Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 9, 1897 · Page 24
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 24

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 9, 1897
Page 24
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OAILY_PHABQS SATUEDAY, OCT. 9, 1897. A PETITION GITY NRWS. Bananas 5c dozen.— Traut. Fine bulbs cheap at Newby's. For good shoes go to Walden. Read, "Now is Your Chance." See Foley's special this evening. Tomatoes 25c bushel,—McCaffrey. Grapes and celery tonight.—J.J.R. Tomatoes 25c bu. tonight.—Traut. Pork and beans served tonight at the opera house saloon. Tonight's sale—All best prints are only 31c at Golden Rule. 300 baskets choice large peaches, last of the season, 25c.—Traut. Miss Vlnnette Riddle, of Terre Haute, Is a guest of Miss Ora Sala. Burning of the negro, Henry Smith, Paris, Texas, 1893, at 407 Market St. Potatoes, we, are not in it in price, but in it In quality. Try tnem.Traut. Headquarters for wall paper—Logansport Wall Paper Co., 307 4th St Born to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Scherer ; of the Eastend, a daughter. Mlsa Maggie McCarthy, of Peru, will spend Sunday with Logansport friends. Mr3. Paugh Is at South Bend attending the state convention of the W. C. T, U. Think of it! Fruit and Lonsdale muslins only 6ic tonight at the Golden Rule. Pork roast with brown gravy, raw oysters, slaw and celery at William OarmelPs tonight Mr. and Mrs. Robert Needham, of Cincinnati, Ohio, are visiting rela lives In Logansport. The opportunity is here for to buy your winter supply of potatoes, price 55c bushel.—McCaffrey. Anderson claims a population of 25,000, with a death rate not exceeding three persons per week. For rent—New 8 room house on Sixteenth street, near Usher, Webster's terrace add.; $12 per month. Frankfort Cresent: "Mrs. M. W. Clauser, of Logansport, is here the guest of her parents for a few days." J. F. Wallack, district agent for the Western Union Telegraph com pany, was over from Indianapolis today. Miss Fannie Knight, who has been visiting the family of Dr. J. W. Ballard, left today for New York. Miss Olive Long, who has been at Chicago for some time, returned yesterday from a short visit with relatives. Eddie Dolan will go to Peru Monday to advertise the appearance here next Thursday night of "Palmer Cox's Brownies." If you want a new suit or your clothes cleaned and repaired, call at Wm. Gross', 215 Market street, opposite postofflce. Ed Alexander, the Panhandle pas senger conductor, has returned from the Tlppecanoe river. He caught •eighteen fine fish. Sportsmen say that never in recent years have their been such large numbers of quail and pheasants In northern Indiana. Tonight's special:—Bananas, 35c bunch; potatoes, 58c bushel; onions, 47o bushel; grapes, lOc ba«ket; cabbage, Ic head.—Only at Foley's. H. F. Trick has returned from a visit to his rarm near Greenville, O He sold his tobacco crop, seven and a naif acres, for 10 cents per pound. Engineer Carroll, Fireman Bairc •and Baggageman McGowan, of the Panhandle, who were Injured in tbe wreck at Plqua, O., Monday after noon, continue on the mend. A woman giving her name as Mrs Carrie Klmball, and her home at Up land, near Marion, was provided with a ticket and sent back to the latte place last night by Panhandle De tectlve Gallagher. The woman car rled an Infant about three month old and the child was blind. She said that her husband had deserted her and she had come to Logansport In the hope of obtaining employment and in the end would go to Iowa where she was told he had located She was without means, and afte Detective Gallagher had heard he • story he persuaded her to return t her friends at Upland. For the Reinstatement of tbe Accommodation. St. Joe Merchants, Traveling Men and Citizens Generally Hate.Signed the Appeal —Railroad News. A petition is being circulated for Igners among the merchants, travel- og men and citizens generally, re questing the Vandalia railroad man Cement to again put on the St. Joe accommodation. This train formerly eft Logansport for the north at 6 a m. and returned at 9 o'clock at night. ;t was a great convenience to Logans >orters, as well as people all along the line to St. Joe, who regretted ,o see it taken off a few weeks ago. The petition above mentioned is being numerously ilgned, as the public favors the reestablishment of the train. As now running, the Vandalla train service s far from satisfactory. The com jany, in taking off the train in question, was actuated by motives of economy. Just bow it will act on ihe petition Is uncertain, RAILROAD NEWS. Harry St. Clair, the Panhandle engineer,who was sick for nine months went to work today. Charles Morris, the Panhandle Ireight conductor, who sustained an ,njury to his spine a tew days ago was able to walk about the streets today. Under a decision banded down by jhe supreme court of Michigan the ntercbangeable mileage of the Cen- iral Passenger association cannot be used in that state. t The miners' strike cost the Wabash $27,000 more for its fuel for lo comotives In September than