The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 4, 1937 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 4, 1937
Page 4
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PAGE TWO (AIUL);. COURIER NEWS Social Calendar MONDAY'S EVENTS Wcnjan's Missionary Union of First Baptist church meets at 2:33 o't'pclt' at the church Women's Missionary Society of the First Methodist- Church meets 2 3S o'clock t\t clinch ExccutUe Bo<m1 of \Vo|ncn's AHxiliaiy of rust Prcsb) teria.ii CMiurch ,meets 2:30 o'clock at tho church. , Mission \iy studs Gioup of the First prjiistlan Chuicl^ meets 2:30 pelcck qi home of Mis aeovgc W Ba)hjun S( Stephens Episcopal Guild meets' i 3Q o'clock \utli Mis A. Conway •TUESDAY'S EVENTS Tuesday. Bridge club meets with Mis Hnuy KnU Y«mig Matrons' club meets ivitli Mrs. Murray Smart. Woman's club having bingo parly at. Woman's;, club- .at. 7:30 o'clock. Wednesday dub meets ivilli Mrs. Ca'sei Wilson •rHORSrJAY'S EVENTS Will-Week club meets with Mrs W. Jj. Horner, Thursday Bridge club meets with Mrs L H Mooie Thursday Contract club meets with Mrs. O/ W. McCutclien. Thursday Afternoon club meets with .-Mrs. A. T. Oloar Thursday" Luncheon club ineclr, with Mrs. A.' G. Little. FRIDAY'S EVENTS Exeoufive ' board of Woman's club -to. have luncheon 1 o'clock at club Is Hostess at D. A. K. Luncheon. AJIss .Cpra Lee. Colemnn. of this citj Mis Jo]m W Wellington Mi 1 .;, SHMC Koiser and Mi, Mirj Barbiers, all cf Osccpln, were hps- ie&sc5, ivlieii (he Willliim Strong .chapter of the Daughters, of t!)e 'American Revolution had n lunch- FLAPPER FANNY By SyFvi7] r* .... .-,. ^.„.,...- ...» _ ., cr _ ,, _ f r ^ I Uits of New* Mostly PenoiwI SATURDAY, DEG'KMBKR •'I, 1937 CIIIIKCH OK CHRIST Sunday school will foe held ii 10 o'clocH iiiul scr.iic«s-at 11 o'clock with the Hcv. Stanley Jones, of Scnalh, preaching, Ip the auditorium of the court house. t;iltST CHKISTIAN CHURCH Six.lh aiiA.'AIpin Street^ The women of the church will have a special service at 11 o'clock in observance of Woman's Day. A play, "Larry's Gift to India" will Mi. 1 ;. C. f. Ulokcr. Mrs. George be presented at this service Crockett mill Mrs. C. E. Watson, cf CimithcrsvlUc, shopped lici'c vqsicTilny, Mis? Sue Wllllnshsm is spending tlir. \\cek end ill Carutlicrv ville as lh(i guest of Mrs, • Maurice JOIKS. Miss. Mary Virginia Arnold, , the wccK end . tlio s>l*st of Njr. and Mrs. C. H, Hall and Sheldon H(i|l, Mrs, T. J. BuvHs was in Mcni- i:l\ls Tuesday vvliere siie was |cli>f..(|. by Mrs. J. T. Cq(lier anil Mr. find Mrs. 0. J. Collier, who .'mp hpri)p wi|)> tier bcfoj'o )ct»r«- S In tljcir liomc hi Shaw, ^liss., I-'UJ.l, GOSl'KL (-'HUNCH Lilly and Vint Streets Sunday school 9:« Vm'-> .N. W. Trcmthaiii, syperlnteiideut. Morning worship li a.m. p. Y. p. A. U-.30 RJ.iv, all mcm- ,r, aw) mi's. J, &, Hjisspji "«v«"^Mb v,v^.n»,|?, ^ U UM past two months', will # Service 11 q'clocK. Sermon s II. \in ixn...,,. I, .... "llVinklllll All fll" ihp film" "Can you conic over lor dinner, Clitul;:' It's j^o ilie family ami Irish stciv." ; m lie vcrv inlonnal- ' Over the Bridge Table By 'Keen day. court house yester- tjble was decorated in red. white and blue colors with cariu- lions. D. A. R flags nnd United States Hags usefl. A tiirec carirsc lunch \vas served. Art'cr lunch ix short businoss session was held, presided, over by