The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1935 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1935
Page 5
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THURSDAY, AMUL -i, 1935 __BliYTmiVII.LB,'-(AUR)'"COURlBB>-NlSW8- Chancellor Acls in Case of Preacher Charged With fhctl of License Form JONIiSIJORO, Ark.—Tliu purported nmniajjc ol uulph E. Uuncy, Dy- crsuiin;, Tcnn., preacher, and Miss 'liii'Ima iiowerkm was held void "Ha 01 no legality by Chancellor «J. V. Uauiney nerc Wednesday loi- iou-hig the mdimiciu or Baney on tf.iu b cs 01 lorging n public nocu- nu'iu and Inca of a public document,, a marriage license lorm, by ii itiytiicvillc gnincl jury Tuesday. 'ilic cnanccry suit was pref.emed by agreement and il is understood mat the criminal charges ngainsi- iv.iney will be dropped. Jiancy was i.'xirauiU'U from Tennessee M luce crininiai prosecution at Ul.vllicvills several \YCCKS ago bin lia<[ i;cen irec on bond unm tnc island jury convened. 'Hie uyersourg pastor and Miss liawciton wtni co Blytneviiie with friends noin Uycisburg on last oct It) aiui alter slopping at Blyihevilie Uiiiicy allegedly seemed a marriage , license. A ceremony, pnrporiediy I uniting the couple in Jegal wedlock, j was performed me siune day. Baney I was alleged u> have entered tlw j county clerk's oflice in tlie court- ] iiotjsc at HiyttycvitJe and .stolen H I banK marriage license which was inlcd in by him and used for the ceremony. Lruer Baney returned | tind secured a genuine marriage cei'- I inicatc alter Miss llowcrton became I suspicious ol Hie authenticity of tlie | iirst license. I fc'oon alter tlie marriage "cere- ' inony" Miss Uoivcnou left Baney and iic made an extensive- search through newspapers io locate her, IDC ailair becoming knovrn in Ihc locality where Bancy . preached as ti:e '•missing bride" episode. Oil Men Will Sec~~ Real Well Blaze -And She's a Knockout!- Rich Silver Mine Legend Revived in Arkansas ST. JOE, Ark. (UP)—Legends of a rich sliver mine supposed • (o be somewhere on the north Ijniik O j (lie Buffalo niv'er ncnr wjiej-b It Joins Tomahawk CiceH. Iwe been revived wjlh the exhibition In Marshall recently of pieces of higli-nssaylng silver ore mid u few pieces of almost pure silver. J. Turley, who came here from Tulsa recently, owned the ore. He leased from c. li. Passmofe, o( Marshal, 300 acres of land, from which he said he luid taken the metal. The silver mine, called the Tii- Iwr Mine, was supposed Io have been operated by Indians long before while men reached this section. Prospectors have worked the lountry cast o( here since the Civil Wni- scarchfnB for Ihc mine. Ur. W. F. Rogers, a merchant here and formerly a JoiiK-Umc luiidltloncr In this bcetfon. vouches for Ihc story Hint a man named Tubor lived near the mouth of Die Tomahawk until - the closing months of the Civil War and appeared to have an Inexhaustible supply of new silver. HOUSTON. Tex. (UP)-A "real" oil lire to K staged outside tile Houston city limit-s will be a part ol (he Oil Equipment, and Isnsi- iiecrin!; Exposition, April 8 to 13, oll'icials ol the show have announced, j A .standard derrick will bc'ereci- cd by a company which special- ises in oil iircs. A large gas line mil bo connected at [lie bottom 01 the derrick. The gas win be ignited and allowed Io burn until [lie ctcrricK is allame. Then lire fighters will demonstrate their equipment by I extinguishing me Hre. 1 Other features of the exposition ' Were to bc'iih amateur'door show, wilh oil men as the actors; a soli icurnamem, and intcrmuioiral lirsl aid contests. Approximately 60,01)0 persons attended the cxposiiioii last year. Delayed Dates Killed 1,000 Cedar Waxwings LOS ANGELES (UP)—Residents were surprised to sec birds dropping out of date palms along Van Ness Avenue until more than l.OUO carcasses littered the lawns. Jnrestignlioii showed that the birds, known as cedar waxwnigs, wcr cpoisoncd by eating decayed dales hanging on the palms. Several of the flock were revived with milk and castor oil applied with an cyc-droppcr and continued their migration. Former Largest Barn In World Is Razed KEARNEY. Neb. (UI>)—Whnt once was (he