The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 18, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 18, 1933
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Served by the United Press BEFTHEVILCE COCKIER 'I'UV TVtVfTU'AWT* Ml^TTTOn A nnn. A«. i i •••• • iwt . . __ •* " ^^^m ^W THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOtTTJttAOT MISSOURI VOL. XXX—NO. 210 Blyuwvlita. Oallj Hews. DiyUUTlll* OoorMr, Wtalszlppl Vtlley Uider. B!rth»»ili» H»r«m RLYTHRV11.LK. AHKANSAS. SATUUDAY. NOVKMBICK 18,'1933 : -4 ?* m JINGLE COPIES FJVE : ''CEN.T8 | : ij N MOV P Ex-Wife Returns to School New Treasury Chief Advocates 'Rubber Dollar' to Control Prices. i '> • BY KGDNEY IUJTCIIEK '• N'KA Service StalT Corrcsoondfnt WASHINGTON. — Franklin D. Rcosevelt will be his own Secre- ] tary of the Treasury and dictator of the American monetary' policy. . I The man wlio will - carry* out his plans is Henry Morgenthau, • the Treasury's new Acting Sec-1 retary. '.' I Foreseeing the necessity of a free hand in drilling with thr currency, Roosevelt originally chose, William H. Woodin, a close friend! whose loyalty he could depend] upon, for the imiwrtarit Treasury i post. Woodin stuck to his belief in the old-fashioned dollar, though j his indefinite leave of absence was] due to poor health rather than, difference of opinion. 1 . ^Now the President has not only I a' close, friend bossing the Treas- ' ury. He has also a man who be-1 lieves in • the present gold purchase plan as n means of driving up prices as »ell ns In the com-1 modity or "rubber" dollar to which the administration 1s unofficially committed. ! To place Morgenthau there he i had to release Undersecretary Dean Acheson. :'a "sound money" advocate \vho 'opposed the new policies. • Morgenthau's experience with heavv finance has been gained chiefly in his now relinquished post as chief of the two-billion dollar Farm Credit Administration. But he Is a close associate of • Professor George :'P. Warren of i Cornell,-Roosevelt's chief ^financial An cx-\ ife at 11 years adviser. Both men have long been prominent in the agricultural affairs of New York state. Unless and until Congress interferes, the supreme triumvirate guiding the future of the American dollar will be Roosevelt, Mor- genthau and Warren. Morgenthau's farm paper, the American Agriculturist, has consistently favored dollar devaluation and the Warren plan. That plan calls for restoration of prices to the level at which they were when the bulk of outstanding] debts were ol the dollar accordingly and a subsequent fluctuating value for the dollar to be based on the commodity price level. Morgenthnu is 42 years old, a (Continued on Page Threel EITIHTINULOFII.C.C.I. Concrete Block's With Which "Rody Was Weighted Recovered. \ SAN JOSE. Cal., Nov. 18 (UP) —Removal nf two concrete blocks 'roin lower San Frnnclsco bay fur- liished the first definite ' clues today In the search for the body of Brooke Hart. 22-year-old kid- n:i]:lni< victim who wns slnln nnd thrown into the 'water according to his abductors. • , As ndditional details of (he crime jccnme known threats of mob vlo- ence grew In Sun Frnnelsco where Tliomiui H. Tliurmonrt nhd J. M. Holmes. v;ho confessed to kidnap- ing young !lnrt, were held for safekeeping. The two were taken from the city jail to depnrlment of justice headquarters for questioning. Holmes was returned without Incident, but when Thurmond wns removed to an automobile a muttering crowd had gathered. Police shoved through and scattered cries of "lynch him' failed to materialize Into action. The concrete blocks, each weighing 22 pounds, were' used by the kidnapers to weigh the body of the victim, according to theircon- fe.'viions. Authorities prepared Indictments on which they hoped to send the pair to the gallows. One of the.blocks jwn's bound with baling wire nnd the other was not. The searchers who brought the heavy objects from the bay said their earlier efforts I'.nd resulted in the recovery of a torn shirt and shreds of flesh That*"Dorothy Holsel whom-'you sce«.'