The Buffalo Commercial from Buffalo, New York on November 13, 1856 · 3
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The Buffalo Commercial from Buffalo, New York · 3

Buffalo, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 13, 1856
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" ' . 1 i - I m BTeBBeaBaTBWaweaaaeWBBeBB ST I II I , Yi ? yvfiA .'r.Trrrvrr it-' I 4r- N Wm r CuMATx.Sofne time I aine, we mentioned tbst Mr. Lbula, Blodget, the diattftguiehed meteorologist of 'the gmithsooraa Institution, was aboot to .publish a, worll on ths, climate ef b United States. N man in (be country ie batter qualified for suche tak. for several year) the climate record of the. Smith- onian Isstitatioa weravnder .hi Tbe personal, jealousies 'which so much . interfere with the usefulness of that institution, have pre- j r.i.i. i...-,.. .... thin in pigiicmun vi iw uu imh'"" . far,. -r.uM .h,cine. Since I v. . i . publicatton f th Army Melrologid Report. i.-' Ui.--iK..;-t- ,k. deserlDlle ... '- ......-" .i - I msse, ws. due to Mr.;3, in..1l..n. new work Is intended t$ euibrsce ths entire ei-1 . m stic history of the United flut.- i 1 " Richly illustrated, and swerilewinf wttn scnot- I arshlo. it will le k valuable addition to Amen I can Scieayific; Lilerstuxe. JKoowiofi Mr, Blod-1 get personslly, fsajiliar with his anusuat awu-1 tiers .sad aware C his areat' eacnneee t jfe pursuit of his spsUy. w can conscisntlously urgweUisento tailio -Daaforth'av and subscribe to the1 work.' yPrieej; ' flwill not be 'published until a sufficient number of subscribers are obtained to warrant th expeose. Mr DsFBisaTioss osthe PiJfajt. It seems from letters which we has seetirsys 4h 8yr- acwB Journal, from the American TrtnsportM tlon Company, at Buffslol iddresssdno offlcert here, that lor a long time a sucoeseint gam i Steeling na new ww VW sun ;niii sons enssged in the business hare managed so I A.Jriir to eacsiie detectton -" Ererv veer the I i . k.j I ' worDpany - - W " which Were shipped on their Uhe, but for some cs use were lost or fell short of the invoice. During th last few mosths officers James and Lowell have a9ceedetlia ferreting out. eome of I the rateals, and recovered a quantity of the good. Yesterdsy they retained with the fol lowing property, etolen from the boat ! mtmU JIart,', which . wasv Cound at BoonvUles Seven chesu of tea, one barrel of coffee, one barrel of tobacco, ne keg of ginger, on box ot indigo, one box' of nutmegs." one .box of starch, some casks of liquor, a lot of hardware, two packing trunks, and a qtrsntity of dry goods., A similar i . . -, . i i j : or . lot io ins aeevc ws eiayfcoTereu. a, ui points or the Black River CanaL Th princt- pal thievee are arrestsd and now. ia. uslody.t I They waibe txaainedio. rew '-day bete!" " v V r , - ' ? verified bv a verr fine j ustice urnmioro. , :r; j A q ! I ' 9T Laixst CorjuTiarxits. 5s," on the Win nebago Ct., Bank, Wi,, altered from 1. Vig., ma and woman at a well Indian oh the left-r I .t.m. f on th rioht locomotive at ths bottom. iSt, sin the Park ' Bsak, N. Y. City, altered from )s, ...V5g.," Park .foaataia Indian.: on the - right sailor on the left , ' " " 5s, on the' Bank of Danville, Pa. Vig., five cupids embracing a figure 5 femsle on each end" ,3'-' : ' ' .; 5s, on the Marchsst's Bsnk, Bsngor, Me. Vig., sn Indian end train of ears. : 5s, on the Merchant's Bsnk,. Nsw Bedford, Mass. -- Vig.,; Indian and' train of cars female and anchor on the right Indian girl en tne ten 10s, oa the Sew York aad Erie Bank, Buffalo, I altered from In Vig., steamboat" view oa the 2i, on the Bsnk of ltforth America, Ct., altered. Vigeigle an4 shield Clay in lower right cor ner female and sword on the leftH 10s," on the Central Bank of Yirginis are in circulation. - ..' JO' .PltTSBtlBeB , abdp Exi RaixBoad. A meeting of the Directors of th Erie and North East Railroad, was held ia Erie on Thursday last, says the Erie Constitution for the purpose of making final arrangements preparatory to commencing work on the Pittsburgh and Erie Road. The Board, after a careful examination of the surveys and estimates, determined to 1 ' adopt to adopt, the route one and a half milee west of ConneautviUaythat route being prefer- red oa accosnt of ita light gradss and directness. Twenty-five miles of the road will be put under contract at once, and work commenced. tCT. Accidbht ABn Difficult Soboical Opb-bATIoh, We learn that Mr. Sanford Bishop, a young man residing in the town of Boston, fell from a building frame about two weeks since, terribly fracturing both bones of the fore-arm. When HwaaUken hp, the bone were found rotruding the flesh into the ground. ; The en il Ir KaaaM ftaeeaaar to " - s amputate it at the shoulder. This difficult ope-rstioftjwa successfully pen'ormed on .Tuesday last by Dr. J. B, Colegrove of thie city, assisted 1 l:- r-.i 1 t n.:. r o..,. s nA- ' liy.ULB IBIUCC BUU Af .. kflll., V. 1HMIWU. .4 T ST iST Rochester hss the advantage of Buffalo is irespect o wster carts. They can b meed herewith eseeeej oa th contrary, they' are never used in Buffalo. ' An attempt Wee once made f introduce them iato1 that windy city. The war from the experimental, cart all went off in spray, and as eoon aa the tank was empti ed, the cart, bore, driver snd alr bfew owey. . Hock, Union. . . J t ,... ftfn , imMi blow awav in Rochester.' I . Nothing soliveiy a. thateve; r h.paened In that quiet burgh. jNot even a 'BaBalo xephyr could lift a water cart out of Rochester mud. flcrr Jlisa Julia Hill, a pianiet of remarkable " abiRty, ie to give a eon cert in' this city sometime next week.'-We recollect Mise Hill sa occasioning much fsvorabls comment in Europe ome yesrs eg. She is an 'American lady, and those who doubt the capacity of female pisnlsts will hsve full opportunity to test their theory in listening to her;" Ber father, a" vocalist of tbe Brsham school, will assist, F . W:H - V. AA? i I i i ii iff ".A l.i. s. J .. Fooa Hundbsd ' Dollab SamisA yon W- vwt , aawuwgtev - lWAsSIS . , vsi aw A sw. Fatiposr.Th paragraph in the N. Y,;-contradicting ;the "."report.., jhaf Henry w riwes, Ward Beecheg received extravagant sum of money for his Kaasa seeeehee,- earn too late te prevent the following feood notet .Henry Ward Beeeher is godly man, ssid Ldmiri;1 r..:. , 0 most unsodlv nrmea tor sseeche!" :.. nt i ivi ' ; ,it4tJt.'