The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 7, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 7, 1935
Page 1
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TUESDAY, MAY 7, 1935 BL7TH1VHLB. :(KKt,1 COUHtKR PAGE THREE ffl Economical Remodeling Boanly, Utilily and Compactness Receive Atlcn- lion of Designers Many new Ideas and Improvements Hi bathroom fixtures have entered (he ucneral market during recent months and have flg- 11 red In modernization programs In •various communities, (lie Federal Housing Administration lias been Informed. Compactness, better appearance, belter [icrformance are noted in many fixtures with the'most revolutionary Improvements being evident In lavatories and tubs. Two types of cabinet lavatories have recently made their appearance. One has a cabinet under the entire lavatoi^ 1 basin while the other has a spacious cabinet underneath the righl side of the lavatory. These lavatory cabinets offer an ideal place for keeping towels, cleaners, talcs, soaps, and toilet articles. Pew bathrooms have enoir'li cabinet space, and these cabinet lavatories supply this rpnce in a most, convenient place. Willie one of these lavatories stands alone ns nn Independent fixture, the other is made integral with the tub—both fixtures arc made as one piece of enamelware. A full-length five-foot tub K obtained by providing foot space nhderneath the left side of the' lavatory. - •: ; The tub Is not of conventional design, but Instead Is wider and thus is said to provide more space fis a shower receptor. 'Another innovation in lavatory design is the 1 creation of a fixture with a shelf back. Tills back is hollow and contains the water for flushing the closet and thus eliminates the need for a closet lank. At the same time- the shelf at the back of tlic lavatory offers <i convenient place for toilet articles. Another new type of bathtub is square, with the bathing compartment cut across the fixture til an single. Two roomy seals are provided at the corners of tfic" fixture. .Thus. ;this modernistic equipment not only serves as a tub but also as a foot bath, n child's bath, and a shower receptor. Still another development In Quadruple purpose equipment is n fixture only 44 1-2 inches long and 30 inches wide with a depression nine inches deeo at one end. Tills enables the bather to tatlo a siltlm* posture in the tub All, valves can be operated without changing from the sittih lion. It permits Ihc foot bath without clothing. The demand for publications dealing Government with ]>iob- Remodeling often produces marked results at modest cost. The architect's thawing above shows how a plain, unattractive house (in circle) may be transformed into a borne of dignity and charm. A new," graceful .slope to the roof, new chimney, remodeled porch and windows completely transform the ap- penrunce of this home. Projects of this nature can be financed through approved lending Institutions under the terms of th!! Modernization Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration. •ms in the modernlwUUm and (instruction ot . homes has tfrcal- y increased, accordliiir to liny ini- ly.sis iiiiule by the rtdernl llous- n; Administration of the weekly ales of publications during 10W nd 1933 compared with .stiles, made nee the Ili'tter Housing 1'ro- nim was put into elfcct. The publications.-which- were ircparcd by various isovenimcntal epiirtmcnls, are made available 0 the public through the Supcr- iilcudent of Documents of the lovernmeiit Prmtlnrf Office, VVash- niiton, n. 0., at very nominal irlees to cover the cost, of print- ill,'. Prices for the bulletins which 3ave been so popular have ranged rom 5 to 10 cents each. The analysis Indicates that sales 01 the various publications have .nercased (rom ICO to over 1,000 Per cent. ; | The publication cnllllcd, "How posi- taking of a removhi" the "• Housing Question Box Q.—T have a kerosene heater attached to the hot-water tank. The lank is alto connected to the furnace. 7 get good results with the kerosene heater but paor results from the furnace heat, now can this situation be corrected? A.