The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 17, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 17, 1933
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 1933 BLYTHRVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Mose Keisch Doesn't Understand Game But Can Sure Kick Pigskin. By NKA Service PITTSBURGH.—A reformed bar- Wilder who never went to college, and who never wore 'a football uniform until two months ago, Is kicking the Pittsburgh Pirates' professional team to a lot of victories In Hie National Pro League. • • He is Mose Keisch, who is; to the Pirates what Cadet Broshous was to Army last year—a ''kicking specialist who never carrfes'the ball but sits on the tench' iintira' point alter touchdown or a fieWgoal is needed. '• •' Mose ran a litlle saloon iear the Pitt campus here—until Jap Do»'d, Pirate playing coach, dropped In one' day. Jap started telling Mcse what a good kicker he was. Mose, who had Been practicing with a, 'bunch of boys in a'back lot, challenged Jap to a kicking contest. Before MosVfinished with Jap, the former W. & J. star owed the bartender $21 In bets. • * * Jap did e. figuring. "Why not travel" along with the Pirates this fall?" he asked Mose. "Maybe »-e .can- use you to kick goals in some of. the games.' Bartending being very dull in .the face of • impending prohibition- repeal, Keisch tossed aside his apron and bar rag and joined the Pitts- burghers..' Since accepting Dowd's offer, Mose has turned in the following performances: Beat the Chicago Cardinals with a placement kick in the last quarter; won from the Boston Braves with a similar effoTt; booted a placement in the last five minutes, to beat Cincinnati; and-drove a perfect placement over the bar from the 30-yard line to earn the Pirates a lie with Brooklyn. He never has carried a ball. Mose is o'-d—39—and his bones are at the breaking ; point.' His head is bald, and "he never- had a bit of coaching. •- '- " '. But Keisch' can kick: TEST YOUR FOOTBALL KNOWLEDGE! | : GAME 'Ala.-Georila Tech Aubum-Gfurfia . Brown-Harvard ' N. Y. V.-q«tt<T* I)«ke-N. Carolina ' S'orthwslr.-N. Dame Wis.-Ohk> ' State. Kan. Slate-Okla •• Oreeon-S. Calif. ' S. " l*itt-Kebraska ' • • -' ' -'Navy-Prlncetonr'' • ' ..t V negla.«Jr»r««fn Syracuse- CffJf ale : 1 Trmple-W. and .J. Tfxas-Tfx. Christian,-? : V, C. L. A.-iVish. Iowa-Purdue S. M. y.-Centenary Chicago-Illinois' 5 COJlunuia-Lalayilte r '•' • :• : . '• i : ' e Uanmounvt'orneu : (i Kansas-Iova.: St.ite BRAVCBER TICKS Alabama GrerfU ' Harvard New York D. Duke Notre Dame Ohio Bute Kinsas State Oregon Fprdham ! Pitt -!• '«' 'Princeton • J i ' i • -i -Carnetle .-• Syracuse Trmple Tejtas Christian Kentucky . :v. c. L A. Purdue 'S. >f. V. Illinois 1 '( . 1 J ' ' "Coln'rilbla . . rj.,' i ' Dartmtmth ' '• Kansas • • SPORTS EDITOR 1 COVBIER NEWS YOU PICK SCOHK I PICKS Alabama .' Georgia .' ' . Harvard ' . New York V 1 . ' Duke 1 ' jiotre Dame Wisconsin '' • : K,iiuas State ; S. Call/ornli Orfjon Stale Nebraska' 1 Princeton Carnec le Collate Temple Texas Tulane D. C. L. A Purdue 'Centenary Illinois Columbia i • Dartmouth Kansas PAGE THERE; PI6GLY WIGGLY wt DO out SPECIAL PRICES for FRIDAY KROGER STORE and SATURDAY Rftnf Dniot K - c - Beef Shoutder lb - 15c ' Thick Rib DCBI nUdol lb. 12& Brisket lb.75c Cheese Fresh Cream !b. laltMeat The Best Pound Chicks, Hit By Injuries, Bill Braucher The Blyttievllle"Chlci(8Saws': will •face