Mrs.. L. S. Bigga, of Prcctpr. , : (he business . . . . ,. B. Yp.ung presented the program showing "slides ' lent to-them by the NaticiuiU'E^ A. H. of/colcnlal'tijlldlnss .qf interest ta the chanter. Mrs. James Richardson, of this citsj attended; the meeting tis the guest of Miss Colcman. * - » Daughter Bnrn. A daughter was born to Mr. \\tiA Mrs. Eflord Jarrctt yesterday :it the Blytheville hospital. * c • 5" ' ' , En.lerlaini; With Dance. Miss . Winiiifred Crawford, who Witii ( | Ulou lo news I (rich, (ire completing plans for j Ihcir weddings . . . invitations j were issued this week to the •I Kcct;-P(m Smith.' which is til be soleimi|zai at night a.t the I'lcsbylcrlnn church oil m°.l\- t|.iy following ClH'istmns uiul Lti- Iliin nnd Joc Bcasley will exchange tjic(v vo\vs tlnui^ary 15, sanie place, tliere will I ^ *=."!' WtC* >n the uhernbpij. ] The Piirly Harriet Uoniui and « n- . by (ll( , | recently was ::w\ lp l.pve n cluh thc| ( 'i i e of the prettiest imrtles union lo trat to be givsn by the | "- L1 -"*" ""•> i: >v" VH iicvjly orgnfiized Cqtlllipn club, thci^e ° r "'? Prettiest |i( Innrrlecl folks u«st 3fl (nncl p'tlicr.".) *<' vcn Il ° ro have decided they will no| hiber- Tl;is Little Tlienlur pn nate. We have ticnrd of one first piny Inst ulcht. . been llassori, of. (he \}^S. ua- i 1 } 1 , \vlip. h«s U.ccii vlsltUtg Ills parents, Mr. an!) Mrs. J, E to Nc-vfolk', Va.,'M.pii(((iy "vliero Tie is to. he- stalifiijed on lt\p new lii'- .•i:ill cni'i'icr "Enterprise." Hp hai! fqruicrly been stajlpned at I«acl\, Calif. Mr. nncl Mrs. Juices liftYo uioved here front Hcmc, Ark., and are now nt '.hp '.iqipe of ftlv. w\(\ Kirs. Carl 1 D^vis. Mr. Rlclinrdson is cp|incc!iecti-\vith th.c sc|l conservation program., here, 'A(rs, M. o. Hnesigen, of. St. Lci|iE. Mrs. Euln Rvitieelge . . . . , bers urged Ip be present, Evangelistic sf.rvlcc T:3Q p.m. The pastor will speak at both morning a»d evening services. The public is cprdi(i|ly invited to nt- icnd. PIH8T CHUBCil QK THE NAXARENE n, Hfa.jilfiy, Hitstor school, 0;^. Noble, M.p- Morning Co|iiiii\ii)lpn . AM of the Cup. N. Y. P. S.. 7 p'clpck. Evening service 7:30. subject, ''Having' the Mind Ohrlst." MplKllU' cvcuii.ig regular monthly board nipctins at, the hoiiie pi Mr. !\nd, Ws. ' O. A. Duuivau. Steele. Mo. KUIST P«ESBYTKm4tt ClIIJKOK S, H. S»lirip)), B»slor The "Mine of the Mother-Lode" Is the subject for tho pastor'; Mrs. Ruyinond RiitlcdKC, o! Jnncs- - --- -..,-,— . —, «.w ^..O.H. o torq, arc v.l(s(lii^ \trs. FranV scrmou nt the morn\n.B service, 11 VV.ctl). lyifs, Ilqcggcu niitl f^rs.' o'clock., at tlie First Presbyterinn Stila RutledBc are sisters^ of Mr.". Church.' The, prelude, played by Webb i\"d Mrs. Raymond Rutlcdse Mrs. P. B. Joyner on the organ, is her niece. Robert b'cptt anil i will be. "Sortie hi O" Hosiner. a,.,. Mrs.! tha offertory will be "Sunset Mecl- Joseiih W. Parker a.nd, Mrs. Ji\uies B. Clark, o( the former "To\vn and Country club" rind Mrs. G. G. Caudill. Mrs. C. Modlngcr nncl Pepper banquet, having "those pre sen.t at the dinner and others as her guests. She received with Alfred Meredith and her parents. Mr. ami Mrs. Ivy \f, Crnwfprd. • a. » Cluli grganiicrt 'Hie Home Economics club o[ the city hiyh SDhool \v«s organized ancl ofTiccrs Tluirs- - ctay at a luncheon meeting in lire collage. Miss Jean Doiirlntid ivas elected president; Miss Marie