.i ijnil i su i :f . tttr1 The Detroit AdmrtUt sAvs the atesunar r' A . .v.-.. Clilton,a Baadaome ana i..t sailing uaa mwvm V'jutm ""w uw ajiu nti Falls; arrived here yesterdsy, aad will run du- ring the rtmainder of the' Season between Da-troitPort Sarniai Port Huron, and intermediate porta, i fine isoommsndd by Capt. Van Alien, who is well known In " this locality, and his many ?Wcuds will bs pleased to learn that be has again coot among as.-. ; . , ' ;-. RT A JoLtr5AnpN.---Th Republican pro. pose to have a season, oi thanksgiving, at th, at the Mansion, Beu Monday5 evening, with good feed and abdndant whres. - They anticipate that th auae of Freedom will be glorified, and the and abundant wm .-They anticipate thaUh stomach of the friende of the elaye mad valiant, j '.i"J.V, 'Vuijijl'i - '- tr Tha Utlca Ooserwer of Monday evening tells the following:; !At an early hour; yestsr-iy.HornjksiW ctod Express was passing Orisksny, going west, the e 'catcher etruck a cow, wkich wM knocked the almost in-credible aistane of a-mj'j --st tmmmtw tmi yf Kotua' ,Wa.aremnt. OP wutti her death wsa instantaneous." HsurBii. DDT anmwki ; . . ' . , i B" 1 - ' " "I i. . , , t . . ' RobbibL-A msi. aame4 ('Stearns, tote some yeet pstterus from thsj store' o Sew, all' A.Carrienter in SnauUt-.i- e. . . T , cacnang-, a aesuBy evening, aDoni 7 o'eiock. He wb de , J leeted and immediately arrestad. s..K.annntl an aceomnlioSn. and nrabaUa ,kA i .v. V. aebBmevwa taken: pon ; wsjnW: , Bwn lodged IB mUm rM.l .eft '.'kj'f ( XX ,V. .0 ' . ..'"- i: 'ii e ii . ;i ;- , i j ar Cocbtv Cabvassbbs. The Board met on Tuaday.'""So many error the returns were dcied, that rnahy pf jhent, were sent back to thw Inspector for correction. , Thus the csn . eacw is yet iDooraplete, The Board appointed a T A a old widow. whan hr pastor smid" to her, "God hss not deserted yosin your old are." replied.. 8'. X have arvery good sppedtelTLei l.TlbiCa Parlor Ccal t0TC .-I -- i i -(.'-ul' . -- . Hr Tbe instaTlatioft of the .Rev, C, .W.Dsn- nison, as Pastor of the Niagara Street Baptist Church, takes place this evening. , . 63T l&t-'Jl ILTapkiaa, AabfotTDMl, u i or rat s4bat we ers in error ia stating that te i stain of iron-rust on Ambrotype pictures is una- i voidable.:; Ha eseerta that proper car and skill iu Munif iret im piiw KOniMBM u copper water, od that the Ambroty pee in ska ful band, mar be made a luting, ae well . aa a besatifui picture ;V; sli,.V . , Mil ' r - ;,W mad the objectionin good faith, founded oa what knowledge we possessed of the cbemi- cal character of the preceee. ' If it can be proved that the objection 1 unfounded, the Ambre- type must be considered as one jof the finest terms of photographic art. - . ' . K-: rrnrKoviL.-VManon Barnard; or Lea. ,. ftir. m -r, - o ... , m . , of Life. fBjr J. T. Smith,' Esq. author of nn..a,i.j.. it iif..L. J i?---- m a New York: Garret, Dick & Fi.z.entld. ,Mri. Barnard is wivsl in themphWt form knt ft.. k. J Sit . I btrtte'r book thTn tb. am.gS of its cW T 'LJ" w.w. .t ,k. b V "V Ff "le Hawks, at th. PoetoCe. , 3r TsiaTSS. The engagement of tb Da- vennorta terminates tonlsht. " It has been verV vlceftti ibrougbout, and tbee Utented ahists I TC maj themeelves a vary flattering pop ularity. The bill for this evening is made up of I 'Ths Mystic Bride." and "The Pet of the Petti - eetu" Those attending will be euro of a pie ant evening. Vr The strike on tbe Great Western Railway Is at an end, the alleged grievances ot the men I having been satisfactorily removed. ffTTh Boflalo and Lake Huron railroad will earry the ma'ile oa the 1st of Dee? 1866. AppraehiBf HBtlaia of Senator . Donglaa. . i i 1 1 i' . .- j.. 1 7"V - Correspendeace of the It. T. Tunes, . lit .' WAHiOTO!i Nov. 11. oenawr aooKiaa eapecia w u uiarrivu bksui nAa. ,C, -hanaa in kia naliiieal . -r --r r ST fortunes should operate some cbabge in the vtewe of the lady partner in the arrangement. Rumor hss erred if naming s charming niece of Secretary Uutbrte ss .the expectant bride. The lady who consents to share his fortunes, is Miss Cutis, who b as- been a reigning bene acre lor several vesrs. She is the dsuchter of a eentle- min long connected with the Stste Department, and possesses personal attractions ana secom-plisbments well worthy a more eligible match. She is much younger thsn the Senator but con. siderably taller, and in every respect bis superior. The world.of gossip and fashion la busy enough with the spproecning nupttsls.- r ! Thalbersj's Second Comeert. from ths B. T, Herald. Wov.U. Th great suceese which attended' th first concert of Segiamqnd Thflberg success with publie seeme to be fully aware of tbe fact that Thalberg is tbe founder of the school wherein all the great living pianists hare become distin-firuiehed. ' and tbst he stands alone its', oriirinal exponent. We only spesk the unsnimoue sen. tunent, ortne art world when we eay that no euch finished aad artistic ptsnofbrte playing has ever betore been beard in America. ' .' Moss Bias Hosts in Nsw Jisssr. Bears seem to continue plenty in the Southern counties of the Stste. We have already chronicled the death ot some doten of tnese smmais, out tney are vet bv no means extinct. Within the past two weeke two mere hsve been killed up in tbe upper part of Cape May county, and the Cape Island Ocean Wave says that they are till numerous in the swamps of that and Cumberland countiee. Several weeke ago we copied trom a Monmouth paper a notice, that there would bea grand bear hunt between Barnagat and Msnua- L. L: ;n aaK.. it aictej forty m, ieaa, woufd be bagged. As we hsve heard nothing more ot it, we presume tbst the intended hunt did not come off--the courses ot tbe hunters of Monmouth and Ocean probably not being sufficient to face Bruin in his nstive swsmps. It could net be for lack ot game, for bsars are reported to be abundant in all that Minn A.M-' I !. , . v ' u Removal. '' ' i CITY INBURANOB OO., of Mew Haven. ! HAMPDBIt FIBB IITBCBANOI OO.. Of Brxlngflsld. ' CITY TIRB INBURANOB CO., of Hartford. : Th Aasnoy otBe has been removed to No. 4 MXR-chants Bxchanf Up Biafrx. Bn trance on Hanover sal Pilate etssels. . Cj . Unit fi' i l. ilt.n. Orders for Insurance left at aiy old offloe, with LYON a CO. will be attended to. THOB, b PBBKDTB, Aaent. Li I , wiLLIASl H. BL.ODOETT, ' i 1 BeUlkeT 1 8I1U ' XaXCIlIiIlg6 Jul0keri - mala street, Unenrrent Money, Sold and Stiver Bought aad Sold. 9afi on Bastarn Cities. Kngland, Ireland and Qennsny for sale. WIU netotlat the discount of Notes, attend to I th OoUeeUoa of Drafts, and Iran aet a cash Oonunlsatoa BaMnessmslI Ms hranehea.'