The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 4, 1954 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 4, 1954
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 4, 1954 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN East German Premier Claims Otto John Granted Asylum BERLIN (AP) — Communist Premier Otto Grotewohl told the East German Parliament today that West German security chief Otto John has been granted political asylum Homer Clifton and family. I Brown of Tucson, Ariz., Mr. and! Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Butler and Mrs. Buford Tyler and 'children' from Euphaula," Okla., and John' sons were in Lepanto Saturday afternoon. The Rev. and Mrs. Clarence Otis spent last week at Hot Springs, Ark. attending a camp meeting. Okla., Tyler of England, Ark. and Mr. and Mrs. Prank Tyler of Dyess spent j Tuesday in the home of John Tyler's daughter, Mrs. Frank Hardy, in the Soviet zone. John disappeared into the East sector of Berlin July 20. The West German government has taken the official position that he was kidnapped, probably while drugged, or lured into the Red zone. The East German radio announced last night that Red state security police had rounded up a large number of persons it said had been spying for the West German and American "secret services." That broadcast did not mention John by name, but as head of the Bonn government's internal security service he knew the identities of hundreds of persons sending information from East Germany to the West. Claim He Quit The Soviets in previous broadcasts have claimed that John quit the West to work for German reunification. Since John disappeared, a man purporting to be him has broadcast three times from East Germany, saying he went to the East to work for German unity and because "too many Nazis" had returned to power in the West German government. Grotewohl told the lower house of his Parliament that he was making his statement about John to "end all speculation and sensation mongering" about his disappearance. He read what he said was an excerpt of a letter to him from the 44-year-old man: "Herewith I wish to thank the German Democratic Republic and you personally for the asylum which you have granted me. "I wish to assure you that I want to work for the unity of Germany and. against the danger of war." Cut Off An official British source in Bonn today said British authorities cut John off from their intelligence secrets about 10 months ago. The action, the source said, was "due to an increasing conviction on our part that John was unreliable." Other Allied officials in Bonn disclosed today that John was involved in a bitter controversy with American and British intelligence officials in Germany before he disappeared. John considered Nazi-like elements rather than Communists as the greatest danger to the young West German republic and concentrated his work on them, the officials said. He was a member of the anti-Nazi resistance movement during the war and a participant in the 19 plot against Hitler's life. BONN, Germany Ufi— A general from Hitler's Wehrmacht, now engaged in anti-Soviet espionage for the United States, seems certain to win top command of West Germany's intelligence operations as a result of the John scandal. Since Dr. Otto John, head or the Federal Security Bureau, vanished into Communist East Berlin July 20, Chancellor Konrad Adenauer has turned increasingly for advice and help to former Lt. Gen. Reinhold Gustav Gehlen. The angry Chancellor is preparing a drastic shakeup of John's German "FBI" and may replace it with an entirely new office. Gen. Gehlen is described by competent sources here as the Chancellor's choice to direct government intelligence activities as soon as West Germany receives its sovereignty and starts rearming for Western defense. Gehlen was chief of military intelligence on the Russian front from 192 to 1945. Captured by the Americans, after a few months he was put in charge of a small staff of captured German intelligence officers to evaluate informa tion that the fallen Nazi regime had collected on Russia. When the cold war sharpened after his release. Gehlen was handed a more important task—to collect new intelligence on the Soviet Union. He is now reputed to have a staff of 4,000. He main- tains a tightly guarded headquarters at Pullach near Munich in Bavaria. German newspapers say the Gehlen organization receives about six million dollars a yer from the United States. American officials call Gehlen "priceless." While Gehlen works for the Americans, he also cooperates closely with the West German government. DYESS NEWS Mrs. J, E. JACOBS Monks were the timekeepers of the Middle Ages, and monastery Real Estate Not Moving DETROIT UP! — Four square feet of Florida couldn't get out of Canada. The soil, part of a beach scene, was held by XT. S. Customs agents as John R, Reeves of Sarasota, Fla., attempted to bring it to Michigan from Windsor, Ont., across the Detroit River. Reeves said he was bringing the soil, complete with palm trees, to Michigan's Gov. G. Mennen Williams "in appreciation of the kind tourists from Michigan." Customs officers said they had to let the plant quarantine division look the palms over for disease, bugs and such. "What are you doing coming from Canada?" asked an official, bells told the time to all living "Oh, I just decided to take the within their range. long way around," said Beeves. Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Wooten and son of Bassett spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Barnes. Mr. and Mrs. P. B. Wood and son, Clifford, spent Sunday at Chern Valley as guests of the Rev. and Mrs. W. B. Yount. Mr. and Mrs. William Jacobs and son, Ronald, left Sunday for Henderson, Tenn., to spend the week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Jacobs and brothers, Charles Ray $nd Dannie. Mrs. Homer Clifton took Freeland Holbrook to Jonesboro Tuesday for a check-up at the hospital there. Mrs. Benton is in Lake City visiting relatives. Mrs. Lova Clifton went to Booneville Tuesday to visit her mother, Mrs. tta Simpson. