The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1935
Page 6
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Newer Crop To Furnish Miss -Van Wie Competition for Honors nv HARRY OliAYSON Sports IMitor, NLiA Stn-\te. America Is going to pay more attenllon to women's golf this Benson" thnn over before. Joyce WcHhcrcd's visll ns n professional after all these years it'lll give the glils 1 game the Impetus it .required. The British unmet was ncknowlcdged to hnve linen the greatest feminine shot motor? In history. Miss Welherod will (hid Aincr- leu with n three-time champion who now ovei'.'-hudinvs her rivals by tlie same distance Hint the four-time Brill* tltleholder did when she withdrew from lorn-mi- itient competition In 1928. Her name is Virginia Vnn Wle. No American player Is likely to Whitney Stables Counting On Whichone Colt In Derby Race nv MAX . NEA Service Turf Wrllrr Today !s the main reliance of the C. V. Whitney stiiblc to win the Derby at 1/nil.svtllc on May 4. Although he has Milled to show the brilliant form exnectnl, Today was cut out to ho a champion. His Mre, Whichone, will be remeinijtrei as tlie leading 2-year-old of 1920 Tho following year Whldione nmi Gallant l-'ox parlLcIpaied j,, w h virtually were duel*, except when Jim Handy arimcd Uie lalent by .'.coring av! fr Mil In (he Trnvors nt Saratoga, nt ioo to ]. The imported Afternoon, by Prince palatine. is u,,, ,,„, of Today. 11 scarcely can bp said thai lodny was u hlxli class 2-ycar-olri although the linndsojne coll uuvc every promise of class. He .should IK imieh Improved this spring As ii rule, one mlelit, liesltnte to , onsen that at j,|., breed- . . ing will go the route, but Todiiy fluKh-jd his races us though lie wanted to go on. n t . yot hlls to dcflionstrnlt Unu j, ( . can carry weight and run In mud. Today was fourth, bill raced NO American player is likely to greenly -ind ,m,f» . , Ml-U Whs Van Wle next fall, but of "om, „' h" ,tr ch iT, ? ?.:«•« .,„!„ „., .«„.„!— -r ......... »*vimu m ins xiretcn in his hnw . , - - -- ..._ , .,..„ u , j$* vunu 111 in" iLr from now on members of what against the crock P llpi-hrm* [v ilift Annct n~i,i ~r ^. . LIIICK 1 .s perhaps Is the finest field of younger players (hat any country ever boasted promise tq extend her to the full extent of her (lawless form. It is Ihl.s new group iv)iieh ivHl sustain Interest after Miss Wcth- ored lias departed. stretch in his bow Ic Bid, i-lal Eye and Angelic in Hie Juvenile Stnxcs last May. i;e grabbed nil early lead and prevailed by five lengths In hLs next outing;— n mni'l- fcn ''Mo which he took in stride. clubs ever since .she conld w ,,ik Under the luLclnRe of her fntliei So promising are these baby ' i,l,"oV aita^To at ("."' H,"o >*"" that the _veteran Imils [Monterey Peninsula Country" -- tlie nation's ranking authority on, rules, predicts lhal 20 American women will shoot in the Id's- within five years. Foremost among them are Dorothy TramiB, Marlon Mlley, Ully Harper, Detty Jninc&ni), Potty Berg, Clara Callemler, Mfirjuriu Han'son and Dorothy Klrby. * * • VI"; Iratimr Finalist In First Attempt Miss Traung was runner-up to Miss-Van Wle in ihc nalional last autumn. It waVMiss Traung's first atlempl lo lift, this country's most important litle. The San Francisco girl has the physique, lime, and money. :'-.'.The mast recent step forward by Miss Mlley \vns victory over Po»g» .Waltlcs, "medalist with -a sub-par shc ac(]1]|r( , ll Mlc DC) Monlc elm pionship ai 11 she has turned h 10s n number of limes, mid prevailed In nimicroiis tournaments. f-rccn of 2<M-Vard flole •Traversing An sable Porks, near Ilatlsbiirg, h > the upper Ad Iron clacks, last summer, Miss Harrison sr^'r,?