The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 8, 1950 · Page 16
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 16

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 8, 1950
Page 16
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SIXTEEN BLYTHEVIUJ5 <ARK.) COURIKR NEWS Eggs and Veget BudgetasLow- esAid t Foods To keep food costs down nutrition high, shop for foods list "In plentiful supply." You'll fli eggs, fowl, potatoes, onions, bean lettuce, spinach, tomatoes canne lima beans, canned corn, dairy fooi and pork among them. There's goo eating In that list, flavored wli budget economy. Tlie next step is to plan menu several days in advance. Once yo get this practical habit, you'll I surprised how much waste you avo! and how much you cut your week! food co.sts. Here are a few budget mom worked out by nutrition and mark< experts: Dinner: Stuffed cabbage wit pork, baked sweet potatoes, bul tered peas, celery strips, bread, buf ter or fortified margarine, app! dumplings, coffee, milk. Dinner: Broiled duckling with ap pie slices, potatoes with asparagu sauce, stewed tomatoes, spinach an lettuch salad, bread, butler or for tified margarine, brownies, coffei milk. Dinner: Braised bpef and kidney fiith dumplings, simp beans, mlxct green salad, bread, butter or forti fted margarine, fruited gelatin coffee, mill:. Dinner: Tuna fish puffs, sncco lash, creamed spinach, celery sticks bread, butter or fortified margarine cup cakes with lemon topping, cot fee. milk. Here's a recipe for stuffed onion: from the Massachusetts Extensioi Service, United States Dcpnrtmeiv of Agriculture: Stuffed Onionu (Serves -1) Six large onions, 2 tablespoon: chopped parsley. 1 tablespoons fat 1 cup bread crumbs. 1 cup chopped cooked meat (or fish, hard-cookec eggs, grated cheese, peanuts or bakec beans), 1 teaspoon salt, dash pepper. Cut large onions In half cross- wi«. Add a small amount of water Cook uncovered until almost tender. Remove the centers without disturbing the outer layers, atlc! chop centers fine. Cook the chopped onion and parsley In the fat for n few minutes. Then add the remaining Ingredients. Fill the onion shell? irtth this stuffing and bake In a nvxkrftU oven (350 degrees P.) lor about H mtnutes. or until the art tender. L/ver Sousage Also Is Good In 'Hot' Form muli, w«h «tnph»si» on U«t« «ppe»l, are for the who has reHdy-to-serve ffe in her refrigerator, mff home »coiiomlst Reba Stjiggs. far Mrving In Iiot form, liver •MMg* Mcrt may be wrapped with *«on «trlp«, placed In a baking *«*!, then slowly baked until the Moon U cookEtl nnd the liver heat•4. CTiopp«d liver sausage combined with tomato pmp and a bit o( aiflMd onion or green pepper is *e perfect stuffing to be baked In plump tomato shells. Or !i-lnch slicw of this ready-to-serve meat may be brushed with melted butter or margarine, then broiled or pan- broiled with tomato halves or slices A Jellied Swedish meat loat Is another winning use of tilts cold meat Liver sausage Is rubbed through a *ieve and combined wllh mayonnaise, dry mustard, finely chopped celery, green pepper anrl o'nion This mixture Is added to slightly congealed tomato-flavored gelatin then placed in a ring mold. When chilled »nd firm It is unmolded on a bed -il shredded lettuce lightly sprinkled with paprika. Bun Surprise An outdoor or indoor hamburger treat! 