*ict at her'first grade studies in Oklahoma City after a judge annulled her marriage to T. J. Holsel, her. liT-year-old husband. Probation officers said Dorothy's father "traded" her for Hotel's daughter ol 15. DUIK of outstanding I/~> i n • i . n incurred, devaluation UiDan president prepares fr Price* A. T. and T ............. 119 1-2 Anaconda Copper 15 3-4 Bethlehem Steel 32 1-a Chrysler 47 Cities Service 21-8 General American Tank 30 General Electric 21 1-4 to Defend Attack. Pal ace HAVANA, Nov. 18 (UP)—Reports thnt enemies of the Grau San Martin government planned n new revolution and wculd use a squndron ol combing planes op- crating from a -Florida or West Indian base caused electric activity at the presidential palace today. It was reported everywhere that A revolution was planned before December 1. coldicrs nt the pal- General Motors 32 | nee were busy sandbagging win- International Harvester 425-8|dows, constructing barricades at Montgomery Ward . New York Central .. Packard 22 5-8 entrances and adding to the ar- 35 5-8 ;ena! of machine guns and one i Phillips Petroleum 3 1-8 17 1-4 pounder cannons on the roof. Mil- ili.ry telescopes were set up for use fcidio Corp ..:• 7 }:n spotting aircraft. Simmons Beds 17 3-4 St. Louis-San Francisco 2 1-2 Standard ol N. J 40 5-8 Texas Co 27 . U. S. Steel 43 3-8 sociatioii Will Present Monday. MEMPHIS, Nov. tfUe cotton '.^row 18 reprcscmtiilus will men in lnglo:i w;th ullrT members of the Air.criciin Ccjlljn Co-uncrallvu m- Recognition of Russia Seen as Victory tor Wni. C. Rullitt 11Y PAUL COMI.Y FllKNCII i Liiler hf wns M'nl to Wn.'-hhiK- ITnileil Pros Staff <Jorrrs|iomlciif ton iiiul finally ubroad us a for- I'HILADKI.PHIA. (UI'!--,Recoy- elRU corr.rsrremlent. W ij _ jnltlon of Soviet Russia by Pros- In 1915 Bullltt went to Sweden | iillHCC i Idem Franklin 13. Roosevelt Is nl- on Henry Ford's "Pence Ship." lie I most u personal triumph for Wll- married In 1010 nnd headed for Ham C. IliilHtt. the battlefields of Europe on « l ; 'or !t was back In 1019 that the honeymoon. ' • wealthy young 1'hllftdelphinn first Ills wedding trip wns spent lx- myed iimmullnlc acccptnnce of hind the German lines. Then the the new Husshin K-Rlme. Attach- United Suites entered the war. ed to President Woodrow Wilson's Iliillitt Joined the . State Depart (UPi-Trl- unil Hiclr to Secretary n purity .••cclnlioi' to ol Agriculture Wallace prlco r-!:m -.Milch we"..... rollon to 15 cunts n pound. CJ. O. Henry of Memphis, Ii3:id ol the Mld-Eoulh Cotton Growers afscclaljon, which Is tl'.e til-itntes unit cf Use A. C C. A., will be unable, to attend Ihe meeting, he Efld today, tin the Irl-slat:;; will be • repnftnted. Tin- parity Henry sjld. slnlT. Hulllll wns .sent to Moscow mr>it as mi ex]irrl on German nnd to study the new rulers mid their : Austrian nlTnlrs. p!nns. Ordcrrd lo Paris llrcril Recognition Wilson ordered him to nccoiu- lle returned lo urge. Wilson In imnv him li \g\s. With Lincoln Blowing terms, to ijrnnt recognl- Slclfr-ns, Uullltt wns sent to Rus- tlun. sin nnd empowered to mnkc pence Wlhon, who had discussed the ovprturcs. rltuatlon with Lloyd George.