^,*^ .side of the road and rive on the other. Marjorlc was Jefl. with a 12-foot putt. "I EIICSS I'll sing it because I <on't like those holes on the oilier site," remarked Miss Hnrrl.son. She recorded a birdie 'i. Miss Harrison's dad at An Sable Porks. Miss Klrby, of Atlanta. 14, recorded a 79 to -dethrone Margaret Maddox as the Georgia s[ n t 6 champion lust season .."^^".^^'W'y.-renrtlc* Glenim before hei nnd Helen imc a busi- .- —.or, who beat her for this crown a year ago ...Miss Harper of Norfolk, Virginia state champion al 18, eliminated Maureen Orcutt and Bernicc Wall from the. • Augusta Invitation before bowing to Miss Wattles in the semi-finals. /The Misses Jameson, Berg Cnl- lender, and Harrison are phenomenal at IB. Miss Jameson, of Dallas, Is Ihc southern champion. sJi=HS?^^™r:=,» able Alexa Stirling of years gone by. Miss Berg has the strong hands of the superlative player. | tl'tlon is coming" •rShTi ,°tf "!'M Mll " capolls nnfl 1 Be(ore il Is I" 1 '""' < a G to ^uim 5 ' ,t C U '^W,"^ >»»* ba g .he one iu lu acquire tlie qualifying'lie America has been Palm Beach. Miss Mlley Hicks before she been ness woman golfer .The Misses Orcutt, Bauer, and AVall, nnd Mrs. Opi.l S. Hill and Mrs. Leonn Cheney aiw tin. nihm- Miss Van Wic's stroking. It is from the new school Hint TODAY Sbippril to Arllui;(en Park he •an second to [.he- brllilcint Nellie I'.ag, mil was giving awav seven )0 limit;. '"ic Piitiirlty. Todays second "ft nl Arlington, was a thriller " could do no better than fourth the swift Toro Nancy, but was lardiy more than „ length behind mcr this pair and St. Uernard ami -pecial Agent had rought U out 'own the Klrclch. Toilay ran n good ra cc to he sec- Jii'l to Balladler in the United ™, I'M , l sttlkps - The Whitney -andldnte .made n stout fin'sh to -•o third to Boxthorn and pint Eyc In the Snrnlosn Special. He wns In S r °»rtl> to h =' ' nl " 1 Boxthorn the Sanford stakes, his last ,.f- •By Harry Grayson Sonic old muddling New yo/'- Uoxing Commission. Stjne ulil Direst lo take what pawcs for "i> Important matter nowadays <jn:- sldu o! Manhattan. The only tiling new In comice- llon wllh the cm-rent, henvywclzht controversy Is thai ihc challenV cm have slipped back to Jnmfs J Dradriock. ' Braddock, hauled out of Ilin pugilistic Iwncyard us a niler-ln In iin elimination loiirnainent become the milking challenger In eyes of the New York board by thumping Art Jjisky. Just why lhal should entitle the Jersey Mick to Unit distinction Is whal little Joe .Jacobs, manager of Max Schmclmg, and numerous others are trying to figure out. had accomplished nmh- IIIK nut of the ordinary Diwhtock iins been to ten more limn a Bcore of ihnes since Tommy Ixjiifliraii made him look like Llm mlsslns ncrspns bureau In the 0 |,i Phllly Pliiiiuom'.s last defence or the llghl-hcavywclghl leadership in the summer of 1929. lie that as u mayj ' the Ncw , York Boxing Commission blocks an nllnicllvc engagement by in- slEtuiK tlml Sehmeiing first laeklr Draddock before taking another whack al Marie Bncr. achmellng Jm s earned a rematch with I)aer, and undoubtedly will act II in June—al Soldiers Field, Chicago, If not In New York Scluncllng must tie given considerate credit for his comeback COMING BACK Bilies and Go-Carts TraveJ Free Now after the terrific lacing he took - ovs Blrls traveling with tlieir ,rar- <!«(s or guardians on Pennsylvania S" trains may now lake will m their velocipedes, B o- curls I'ny-tiens and other licavy Ian wHhout added cost cf Ir.nnsporla- ,.„„ . ,.