The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 8, 1950 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 8, 1950
Page 15
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THyRSDAY, JUNE g, 1950 Corn Meat and Pork Sausage Are Real Flavor Twins W/ien Made into Tasty Pinwheels BLYTHEVILLE, (AHK.) COURIER NEWS * NBA Staff Writer porn meal and pork sausage are "vor twlni. Combine them Into iwheela. Serve with a- smooth cream pork gravy—sounds pretty wonderful, doesn't it? Sau«a{e Corn Bread P|n wheels l« Hrvlnjts) One pound pork sausage meat, I'A cups sifted enriched flour, 1|2 cup enriched corn meal, 3 teaspoons baking powder, 1 teaspoon salt, l|t cup shortening, 2)3 to 3|4 cup milk. Cook porlc sausage meat, stirring until meat is crumbly. Drain off fat. 61ft together dry ingredients. Cut in shortening until mixture resembles coarse cnimbs. Add milk, mixing lightly only until mixture is dampened. Turn out on lightly floured board and knead genUy a f? v seconds. Roll out in a rectangle about 12 x 9 x i|4 inches, cover with cooked snusage meat, starting with the long side, roll up like a jelly roll. Cut in slices 1 inch thick. Place on greased baking sheet and bake in a hot oven (450 degrees F.I 12 to 15 minutes. Serve with gravy or hot applesauce. sausage Here's another mouth-watering get-together of meat and corn meal. Meat Topped Corn Bread £|' (6 servings) " One-half pound pork, sausage meat, i!2 pound ground beef, 2 tablespoons chopped onion, 1|4 cup flour, i teaspoon salt, ped green pepper, 2 cup chop- tablespoons chopped plmlento, 1 recipe of golden corn bread batter. Brown meat and onion in trying pen, stirring constantly. Drain off tut. Blend in flour and salt. Add green pepper and pimiento. Spread in an 8-inch square pan. Pour corn bread batter over meat mixture. Bake in a moderately hot oven (400 degrees T.) 30 to 35 minutes. Loosen ildes and turn onto a platter, meat- ride- up. Golden Corn Bread On« cup silted enriched Hour, 1 oup «nrlched yellow com meal, 4 teaspoons baking powder, 112 teaspoon salt, 1 egg, 1 cup milk, 1|4 cup shortening, soft. Sift together dry Ingredients into medium-sized bowl. Add egg, milk and shortening. Beat with rotary egg beater until smooth, about 1 minute. Do not overheat. Pour over meat mixture and bake according to directions. Fondue Differs From Souffle; Uses Crumbs Do you know the difference between a souffle and a fondue? There's really only one difference. A fondue has bread crumbs and a souffle doesn't. Both are a delicate and light mixture of eggs flavored with cheese, vegetables, fish or meat. Either makes a perfect hot dish to team up with a big tossed green salad, milk, plenty of enriched or whole grain yeast bread, and margarine or butter. All you need to round out this tasty spring lunch is fruit and cookies. Because cheese and canned corn are both abundant, the United States Department of Agriculture recommends a corn and cheese fondue. Here's the rccine. Corn and Cheese Fondue 1|3 cup bread cubes 1-112 cu]\s cream-style corn 2 teaspoons minced onfon 2 teaspoons chopped green pepper 3!4 cup finely grated 1[2 teaspoon salt 2 eggs well beaten 112 cup hot milk Blend nil ingredients. Pcur the mixture Into a greased casserole dish or loaf pan that can go from oven to table. Set casserole or pan in a pan of hit water. Bake at 350 P. {moderate oven) until set — about 1 hour. Serve immediately. Serves 4. Donuts Get Teen-Agers Votes For Luncheonette, Snack Treat PAGE FIFTEEN THE HUMBLE DONUT becomes a _Cliarlolle Russe"—with the addition of er'« By GAYNOR MADDOX NKA Staff Writer Americans seem to be eating the hole right out of the donut. During 19'I svc ate on.y 400 million dozen, b.i in 1919, we gobbled more than 100 million. 85 per cent of them sugared, glazed or frosted. How come this Increase? Tecn- aetrs seem to he the answer. Biggest upswing In donut sales during pcstwar years is reported by luncheonettes, soda fountains and restaurants located near high schools. Owners of these campus eateries import mid-morning, afternoon and late evening as the "donut hours." Here are some teen-age favorites — slightly dizzy, but the campus choice. Chlquita Donut ^ Teen-agers are notorious for their capacity for gobs of whipped cream. Here's B suggestion for combining It with donuts and bananas. Mash ripe bananas, add milk nnd whip thoroughly. Line bottom of dish with banana whip. Then, for that young touch, sprinkle chocolate shavings over the top. Donut Charlotte Riusei Four donnts. 