- " - ' ' . Bffak,N.r. i 'JUSC-y-,'-' JrlStf T Howard, Whitcomb fc Co. IV. tuvr Mala a.i QlCt tBraaklaiartau t " ' wnoieesie ana netau veatsra ia ci..a n.sCAAil. TO aaIov. nfhi - wwc, . Ww.. Heae aael Bwtal Varaashlaw M1S, I j, n 1 J n I ijassuneress LmwrwiucrB, vomi vvstuuB ' AND DRV GOOIXS GENERALLY. f tar 8BB ABVBBTIBEMBNT. ' aeir , DUDLEY & BULL, iNO. 03 MAIN STREET, 1 Has ths following Variety of Stoves i I THE BELLE COAL COOKING STOVE. A deatrabl article for those wh wish toed Coal Btove for Cooking., Hoasekeepen ar invited to call and exam ine them st our Wsrerooms. L.'.-H A . THE HeGKBdOB COAL COOK STOVE, t ueedextenUTeiy lanew xrcwv aiajiBaaiBiBr, I Bi00a. and complete in aU particulars. THE CBLBBBATBD ; t I Black Plaaaaad Cel Ceebinc Steve. &-m2tt I to recommend them as a superior Cooking Btov I tor Hard Coat, fnosiKKeOR PARLM1R STtlVKS. t McGBBQOR CILTMBBB BTOVB8. for Offlcai. HalU. Btoras,.-1'; tr B THB CHARM PARLOR STOVE, ! A new Improvement In eoal Verier . stores. w" but UtUs Coal, and la ths beat Btare to be had In market. Wehayethemnowensaleatoor Warerooeas, and thos iriahlng th best article, and the most economical are nr ted to fall an examine them. ' o .!,..' TJPBEGRAFFS PATENT COAL BURNER. I FOB BTOBBB. OFflOBB, HALLS, v Burma hut about 4n half tb imoant of Coat, as In the ordinary Coal bornlng BUr s and presetjttot urf p ifdlatlon maw than any Coal Burner tn use. T ThlaS!Te received Uta HISHIBT PBEaflUM at th I lei Btste Fair at BlrOirs, aad the Mechanlca Pair self at TJtlca rnths Fsll orisse. call ana examine, - - f WOOD PARLOR STOTBS-NB W STYLES, DINING ROOM STOVBIS-NBW STYLES, " I PLATB STOVE8-NKW.8TYt.ES.A-i. X J-t I COALi PARLOR STOVES-NEW STYLES. I Bad in i fL JwrtWSlstT,BWSBB . DUULBX a stuLL,. auua sireet. I ! T .. ; . . hAKF.R : AND OC1115GE BROriEIl, I H"". ' ' , ' , I 1 r. . 1B1 MaJsl B trees, ktaSTmls), v'.:'; ' Mn. Gold rf gurtw. urrTlonand i Bins of Bxchsng. Uotiecuons en su pan'N itasa and Oaaad. promptly Blade, aad remitted for", OA u day Bf pat watmi. and at th anyrtrtfrf sUchang, WttnWsslsaesBBrge. 1 mwa 4-Btyt'- r w s wat WOim ORDERS FOR "v eistr vlfGBO. B PTfPLB.'et Mala street. ' At BE0WN & milEEBJXm , (Ti bavb mrrxB n Aaw wM'y'!!.' Store JVo.j 147 Main StMet. Aad opened On of the unoioest atecas t i;, t'TATTAUfiJ 'iVOTKVa Ar CXO, A"RS To b found mtsmty,whlon. tAar are prepared to lar i ttUh at Whol.,,1. or RetalL -. - - i They sotictt a shsre of piiaUe patronage. " v . - . ! Buffalo, July 2. 18&&. t ... ' jrBHO Sail and ' IHiu? LoftsV iOOMPLXTB BOtTS Of BAILS 'AND GANGS Of BIG- tslNG feawlBawd, eSTta Best BBtr1lB, sad est tn Tasost ar net SB week. oa By rissrlsiisS BUgXes Tad 811 Makr h mxMV..l$. VA -a Uaek EnssU . ConUXw, t. i Agents far wanm's Patent Ship Lots. "Iaapreved a Masseys." TAYLOR A JBWBTT, Ship Chandlers. BUrlneBleek Ohl ss. BUtBhls, tf Yj KZCBASGX BAlXUrO E0TJSX 0T , I "rt T"ri-.A1 - au - 1 v aaocasa, ajauliacis V, vuau UtkU y , aw vvstu straws, rw xrt . : ! vf neexer. jjiuixcr a va. a -a ... 'CTOesMB, rn. v''-;j OoOsotions mads throughout ths United State end Oar Bad. Oosaiaeeclal Bocarttles, Ksitmad Bends and Stocks asauttolea, and advances lowed depostta. I LIP B, TIRB AND HARINB INSURANCE HOBTHWBSTBBB FIBB A MABXNB INSTJBANCB 00- Oapttai and Sarptus, 8X1M0I1. Ak. : .. 4' ;.. BXUTDAL BBNBFIX LIFB IBSCBANCB OO-Aaaaata urrrr- UAArri.'i sa - wiaLovjrjra.jBwAgwa.: j ..-i.v ' " . wrnerijoyu aae rnm ssree. -.; Mi. I AaOtMaOsalBtov. Bee from B she tgetla which BTsminatlon you wm ezclaini, ; " , ' ' ' The Euid:i5-iest St3Te I ct Saw ' , GBO. B. DfJDLBY, Si Kaln reread, .. AissamaB,BoriaiA w . e, I'M. r. until far- .J taiiolln , Bt- Msb Mat AmBMi ss sterwsnei liar notice, the call at tula offlc wUl be dosed Batsma, Itectieeter, emcee, tune. iraee-i an amy, liiy, (.except Seeders,) 7 4 a. M m4U)f. M. i. s lnandatAua. Aubarn and Geneva daily at U x.L Sad a a. w T . . - War Malt. iOirpJytnjr email efflee between, nafialo aa-J Jhar, 4H (oept etnyiifi.) atUOO P. M. w Aai.w immhm prntna ww rr. ' i tot offlcM on the Canandalrna and IRsears rails B. I (uit. (except Haodari,) at iM P. M. AlbaBT,-". Hew Yerk. Waabli Iitm Inmurit at S SI S. M. and WafbtiuloEL iM Bosta dDr 1 S r. sl pv.i11a.i.Jii lja S M I V. . f " rf ' On fondar ra!r en mall eatrarf ekMSnc at M V. at. tamjBg aa oeiees eastward, exceptluc t ma war ihlhiiiuj Hersenniiia nfl.eta StUca. aatfrfezeeet SoBdar) ataa, pe trt m th roou on Bun-.prtatrllSe daily (except BnndariJ at M It -: '- tortfhwa mimxyn, tannoaj anil o;oraa7Ti mv t a. k. Caitt Bantmnrk. Weawoed. OoWMl. ari-Bn"! Ml Ik and Vxot alia, tll t feieen ndaTJ t 1 P.M. ; . Wot mall la WuletnavtUe and wmanrt1e,ialtr aI 'War ataiufaosi BvSUs'toCSeTtlaa, 0 Sail?. exeit Btratar.) at a. jn.- so mail sent oa samara. ',rVPt " iuita SI HaSRlftca aiiy, teeeOTBnwiaye,jet7,eA.av Sort En. Bnftalo. Brantfoea aad Oedertek aV aaflr (eweptBgadaye.)atr0A.M. . SetroH aad Miaaai ValUaali 4aHr. tesnet Btutsaya) at JA A. ai.aad A eaeon at aK la saad SB fce Black Bock. Teaawaikla, Sew BrMKe-Ml MUerar Valla, oa 8eorde araaraxMMins a. a ev r. bbu M. aoe ctoMal at H P. .4- ' uiiMa ww na aneo aa e A. n. rka Anna-jMSMa ka 11-10 1 H.tol P. M NEW ADVERTISEMENTS: Alt ABSTRACT Of KXPKNDITCKKS BT XOWIir HURiBKRT, Bupertntendent of Retain apes th IHb SectieB Kile Canal, and having chaise or iwentr-aTe mvee 01 eata canabexienams irom oaara I Lock at BDipbor Bpnnca, to us wi iDlDhor BOTtnn. to stem termination ot j the Sale Uanal at Bonaio y FOB TBB MONTH OF OOTOBBB, 13. 