The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 17, 1931
Page 1
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT,NEWSl'AI'KU OP NOKTHUA ST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST M1SSOUUL HOME EDITION VOL. X^VII—XO. 310 Blythevllle Courier, Blythevllle Dally Ne-vs, Blylhevllle Herald, Mississippi Valley Leaden HI,VTilKVIl.!,[•:, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, MAUC1I 17, 1931 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS ) V: S1EBF5TIITE! 18IS Offers Brother in Lieu of §2 ""raffle lioiu! Shu re, Irish Eyo,s Smile On Si. Patrick's Day LITTLE ROCK, Marcli 11. <UPi . —''My brother sho' am worth two! '.bucks, so I'll jest post him as bond." j i Esau Dinwilly. negro, told the desk I Mississippi County's $50^!™,^;"^^ Canlain's Slory of North GOG Apportioned Among!for a traffic law violation. j Atlantic Tragedy Reacli- ry p- /-• • Dlnwitly was token Into custody oix rmance Lov[joralioas ;ror fllllur(1 to stop be ( 0re ...... es Civilization. boiilsvaui. Dinwitty. his brother j i Mississippi county's share of ihe j Louis, 4. and his automobile wer3 | ST. JOHNS, N. P.. Mar. n iUI'1 Sl.5W.03fl stale diouili relief fund. I taken to headquarters. He was re-; —Two more sealers of Ihe 25 miss-• ninountlng lo S50.COO, was ailoiled J quired to posl thc usual S2 band, j Ing from tl]3 wrecked Vikhrj lo six finance corporations In vari- : upon an invoice of his resources | reached Horse Island loday, niak- oux sections of the county at a meeting here this afternoon with E. J. Horner, Helena, member of the Arkansas Agricultural Credit Rocrcl, presiding. it, was disclosed he was Just S1.95'lns the total uumlrr of shorl. Esau reported to the telephone others and within a few minutes had lo- j -ilive. cated a friend who offered, to put I 120- Advices from the Island salil! nrc expected to \x found Allhough a claii=3 in the appro-| up the bond but was unable ni 1SY JOHN T. MEANKY priation bill passed by the last leg- bring It to the station. Esau of- j United Press Staff Correspondent itl.itme provides for a maximum of $50.000 for any one county Mr. Hcrner expressed confidence that SL-IRP way would be found to allov,- that much. Mississippi county to borrow eon-; "Jest take my Dud," the negro'. injured were being cured for by the slderably above the S50.0000 limit. I pleaded. | inadequate facilities of barren The Agricultural Credil Board | In a few minutes Esau returned i Horte Lsland today while a full es members from this concession}": j with the money for'the release ot . timale of the tragedy surrounding fered his car as security until he j S t. Johns. N. P. Mar. n (UP)-, could collect, the $2. Police refused ; T] IC survivors of the wrecked seal-' on the grounds It was not worthier Viking, half starved suffering : i from exposure and many of them district stated that he believed Mis- himself, his brother and his car. sissinp! county should be allowed to secure loans to S75.000 or $100.003 of [he S1.509.CXX1 fund for Ihe entire state. He said that many counties had not yet taken advantage cJ the fund and thai It was entirely possible that a considerable amount of the appropriation would no: be used unless some of Ihe larger agricultural counties could be allowed to use more than the limit of 550.000. ' Uorncr Approves Division In the plan which Mr. Horner approved at a meeting with representatives of Mississippi county fi- --- __._.. — .-._, _ . innilTn n HPnr 1 Sunrt!1 >' nlghl when the sealer bl HUElll I U II LJLUL up and bar »«l- The romainlnu Him II I r II nrnr °ftne H3 persons aboard w IIUUU 1 I I Ul 1 1 i. 1 1 L ! missing and it was feared de nance corporations here this after- neon, the 550,000 allotted to this ccunty will be divided, 530.000 to the Chickasawba district and $20,- them was slowly being pieced to i setl^r today by radio Irom the is j land. j Tlie latest word said 110 snrviv I ors had struggled across the trcach-i I ice floes to the Island since i Sunday night when thc sealer blew 25 were lie-id I Thry included the three Americans, Varick Frisssll, New York explorer Henry J. Sargent. Boston explorer, and A. E. Penrod, New York and Connecticut cameraman. Captain Tells of Blast • Thc news from the island was WASHINGTON, D. C.