largest barn hi the world, a 300-foot long .building, constructed to convince medland ranchers of the value of alfalfa as livestock feed, is being 'razi'd. . The old barn has been .ordered torn • down by Its present owner, William Wright, because he Is convinced it- Is unsafe. H-.wa's .built by H. D. "Watson, pioneer advocate of alfalfa to convince Nc- biaskuhs that - alfalfa had high food value for livestock. Dimensions of the structure were 300 feet long, 100 feet wide, lind 50 feel, long, it was located on the 'old "1733 ranch." A husky little lady is Joan-Hannah Williams Dempscy, daughter of former heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey, shown here in the first pictures taken since her birth last August in New York. She grins happily-posing with proud papa above, nnd below is what might be described ns a general of her. Calf Lacked Eyes .MOFP.AT. Tex. (UP)—E. End Balniy D<)ys oi' jrtyr "Crash" in Vacant U Was Model Airplane LOS ANOELES. tUP) — Three police cars mid nn ambulance sped to a vacant |ot wlicrc nil nlrplnno was reported • to liavo crashed. They (oiinrt a wrecked model plane or seven and one-halt fool wing spread, whose one-fifth horsepower motor droned so like a full- elwHl piano's (hut residents telephoned an aliuni. Jlule-ln-()iic Was I'ar ASTQH1A, Ore. (UJ>) -James George Coon teed up his ball on Iho Aslorlu course's fourth hole nnd proceeded to Hue it i)eal!y Into the exact center of (ho lake water liaz- nnl. Clolfcr coon retccd mid, piny. IIIB three wllli the two-stroke penalty. holed out for what was really a holc-in-one, but entered the l, 00 ks as a mere par three. broken leg will be'wort)) more (ban u broken heart In New York ttalc under the bill just enacted outlawing "heart bulm" suits. Governor Hertcrl Lehmnu (right) is shown handing the pun with which he signed Ihc-bill to Senator John J. McNaboe (left), who shares with John A. Byrnes credit lor sponsoring the legislation. Breacli-af-promlse actions, long challenged as a racket, are estimated to have cost .New York men $10,000,000 a year. Wulkndiun Hroiighl Suit KLAMATH FAU.S, ore. tup)— liuunlng a walkathon is a loiish business at best, but Vcrnon nal- IOI.T run Into trouble with his that he liadn't expecled. A light globe fell on Mulxjl Drlschi while she Wiis jittcndltig (lie show. She sued and :vas awarded $3,000 dinuagcs. .Sliced "C'»|i" Shorlagc CLEVELAND. (UP) -. Cleveland >ollcc now hnvo « i ra nie dcpart- ucal molorcyclcs but only a) men ruined (o rldo them. New Telescope Will Bring Moon Closer LOS ANGELES (UP)—The moon will be brought within :!00 miles of the cnrth by a 12-Inch telescope just installed'in the GrillHh Park science Imll Hearing complution here. The five-ton Xeiss. refractor, suggesting a big elm as it swings ponderously within its dome, magnifies from 40 Io BOO times. U cost $20,000. jbolc caved In. and It look the dogs ' wo days Io illg out. Aside from Jelnj; nenrly sl.irvetl. they were un- 'njurod. Goats Draw Crowd HAMILTON, Out. (UP) — The numtuplcl goats'born' on the faiin of J. noss, just oulside the city limits, are attracting considerable Canada lias Quint I,;:m!>s, TOD attention here. The five kids arc BUOCKV.ILLB. Onli IUP>—Quud- cntirely normal and in excellent riiplet Iambs were born to a ewe l "" 11lh owned by B, Mnrkley here recently. All four nre in good health. At Camplcford a ewe owned by Thom- M. MS Bright produced' milntliplcts, one ,.-.». » .... » jui_.i. \\j i- j ii, i^i. tij, m lyiiL [Ji uuj Owen, farmer, living near Temple, | of which died. Lard Can Was Safe For Baby Bond Money MUNCV, Pa. (UP)— A local resident walked up to the clerk in the post onicc and said: "I want to buy 0112 o[ tilose baby bonds—a $500 one." ."That will be $375," the clerk Ibid him. "Here's your money," tlie man replied as he iiftcd up a lard can, appearing to be heavy, and placed it on tlie. counter.' In tlie can were 750 half-dollars. He said lie'-had been saving them over a period of years. Old Camion Barrel ['omul CROCKETT, Tex. (UP)-A 15th Century Spanish cannon barrel has been "rediscovered" near here. Tex., has n calf born without any eyes. The calf is in excellent health