37 1 Quantity,' Amount Prtoa. I NAMES. ' What for. .. -" or ------ aaca Bumber. . chart. Oct. ' JaJBWard. Ton Bep't on state soew 1H) F io 7 eo us Oi tn ss IS SO VS S3 .-, ' (SO OS 1 44 Jae i. aareaal sasn 7 Cha ataeir. Oak tlraber ' e filTTS a - Ties ftini m BiDoarti ' Kep-i oa areas Himms. reaepiae -, Booe r 10 ' IS 1 so .Oakem 183b ., 1 S 7T l,m B HUl. xa uaa nee " rasM ueo sr 84 e (tia , lie oo i fUlgt ! 10 00 81 81 tteo uarteu .- uaa uoioer MUraoaaU ' " Sim plans . oak tie '. ftlef : is 00 St it D S IN W so 1 D7. 88 JOBhetp ' " Biocke -f. ,y - mi UooAs A thtmhl'ta Sia rlM . And Bauds " Soft timber efiUKO CO 00 SO SO JBBvaDeBoiine plank ft MO IS 00 7 SO - - ft 181 SO 10 ID The Kenedy" Mantra rope Be is 14 6 ot SaVanBroosilnToa Blaeksmlth's bUl 8 s ' SS8 (S 0 00 so to 42 00 S 00 80 00 30 it John Hnff, Lock teadlns mo . wmrarnter.n'jnii jam i Llnily AitMse - Ass " . mo ; Fletcher MoOaU" . mo i JaaPronty Brtdfs lead's m I St 00 St 00 SO M0 SO 0J 90 tO SO W I John Qraham, SZ10 00 CSKCK BOLL. Hav. 1 J BavjwanJs.Ton. Foreman, ' Joseph errls. Asst i 100 1 to 100 1 00 too 1 CO 1 80 1 CO 1 00 100 1 to 84 00 40 60 SO 50 21 SO J7 V 17 00 6 M 18 14 00 8 00 Mlfh Au net. Labor NlchShoap. " t Lockman. - ' Joe Const, A Sngust. 1 Team Ohlst dwinser," Labor -.., Jamas Hay i T " ! ' "'! ' ";J sH - 1 17 " ! ir itii u " " 8 " 4 :? 1 )s ' " 17 - ' r.-" to : ! ' - : 11 " ! 10 -i4 i s " li - ! io " "i IS " WmLoasir - " 8 00 James LoDfly . JatH.wtey, 1 tO 24 00 1 CO 24 00 If 83 7 1 00 1 00 1 tO M 00 IOC 2000 100 IN 1 00 21 00 1 W) .10 00 1 00 4 00 1 00 C 00 1 00 15 00 J 00 8 tO I 00 100 l oo is i oo . 7 do 1 00 100 IT wowers... anwup . Aodrew Kent " Labor PUornwall James aorT, " J Hor-e Kea on," " JOSortkniif"' ' ! fa Salton " : - " ! ' U i olman . 3 Ward " ' M Saneran ' " " : , James Pcper Frem.n 1.4 au Q WOoff " V 1 " ' Moris Wires " J DC?e , " - 7 " 1.. 1 s 4 ! 8 iX .. ,10 m 18t ;1S 1 OS Clark. " A Blmoos -J 8 Martta ' " Bsoil WelU ' Henry slyer' , JnoOallaher " Marsh Martin" 1 00.13 00 Team - Labor 10 I Jno Bacon, Jr ' laeoo BBDie I M Oodaid O B Hawiey Team' ; Day tlH Total 873J 80 Tht aitovt Labor wot pa-fsrmtd sm foUotti: 1' St days asilitHif host that war agronnd at Ton- - awanaa ( 70t days raising and rapalring towpath between Cherry aaaXou . ;!y . A 81 days rslstns and repairing " 1 10(50 850 TdDawanaa ana emwea 700 days remeTlnK saafceo boata In Ton Orek (1 09 I daysreea's aalsat aalohar BDrtnas to 0n 'P,k "T nd a so ISA Ida, ralalnaand araTalllnr towrath between : Flckard'. and Bashes on ion ereex , 17 20 101 days raising and building nbankmentttew path brlage at Pendleton 110T5 el days bonding dock at Pendleton , WOO I A- aiat riam. $730 SO HOT. 1. tnOA BCIU.A.. ' X 1 tsaxQBway, oni Foreman, 1 , asys ar 100 1 o 1 7 2 00 1 15 1 2 1 2S 1 00 1 00 100 1 00 too 1 50 1 00 1 00 84 00 400 47 25 400 I 87 18 IS 2 87 10 50 21 00 si 50 22 00 1 00 24 CO BFnrsman. Asst ' 27 fin. 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Grand Total,X- I Xhot A Latb'ro pub abstract f ex- r ( ,t peoHtores for month of Sevtemper i Grand Ttal . BTATB OPJTBW Y0R5.T' ' - Brie t Kdwin Harlbart. Bmerlntendent of Canal reoeirav and bairn ehartre ef tha line ef Canal sped Sad In the above I jtX f 1 Bin haadred. and. OveaS-lOO doilara, 1 al trn abeuaot I of all taeveacoen tasen sy jirg,as attca BBpnasewtoiit, oi k,t, ims t,- ! Subscribed sad sworn to belbre me, 1 . u I.1BU. Am ml Nab: lfiSS. ' f noil It JOHN Bl'ITT, Oeinaiissloserof Deed. TT3sTviri32 btatbb (jatoEi ; ,,, - NoaTHxaa Daruor 'ERKAS. s libel bath weea Bled IB VWtriet DlWrtctafNew Vork.o the tweluh dsyiof Jiobemtx-r, tetlte yearof euIoneth. eiM buffi. io. AVAiaat tha seaw Mastadoo. of Benec urana juv- r iter tackle, apparel and tnrnitura, atatlns- that "tbe sum f three hundsd end fifty four dollars snd tblrUen cenMl I etas as. aasamsj aAB geaaua I. ns. the HhlrAat. for MrVtBBS I is oy wua city of Buff.. 1 and material and repairs bytthera furnish-1 d pertormea in re suuu w, .iw. m, muu u. rsisli.x 1 her imi, . .nnkAn flondltlsn an two several occa- tons, end pu1 m nthsof Oci t,m. bat ia naviaenia conaiuan. air in tu tobar and Mevember, 1894; and further stat- log and ailed ring that sfa asaster and owner or see w have hitherto aassoted aad teused to pay sua owner, or ta, saiu tne sai And nravlna the usual "procera ai monl Hon" of lie ld Court, that all persona Interested In the said vesaeVber sacKie, apparel ana nuniture, mar u,ciwujiun. remise, and all dae proceedings being had, that the same may be decreed to be sold, and the proceeds thereot be distributed according to aw: Therefore, In pursoaac of the said monition under the seal of the said Court to me direct-d and delivered, I da hereby give notice generally, unto .11 umn h.wtn. ar nretandirur to have any rtrnt. title or mtenet therein, and to UiTiSjn. master of. the said scow. In special, ta appear before the aforesaid Court, st th city of ButtAla,ou the lecond day of Derember next, ir n oe foours r i"i"Y"'"i av...A.r .t bia a'clock tn the forenoon, then snd there te Answer th said libel, and to make their allegation In that BahalX. . A' r m a, WnflW wirev. - Halt, and ScetovV' wa Vi V..'.TTjfm'nV.rirnJSj rtnfi - ) The coal Is pt mt the tom oftha are, and by this ,.r.n..m,nt It fa eoafead. the eas. ta. urnitra aoe are i in. . . . , . ted by eunaeni It silts Hsewa asbe ta tha s efany tjnd Of eeal No das., smoke or a ean esoai e lute he raem tres Stav US SKeatng n win WWi aa m aaaaa aaay pot ke takea apeiilyorseweek. - BOIS L AT UlIJ B M rlw- A -" W" Jjqma are- I i 60N0 BELLS. 1 : - ! A FULL ABSOBTMBNT, .mtobl 6r Btaarawrs and A3. ProDellrs.sisse fr'tu 8 In to fa In In mmtr . fnolt ptlOLKY BROTH3.6T Malnst NEW BOOKS.' XTOTBB th Principle, and Practice ef Baptist II c 1B013 Cb arches, br fiaocls w'sy'ani Just received by st rw iT.j ar IA. .'-tlaBtrcet, . A BRILLIANT WORK TaVLB,-AX AND BADOfcBAGe-Asw-e)0W J Lectors., br wullara Mrr r i owv. i BtlibiKna. f Letlmrr Lltilegood. or la. kouag eanuesnaa aCF Ke S Baos. ttitniRprr ant if nwl House. ; re8 ii - a- -1 - . ? t buna!