would lave been the case had their been no strike. The company was obliged to jay more because It was not able to secure its supply from the usua sources. During Ae depressed times on several of the roads in this and ad olnlng states several stations were closed as an economical measure Now that times have improved a' such small towns the citizens and the farmers of the surrounding country are urging the railway com janles to reestablish such stations. Official facsimile of Medal Awarded DR., PRICE'S CREAM BAKING POWDER Topics to be Discussed in the PuIpIU Tomorrow. Rev, W. S. Stewart will preach at Webb chapel at 2:30 tomorrow. The 'egular service for men only will be held In the R. R. Y. M. C. A. rooms tomorrow afternoon at 3:30. Day Adventist DISTE1CT LYCEUM Of the Methodist Church Will Next at (Jalreston. Mee SEBYICE3 AT THE CHURCHES. Sunday night Eev. The Session Jn-it Closed at Tipton Wa: Interesting and Iiigtrnctive. The Kokomo district lyceum of the Methodist-, church was held at Tipton this week, closing Thursday evening Presiding Elder M. S. Marble, o: Fokomo, presided at the sessions. Wednesday evening a great educa tional meeting was held. After a spirited ana Inspiring song and praye service. Dr. Parr, a trustee of DePauw university, who presided, gracefully ntroduced the first speaker of the evening, R. J. Wade, a senior in De- Pauw, who delivered a well prepared address in advocacy of higher education In general, and DePauw unlver- ,Jty in particular. Dr. Hlckman's address was full of instruction and Inspiration in favor of educated children. The next subject, "What is Gospel Preaching." was considered by O. V. L. Harbour in a well prepared paper, after whom J, W. Miller, of Atlanta, followed In discussion, Galveston was selected as the place of meeting for the next session of the Lyceum. Among the ministers present were Elder Marble and Revs. Parr and White, of Kokomo; Rev. Harbour, of Russlavtlle; Rev. Hutchins, of Center, and Bev. Paschall, of Greentown. ELKS BAND CONCERT At Spencer Park Tomorrow noon. After WORLD'S FAiR,CHICAGO, 1893 The^Elfcs band will give a concert at Spenier park tomorrow afternoon, beginning at 2 o'clock. Following is the programme, furnished the Pharos by the leader and director, Mr. Samuel Smith: March—"The Handicap," by G. Bosey. Overture—"The Silver Bell," by K. Schlepegrel. Waltz—"Land of Mr Dreams," by A. Hirman. "Down in the Deep Cellar," by Fischer. Trombone s«lo (by request), Joe Rembush. (Five minutes intermission.) March—"Under the Double Eagle," by J. Wagner. Wang—Selection from comic opera, by Morse. Mavana— "Chilian Dance," by J. Missud. "Cotton Blossoms," character dance (by request), by M. Hall. For rent—The Hogle cottage and 3 acres of ground on College Hill. Good stable, well and cistern. Inquire of M. F. Wagner, No. 4 Sycamore St. The Seventh church—Preaching at No. 510 Sycamore street O. S. Hartley pastor. The Eastend Sunday school will be held every Sunday afternoon at 2:45 in the free kindergarten moms on Twelfth street, near George. All are invited. Cumberland Presbyterian church- Morning subject, "Spreading the Gospel." Evening subject: "Why ami not a Christian."—J. W. McDonald, pastor. Broadway M. E. church, Kev. E. L. Semans, postor—Class meeting at 9; Sunday school at 9:45 a, m., preaching at 11:00 , a. m. Epwortb League at 7 p. m. Wheatland Street M. E. churcb,, J, K. Waltz, pastor—The evening services will commence a half hour earlier. Epworth league, 6:15, Preaching, 7 o'clock. Ninth Street Christian church, Eev. H. 0. Kendall, pastor—Sunday school at 9:30 a. m. Y. P. S. C. E. at 6:15 p.m. Morning and evening devotions at the same time. First Church of Christ (Scientist) —At the Unlversalist church tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock. Subject: "Paul Rescued from Violence at Jerusalem." A welcome Is extended to all. English Lutheran church, B. E. Shaner, pastor—Sunday school at 9:30. Morning service at 11., subject, "Church for the Times." Introductory sermon. Y. P. S. C. E., at 6:45. Evening service at 7:30, subject, "Worship in Song." Market Street M. E. church— Sundiy school at 10:45 a. m. Mrs. 0. P. Wright will give another of her interesting lectures on her trip to the Orient. At 7:30 the Sunday school will conduct services of song, recitations, etc. All are invited. Trinity Episcopal church, Eev. F. C. Coolbaugh, pastor—Holy communion at 7 a. m. Morning service with sermon on Fourth Commandment, 11 a. m. Evening service with sermon on ''In it Ye shall do no manner of work," at 7:30 p. m. Baptist church—Sunday school at 9:45 a, m. Divine service, 11 a. m., subject, "The Utility of all Things;" Mission Sunday eo.hool on Sonthside at 2:30 p. m. The people on the Southside ara invited to come and bring their children with them. Young people's meeting at the church at 6:00 p. m., subject, "Exalting the Name of Christ." Divine service at T p. m., subject, "Jacob's Vision." TIS DOSE. Insurance Rates Were Cot on the 9th of October. The cut of insurance rates went into effect on October 9th, and Is as follows: Ten cents in rates