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The Pensacola News from Pensacola, Florida • Page 8
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The Pensacola News from Pensacola, Florida • Page 8

Pensacola, Florida
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it iv fft 4B Eftjj 6 CRSa News Thursday, July 25, 1 974 8 ft) Jj WFL Explodes in Mad Birmingham Thursday, July 251974 nesday night not a hard feat considering the league's only a few weeks old when they kicked four field goals in the first half of their game against Southern California. Grant Guthrie booted three-pointers of 23, 29. 27 and 42 yards. It turned put to be three points too few or perhaps ine game turned out to be seven seconds too long for By BRUCE L0W1TT Seem Writer Jacksonville can't kick. not enough, anyway. And Gary Davidson certainly can't. Not after seeing his "action and entertainment" dream explode into reality in football-mad Birmingham. The Sharks set a World Football League record Wed 4p Jifit A-iftwimiii MM 1 ir nn sSji JACKSONVILLE'S TOMMY DURRANCE picks op five yards (Pensacola News-AP Wlrephoto) WFL Summaries WorM Pooroofl Leoa.90 AN Timet EOT Eastern Otvrtion Pel. PA 24 19 S4 Florida 3 0 0 1.000 41 Philooelphia IIO 33 Jacksonville I 7 Jtt SS New York 0 1 .000 Centre OWHkM Birmingham 3 0 0 1.000 101 Chlcooo 3 0 0 1.000 71 Memphis 1 I 0 M7 ti Detroit 0 3 0 000 4 Western OlvHIen So. California 3 I 0 .667 67 Howoiions I I 0 .333 74 Houston I 0 .333 14 Portland 0 3 0 .000 3) On the last play of the game, rookie quarterback Tony Adams from Utah State heaved a 40-yard touchdown pass to Dave Williams and the Sun came up shining with a 22-19 victory that shocked the 46.780 Sharks fans. In Wednesday night's other WFL games, the Birmingham Americans bombed Memphis 58-33, the Chicago Fire turned back Portland 29-22 and the Florida Blazers beat Houston 15-3. The New York Stars are in Philadelphia tonight for the WFL's nationally televised game against the Bell. Jacksonville had taken a 19-15 lead on the first play of the fourth quarter when Kay Stephenson fired a 16-yard pass to Tony Lomax. But Adams, who had connected with Williams on a 20-yard scoring pass in the first half, got the Sun going in the final 2V minutes, hitting short passes to James McAlister and Williams and, on fourth down and six yards to go at midfield. finding Kermit Johnson at the 40 with seven seconds to play. After the Sun took its last time out, Adams arched the winningtoss, Williams catching it deep in the left corner of the end zone, just behind Jerry Davis, then falling to the turf so hard he was knocked unconscious for a moment. "What can I say? I've never lost one like this before," mused Jacksonville Coach Bud Asher, who's been bitten twice in a row by the last-second bug. "We played a great football game. What can you say? We came off a heartbreaker last week (a last-play field goal that gave Chicago a 25-22 victory) and every time our offense got in scoring range, we got points." "I'm okay," said the shaky Williams. "I hurt my ribs a little, but I'm okay. Their defender did a good job but Tony threw a perfect pass." Sun Coach Tom Fears said the decision on that particular perfect pass was sort of a team effort in itself. "I called the play, but Williams picked his man," Fears said. "He said to throw it to the left sideline 'because I can beat this Americans 58, Sonthmen S3 As a WFL-record 61.319 fans at Legion Field shrieked their approval, veteran George Mira and rookie Matthew Reed of Grambling decimated Memphis' secondary with 378 aerial yards