The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 18, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 18, 1949
Page 11
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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 1949 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams •BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THERE GOES THE OLD DePARTMEMT RJC K ANP POP6E — 'OU DO SOUR WORK SO WE WON'T HAVE AMV.' rr'SABEAUTIFUl- DREAM--EVERY- BOPY LIKES 17.' WHAT CO VOO WAfJT US TO EO FINISH IT POWM TO A THOUSANDTH OFAIMCH? J THOUGHT YOU HAP MACHINES PER THAT/ 1KMOW, BUT IF YOU CAW'T WORK CLOSER THAN A FOOT, YOU oeTTH'CREprr FOR. BEIN' FAST ANP US FOR seiM 1 SLOW.' THE DIPLOMATS Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople J*AGE ELEVEN HO-MUM.' AND VOU 6VEM MIGHT HAVE To KEEP YOUR SHOES OH AMD LET YOUR 6U(JlOMS THREE DON'T SO SOCIftL. R£GIST£R OM US WJE JUST wn«r DAY VOL) CHAMGE YOUR SHIRT.' STATO& VMlSlS TUB PRIZE, FAMED SCHOLARS AMD ARTISTS WILL BEAT A PATH TO DOOR.'~~ WONl'T VOL) LOOTS VJ1LT IN THE RARE AIR OF AM ' It-iTeLLECTU/M- HftRD TO COMBAT SUCH IGMORAWCE = For CARPENTRY - PAINTING SPRAY PAINTING PAPER HANGING CALL 3820 — 723 — C»(iG TAXI Call fcAsk for either white or colored " J -iver. Elcht cabs at your service. FOR SALE Concrete culvertv 12 inch U* 41) Inch, plain or reentorced Also Concrete Building Klnrk> cheaper than lumber for barns, chicken houses, pump houses, tenant houses, tool 5Led* VV* drliver Call as for free estimate Phone €91 OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. RENT A CAR Urlve Anywher* VOD Plrasc Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 11 You Can Tell the Difference in Good Shoe Repair H-fl LTCRS 121 w MO WOODS Drug Store Experienced Prescription Service WOODS Drug Store ^ CAMEO j>y Virginia Teale <*>**<. ' SElViCf. INC THE STOKYi A „,, c » mco . worlk HO.Wm or morr. k:,. brr» ofTrred fur MHlr hy Mnrtln Paltrr. *>"«• 01 llnJorOMn'a nrlfxl rt>*ldrnf M. "nfcnr Itlnlr tvnnlM 11, hut cflo't • Word It. Slri>h/tnEr Smith, who work. In M:ii;:.r'. cm «li»|i. alto •triii* to w«»i h. .ArnnM i-nrrTrr. • wr«Tfr. Mho !• hflnj: Mm-k- mnllrd ), y Kiih.r to lake thr - . d'ulcr. I. Mrr.lJ ••HI O'Vrlll. >n Ton. O'Xrlll. taken Andrrj ^' •rlUt. lo •»« F«l Knllrr ri brr II. ov. A n-«nn rr. hul flnd klm v j\TELL O'NBILL'S voice commenced a low staccato of words. Tom interrupted her angrily. Andrey Yakov strolled into the next room, closing Ihe door quietly. Martin Faller's bedroom was quite different from the outer one. Most significant was the fastidious order here. The low, wide couch-bed with its heavy linen spread and bolstered pillows, smooth and precise. A handsome desk clock set in pigskin registered the lime. 4:35. Beside the clock was a letter. Yakov picked it up and looked at the San Francisco postmark. In Ihe upper left corner he saw/ a small engraved crest above the address of a well-known art dealer. Slipping the letter from the envelope, Yakov began to read. Halfway down the page, he gave a surprised grunt — his eyes raced through the remainder of the letter. Hurriedly, he returned the paper to the envelope and placed it where he had found it. His attitude had abruptly changed, his. next movements were quick and smooth like those of a hunting cat. But he was gazing out the window, apparently in idle contemplation, when Nell opened the door. • » • J-JE turned to her, smiling, "The delicate colors of the western ocean at sunset, I shall never tire oJ them." He turned and continued talking casually: "I look forward to seeing Miss Blair's cameo collection. * It may be that we can negotiate an exchange of pieces, perhaps she has something that-will ease my disappointment concerning your wonderful cameo." Nell's eyes focused on his face "You'll see my cameo." . "Aha! You have then remembered where it is?" < "Yes. Yes, 1 have remembered." He looked at her Intently, folding his lower lip between thumb and forefinger: "Then, perhaps, if it should be the piece I am look- ins; for, you will consent to sell it?" "Perhaps." Yakov's eyes narrowed, but he was still smiling as he said: "it would be to your advantage—in many ways." As they left the bedroom, .Yakov looked around for Tom: "Your husband? He is waiting outside?" Nell's lips tightened: "No. He's down at Bob's, drinking again." Yakov looked concerned. "A pity." They had closed Martin's front door and were descending the steps when tNell stopped abruptly. She gripped Yakov's i arm and poinled down the hill to the corner on the opposite side of the street He saw the figure of Tom O'Neill. Standing opposite him, feet apart, .in a careless attitude, was a tall man. Nell exploded. "He's got hold of Martin. No