The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 8, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 8, 1950
Page 9
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THURSDAY, JUKE 8, 199C Makers of Oleo Ready (or Push Big Market Drive To Begin July 1 With Drop of Tax ijf WASHINGTON, June B. (AP) — Tjpeomargarliie makers are preparing a big push (or their yellow product the day— Saturday July 1— that the ten-cenU-a-pound federal tax Is dropped. " Housewives should be able to get It at lower prices promptly that day, Paul Trultt, president or the National Association of Margarine manufacturers, said today. His statement applies, of course, only to the 33 states which hai'e authorized sale of yellow margarine. Truitt told a reporter he is confident that (he full tax savings will be passed along' to the consumer, making yellow margarine available then at about the present price of white margarine. lie said the industry expects yellow margarine to replace the white practically , completely on grocery shelves alter'. June 30 except in the 15 states which still ban sale of the colored product. The federal government took in over $23,033,000 from margarine taxes in !94<J, and that measures the amount of revenue it will be giving up from repeal. The repeal extends not only to the ten counts a pound levy on yel- iJow margarine but also to the 1|4 of ^Ppc cent tax on uncolored margarine, and license fees assessed dealers. In 1026, Americans consumed on the average of 18 pounds of butter and 2 1J2 pounds of margarine. Last year— after wartime conditions had reduced u^e of bread spreads and housewives had learned to oe more saving, Trultt says— the butter average was down to 10 pounds, the margarine average up to 6. The publicity given margarine during the fight for repeal of the tax in the last two congressional sessions is credited with giving sales a boost, too, particularly tho^e of yellow margarine. Lack of Driving Knowledge Hit- by Traffic Officer , Lt. Jack Rhea, of the Traffic Safety Division, Arkansas state Police, told members of the Blythe- •vllle Kiwanls Club yesterday that Arkantas has very few drivers today that know how to drive an automobile properly. Speaking on highway safety at a meeting; of the Kiwanis Club In otel Noble yesterday noon, Lt. hea declared that "it Is time we »iilnk up some program-' to' teach the youth of today how to handle a car sately. A sportsmanlike driving class is needed In every high school fc> the atate to accomodaU all stu- *snt« 14 years of age and older." 'A lot of traffic accidents could bt prevented if the drivers only knew how to handle a car properly," he said. ' Following his talk Lt. Rhea show- ad an Our Gang comedy film on street arid highway safety. Guests at yesterday's meeting included Fred Mickllsh and O. B. Hayes of Jonesboro, Jimmy Newberry of Memphis, State Trooper George Irwln, J. c. Davis, Morris Brooiu and Gerry Hudson. Arkansas Senators Vote WASHINGTON, June 7. (AP) — Senators McClcllan and Fuibright of Arkansas voted with the majority today to approve and send back to the House a bill to increase the borrowing power of the Commodity Credit Corporation by $2,000,000." You'll Love Ocr flowers! Blytheville FLOWER MART Menphta Hfwaj Mlotw Mt2 LOANS CARS, TRUCKS Real Estate i FHA United Insurance Agency A. P. (Dee) Dietrich, Mgr. 1st & Main— Rear City Drue Blylherillt, Ark. •••• For Improved KIDNEY FUNCTION In a majority of ca»i investi. Sated in *>v*ral ho«pi(o|j and clinics, subnormal Kidney function *"• improved. Bladder pain ond discomf or1 reduced after the use ol Mountain Vall.y Woter. o« /our cond,t, on a< functional Kid. rrtn.IT 0 . 1 ™'? 1 *" notural - ""'rented mineral water may be ,ery b^fraal. Try i, for 0 fe ^ wM) nr » » delrcioui, pure-rasting, and may be consumed freely. ^Crosstown Whiskey Shop Main & Division MountainYaDey Water <<^s^z Soviet Press Denounces Purge Of Jap Reds by MacArthur + MOSCOW, June t. (AP)—The Soviet pre.