8hape seasoned ground beef Into thin patties and brown on both »ldcs. Combine chopped stuffed olives, minced onion and chopped parsley and spread on half the broiled patties. Top with the remaining patties and serve on toasted buns. BURY YOUR WORRIES/ COMHITI AUTOMOtlLl INSUIAHCI PKOIECIIOK V.TW FARMERS M A SAVW« • rtcmrr O*.K>« IUUUTT • COHCJQM • tOHVW W « «H)«C*l fA W. L. Walker, District Agent 200 Isaacs BIdg. Km. I'honc S450 lies. 2113 Canned Meat Is Basis for' Varied Dishes The out-put of canned meals is now more lhan a billion pounds annually, or two and one-half times larger than ten years ago. The variety of products, their economy, high food value and convenience have won more more advocates to the canned meat shelf. Although most of these meats may be sliced or uw-d riiiht from the can. they may also "be diced or cut and combined with rice, noodles, scalloped potatoes or baked beans. Already processed,, canned meats cull for only a short Iteming time to be fitted into many dishe.v They may also be used for intcr- csliiiB appetizers and salad platters and they travel with ease to picnics and vacation camps. For luncheon or breakfast, .serve scrambled ei>»s with canned deviled lam. Cook the eggs and milk over '.on- heat, stirring constantly add I :he deviled ham just before the! CBRS are ready to serve. i For an outdoors pii/iuc. heat can- icd beans and (op with Drilled. :anned pork sausage, or frankfnrt- *rs. Hamburgers, one of the newer aimed meats, could be heated vltli >enns. Chili, that hearty canned .-ivorite, also is enthusiastically re- elved by ever-hungry picnickers. Canned meats are good sen-en in cream gravy atop mashed polices. To a cream sauce add a little rated cheese and stir in diced piced imin. slices of Vienna sail- age or Julienne strops of tongue. I e a t thoroughly and serve on inshcd potato nest. Use canned liver pate as a filling sr hot appetizers. Use packaged astry mix. Roll pastry onc-eigluh ich thick and cut in two by four ich rectangles. Mix canned liver >read with finely minced onion, imiento and green pepper; put poonful on one half oi each rce- ingle; fold other halt over and ress edges together with tines of Bacon Improves Number of Dishes Remember during the war when bacon was fa scarce? Now the delectable strips of pink and white are again plentiful, thanks to rc- c<ni record port production. Qual| ity Is excellent, prices low. a cue ' to cook with bacon at nil meals. So many economical yet flavorful rmd nourishing meals are better with bacon. Spanish Rice lopped with crisp bacon strips makes a delicious combination. Bacon strijks .ire traditional with baked beans. j Make them quick canned beans and f dre.s them up with bacon strijjs <JMC of (be quickest cooking meats. A French omlet with a crisp bacon filling is a treat ior.any rncal. Liver and bacon are classic partners. A cnrn pudding served with bacon makes a thrifty meal full of old-fashioned flavor. Franklurlers wrapped In bacon and broih'd make a treat that Is a.s nourishing cnifwy shrdl etaoin as much fun for snacks as it is nourishing for main meals. Now is the time to make the many delicious dishes In which bacon is an important ingredient. fork. Jiake In hot oven 10 to 12 minutes. MANY NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES' A* e j-vi oMcr. strrat r „ | , „ i riim ri .jn khJr lion. Tl.ii may lend mnny folk* lr» emu- I-fi'in of iinKHiiip hncknclK-, ]o*s of nt-p nml .-.ur*, h^rhe* .nnd ,H R «,, M «. UcLlmH up lanlHs or froinrnt pns^nj^a m.iy n-sull , fnmi minor bladder Jrritiitlnna due to cold tiiitiiiHittj or dietary indiscretions. If your discomforts *r« due to Ihra* muse*. .Ion t w.iit, try lean's I'MI*. a mfJd iljuntic. llsod suecr*.if(jl)y l,y mUlium; for ovt-r 511 yrarvi. Will ft! ihi'.-ie symptoms may ofti'ti ulliuirvi-fco occur, it's nmaritiK how in;.ny Imios Doari's KIVP hiijiriy ixift-r — l.^fp the. Ib mik-s of kiiJm-y tnU-3 tmil filu-nt flush out waste. Get Uiian'a I'iJia today 1 Enjoy this Spanish style recipe for (YloMi £ 1 package Mtiyiose Dried llccf (•f ounces) Vj (up cfmppcd onion 3 tablespoons Vcisirn Marc.irinc 2 T.ililespoons chopped yrccn pepper 3 lafolcspoons ITnnr 1 10' bounce cm condensed H3 crips w.ntcr 2 Ic.upocmi Worcestershire] 1/2 teaspoon celery salt Vft teaspoon pepper loninto soup 3 cups cooked rice Chop d,iecl beef. I'-minll,. brown omons it, VeRaco. A,l ( l dried heef iinj urceo pepper. Continue.