Abraham Vice president; Miss p\ K M . lri D Kqoncc. secretniy; Miss Earlinc Grahatn, treasurer; and Miss Jo- tephitie Shjbley, . reporter. so as to belong not to tell where the weekly afternoon parties arc to be held and who wins. Did. you know—thai the James B. darks have "set up" rionsc- kceplns in a trailer at the site of their home which burned and will move soon into a servant house they arc remodeling for quarters imtil v tlw.v rebuild 'their country l;cmc? That the W. F. Brewers arc also "Trailcrltcs", parked at the scene of their new home, which they are building after oismantlins re frprn a table \vilh a centerpiece . the club. • » Ilss TicaMirc Hpnl and Supper A treasure hunt where each one present found a Christmas pi ft i [ M ture -on the pro- the old Bell, who once her liiinic "Sa^ie Clark Council' SBHin onrl is back home in Rule- Tliat Satiic Chxrk here, signs Bliss ElmmpiLs, of'prp, '.vei'ci ilation" Biggs. here Friday as the guests of Mrs. M,S. Marvin Graves will sing l-rnnk Simmons and (amily, j-u, My Father's House Are Many Mr. and Mrs. W.- D. Chambltn Mansions", by McDermid Hi!fl_M.r._nncl_Mr.s. W. H. Miiwdj suuflay school will be at 9:45 o'clock as a,ml the vesper service at 6:45 o'clock. The sermon topic for tile evening services is "silent Night, Holy Night", based, on the famliinr Chrjstmris cfl(O), CHURCH " I arc. l)i Memphis tQilay where they L ' U| j will attend the Tenncssee-Missisi siupi footiinll game. :esentc;l its Mrs. D. Simmons went to Little r-:ock ycstcrd|iy to yljit friends, lioped that tills . year's organization will Inst longer (linn the last vyhich will be. <(e B(i|ley. o( Little Rock. vlll arrive tonight to be the week _ which can't be displpse<l for enr) guest of. Mr. nn0 M.IS,. O. \V Hi. l<yiiii. Ma<l.f, pastor scliool meets, promptly !\!cCiitchcn a.nil, Mrs, Bailey. More gossip: Many n BlylhevHlc is visitl|i; Ihcrn. She w II remain ' ' Bill is :. anticipating the visi class and a message for all who "At, this wrltipB" Sue. anil Uili fflllo\vlng the burning of tier home O. C. Uxngtitoii, Mrs. Chick Gricldcrs Ai'c BaiKjuclocl By Red Peppers ^anic there tlii.s rjltcriicoii. Misses Ewiicc Bragdcn, Audley \m\t\ Evelyn Blytlie went, (o M " jlrtils thV. afternoon.. They will i turn tonight. I Mrs. George M.. Hunt is sick j from Influenza,. i i)lini]\jc, sninl] (laugliter of Mr. 1 | i\nd ^('s. Jess Horner, has been ] rick; fov the past fe,w (lays from a I severe cold. The nn.nua.1 Red Pepper club. I football banquet was held 'as( I nighi in the Blue Room of Ilie Hotel Noble. Moon. News The Woman's . , -•- ns ssflnary o- A four ccmse dinner was served cicly met nt the home 'of Mrs B itt tables dcconvlcd with red aurt f. Gay Tuesday night Tlic -vc- white glndipli and tapers. Across ' . . . •. ' . the speakers' (able were red Iclters ipcUing -ned Pepptr Club". Hamlj . . . iwiutcd p\ace cards ot Indian rte-i \\Vck end ' indicated the seating . was spent studying tnc life Bjotyr T. \Vwhitigtoii. Mrs. E. B. Walker sp'ral Hie in Memphis with • •'•• • — -"j>- '<-i,viiti. -n ..... -••„ ... n.