ,n ; v.ii^ sumLuiy Kli>SCll Uy Mrs. Esther I'huiketl. the Ueveriy Hills socialite standlns; beside him. above, who was atnom.; two-score friends—movie luminaries included- courses upon his return to Mrs. , Walter Hall, proprietor, said: "We the- store's finally saw the smoke and figured out what, he was trying to tell us." The fire department wus called and the lire extinguished. Hollywood. During his uhaiitom days, Montague wns known strictly ( ns a inun's mini, but now that the lion of the links may be openly . ( lionized, there art whispers thai for some time love interest lias figured prominently jn his amazing rai-eci'. .National Banner Answer to Previous Puzzle IJ- HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured is the flag of—-. 7 this country is under and French protectorates. 13 Verbal. H Pertaining to tides. ISUnoccupied. 17 To secure. 19 To hew. 20 To cleanse. 21 Corpse. 23 Dutch 4TMorindin dye. measure. «Those that ' 25 Visions. degrade. 26 Alleged fo^ce. 51 Measure of 28 To administer, area. 3IUker. 52 Fastidious. 33 To rent again. 5< Relieved. 34 Not aware. 55 The head, 36 Mother. 57 Finished. 37 Fairy. 59 Cravat. 38 Golf device.- flO Certain. are . VERTICAL 1 Fashion. 2 Either. 3 Tatter. 4 Olive shrub. 5 Court. 6 Lubricant. 7 Tree fluid. 8 Plural. 15 Pertaining to a dower. ISBerc-l. 20Crcd . 22 Enrly. 24 Wedlock. 25 Particularized 2iTo arrange clolh. 29 Born. 30 Jewel. 31Sidi Mohammed is this country's 32 Female sheep. 35 Bottom of a pulley. 39 To Ignore. 41 Rage. 42 To revoke. 43 Pair. 45 Thin plate. 46 Form of "be. 1 48 Lair. . 49 A continent 50 Potato. Rotund Parker Next Opponent For "The Bat Cunning Wolf, Old Marauder, Finally Killed Jim Parker, New wilh a 23 pound weight advantage. may be nble to accomplish what two other opponents have been iinnble to do, pin the slionl- ders of Ir.c masked stranger who HTcides as "The Bat". They meet in one of the matches on the card at tlic Legion arena Monday night. Parker hits the 210 pound mark while his hooded foe scales' 187. The difference may be too great for the BM. although he has been a tough one in his recent nppcnr- anees here. In another bout hilled as a "grudge" on account of a reported .*. _; *— ——•M*H. v t. Autai. ju ruiaio. 40 Toothed tool. '61 Capital of this 9 Egyptian, river 53 Cousin 42 High country. 10 Though 56 Conslellalion. mountain. 62 The majority 11 To bang. 58 Type standard . ^Mineral spring of its people 12Female fowls. 60Southca'st dressing room altercation here last week. Floyd Byrd of Birmingham l.-uiBlc.s with Eddie Mnlonc, the rough Irishman. The Incident came up last week as Byrd was pinch hitting for Mike Meroney as ref- ereee. Malonc felt thnt Byrd ' handled him a bit too roughly in j making him break and the two 'came to fisticuffs in the dressing room, according to Mcroncy, who finished refereeing the match. Al any rate Ihe bout will be a tussle between two tough boys of about equal weight and ability. ' Mike Meroney; wl;o Itns been on the sidelines for several weeks wilh an injured eye. will return to his customary refereeing for these bctits. MERIDIAN. Tex. (UP) — "Old flour-Toes" nt last is caught. An old and cunning ,shc-woll. known lo trappers In Bosque conn- York R rapplerj ly : c( '»'™". Texas because of two h "'i" 1 - limssiiie middle (oes on her-leR foot, for yen is menaced livestock. Handlers and stockmen tried In vniu lo trap the animal. Even skilled trappers failed lo liae th« old wolf. Many rnnchers bolieved Ihe wolf, termed the "mother or all