--.- lllock. 2 so 10 00 1 CO 8 00 1 00 50 1 00 1 00 1 00 22 00 1 00 180 1 00 10 to 1 00 20 ro 1 00 18 50 I 80 40 00 i USleil as Jfunaioxcv imnniar v, p,,tbiwi, " w. tear sf nnr Lord oa thousand eight hundred aod BRy-etx. M 71' .TJOHS M. MOTT. U.8.Mrsbal. -aSf vQ--otI--rByi fi, VUliulS. Heputv. ' Srssups A FTkwoBs. feocfors. ? - .; noi3ttr hf I fc. y- -il:-.A , m .era, arlVTS VJVTWV. ST'. A& CtT-" " T 'C-5,JfflkJ T.AVO ADJUSTED :HERNS AND BUT i Yankee lor Deeeaiber., rrtKtAlr0r I l'pw.gTP mve,'' ! NixNsx for ber. For saJ at r . w '.. J I.. .. . " ST.T.WW.lTeMSti. 1 f OeiW-NINO PIiA I - received a beautiful 1 ajx sssnnniTri asnewsuessataiBuvTH. .. . j ..- . .' j . nnU StWAAA. - rfti - 'm -'). 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Oaalna, Bkocka, fnnltnre and store, oa tn ; m(.- Tivonbta trm. Atiin ra brtoe eetebaatad ratant Pto-vte LeeavTeearl iwtwinOJiiioi trie Jess b Jwn. BCFFALO AQRICVITt7IlAX. WORKS. - - Orwes WaakiactM mm 8ee etreef -v , WlUKarrtltettinvl keea on nee FAHMntw RllAlfl MJtuUAKICaL MAOtn t KS eeBerallf.' 8. r. Wirt. Pree. A. 8. nauiw, gee. D. Oeaoawvfnp. at uon. bswam. -,-, t - V OO Mi SANDVORB eV CO. BASPS.COLLECTIOS kEICBASCE BR0IES1 , - f ASD PBALBSS IX 1 AKD WABBLAKT8. Net le MaJsi Stress, BaffUe 1 V"' V'.'',,. ' It. 8 Hed Ba, Xrl, Pa. . JtcAeie Marine Bank. Buflalo, Kew York and Site Bi de.; JtjoeeO HarrlBOO. do t Amertcam xchanr Hank. fw lerkj OUoln Is. A Xmst tie. i dot B. W. c 'K itiooee a ia. eo.. ,-). - - - : - i ie CLARKE, GTJTHRIB V BTCKfctKS, FOBVABJJING MB C0MISS10S MEECBLMS A Hw 11 GmmI Wharf, BaBate, NL T. . ' UbVtl advances made en all kinds of Produce lor sale ts this Ksstern Market. j nsT artlcu ar attenuon paid to. porefcaBns; ytoduc en AnlArtt t- ..... Ctbus rAArs -.... 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' ' ' ' ATfOSXZY AST) C0TOSKLL0B AT LAW ter RiriatMcSB Hon UsmuslL-Silen. Judseof New Yora Court of Appeals. Bochester, ti. T.sHaiitlBas A Mew. ton. Kjra.. Hocheslee, W. l. Jas. B. Wadeworth. Henee. N. Y. Messrs. Oarrtngton A Casey, IMedo, O. seiaueM - - - 1 :.r':;v; w, n, manlky, .'.;.-r.'., ... E JCH AXGE BROKER, DXAL$R IS GOLD, SJLYXHt Ty CUBE MITT ilONEJ . ' fir AND JfXQOTJABLM SMQUJUXISSi Has Bckoyed tc Ho. SBxchansj street v. seUtdelt THOMAS P. HOW, Sol:or of American, and Foreigii Patents, Alp! COUNSEL. IO tt IN PATENT LAW, M Navl5 Brewir BnUdlna, , fear the Fostofflo. atrlfttf - BUFFALO. N. Y. WM. VLEMENT BRYANT, ATT0JrXT AND OOrjNBBLLOB AT LAW-Oflloe OTOT 174 I S-fn st. (Bremim mock) cngaio . If. ocio B.OWB V CO wuow 8 ALB OYBTBB AND FRUIT BBALBBB, No. treet. Bqtralo. ; aif Malij, Vi GRANT, BAiLas etc CO- OOMMQiSIOa MBB0HAST8-So, SO Booth Street, Kew xortp I :. . I .-. j . BtSAS jtjlRAJIT, ARnSTJtOMO B CO.,, OfeMMHiSION MBRQH'NTB ito.iJS Pier. Albany r GDENTHER S 8T EVENS, f mi 13 Maila Street, Buffalo, N. Y i: , Wholesale and Retail Dealers In I I GroEiieSy Drugs and Medicines, uytjianB, rroauce- - ,, rowaex, Pafu, . Brooms,, Shot, OuTl : . Pe". - BafekrFTue. Vanishes. Twines, 5 ... ' FercCapit. Olai. Begars. ' Brnshee. . H. 8. BEECHER, . FB. OD VCK, COMMISSION t SHIPPING MXSCBAST. ST i iuh Adrancea made en Prednca. " svsr tjnoe Brlok W arehonae oa the Bock, foot of Oora- merclslFjitreet. ( j . . Jetdrt2 JASON PARKER, PRODTJ JB COMMISSION MJEROHANT. Iealr tn Leeds rjorat of w, rater Street and Ship Canal. Bo Halo ' " mhir ?A . W. L. BARNES, i mAL JCSXAfg ANV GXN&BAZ AQJSNT. Offlce o. 1 Weet Seneem at. , ' 17 ' ' PARKINSON ete SMITH. .ptVfaMNetfMMM AJTD. LAND ttSTWTOMAQ, Z ornat ovbb u. o. baiohf jxwk.hi sroas. BIS. Df?AkCUHeB,l -t.. ' . ,v ' 1'? wm. iStm, - .'I BUFFALO, Si Y, KefeM? permission, to the followioc ren lemeni 9. 8. RAiiT-tiBor.. W. TlHt. Cyras Clark. J.D. Sawyer. B. B, aathrt layette Knmsey, P. P. JPraU, and 8. H. Flan, Esquires ;(, . j- .-. . s tar particular attention paid to Surveys of Real Estate, of Icarth-work, Masonry, and all kinds of Rall- roao jSBirmeenrai, aniotf ,'i TURNER BROTHERS, , MANUFACTDRBRa QF , Turners' Syrnps, ! Sarsaparilla, I i, , HlfltiBK WlNxt, SkU. k At Nen York, BnfBd. N. YandBaa Franclsbo. Cal. ' fel .V; r. RAi.i.inaK. PR0r-!B COMMISSION MERCHANT AND BQlPPINU Ad Hi f, h o. 2 Caetom House Buildings. Buffalo. Libera! AdiratSesasdeeneonslgnmeBtev :- ' . . Refer tHlTo. Deshler. Esq, Buffalo, Geo. W. Tlfft. 'Esq., PreeM Ant of International Bank, Buffalo! Wm. Moore, . Bsq. j; John N, Gardner, Esq. do. JsStf ' ) ISAAC HOLLO WAY, . . : .it i( ' BBAtBB.ST ' ' ." Medpia and Lockport Sand Stone; tFLAK3HNO, CURBING; PLATFORMB. . Door etld. Windevt Cap and Sills, SUpi c, 4rc t& i (ice and Yard Oornsr Michigan street and Mats and Hal (bnrgh Canal. f . mySOtf t HENRY DAW ek SON, ' - 'JBIP1 Beec Q AND COMMISSION MBBOHANT8, Deaims rater lime and Planter. Buffalo Hura: Paw. apt! Atsasp P. Paw. I Webster's (Ml Store, Ce 'Mr Yrashlarta Stnd qasty Strwwte, - i dlolrdni Canal Bridge, $ BUFFALO. :MA, GEO. C. WEBSTER, Manufacturer and Dealer In Machinery and Burning Oil. : AlsO-jaialnters'. xannerr ana neat s root tnis. mhl GEO. W.ALLEN, COMMipfSlONJSM OPDSMDarOM Htl 'o 'BVWTALO i tor io Op Starrs, ever Rob neon A Co.' Bank, cor. t i WM. S. PRESTON, TT?!-" OOMTdXIBION UBROHANTfor thesai f FLOTB. vBADT i kKlto. AO,, iiu ner, ainany, Agents i t er Hartford Steam Packets and other Baetern Vessels, rforeonal attention given to the sale or purchase f 1 Flour. trin ana uenerai rroauce, aiso, to ma lorwanung Propel tor in any direction. Ail orders will h promptly andat hnmy execntea. . ; : : - apsu , UHOLLISTRR sV LAVERACK. WHOU ALB DBALEB8 IN GROCBRIB8, Drugs, HedW clnesl ad Oils, Dye Weods and Dye BtuBis, Window Glass; S Ac. Ni ,202 WsehtnnstSrst building below Seneca st. 'ROOT, lOLtKTBa. , . t4TVCg . -.- s.wssjejsBsss ' " Banker and Exchange Broker, i9 irteaat etreet, Hirilister BwUdtn-, j UNCBRaENT BANK NOT KB, Sold and Silver, Bit's of Bxchanire Bought and Bold, fro niasory Notes Negotiated. Collections made on aU parts ot the United State and Ca nada, an au transacusD appe.