^r. .i,,.,i^ iu iiuii,-i ,vuss iMarioiic W The buffet lunch was served villc M tel7 Tlwl Betty Lee Me- of the Bci Pepp-r rr a table Cte-lin Cute-lien has B«"«k a new which her mother and aunt. Georgia Bailey of Uttb Rock, took down to her nt Rollins college. Winter Park. Fta.. Thanks ' jsiving? That baby Robinson flower girt was. the grfn.1 in Phillips' wedding but they »ore airaiit to announce it belorchund lor [car the little laSy might change her mind? That Mrs. J. - - - „_ , sister, mnu ol the go snr-sti Several) Tlic. -t-H Club trad Its rcgulivr placards with football mottoes on jn'ictius at the sclicol Wednesday nioruipg. Airs. Trail Widiicr aiul diiii5li- tcr. Miss Na<finc. spent the week I'lid in Cl(c;i>cll. them were placed cu the laBles. Miss Marjoric Warren, president ac special built ! loastinislrcss o| eutnp the banquet W ltb a brief talk on "Looking Be r ____ . . ,. .. . . "*b u> fore and Alter", which was the More tl^n oSOO theaters In the SM !*-.r "' *- uv f r F a - a .'?n. supper, •• -"^ •'« '""«" mat Mrs. j. ccs.C.ucrin. Mra. Farmer Enftlnnil he W lirst night/at the. First Meth- w - Bailer is much Improved nfler Mitchell Best, Joc Uiktv w n cdbl Churcb, .by the members cf llavl »B been H Johns-Hopkins hos-' McCliirkln and John H-i'rii th ? Latlws B (We Class. I "Hal in Baltimore and that s i, c ] Members of tin- Red PeniJer club After dinner a, shoi-t busin"S3 °'" 1 "'"= I/r * 7 ""' — '--- ' •• • '•• •- " sessipi) was held and later If.'c. Ciitteiidcn.-the Rev. H. Lynn Wade Ilicinc Pf the banquet. Alfred' worl : | arc now equipped tor .sound Meredith, captain of Ihis year'* I football team, renrandcd with a lalk. "ChickKsnws' Clrnlitudc". ! Other speakers incluriixt Misses Allyce Nelson. Rosa Hardy. -Bonny Jean Buciuuian and Mni-y Fran- res. Gucrin. Mi-s. ?"arincr England. pledging get steadily goes on. The' stewards will meet nt 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon. Sunday evening at Gi45 o 'clock the League will meet and at 1:30 c-'clpck pi cache ing will begiu. The Woman's Affssipnnry Society will meet at 2:30 o'clock Monday F.nd ths stewards at 7:30 o'clock Hominy night. OF GOD CTlUltCH Seventh and Ash Streets N. H. Rhodes, pastor B^o a;.n\. Sunday scliool H a.m. Morning service i:'X> p.m. Jail service 5:30 p.m. Junior Christ Ambas factor service 6:30 '[).!». Senior Christ Ambassador - service. "?:45 j).\n: Ei-anuellstic service The public is cordially invited 13 attend these services. It has been requested by maiiy that tlic Uc\-, Mr. Rhodes preach 011 these two important tiueslions: "What Good is Derived from raying Tillios?" and "Where Do (lie Tillies Go?". At the 11 o'clock service the raster will give Bible (acls cou Very important in Baltimore Mrs. M. Fitzslmmoiis have the football squad and 'the' and Pr: \v. F. dent of the mode brief lost mucii weight from their prolonged illnesses? F. Brewer, sviperintcn-l The coming o ie adult department, season reminds ... i , T "', M -_°: Kpggcn, of St. Louis, of Jones >f the Christinas us that there's many a shrub nccde;! in the prirk and that the non-dead Gordon to <b soinclhiDg and Mrs. Eula. P.ullpdgc, of Jones- club voted to ds some boro housegiieste of Mrs. Frank I a long time ago Webb, were included in llic 30 holly is beautiful this 'year At tjic Hospitals Mrs. Aiiseiq Child was dismissed from the Blythovllie hospital to- Mus Maggie Marshall is In the Memphis Baptist l\ospital. P J Slglcr, of Hayti, is in the Memplils MetiiodUt hospital. Mrs F. W. Wlliiams Is o patient in the Memphis Baptist hospital Ann Quinn Wilson, of Osccola. fc> in the Memphis Baptist hospital Moved Around Corner