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lee Balch and baby and Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Balch and children of Detroit, Mich , arrived Saturday for a visit. Mr. and Mrs. Balch and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. James Dodson and daughters, Linda and Debra, are spending this week at Dardanelle as guests of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Dodson. Mrs. Clifford Hale and son and Miss Shirley Bradley of Memphis spent Saturday with their aunt, Mrs. Mrs. R. B. Brown and sons and j and Mr. Hardy in Marie, Ark. Mrs. Richard Shelton were in Le- j Miss Shirley Henard^ of Memphis _^ spent the week end here with her parents. Miss Evelyn Anderson returned to Memphis Thursday and was accompanied by her mother, Mrs. Tom Anderson and her neice, Mrs. Sandra Wilkes. Miss Loretta Humphries of Memphis spent last week here as guest of her uncle and family, Mr. and Mrs. Norman James. Mrs. Ethel Freels Jtomacyproar Gtt hit, soothing rtliafwilh PIRCY JMIDICINI panto Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Homer Clifton and Freeland Holbrook spent Monday night in the home of the Rev. and Mrs. L. R. Jordan at Lake City. Cliff Collins is in Rockford, HI., visiting his daughter, Miss Sandra Collins. Roy.Chappie left Wednesday for San Francisco, Calif., where he is employed. Ross Nevils of West Memphis spent Wednesday night in the home of Vernon Holland. Mr. and Mrs. Fant Kirks and children of Memphis were guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Shelton Friday. Mrs. Modena West of Memphis ii here as guest of her daughter, Mrs. R. W. Daniels, and Mr. Daniels. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Wood of Dyess and Mr. and Mrs. Ransford Funk and children of Memphis spent several days last week visiting Mr Wood's father, Dr. O. S. Woods at Salem, Ark. Pete Cox and Jerry Chappie are atending the State 4-H Club meeting at Fayetteville this week. Mrs. Louise Funk and brothers, Joe and Billy, of Memphis spent last week as guests of Miss Faye Woods. Mrs. Bobby Yates of Macon, Ga., arrived Saturday for a weeks visit with relatives. A. T. Edwards, scoutmaster, and several scouts went fishing Friday and spent the night at Rivervale. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hall and children of Macon,Ga., came Saturday for a weeks' vacation with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Emery Hall and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Yates. Paul Francis chaperoned the 9th Friday night for a swimming party. Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Craig and children of Trumann were in Dyess Saturday afternoon. Luke Carter of Jonesboro spent the week end visiting Mr. and Mrs. Roy Cato. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Harris and sons, Kenny and Kavin, of Kansas City, Mo., spent the week end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Harris. Miss Janet Cash of Memphis is visiting her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Pickins, and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Cash. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Tyler of Detroit, Mich., Mr. and Mrs. Jim Kermode and children, Mrs. Eddie of Whitton spent Saturday here visiting her family. Mr. and Mrs. Mickey McArthur and children of Hughes spent the week end here with relatives. Miss Mozelle Williams spent the week end in Memphis as guest of her sister, Miss Pauline Williams. Mrs. Emmett Pickens of Memphis is here visiting Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Pickens for several days. Reatus Strait of Roskford, HI., is visiting his sister, Mrs. Calvin Carr, and other relatives in Dyess. ^ Mr. and Mrs. O. O. Brown and daughter, Alice, left Wednesday for their home in Chicago after visiting Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Holland for several days Mr. and Mrs. Eldridge Ford and sons, Larry and Ronnie, of Wilson spent Sunday in the home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. Warner Hargraves. The Rev. Orman Henderson of Clarksville, Ark., began a revival at the Church of Christ Monday night. Services begin each night at 8. Cooter News Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Barker and daughters of Davenport, Iowa, have arrived for several days visit with Mrs. Barker's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Frazier. ; The little baby girl recently born to Mr. and Mrs. Barker has been named Theresa Jo. This is their third child. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stewart of Flint, Mich,, spent last week end here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stewart. They left Monday for Tulsa, Okla., to visit relatives „ and were accompanied by his mo- daughter, Mrs. William Jacobs and ther, Mrs. Stewart of Cooter, and 'Mrs. Tom Edwards of Holland, will return Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. James Brown and son, Gary, at Aberdeen, Miss., Saturday. Mrs. Jerry Brown was inn" Memphis Monday to visit her husband. His condition is reported to be improved. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Travis and children of Michigan are spending this week in Cooter as guests of his mother, Mrs. Sallie Travis, and other relatives.- Mrs. Cubic Higdon spent last week end in Bells, Tenn., with her sister, Mrs. Sain Sherrod, and other relatives. They Kenneth Lawler spent Wednesday in Memphis with friends. Mrs. Susie Terry and son, Freddie, of Orlando, Fla, will arrive Tuesday or Wednesday for a visit with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gurley and son, Bradley, of Milan, Tenn., spent last week end here with the Lawler families. Mr. and Mrs. Gus Cooper and daughter, Jo Ann, returned home Sunday after a weeks visit in New Orleans. Bud and Pinkie Ashcraft visited —^^^^^^^^•^^•^^^^••^"••^•^^^^1^^^^^ Complete Photo Supplies BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Morn Phone 3-3647 POLIO AGAIN ON RAGE Throughout The Country and in Mississippi County, Polio insurance including Cancer and 10 other dread diseases only sio.OO a year for the entire family. 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