the- ForrestVCity. Thorpbreds this .ahernoon at ; forrest City, handicapped more :by injuries than at "any timeHftis-rse'ason. '• I ; Byron Morse, is ouv.wuh a broken leg, . sustained in , scrimmage \Yednesday and "Mosiey, another regular back, will not be able to play . because _ .of. a back ailment. Morse is out for the season. Char- He Brogdon, half back, is also out Ith a back injury. Loss of these hree i men means that the Chicks ill he forced to • enter the g^atne against-,, their heavily favored op- ;nm with a ' backfield, riddlpd y substitutions.--'' ' : . '' '• the strong Forrest City team slat-' •:d to 1 - push:- over a victory. ' Forrest Cfity was beaten by Jdnesboro* by one touchdown last wcek. ^Tl}6. Jonpsboro gridders dc- le'ated iBlytheville by a three touchdown margin the week be- Jore. The defeat at Jonesboro was the : first setback for the Forrest City eleven, since early in 1931. A It-America Chatter The names o[ many are being shuffled for the All-America team of, 1933 . . . each Saturday adds a new one to the list . . .or takes one away .' . . a . bad game> can spoil a- young man's chances . and there are so miny chances for wrong play, compared to the opportunities_ for,.spectacular stardom, that the 'fellow who survives the weekly eliminations can figure that he's lucky as well as good. Some have pretty definitely established their superiority . . Everhardus of Michigan has,seemed to this observer to be a standout halfback . . . one of. the hardest hitters in the Big 'Ten .- . . . generates a lot of momentum on his plunges and slices . . . Something like' that can be said also for Purdue's Purvis. Center and Guard Bernard, one of Everhardus teammates, is getting a lot of praise for his fine work at center. a_spol where a little gap can do'an a^tiY lot of damage to the best-laid backfield plans. . . . Still discussing the Big Ten, Illinois and Purdue have demonstrated the toughest de• lenses in the conference . . much ^?-f the Illinois line strength is due to Chuck Bennis ... a standou' - guard against three of the bes teams in the country . . . Army Michigan, and Northwestern . Harry Kipke handed chuck a lo for mussing up Michigan plays . . not since the days of Big Jim McMillen has Zuppke had a guan who fitted into Zuppke's scheme o offense so well as Bennis. Johnson of Army seems to be chief of the signal callers ( . . his smart Napoteoning changed the 'bi question mark that Army was I September to an exclamation poin in November. . . . The deeds o Kopraak. end on the same team have been notable. The Best Is the Cheapest GOAL S UPREME* Super-Heat JQj That Ner,' Wonder Cool Site tamp ^^»50 Per Ton j CaStl HHJ Ton - - $4.4* Superior Coal & Mining Co. Ctu'w. W«lnnl """ , H'.L-O.C. Mis Kahsans KANSAS CITY, Mo. IITP)— The- Home' Tjoa'n Owners '' Corporation already .has brought relief to 534 urban mprtgages in Missouri and 2',OJ8 in'.'Kansas. The Missouri to- tals'approximate $1,342,021; those in 1 Kansas, $3,877,225! Hungry Dox» Were Heirs PORTLAND, Ore. tUP)—Hungry dogs of Portland got a break here recently when Circuit Judge Taz- wel! ruled valid jxirllons of n will bequeathing S19.000 to care for strays. A home for dogs is to be bulk with the mon?y, according to the will. Paving and Sewer TAXES For 1933 arc- now due and payable G. G. CAUDILL Collector Offire 106 N. Broadway Next to New Postolllce Pork Loins lacon Sliced Pound Pure Lard Swifts Pound Picnic, Half or Whole, pound APPLES Ueli r Lbfc 23 C Steaks K. C. Beef Pound Shoulders Fresh Pork, Ib. (n the Piece Pound Weiners Bologna, Franks, Ib. i Fresh Pound Turkeys, Ducks, Geese, Hens, Oysters and Hot Tamales JciI Triumph Drink artj} Ace" .PuiSk^tt.