—Of com- ; belli!; sent out by Miss Ottis, Bart- plaints about postoffice service, i leu, the operator of . the feeble there Is, as has been said about j Horse Island transmitter. n , , n 1C! UeDartmenl Records ohow Drop of Oil Solved Only Trouble in Years. OCO to the Osceola district books and some other -things,; no j The first coherent statement ta The Buffalo Island Credit cor-j end... . _ _ . '. I Captajr. Abraham Kean. Jr., of the pbriiltori" organized by W. W. Shiv- But Ulere Ilas not been a com " i 'Viking who -is on Horse Island or and business men in Leachvlll; plaint about Ihe management of the j badly injured, was sent out today, and Itfanila. was"awarded S15.000 to I Blytheville pastofflce for over two, Kean expressed belief the thtce V[J(1 Of'iFire From y| Ambush on BILL! uties HAST ST. LOUIS. March | tUl") — A' Bqiiiid of deputy slit i was trapped In an ambush .Measure, If Approved by 1 b >' lie , nr| v I0 ° ''I* 1 ' 1 * " 18l : a ] _ ' ivi'M r> Tl • ers ° "I*" 1 ''' fl re *'"' sll ° l C uns j LiOVCI'llOV, Will Lost 1 his, and revolvers from behind ci scnil- | p i . Al £9A finO | circle of 25 automobiles. They ex" rtbOUt .p^U,\JUU. | changed more than 100 rounds with the officers, four of whom svcro work- Trial of With Murder' of Cart, wright Chauffeur Starts. LITTt.K ROCK, March 17 (UP) | wounded. —A coniTWralal riiorl tu procure| ihe strikers were driven _._ Governor I'arnell's veto of the Me- carrying several wounded with Ihcmi ™ I Cube county turnback bill Is being when >\ group of workers armed i.j shotguns came lo the ald]J_ While no ofliclal word has come ,, from the grand Jury room, the ru- •'• was current on the streets o! i made by county officials represcnl- more than n score of conn- i lies 11 was learned today. The bill would provide that a third of tho turnback be dlstrl- buled equally among Hie 15 counties of the slate. The present Imv provides the turnback shall be distributed partially on the basb of revenue from motor vehicle registrations. Opponents of the measure hope to persuade the governor lo veto ! It. They point out that cllstrlbii- | lion of the turnback ns provided | In the. McCabe bill would be unfair as It would cause, a decrease in the amount received by counties which pay the' larger portion of lilghway taxes. of thc depiillus. The deputies were! on their way to the Mississippi river ferry landing to give prolcc- llon (o St. Louis laborers employed by a construction concern when they drove into tho trap. • The strikers who had protested :ech today that a no true bill will be returned in ihe case of Finley W. Carlwrlght, Osceola mer-i chunl, who was held to the grand Jury following (he fatal shooting of M. L. Crawford, engineer of the. . Osceola Cotton Oil ut the door of Ihe letter's home In Osceola the night of Sunday, March 1, cars in, a semi-circle across he shot which caused road where they could catch the Craw , 8ord , s doath bul ,» a pub u 0 deputies in u cross lire. swlemenf claimed that he shot in. "When Irish eyes are smiling—" Well, you can just bet your shamrock these Irish eyes are smiling on SI. Patrick's Day. for their be used as stock In its farm credit i i'ears, although criticisms galprs | Americans were killed in the ex- corporation ii it complvs with I have accumulated in official fll?5; plosion, regulations'and rules of t c e board I regarding certain towns and cities j He was in a critical condition scssors are Insh ns riu ' their family Irets go, and on both sides, The Buffalo Island organizatio.T I Not Olll y tha '' tul a dr °P 0[ o11 ' and painfully made the following '-co. The closeup is of Maureen O'Sullivan, dainty film star who re- will have offices at both Manila and I was al! t!lat was necessary to re-; ctatement: "I am unable lo sc- cc-nt'.y canie to this country from Dublin, while the young lady with Leachvllle lo sc-rve the western part of the county. Two Blythevllle corporations were ailoited loans for stock. The Agricultural Finance Corporation, represented by Sam Thomas, was move the cause of the lost com-; count for the cause of the disastci. the Irish geranium Is none other than Nancy Carroll, also of the movies, plaint in Blytheville. This, at. least, j It was due, in my opinion, to an is what postoffice department records show. explosion in the. magazine while the boatswain and men were open- \vhose proud boast is that "my mother was born in County Roscommon and my father in County Clare." It was back In January 1029 when ing a powder kes for the next day's Charles .T. Nssh, renter of P. O j vea. That is merely surmise of awarded 510,000 and the Blythcvill; j Box 7 ? 