- bu- Terms were nrrniiKcd. The ciune liidllTi'iPnt nnd refused lo youthful diplomat hurried back-to President Says' America Is Gaininp. Good Will of Other Nations. . ••* ' SAVANNAH, Cia.. Nov. 18. (UP) —Desire for world pence wns the most Impelling motive in the negotiations that led' to recognition of the Soviet Union. President Roosevelt declared today. Addressing an audience,/'of 40.- cnn IM commemoration of • Geor- Blu's 200th birthday, the nation's chief executive pointed lo th» 615 n week. IIESIU HGulDENT Wl i Joriesboro Man Believe3 to Have Train Jumped in Dark. From . . . . would 'restore L-ctton to where n kale v.-ill liny i.s much ns It dirt llnuc Ills before the worl<l war." The petition, which will be pre- EenXed !o Secretary Wnllncc, will osk thai "the south be allowed to \uite its ow:i adjiistmiiiil ticket." It slates that "\ve know our problems and our people," nnd that the petitioners are "willing to share with the extension service organization the responsibility ol limiting tlie .vicccs". of the sign up _ for acreage control." ^hc A. A. A. program, the petition points on:, has already increased tt-.e bnvlng power of cqt- tqn COO, been largely offset by commodity pric.? increases in the things the farmer hns to buy. /.Under the plan proposed, • repurchasing of "the cotton to replace what growers have sold is Proposed so that "the>erov,cr, not the 'speculator, might profit by ths advance in the market." An advance uf 15 cents a pound. I or parity on July 1. is also pro- jVidet. tor, growers co-operating in acreage redu'ctrbn. r -' ': ~ • " ",•"•• Representatives from Arkansas are: Jiidsc c. n. Grc?g, Jon?sfcoro: J. p. Tomnklns. nivthcvillc; and Walter Moore of Helena. net en nulllti's report. • • Parts, only " lo 'lenrn that Wilson - orl <W"S 'of Soviet Isolation 'as an Convinced tlmt the missions nnd Lloyd George hnd other Ideas, i nct ' ln , l " e s Plf [ t'of Thoma.-, Jef- liocl established n stable govern- .Iltillltt wnc deeply hurl with the| °"'' inenl. niillltl vowed he would con- failure of his mission ami soon :nue Ids fight. • ' after resigned. Member of an old Philadelphia! When the Democratic landslide fnnilly, he wns born here Jan. 5. cninc Roosevelt culled hlni to 1891. Ills grnndfnlhcr wns Ihe Washington. He dlsciiMcd the Anl!d lllc of the prowers more than $250,000,but that .the benefits have III DOCKET MEMPHIS, Nov. 18 (UP) — A man • believed to be C. W. McCue. ntout 40 years old, aifd from Joncsboro, Ark., was- fatqlly Injured In a iall ' from ' Briar): nestle lale lust night or. early today. '• Still living, the ,mari was found at 9 A. M. tills morning beneath the trestle. He Is believed ! have alighied from a Irain lo i November Term of Circuit Court Will Convene at! tne trestle sometime ditrlnc Hi?" f. , .,, .. , :iight or enrly this morning.- He LarutherSVllle Monday. c"cd en route to Memphis on a ' motor handcar. ' C4RUTHERSVILLE, Mo.—The; Identification wns tentatively November term of circuit court established by a letter found In framer of the city charter. slnn. situation with Ihe. president, crowd thnt filled every scat In the .•:tadlum, Mr. Roosevelt, also digressed long enough to rebuke those jMoplc in disagreement with the nntlon's monetary policy, add- Early Life Typical ! nnd'went to Russia on' n second ! lnB ' " s nc hns donc be 'P re . thnt His early life wns typical of n mission. ' " wc cannot cure the chronic 111--' ivenlihy youngster. Private schools When the Interchange of letters " C£s llult besct us for n do?fn Jlwccn the president nnd Mlchall! ^ nr5 " or restorc thc ^^ antl led to Ynlc, which unidunted him between In 1912. He wns destined by trn-. Knllnln, President of the Central' economic order with et]iinl and sl- dltlun for n Icgnl cnreer nnd en-: pxccullvc Con'imlttec ot Russia. - nniltnncous