-iauun w us Business, Dromptl attended to. k ... i ocxe ernwav Bnestun: . i BiitTirA(WTrxiJ or : JatiflAnftd & Stamied Tin Ware. I , ... a,w i TnAii ki-jti I if 1 Hl." u m -hl Otda Aa. , a ... A ittejtsi Stvoeit, BalTnJa. arit. J, 8TITT. a 5 r.T-- . . - - COMMXpIOSfX Of DEKD8 POB CTTtf BTTFTALO I . - Qommerclal AdvTBer Uttlc. IT 2 1 - ti CHURCHILL Te PARKHR, WHOLXdALB AND BBT AIL GBOOBRB N. 881 Mala St ; fcatiS! ,A"A'y - STEPHEN B. BUTTS, r- - Jmj arter. Mann tactnrer and WhnXi.laPealarln . . Dg-uei rwotype, Pbotograph, at Ajuhrotyp troods ! I ; 5T Mala Street. Buffale. apS VTTCi . BURR 4fe CO BANKERS, ,. ;r I i 'M ' Na. BO Blatla Bt. RaffaJa. - - 1 . . UfTJBR f ARTNB BANK Deal ers la all Weds of UN- : nim la bj, unmv nnuTalVUfl vlSrsil i.iim vm OCR It ANT MONBY, BUBINEW8 PAPBK, LAND WAR. a xa.j'.v u . a' y !.-. xtjiu a x av jb. mskv av w a mr BONDS AND UORTGAGBS Beaaht and Na. BAN1 SOtlaU ? u V A (.Bight Drafts en i 1 Tall parte of tbU, 5 jt-nwr-t an IV-rstti 1 uwTmpmi Bight Drafts en all Baetern Cities. Collections vnma ptsibs an vsaaaa. ta ta. i mvf HelMPlBaHAl.KR. t ' i MfrODVCM COMMISSION MA&CHAMTS, , ' RO. H i.BrsTUAL WHARF. BUFFALO. N. Y. PaTtlenlat f attenf a paid tav tha purchase of ILDUB sad GBAJB 7r(i-, CABWALLAPBR BCLU . r OTALtIH LEHTOH, LACS AW ANNA. PB ACStOBCH j ABO. SLOSSBUKU AND BiiUMitiOUB IXlAli, Beetch ltStSU 0s1 t oS Yerdoi Cfftto tre lf OilolnnaU and t r n,, atreet.Baflalo. .- ' - mala r v.'-T-,S. K. WORTHINGTOWsl'.fi PMeDZCM. COMMISSI JM at SHIPPING MXMCHAMJ CASH A 9VANOB8 madeeo Property, wtta, Prtvlksg "Na.1T Ceatrwl Wharf, xfofiaxt. flse'JTO.e'.AT win this tty,apar-;.--'- ,r-- - SHED TABLB WABBwA fall t oa hand of sor ,vs mas-af trtmr e DUDLBY. BROS .87 Main st. a71 fHBlSl krt AltU kaHEp fpeicea.- jRroea s oc2 1 iAtBfCl OTYPB OP THE ffUTIIBB PRAUUa aoraaeenMu . - '. - he LSI rl. FLER8gTIM.lj7 Msrnst. i . - ... ,.'.a'.a. rs ssvusra. v TYTB BiknufectBre, and have eenvtaotty en hand A W v periur article ef Brs flanished Tiniatatp. aaiiacMPfM. vtawnwi aau tJrrN. jarf nirr, Dl-i?. hiuJpWMeiaat. BY telegraph: ST TBM MOSS LLVAt lrri?al )f the Enropir ' ' 'NwYsii, Nov. 13. Tle.ileai&sblp Europe wiih JUvtrpool da'es to Ne.! arrived heWat I this P. Mr?'Z The steamship Argt arrived at Sowtbampton oa the 3ist uh. -."i-.1 r-n;rr' ; - The, Iverppal America Chamber ,(.2onv ptibliah' en; address' fwtho- fSouthenj Chambers, eomplaioiag f the talae packing of Cotton.- ' rr-f i r---r- i ' No aewa' whatever front SpSuAgt1!:? :$&. The Neapolitan qaestioa remain precisely where It Was. The. MJ.7additJonaI ' incident being that th goveramBf Nepis had addressed A circular of jnederat tone to Ita diplo A despatch states, although perbap tm aa' au thority, that to a French jeauisitlon to cvacust the Danubiaa lneiBaMtree, the Austrian hsve returned a fist (staselT -ir-i - r- This matter of the Priacipalui has esaumed s prominence over othet topic. .' . The French goverament jehrnsls aseert defi itely and explidtly that th Port hw ttemaodl-1 .A 5 a... t .U...V- . :Cl71 1 , ua,u auinuiMuu TBcvaui the Princtpaiitie and the British the Black Sea, I but that they by a secter matiisr understsnding a ' .h a .rt. j15 -1 t-:. i 1tiaBlt '4 1L J 8s" t 6 ) I iwub i.ievjp'.:n,f- -""", I i in ugiisa lourrlals under tnimmedute is-1 apiratwn of th government deny oa the contra- ta.. 'Vl.-. ' .-i.' , - i. . . i. .... "v i 4 V - iy ma, any suca uemana nas oeen maas oy .tns PorteiThe ptpert. generally; BiitUhrfsMch and German, apeak In undisguised terms of the completion or progress of an alliance between England and Austria, and .between Franc and IRUSSI;-'; -t;v. . ? Jt u now atated trrataswtahas jiuuosed -to refer the questions ot.fhav laid of Serpents snd oeigrsao to tanstsniLBOpl tor eettiement 1 he Russiaa Railroad canes ion corer 2JO0 miles and require 40,000,000 pounds sterling. lae London Timet recoramends English cap italists not to invest, and Napoleon baa forbid den the Crtdtt Mobiher to take shares. Nws from Bombay, Oct. 3rd, says the expe dition against Persia' was Still in operation but had not sailed. Inundation and cholera' had ravaged the Punjaub-and Sciade. 1 From Shanghai date are to Sept. 14th. The seasons supply ot tea was expeotad short. Further tmceesaea of the tmnnranr. ava ranArtarl. LtvsaiooL Mabxbts Breadstuff Richard- son, epence dp uo. quote breaoatuu steady. l Wheat quiet and uodhsnged. Whit 99d a 10s 3d;red 88 9da9 6d, Flour quiet and unchanged. Western Canal 30 a 33; Ohio 35s a' 37s; Canada 35 a 36s. Pirn AU .nA cs v.ll ..j ! 1 I . . . ,uu w .uu uiucy , 3j a 3 js oo; wnite 34 a 94 - 'i) Provisions outet and generally unchanged. Lard. Sales at 74 London money market had undergone no change. An active demand existed.' Consols for money slocdd git '92V)s92M ' For -ftocoant 93Jis92.. , , A-ii ' r. " American securities dull and quotations (light ly lower. , !. ..- ,'' i I ,. i -. LATEST TELEGRAPH NEWS London, Saturdsyi Nov. 1st. Russia has d finitely excused Persia from the payment of the indemnity for the year 1827. Tt. T!n,rt .l.L'.t; ..J. " iuiu,p iii, giaaiowt vmillHt doubts on the statement received via Treiste .A ...klt.L.J !. I... -:L.- .-ill- -,j;.l-.I i,u i.un.nGu m iMi.uigm b wiuuw, buu irjg mat in the opinion of those beat qualified to judge the snail nao. not only aes fielded but ws not like ly to yield. ' J J " Telegraphic sceounts from St. Petersbnrr, dated Thursday state that during the past three days there had been six degrees ' of irost. Ice was expected to come down the river the next day in which case navigation would be suepen- ded earlier thsn ususL Eight thousand casks of tallow still remained on the guay at St. Petersburg. '. ; -" Later trona California. A. I ABW I OKI, iNOV. 13. The steamer George Law arrived earlr'this morning. Bringa San Francisco dates of 20th ; AspinwaU 3d, and upwards of 1,600,000 in tressure. ;:i ,,. . . , .. ; The George Law connected with the Goldea Ago, which brought down nearly f 2,000 OpO, the New ywkBaBsenBers. Bndmail. ofOrit.fiOtl.. Left Panama n the 21sL "All well on the ttoldi en Age. . :. r- j. x' '. ; . ' The Golden ''Are Bussed the Sierra Havadol flnt 9(1,1. inJ ih- tZ .t w.i. t...J vw-e -w.H saw uuaaua vPw aviU) fvvrxj iJvuini 1 v New from California meagre. Th marheta during the fortnight! had been excessively dull and prices nominal.' -'! ; '' ' "J . ... ' :' 1 be Demoei-atie primary election in San Fran clco county, had resulted in favor of tbe Brod-j erick faction. The Republicane hsd withdrawn their county ticket and adoped the peoples nom-! inee a. t' i'4 - - - -- A collision occurred in Clinton Valley, Men- uuan vv,, twiwuon tne wnitee ana a party or tnaisu vBtu BBjevem. riiip ot toe' letter were t-:n j "fl!