The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1935 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1935
Page 7
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THURSDAY, AWUL J, 1935 FOR E, (AUK.)' UOUK1EK NEWS PACE SEVEN. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per line for consecutive Insertions: (Five average words lo a line) One lime per line !0c fwo times per lino per day .. 08o Three times per Itnc per day .. Mo Six times per lino per day .. 05o Month rate per linn 50o .Minimum charge 50o Ads ordered ior three or si* times and stopped before expiration will be charged lor the number oMimes.the ad appeared and adjustment of bill made, All Classified Actw Using copj submitted by pcrso:is icsidlng out side of the city must be iccom pnnJcd by cash. Kates ma> i easily computed from above Vablo No TCipo MDIltly i\ill bfr tsken ior more than one incorrect in sertion or any classified ad. Advertising ordered for Irregular Insertions take the one time rate. Business Directory | Filling Stations Cash Feed Store Field Scud - Garden Seed Flour and Meal j'urimi Feed Highest (Jiish I'riccs Paid For 1'oiiHry and Kggs 112 15. Uliiin - - Phone 154 Ham Cured Alfalfa Hay High Griitte Soy Bean Illy We have various kimls of • Planting Seed Plant •-lone staple cotton— TAX KEMEMBlill We : sell alt kinds 'of Building 1: Materials US 111 TIJIP. We have all kinds of Screen Wire, Screen Paint and Doors. Our 'competent men \vlll ; install these for you. USED CAR BARGAINS l'J31 C1IKVKOI.KT MASTER COACH ...... 1331 CHEVROLET MASTER COUI'E ...... 1033 CHEVROLET MASTEK COACH ...... 1333 CHEVROLET MASTEK COACH ...... 1933 FORD TUDOR 1330 1'ONTIAC SE1/AN ©1 'j C 1D2S) UK SOTO SEDAN .(E' 1933 FOHO V-8 TODOR Ig^Q^ 1830 UOUGK SliDAN 1930'FOKU COUPE $160 1U31 CHKVROLKT l! TON TKUC'K ...... ' l! ' - io3i Foiti) ;V-» i!i TON TRUCK .... ..... ... 1933 CHEVROLET '/• . TON ' riCijlJl'. r . . - 1S2!» FORD ->i TON TANElT 1'EUCK ... 1U3S JNTEKMATIONAL ii TON' PICK-UP ... 1933 NAUO11S Lar C o Body; Dual. •S Whcct'i ---- .. ....... w 50 Olhcr- ttSi! Cirs. lo Sckcl I r roiu For Bcller Used Car llargaiiis Sec SHOUSE^UTTLE CHEVIM)LET CO. SOI W. Walnut Blylheyille Automotive JESSE WEBB Lumber Co. I'HONE 2T5 W. aiaiii at Cuttoi: Hell It. It. Safeguard your home with I.ox-In Wiuilow Cimiiis riionc 100 for Estimate E. C. Robinson Lbi'. Co. V/ELD1NG & MACHINE WORK Blythcviile Machine Wks. 2ND & ASH—PHONE 808 HOUSE PAINT, VARNISH, ENAMEL, SCREEN WIRE. HIGH EST QUALITY—BEST PRICES. Oberst Slore Co. Cobb Undertaking Co., Inc '. ; : SERVICE & QUALITY AMBULAJMOE rhoue. 26 FOB BEAUTIFUL, FLOORS RENT OUR FLOOR -SANDER ARKMO LUMBER CO. MAKE VOOR HOME MORE ATTRACTIVE & MOKE COMFORTABLE With Otis Awnings i Made-to-ordcr Made-to-Ordcr. Our I'riccs Best Carney Awning Co. Springliinc fs Iliu Time to. Remodel and Improve Your Farm Property TALK WITH US ABOUT FENCING - ROOFING WATER SYSTEMS PLUMBING - PAINT HUBBARD HDW. CO. STOP AT HARRY. BAILEY'S vho is now .IramUIng MAKATHON "AS A OILS, having •chanted rojn Texaco • as he fvcls in ihe .lanittion that, ho can give the public- more lor llieir money. "Jtet n the Lous Run." Olhcr needs for the car, CIGARETTES, low tax FRESH CRAPP1E & other aood foods nl our restaurant. OPEN DAY &, NIGHT Oldest station at Missouri line lor bale 1AY ,Si Phone 67 UfCASONAHl.K. yi 1 . old ROStt WISHES, nuiin varieties ode. TOMATO. a WHET & HOT PEPPER plants. HBATON HOME OF FLOWERS iood ALPALI-'A hay from 512 tu $20 ton. Stonevillo Cotton Seed. O. I!. Gamer. Aruiorel, Ar}.