wolves," had alniosl human Intelligence, for slie consisleiuly outsmarted trappers. U'e McCullough. stationed in Meridian, 'set out lo trap "Old Four-Toes." for several years she eluded traps. Last month, however. McCutloueh found the wolf in OIK- of his regulation Iran;;. • Ranchers, whose livestock had , . suffered from Ihe deprcdntions of the animal, rejoiced at the news of thi> wolfs death, and yet were sorry, too. '•Things will be n little t.ime. now thnt 'Old Four-Toes- is gone." one rancher remarked. Arlington. Kan., boasts a worm favm. Shipments are made to both coasts and orders often call for 20,000 angleworms. Read Courier News Want Ads. Butterflies exist to within 50fl miles of the North Pole. Pecans Wanted Highest Market Prices Goldstein Hide & Fur Co. Rear Joe Isaacs' Store Hubert Utley's Service Station and Cafe 24 HOUR SERVICE Phillips "66" Gas lt>2C Paid All r.«dlnt. Brands of B«r, i.t, nor , W |nf, Gin and roi.llals. Cigarettes, 2 Pkgs. 25c, $1.15 Canon Highway 01—Holland, Mo. •ICTCHEn-The I1UI<! "bird" .vlilcli i;ave me that rrd hot tip f,n the .Sugar riowl appeared to l«; a Jitlle "tr-tc)>«l In the linlfl" ... fl has been iVvdnlcd was never serloiisly cou- 'IdtTid. . . . Another wise guy:. . . . !>(;o!['y Hubert, Cfl'i-jiey I.i.s-j lie & Co.. didn't do so badly in thiir Ural M'liscia al Ihe "Wost !-ohil of (he Hoiitli" Broke i-vi-n in 1H. . . l.byds <>l London lias -j |;r(.-:;rcllvi; plice of business. . . J (/(.-AH 'Hi. ma way it hus been SUM- i sj«'.st>rl Unit "£«i:<ly" Xaniord's lit; | loc br- Insured . . . Hi-lii'i/t- yoiAv i S'.oL si'ini;U>lii<s Ihe.ii;. bud ... I Cur idi-a of tin- year's \vlldesL HI-j IIJ.M- is UK; one Hint :;ciuls Van l.iiiklo Munuo lo Ihc New York •Ji-i-nis" . . ,. We can't K o lor ;he I'ldiiM.s helping lii'l Terry el. al., not WON In a fast uiiimbl- i>eg gnmi-. . . . Our |;ue.s : > j s \i, u i i,e will t;i.t lo chew u li.t of -/mil in dear VD|' Chi. CONTRACTS — Hill MrClllrkin. litfch mojiul of tin; local school \'Ktn 1 has revealed Hint Iwtj c:);i- tcac-ts have been renewed ..... I ii isoiild will be on Ihe Cliicki- iw chow list for a couple more (.••ons . . . Ditto lor Hit- Jones- l.oro Oolden Hiinlcaiie. . . The Jrjie.sboio-Hlylhrvjlio elnsh is i« !)• an annual event on Armistice Hay. . . . The Turkey plaller is already filled with the Forrest Oily Mustangs. . . Greenwood lias requested an extension of Iheir document. . . . Mack says he is holding off until after Dec. II when they assemble for the annual Big 15 conflab. . . Boy, oh I boy, but will the irons sizzle in! that session . . They have more things lo talk about '.haii at n bridge tournament , . The Pine mull and Little liock silttalifn lii Mains quo. . . Not, a chirp until iifler Ihc mil . . . just be oa- tteiu, boys. • '> T PASSE-Those who would jaw (hat (he Notre Dame system is passe can't get much consol.iti«/i Irom the season jusl completed. . . In addition to our owii Chhks other learns using the N. D. style of piny included 'Bama. (he Fighting Irish themselves, Santa Clar.i and many others. . . Personal to"Temple University: Suggest that] yon contact. Arkansas ami other' lending Southwest Conference! teams for scoring hints. . . That| major league loop led the nation I in scoring per game with slishUy' more than lii per game . .