success In every part trrtd the Harvard Law School. He wns made public, Bullltl wns sat- ° r " lc " a " 0n ""^ every walk, of' iocn left school nnd secured a po- Isflcd thai the groundwork he Inul sition ns n cub reporter licrc at'lnld in conversations In Moscow l<! would end In the recognlllon. convene here Monday with Shmff Juden. of Pemiscot . County Asks 'Action by' Prosecutor. CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo. — In- . . Ihe man's pockr-t addressed to C. 1 formation liar been filed postmarked Siutember I. The let-j Hawkins by the bffice of Sheriff casesl'er vas from Huey Bond, 505 S. E. Jnden. asking thnt the re- Judge John E. Duncan, of Hayti, W. McCuc, Jonesboro, Ark., and] Prosecuting Attorney Robert W. There arc 83 criminal scheduled for this term of courl, six of them being murder cases. The civil docket hns 178 cases listed, and in the lax suits division 802 cases will be heard. Tile trials of Jim Slavings nnd Hope to Use Unemrjloyed on Willow Cutting in = P-pmiscot County. ' ; OARUTHER'SVILLE. MO.—it is expected that tnrce or more government work camps will be. es- Ifiblisl'.cd in 'his county within the next thlr;y or sixty days. Mayor W. D. Byrd. head of PemtscoL count.v relief work, tins received a wire from L. E. Tatum, supervisor of emergency conservation, work, at- Jefferson .City.. asking for an , estimate, of the number of men required to clcnn drainage ditches In this county. Camps oj this kind were sought tnrllcr In the jear by mcinbrrs of the county court, who pointed out [i nt the many drainage ditches in this section were clogged with willows nnd other undergrowth. The court, stated Ihe county was unaKc to attend to this due lo inck of funds because ot the slow Marshaldale. Dullas, Tex. It com- rllmenlcd McCue on obtaining n job in Joncsboro. The man Was found by a negro who was wafting benealh the trestle. The n"gro notified rail- Mrs. Lulu Ward are scheduled for -,-oad workers who put the man Tuesday. Mrs. Ward is charged. | on the motor cur. with the murder of her husband, i The body is at Collins funeral Jnmes Wnrrt. i home. The trials of Henry nnd Park- 1 ___ er Morgan. Terry Lloyd and Mrs. Lee Lucas New York Cotton NEW YORK. NOV. 18 Cotton closed steady. opon high low 9D8 1005 995 1004 1012 1001 1022 1029 1016 1034 1043 1029 \Wi 1057 1041 1065 1013 1065 (UP) — Developments of vital import- j', snce in Cuban-American relations were foreshadowed with American Ambassador Sumner Wells en; t .. route to comer with President ,Ef, SHi arc scheduled v. 23. for Little River ng sort of "Spec" Horton on Highway 61, n mile north of Arkansas line, be ondloched ns n public nuisance. Tills action wns taken nfier two raids night on the resulted Dlnce in n Wednesday number of arrests on gambling charges. Tlie first raid, nt about 10:30 p.m.. resulted In the arrest of Joe [XPEEI DDE 10 11K "It Is the pioneering spirit and underslr.ndlng perspective ol the , people of the United States which •'•'. already Is making ItseU fell among ether nations of the world," the • president fald. "Th« ^simple trans- . latlon of the peaceful and .neigh- i l:orly purposes of" the United '• Stales has already given to our ,sister American republics a great- • cr faith in our professions of i friendship than they have- held . j since the tlnie^over a century, ago LitVinoff Remains in Wash-1 ^ cn Jamw Monroe encouraged . . . , : {tlrtm In Ihelr struggles..-for. free-.. . ington to Arrange for " ts. ' . WASHINGTON, Nor. 18 (UP)— ' of the fundamental" American pbl- ,A' rapid growth of ' Soviet-Ameri- icy during the past week ; . In Wash T • J cnn trade and new alignments In Ington'. For It years (a nation . .