-. 21-p-k-l-2l i YOUNCi MULES CHEAP. Delia Implements, Inc. Call 802. Next 0 Armory. 5-ck-tf Feeds, Seeds FOR. SALE—Com and Hay: Sc J. W. Barter, Blylhcville, Ark llc-k-1-11 Niht Clubs Silver Moon Niyhl Club 2!1 miles nurlii stnlc lino Hiuliwuy til Dancing Each Niglu Excellent music Dunces Perfectly Conducted 50c Couple «A51K Ol- C '1'lils time luive inuvoi to ll{j S. MIANKMN KT., near Ulj'ltu'villi: >li»|)il;il, win™ you niil K<: i tl 30 day Ironlmenl u r i>l.;i,i,AUHA mcdiclno for ?r>. Compile Ircat- im'W, $35. I'hcme 201. II. C. Campbell CRESCENT NIGHT CLUI) 'J'lic Imrdwood lloor :a (lie Crescent NIslU Cldtj lias JUKI !;ccn ivfltil.sliccl and more room h:-, s been provided for our dunce!*. COME OUT TONIGHT And IJiiiH-c to (do Music " f ' JOE LK1IMEK And His Missouri C'ottun Pickers DANCING "SvKIU' NIGHT A 1.1, FOR sou couru-: S mill's norlh Ark-Mn lino OH lllghiuiy (jl ut, llollitiid Eggs, Poultry HIGHEST MARKET PWCU8 paid for nil kinds, of poultry ut Mil-? linn's am. RICE i' Personal worn completely lurnlslicrt nparl incut, gafiigc. 120 Dotienn. Phono 785-J. H-ck-K M'UMACII UI.CEH. liAM PAINS JNIJIOU'STION victims, why Mif- fa'. 1 1'or (jiilck idler pet ;i frcu .sample «t Uilsa, a doctor's prc- ecrlplloii, ut Klrljy Bios. Drug Company. J. U. HOKf . . HOXY I1ARBI-R SHOP HARMON HOLT, Munui-or . NKWLY DKCOItATUO '"«' »« Hall- Oil 35c My Ciul Is Mack Hut I Trent You WliKe,' I-'IU Uji Now- JOHN UUCHANAN - I'JIONE SO) DICK'S CAJ'li Across .street from KK.IX — The Homo of CiOOD EATS, Baby Clucks FOR SALE Stonevillo coltcn seed it nice Bright Soy Btnn Hay. C. P. Tucker, 3 1-2 miles southeast, of | Blythcviile. 1- Iliglicst CASH prices paid for POULTRY ,t EGGS Lowest CASH prices on highest quality Feed, Seed & Coal. FAItSlliRS £ASH FEED & KEEII CO. PHONE 127 Wauled To Buy COTTON SEED, CORN AND~ COTl'ON. GOOD PLANTING COTTON SEED FOR SALE. Sec Us for Best Prices Harold Sternbcru .it HTEHNBEBC We pay highest cnsli price for nil kinds of poultry. End of pavement, 315 E. Main. B. T. WORTHY BABY CHICKS" ALl, VAH1BTIES Untchlni; Done for the Public A1ARII.YN llATCIlliRV Hlythevlllc, Ark. Hntcliery Code No. 80 i'ur Kent C O O L KKI1KOOM. rcasonioiie rent. Close In. 100 li. Ash at. 3c kit I-UONT riHDROOM in modern home, 1'lioin! U31 or 2-1. e kit Posilioti Wantcfl RELIABLE MAN WANTS JoTT. Can furnish best of references. Experienced in oil business, but- tling business and storr, good bookkeeper. Will do any kind of Imii- urablu work, for llvlni; ware. Call jlilUil'l' liotisckccplni; inoins. fur| nlslicd or unfurnished. llciirooniE with or without incnLs. Mrs Charles Uriglil, 710 w. Ash. i lilo ktf UNl'UHNISHliD 4 room uiiiirl- nicnl. Call 327- Might 55. 2(i-ctl Offices iu the timnd Lratler Building. THOMAS LAND (JO. room FUliNlCIllSl) Ai'AltT- .MUN'l', ;7W \V. Wnlimt-. 16c-k-tf : N|i:ely furnished cool HEIJHOOM, Ls.'If desired. Cull Gin. 1-c-kO WONT UKPKOOM, l>lioilc 2M-M. -103 N. Vroadwiiy. . aj-ck-ll I- ngiclaii'c Service ONlit riKM HAVING 2 PAC- TORY TUA1NKD MEN SEBVIC- 1NO EIjECTBIO ItKTOfGEn- ATOIiS E. B. Gee Sales Co. WIQNB 0V 'artly furnished APABTMENT with tioott healing eyslcm. I'hono 97 or 571. 