- hro,vnin s . AJd Ho,ir and l>rlm» mmalo so,,p svi.l, w ^ tcr . A J, t !ollp Worcestershire Sauce" n"',cisV . . src ., ll( c andwivc „ dncd hccf miT,,,rc. Slir w,,c c thickens. Siraraer (or To cs. ier»« on hot rice. " »««4kud rfM Aquoli 3 tup, tooied i ST. LOUIS INDEPENDENT PACKING CO. Galvanized EEL GRAIN BINS FT re-safe, sv rodent-proof. Permanent, long-life construction. J convenient sizes: 14'x8'— 1000 bu.; I 8'xl l'_2200 > hu. f &.* 5fe «=?-> tr^ __ s BUT! 1 i 3 ~\ Order Butler Galvanized Grain Bins NOW from Thick and Juicy Best Choice for Ciood food nnd plenty of it, This i Is n simple way to the heart of most! dads on June !8. Of course, the success of the meal depends upon tlie choice of meat. And just naturally Hie perfect choice in many' homes is a thick, juicy broiled steak. When purchasing steak it's wise to first decide on\the number of servings desired. Keep in mind that the thicker the steak the more scrv- IIIRS (always choose at least a 1-inch steak for broihns.) For example, a 1-inch club steak will serve 1 or 2; 2-im-h, 2 to 3. A 1-Inch porterhouse will give 1 or 'I sorv- ins;; 2-inch, 2 to 4. A 1-inch sirloin 3 to 6 servings; 2-Inch, 6 lo 12 THURSDAY, JUNE 8, 1950 Broiled Steak Father's Day The secret of that perfectly broiled steak that dad dreams about la slow cooking. The proper method Is itf follows: place the steak tin the broiler rack so (hat the top surface is 2 to 3 inches from the heat— the thicker the farther from the heat. When one side Is browned season, turn and finish cooxiiig ori the second side. Season and serve hot. Broil a 1-inch club steak 15 to 20 minutes (according to done- clad desires.); 2-inch steak 35 lo 45 minutes. Add 5 minutes to the above cooking time for a porterhouse or sirloin steak. With father's special dinner concentrated on steak your accompa- nlrnenU ir« easily prepared. French fried onion rings are grand u'ith steak. Simply slice onions l]4-inch thick and let them stand In milk for about 30 minutes. Dip In seasoned flour and fry In deep hot lard until golden brown. Include In the menu creamed new potatoes, buttered fresh asparagus and a tossed vegetable salad. Dessert will be dad's favorite which In many Instances turns out to be apple pie topped with a wedge of cheese. A SUBSTITUTE FOR MEAT MACARONI'SPAGHETTI A PURE ESO NOODLES £ Brotlrd U\'tr Cub«, Thread cubes of liver on wooden or metal skewers with pineapple chunks, tiny new potatoes and pearl onions. Brush the kabobs with melted fat and broil until tender. STO* 63 *% ^ "^ 'W\ ~f^> m *}^ sii Wa'w feS2 TESTED RfCIPfS tfrT*&i 'N CVfRY PACKAGE ^ W¥< ' v oj your g , ocer -j today ^SZZ M The Pause That Refreshes Adomi delicious sweetened spa laa Standard CUTiEMS I.ueky is I'sorles Tall cans Green & white LIMA Pure cane SUGAR 110 X890 Miss Liberty Assorted Flavors Compare in quality with any you've tried! Salad Q From red ripe tomatoes oz. bottles Dcllclout Creamery Standard hand-packed $ - - no. / cans Clean and packed in cartons doz.29c VEGETABLES Pascal 3 Doz Size CT - - stalk 10 Long white No. 1 California 432 Size Sunkist LEMONS Doz, Large White Juicy EAR CORN 5 for 25( MEAT SPECIALS Hcil Brand Sliced • BACONib36 C Fully Dressed Wi1son Brand FRESH FRYERS Lb . 590 CHUCK ROAST rh 590 Wilson's Certified Smoked, mealy RIB ROAST Ib 690 HAM HOCKS Ih 290 Wilson Brand Fresh SIRLOIN STEAK Ib 890 WHITING FISH ,„ 150 Streak 0' Lean Cudahy's SALT MEAT Ih 190 PICNIC HAMS ,.„. 390

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