The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1935
Page 3
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jfcSDAY, APRtL' 4, 1935 DEPORTS REfEnL EFFECTIVE BY Organizations Tliroughoul County Arc Carrying on Active rogram Juvenile Court Director Women's clubs In Mississippi county are carrying out their objective "to unite the federated and the non-federated clubs in working togelliej- for n common community interest to promote better citizenship and a wider field for social rarvice," reports showed at the meeting of the Mississippi county Federation of Women's clubs here yesterday. Mrs. S .S. Sternberg, president, was In charge of the all day meeting. Following a business meeting at the city auditorium there was a luncheon at the Woman's club, followed by another business session and conference with Mrs. Clio Harper of LHtto nock, stale supervisor of juvenile work, at the home of Mr.",. Sternberg. Reports from clubs throughout the county showed that much Iras been done in the past year for better homes, more education, more adequate welfare work, libraries in all communities, beautification of highways und women's projects. Will linlerlain District Leaders In takjng up the new work, plans were made for the meeting of the Forrest city District Federation meeting at Wilson on Thursday, April 18, wlMii Mississippi county will be hostess. It was voted to cooperate in every way in this affair at which more than 100 outstanding club women of northeast Arkansas are expected. Another project was the appointing or a committee from each town to confer with D. N. Wilson, county relief administrator, concerning the immediate establishment of an FERA project for women. Reports of the Wilson and Osee- ola. Women's clubs were most outstanding, each showing much gained toward community betterment and home and self improvement during Ihe past year In addition to Stale Lagging in Juvenile Work, Club Women Are Told also havln; ancially. Jn the mornin; a successful year fln- session Mayor Cecil Shane gave Ihe address of welcome and greetings were brought from Mrs. John W. Bdrington of Osceola, president of the Forrest Oily District Federation. Mrs. Howard Proctor gave the pledge lo the nag. Several original poems, written by Mrs. John W. Edrington and Mrs. p. p. Jacobs were read. A song, composed by Mrs. E. S. Driver, of Oseeola, was sung. .Tells of Juvenile Worii "" Mrs. Harper took up the work of child welfare hi the afternoon session. She answered a number of questions dealing with juvenile work, an aim which the county federation is assisting in carrying out. Mrs. S. M. Hodges, of Oseeola, first vice president., presided in Ihe afternoon session and the club collect- was read by Mrs. Arthur Brick - ey, of Oseeola. A vocal selection was given by students of the Wilson high school. Pages for the day were: Misses Dorothy Robinson, Ix?achville, Mary Elizabeth Balloue and Ethel Brlckcy, Osccola, Fannie Denham, Wilson, and Jessalyn Blomeyer. Officers oi the county federation are: Mrs. Sternberg, rjlytheville, president; Mrs. S. M. Hodges Os- eeola, vice president; Mrs. G. B Segravc.s, Oseeola, secretary; Mrs. A. .E. Robinson, Leaclivlllc,- corresponding secretary; Mrs. II. L. Roach, Wilson, treasurer; Mrs J W. Bader, Blythcvillc, historian: Mrs. P. p. Jacobs, Grider, parliamentarian; Mrs. Samuel p. Norris. Blythcville, reporter; Mrs. John W. Mrs, Clio Harper of utlle Rock, .stale director of juvenile courl department, was the guest of honor at the luncheon given by Ihe Mississippi County Federation of Women's eliibs Wednesday at the Woman's club. Edrington. Oseeola, federation director. Those present were: Mmes. Kelley P. Cullom, Wilson, C. W. Ferguson, Wilson, J. b. McKcnzie Wilson, C. E. Crigger, H. L. Reynolds, BiytbevilJe, Oscar O. Hsrdaway, Blythevillc, n. A. Bugg, Blythevillc. Will G. Stanlon, Blythevile, Howard B. proctor, Bylhevillc, George M. Lee, Blytheville, Paul L. Tiplon, Blytheville, R. c. Hose, Rowland James B. Clark, Blythcvillc, A' G Brickey. Osccola, E'. A. Teaford Leachvlllc, A. E. Robinson, Leach- vine, A. W: Young, Oseeola, W E Hunt, Oseeola, S. S. Slernbrg- Blylr.eville, John W. Edrington, Os- eeola, c. O. Redman, Blythevillc, John II. r/>ng, Blylheville, J w' Bader, Blythcvillc, George Abrey Osccola, A. P. Barham, Osccola George w. Barham, Blytheville G B. Searaves, Osccola, T. E. Tale,' Aimorel, Dr. Edna Nies, Blylheville' Miss Margaret Merrill, Blytheville' Miss Rosa M. Hardy, Blylheville' Miss Cora Lee coleinan, Blytheville. French Adopt American Route to Far East PARIS (UP)-Thc- coming itinerary for Europc-lo-Asia traffic is Via the U. S. A." according to Ihe North Atlantic steamship services Prance's greatest expert on merchant .marine problems recently remarked that "in consequence the Pam-Tokio route vvj]| be ii-i-nss the United States, *ui, ami,,"™™ of lime and expense, and without he necessity of paaing Ihrongh Ihe Tropics." The French tine already has announced a co-ordinated Prance- Japan service, providing for a maximum of comfort, safely and speed Parks und Yokohama are brought Melbourne, 33 days! With the new Pari.s-Tokto via-' America-Service instituted, Ihe trip "'! s °"er, (he expenses less. ° f Positive RelieF For Itchy Skin i .CQUJiJEB NEWS Every pirson )ins a res;x>nsl'j|l- ily to Immunity, Mrs, Clio Hnrper of Lltllc Flock, siutc supervisor of juvenile work, told mfimhe:s of tlia Mississippi county Feili'mlion of Women's clute In a luncheon meeting yesterday ill the Woman's :lulj. 'llils ineolliig was one oi Ihn three held as a part of the general meeting of the Mississippi Comity federation of women's clubs. in elntx>rntlns upon tills slale- raejit Airs. Harper discussed (lie status of Arkansas antl Mississippi :omity In activities among dolln- 'liiont children mid \irsecl women to become more interested In •hildren ''born wllhoitt n chunco." For every child born In conflict wlili .society 10 \\nve the right to lie dealt with liuelllgcntly by society, and not, us on outcast, and Lo be given an opi'wrtunfly to become n part of the normal stream "I life" Is the aim of the Juvenile department. Mrs. Harper said. This /nolle was nrtopled by Judge Ben Lindsay of Denver, Col., who ndoplcd the first juvenile court at tlie same time a similar one was adopted in Chicago. Startling fads spoken revealed that social work in Arkansas is at Die lowest ebb possible for there to be any work and tlmt of the 28 of the 75 counties in the state who once had full time probation workers there are now but elBlil functioning with Mississippi county one of these. That children of "tramp" no mils arc stranded in every large town and city of Arkansas was disclosed by Mrs. Harper who spoke of'• what is being done - in Little Rock imd Port, Smith to.eare^for these children ivho ; have' been ''"thrown 'out, into the world through no fault of their own. •She discussed how that everything possible is now done to keep children out of institutions as it Is reiillxi'd Institution life Is not n normal one and giivc specltli; examples of .sui'h ruses. Another keynote of her address was (he fact Hint maladjustment In the home is directly responsible for, not some, but every pro- ballon case and thai parents must be dealt with us well ns children. Mrs. Harper also brought giwl- Ings, from Miss Cliissle Ilaynie of Little Uock, assistant attorney general and formerly state president of the Uusiness and Prates- slonal Women's club, who wns pre-, vented from iicco.'iMxmyliiK Mrs Harper by business, Several musical selections were given during the serving of lunch by women of the Lake Street Methodist church women's missionary society with Mrs. Ivcrsnn Morris a.v chairman. Mrs. Gco. M Lee and Mrs. Paul I,. Tljrton saiu; with Miss Margin-lit Merrill nt the piano and Miss Doi-othy Robinson, of Lcachville, sang "at the Bend of the River." Mrs. C. E. Crlguer said the Invocation. A yellow and green color ivos used In the Ens' ter decorations with flowers and candles In these shades. Mrs. S. S. .Sternberg, president of the county (group, who presided at the meeting, Mrs. Hariicr und Mrs. John W. 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