The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 16, 1933 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1933
Page 11
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PAGE TWELVE .KT..YTHEVrU,E. (ARK.) COURIER 1ETKH Country May Accept Him ., In Preferance to Ger*; man Nazi Regime - BY MILTON BRONSER '.KEA Service Staff Corr«v)ondrnt LONDON.— Otto Hapsburg, Archduke by, courtesy, king by education, untiring nsplrnnt to tlie shadow thrones of Austria and •Hungary, sees his 21st birthday approaching November 20 with more genuine hope than at any period in his short exlslence. For time, circumstances and his .er have all been working in his -favor. Time has softened the war hat- teds stirred up against the imperial Hapsburg fnmily. Circumstances now have made Austria a more fertile ground for royalistic maneuvers than any time since the revolution of 1918. ; His mother, the ex-Empress Zita, lias been pulling the strings with /'masterly" hand. '. Zita will go down In history as one of the most striking figures of these times. Born a Eouibon- Parma, her grandfather, (he Duke of Parma murdered and her father driven out when he was eleven, 'she grew up in the hard school of poverty and adversity, soared to dazzling heights for n brief time as Austrian Empress, and once more faces poverty nnd ndmMly. PLANNING ROVAL ROMANCE But there is a ftnme In the hcnrt ;pf this little, frail woman, with deep dark rings cut under her eyes, which will not let her rest. Twice she drove her exiled Emperor husband inlo attempts to " | Mot her Seeks .Royal Bride for Hapburg Heir get 'back throne. his lost " Hungarian '_' She faced the danger with him. .She shared his exile. Her husband •dead, she dried her tears nnd began training her eldest .son. To .her he is ever anil always n king. ;When. he was 18, she summoned all trie Hapsburgs to come to her •Belgian home to pay tribute to .their Kaiser ana Khig. who hud not realized his majority according to Hapsburg House laws. Only recently she has been sojourning in Rome. Here. v seated upon an improvised golden throne she received Austrian 7 and Hungarian legitimists. But she did more Jharr<hat, ^Shc tried to engineer n marriage between he eldest boy and the pretty, dark charming Princess Maria, daugli Icntly nyalnsl Austrian nnnexatlon THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 1933 Explorations (or Gold and Silver Failed Ruler of France. to Germany, thereby nsgrandkhm hat country. Italy is just as nuch opposed berniLse Mussolini does not want Germany as his 'rontier ncichbor. \Vllh these circumstances. the thoughts of stntos- ncn arc turning to the possibility of making Otto Emperor of Austria. That would, perhaps, scotch he Hitler schemes for enocl. KINO A 'TERSER F.VH-" DollfuM is not violently op]x>sc<i (o n Haasburs restoration with himself as Premier. His second In command, Major Pey. Vice Chancellor, is mi ardent booster of Otto. Hut. there are still many cx- tr-nial nnrt Internal hurdles to be .lum|XMl. Inside Austria the Nazis and the Socialists at the two extremes arc opnoscci to Iho monarchy. But it is not altogether Improbable that the Socialists would lake Otlo as a lesser evil than n Hiller. Externally the big powers are not fo Inimical as they used to Jlut they miijhl bnve trouble with the succession slates— C7ccho-Slo- vakln. Yugoslavia and Roumanin which in the pnsl have declared thev would go to war rather than allow a Hnpsburg to reiun. Thev fear that Otto on the throne Former Empress ZHa (upper left), who is seeking to mnke her son, Otto Hapsb'.n'g (upper right), king of Austria, may succeed In engineering a marriage between her Son iind Princess Maria (below). ( of Italy's King. Tnset Is a sketch of the Austrian crown. . • * TI t i i mi;» 11 it i iiJiiu VJS.UJ on un: 1111 uni: ter of Italy s Icing. It is rumored n f Austria would be the first step. TmuM 17 - B m seems fftvornblc - Crowning «s king of Hungary Little Maria will not have much would be tlie second. Attempt to SflV. Pnnrp.wpt: m-n' iicn/1 tt* tl.-i I . ... say. •Princesses are' used to that. Time has wrought some dazzling reverses. Only a couple of years ago. it seemed that. If Otto were ever to become a king, Hungary would be his best bet. Hungary called Itself a kingdom with Admiral Horthy as chair-warmer with the title of Regent. Hungarian custom, 'the laws called the Pragmatic Sanctions, nnd Otto's own descent seemed to make him King. of Hungary although uncrowned. Austria seemed lio|)cless from his standpoint, because not only was It a republic, but in 1919 laws were passed taking away the Hapsburg estates and in 1321 other laws were passed barring Haps- ourgs from being rulers of the little country. But the year 1933 has seen the •Hitlerites trying by savage methods to force Austria Into becoming part of a Nazi Germany. Little Chancellor DoUfuss has proved himself the man of the hour in resisting this plan. Prance Is vio- baby eyes saw the strong young men with flower-bedecked hn[s, Kolng away to the war Ringing. Frojn those same windows he saw some of (hem coming back, shell- hlnslrd and silent. EKOAPK TO SWITZERLAND In 1918. at the ar;e of six. he saw Vicuna in the throes of revo lulion. A short sojourn in a castle and (hen escnpc to Switzerland. The family moved from place to place. Tlien news that his father nnd mother had been cnplnml when trying to get bnck Ihi- Hiiugnrlan throne and were being taken away as prisoners to an unknown destination. Then Mndcrln where his father was an exile and March 27. 