^.. k ^ ,,,- l\)Ui\ from niier nnd being outhustled by Steve Hnmns. T.ouis- Touched by liucks Office Matfl A second edition between Ijacr am] Sclimelliiif will do well tlnnn- clnlly anywhere, but Hie next golden ring harvest will come when —and If—the champion engage'; Joe Louis, the young Detroit, ne- gro. in my opinion, Louis runs far more risk In charging the oversized Primo Camera In New York akh, i, 'also Include reduction in rates for transportation of householr! pets wii n.s (lo B «,-ents nnd birds he rujirond also announced "Ml outdoor enthusiasts have equal privileges afforded their bicycles, toboggans, snow shoes steamer chulrs. camping and other articles which checked free under the icw regulations. Two Win Appointments, Then Cupid Gets Post , . 'l!" ' l sh " . . ship piit:her out nt the 10th. . The Misses Cullender'and Hnr-, profession-'' Before it is Anlslicd, Miss' Wclh- ercd's standing as the greatest ^ 8,400 , v Skid Tests '"' Prove "G-3" Grip Stops Cars Quickest! l.ookat thosedeep-cut diamonds m the CENTER where they can dig in ami "hlte" the road I hat 3 why other tires skid n % lo 19% farther when braked. TRIPLE GUARANTEE I- Against road haiardj 2. Against defects tor life 3. Our own guarantee and all year localsirrice Also Lifetime Guaranteed , S49 GOODyEAR L ' SPEEDWAY Extras! NO EXTRA COST '• «% More Miles of REAL N'on-Skld Safety 2. Quicker Stopping Crip— "Goodyear Margin of Safely" 3- Ulowout Protection in not one but ALL Plica Shouse-Little Chevrolet Co. Blytheville, Ark. ,, , —.-. .O... (UP)—Cupid, Miss Marjorle Gibson and Fred Lane combined their talents to win a civil service examination and an opportunity to be married" Lnno and-.;.Miss Gibson paired hemselves in 'the civil service examination-' for, (he iKisllions cf Intenclent nnd nialion of the Co II nly children's by resignations. .ecenUy . They passed the tests success- .11.. ..... -----fully nnrrted In June than Baer docs in givinri Sehmeling a - second chance. By Ironing out or decisively dr- fealini! Camera, Louis would make possible the richest ring gale since Dave Barry tolled off his famous 'imf count, Sehmcllng is sincere In his belief that he can score against Dner Otherwise the German would not be accepting the chnllsngei".-! enii 'his late in liis career. Der Moxie i well fixed. Sehmellng's courage is ndniir- nblc, but most lighters believe they can win. and Baer has a bit Ion much of everything for lh= Ferocious .Frankfurter. Schiiiellng stopped no one of consequence in Walter Nciisel and llamas. Humphries Savs Champion Wnulil Kuyo Three'S.'ime N!R!I( of U s. women len- nis playors for seven j-eiirs Mrs. Helen Wills Mondy 'is re- inrnliis lo seek li<- r eiglith tide itiis season after boini; out of Hie game since AIIKUKI, 1S3:!, •when she ilcfnnlu-d in Helen .laonbs In Hie singli.^ af(«v a liack Injury. s|, 0 is .^linwn alKtvn a.? tiie bej^an itrar 1 lice In San Francisco. What kind of a warrior even- timlly will dethrone He'll have to be soiiiethlnic more than a puncher. Baer can take 11 all night. He'll have lo be able lo take himself. The Butterfly Butcher Hoy can give U as well as lie can '-ike It. The fellow who licks Baer will have to be lightning fast—the Corbcll or Turmey type. The fighter healing riacr will lave to he highly geared for a lull 15 rounds of sticking and slabbing and moving. He cannot liironl to give Bacr any rest pencils. Loiils depends principally upon his punching and mn} , never box well enough Lo dethrone, llaer. Until Louis clearly demonstrates his ability to take the solid punch of a puncher on ivhal. Will Gibson used to call the old potato. I wil be Inclined to agree with Joe Humphries, the venerable mouthpiece. Old Joe contend. 