The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 17, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 17, 1933
Page 2
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,!' •] ;.. ;:". ( '',j ,->\ ••]',' '><}'{' j .-;.'.'[']' PRIDAV, KOVfeMBER 17, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SUNDAY 8WX)L LESSON Paul In thena ^Jo, '' amusement n( bronzo .anil gold endar •• • fll -h_j. r 'party'KSterday when'she ] ._; EVENTS PromisccV Land;home demonstration club hostess to county council V ot ^'Woman's. club '• (OP v luncheon meeting. "' Mrs. ].• Neal Gcscl! entertaining t'.-' for. 'Mrs. 'Spvrgeon Patterson, 1:30 ' fn -h,br'parly' ^esterday entertained members, of the, Mid- Week Bridge.c'lib, her Mrs, John 'Dlx of 'Cleveland, O., •Mines..]!. H. Houchin$, ; . Harry Kirby and A, U. Palrileld for ' 'unclieon and a bridge gaine. . Luncheon Mrre Is T.J AltcwM ,br Sfcny VWt»ni.;-. .- -•, ' •'<' A county wide bridge luncheon '''given by- the executive board of >-, the"Misslsslppi County PederWton J'Vof Wfkncn's'.clul^ Thursday. aUthe jf .Wpppan'i i club,.«>r .tha -bcnoflv'of •/ 'the educational fund was atlend- ! c ''edv-hy Mi.ladie*' from .-all parts of , ; - : the county. *>' A back ground, ol autumn leaves ",'. tmdvprancheB of red berries form'• ': ed a; 'setting for the bouquets- ol "-.;• chrysanthemums which decorate* IV the ball room. Hand painted lal- < *.lies,'.deslgaed..ln_;..lie£ping . -with U' .autumn flowers, added color to the 'C' tables arranged; 'for &. two. course ; ' ;V. ; Imthe bddg? games these wot , ! !j -prizes Tor .high;, Ecoie, each. t.flb! ".'receiving an award: Mmes. Hal '.?- Jackson.-, of .Osceola, Roland '.Oresi i> : of Blytheville, D.. Fred. Taylor jr 'Vof Osceijlsf. John-. G.-' Barnes o I;'.'- Leaclivtlle^ E. Hale 'of Osceola, The Howl decorations hrysanthemums In, Ihcsc i wo hades snd gold tapers In silver olders were in the dining room r he , Thanksgiving shades . were also" rioted Irt 'the tv.'b' course llClllt; pot ind a' pafck- and Mrs..,plx .was .presented gloves'."' ' '"' ' '' : Mrs. Boruni His Club. Members of the Thursday Cbfi- tracl club; and- Mrs. 'FJoyd,vWh|le v,c-ie 6ue*il*> of Mrs.- Edgar T ' " this .week, ...... ..,,,, '•In 'the 'bridge "eiiincs Mrs.' J., F hoir.c, Is being complimented number of interesting 1 aftalrs. Among these was a brljije party given by Mrs. Matt Uonaghan jr., labl evening for 16 guests. Yellow and white ; chrysanthemum* decorated the house and" the tallies had the same flower for -their design. . In the cnrd games Mrs. Sllcbnon won the first prize and MLss Hazel ilardln ^ccond honors. Bolli received cards, . Mrs. Pattcr- 011 was presented. a handkerch The hostess served 'a 'date cake opped with whipped , cream «nd once. * lank Directors... Kmployrs DJiir. won the prl/.c, E cookie jpr The hostess tpyei) «' s»la<t plate vllli • coiiee t,o.-liic;ciglit players; .' •" •'•-.,'.?.' O.irl Scouts Ileor'sanltc. - ;. Patrol One (•:' the Lange schoo •OMrl. ; 'Scouts; wWkoy'ce' ' Alexander as leader, has been re Alexander as leader, has. 'been re Organized. Tli£ name Is -'.to be ',;','• Leachvlll^ E. Hale 'of Osceola, .J the'rfilue ' Eae:» rntrol'". • Beiil.a U^B.