3 ' Blythevllle. .notified the (course. ' : Cotton Finance corporation, repre- PCslcffice department, in Washing-; ' I think all the men in the cnb- sented by Ira Crawford, was award- ton tnat he was having trouble | in section were killed oulright by ed S5.000. ' locking and unlocking his box. | the explosion They include Fris- The Keiser Agricultural Credit John H - B art'-tt, first assistant j sell, Sergent. Penrod. the engineer. Corporation, represented by W. H j postmaster general, took the mat-1 wireless operator, navigator, cooks. . . r c . n • i up enn t ocers an . A. I', jlaton, Despondent, twice' at Crawford, who died a. fe?' .Would Hit Tills County Signature by Governor Parnell of I the McCabe bill modifying the sys- I tern of apportionment of turnback money among the counties would virtually eliminate all hope of state i aid for the highways of thc Chickasawba district of Mississippi county, J. Mell Urooks, secretary of the chamber of commerce, told the Lions club at the Hotel Noble today. Act 63, the original turnback measure, providing for apportion- j ment among the counties on a basis of area, population, and auto license • revenue,' would give this county $B6,1B9, If'the highway department "estimate of revenues'! ' Troubled' by lack'of tucoesa Ik proves accurate. Under the Me- i finding work and despondent over scH defense when Crawford attempted to draw a' pistol. The shooting occurred while officers were reading a warrant to Crawford at tho lattcr's front door^ Cartwrlght, .who had sworn ont the' I warrant attor learning of advances aliened to have been made -by Crawford to Mrs. Cartwrlght, came up benlnd lht officers and fired. ' . T i r> • • 1 1 . i hours later In & Memphis hospital. . lakes 1 OISOI1 in Hotel i Because of the prominence ot Cnrlwright, who is a member of one of the leading families of the community, the case attracted much Room at Memphis. A. F. Slftlon, former member of i ?meresrfn' OMecoTand" throughout the Blythevllle police force and £tj(u e county • " one time farm manager' far Lee Wilson company, died at a Memphis hospital yesterday afternoon after swallowing l.the contents ot a .bottle of hls life. In a letter written to one of four Cabe bill, using the same estimate of revsnur-5. this cuunty would receive only M7.440. Inasmuch as the first $50,000 of this county's allotment will go to pay principal.and Intere-'.t on Osccola district highway Improvement district bonds th|:rc would be no possibility, under the McCabe apportionment, of t'r.e i ton's action come Just before a Chickasawba district receiving over! $10,000 insurance policy, payable to i the county. Slut Metro's Tri»l OSCEOKA, Ark., March n—The trial of Albert Rewton, negro janitor .of ; ;bjj1WtC]'oi". Osceola, charg- . ed with the' murder of demons Scales, negro chauffeur for . the 'Cartwrlght family, got un- serration from his wife, Mrs. , Kathcrine Starne.1 Slaton, who had _ der , vay ln - clrcult court h ere 'this filed suit for divorce, Slaton ended; af urnoon after seven defendants, '•'" " ' named in true bills returned by the grand Jury, had been arraigned be- children, the former Blythevllle 1 (ore j u d ge Ne m Klllough. policeman declared his action "the j sixteen true bills have been re- best thing.I can do for them." Sla-1 turned by the grand Jury, .whlcH ' .... has not completed its work. Those arraigned this afternoon were'Hear HELPLESS, ; Baby Beauties Will Appear on Theatre Stage $11,000 of stale road aid. I Ills children, was to lapse. . - rv Crawford, Luxora negro, charg- , Adopt Resolution j Slaton's body was discovered \ e( j w ith: the murder of Ora Allt- I s The McCabe plan changes* thc I about 4 o'clock in a Memphis hotel; sorii r.ejro. Bob Parrel!, Wilson' ne- plan of apportionment of turnback ! room. Five notes found near his 8r0i charged with the murder "of I money to ciiitribute It amont l!i body were addressed to his wife, George Canatiy negro.' Cecil counties, one-third on a population one-third en area and one corporation was awarded S5.000. am: of 'he lock of tr >e box had put it in had sug-ested that Frissell. a kins-: the Oscccla Credit corporation. S5,- P-riect order a^ain. He said thst j man of Governor Gifford Pinchot' 509 ithe ether locks hml been treated to] of Pennsylvania, was se?n alive on | an application of oil at the same j the ice after the disaster, but grave D 1 i' LJ L 1 D I Innocence and raralync Husband Beaten ness win reign supremo on the Into Insensibility by Wo- j ^,| cay "f,, man's Murderers. third equally among all the CDUII- ; Memphis newspaper. ; ties of the state. If it bccjimcs law ! Managed Armorel Farm > ! Thc former local officer is sur- one of each of "three of his four ncri wh [ te> c har B ;d with the : theft- children and R long note to ~ " ihe Home theatre on $75 (or autonob , le ltei)5d in the county, while county will receive only 57 for and addcrt lhnt ' s!nCP '-rs were nosv felt for hU safety in : Ihe various seclions of Ihe county i ™^^±.7^ i «™ ° f "" Capt ""'' St ° temCnL ^^^^^^^^^^^l^^^^ w I The Vikh, 3 carried 138 flick, representing the ti:encoe| ™" efl *" ^ ^ u ?? 