In Same BuiWinp; -Next (o Ellih Implemcnl Co. MADDUX Harness Shop bnnquel faculty were guests nt the FOR CHRISTMAS Iff will itnin-ci-ialc. * qiuli'ty gift from our wliiskc,v sllup Whiskeys, Winesy Gins and Cordials CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP .ll.iiii ami Uivisiou Two Ensembles >'tfor aMerry*Christmas :f " , BY CAROL DAY/ r pO remember a friend 'with a •*• really lovely gift, make up 'he smart ensemble shown in Pattern 8089-bolero, hag and calot. In velvet or brightly colored wool, these llireo pieces will transform a simple dress itito something dramatic. For afternoon or with an evening frock they make your costume look very fresli and new. Pattern 8089 is designed in sizes small (34-36), medium (3840). large (42-44). Medium size requires f-8 yard of 54-inch material for the ensemble. To line jacket 1 1-3 yards of 35 or- 39 inch material arc needed, for hat 1-4 yard, for bag 3-8 yard, Hie lines of the twq-picce frock in Pattern ?017 are trim ;isa suit, follow the natural figure and effect a slender waist. Choose contrasting fabrics for skirt and bodice. Pattern 8017 is designed for sizes 12. 14, 16. 18, 20 and 40 .Size 14 requires 2 yards of 35 or :lfl inch material for skirt and 1 iH yards for Jacket blouse. , ]r n>c Ww WINTER PATTERN BOOK is ready for you now. It has 32 pages of attractive designs foe every size and every occasion, Photographs show dresses niada from ihfsf* patterns being \yovn; a feature you will enjoy, r.ot the charmmu (Ifisigns in this, ;ID\V bopk liclu yqu in. your sewing. One pat- (ern and the'new Winter 1'ai- Icrn Book—25 cents. Winter . Book alone—15 cents • F ™,?, no PA TTE|iN send 15c '" CC 2?, (ao CE NTS for both). yn l ' r NAME, ADDRESS, STYLE NUMBER and SIZE to TODAY'S PATTF.RN SERvrCE It STERLING PLACE, BROOK- Address your envelope to Blylhcvniv caiinpr i;c«'s Today's Pattern Bureau, 11 Sterling Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. ROXY Admission Always lOc Si 26e Show every nlglil. Malinecs *>'day, Saturday & Sunday Only. Friday & Sunday Matinees star( *:15 p.m. Saturday Continuous showing from 1 lo 11:30 P.m. isht shows Mart 1:00 i>.n>; Last Time Today TOM KKKNK. in 'Where Trails Divide 1 "(i-ainn" of the Itaiijjp 'l'«m KCCHC nlays a new rule—but lif' s .• (ill t|if sums (lehthiR cowboy' who iives you TIIHH.J.S. Also cartoon &, serial "K;uiio I'a- Irol, 1 ' Continuous sliuivin^ ' Saturday. • I Sunday - Monday 8017 tinc.stions. IE you arc interested about this ancl would like to know, j be certain lo come. j FIRST BAPTIST CIIUltCK \Va(nnt anil Eiglith : Alfred Carpenter, pastnr 0:30 a.m. 'Sunday school The intermediate department or the Sunday School invites all young people of ages 13 to 16 years to attend a special program nt. this time. 10:40 a.m. Morning worship. Mu- eic, "Prom Egypt's Bondage Come," choir. Duct. "One of God's Days" 6y Nelson and Browning. Serinon, "The Other Side of Giving", pastor. 6:3,0 p.m. Training Upipiis 7:30: p.m. Evening preaching service. v/Music . sponsored, by the .young, i people. Sermon. "jEioiiianti'c Youth," pastor. All-Clmrcli Night \Vpdnesday 7:00 Departmcntnl meetings 7:30 p.m. Mid-week service 8:30 p.ill. Choir rehearsal riLGI.MM LUTHERAN CtiUKUH S(xtl( ^i\(l Walnut Streets H. J. Kltiiiiliensi, Suii<)ny school. 