The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 8, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 8, 1950
Page 7
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THtJBSDAT, JUNE 8, 19W •LTIWEVILLB (ARK.)' COURIER 1KVEN Th« Nation Todayt N«9ro«i and H»« Court*— ' S upreme Court Ruling OnNegroeslsNotNew Belgian Head p orms Cabinet p rom Catholics Hj JAMES MARI.OVF WASHINGTON. June 8. iff) — You may have the Impression that ,5. Supreme Court hos sud- become very active about rUndiilf; dcwn decisions to bolster the civil rights o( Negroes. Actually, tha court has been do- Ing this for years. But some of Its bluest decisions have been made In the past 10 years, particularly in the past few. The court, has been following a principle laid down by the court in 1896: That when Negroes are segre- ga'ed, they musl be treated equally with whiles. That's at the heart o( all Ihe decisions. The 189S court said scgrcEalion as principle since then all right. The court hasn't attacked the principle as a principle. Nevertheless, Its decisions wipe out segregation bit 'by hit. Several Fields Covered The decisions since 1896 have covered several fields: Voting, education. property, and travel 'on trains agreed not to s*H to Negroc*. If one of them tried to break the covenant by Moling to a Nefrro, the others could go to court «nd get « judge to keep the Negro out. Covenant Not Upheld But In 1948 the court said private property owners can make all the deals among themselves they w«nt BuU-no longer can a Judge uphold such, a covenant. That wiped out the main supporl of covenants. Now anytime & slgne: of a covenant wanl.s to break it ant sell to a Negro, no court can b* used to V:co,n the Negro out, Travel. . . . In 19H the court said thai, whei state laws order Negroes and white lo be kept separate on trains, Ne groes must, be given equal accom modatious. Court Went Further III 1941 Ihe conn went a little further. It said a Negro who buys first-class accommodations on a train must get them—even' if It and buses. This will Rive a roundup of the main rulings in the past 51 years: Voting. . . . In the South Ihe Democratic primary election Is the important one, not the general election which follows It. Thill's because the South Is mostly Democratic. The Republi- <^JXs are weak. flftl the Democratic primary tin voters choose one of several Demo cratic candidates lo face the Republican in the/ general election. TVmncrat Is Omch Since the Democrat Is almost always a cinch to beat the Republican, thai make* the primary the real election. Starting after the Civil War Reconstruction cm. the South has tried to keep Negroes means putting him in the white scctton—if the Negro section has first-class accomr odations for him. In 1046 ti^e court said busses which cross stale lines no longer can make Negroes ride by themselves or behind white passengers. And this week, in 1950. the coyrl said railroad companies must stop forcing Negroes to eat at separate tables in dining cars, set aside with curtains or screens. Educalion, . . , Equal Treatment In 1(08, in 1948 and in two decisions this week the court said Negroes must get! treatinen BRUSSELS, Belgium, JIIIM I. AP) — Premier - D*sign«t«' J«n Duvitus»rl, committed In bring exiled Klnr Leopold, back to hi* hrone Hi won u possible,' «n- nounced today he had formed >n all-Social Christian cabinet. He told a news conference the cabinet would be sworn into office this afternoon. Duvleusart said he would go at once to the palace U) submit his choice* to the regent, Prince Charles. The regent askert the Social Christian (Catholic) Party leader yesterday to form a cabinet as Ihe aftermath of General elections Sim- day In which the Catholics won a parliamentary majority. The premier-designate said yesterday his new cabinet's first act would be to convene parliament for the repeal of the ac.t creating the regency'so the Leopold could return to the throne' from which '• was exiled after World War. Duvieusart said his cabinet would put no conditions on the return of :he king. Efforts to cultivate truffles domestically have been . successful in the past century, according to the National Geographic Society. grammar or high schools.) 1 Summed up. these decisions say If a state provides a school (or white students, it must admit Negroes or provide (hem with a schoo equally good, And once they've admitted . lo the white school, court said, they can't be segregated from their states In higher edllca- bill must be treated by the state th tion. (It didn't say anything about ' same as whites. from voting In the primary. But in 1927. again in 1032 and again in 1944 the court stepped Inj and told Texas—and therefore the i rest of the South—to stop barring Negroes from the Democratic primary. (In 1949 the U.S. Court of Appeals told South Carolina's Democrats to Ftop barring Negroes.) In the South now NoerocR are voting-In far larger numbers than: ever before. [ Property. ... I No City Law* ! In Ifln the court said cities could- j n't- have laws fo make whites and Negroes live in separate sections, al- thouph it had to repent this ruling j In several cases to make It stick. Then in 1348 in this field the court dealt a powerful blow In the Negroes' favor. This was in the case of racial covenants. Thai's a sys- Ifiin by which white properly owners IT'S COLD STORAGE TIME FOR YOUR FINE FURS, WOOLENS BLANKETS AND DRAPES Double Protection 1, Dry Cold Storage 2. Lethal Gas Fumigation We Invite You to Inspect Otir Storage Vaults CALL 4474 NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners W« .Give Eagle Stamps • V UMMMW BEAT THE HEAT! FANS We Have A Size For Your Individual Need! THE FAMOUS "ESKIMO" FAN GUARANTEED FOR ONE YEAR— 8" SPECIAL 10 INCH High Speed Motor Club Backs Operation to Save Negro The lift of a Negro woman'prob- bly win 3nved yecUrriny because. t aid given by a Blythevllle civic hib. Clan B. Lowery, lOiM south I4th, wns reported "daltiK «K well us ould be expected" today In Hlyllie- Ille Hospital where yesleday she mderwent at) operation which cioc- ors .ssy probably saved her life. And the woman'A hu.sband, Graf- on Lflwery, yesterday expressed his hank* to ttie-BlyLhfiville Kl\vatils Club (or mnklng the operation possible and he vowed thnl he would sel aside a small portion of hi.* ager earnings lo the club for the expense, of the opera- Grafton's wife was an expectant mother and the doctors told her an operation was needed Immediately. But Graflon, who Is a "far laboi«er, could scrape up only $100 of the V250 lor the operation,. A member of the Klwiinls Club learned of Gt'afton's situation. A committee Investigated his case and recommended that some ns- .slstancc be civcn tile Nc^ro. And the nssistanre wns given in the form of Kimrantecing payment for the operation. Amber is a fossil resin coining from coniferous trees now extinct. Loulfilftrm, Texfu, California and AfkinsnA each (trow about one touith oC the U, S, rice crop. Th» 7T, ft. 8tat« Department T established HI the j>epartment Foreign AHMn July 27, 11«9. FLORIDA, TAKE NOTE— California and Florida, ever vying for honors in the big Jruil and vegetable line, may iiave to bow to Chile when it conies to squash- This 93-poimdcr grown in fertile fields near Santiago is just an average size squash. Some grOw to 125 'pounds, and provide a family ,meal for 10 p.eople for n week. _Squash is a staple in many Chilean dishes. GocM! arr known to live as long a.s 30 .venr*. CHEVROLET OWNERS! CHECK THESE CLEARANCE SPECSALS! Cim\))l«(c new Chevrolet Block Assemblies for 1935 and IMfi models. . .now only .. 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