• .' it's) Ihe pass every lime . . . Jawga beat Yale five limes in n row but couldn't do it against s. E oppo- ncnls. so Harry Mchre gels the] €«te. . . What price glory, -jh? . . . You can always depend on' Branch Hickcy ... He has al-j ready put the opening day lickeu! for the Cardinals on sale. It's the early bird that gets the dough . . . They are celebrating n great season at Scwnnee . . . Tlioy scored on a. Southeast conference 1 team . . , Tiilane was llic victim! • . . Snnla Clara has had only I. U. and a safely .scored on 1 them this year . .' . LaRiyclU;' had but a six-pointer. . . The boo- i by prize jjoe.s (o Presbyterian ' The score against them closely, resembles the German war debt • • • MO In 9 gmues . . . First Ihing j-i'ii know they'll be Warn-' ins Uu> coach . . . High scoring! toes lo Detroit University with! '-'51. . . llesl way I know of to keep the wolves from howling Herschel Moslev and Sandy Snnford broke into., the Nn.shville pictures to demonstrate In their civics how the field K oal was booted that heal Vaiuly . , . p n lc Adona lad's big top was ns con-, sp-icuous ns a five dollar william' in the collection plate, Travel, ami Merc Travel IIANPLEY. Tex. i UP)—For .'.i.v years, ever since she had been' married. Mrs. Tom Kill.-, of Hand-! Icy met her fathcr-in-l.-iw. T. Ii Ellis, as he stepped Jrom ;he baggage cur of a train mid drove him home. Then Ellis, for 51 yrnrs a railroad man, retired, and announced (hat with his wife and dmiRhtei - in-law. lie planned to "travel a bit," Tliis Ride Stopped the Show '"••-- Iftf ft „., „ .... Dcjiilile-r'nur Club Met Mrs. Bruce Flsner enwrtnlne;! the members of the DouWe-Foui- IJook Cluh at her home WMnts- cir.y evening: Alter the usual number of progressions, MLS. Hay Uackfi.rd hi.|cl high score pml re- wlved n .suuar und creamer set. Mix Lfoniird l.imhangh held >;ec- unii J;it;h iiiul recrltnl u euki; pliili! in pink blow glay.s. Mrs. Fisher t.ei'VMl ilellcioii.s lefn'.shmenl.".. J, C. (;l«lj iCnlfrluincd Mis. lirnesl lluxel c-JilcrlaiJieo l!iL- iiK-nibei's uf her J. C. Bri:lye C.i.l) and two guests, Mrs. John MclJonald and Mrs. Charles Uoeinn. ML-s Vein McAj'lltiu- hulil liign .•..on: :uiioni; i!ie cliil) mi-mlHT.s ii.-ul ii:(rf'iv«l lu.siciy. Mi-s. Hof-inii vta;, av/iirai'tl Ihe uuesl pii/<-, u Rend Courier News Want Ads. W. M. IJ. Klffls Oincers Tin- Woinah's Mlsslojiui-i 1 Union iiji-t at the ]Ju| ChiiR'h W«l- nc-sdny afternoon with . & lurgc uroiip in iiUcndunce. The meeting openuil v.'lth the son(j, "Joy to the World". Mrs. W. L. Cmilrell led the devotional, nncl Mrs. Chn.s. Cl. Hos:; was leader lor the afternoon, mill Biivt mi iiilprestitig lesson taken frajn Koyol Service. This ccncluued ll-.e sf-ries of lessons this year, with trie theme, "In His Name Ainony All Nations— Beginning nt Jerusalem.' The general lopic Wednesday was "Good Tidinys o( Great Joy". Mrs. lioss was assisted by Mrs. J. E, Krown, Mrs. Abe Gaither, Mrs. H. H. Brown anil Mrs. Earl Long. During the business session re- FoiLs were henrcl from (he various chairmen. The group decided to Bivc Christmas bussels lo 7he needy again tins year. Mrs. Earl l-onij, ireasurer, opened the special bunk lor the Building Fund und reported the amount collected. The following officers were elected for the eoming year: Mrs. R. AT. Pierce, president; Mrs. Gage Knight, first vice president, and enlistment chairman; Mrs. Tom Markey. second vice- president and mission study leader; MIS. J. E .Brown. tHircl vice- president and young peoples leader; Mrs. T. M. Spldell, secretary; Mrs. Earl Long, treasurer, reelected; and Mrs. W. L. Cantrell. personal service director. Mrs. ii. H. England and Mrs. J. A. Dale were elected circle chairmen Each of ihe circles has planned n Christmas party later in the month. Mrs. J. B. Light or Hayti has accepted a position In the Rural ElC'Clrillcatlon Association offlce in this city. : - • Miss Ernestine Wilts, n student al Stale Teachers College. Cape ,Glrartleau, Mo., spent the week end in this city with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Wllks. • Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Morris and con. Dow, and Miss Dorothy French, spent Friday until Siui'- tl'iy in Memphis. 