on dwellings and contents and on private barns in connection therewith, provided that no brick dwelling shall be rated at less than 30 cents, and no frame dwelling at less than 40 cents. Fifteen cents reduction in rates on churches, school houses, court houses and other* public buildings and contents (excepting penitentiaries, warehouses, county poor houses and insane asylums), provided that the rate on none of the buildings named or their contents shall be less than 60 cents. This reduction does not apply to churches and churcb or parochial schools, on which rates have already been reduced. Fifteen cents reduction In rates on brick mercantile buildings (not contents) occupied solely for mercantile, office, public hall and dwelling purposes. Volunteers of America. A special temperance meeting will be held this evening at the armory at 8 o'clock. Rer. Dr. Putnam will deliver a temperance address. Meetings will be conducted as follows tomorrow: At 3 p m. a Christian conference; Mr. Homer Kessler will speak. At 8 p. m. a salvation meet- Ing, at which one of Logansport's converted railroad engineers will speak. Everybody should hear his thrilling experience. Good music and singing. Admission free to all meetings. ___^____ Stolen Sweets. There was a controversy laat night between a young man and woman, at the corner of Fifth and North streets. The fellow asked the girl to kiss him good-bye, and when she refuied, be stole the desired kiss. Great Economy in Underwear. Dorft Wait until the cold weather comes and drives you to buy-take advantage of these special inducements-save money-and be prepared. We invite a comparison of values. Every item advertised is offered at a distinct saving to the purchaser. LADIES Ribbed Vesls LONG SLEEVES Only 15 cents. Ladies Fleece Lined Cotton Vests And Pints gusaeta in sleeve*, oicelv made, Only 25 cents. LADIES Heavy Fleeced Union Suit* 1m all «iie«, Only 39 cents. LADIES Natural Wool VESTS AND PASTS Only 38 cents. Childrens Underwear in all sizes and all grades from 50c and up The best Heavy Fleeced Men's Shirts and Drawer* for aO cents that can be shown anpvhere. Come in and see these values. Golden Rule. COMPLETE STOCK -OF- Shoes for Fall And winter wear in all the latest styles Bull dog, Ii9n and Ion- don lasts in colored and black. Leather lined Enamel and Box Calf, also Ladies' Royal Purple, the newest fad and very handsome color, these same shades in children's. Call and see them. THE BIQQEST MAN and the smallest in town, will g*% equal satisfaction in the fit of Mr clothes if our tape line has bee* around him. We have a sort of pride In fitting- men that other tallow can't please. It's tbe know-bow that tells tbe taste, and our experience and observation bas given ,«•that. Come in 'and look "over ow stock of Fall Goods, and try not to to amazed at the prices we quote. J. HERZ, Tailor. 409 Market Street. STEVENSON ME KLINSICK, 403 Broadway. ite n AS Is your linen -when it comes home from Marshall's Laundry. No. 608 Broadway. Both 'Phones 110. Wagon will call' for your work. Give us a trial. FALL AND WINTER Goods Now On Rxtiibition. I have a complete line of HEATING STOVES at prices that will astonish you. Such High Grade Oaks as Radiant Home, Estate, Peninsular, Jewells and Jewetts. Natural Gas, Odorless Heaters, Radiators, etc. Cooks and Rangesjn endless varieties. CALL AND EXAMINE AND PRICES. ORISMOND 312 Market Street. // You Want lobe in the Swim, Attention, St. George Conmumderr. All members St. George Com- manderr Knlghfis of St. John ara hereby ordered to be present tomorrow morning at the armory at 7:30 o'clock, CHIS You had better le HOOLEY — Make Your Fall Suit Or Overcoat He will Fit Ton When all others fail. FIRE IN HARBISON. Twenty Acres of Corn Destroyed—The Hendee Ditch Prevented a. Further Spread of tbe Flames. Yesterday afternoon fire spread from a clearing on the farm of Richard King, in Harrison township, and destroyed twenty acres of corn for Leonard Burton. Many rods of fence were also destroyed, and had it not been for the Hendee ditch the fire wonld hare reached the Estabrook farm. The loss has been estimated at about $500. Notice Rathbone Sisters. The officers and degree staff of Diana Temple are requested to meet at Pythian hall Monday eTenlng, October llth, at 7 o'clock. It is the desire of the M. E. C. that all members be present. Initiation and business of Importance to be transacted. By order of M. E. C. dll Winter Woolens. A Complete Assortment of the Latest Novelties from Domestic and Foreign Markets. Pierce, the Tailor, 318 Market Street Jerre Leading Brewers of Indiana. Brewers and Bottlers of Pure Beer. On Ice at all the Leading Places the city. . . T. S. Brockman, Local Mgr. Office 207 Third St. Telephone No. 294. The "Domestic" Office. Now is tbe time to provide year- self with a good Sewing Machine at a very low price. My stock iocbtdaa all tbe leading makes. My terns are easy, and there is no excuse for being out of a good sewing mifhiif n the house. The old start 529 Broadway, near 6th R B

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