14 pint of heavy cream, whipped. >1 cup currant Jelly. Dnnut Ice Cream Man Sure is "kid stuff." but the 13- If-ycnr-old appreciates ils laugh value. Place a big ball of vanilla Ice cream on lop of a plain or sugared Then add a jaunty hat by scalloping a plain donut and pushing a delicious candy stick through the svhole thing. Use chocolate bits for lifelike eyes and nose. Donut Highland Mine Here's a somewhat simpler teen set favorite. One cup butterscotch sauce, 4 fresh donuts, I small can pecan menfs. Pour butterscotch sauce over domiUs. Sprinkle with pecan meals and sers'e with glasses of milk. Bits Domifs Sandlilch A two - In - one idea, elaborate enough for the most Imaginative teen ager, but quick and easy to p-epare: Reserving 2 dozen whole chocolate bits, melt remaining contents of package over hot water. Add % cup evaporated milk and stir until glossy. Stir in S marshmallosvs which have been cut In eighths. Split 8 sugared donuls. Spread bits and mnrshrnallow mixture on one Potatoes Add Bit of Tang To Fish Meal Now that new potatoes are plentiful. It's fui) to surprise Die family by serving them in different ways. Try them plain, sprinkled with parsley, creamed with baby onions or new peas, and cooked with the skins on. And the next time fish is on the menu, make the tnngy "stewed Potatoes" recipe given below. This is a delicious combination of potatoes and a smooth tomato sauce. Uoil the potatoes until Just lender In a small amount of water. Or plan to cook extra potatoes the dny before. Make Ihe sauce In a double boiler. Slewed rota tore 3 tablespoons butler 2 tablcs^ioons flour 'A cup diced onion 1 teaspoon salt I'-'j cup.s lomato juce 8 medium boiling potatoes, cook- and quatered 2 tablespoons chopped parsley Melt the butter In top of porcelain enameled double boiler. Add onions and cook until transparent, but not browned. Stir In flour nnd salt and blend gradually. Cook until sauce thickens slightly. Add potatoes and cover. Place over boiling water and cook for about 15 minutes. Just before serving ncld chopped parsley. Makes 5 servings. • Junket Sherbet Mix • Orange • Ranpherry • Lom<m 2 for DELIVERY Phone 2011 Vine-ripened, California CANTALOUPES .180 Large California Iceberg LETTUCE 2 h e ads 250 Kentucky Wonder POLE BEANS Ib 180 For cooking or baking, large red WSAP.WPI.ES 2u. 290 FRYERS Horn* Dressed Ready for the Pan Hunt's Catsup 2 14-0z, ««j Bodies OOp Ox.vdol TIDE or DUZ 250 Alaska CHUMSALMON Yeflow cling halves PEACHES - - - Pur« pork SAUSAGE , 25C Boston Bull, lean PORK ROAST, b 470 Heii's SLI. BACON Ib 370 Ib. 2 No. 300 cans 25c Meaty pork NECK BONES 150 Wisconsin H'P CHEESE ,„. 370 Soft, mild cheese VELVEETA2'i650 Standard, hand-packed TOMATOES 2No.2cans25< Bagwell 2 (h. jar APPLE JELLYea 290 Gottchaux pure cane SUGUR 10 ,„, 890 No. 303 van Stokely'i APPLESAUCE - Large si/.e cans PET MILK 3 for 350 Long lastinjr. 5-s(rand BROOMS ea 830 2 for 29< See Our Complete Line of KERR Conning Supplies Shop Our Store for Picnic & Party Foods & Supplies L U T T R E L L r S FINE Corner of Sixth & Chickojawbq FOODS Phone 2011 Summer Style Canadian-stylo bacon nnd fruits •cseiil n cheerful summer serving, lowly broil or pnn-broll the bn- i with pincauplc slices or peach r nprlcot halves. alt of each donut and place halves Dgeilicr to form a smichvicli. Place onuts on wnxed paper until choco- t« has set. Serve with oillk. ' Taffy Ice Cream Beats Old-Fashioned Method Of Taking Molasses Here's n happier version of the old-fashioned Imblt of tuklng molasses for spring fever: Taffy irn Cream . (Serves G) Two epgs beaten, 14 cup im- siilplnireil molnsse.s, 1 tciispoon vanilla, mo teaspoon salt, 2 cups light cream, • cup chopped nuts (optional). Set temperature control of re- frlseintor to coldest point. Combine first four Ingredients, stir In cream. I'um mixture Into Ice cube tray and place