—H is a common practice to attach a hot-water tank to a furnace, but this is only considered eood nracllco for certain types of installations. In some rases it in- lerfrrcs with the efficiency of the henling system. Also, unless the furnace is of sufficient slv.n. tlir licnt required for heating the hot water'is often needed for hen ting Ihc home: When Ihc furnace is conni-cled'- with the water tank Ihe piucs. of course, must 1m properly installed as to location and slope. Sometimes, when there are minerals or chemicals in the water, such as calcium, the hot- water pipe becomes clogged. Interfering with the free circulation of the water. You will find details of hot-water : taiik installation in U. S. Department of Agriculture Farmer's Bulletin 1420, entitled "Farm "f this may Plumbing." A copy be obtained for 5 Owners Apply Paint to Improve Properly Blylhcville home.s and business firms are getlinr; dre.'sed up'with new mint jobs in all parts of Ihe city. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Dobyns have pointed and papered the interior of their home on Elm St. The J. E. Crltz residence on rerun Street is being painted nivr some repairs made. The Joe Atiplebaum store is being painted on the interior, along witli other remodeling features, following the recent fire. The patnlinsj of shelves and other minor Improvements have been done at Robinson's Drus store. In atidition to paint work, Mr. and Mrs. M. .T. Moon have bull' a |!ara?c onlp,their residence on Walnut Street. cents, cash or money order (stamps _not. accepted), from the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washinaton 0. C. . Osceola Improvements OSCEOLA, Ark.—A number of Improvements are being made to the Osceola. Tnn and Hie - home of Mi-, a'nd Mrs. .L. C. B. Young. Floor Preservatives A well-constructed wood floor will last Indefinitely if the surface is kept protected with n good quality or durable paint, varnish, shellac, wax, or other suitable finishing material. The wear and tear takes place on the finish instead of the wood and a new finish may be inexpensively applied whenever necessary. - Read Courier News Want Ads. FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. PF.PT. Q.—What precautions should be nken in fillinn concrete in decay•d cavities of trees? A.—The best way to preserve shade trees that have slartcd to 'Iccny Is to cut out all the dead •JIM! decayed matter, making the cavltys absolutely r>can. A thick coating of hot tar should then be olaced over each wound to act as forced by driving In the wood and 20-penny tying on nail; onc- fourth-Inch reinforcing bars. Mold the concrete to the shape of the trunk. Q—When stuccoing a house hov should yon specify the kind of surfaco finish you want? A.—The desired finish should be specified by name. There are about, 23 distinct finishes for portland- ccmcnt stucco, all of which ma> be varied by the use of color pigments In the finish 'coat/ Before ordering a stucco "overcoat" vour house consult your contractor's samples or charts, whlci show-how Ihe finish appears'whei implied. The popular stucco tin ishes arc Travertine. Italian, English Cottage, Colonial, American and California!!. • Q.—We would like to have washroom installed on the firs floor. What is the minimun amount of space in which a close and lavatory can be accommo dated? A.—A space 3 feet wide and 1 feet long is ample for the tw plumbing fixtures and allows fo n door in the center with preal tly a window opposite the dooi It is always helpful in seeking i location for an extra bathroom o a downstairs lavatory to remem ber that a. onc-piccc closet is 2fl',{ inches long, the |K>pular lypc o pedestal lavatories are from 20 tr 27 inches wide, and tubs are citli cr 5 or 5»i feet long and 34 indies wide. These nre average figures par- "Spend some money to beautify your homes and help make I lie Heller Homing cnmpnliui u success." In these- words, Helen llnycs, Impor- United to Judge a House," was the most, ing nntloimlly known actress, limed tin; women of i\w (Males ill nn Interview five n recently In liullulti. N. Y, ' ! Miss llnyes said in part: "No cause could be more worthy than tills which makes It possible for people 10 have and maintain lilflli standards of liviiuj. lit- a i,ld dllfljcrs," she udvl'icd hmi.'.uwivc-s. "Make your husbands tllrj deep Into their pockets now mid let them iilvi! you new kllcheivs. new prdiil. new cupboards, new hoitsi'ii. new (jiirdons. If only from u sel- llsli vle\v|K>lni, women ought to rush to lake mtvaiiluuo of Ilils opiwrtunily. "No womnn could fall to respond to the humanitarian nnglc 'of Ihv proi'ram. if women would only realize the iinlold benefits In humanity Unit would result (rum un Increase of business In the build- In tills day and IIRC of automo- Wintcr Is Time to Plan Awning installations Mnny home owners, who In Ihc past hnvi- experienced Inconvenient delays in havln« porch and window nwnlniis Installed In linearly summer wlit-n they nre .ser- biles and out-door iccieiillun