and five touchdown passes three to Alfred Jenkins to keep the Americans unbeaten. Mira threw 38 and 74-yard scoring strikes to Jenkins and one to Dennis Homan for 12 yards. In the third period, Mira bowed out with a sprained ankle. But the bombing didn't subside. On the next play. Reed uncorked a 52-yard touchdown pass to Jenkins. Later, he hit Jim Bishop with a four-yarder. "We anticipated that scoring would increase when the offensive units had a chance to play two or three games together," said Davidson, the WFL commissioner who heard about the Birmingham explosion in Portland at the Fire-Storm game. "It's common for the defense to be ahead of the offense at the start of any season. Our rules, however, encourage the passing attack and our kicking game encourages good field position and both are apparently leading to more scoring." "I thought we had a good night offensively," Birmingham Coach Jack Gotta understated. "We felt that Alfred Jenkins was ready for a good night. "Dennis Homan has been double-teamed so much that Alfred has kind of been forgotten," Gotta added. "But he's probably one of the fastest receivers anywhere and sooner or later he just had to break loose. I'm glad it was tonight." John Harvey ran for 126 yards and two touchdowns for Memphis. But, as Coach John McVay explained: "It all started when we gave up a cheap touchdown early and had to play catch-up from there We just started behind and finished behind." Fire 2J, Storm 22 Virgil Carter of the Fire had a hot night in the air, too. He threw touchdown passes of 50 yards to Mark Keller, one yard to Cyril Pinder and 69 yards to James Scott as Chicago took advantage of Storm mistakes to stay tied with Birmingham atop the Central Division. "Damn, 22 points should be enough to win in football," fumed Portland Coach Dick Coury. "We gave up some cheap touchdowns. Anytime you make the mistakes we did and give up the big touchdowns, you can't win." Portland, which drew a home-opener crowd of 19.358, has lost its three games. The Storm took the early lead on an 18-yard scoring pass from Greg Barton to Greg Specht. But it didn't score again until the final period, the last TD a three-yard pass from Dan Van Galder to Rufus "Roadrunner" Ferguson as time ran out. Blazers 15, Texans 3 Rookie running back Tommy Reamon rambled for 73 yards, 15 of them good for a touchdown, and caught an action-point pass in the Blazers' easy victory over the Texans, whose only points came on a 47-yard Charlie Durkee field goal. "I just ran and ran," he told the writers clustered around him after the game, which attracted 15.729 fans. "This is my job and I try to do it just like you guys do yours." Greg Latta, who caught a 28-yard Bob Davis touchdown pass behind Texans' safety Art McMahon, grinned when he said: "I wasn't too surprised. I played basketball in high school and I was used to taking rebounds from guys in front of me." 81 B4. 61 62 37 78 Texons 0 0 0 3 BkJjers a 0 7 OIS Flo Lotto poss trom Davis (Reamon run! Flo Reomon IS run (pass foiled) Mou FG Durkee 47 INDIVIDUAL LEADERS RUSHING Houston, Nance ti-9; Richardson f-2t. Florida. Reomon 17-73; Strong IJ-S4 RECEIVING Houston. Ottom 4-37; Richordson 3-21. Florida. Lotto 3-41; Reomon 3-4. PASSING Houston, Tollotcrro 84 yards. Florida, Davis 7-17-1, 60. At Jacksonville 44, 7 Sun IS 0 7 Sharks 3 9 0 7-19 Jock FG Gutnrie J3 Jock FG Guthrie 29 Jock FG Guthrie 27 Jock FG Gutnrie 42 SC Williams 20 pass trom Adams (run foitodl SC Nelson I run (McAlister pass from Adams) jock Lomo 16 pass from Stephenson (poss tolicdl SC Williams 40 pass from Adams (run foiled) Wtdnesoav's Gomes Florida IS. Houston 3 Southern California Ti. Jacksonville 10 Birmingham SO. Memphis 33 Chicago 29. Portland 22 Thursday's Gome New York ot Priikxteiphio, I notional television Swxfov. Jutvtt Chicago of Howoiions. 