-s yesterday condemned General MacArthur'j purge of 11 leading Japanese Communists from political activity; as » violation lot the Potsdam Agreement. . . Moscow'i pre«s:an<! radio widely discuised. MacArthiir's action as well as the results of last Sunday's parliamentary election* in Japan/ Newspaper* described the occupation commander's move as "MacArthur's arb|triry action." One story quoted Japan'i chief cabinet secretary Katsuo Okazakl as saying MacArthur had received Instructions from Washington lor, the purge of the Communist leaders sooner than had. been expected. . Discussing the. elections,^ the Communist Party :Organ Pravda said Japanese police had created an "environment of terror reminiscent of a state of. siege" In connection with the elections. Pravda said despite Jhe effort* !of "Japanese reactionaries and their machinations at the polls," the Communist Party had retained its three places in the house of coun- cillors, which were at stalte In the election. The Communists p.lso hold two other seats in the Japanese upper house. . MAY RETURN TO JAPAN— A peace treaty may return to Japan some of her prewar island possessions. These are the northernmost of the Kyukyu chain, including the large islands'. of Tanega and Yaku. At the Japanese surrender, the . Allies limited Japan's sovereignly, to the four main Islands of Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu and Shihoku and "such minor islands as we deter iii,e." Hospital Gets Loan LITTLE ROCK, June 8. (/Pi- Arkansas Baptist Hospital here hus obtained a 5500,000 loan for a new doctor's office building adjoining the hospital. Tliis was announced yesterday by Mufflers Considered For Power Lownmbwers HAMILTON, O., June 8. Iff) — Mufflers on power lawnmowers? Yes, says councilman Edward Beckett.. He suggests' 1 that something be done to compel owners of the mot- or-driven;'.grass-cutfeVs 'id 'eqiiip them with mufflers^ Charles Schwalm'. acting'-'city -manager, said persons making too much'noise with motorized lawnmowers' might be guilty of violating, the general, ordinance against noise. He promised to look into the matter. Making grindstones from sandstone quarried nearby is an iinport- nnt industry in Marietta, O. John A. Gilbreith, administrator for the hospital, who said construction will begin-In about ten weeks. Flying Nursery Lands Disgruntled Families BOVINGTON, England, June «. (AP)—A flying nursery which left California six days ago landed here yesterday with Us disgruntled, weary load of 40 wives, 35 children, and seven husbands, . All were dishevelled. Most a'ere irate at air (ravel technicalities which shuttled their airliner- chartered to bring fromer British women marled to Americans back with their children for an'English holiday—from California to Connecticut, then to Miami, Havana, and Newfoundland before crashing the Atlantic. ' . Many of the children wire 111, and were crying as their mothers carried them from the plane. Two stewards, assigned to care for the group en route, sighed with obvious relief as the voyage ended. The ordinarily simple (light from California to England had been complicated and delayed hy an International dispute over landing rights for the chartered airliner. EDSON Continued from Page, i positive, ratio of gross farm pro diictlon to national income, we can set up this dogmatic conclusion—no political party can operate the .economy of the United States on a basis of full employment and national solvency unless it is willing to stabilize our gross farm income at a level high enough to provide the national income required. This sounds a little like a OOP Brnnnan plan, but It Isn't. Mr. Wilken backs up his "Seven to One" — or,"One to Seven"— figure's covering the last 20 years. In 1929. gross farm income was $13,000.000.000, Or 14.8 per cent, roughly one-seventh of national income of $87,300,000,000. .The ratio was 14.4 per cent-in 1937 and 14.4 per cent in 1948. The Wilken theory seems to bog down a little for 1933 and . 