or;lous)y needed, consider Hint tlic various sorts, tho liirijo opeui I'D' 1 winter months are the porch is virtually passe, what loj ri| i' plmmlug. tlulr miulrcnieiits do with It? Convert it Into mi nil- '""I ordering ci|iilpmenl Una will dlllonal room, KUII parlor, or re- b<: needed, Ihe Kcdi'inl Jlmr>iti|{ niiye it iillorielhi'r. ) Ai'mlnlsliulloii h ndvlscd. Years ngn. before the ridvcnt of; Considerable variation In the ho uutomobllo. mude It so nu.y,slw.v til windows and pnrelu-s rc- uul pleasant to spend it limit deal qulrea carVfi'l meiisurniinils for if lime on the hlnhways or at;each house. Tho dimensions often Ills of InU'i'i'.sl, people were furl necessitate th;s miim.fncuir' ijf iioie Inclined to May at home. A'nvviilni! frnine.s to niti'chil .slxo-i «n ilH shady porch, on which olio Ilial the awnlnn :i will l;o ua-iiralciv :ould tilt on warm summer a(te|--| pnipoitlonrd, and !i> Iliat Ihey mil luims iitul evnihifis and take nd-1 easily be liislalh'd wlllimil delay, vnillaije of cooling breezes, was ui Tlic type of exterior biilldln'ij valuable anil appreciated feature con.slriictlon, whi'lher It Is of wood, if houses. > j I'slone, bilcl:, clrel, nr other uniU'r- 'I'odny. Hie sbe and type of lul, may ici|Ulr;> tjireijil IHMIOIU.'!-:: ilolch to be built usually Is dc- »»il Cdiislrui'llon work .so Mini, the termliifd by dllliHcnt coiwldern- nwnlnns can In' Inmii piiimpilv mid 'more likely to be u home owner more attention <md the bent of service and worknian- «I)I|J. Alw, prices are sometlm«s more favorable durlni; alack r.tu- liopular, followed closely by publications on "Chimneys ami Fireplaces," "House Insulation," and 'The Care und Repair of the House." Considerable Interest was also •manifested In the publication. "Injury to Building:; by Termites." The publications, on "Convenient Kitchens and Saving Fuel in Healing the .House" have been in demand and indicate the interest of home owners in modern conveniences an deconomies. Other publications which have grcally appealed to owners anil prospective owners are: "Rccoin- ended Minimum Requirements for Small Dwelling Construction." "Floors and . Floor Coverings," "How to own .Your .Home," "Recommended Minimum Requirements for Plumbing," "Poultry and Fixtures," "Light wmik , Houses Frame House "Painting on the Plumbing Repairs and "Farm Home There wns also publications tifying and Construction." Farm," "Simple in . the Home," Conveniences." a demand for dealing with beau- planning farmsteads, , city home ami farm gardens, lightning protection and lire-protective construction, home laundering, and < the like. •• - out of the goodness of their hcarl.s, re.s|n>nd to H." Fhigslones Improve Lawns and Gardens Halftones, which have an Interesting geological pecially prlml lla(hruim) Aids Proper plumbing <ioi-« not necessarily mean an up-to-date bathroom. Wooden or bare plaster walls are a.s out of place in the mod- mi bathroom :iis kerosene lamps. Tho bathroom today lias a waliw- •otlim which will stand up under constant shower spray and al the "iiirno time mat:o a handsome a])-* lienriinci!, Imllallon tile, marble, Hid color panels that cun be ipplied right ovr-r the old walla He elliilblo for installation un- ili-r the irnns of the modcrn- /allon plan of ihc National HOHS- Ini! Act. easily reiuuved year for win- history, nre es- for ticimllfyini formal anil Informal (iurdens, terraces, or just simple lawns. Their chief use Is for walks. They also arc rruiiieully usi'd for borders around swlmmiiii; ponls, lily |K>iuls, mid foiinlalns; for slcp.i leading to sunken Hardens or to terraces, m- Ilnnrlng for li'i-race.s, coping for walls, and • for rock gardens. _• Severn! opportunities' me oll'or- ed for Ihe ornamental use of llan- stones in coiislruollon of.HID house its., well us of Ihe grounds. They can be used as copings for chimneys and walls, as facing and hearths lor fireplaces, as -floors for sun parlors, rccrealloii rooms, mid porches. Flagstones nre obtainable In many soft, mellow colors, which blend pcrfcclly with Burden sel- lings and which' give a rustic tone to'the Interior of n home. lions. It •iinall porch, serving us an aichl-|"'r clcunlni; itml . lecluml adoinmenl to break mil There arc various kinds of awn- urea of wall, and just large i-n- Iniin, dlllerent \vi-l|;hls ol malur- ouyh to shelter the entrance wiiy.'li'ls, and many culnr:i and pat- Owner.s of old homes with largo l«™ 1'ran which the owner can unused porches, and wllli other M ' lt ' t ' nudeiluls that will be features common to liouuis built 'utisl siillablo