7:30 p.m. Wednesday. Jul II Jacksonville ot New York. Bom. Birmingham at Detroit, 0:30 o.m. Florida ol Houston. 8:30 p.m. Philadelphia ot Portland. 10:30 p.m. MEMPHIS SOUTIIMEN QUARTERBACK JOHN HUARTE TOSSES PASS TOWARD CARY SHIRK Birmingham defeated Memphis before crowd of 60,000 plus (Pensacola News-AP Wlrephoto) Unitas Retires Game Moved DENVER (AP) The Denver Broncos of the National Football League announced the signing Wednesday of two free agents. Rocky Martin. 6-foot, 220-pound linebacker from Colorado, and Dana Coleman, a 6-3, 250-pound guard from LaVerne Hall Game in Trouble INDIVIDUAL LEAOERS RUSHING Southern California. Johnson 1S-S8: McAlister 6-18. Jock ion- -ville. Durronce 22-73: Loke 90. RECEIVING Southern California. McAlister 9-74: Wliiioms S-99. Jacksonville. Buie 4-Sl: Lomoa 3-37. PASSING Southern Collfornlo, Adams 18-31-2, 714 yards. Jacksonville, Stcohenson 12-311. 127. At Btrmkiehom. 41.319 Southmcn 3 8 IS 733 Americans 14 14 I 7758 Ams Bortles 1 run (poss Incomplete) 5 men FG Etter 21 Ams Jenkins 38 pass from Miro (run foiled) Ams Jenkins 74 pass from Miro (run failed) Smcn-Shlrtk 3S pass from Huorte (Horvev run) Ams Homan 1J pass from Miro (run foiled) Smcn Horvev 1 run (Wolloe poss from Huorte I Ams Jenkins S3 pass from Reed (Bortles run) Smen Harvey 1 run (run foiled) Ams Bishoo 4 poss trom Reed (poss foiled) Smen Jennings 1 run (pass foiled) Ams Robinson 7 run (Homon pass from Reed) Ams Edwords 18 run (run foiledl INDIVIDUAL LEADERS RUSHING Memphis, Harvey 16-176. Birmingham, Robinson 18-93; Edwords 0-4S. RECEIVING Memphis, Morshall 0-114: Shirk 4-73: Wallace $-41. Bir. mtngham. Jenkins S-200; Bishop S-9S; Homon 6-S9. PASSING Memphis. Huorte 18-37-4 174. Birmingham, Mira 11-171 251; Reed 7-12-0-127. College. And Bill Casstevens, a UAW regional director, said there were plans in the works to join the NFL players on the picket line. "Canton is the home of professional foot-bali," Casstevens said. "We do not want to see it become the home of the first professional scabs." The major roadblocks in the strike are the so-called "freedom issues," the players' demands for the elimination of the reserve and option clauses and the Rozelle compensation rule. Neither St Louis nor Buffalo are ready to throw in the towel, yet, though. Cards Coach Don Coryell named rookie quarterback Bill Bynum of Western New Mexico to direct the attack against the Bills. He also named Greg Johnson of Wisconsin and Reggie Harrison of Cincinnati to start at running backs and top draft choice J.V. Cain of Colorado as a starter at one wide receiver post, along with Keith Denson and tight end Gary Fairchild, tight end. The Bills, meanwhile, are keeping their plans secret, including the travel arrangements to the game. A team spokesman said the club is attempting to minimize demonstrations which might occur because of the strike. James M-Solter At Pomond-19418 Fire 0 8 14 7-79 Storm 7 0 0 1-77 or Specht 18 poss from Barton (run foiled) Chi Kellor 50 poss from Cortcr (Pinoer poss trom Cortcr) Chi Pinder I pass from Cortcr (pass loidl Chi Pinder 4 run (poss (oiled) Por Hendricks 1 run (ooss toiledl Chi Scott 69 poss from Cortcr (poss foiled) Por Ferguson 3 ooss trom Von Galder (Chrlstlonsen poss from Von Colder I IN DIVIDUAL LEAOERS RUSHING Chlcogo. Keller 18-73; Pnder 1S-6. Porliond. Turner 14-72; Ferguson 6-S4. RECEIVING Chicago. Scott 3-81) Deiem 3-S8. Portlond. Soecht S-9S. PASSING Chlcogo, Cortcr 10-18-0. 