except, where iU> eyes should be there-lire.'only two small, partially developed eyelids, Owen said. BLAND, Texas (UP)—'I?wo' dogs got the worst of it when they chased a rabbit. T|i'c rabbit, ran into a hole. The dogs .followed. -The Bryant Truck Line Auiioiinec.s A New and Better Service liy Oiieniiif,' A Terminal Hi 606 North 6th St. lil.vthevillc Phone 246 fvl/l U** Utty or WASH OUT 15 MILES OF KIDNEY TUBES . Medical aatborlUM acreo that your kidneys ooctaln IB MILES ot liny tubes ,or jniw whfch heip to it you bay* trouble w«h too fr»- ijucnt bladder f<ut»get vtaHaatr aar amount cavuing burning and dl«comfort, the 16 MtUES of tttety tubes rwed wuhiog out This Ameer signal may t» Ota Iwylnntn* ot imsglns backache, leg pajni. low o( pop and energy, gotlinf up If kidneys don't empty 3 plnlsacjaji nnd got rid of mow than 3 pounds of wauto matter, your body wjlj tato up thcso poisons caujlng Bcrtous trouble. Don't wait. Ask your drUK- flst for DOAN-S PILLS . . . an ojd prescription , . . which has bsen imw Bucccesfully by .millions «( kidney euncrcra for over 10 years. The» Klve Imppy ro)lct and will help to wash out (ho 15 MILES of iddpey tubea. Oet.DQAN'S PlIJ^S »t your O )?34, Foator-Mllburn Co. For Sale or Trade Some desirable income! city properly to sell H prices tlmt uro rlKlil or will Irado for farni property. See inc. G. G. CAUD1LL I'hone 797 Planters Production Credit Ass'n. is pruiwircil to linnncc crop limns in any itmount iit very cliciip ruin of inlcrcsl. Interest'ia pttyiiblR only fur actual time yon use the money. Quick uclinii on all loans. 11 will save, you money to' Stiti US. Gordon Evrard Hiytlicvillc, Ark. Loealed (it Tciry-Woi-lliiiiulon Title Go.,.Office ... I do not irritate- 0* m-uotifl, w'am 6 i rusted weapon found about 10 years ago, but nothing was thought of its'importance as a historical relic and it was lost again. HKI'OHT 01'' CONDITION Ol' r Jfyrmurs Bank & Trust Company oi Jilylbpvillc, Mississippi County, Arfcansiis. at the 'close of "business on March •!, 1035. iUCSOUKCICS I/Kim .TIKI 7)'omito Loans on lltal Estate Loans on Cotton and other Commoditk-j 1C. C ('; Govi. Cotton I.oansi '...'. Ovculialts. Secured and Unsecured U. S. Securities not pledged U. S. Btcurilirs pledged '.'.'.'.'.'.'. Htock in Federal Reserve Bank Oilier Bonds and Securities, Including Slate Warrants Comity luul City Scrip Furniture and Fixtures Banking House Other Heal Estate Cash and Uuc from Approved Reserve Baiil;.'i Other Resources.fInsurance I3eparlin i JiU$aD,(lliO.OO; Stock Union Nail. B!;.. L. II., fa.057.rjO- ,stotl: F I) I. C., $1,711.(JO .' .... S VC.UU.OD 1,3*5,163.67 294/lD tiS,T«5.SIO 40,000.0(1 7,200.00 1,37-1.05 13,S09.»U Tola I i WflfH.Wi 175.00 2,300.22 4,009.00 23,270.00 22.75G.8D I,20!,G38.BO .10ODD00 35''(1037 3a.7IJS.GO SI,97«,4(»5.CV I,IA11I[,IT!KS Coiiiiuon Slock S 200.000.03 hmplus Fund, Cnlilied .WOOD00 Undivided Profils, Ncl S'lvings Accounts . : Dividends Unpaid "...'... Individual Ueposits, including I'liblic: Fiiiid : , Due to Banks Demand CcrlificaU'.s of Deposit ..'.','.'.'.'.'.'. Time Certificates of Drpostt ' Cashier's Clu.cks Total Amount of all Classes Dcpoiits as Above Shown 13111s Payable (C. C. C. Oovt. Cottwi'Loinvi) T1 ' olal ' 51,070,405.67 STATE OF ARKANSAS. COUNTY OP MISSISSIPPI, ss: I. I). A. Lynch, President, or F. E. Warren, CashH ol the above named Dank, do solemnly swear that the abovu statement is true to (lie best of my knowledge and l«licf. n. A. LYNCH, President, P. E. WARDEN, Cashier. Siibsnibcd nnd sworn to before me this 3rd day ol April. 1035. Jly Commlfsion e.xi>"ps March 25, 1039. (Sral> I'l. R. BRVAN, Notary Public ATl'IiST: — B. A. Lynch J. }j. Cherry C, A. Richards Cecil Shane I. R. Jolinson Directors. lamalwaysthesanic, . . ;iKv;iysmilcl, fine-tasting nnd fragrnn't. I am made of center leaves, only. The top leaves are undeveloped, acrid and biting. Tlie bottom leaves are grimy, tasteless and harsh. ! am made of only the fragrant, expensive ecnter leaves. 1 give you the mildest, best-tasdngsmoke. I do not irritate your throat. 1' m your best friend. CENTER LEA • /V LEAVES MILDEST

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