for. in« rcqulrcm-nts years a[jo can easily have altcra- lll ''!i "I Hie same time, harmon- tlous made that will make their iM w IHi t'".', archllecluiT of (he houses thorounhly moilern and at-1 '"'"sc, Its color, and th tractive In uppeaiaiiee. There' Is i'0'indlnn landscape, hardly any llmIL to the changes '" 1u wlnkr imintliii often eonsll- whlch may readily be made' with Ulle " •' ila(:1 ' period for maimfac- ii of wood construction, it ^"'"vs. Awnlnijs ot'derod diirlns may ue that all an old house " lia lime jirovide the mauutaclrr- needs to beautify mid umdcrnla; L ' r ' lt:i nppi'nrniicc Is a new root, a' coat of paint and n 'lew inodlfi-' cations of Its lines mul oilier nr-j eliltcctunil feature::. I.arne ojicii imrches eiin be ranvcrlod Into nd- (tplKiitlinlty of l.el UH (!ivc Yon A Free HHlfiunlG On A HOME HKICK - - STONK STUCCO - : KRAMIO HOI! W. Ash iddllliinal rooms, or serve as sun room. 1 ). There arc many variations llcularly in the size of lavatories It'is best to consult with n reliable and experienced plumbing contractor can give expert expansion Joint, If. the cavityl advice on the location of the flx- deep, concrete may be rein-! lures. Was your property DAMAGED? Since the storm I.vsl Thursday we have Iiren busy repairing danngr to homes and buHiling*. In many caip.? minor damage lias gone unnoticed by the properly owner. 1( will pay you to inspect your property before another bi? r.iin comes and if repairs are necessary Id us send a man to do Ihe work at once. PHONE 40 THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. you belicvo It la possible to do joAt that, today? You ^»n paint, nxxnis ar*^ oso thfjn •fain ihfi same day — with these. Pittsburgh Point Protl- ucb, and at a fclg Raving tool Four paints Jo tho wiiolo Job. Valllilde, Florhldo Enamel, \Falcrspar Quick- Drying, One-Coal Enamel and Water-spar Quick-Drying Varnishes. And the room ia yonrs lhat night. Whal a relief from the prolonged TO ess of old-iasV ioucd paint jobs. Lei us tell yon more aboat this amazing Point Wan. TURPENTINE Absolutely highest grade. Gallon LINSEED OIL Absolutely purest tolled $1 I-lnsccd Oil. Ciallon .. J Beautiful higli gloss PLASCO PAINT Suilahlc for fntrcTor or exterior surfacrs. Hni&liea evenly; has cxccplEonal co vrringqualiiy.21 colors. *2.50 Gallon SCREEN ENAMEL High grade utility brnnd. Will not clog mesh. Quart 1 Va in- Enamel Brush nnnotis Gold Stripeqnalityr)re pure bristles set In rubber "" Quick-drying clear VYATERSPAR VARNISH Kxtra Jurablc. For interior or exterior use. Will not luni white. Dries fail. '^-gallon WALLHIDE brings One - day Painting Ends days of mrsi! Your curtaini and pictures can lie hung the same day walls and ceilings are painted willi Wallhult! One n 11 & RT coat it us-ullr tnrmuh. 1S washable colors. ^ Quick-Drying VVATERSPAR ENAMEL firings new Irmly to furniture and wood work. Dries in 4 liotirs. • 24 rich coluri. %-Pt. Hubbard Hardware Co. AUTHORIZED PITTSBURGH PAINT PRODUCTS AGENCY in to AI Hi- Veiltllntlim Worn! or oilier kind of louvers Installed In allin walls are n uood Inveslmenl, especially where tlic-rc are no. windows or other moans "f properly venlllntliiy (he atllo. rliiK the summer the vetitllidlon afforded itsslsls In keeping Ilio at-1 lit! cooler and rcnde'rliij! the liouu; much more ('omforliible. I "017^17" P Til EPi .LIMBER I 'hone 10!) / against prying winds and driving rain BY EXCLUSIVE PATENTED PROCESS Look at die patch of Universal Shingles above. See how each shingle is locked to those surrounding it, forming a covering that is literally "locked to the roof". This is an exclusive patented feature, protected by U. S. Letters of Patent No. 1,592,015. AVild winds may pry at the roof—rain and sleet drive against it—the shingles cannot come loose—they're locked in place. ••'• Let us show you some of these actual shingles and explain the special process that gives them uniform saturation of asphalt, which means extra years of roof- life. See, too, the beautiful blending of color. Sunset prange, forest green, twi- light blue are harmonized into pleasing patterns of non-fading colors in the Terra Cotta, Colonial, Tapestry and Rustic blends. . _ • • See how little a new Universal Shingle roof costs laid right over your old roof; how much it saves; and learn of oureasy time payment plan. Phone or eirop in. CKRTAINTi'IK U N I V K U S Rcnfs in lilylheville / were no! ilaniaffcil !n !!ic recent slnrm. Certain-teed Universal Shingles I inru a---r WFATHCD \ >* ( IOCK 0»T WEATHER )

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