1 ; that Baei would look like n florist if ih e .three lorcmosl contenders were pitched- In there with him on the same night-distributing lilies WHAT SI .'WILL BtJY Think—3','jc "a day—or $1 a Month Pays for a $1.000 policy for thi! whole family—Natural or Accidental Death! Progressive Life Insurance Co. nirnooc Hotel— I'honc or IVrilc for Details Special Deposil with State Insurance Dcpt. protect.s your policy. CREAM OF KENTUCKY sets the Pace! _ The FAVORITE whiskey in Kentucky, where theyVe always been grand judges of whiskey. You'll like CREAM of KENTUCKY 100 proof straight whiskey! The n tvtrj- hot!l< of dtlicloui qu.lity , nt | th e uln](m in yt]ue Cream ol Kentucky i$ 100 proof ,lr t l|bl whiiVicy, made in Kentucky by KcntncVy di.tillcr! its r<>| Old Kt n , uo l< y w , r PRODUCT MADE IN u. 5. A. West Memphis Distributing (.;„., West, Ark. On The Outside Looking In "i "Dustr livery .Man to" His"Own ,. ame Probably local billiard players knowing some of the town boast fids and having seen a, succession of billiard stars that really know their stuir lately, will get n k ?X out of this story as told by J c Taylor Splnk In "Sportln.' News" "PonjJ. the billiard and pocket billiards expert,, entered into thp spirit or some Innocent skulldiie' - , in .ft, Myers, p] a ., wbile the Athletics were staying lner e. He wesson the way from Mimni lo St. Peter.sbura to fill n CIK cnzn»cnieni' when his car broke down°ne' Pt My-3r.s and he had to lay over there '"" a iiluht. Newspaper .scribes rec- ir.eti PoiiKi and induced 'him to have some fun with the ball play"Al Horowitz of the snort, of the Philadelphia EvenU i»d<w went to i*| Coleman and told" him there was a little sawccl-ofr pun" at the hotel looking for a came o'f pocket billiards. Ti'iTj fake him' stuttered Big Ed. He was ir' ' ' «l to the stranger and they !i»reeci to play fa.- a small stake. Ed brok» and missed and then Pony out (he string. A rt er tn at'exhi-| b t on the outfielder showed sudden n'-'lirtcrcst, in pocket billiards Poiml ntxi tried the same'stunt on several others with similar re mtl l' r " C JCk ° - was tllen "P'n'nwl •mall .stakes he had won" r " U ( " C -Sof) l^iTTaik An opening w jth all the trim mmss u being planned by officials of the Commercial Soft Br ' THKP.SDAV, APRIL -1935 I HANDCUFFS HITTERS - - - By Kmi mmi n —. - i It is understood that Mayor Cecil Shane is to be asked to thro-- to first ball with some other i^ mlary on the recclvln« end A series of stories by°j. p.Vrim.n To PiTKlURdll r?*>\ FALL IVlTtl A /no? L-C/&IX AVTJ>A£E despondent pigeon n e arn of B. Brltfitwell here brighten- menl°"«r I'. y "'V' ment of the mother The pigeon was found ° ^ " astc season now split" and ihe material l.wt went (o make Ihe champion circuit ^ <i<!ly scatL " cti °wr llif Read Courier News Want Ails. i' C "' S ES8S 1 S ™S "' Choir 74 Years Tex. (UP)-A ! SAINT JOHN, 'N 13 <UP)-The in the barn of world's record for lon>' srrvi-i. in a church' choir h cnTmedTyjolm rtCU ' iulJ - M ' TillBl ^' of H °l'™ c » "ill N. B. instinct". )Tingley joined the Hopewell J3ap- "setting" | list Church choir 04 vears i»o ti » si "8i"f has.s'in it ,'eg- Nnw Located al 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON HOWARDS, Proprietor .111 makes of rebuilt Typewriters. Adding- Machines and Calculators— Repairing — I'a'rls'— Ribbons '"CLOTHES make the ana we have the clothes every man Will waul for Easter You've got to admit that a well dressed man gets ahead . . . socially . . . and in business ... It is our aim to make every man well dressed this Easter ... and all spring ... by offering meticulously tailored clothes at a price which the average men can reasonably afford. TIMELY SUITS 127.50 - $29.50 - $32.50 STYLE-MART CLOTHES *22.50 - $25.75 Dobbs Hals $5 - §7 Slelson Hats §5 86.50 Dzilton Hnis §3.50 man Oxfords I6.7S $7.50 ^ ' Eflgortons ForUmos i^/ Arrow Shirls For Spring S?2 ^2.50 Tics 65c to SI.50 R. D. HUGHES & CO. 3 Doors West of Ritz Theatre

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