-hppe.l' to"''spring 'an upset aUnoiiig^'"theirs/charges will nter the.gafrie.-as-.underdogs witfj For Meii I BUDWEISER the Fenway • Authentically tie W word in euitom pattern —tti» new, >mart wing tip I :' \ 5 HAYNES MEN'S SHOP Time Lost is Money Lost It coat* money to be sick. You see it di- : , rectly if your pay envelope is short. You •lose out on some important work if y ^ live on a farm or if you are : one of the few' who are not docked for lost time. You' - CMVt afford to-show up on the job unless '. ; yp'u.'are feeling fit The boss wants re*"»uh«—not excuses. Jfoto many times do Gas on SfomncJi, Headache, Sour Slomach, "That Tired Feeling," 'That "Morning Ajter". Feeling, Neuralgic, Rheumatic, ScinJic, Muscular or Periodic Paint keep you at home or interfere with your doing n full day's icorfc? All these troubles are caused or made worse by too much acid in your body. To correct this condition take ALKA-SELTZER The Weui Pain Relieuinri, Alkalizing, Effervescent Tablet. 1 It is called Alka-Sdlzer because it makes a sparkling alkaline drink, and as it contains an analgesic (Acetyl-Salicylate) it first relieves the pain of everyday ailments and then by rcstori:-.? the alkaline balance corrects the cause u-hen due lo excess ;\cid Alka-Seltzer is pleasant to take, harmless, non-laxative." Why don't you try it?. Get a drink at your drug store sotla fountain for a nickel. Buy a package for home use. 1HEUK1ES Fresh sh 1<JK; LI). \.U'l CMNGES callf - SW MILK c. c. JC. Gc; Smull 3 l PORK & BEANS S; nc 5 c LETTUCE Head .ONIONS Ked Globe OCC 10 Lbs. La COCOANUTS *a 5 l CORN' p ' c ' Col ""' y Gllemart. No. 2 Cn PURE LARD 8-I-b. Bkt 79c 8-IJ). Crtn 7~c VINEGAR 32-o/.. Kottle Finch APPLES *°™ *r&: BANANAS Nice - "ft. GRAPES Tokays OtC: | 3 Lbs. iJ PUMPKIN c. c. No. 2 1/ 2 Can SOUP Vegetable No. 2'/ 2 Can. DRAM FLA KES c. c. IAC llllxill 15-oz. Carton IV SO cents Small Package 30 cents Street Property SACRIFICED For Quick Sale Good Brick Building. ;)0 x 9ft Feet Also 2 Lot? at End of East Main St. Pavement Reason for selling, owner non-resident. If Interested Call At THOMAS LAND CO. BIytheville, Arkansas BREAD Sliced or Regular 22-ox. Loaf - - lOc n-w. Whole W 10c 11-07.. Kiiijin - 10c 17-oz. Rye - - - 10s : ' Counlry Club Pancake K/> Jt Grapefruit large 3Elljc Country Club ; Best Creamer) Crackers Country Club 1-Pound Box t- Jar 19c Sour or pili Qt Jar EXTRACT ^^.10° SPAGHETTI Lo05 ,° b .¥ c ilNCEMEAT 1() S.10 c VIENNA SA ^ E can 5 C €C'C-KlES Gin " rS T hs .10 t; MATCHES Fi rn* ws 10 c ftArrc c. c. ice V>/\ltJ 55-oz. Carton U 55-oz. Carton VoRue Toilet Bar 5 l I)ert>y.. Can 10 C OTIVtC Stuffed. C. C. 1AL OLIVEO No. 4 Uottle 1U FIG BARS C. C. Lb. lft l SALT 1R '•"• C 1Z 5 C SODA A. & H. Ir0z. Package ,• Dried Beansj •Navy, Piht.o .and • . Great'Northern- '•; Lb.5e CORN FLAK ^- klff COFFEE French LoJl° OAlO 20-Oz! Crtn. 5 SOAP Camay- Bar y MUSTARD F "" h L10 c Country Club, Ib. Jewel 3-lb. Package C. C. 14 oz. bottle, eacn Guaranteed Best Cream 24-lb. Sack Country Club I,go. 2/j Can Each P & G Large 7 Bars Pure. 50-Lb Can 53.99 Humko. 45-lb can Tall can,each

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