- ki-i hh.vf4 p.iii tan!, I.tissta Advices from Southern- California ststs that ex-Governor Gsadard had at tempted Jid revolu- lionize Bohorsbntiwas baBed. and had flid te X- J . - A. .... - . ..a. the Indian. parties had arrived at Taban top the purj : working the eilver talnea' bn thh Gadadei ' i.... : - :- - -1 . The copper mines were, already lit successful operation and turning ; oat large quantities of rich ore. -)'.,!:'.-';. r:-J:.;-.;ij), mstic seents.' smd thst the Klna na sent Mon-1 arwisi rienr LVAgieut, FiwBehmaa;1a is t-tW ntS t Pari. o a'aeeret snmmonv r .t r- - - 'tSitSfi Dipldmatie relatione had been suspended bwrdaii!uth instl.tT tween England and .New Greneda, ia con- qaenee ef the latter goveremeht failing to. liqul' date the Maetntoah elaimi ' ; , Thd British West India fleet hae been ordered there ta enforioe the clsir.' i4 fJil!yiUI i no steamer uoddiu arriyett, , r s yesterdsy trom the Upper Missouri. Among, aerpsewen gers were' Dr. Heyden, naturalist iwith favataa jparjcddties andfeit,, tfyifafy 'party: Mm fa exploring wpetmwn to iMJpCftljrt sfl tne Miaaouri and fellow fj tone, rivers. "Lieu - Uf.w. M.l C.r. r. ' . ' . , - , .. ".,w'l wo, Wu umn i,.rn;w U. laOBta.' OI the Yellow Btona;". f a'.isaa'iBc to a corulderable fja:te.aongiie Indians. ; - A letter to the JPiwefrul -datesl Lawretaee.1 Nov. 8th, aaye: Fifieen sute arisoaers hat! been acquUtedTeeven oTwhom'were reairesTedr'oBa charge of robbing ike- FrktikliuiPoat Office. , i ne pian pi xe coming election ts ttisl a com mittee ahaU eanyasa to Urritbry with a petition A !rg qdifiiUy cf tbrllng 'and provUians had arrived and .was i being. flUttjted ' among th.Aff.t,l. f ' "ft "-' s i ir'" " " .3 !, ! . .. : ). PajXABBLFBTA, NoW IJt.! n .i . James Buchanan 'aad Lewis Cass passed through this city this morning tot Delaware te L,..n a a.n.i. ri..,u.. f,.T,A..i ,i.ia t as ' ' 1 t AU foantie- huf fouy vfff f. Mf Edward, Wayne and (aravtord give onanaxt 6065 pi HbiJrttfrlVTim 'St.tClalf 4 Miji "wUl give a Repablicaa mtjotiiy The Othera Demo- eratic ' . ,l..s ,I3,Aii-iA . V - tT totj r-i' . . ii laasan i ii ii ai Tlf.lOd' i: ' 1 t 4l-F"Tr" istsgrafs, a-uvitufa . -d s- . v" "ri i..t .'ieawYBBAjatefcei, - i GaAiB.WBaA firm for prim quallUes and hsavy for aaasaaw. Bales m fJOr) bnsU at Bt 4911 48 for Hn waakaa 1 1 sU tax 4 vmweuanaauss. nya.' ms xubvbwsw a sr. vera lower Bales IS.OOO Bush mixed Westsra si SwaTO. Oata fina , ' ' ( PmovuaoBl PeiliBthsagd BMto 808 kM aA B18 St 8tS Ti for mess ;17 24117 80 Bttma. Beel stesdy. CutBteawqul IastsatVOJlS ' - -t eiii, WatsaAS aBBJvi Baa-a2MbwlB 81481i. " i SveevsPrlee erpeued ' better,; with, -xaaeWatej -'; SjajtouV Voaw 4y at 7 per eent ea eaR laaaa. BUrUaBxeangen ksk Michigan Boa ther and Narthera Tjdwaa BaUreed 4Jt BW. Tart tnkrai Ballread AKiU MIUKfssiaw fatvsiirat and Toled RaUroed 'tBcwsisBMt aw Prtfar barrgbt Baiawed 7t SllcWgrt sosy-r Cli-CentnBallrbesd.ersV B stheg BealrBad fix. La Croass and Mnwanke 8Ud..HArlria Ballread ljUav Mndsea juursea xvt. i , f?IOURED A? toigestaad' WOOL DB LAlNtS-Tha laiseetand wwtcomeieta aOTUrTjf ef f s ahava ,whp tu a av I" taj wane as saw u . i ..IT . ' - - . ' - - . J0 6. BENCH DB043NK POP.Iv-A SesxtWB;! at aaAHmanl iBsMt piabIh a Bn tiA aal a, .SB atvBval . . ; j BO'. BIS ' ,- V ! f. ' i - - J .14 H I : "T1 trarv WAX Vilnt UriK " H ; i- . . J-k. Le 'rref swniauee lor a week, cewi1a not?tet w'x ia .aa-. i i -i w ItTJRAB 8 Book, Btattowery end New Henes, . Car.Maia and hn-h"- s..a.j i .., aoll A MUSEJIENTSk iimOPOUWxTBXiaTELV mlTHOe CAB'- - 'j.' JaH.B ' w.a. l M. T4F rVaceelr' v Ma:; twL: BWaae satke ': Jptnth !fibi ef Wrs.f Davenport, r ' X.:i.n?hlB StBbkIbUs, MT. lata '9 X HMr.wawaa,1 .W-sili wX.M..lff. BTtPOpfJfw. sYwWHraT PWWMsasjaj . afllslwwwk. f"t 4V w msw-iwitj w I VU TUB PJBT Ok? THE PETTICOATS.' Paataa rt .... w..bmj W. OavewporC" Pm .. .,. , ,.Mr. Borer. 4 ineTa... t.i... w ML Wetaa.' FtidiyiEmcnimg BkmJU sf Jf Ddt? ' vows ffwa tn 7; pwAn-sustis goiftmrrwe at 1)6 , j vrsvtmi urto ow a "bttt, .. ivi -- t.l t laAAi.1 a (jr.tfeea.lB AS f"t Fane Dress, and Masqntradc Ball BECXSBKB. IX, l&Mt. s fTtHB ODdsrelciMd Hreupeetfally Intpran th elUieae ef X Banaie, aad the ier4 of the am(J mtawvlg abere xianeeaf, that a TBlBi. 1 ,-,.,. i,.a a f.oin..S. D.n v ftH " poa 5H"" rXKTK7fZ.'VZl ttpj:,, ' Jk't-.; "tdkM iM.-swSwWS tf t. '-L. 1" .a!SF"''eT-.r auwreni uic ewree ana - SfeeMs car. be obtained of Mrs! afaiUa,et the xle- tzoBuIRsTheatr.' ';; .... , $ i"vN. tefcA.jSt;, MUelO bv oOllln'nA1. : -s S-ttnillr Ttckslaeanbehadat tha different MuJc Btorveand ttotela. " :"t ' : gEarTjarnaseswiuu w attaadaneeataa arly aoerftsjy Mr. Koeyrs. n-q . -w... A J. M ARTiV.,rrt.nw ' " WII.L SOON CLOSE I t''"' . . . i l i .1 r i. , . Tbe "Most Celebrated BlbiUtu l;V: . tN THE WORLOi .. ' "'TTT- Aad contlnae ersry Srenlng at TX ostack, and a Batur r: i way Bkitarnoosi as awwoea ...-...?.:-... - MBtt J. a.'MlK!iS GIGANTIC MOVING PANORAMA OP JBM TUTOtr0 E H ED P E ! Tb lantest lo ih Wond I ehowlnrOne Hrradred views. eo iei across, er tn pnneipai dues saa eajeoi at inset Ami. In Enmn.. .1 i .. Te repreeemauoB win oe aceompasiea Dy appropnaio B1BSIC oj . - . . " '., " AYLIN riBLD, of Lendmt, who wtu mtrodnee, for the Bret time, the new Freoch Instramen. the Jtan Amloo, which ha adclted sneti nnlveraai soes rauon ta et e w x w K. tr AdmlsstentwentyiTe oewB i Taeexr Wm. :XL' J-rOCK. 8 JjanClZlfr SCIIOOi. at odbiin aiavi.14 ' Ctusn kb ot nin ana aenawi streets, mnraio, ntrano on Mohawk at. WIU commence on Batnrdav. Nov. 8. 