-*lckliBg of^sccola^JUn Cralnj Ma ',j . Roush ^s ^reporter,-" . Othc •F, of iVflsbn?' E. E^^J-d^of Leach- rjjVnheis'grc: Paulllic -Roush, Jp» ' Directors ami. .employes . pf and Bank arid Trust company ihelr wives were guests ol »'llh *rly jr.. How eco- liad ign. Joyd and nors. ttcr- htpf t caW «nd / the ipany Oscebla* Society — Pers<Mial Mtss Ruth Lynri Drake, who Is soon to become the bride of Mr. W. E. Dunlap, has been complimented with several delightful su- elKl ftffRirE'ihiJS'week: Entertaining for her Tuesday evening .Mrs. S. ^. GladUh served a delicious buffet supper at her country" home near hbrc to forty- tw'ri guests, the number Including from out of town, Miss Dorothy Goodrich of Blythevllle, Mre. J. A high score prize going to Mrs. C D. Driver. Caruthersville Society — Personal EniMtunciil Announced Tho cngngcmcnt and approach Ing marriage 'of Miss Mary Fran ces Sawyer, daughter of Mr. an Mrs. John Sawyer of this city, an Mr. Jack Hopkc. Caruthersvil high school athletic coach an director, wns announced Wedne day evening at n dinner ai »•• i i, mu 11 ..... " — --....v. -..» Mrs. John • Thweatt, bridge given by Mrs. John Saw- Ing for a cllnner Hotel Noble. There were 27 guest U,i was. loa Informal affair. color l scheme of pink and ln decoration sllm . Bits of Netcs Mostly Personal pink i candle sticks-on' the, supper table . I where an appropriate centerpiece was arranged with u. • miniature bride and. groom pose t). on a mirror placque. ' " ;';\. In 11 diverting - congest yer 'on East Ninth street. Eighteen eucsls were present. The (uble was centered with n whfch , followed serving of the supiwr, T«t: The InUmatloml Uniform B»a*»y Kciool Ufson for Nov. U B\: WM. E. OILROV, D. T D; Editor of Th« Coefnt*Umt\\tt The scene at Athens, wheri Paul pi-e'ached on Jl^ars Bill, l£,Bot quite so j 'dramatlc as that In' the Jail at PUllippI, but it is striking enough to challenge the world's Interest aiii) admiration, and. sufficiently different to emphasize the vMety..Witi coinprehensivenffs of the appeal of the gospel and the misai.on. hi,.,which Paul engaged. In PhilipplJto'.Chrlstlan church, in Europe had had its beginnings in the conversion of lowly men Here Christianity was brought face to face with 'the culture and >ti>« i philosophy of the time. | The glory' of' ' ancient AtBehs hardly cnn be overestimated and although the 1 'city at tills time pos sibly had lost something of wha it had bceiV'hvlhe golden'a^e'o Greece, It still was a glorious citj —a center "of culture and refihe two-tier wedding cake, topped with ~ a ;CEnH;r ,<« cullure ano m ™ a bride and groom. Miniature!™^- Possibly_ .It ,»;as a culture golden slippers, with card tallie 1 ; i nn( ' refinement that had 'some uuiu.i'ii mi nut; io ( wiiii «-tii\i K»I*»V.J .. ' . . JJLI i atached on which was written the »*>l go«c• tc,™M and that a, 1 announcement, were placed around the cake. Following the dinner, four tables of guests played a number Mrs. D. F. ; .Taylor -Jr., -drew tlic , o[ progressions of bridge, with wedding ring indicating marriage. ! j,j rs . Robert Mehrle receiving a ' ' . -, ,' \V. EJHunt. of Osccola, L. C. k; WB5lwn vlvlnil vickers. M«r r .tlachUle. G --B.-:'-'.-"--" 4 Byerley of.L?achyille, O. H,.C , , '\ of Blylh'evlile,' £. M. Howard \ -' ; t Leachvll'e, C.- L. Bird, of Wilson, '<• '?- Mac Q.ibbons 'of I^»bfivUle, : R, E. '' 'y Lee Wilson "Jr., of Wilson; F. A. 1 £'Alexander,of.JLenchville, Ben : Bul•l f*"ler of Osceqlar"Marvin chappellc '•] : »•••' of Blytlieville, .B,S,, §lmmons, of, '; i« Dcll/'aiicV f.'V."Conner of teach-' •I ft. ville. _, ., . r .,;. . .....'; • : ; f . •:'j \y~ Mrs. Howard Proctor, JJlythc- , ; -J^ -villc,' wort ..the .bisli .ssorc. Jc.'