204 yards. Portland, Barton 9-14-1, 93 vards. This man has a million dollars! By BRUCE LOWITT AP Sports Writer Johnny Unitas is headed for the Pro Football Hall of Fame but there's a growing chance the St. Louis Cardinals and Buffalo Bills may not see the Canton, Ohio, shrine this year. The National Football League players strike, which earlier this month kayoed Friday night's College All-Star Game, is going after Saturday's nationally televised Hall of Fame Ga me between the Cards and Bills the kickof of the preseason schedule as its next target. And the players picked up a few key blocks Wednesday when spokesmen for the United Auto Workers Union said they would join players picketing the game. The 26 club owners have already acknowledged that this year's game and all contests during the Aug. 2-5 first week of exhibitions may not be all they could be. They've admitted that, because of the 25-day-old -strike, they'll be using mostly rookies and free agents and only a smattering of stars and other veterans and, thus, have instituted a league-wide policy of ticket refunds for those games. Contract talks between the NFL Players Association and the owners' NFL Management Council, which have taken more turns than a broken-field runner, collapsed completely Monday. There have been no meetings since then and none are expected at least through the weekend. Unitas, acclaimed as one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of pro football, retired Wednesday after 18 years in the NFL. The strike had nothing to do with it, though. Two weeks go, Unitas was the lone San Diego veteran to cross the players' picket line and enter the Chargers' camp for workouts. Unitas, who passed for more touchdowns and more yards than any other player in the league, explained: "I didn't feel my legs were capable of taking the punishment they would have had to take I hate to qit playing football. The mind is willing but your body wears out." The 41-year-old All-Pro. who left the Baltimore Colts I for San Diego a year ago. said he would return to Maryland although his $500,000 contract for two years will be honored by the Chargers. On the 50th anniversary of the NFL, Unitas was named Player of the Decade by The Associated Press. Among his myriad records are his 40.239 passing yards. 290 touchdowns, 47 consecutive games with touchdown passes and 27 games with 300 or more yards passing. The United Auto Workers Community Action Program Council in Ohio asked union workers throughout the state to boycott Saturday's game. "The football players have a right to free and unfettered collective bargaining hich the owners aren't giving them," Joe Tomasi, president of the council, said Wed- -nesday. More than Wmm League Leaders thty'rt ibout tht softest things you'ntmput on your fett, outsidt oftptir ofsoxl I lilt x. A combination ot comfortabh knit indcool. opin mtsh. Soft tricot 1 1 JLsnvj TV-rVT 'V'. cushion 1 1 rubbttsolts. BWir S. He is manager of the LOCAL FINANCE COMPANY OFFICE in town and he's been allot-(cd a cool million lend out to individuals and families in this area over ihe next two months. At $2500 each (that's the maximum loan he can make right now) this comes to at least 400 loans he to make in the next 60 days. So if you want money to pay your bills, make a big purchase or for any other purpose by all means phone the number listed below now. 78. 1.48 Fingers. Oak, 7-3. .700. 3 00 Horgon. Tes. 9-4. .697. 