| world politics appeared today as -larger than even ours lh'-ponula ! . j (he first fruits of renewed diplo-'tlon and extent of. territory, .hai -: P'atlc relations between-' Washing-'- been unable .to speak officially.'! ; ton nnd Moscow. Hnppy ' following his ' greatest diplomatic victory which gave- two of the world's most powerful .nations an ofllclnl speaking - acquaintance after 1C years of .non- recognition Foreign Commissar Mnxlm Lltvlnof! sought today to complete nrraiiRjmcnls for trade. He was'expected to confer during Recognition of the Soviet Union with the United States or to main- . tnln normal relations.' Accepts Call to Serve^;; '; Presbyterian iChurch ; The Rev. Stunft. Salmon, pastor''=' ul rtlie. First Presbyterian church' at Ripley. Tenn.'. hns accepted nt 1 : "" <n ^ GI Byrd replied that he thought nbotit COO to 800 men would be reeded in this county. The manner of selecting the workers has not been announced ns yet. ns all arrangements by the government have not been com- nlcteri, according to nuthorlties ;nld that Others arrested were: Les Boland.i the Government plan being design- paymenti of taxes on Hie lands vvfls announced by President in the drainage districts. | Pooscvclt nt the White Hoasc just In his estimate, in which he was before he left for a vacation at insisted by the county court. May-1 "'arm Springs, Oa., late yesterday. Ferguson, whom the officers stat-jnwe. However, it wns snU ed was banking the craps table, i only Iccal workers will be shooting of Carlos Adkins in ' l3 ' II is clnlmc * tnat Parker did the actual shoot• - t at \wr '"' ' Dee Jar Ma; ch Mas July Oct close 997 1004 1022 1D36 1049 1066 Roosevelt nt Wnrm Springs, Ga.- President Ramon Grau San Martin wns silent on reports he had; Tem . ,,,.,.., -..„ ,„ tr led for icrmally requested Wells' recall. J^ fi*^^ ^ & ' death of his father-in-law. William Copeland. of Blythcvillc, who New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS,.NOV. 18 (UPJ- Cotton closed steady. Dec Jan March May July Oct Open high low close 994 1002 1020 1032 1014 1064 999 1009 NK5 1038 1051 1064 986 1002 1011 1022 1039 1064 995 1004 1020 1034 1047 1064f Spots closed ,-it 994, unchanged iU-ady. Chicago Wheat open hljh low close Dec 88 7-8 89 3-8 86 5-8 86 5-8 z May 92 1-4 93 90 90 Doc May Chicago Corn open high low closr 47 3-8 47 1-2 45 3-4 46 1- S4 1-4 34 3-8 52 3-4 53 |-i Civil Works May Adopt Rejected PWA Projects WASHINGTON, Nov. 18 (UP) — The White House announced today that a la:-?e number of pro- ects which the public works nd- ninlslratlon has declined to fln- ince would be turn:d over at once to the civil works administration. Administrator Hopkins of the civil works nd.nlnlstration Is prepared to act at once on many projects which hj has assured the president will pul 4.CCO.OOO unemployed men to work by December 15. j died following a severe beating. Osceola Council Installs Three Drinking Fountains R. F. C. Loan WASHINGTON. Nov. 18 (UP)— A loan of $ the Littls Rivor drainage district of Scuth- _. cast MiSEOurl was approved today said to have been administered I by the Reconstruction Finance " Lloyd. | James Harris. Joe Wallace Harry | Banks, and Perry, Ashe.'- j All were taken before Justice i James M. Cohoon at Holland.' cn- | tered pleas . of guilty, a'iid • were lined $5 each. The officers returned at 1:30 a.j m. and found the craps gair.c' Mrs. Lee Li;cns will be tried, for the murder of her husband, who died from knife wounds. The tax suits, 802 In all, include: Caruthersvllle, SB; Stecle. 10; Hay- H. 13; State and County. 