.thc J L'.rook'games-, .The low score prize ".' <•'•'• in bridge v went-fo'Mrs. George .W. i |i't'.Barham, Blytheville. and thotrav- ' ; ' -i': ellng^ prize in-this-gsme-went-to » '-V Mrs: J. H. .Lovewell of Osceola >>)• Ailenciance .prizes went.") to; th Mrjiei Sf,,A'. .Teafprd of .Osceota .;-; J." B., Alexander . of -LcachyiUe '•>'. ClarerJce Wilson of BlythcyUle, ,J ^•B. StrlcMlng of Osceola: M. U !'-'^Swlhart of .•Leachvllle,"" MWrrin realized Buchnhan-Moore' :,,">••. : Mrs. ? li. W. Moore .hive onnouncfd the marriage of thjir daughter, Mildred, v to Mr. Enlpw Buchanan, of Osceola. The wcd- «M? sVas'-soVerrinlzca- 1 ivt ' • the - Firat Methodist church of Cnruthcrs- v-lllo. Mo., November 'twelfth, with tlib'- Rev.' C. C. Bnmh^irt performing' the ilng ceremony. ' jMiss lone 'Oakes and Frdd Gore, iincl Mrs. Loy Welch, v. Mrs. Joel Chandler and son, Joel, nntl Mrs. J. W. Adams jr., spent Wednesday .In Memphis...: Miss Belle Whltsltt. who has hcr t ^. 0 tat)1 b*cn ; ,Ill at the ' ' '•- ' Mrs.. Joe Trice, , .. expected to return home within a few days. . Mrs. Claude Goodman, of Horn- 'cnvlllc! Mo., -was. the guest of Mrs. "Joe'Tanner Wednesday.'. and Mrs. H. A. Bchrens the wish bone of Bo6d : luck: ' : • • f :Mrs. Hayes Gowen entertained club at her botli iof jthls city, lo^tehdnnis . the home of her sister, hb ; lle hero-'Wednesday lor luncli- 1 * t -A F . <lrn ?.?"L t !:. . eon when- Miss Drake was an honor .guest. Other guests besides Henderson nnd Mrs. W. J. Driver. • High score prize was won ,Mrs. buchanan attended •• the .city, ihlgh school where shoi'wis popufar In scliolajtic affairs. - ' "'TrfS teld^e'rooin! Vlio"E" tlic"sdii of Mr. aijd Mrs; Marcus 1 Buchanan 'df' OGCCDW, Is a graduate'of. the Osceola high school. He-ls-manag- er'OJ n, Kroger;slore at Osceoja whi>r^ he and his, brlda will make lome .followlDB...a ylsU.wiflx Osceola .Club 'Hear* • 1 Rev^H.;V.Womack > • - •• •.(••• 7-—r OSCEOli^.l ;Ark.—Rev.' . H. V, \Y&naci£..';ncwly .named.minister .of the First Methodist churc)i of Blytheville, addressed Uie Osceola Civic club at'Its regular luncheon'rrieei- Iiig here' TKursday, of Osccola.- Avk.: and-Mlsscs Mary Ellen Stevens, Virginia Terry and Mrs. Harmon' Taylor of Blytheville. * + . * Attend Rcctpliim at Kcnnelt Mrs. W. P. Robertson, Mrs. John Arnold and Tom Markcy of the . . . .local chapter of the O. E. S., and club'members were Mrs. W.'MIS. Minnie Boone of the Hayti Its modern 'prototype In Americ lad tended,(q, make the plac« some . of ail'-'sorts ol cults of ne 1 thought,-' new'j religion, and ne speculations, : 'aii'd of movemen withpiii, '.ritoh'; either of thquf] )r of religion.' Here,' Ijj'^'a ,-public place, reiig ous dlsput'atibn- found its place,' as men met .dpily to discuss and «3t pound -their particular ideas. Buch * situation Was »» »tt»tti- [to give, would haw b»eu somewhat ki to Paul afo*t*i» «flnlte as ungriclous, no matter how much w call to Macedonia. But to a: It might have .been. Justified. rise Paul's cohvietloM were too! Paul took , the effective method eclded aj?d h(s . vlilon* tf truth • of approaching his hearers along ao strong 'and 'blear to permit of | the line of their own faith, but of vrely speculative controwfsy. that faith. Having seen somewhere --•-•• • r - • ~ He felt he had some word of .utjj to offer to these disputants, nd we are 'fortunate In having reserved ireat.sermon hat he preached to these Athe- iane as he. stood- on Mars Hill. Fortunately, they had asked aul to expound .his nev., faith, so lat he was not under the Impu- atlon of being, jw aggrtpslve propagandist thnutlng unacceptable and unpalatable .tnjtiB. : /lo»n the hroats of his hearers. . . It is Interesting •W'-hote how 'ast a sermon Paul was able to express in 'such 'very small cpm-i pass: We might very well lask whether we have the actual worde- of Paul or a summary expressed n the language of lAike. the au- ,hor of the Book of Acts. This, however, matters little'.' to Paul and kjie* emphasi^ng the inadequacy of i In the city the altar raised by an aspiring but unsatisfied worshiper "to the unknown God," Paul seized upon ibis to tell them of the God whom he knew and of how he had .found that God revealed n the earthly life of Jesus of Luke WDS near I Is 'thought.'we • They, listened with patience and apparently with .a measure of re- spoase : .until PauJ came to . Resurrection; but this was thel tool much for them, and many of his I hearers mocked him. The idea of one rising from the dead was ab- ."'• There : * -vm,. fciwever, 'some of I the compwy who were willing tol hear a Ittl* more of the matter, | and here were some, also, believed what Paul said may be reason-! Paul's .serm were faith. -. stands as ably sure that., we. have the sub- gieat, yet simple, exposition of stance of what Paul had to .say and,, for. ,.tb.Q .rest, the sermon stands for Itself. ; . ..?.-'. ,!. • Wljat a marvel it is in grici- pusness and in, Lbe : delloacy of the reality of the divine spirit in I creation,. In -the'iljrtjoiding of thel worj'di and.'tli'hujnah life. I Whatever • changes may come In I .our conception of the world in Its I extent, l(s 'nature. Its organiza-l Christian courtesy with which Paul 1 tion* • and '• the forces ' inherent in ' «S)r«5jjed..jbiS' - To its atojns 4nd electrons, the-great I h»ve attacked ihe Jdotetry.of ] Ws|bentrtr f»ct still stands, ."in himl Jiearers and-of the-rity,,in an^ad-l-fre live and move and have our I dress which he had been asked.(being." ' kansas. L. W. Haraway of Ar.morel, dutrtct' president and -vice j>resS<Jflat '- - Wi-'s. "Sr.E. Mass^nglll' and. the!of Mrs. hohorec wiis presehted : a dainty favor,. ' - ' ' ;• -Miss Marjory Doyle entertained for the bride-elect .with a niiscel- Joncous shower a-her home here Wednesday evening. . ; Tue twelve guest^, wh.ich included Mrs. John-Thweat: and Miss caplcr. drove to KcnnetU Monday nlgla where they attended .'i re- sV who f was ception recently elected Grand Ada of the Order of Easlcra;',St-Jr(j"for!j,lhe State of.Missouri. 1 '•;. Anna Margaret Wood of Lurora, sponsored at enjoyed an evenbrig at,bridge with [Vermont. U. Sponsors Pup.wt Sho BURLINGTON, Vt. (UP)i ^ pet shows, their constfucticji^and mantpulalion, are a new project University rf BetKletiem : Church at .Qs- 1 DjstrJPt: Gathering. -, Negro, educators of the First Con- gressinial district will 'meet- a 1 •Betlilehem -Baptlst-'churcri, tjsc«- .ola!' 1 .'tonight and tomorrow .upt^ the auspices of (he Association ,o Teachers of .Youth 'of Ar stole ' "• ' . The .program, ^tpijlght j'of a (leclafcitlQh ah contest.'" . .-= ' , •' P. Strong of the state department I ol education. Little Rock. cori- ... . andresses by.Profr'C-S.i.