0 " 1 ^'" | men. thc three New Yorkers Credit Corporation, withdrew his | „„„.,„ L/ ,*,..*L*tL- ~r —• • I*' petition for a loan. A L?achvi!le .,„ In age from eighteen months to CLARINDA. Iowa, March 17 UP) scv . eft s _ wm pear ln wnal -The story of the mystery killing proml , t . s to te re membertd as the; of .on automobile from Lee Wlhon and 'company, and four negroes ch.irjed with gra: d larceny. • : ; . in the ' .\"i of Leonard charged i -h assault to cis Smith. Houston, Texas; Ray-. Mil George Pierce, returned a ver- . Baxter county, Representative Me- The former local officer is sur- • ^ j ur y- i n n the Cabe ' s hom= coun ty. lvl11 receive vlved by four children, Mrs. Fran- • p aI3 i C y, cha burn Sliton, cleric iri 'a drug store diet of guilty on a charge of -si here; Margaret Elizabeth, 15. New p ; c Q; SRU lt. A fine of 525 wir!m- , .._ York city, and A. F. Slaton jr., 12, posed. Both men aro residents of All of the more populous coun- j student In a Little Rock school, -the Little River country. ties of the slate, fro:n which the • Mrs. Slaton had filed divorce pro-1 .>.'.. greater part of highway depart- • ceedings against her husband In! the after part of the ship Izatlon may select a little girl to I P nllll r«. . on Sunday night, killing and rrcdi'. ccruoralion. represented LITTLE ROCK. March 17. (UP> Three Hurt When Cars Paroled irom Prison Prohibition Director Hickman Enumeration —Steady improvement wfts Collide at Little Rock tod y in He was sentenced last spring at ter re-ltersted hU love for his wife. ly Injured. Two other occupants of , . man Is free on bond in ccnnec- in J tonight. | the sedan escaped Injury. BMl:r-,, cn „.„•„ thc shooting. He denied, Reports of , was riding alone. . h . ... (h ICB j s ]!«tor ! Charges of driving while dnir'- g ««' Nevada Divorce Bill , and reckless drlvlng wcrc [odgK)i Ready for Governor against Henry-. ; CARSON' CITY. Nov., March 17; Widow Oi Rep. Aswell ' (UP)—A six week divorce bill, ma- ; Jor Item In Nevada's legislative; campaign to maintain its brilliant | . on the order of business. E. A. • Rice, posl commander, said this : morning that members of ng Addition to Hovey Cash Grocery ; an Increase of 83 per sons over last Conduct Lenten ervices Tomorrow «m Lvn b t, d „ - MARS .rvices lOmorrOW u«m s hav been active during ihv octopus, - . pafi uee* «nd that he expected to- f ee t fro HUGE OCTAPUS CAUGHT MARSHFIELD ', Oro ' measuring the funeral are i ! incomplete but services will prob- WEATHER CAUGHT The Hovey Cash Grocery Is be- ably ncld ln Memphi3 Turs . ARK ANSAS -Partly cloudy and ' l«P'-An:ins enlarged with an addition con- day . i nterment . ^ ^ robab i y b , warmer lcnlght . Wednesday cloudy nearly eigh: structed 25 feet across the front made in H^^ppi wh j ro siaton j and warmer in the east portion. - *^ According to the official weather 'observer, Charles Phillips, the mlrir dtvoice colony at Reno, needed only. WASHINGTON, March 17. (UP) will conduct Lenten services W3i- n«ni neaa^uancrs to have ocen fl e i d . He placed It In a tub in hh '. will t.e completed in two weeks. < At thc Republican presidential u™" 11 temperature here yesterday the slgnnlure of Governor Fred —Mrs. Ella Foster Aswell, widow of nesday evening, 8 o'clock, at f.- passed. tack yar( j anc j | t displayed lite thi. C. A. Hovey, owner, announced • ccnventlon in 18S4 the re-form was 33 degrees and the maximum Dolzar today to become a law. Representative James Bonjam'.n A?- church. i Inc program at tonight's meet- following morning. The simc afler-1 that ho Is enlarging the store so «-i n g O f the party "bolted" and 50 degrees, clear. On the same day illness prevented the governor, who well, Democrat, Louisiana. who| His theme will be: "Jesus Manl- in? will be in charge of Grorue noon It sllll had slight suction in. that his stock may bo enlarged, proudly assumed "the name "Mug- a year-ago the minimum tempera- has been quoted as favoring thc died yesterday, was suffering today tests His Love to Ihe Daughters of i Lee, Charles Affllck mid Luther p the suckers near the tips of its. He plans to add a line, of seed. wumo," which was given them in ture was 44 degrees and the maxl- mcasure. from signing It. I from a stroke of paralysis. Jerusalem." | Leathers, ; lenacles. | stock. I derision. .mum. 71 degrees, partly cloudy, .

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