154; Little River Drainage District, 43; and other drainage suits, 526. Nudist Leader Given Fine and Jail Tenn ALLEOAN, Mich.. Nov. 18 (UP) —Fred Ring, nudist leader, convicted of Indeient exposure, was sentenced to 60 days in the Alln- Stfm county ja.l and fined $300 corporation, The cor|X>ration also approved irans to three other drainage districts and to two irrigation districts. The loan to Ihe Little River district, which embraces much of the area between tiie Arkansas line nnd Caps Girardeau, is designed to enable the district to refund its bond:d debt on a basis thr.t will permit substantial reduction in drainage taxes. They'll Take Chaperones on "Trial Honeymoon" HOLLYWOOD. Nov. 18 <UP>— ., .jPifl D'Orsay ,->nd Maurice Earl _ proctor of n nudist nll | today announced plans for colony, _known ns the Sunshine J fl .'trial honeymoon," accompanied ed to reduce uneiiiploymenl. Mary and Doug May Patch Up Differences theville by his mother, his" wile ' i r.nd litlle son, Tho will make their." .. home at the manse. '-''. ':. ^'; The new pastor wns educated i at Arkansas college, Batcsville, and - : .; Hie Pnsbyterian Theological. Sem- ..' inary at Louisvi'le, Ky. Observations : by C. R; Mr. Rooscve'it nnnounced at the same time thnt he would appoint Willtnm C. Bnllitt of Philadelphia as the first American nm-. biissndor to the Soviet Union. Bullltt is now a special assistant to Secretary of Stnte Hull. Only n few hours after thei White House announcement, Llt- \lnofT, hitherto silent, mel more lhan 100 correspondents at thel . .. N'nfkmnl-Press Club. He declared.! cnc form °l another to one .out that recognition was not a formal Ol tnly five famillcs m (.esture. but ths forerunner of real friendship between the United States and the Soviet Union. I During the past year the 'American Red Crocs extended aid in HOLLYWOOD, Nov. 18. (UP) _ Grass Fire Spreads . . , . . again In operation. Arrest* thls| Rumors ° r nr Impending recon- tlme included R. B. Stout of Ely- clll °t |0 n between Mary RckfortJ thcville. F. A. Dickey. James Blul Dowlas Fairbanks assumed Bracklin, H. W. May, J. B. Rob-l", somewhat brighter lint todny ir.son and Harry Jones -.>.— . >.- ...—_ . fleers said that some rests the second time were tlie s. The of- w ' ien " 1C actress refused to dony Of the ar-' or "firm that she would meet her W were same men arrested In the first raid. Indicating' they cav£ fictl-, llnus names on one or bolh occasions. Sheriff S. E. Juden lias expressed the hppc that the county court will grant the injunction to padlock the Horton place, and has announced his Intention to clean Uie entire county of all similar resorts. He made a public announcement of warning to all! mas ' keepers of gambling houses: i "I have Instructed all my deputies throughout the county to immediately suppress all public gambling places wherever they may be found, and to' arrest the keepers of such places along with all persons found participating in any estranged husband in New York nnd return with him for n Joint Christmas celebration. "Yes, I may go to New York ncrt month,' Miss Pickford admitted, "but I cannot affirm or deny reports that there may be stocking above the mantleplcce tit Plckfalr on Christmas Day." Fairbanks, according to unconfirmed rumors, will arrive In New York from England before Christ- United States. From wheat and cotton contributed by the United States government the Ked Cross manufactured and distributed among needy I iamilies 10.638,000 barrels of- flour. Ct CL J' 223 i 9l)1 lons °f stock feed, and 90,- tO Storage SheO OGO,COO cotton jarme'nts. Dis'tribu- Frlsco railroad employes burning gross nlon? n right of way here this morning let the fire get out of control. Igniting an old slorage shed .near the building foimcrly used as a J. L, C. E. depot. The. storage shed, valued nt about $300. was gutted by the bleze which *<-as brought under control by city firemen. Rsfrlger- OSCEOLA, Alk—The city coun- Sports Co'o'iy near here. ell this week installed three nnti-i .