3.79 Cuellor. Bol. 13-6. .684. 2.81 Tkjnl, Bsn, 14-7, .667, 2.78 Fitimorrls. KC. 6-3, .667. 3.58 Homilton. Ook. 6-3. .667. 3.26. STRIKEOUTS N.R yon, Cal, 701; G.Perrv, Cle. 141; Blyteven, Min, 141; M.Lolkh. Del, 122; Coleman. Del, 115. HORSE RACING STANTON. Del. Dec Miee. 17.40. won the feoture ot Oelowore Park by seven lengths over Love That Breeze. NEW YORK Foolish Pleasure, $4 20. scored a neck victory over Whot A Sketch In Aqueduct's (28.800 Tremont Stokes. PHILADELPHIA Sweetie's Charm, SS.60, ron to 0 seven-length win over Kove's Commander in te Crossings Purse at Liberty Bell. CHICAGO Colonel ower. S7.00. ron to a neck win over Go To The Bonk In Arlington Pork's Grous-tork Stokes. AMERICAN LEAGUE BATTING (22S ot botsl-Corew, Min, Ystnmskl, Bsn, Rondle, Tei. Oris. Chi, Hargrove. Tei. .322. RUNS-D Allen, Chi, 60; Ystnmskl. Bsn. 5'; Rivers. Col. 59: Componerls. Oak. S9; Grlch. Bai, 56; Corew. Mm, 56. RUNS BATTEO IN Burroughs. Te. 73; Allen. Chi. 70; Rudl, Ook. 62; Brloos. Mil. 59; Henderson. Chi. 59. HITS-Carew. Min. 143; Rivers, Col, 112; Rudi, Ook, 110; Scotl. Mil. 107; Vstrtmskl, Bsn, 105; KHendcrson, Chi, 10S. OOUBLESRudi. Ook. 26; Briggs. Mil. 72: Corew. Mm, 72; McRoc. KC, 21; Healy, KC. 21; Burroughs. Te. 21. TRIPLES Rivers. Col, Otis. KC. Wotiilord. KC. Hlsle. Min, Dorwln, Min. Componeris. Oak, 6. HOME RUNS D. Allen, CM. 26; Movberry, KC. 19: R.Jackson, Oak, 17; Hendrlck, Cle, 16; Briggs, Mil, 16; Burroughs. Ten. 16. STOLEN BASES North, Ook, 36; Rivers, Cal, 24; Componeris, Ook, 34; Lowensteln, Cle. 23: Corew. Min. 22. PITCHING (9 Cle. IV3, .833. 1.47 Sorogue. Mil, 7-2, .7 NATIONAL LEAGUE BATTING (22S at bats) Gorr, Atl, Zisk. Pgh, R.Smith. StL. Brock. StL. D.Cosh, Phi, RUNS Morgan, Cin. 63; Rose. Cln, 63; Cedeno. Hln. 62; Bonds. SF. 62; Tied With 61. RUNS BATTEO IN-Cedeno. Htn. 7S; Wvnn, LA. 69; Schmlt. Phi. el: Garvey. LA. cS; Bench. Cm, 64: Cev, LA. 64. HITS Gorr. Atl. 149; O.Cosh. Phi. 174; Garvey. LA, 118; Rose, Cln, 112; Cedeno. Htn. 112 OOUBLES-Cordcnol. Chi. J5; A. Oliver. Pgh. 23; Moddon. SF, 23; Stcnnclt. Pgh, 22; Storgcll, Pgh, 22; R. Smith. StL. 22. TRIPLES Garr, All. 13; D.Cosh. Phi, A.Oliver, Pgh. 8: Bonds. SF, W.Davis. Mon. Geronimo. Cin. 6. HOME RUNS Wvnn. LA, 21; Schmidt. Phi. 19; Cedeno. Htn. 19; Bench, Cln, 17; L.Mov. Htn. 17. STOLEN BASES Brock, StL. 60; Morgan. Cln, 40: Cedeno, Htn, 37; Lopes. LA, 36; Lmti. Mon. 30. PITCHING (9 Oeclslonsl-Messrsmm. LA. II. 846, 7.21 John. LA. 13-3. .613. 2 SO GrHtln. Htn. 11-3. .786. 3.02 Caldwell. SF. 9-3, 7S0. 3.11 Morsholl. LA. 1 1-4. .733. 2.31 Brett. Pgh. 12-6. .667, 2 60 McGlolhen. SIL. 12-6, 467, 2.89 Gullett, Cm. 12-6. .667. 2.69. STRIttEOUTS-Corlton. Phi. 140; Messrsmth, LA. 136; P.Niekro. Atl. 120; Seaver, NV. 117; Koosmon, NY, 114. Nime Brind yV, Sold NitioiullyYv. SSiraJSa itSlliW mm JEANS JACKETS BELLS II GET AWAY TO IT ALL! STRAIGHTS We Carry The XI carriage Above In- DID YOU KNOW ALSO THAT- Initiation foto ot $1000 of fft Country club or waived' if you fivt at ffi) Corriogo HiNi Apfo. 1975 SEA HORSE DENIM. CORDUROY also Levi's Shirts WE GOT 'EM LOCAL Of FLOftlOA Town County Plaza. Store 38A Pensacola, Fla. mmm AAAOfWAAA 25 HP nriuvitii BOATS OPEN 9 A.M. TILL 9 P.M. SUNDAY OPEN CORNER OF nun I Mild MOTORS I II (PHILIP'S REASONABLY PRICED! 1 2 BR BR Townhouse furnished or CARRIAGE HILLS Cost No More-It only looks that way. 0 2355 W. MICHIGAN AVL 453-1020 IN FORT WALTON IIACH A mm 4 3 523 S. BAYLEN 433-1391 PACE CERVANTES 2 win uuoawv. 1 P.M.TJL17P.M. mSO.rAlAFOXST. Af.DOCOCbMMNV Across from C1P Bonk

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