-Wopdaic of'.'Ptne .Blufi,' Miss L Wirinie ;V ^ «ivrity 'examiner,' .ind ana, fc^.Jdi 'of Arniorel. : >"IiT Hie"^ . addresses by Congressman W. . Driver'of'.Osceola and'Mrs. A. J. d : iCourier News Want. Ads. quicker he*H»t WENTHOLATUM 1 ;!ii wor<! fhls year by' Miss' •^'; Barnes, of. 1 Cfeceolai_who .Jg> 7 .. ."^•.student '-nt SlaCe' Teacrters''- ';'- : at .Conway. ' ;; Si Mrs. L. iG^:Byerley, LeaUiville, -•"' was general chairman, assisted by •'• Mrs. L.'S. 'Mitchell, Osceola, cdu- ;? ; cation chairman. They were-.assist-' iv-.ed by a.number, of pthcr members :, throughout the'county, a number. !* ; , of the clubsj having cooperated in • . .'• giving the'party. '.'•*•• Mrs. .John '.W.. Edrington, Oscc- •i : oiia, H.presldchfof the federation. | 'f" ' '• ' ' "l :-i Gnests At Club. ! ';-. The Stursday.-Rook club had its !;." party last evening with Mrs. J. -,;- \V. 'Adams, Sr.. as hostess, when \[> she also entertained Mmes-"Char r 7;."' It's : Alford, Ann Duncan, J. Mell ;•'-. Brooks, W. S. Ijangdon. M. G'. 4 Goodwin,- J. W. Badcr, >V. F. ;$: Brewer, W. - C. Gates and L«c_y. ;i. Fcatherston. a:id - Miss Cora Lee ii Coleman'. . v :?... Chrysanthemums and Texas Blue ,.' : Bonnet .flowers decorated the liv- "' ing and dining rooms where .tlii: |; ' five tables of players had their '," Eame..'.. . . '•'' A cheese loif was served with ;| pumpkin pie topped with whipped ]l cretfth'and coffee. • I ,^ • . * . * t, •^" Has .Guests At,.,.,, , -' J Club Luncheon. ••?•'• .MJs. ,M. p.. Usrey. usijd n color Fatterson. ^.Mrs. ispurgcbli.'pattersoft. "wl:o 1 s ieaying' Tuesday' lor Birmingh'sm; Ali'l where slie is to make -her L . / • .• - i General ImmraAN: 196 N. Broadway COUGHS; Dori't let .them get a strangl riilsion. combines tiic 1 best helps known-to modern .science. Power ful but harmless. Pleasant to lake No narcotics, .your o\vn diuggts Is authorized to refund tfouj monej on the spot if your cough' or col is not relieved by Crcomulbion. Ad . HEMORRHOIDS' fPIIes) CBr- «d. without the knife. Skin cancer, vitkise4 . veins, lon- '-&1U> removed xwn-surgically. . DBS. HIES and.MIES Oflice'sU Main •('. Phone S» 75 C IO HOTiWAT^ER NO Et&G T RI €VT y r*ff usE3--;.v SHIMl "o?n:t liU aaitir.j to; r^i Pour(ntlt'tti!« iii' ' ft ftwa *Je IB (^e for j noct.-,:, »r.i T>'rj*: j V? yj-j S to v lO ao«i of K«t—ISK 4*1 ILK ITI-— Wta 135 tc-jiiiaci'ttp mi:. Now J]fcsign Bridge Cards i ?i i ll'er Unubjc Tack - - ' OtWrs al SI 30c-;i!k-50r PIT 1'ni'k Sheaffer •• dandies Heji's Master-. Chocpiiitcs 1/2 Lb. *Lh.''.'2 U Bos Hox liox J /• '^A t-\* /* '«*»' A** t J i.-t[/' '. --4 i r i? *y -•>•» j <*V O 'Famous Ragtime Chocohitcs 80cioSi.50 Per I'o^nd UOO foot, complclu 59c 500 fcot,'com|iletc 7flc 8(10 foot, tflrnplctc (Ifcc AH ^rnciisinj;' ' /• p * v ^« ^ BELL'S PHARMACY •'. V'V -:".'• '••/: '- ••- ' .' ' ' '' Main at Division We Deliver SIRXVDS OF FINE TOBACCO It would=delight you-to open a Lucky ^Strike -'and examine the long, ^ddfett-sp' fine tobaccos. To : JTOtrce how;fully packed it is... how free from annoying loose ertds. Eve^ Lifcky.rStrike is a blend of-the world's choicest Turkish and ppmestic tobaccos^finely shredded-'lpqg and evenly cut. Th^t'swhy every J^ucky draws so easjly*"burns-sp"Smoothly. "it's toasted itckicspleascl FDR THROAT PROTE£TinN—I

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