'Trie ladles shopped and viewed the Christmas pa- lade and Mr. Morris attended to business mailers. Mrs. L. D. Edgerton will leave Friday for Memphis, to be. with her daughter, Mrs. Everett McDowell of Helena, Ark., who will nuclei-go an operation In a Memphis hospital Saturday morning. Mrs. K. G. Roland anil Mrs. Dick Holiuid and daughter, Jacqueline spent Friday In Memphis. Misses Alice Ltiten Long, Virginia Jo and Ini-n mien accompanied by Miss Viola Nichols speni rriday of lust weeefc in Memphis. »-her<T tlity shopped and attended the Chrisimas parade. Clinton Thompson, who is employed in Mempnis. s]»nt the week end in this city wilh his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Owen Thompson. Mrs. Nannie Hall left early this week for lexarkana. Texas, where .she will spend the winter with her daughter. Mrs. Walter McDonald and Mr. McDonald. Mrs. McDonald is the former Miss Loretla Hall. Florian Koppels left, the early part of the week for Kansas City where he wi.* attend to Business mnlters. O. E. Hooker drove to Memphis! Wednesday. He took Aubrey El- 1 Holt lo Memphis where he entered 1 Ihe St. Joseph's hospital for an I examination and possible \rcat- Wllh the !.mi!>> ol a born .showman, und one bochd leg iuc:V.«l nt-atlv under the .stlni(p leather, little Ki-nnelh Graham <il i-'aliua. K:in.. noi i|iill<: •! yearn old, is shown above in anf at the daring feats of horsemanship whk-h thrilled lipcclators I'licush to M«..> iho InU-rnatlonM Horse Show in Chic-ago with applause. On his swas-.h-lmi-'kllng IlUk ulnck iwny. Bullet, Kenneth .went through his reitertolrt- of irk* riding with ihe Krace and agility of a veteran. " SlMONfr SIMON -BORH, TIL/US, snASS. SHOVV? IN £UROP£ . BEWILDERED, SHE Pour-eo /IWCH ON FIRST STAY IN HOU.Y- WOOD. ment. Mrs. W. L. Bennett nccoin- lianicd them a.s fai- as West Memphis, Ark., where she stopped and spent the day with her son Carol Bennett :ind family. Mrs. II. H. Brown spent Thursday in Osceola, Ark., where she led with friends and attended to business, nmtlers. PARK LOANS IMO and Cp Arkansas and Missouri Uwest rates—lowest tipenst Also clly properties DON II. KASSEKMAN Thomas Land Co. Office P. O. Box 470. Phone 527. * WRESTLING ' Monday Night, 8'15 EDDIE MALONE FI.OYD & "BYRD ?THE BAT? " m PA'RKER American Legion Arena Soybeans - WANTED - Soybeans We I'ay Market Prices For All Varieties MALDEN GRAIN CO. W. O, Reerfs, Agent So. it. is. si.. Xexl lo Magnolia I'lanl—Biyihevliie, Ar*. D.\V FHONK 555 NIGHT PHONE X!) PREPARE FOR WINTER] WE INSTALL Prestone & Ford Anti-Freeze FREE TESTING OF ... Brakes, Hose Connections, Battery, etc. OPEN DAY, NIGHT AND SUNDAY Don't Delay! PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Phone 810 PKKl'AKK FOR WINTEI ARKANSAS & MISSOURI FARM & CITY \ LOANS Low Interest Rates Easy Payments-Long Terms Fastest closing service of any mortgage loan company doing business in these states." FLORIDA BROS. & CO. Ufe Insurance . . F ire Insurance Investment Securities OSCEOLA, ARK.

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