0 a.m. Morning worship, 10 a.m. Ser- uiqii thero: "Behold Youv King!" The Lutheran Hour, :30 over KLON nnd W other stations. Evening worship, 7:30 p.m. Sermon topic: "Jesus and the Angels." A hearty welcome awaits all. Driver Grove News Tl\p church was slightly damaged by fire Sunday mpnihig, rallied bv sparks from a defective Hue Igniting'. Hie roof. 'I here will be prcachiUB services a,l the church Saturday night and Sunday. Christ Ambsssador clas will mccL Sunday' night at 0:30 o'clock. Ah eight-pound daughter bcrn Thursday. Nov. 25 to Mr. a Mrs. Bi|l Skclton. She has not yd been iianied. The Rev. ant) Mrs. Louie Sliultz Kttendcd church services in IJly- .tlieviUe Sunday night. HUSBAND FOR SALE... „ ,No Money DOWN ' k But Oh, The . UPkeep! PATRIC KNOWLES BEVERLY ROBERTS Allyn ioslyn • Gocdon Okvei Aho Fcx News »!t Comcil Aii flverage of persons throughout the world attend motion p.ic.turc th.eatcrs in the course of a week. * PRESTONE * AHT^FREEZIi * HEATERS * DEFROSTERS * TIRE CHAINS Complete Slock 1'i'ompt Service To All Makes of Cars TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. 24 Hour Service Call 6;« Evcryfhinjr for your cnlei'- tainmcnl and comfort. Saturday Only sverc the Mrs. J. D. Barksdalc's tree one of, the prettiest we've seen . . . Aljce LenU has a gardenia in bloom, whifli was presented her Thunks- givlng pay. by n guest from Mem-1 phis and bloomed Thursday in! time for the club ... We've heard many a tale of how g<:od the ducks and birds are this year but ive wouldn't know (rom sampling them. Ernest Halscll, \vlio is a hunter of good reputation, was almost: outclassed by hjs son, Mel- viii, wlipm' he took ahuntlns UK other day. Margaret Keel! and Lillian Die-! known to the Tnsmnnians, spears were sbari>cuccl 'hardened by [ire. QUALITY FOODS MEATS GROCERIES We (lay highest prices on poultry al all limes. SAVK MONKY AT GAINES MKT 118 W. Main Vli uhr FOR CHRiSTMAS * Th« Lovelit'sl (!if( of All - - Your Phologt'aiiii SOUTHWORTH Over Joc Isaacs' Store GIRLS! EARN MORE! your income by le;irninrr a well ])iii ( | prnfcssioii . . . you can be ;i licensed I5i';nilk'iiiti i\illt six nuinlhs, lr;iiiiinf( . . . enroll now in (he Modern Heauly School Eagle School of Beauty Culture O[)CU ( Meclioir a|| ;smc Kciiturcmcnts for Jllll 1^1 '' ' and Missouri. Fe ee Caursc lV,,VOmv,j Men anil Ifcirbcrs Write f u ?' riill (iclails lo FISHER GIPSQN 515 Urcwsun Ave. Joncsboro, Ark. BRING YOUR FRIENDS HERE j'or a delightful Sunday Dinner SPECIAL DINNER 75c T-Knnc Slc;\V \Vitb V>Ciu*h. Frys *V Su Half Fry Clikknv Hrl Uclls C'rappic Fish ('nfTcc n^ i^t WITHERS THOMAS BECK LOUISE HENRY The HARTMANS Alsn Cartoon a Comedy tissinii lil l.T-.OO jOy t r. •,•], ussicii after r> p.m. I6c & 11 Sunday - Monday MERCHANT'S LUNCH 50r. Strtycil. Chicken * DinmilU^s fried Chicken ft Cream Gr-<vjs: oUitpc.'s tircpu Beau 1 * — German SlJ'lfc I.cllucc A Tlicusanrt Island Hrcssin? reaches with Whipped Cream Clwin, New <mil Modern— Located just a few minutes drive from your home. SPECIAL llaU I'ry l-'rcah Ojslcrs Kirnch Krys ft Salail Hot Kclls Coffee or Milk 50c Simpson's State Line Tavern Highway fil— A\kaiiins-Mb-,'iini Slate l.iuf Also rni'jintcmit News A 'TOP- I'Vi; THE SAU.OR MEETS \U EA1?,VS KQKTV THtKVKS. A \10 minute feature, in Tcclinii'olur. i iVImiMioii Supday Matinee ami ,i\, ,\!nn. Mul. (Or. ,v ^u'c. Aijinlssicu Moil.

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