In freezing coin: partment to freeze until almost stiff. Transfer frozen mixture to a bowl; beat until smooth. Add nuts, if used. Return to freezing Irny. Freeze until stiff (3 to 4 hours). Government Loan Cotton Papers Bring Your Paper* to Our Office Before the Redemption Dare Expires TOP PRICES PAID ——' ' •" 'r* Wade Lee Cotton Co. Across the Street from the City Hall 1U'/z North 2nd. i>|, one 2218 Draughon Training Brings Opportunity M i s a Normn Joan Williams daughter of Mr and Mrs. M. E , Williams of ' Gurdpri, Arkan- i sas, is employ- 1 cd by the Em- I ployor's fvfulual I Insurance Com- I pony, Little Hock. After graduating from Gur- | (ion High School Miss Williams further prepared herself for pleasant and profitable, employment by taking a Secretarial Course at Draughon School of Business. Tho thorough training she received by Draughon'a competent instructors qualified' her for the position she nov* holds, Draughon School of Business ta' the only private business college m Arkansas that is fully accredit-. ed and approved by Ihe Slate Department of EUucalion for two years work in commercial education. Tho Draughon School was founded in 1901, and has the dis- linclion of being one of Ihe oldest business training schools inj Ihe South. It points with pride 1 to its more than 50,000 graduates. Draughon otters thorough training in all branches of business. Included arc Business Adminis- Iration, Secretarial, Stenographic,, Accounting, Salesmanship, Gcn^ eral Business, Radio-Electronicsj and other courses. If you desire information re-j garding business training, write! DRAUGHON SCHOOL OF BUSINESS, Little Rock, Arkansas.. There is no obligalion u'?aateverf on your part. : } HEV ! SAVE NEW PPER CARS' f v * ./<''£< / '^i »'-> $«$ - ' ," FAMOUS PICTURE STAR AND HONORARY CHAIRMAN OP DR.PEPPER CAP-SAVI N<J CONTEST 2311 Li PRIZES.' 312 !o!311 Incl. 1312102311 Incl. Start saving new style Dr. Pepper holtlc caps NOW! They may help you win one of Ihe hundreds of swell in the easy DR. I'EPPhK CAP-SAVING CONTtSTl Think of ii! You may win a pan in one of the next John Wayne movies ... or one of the 3 new FORDS... or a 3-NATION TOOK of Mexico, Can ad a, a nil United Stales — or one of the hundreds of olhcr BIG PRIZES. Start today! SAVE the new style Dr. Pepper capj 10 <|iinlif)- for the National Sweepstakes Finals. Here's a wonderful opportunity MI .. r to enjoy delicious Dr. Pepper and Kin^cnwfiiti'ifi'Lt'jBtLtm.) help yourself to win a DIG PRIZE. Crisp Sl.OO Will Photographs ol John Wayna g Tr>! i JnlrinU » (Ulb» SJubJn H tk i" «' ^Aw brsn n^ificd thu you qulllf/ for tfti Hilltnil "'' ° '""' *" i 1 r. tndlk-fi hmttini " to:1ie It 1 * P'Opeilf of Or. Prppflr Co !>« "«<l » ""» "« Ol and mm «ill b alifitdaionaol the HERE ARE THE EASY RULES! ' • ptppar Company. Or. PtppVr P BolUi«Vcoiii r - irrf d«iliomoltlii iiidps «ill be'«nil. •J _ Smjhe ne» il,r ( DR. PEPPER B01IIE C»PS. M Or pppcei battle c*pi are HOT atceplableTn Ihi* UJ f"I e *'V y ^" U1C everi 0flF r;1d "P. D( a cap 2 BY or tefore Ihe tlos* ol Ihe wnleit (July 31. 7- • ISy)} or ai* Hfro5 !i yo-j A-ltfi crici In Ihal Jlle. late yMrn t «il,I« DR. PtPPJB CAPS 1o"0ffiei»l l&cal ConLett Hei'lirjsrlfn." (Your wll (Jnrfc rtri!«r *ill t«a a lisl ol t6»»« "fiuifatiiittn.") EACH rir.'E nn tnnj In ntu llyl« OR. ttrflf, C»PS. mt t »,ll b«caun1ed*oipycf Ihp0lfit(al CcnlevtCer(if;«li CAPS you lurr.ed ii. and Ihe (.(Itii'ir* wpy tl INB CtitiriciH wll t» (jven »su. DO NOI VAIl Indiviiuil ^can» to Mlurnrt. Send arlyiurtociejof ULB orr>ci'!CTi1nt Cl'lifl '''" IOTAl • VUMBtlt OF CAP IOOK AT THIS! SWILL PRIZES riiinMi. , Damiplion 1 2 3 4 5 to 7 Incl. 8 to 11 Incl. )?to61 Incl. 11 to 161 l«l. 16210311 InrJ. Movie Part v.ith lorm V/ayna FordV-SCuslom Dcluie Convertible Club Coupe Ford V-8 Custom Deluxe fudor Sedan . Ford 6 Custom Deluie TuoV SerJan • "3-tlalionsTour"or Trips u I City in World Series "Gtobesler" Molor Scooters or Shetland Ponies Arnold, Scriwinn Bicycles 50M Variety Stamp Collections £ Albums Baseball or Cowgirl Suits x AH entnei ~» Mitisnl C&n i ' OF CAPS John Wayn», Honorary Cholrmon Dr. P«pp«r Conloit Judsrns CommilU. 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