1898. Clawes sverr Tuesday and Saturday. For MaUsrs auu uiwos umu mi r . n.i rar jublubb uwb ,uur. as., n ., ..... ,n .. u r w aMjuauiflu uum a Mil u, r. jm. ' fMni In . d 0. v. i. W . at ... Ulw, MM nn .rtmr .f u lessons. as: tiaaiesao. s: oenuemen. ao. . We H. Lork respectfully announces that Be Is now ye- .y to ,ir. I..SMM1, la aU tha New au Fuhlo; IT I able Dances. BSP Parties will commenc a Thursday, gov, ia t aras or Aimisaion. su cent. ocsitnojar Concert llall IR D ' S A Ij OOK, UT AND ISO MAIN STREET. 'fW ? rpBIB SALOON, wtlehbf vrybodr act nowredred A the finest and best arrsnged west ef New York. It open dav and evening, at redacod price ths TartBT far BUhards aavmg Been raauoea . .... - . -.. a,,;;;:' ONE SHILLING PER GAME. A-l, There are Nine enlendld Tables, which, wish tha Ones and Balls, are the best manufactured, whtla the. attend no en visitor Is eenetant and unremitting The best of Wines and Liquors, with the choicest brandeot OlsarSiOan always be tound at the bar. The eubtariber, grateful tor the lar.e patronage exteuaea to Dim here toiore, will always endeavor to merit it, by giving those who visit ktaa tne nutnesi sausiaouon is rowre. - I Pltf. :, , . wBORQW ROLLO. l "TT ZAZZrA- A . . . .. ' . . I MUSiCi lOX BallS.PiirtieS. OCC. "-'l,.'i A ' a J- --f ...... .' POPPENBERG'S RIBPKTTF trtLT aanouncs that tby are pre: furnish MCB10 for . - , hallsi Parties, Soiree, Concerts. ar0rdara left at B AQB A BONW tank) fltoW. a addnid. ed to AliBBBX PUP IkN UBRO. by post, will receive immediate attentlea. , -j , .S(. . , . 4 ..naessIS Youiig Mens' Christian Union, ffHB LKCTCRBS before this Union; ff th season of a isH-r wui oe ssiouowsi . .. . . . Nov. 21 !, - ' ' ' Nov. 13 8 H. Cox, D. S. "Baronial $onoraU4 Patents " of NobtlUy., - Dec 4 -A L Btone, w. D. Agitation.' ". ' Doc. . 12 lS,18.2and23-JoiinIoTJ 1 uarainai tticneiieu,aua tne soundsaon or Absolutism in France." A Xouis the XlT snd the Oratdaur Afthe Monarchy.' uuls XV and theCorrspUonof ts Court." "Mirabean and tha French Ravalnttan. "Napoleon Boospart aad th Be jits of th Rerolo- hi, wia mubu j llon. 2Lth-ltot0.1.lrtr Jan. 17 W. H. Aleu. Prest. Vlrard College. f Jan. 1-C M. Butlvr-D. D. r Jan. 29-K. a. Foster, D.D. Th PhUeiphy of BeforBts.'' Feb. 6 Hon. Ira Harrta. ??.,. f I Febi U Hon. Thos. m Foot,, 5! ZVmam5r' s-.., jm I A5???i!?J??"!,.4a afcbrrt, at the Union Roonu. or at any of th Bookstores, t th Jol I BersonsSSi foareereens aamittuig one person, pi sw; two pawns ss sot three .Ii.e!WJS".fW KRSMLIN HALL, on I'ugAOtf&I M T l.tlJXv M esca week, exoent as othsr. wise announced, at half past 7 o'clock. Doors epea at Uf. Men minutes oei re seven. stunAU a. ttUUAlts, no7tf ghatrmsp Lecture Committee. Furnace Begiaters & Ventilators, T m are wnensrM t rerniib Res ster and wenfflasava TV of all tha varteee eiaes and Datlarna at tha shortest DonniureofcBiiinuie-BaaBuracturera. .. a . . i.TTfkr .u u nn . ., uvo i- m.-p... t. s . i yunH nxiBi49i iaam ,t. ; . .! Ilarly Closing ' (H aod rter WBDNBeDAY, November th, BbeppsrS J A OotUer's Piano Forte and Musle Saleoa WUl be oka- I at Seven oclock M. uctll fnrthar notice- tk.4 W00LTWINE. f:. r ll jluidb of twine, bop anb cordaob- r; .frr'i.r.S" 1 i ( COTTON SKIRT COxUr garWltb tflr r Without WlreJ , V RJJ4ISIL OAKlSI Oil. ,.. notOtdet --n ? 84 Mrfden Lane: New York: RMS. SUP. BtiUE LETTER PAPER iw raame euperqne wnite netereper. 100 reama Shoe Peper. small sise. rv Jttstreoelvsd u4 fur sale hy . , . , - ! lt.aiintr.-;.t: i-'r-'j 4 Stationers and PaeerDeaJers 1 t nolO t- Oosnmeroiai Advemser Bnuarngs, OROCBRS AND DRUCrOISTS NOTICK. fTHB BTORBB ed the and enlaced will- be elaeed at I f- ?ek- (.ex1 Batarday Bihts) oa and JUr SM huenther 8tevB r Lemaru2oiman' uoulster Laverock. Jacob "-"' H Adams A Oo, Wm Woodruff, iohu W William A Co , ' Webster A oo - ' GesrseGase. ' Geo W .tJeott, A W McAllister, AS Wohater. poiitiy LAY IN YOUR POTATOES. TTTHIN you csn get the right kind, wnich wiU keep al !' winter, aod Save 26 per cenL Ihavealarre supply on hand, of the beat kind, which I will self; and deliver; in any DBrtottheeltySreeJ CaUat No. lOastoor MenM." noil B. HOLUDgB.,' 4 tt'J.i, s Sqso reward r ,..f I pr rHirVuane. oVsf , jLaiuR'8 urriua oet. ta iss muo i tm uaoamem. uounoh or SmlSiVjiS eraor oner a ru w.rd .r i hhhk tor the arrest and eonvlcUnofth 1 Pn or persons who mnm.ied roiiskt waLTBb. in .1 r1 "v. w ww v in mjth rw BeBtembar last. Sttnolt F. P. STBVSN8. Mayor. COPARTNERSHIP 'moTIOBV f pHB Undandrned have this day formed . 0o-pjtner-A ship, dee tbe nam and arm ef Lacrdoa A ae.ia. kst tne purpose or the inspection ot .fork, Beer aad Flah, ana aeug a teoem i-revsaom Bus! nee. at Ss. . s "?? Banal, si. x,.t job 1M", YRAKg A BBABB mL V . ij , , eaij. ,i & J KE0GH, ' .51 HW4j-i pianoForte ITIanisXact or er;s Vpoi MBJt ar pcViy lf-4 I rSr okm I ilTlStf, i- a. a xuuq. I BAIT'S WATER PUMP I0AU6B8. "tniTB hsprm received the above, and Boa-eery d i V a great Improv.mea toi atowtalDttn , the sravmnt W waa in aw wim amniTMluil" ttpMSM.. f 'BO -A ... . DPDLBk.BaOe- BT watwst. NEW LOT OWASHCRAPT 6 ATJOES&Ior . showing the auaoer of counat unaeara-of ateasula rtiers. bo ' : '' puui.SC. BROS.. 6T Mala St. Hi B. HOLUPQB, ga. 1 Oaston Heoss. xitTB BBAN busaeta priia mtlcBBt jY. laade part Ssrsass ay " :- loctS . ' HltNRT DAW A SON. KTEW HICKORY NfcThWaat received Not tt TV Custom House. .. noli ,: ,- : j S- HOLUn ja- ' IVW.BW BM r- ' 'f-i- fe '.-4-S f i v- BOLlJnTBB A LATgRACX. ChAqnered Btera, ; IfACKBBItWAMWlyief Free MAofcereL IBS l latu, S. a.a.t .s ' ' ' SU WasclngtoB ttrtey nODfDIB-A toie-ed Bs, 1 Jull far rA-nttv 4 tlt.f.i.w,1il ttwuaBXMs, a BOIS -....J-.i 202 Washington street tNDLiESAIarae stosAof KAX-Baarat aad ataartne won raegrrered rttora tor Washtntton streefc - STUART'S SYRLiPo-Ahewsoppiy ae iuatreBv4 at UefMutly store of ftklsBlceByr l aoll - Kkq 8 ABB. Beneca street. KTEW JUICKOMY 11 v;aaviM,lbel riW JOICKORY NUTS-af Bbl tkagt Matl iamny seers ef. ... m lJ G.ArfBi'Ben'eqt'sTreeCl. tYTINTER APPt.K-l0S bbbj Vfntor Arr.'-s for inell j-- i- i wiyi. 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