1922, lit the night Hence their anxiety. 'he ten-year-old boy was summon- ROoil fairies p d to see his father receive tlie last sacraments. Four days later grab back from them former crown lands would be the next. Al gave his cradle the Otto many gifts—a Texans Find Bones Of Prehistoric Mastedon HOUSTON. Tex. (UP)—Out of the shallow water along the banks of the San Jacinto River near rc-rc has come .something that may date back to the time when great monsters roamed the earth. While searching for ferns, L. B. Abbott and Raymond Cage found a section of bone thnt apparently once formed parl of the vertebrae of a big creature.s Nenrby was another piece too heavy to lift. The find was reported to ttie Smithsonian Institute. JOPIJM. Mo. (UP)—King Idiils XIV of France and John Law, master promoter, sank $200,000.1100 in!o I'Xlmvaxanl mine explorations in the Owirk region, and went bankrupt. Yet, in the ii'1-slalc area of Missouri. Arkansas and Kansas alone more than a billion dollars' worth of lead and zinc concentrates have i been mined. King Louis, gay and .spcndlhrltt ruler, granted letters of patent, in 3712 to nil of the O?ark.s, then it part of (In? Louisiana territory mvued by the French, to explore fully the region for silver ami gold. UenuuK 1'ioject The Mississippi Company, pro]| moled by Law, profits in which wei 1 ? shared by tl'c k:ns, undertook the exploration work. Phtllln Renault, one of the king's master miners, :u'co;npa[]led by 500 black slaves from Rnit Domingo, and a numb?r of expert mineralogists, came to cbc Ozarks in 171Q. For half a century the French miners pruwlud through t*!C hills searching.for silver and-r;old. They found large quantities of zinc and lead. Following the French debacle In Ozark mine exploring, the Span- lards came. They were better miners. They found deposits of silver in cavos, but if fncy made any profitable discoveries history foils to reveal them. First Discovery Tr.e first real discovery In the William Kliiik<^i;" - ar"- V. P :IN ijorn in ir,i;i <;[i.i:KitT SULLIVAN wrun- II. M s I'lii'ifnro MOM 1 Ht.ANC is 0.1 I'lcliest jii'jujilaln In Utc. Alps Quebec Launches Drive on "Blind Pigs"! MONTREAL (Ul>l—A Vigorous, u i U v risnlnsL "blind pigs" ami' certain types of cabnrcls and cafes has been sinned hete byi Quebec Liquor Commission polce. During the past year, scores of blind-pigs have sprung up and. unchecked by 'police, many nf them luive hern operating "wide open." They have become so numerous • that police found, and raided, 38 during the two duvs of the campaign. The 1'ccn.scs of several of the Michigan has ndopud ilie oge pension. ! lower cluss types of cabarets and I cafes have been cancelled lx?cau*e of offenses against liquor laws and old i several others are operating under ' close survellancc. Amateur Deer Hunter Had His Wish Come True PENDLETON. Ore. (UP)—John Penland. amateur deer hunter, snl en a log and wished his hick would change. Raising his 31111. he [Minted it across n small clearing at a clump ol bushes. "If there was n decv thtre, I'd do this nnd this, and then pull the trigger," he in-i formed himself. ! Just then n buck weighing 101) pounds appeared in the bushes. Penland did that and that, fired, and tlie deer fell dead. •Joplin field was inntlc by an Indian. David Harland. half-breed Cherokee from North Carolina. Harland found lead along Shoal Creek near the present site of Joplin in 1835. However. William Tingle, a Scotchman, generally is credited with having been the first miner in tills fl!'M. Since the discovery of tlie trl- slaie area, mure than five times as much and zinc have been mined and sold as IxjuLs. XIV squandered in "localing' 1 it. Graik- A R;iw Milk Grade A Pasteurized Milk Thorn 74 CRAIG'S DAIRY quick receptive mind and pood looks, which have made him the handsomest, most romantic-appearing prince in tlw world. But the bad fairies gave him the cup of bitterness and tears lo drink. He was born at \Vnvlhol?, Castle November 20. 1312. His father wns then n simple Major In the Austrian army, only one of a shoal of Archdukes. T!M? pistols which killed Archduke Franz Perrtirmnd. heir to the Austro-IIungnrlnn throne, in Sarajevo June '28, 1914, thereby bringing about, the world war, suddenly shot the baby Otto's father Into the position of heir apparent. When he was four, the old man's death made Archduke Karl the new Emncror and Otto became Crown Prince. From the palace windows his the child witnessed his parent's death agony. Once more the stricken family's drenry trek began. A castle nt Btlboa. another at San Sebastian, a small house at Leqi-.eiUo, school at the Benedec- tinc Grammar School nt Claurvaux In Luxemburg. Then n move to Ham Castle nt Eteenockerzeel In Belgium, while he attended the University of Ixmvaln and took the extended courses in languares. litera'ture. history and politics that a future king needs. He graduated with honors. Now he Is ready for anything—even a throne. To get It. he is dedicating his life- pushed by the untiring Zita. 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