1944, however. These were bad farm years, but gross farm Income was 10 per cent of national income, anil the ratio was one to six. Ratio Determined On 20-Ye; Averagn t Similarly, in 1047. when gross FRIENDLIEST CREDIT PLAN IN TOWN] J No previous account needed to * buy with no money down—your credit is good with us. 9 No delay, no red tape in opening an account ' ' O We carry our own paper. m You make your pcryments here t« — weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly as you arrange). And you buy QUALITY 'GUARANTEED MERCHANDISE! 'All Goodyear tir«i carry HW famou* GOOD/YEAR GUARANTEE TERMS AS LOW AS SO WEEK! BIG ALLOWANCE FOR TOUR OLD TIRES! Come in today... well be looking for you S!iia!?;.-ss».mvy v^v......-*,.,.^.—...^^..-.^. , — • • • Goodyear Service Store 410 W. Main Phone 2492 (ARK.V COURTKTJ NI5WS —^—. /arm income was at record high of »33.000,000,000 and national Income was at the peak of $226,000,- OOO.OOO, the ratio was also 16 per cent, or one. to six. In 1D40 and 1941 the ratio was a little better than one to eight. But the 20-year average was H.3 |i«r cent, or one to seven, and that's Mr. .Wlllcen's theory and he slides to It. "The seveii-tlhies trade turn ol gross rarm 'income Is in reality our efficiency ratio of pe r man production," Insists Mr. Wilken. "It exists primarily because such average farm worker produces enough farm raw materials for himself »nd six other workers. The conclusion which Mr. Wilken draws from tills Is that to create economic stability and protect national income from sever losses due to unnecessary drop In price levels, thd country should stabilize the prices of non'-iierlslmble farm crops The price of our basic nonperishable crops should be stabilized at parity with the value or an ounce of gold, the yardstick for our monetary measuring in world trade," says Mr. Wilken. "Such a !i! p .^i" f'"""" our Price level nues at 169 per cent of i i, - u7 9 P criod . <"• the same relationship between gold and commodities during that period," So that's It, is It? Back to 1925 and 1929. PAGE .NINB _ "To stabilize the basic raw materials from our aglcultural production Is not price-mixing In mr sense of the word," Insist* Mr. \Vllken. "It is In reality regulating the value of the dollar as provided In the Constitution." He doesn't say wnere m the Constitution it says th»t. But there you have the awenc* of the Wilken theory. Take It iway Republicans. Senator Cap«h«rt wants you to start thlnkin'. For your en/oymenf... KENTUCKY'S FAVORITE STRAIGHT BOURBON ^ "Smash Hit" Champion of the World's Bourbon Capital* is Early Times. More Ken- tuckinns buy Early Times than any other straight whisky — it represents the peak of bourbon perfection NEW1 1950 BASEBALL BOOK! ives major league standings, schedules nnd dotal Aak your dealer for a complimentary eopyl (w/iera Itwapetmtt »uch distribution) . 1AKLT TIMIS DISTILLIRY CO., LOUISVILLI I, KT... THIS WHISKY IS 4 YEARS OLD . 86 PROOF amartly tailored alecp ante expect to pay for an ordinary imnpri&c »•*or box apring. Th» nationally adrartawd Spring 'Air matching unita -famed tot superior "atop-abUty** — wiH giv. you the aound, nUxed atop racommanded by doctor, fcr health and vitality . . . tfaa rerraahinf alcep yoo need to Wake «p Fro* «, Sprinj A», m»t- ^toDjr ready for the day ahewl R'« no wondor that Spring-Air • «ed m man titan 2000 WOO ft patienta and funtf fa gmn tif, tantfcn, Sprin(-Air rate* TOPS"! Got the Tnaide rtory." Feel fcr yome* tta haa^r.. of "Controlled Comfort." See the amart colon and fcbrica, in florak and atripea. Chooae (be -r*f •*— and typ» to wit your need* from oar eomptete lin. of top quality Spriuj-Ak S/IQ'iO tfill, i i n o s «r^I ~»«JW ••••i WUJJSIVKI uiw* ot \up qualify o aui Mattnana and Box-Spring. HERE'S WHY YOU GET MORE REST WITH SPRING-AIR "COmROiliD COMFORT CONTOUt COMFOHT FOR AU SUPPORT COMFORT FOR AU Whether Ttxj'r* b*«> -ConlrclM Comfort- f r^lural Ixxlj «uppo(t ta anj powtlon, wi «»T. On 3frac-Air JOM •* WADE FURNITURE CO "Trade with Wade and Save 7 '

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