— freeze drinking fountains on busy; . uc=t corners in osceoia. i Assault Charire Dropped The fountains, designed for the . -.ccommodation of shoppers from A cnar(!e of assault wlth a _ ^ tlK- Osceoia trade territory, were deadly weapon against John Har-ICs-ys. she said, placed on Main street at the In- din, negro, was nolle pressed In, "If we arc both pleased we will ttrscctions of HighwnV 61, Alter- municipal court yesterday a tier-1 then 'be marr'.ed next Tuesday." nele 61. nnd street. noon. . l.shc ndded »m advised such places exist In the county and they must dts fcr the consequence. bv chape rones. "Is It not tho sensible thing?" the actress Inquired. In an apartment Flft will terv: Hill samples of h=r biscuits ana _ , „ lllv ,_ other nccompllihments for a few on the Horton place were: Dcpu- 'v Sheriffs Howard Depriest and Norman Hicks, accompanied by C. C. Holland, who was deputized especially .for the occasion. Studies Bean Yields on Various Types of Soil OSCEOLA, Ark.—W. G, Amsteln ol Faycttevllle. Ark., state extcn- gambling games at such places. I Ffor > horticulturist, spent Thursday here making a comparative study cf the yields produced on varying continue or the owners must suf-1 l >'P es of soil by south Mississippi I county farmers who arc growing "?l*ned s. B. Juden Sheriff." ! - lrin ? bcBns for thc commercial The officers who made the raids cannery in Blythcvllle. He also spent some time in conference with County Agent S. D. Carpenter outlining: plans foi a home orchrrd clcan-up campaign this winter, tion of clothing and flour cost the Red Cross $735,000 from its' treasury. • ' ' .Ir^ .addition, the .organization met its chartered obligations In disaster .relief, aid id veterans, heflfh und safety education. - Red Cross was given in' 117 disasters-In the United States" and hw. In- Eular possessions during'the year. All this, of course, takes no account of the manifold activities' ator system equipment, owned by'ol local chapters throughout the King Matthcus, stored in the building, was damaged. John, Frisco section foreman, was named by fire department officlpls ns the mnn responsible for Lin fire nnd a complaint was lodged against him. Earlier in tlie morning sparks falling on n nlnglc roof caused slight damago to a house .at 104 West Sycamore street owned Dy Mrs. L. W. Gi-sneil and occupied by the D. J. Fields family. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Fair and cooler ex- c_ept in the northwest portion. Sunday, fair and winner in north portion. Memphis and Vicinity—Fair tonight and Sunday. Warmer Sun- dny. country. It does, however, help explain why the Red Cross requires the support of a large" membership this year as never- before. Mississippi county can never with police hope '° r «P a y the Red Cross the hundreds of thousands of dollars that the organization spent on relief work here In the 1927 flood,' the 1930 drouth, and a number of smaller ditasteri. Mississippi _ county cnn, however, show hir 1 ' loyalty to the organization that hns helped lv?r so much by maintaining a large Red Cross mem- Icvshlp and by adequate financial support to the local chapter, through which the national organization functions. • . Tlie cost of a Red Cross mem-' txrship Is $1. It Is a small sum, but millions of such memberships make a powerful and effective or-

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