10-o-tt Coal & Wood Why Buy Coat From Us? 1—30 years In business. li-Qunllly of coal liuwllcil. ' 3—Prompt service. •I—Courteous ircntmciil, 6—You yet nil you pay lor. "Quality Group" distributed l)y Gay & Billings Phone 70 I'OR MOVINCS « TUANSFEI! Phone 107 John Buchanan Radios USED RADIOS I''Olt SALE RADIO SERVICE Wo rujjair your radio rcitMuiubly CAVITf RADIO CO GIt'licou J!!d|f.—Pliono 231 i'lio book, printed in 155! i )y one Jolui Wolfe, at, ijondon. England, k In splendid IS believed tu, he . Hie' oldest Bible In Canaiia. Athletes Failed in Army Test for Air Service 1NTKU-CITV TRUCKING CO. Call a«l for quick pickup and delivery service on freight. SIRS. M'ENIHilX I'HILI.H'S. Act. Kcjjairing I'arm lools Servicing We rcpnlr nil kinds of 1-VMtM TOOLS, 'i'liAOTOUS & TitUCKH. Delia iinplciMCiils, Inc. I'liono UK! — Nest lo Armory LOH ANOELKS (UP I —lilthrr Iliu Army Air Coriis lest is wrong, or else tdotlmll. leiinls inul baskclljall jitnycis liavi) no Ijc-ltcr perception or dlsliinco limn live-nine persons, This conclusion \vas drawn today from the results uf CXIH>I|- inciilt, In which -150 University of Soullimi Ciillfornlii .'indents |i.-ir- ticlpiited. They took the Ilowiml-Dolinun, In which the subject endeavors to align ttt'ii pcus iigalnsl i white liiirki;r<Hiiid. By iiulllni! >l lings, the iippllcniu must ultcn Ihe peas lo within -J5 mitlinelcis of each other to obtain a pilot's license. The KO students' uverugG was a;t.o»5 iiilliinctcrs. Still .stranijcr. tennis, haskctball anil foiiibnll pluycrs wlio should be (•spelt in tsiuujlni; distance niiirtc 1 no teller ihiui nvcrugi .scores. 'J'he best result ever obtained by Ur. liranl Clark and Dr. Knll Wur- ITII with the experiment WHS with n champion rope climber, Hamlail liryden. ; .,; Ancinil llllili- K MEAFOH1J, Out, (UP ).- E. IS. Knight has plural his :M4-ycar- old finnily Bible on display here, Couple Sought for Ohio / Maple Festival Wedding CIIADUON, 6. lUI>)— A herioii',- niliiilcrt young couple wlllliig to lend themselves to n "solemn occasion 1 ' ralher limn to a "baliyhpn wedding" are sought by Ihe Oe- auRr, Maple Hisltval Ooklen Wcd- (Ilivj rouin'lUn! licre. 'J i: wp^illirj will he :i feature of Hie u.HUM! festival's oixsntng day, April >.», when more limn 100; coil- pies (•.•iKtirallii'r Hielr solclen wed- illnij at that tiiiio will be entertained. "The ceremony will be In the uhadron lUctltodlsl Church. To Iho acctiptccl pair will go n nice wedding, a wedding dinner for 12 per- 1 'ions, $10 in cash and a public- shower," said Mrs. II. C. Parsons/ :ommltlee chalrmiin, Apiri Stcv<?H$i American States aaoptad by Confess. rnen x\iho aiigjce patriotic spearne to imprggs voters Special prices on Aiuo Accctsoiics. Tires, Tubes, Guaranteed Butteries, Cylinder Heads, Floor Mats,. Tools, Paint. WE PAY. BEST PRICES FOR SCRAP IRON & METAL Wolf Aria,), 128 E.'Main ~~ ~G Alt A G E Garland M. Morgan Any Make tit Auto Kcrairinj; For Reasonable Prices Phone 41!0 Yarbro road near Morgan Uti FOR i).