telling what he'll say to him." Yakov. noting the creases of worry and'annoyance, around her large blue eyes, suggested soothingly: "Perhaps he will tell our friend Martin Falter that we are here seeking his company." Nell, staring intently down the hill, did not answer. As she walched, Martin turned from Tom as though to start up the hill. Tom follosved and grabbed Martin's arm, the two men faced each other once more and seemed to be arguing. Martin turned his face toward the top of the hill and lifled a hanrt in salute. He gave no further sign of recognition, however. "Do we go in pursuit?" Antlrey Yakov asked with a half-smile. "No!" she answered with suppressed fury: "It would only Rivo Tom a chance to make a big scene. We'll go on to Ilagar Blair's." • • • , j\JELL kept sitent as they drove to the Three Wishes Shop. She was reviewing, bitterly, the many other occasions when Tom had made an ugly Issue of cerlain friendships of hers. She cringed inwardly as she recalled the Insh- ings he'd given her with that fiendish tongue of his. AJwjjys, during [heir violent quarrels, he'd bring up her former career, taunting her with his favorite epithet "stag party prima donna." She'd been serious about her dancing, had tried to be artistic about it. She might have made something of herself, if she hadn't given up her career to marry Tom. At thai time, however, marrying rich Tom O'Neill hadn't seemed a bad idea. She needed money desperately at tile time they met and had sold him the cameo, weeping pathetically and telling him it was i urecious family heirloom. Tom had wept into his champagne and had given her a large sum for the brooch. Then, on their wedding day. he'd made a great ceremonj of giving it back. He told her it had been a lifelong ambition to install a beautiful wife in a cozy studio home and live out his life among sympathetic creative friends. He qualified himselt for this group by calling himself a "ceramist." Once she had hoped to persuade Tom to give up Dolorosa. But right at the crucial moment, one of his miserable clay pots'had won a minor prize at the Laguna Beach Festival of Arts. He had conducted a three-day celebration and had vowed to dedicate the rest of his days to "his art." In Dolorbsa! So now the caineo was her only means of escape. Provided it turned out to be the rare piece Yakov was looking for. And, provided she could get it back, somehow, from Martin Falter. (To Be Continued)' ATTENTION' EX-G.I.-S To Maintain Your Benefits PAY tfOUK LEGION CUES NOW.' DUD CASON POST 24 FOR SALE CONlIHETt CULVER'l I'lLE i.'««» you lest T ei i, s i t ,,,n;n than anj uthej bnrtRt matrmi * i I- f * *-10-l^-li-|8-21-^l-X?-3U-^t inche* CONCKKTL SEWER TILE • Slztj 4-»-i incut! CONCRETE SEPTIC TANKS • Best rnces ( Ur lltlirfi A. H. WEBB ili;h«j 6] at stalt Line Phone 714 • fresh Stock Guaranteed Best ('rices Kjfby Drug Stores ~ ' Pointing Interior & Kxlerior • Expert Paper Hanging Estimates Gladly Given Russell Price Phone 6560 -Master Plumber- JORDAN PLUMBING COMPANY, Inc. All Work Guaranteed For 12 Months 531 North 10th" I'hone fillUt FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH 8LDG. BLYTHEVILLfcARK, CO u O - STUDEBAKER- HERE THEY ARE! USED CARS THAT CAN BE USED! 1919 Studeliaker Commander—a truly fine aulo- mobile fully equipped wilh all the accessories lo make your driving more enjoyable. 1916 Ford—a good postwar automobile at a prewar price. 1011 Ford—very nice body, runs good, and has good tires. 1039 Chevrolet—brand new tires, new painl job, runs and drives good. , COME BY BEFORE YOU BUY Chamblin Sales Co. Railroad and Ash Phone 888 .STUDEBAKER, </* H C a m ca > TN COP*. \va n M» itnvrei, IKC. T. H, «EO. u. i. MT. or» "If it's so good, why has it been lying around (or 25 years?" FKECKLES AMD HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEH In Shape AMOIHE'R. swAovaoe^ ^ FUMBL6. AND A K>~ 'p AGAIN |j SMITH. WARM up "Se> KISCILLA'S POI His Aim in Lift I?Y AL VRRftlEKH OH, CARLVLEl WHV THROWING 5PITB/ SHOULD , MUST YOU SHAME T WAS! THAT'S WHV HE SENT ME HOME! U5 LIKE THIS? - VOUR PRINCIPLE! »Y MICHAKI. O'MAU.BY and RALPH LANE , ^ E /T KHZ?-*™**"'** T HANS ON CAPTAIN EAS'i Hello, Yourself! BY LESLIE TURNER THEM SUDDENLY HE VANISHED' I HftVE HO IDEA WHftT . TO HlWi P.ND I'M SURE PWGHTER. HftSN'T ! BUGS BUNN\ llouscvvarming HAT'S TH'\ • ( I'M SOIM' T' V -R'J^W. / *-—V <^rr TU' MCTU/ *- TH' GUV SAIP THEVP POT /SURE/ AN 1 NOT «*. ONI V TU AT . ...TWERPO, MV PET PENGUtN, IT US' THIS APTERNOON/ TH PRC-FABLICATED , , ALREADY LIVIN' IN IT/ HOUSE I SOUGHT/ A HOpSE ANP PUT This Is Hough TWENTY// YM5A.N "W TH' THINC5 TVVENTV ME5? BOOTS AND HER BUDIHKS BY EDGAR MARTIN

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