\lTER-Y SERVICE Bcu Clunc 201 W, As}i Phone 8. "Garage Man" Wc-liuvc a complete slock of Tools, Special Wrenches, elc. When yon get a ch.incc Como around ai'd loot them over. Hubbard Tire & Battery Company AUTO GLASS na-nio LUAIRGK co. PHONE 40 Cleaners, Tailors You arc Invited tc- visit our clcair'ig plant. You -,</.H be in- tcrestcxt In our inodorn methods. NU WA CLEANERS, Phone ISO SI'ftlXG cr.EtVN' UP Suits Cleaned & Pressed 50c Hals Blocked SOc Dresses 76c HUDSON TAII.Olt SHOP Telephone. BS Remodel Your Home With a Ecnuinc KUBBEROU) HOOF 5% Interest, 3 Years to Pay East Arkansas Builders Supply Co. Phone 23 Shoe 'Repairing THUS"BLUE SHOE SHOP ACROSS FROM KRESS Reduced prices for short time. Quality Shoe Shop We offer Better Shoe Repairing because we have the Finest and Best Kfiuippcil Shop. Just installed nc\v McKay Stitcher to sew on half or whole .soles of any Ladies Shoes. New Spray Machine dyes shoes any color, shoe laces, polish and cream. Our prices' are Lowest. New Harness Machine, sews any kind of harness, brief cases, handbags, etc. Equipped lo do any kind of Harness Repairing. Nice selection of high grade shoes cheap. O. L. Green, rural representative, will call on you. FRKE DEMVEKV— CAM, 120 WE CAN MAKR THOSE SHOES GOOD ENOUGH FOR THE REST OP THE BAD WEATHER. Progressive Shoe Shop 103 S. and Street RelYigcnUors ATTENTION—It's Here! Koc the I9:)5 Croslcy Shclvador Electric Krfrigcrator. .Holds more fcod lor its size than ordinary electric re- frigcrator.s. S70.50 up, easy payments. Now 1!)35 Croslcy Cold Brink Box for bottled drinks. Extra larsc, $33.50, easy payments, Parkhurst Co. 107-D E. .Main p|,onc 57 KoaS Estate I'OU SALE—I aero, nice binuialow and store blinding on part of lot, on gravel street., suburbs of niythcvllle. $l,50fl. Property will rent at $25.00 month. Thomas Land Company Jack Finley Robinson Sells Wcsliiigliousc Refrigerators Farm Light Plants j 5 Year Guarantee—3 Years to Pay -" I Call 350 Painting FOR FIRST CLASS PAINTING OALL TONY CLEMENTS AT 761-W, JU'X.'.AINS HIS'CROWN! " I HEY, QUEEW -WHAT5 ) [HAPPENED TO .. . . , -^[DUNMO- .WHE12E JHy-H'LO,6UZ.'/NOT OM YEC A/E THbUGI-fr /LIFE-' I JDS' 'MEY'D OOTd-IA WEKir BACli DOWN)/ _J, ArJ'GOT NEC CROVVW? I THOUGHT OL BOOTS ANP~HKH THli liOSS IS CUUIOIIS! .VWE. GtVit'RKVWM'i Of OK1W m h UOMCV\' S. ~\O OOETi'. WWKT'ft Trtt ftM^WtR'R WBOOT WtV\. ,1 MUST . WOO OOllOie 1935 B/ NEA StRVIcI. I.'JC. t. M. REG. U.*S. PAT. Off WASH TUBBS / i -,' oJ— 1 _ r ^^^'*^~V-^^>.^- J _-^^^^»\ -T_ f) '}'~~.'^, 10ASY SAVKS 'I'llIO |)AY! S^^r^ir^^H^ S^SSS^SpLJp < A SIMPLE MATTER TO KEEP ' BOAT FROM SINKING . F"ASV FINDS (THE DRAIN PLUS THAT WASH PULCED •,Di'vE:<; bOY^M.AKJD REPLACES IT XfPMEKl HE PUTG y/ASI-i TO WOP^.BAtLtM&N 'I^§S^®§T BUT i I U WATB?.X^ r~^ s^-~~'~^ i&^jZ^ziifsll runn^i. • /•|piar,MVEYE T . ^y VPS, >'-• es?7 t^'-v^^f -7 I GOT RIDDATHOSE) AMD YOU;',' .^( b^^T^VT" I /-O/-M-* I y<" t-vlxIT I -P /r\A r*. I l ,r- vr». ' ;<*" J*'^' ^^-^^-^ I 1 By Crane ( CROOK'S/ DINT i ? ,/DARW NEA? ,V .; * jS \ f-tr^-f r>ir^/~iF FROM MOW OM , VOU DEMENTE D DO THE i BEFORE THEY'RE-' : PICKED UP BV FISHETRMEK • j (^IfXft'^ SO THAT'S IT? , IT'D BE A SV/ELL SHOT TO " / LOOKAT.HUU?...APICTL r i-e LIKS Posrr^TO ') *LS±l?i DOIMG OUT < PILMIMG ±^M«-~T : . THAT VWULD Hft/E MACS A MS FOS ITS OV/NERS.' GET THE IDEA ' t 'lM THE RESDS, J f^ 5 BUTTER MISTER! LETS ) ^ PAY W- MtKCKLKS AND HI.S rillKNDH " "\

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