Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 25, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, January 25, 1895
Page 3
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"It's Cruel for tncm not to give you Pearline for your washing. Your folks can't know much about it. My ! They could save their money, and all your hard v/ork besides. I'm thankful I* Till* H'nry • f- Tl tl»T'- P<r»<l«tent >t-»r.-h f..r II-r I hi ri Samuel Ge>er «nrj oU wi'e Mdrg;!- ret. Drove into ibecity je.-terc:3y from . Randolph county ihair norne. The the lady I live with is just the couple bo« oreo s-.rcbif.g- /or ibe other way. She knows what Send Pearline will do, and she wants it. She'd never let me lose my time trying- to get things clean with soap—and she wouldn't stand it to have her clothes all worn out with rubbing, either." That's the truth. The lack of Pearline comes just as hard on the mistress' clothes as it does on the laundress' back. Peddlers and some unscrupulous grocers will tell you " this is as good as " '•- " the samu as Pcarline." IT'S J'ALSE—Pearline is navcr peddled, and if your proccr sends you «omething in place of Pcnrltn<.-. be honest— send it back. 43," JAME3 PYLE,-.Ncw Vurk. F. W, KINNEY, si:i Fish, Oysters, Fresh Butter, Eggs and Game. WfVe dross our own Poultry and therefore have everything fresh. iV five-} warMjid child for three Jem's pusi. aod in MJH.' lima itie tired wbite horse over wr/i^b i-'bn lines hung- !oorel> as It pio UB i down Fourth street yf j ai6rd(iv. hi* drawn a cuvertd sprlnu waenn all over Indiana, aod Illinois. Tne onbv *a* ndopieJ Irotn HD urphanaee a'. Indian-p HIS. trnare Margart-l Gnyi-r, then Margaret Alexander, left U &va yew- 1 * atfo, and Ibe mother ban been un.ble 10 aiicertain wno iho people wer« wnu took tbe cbild from ih« Institution. The superintendent wad not com pelled to furnirh ihe inlorDailon. Mrn. Gcyer is gradually growing inoace from constant worrying- over tbe lost bnby. and her bUib^orj, who Is faithfully aBiilBiiog f.er lu ihuuearcb, realized ioe uiter bopeles-neas of tbe quest Snould i.bc onild r> B f.mnd, yreat diffi :uity wou d pronarj-i ba ex- ueriooi.'ea in et>tahli.-.htL>£ n ciitim 10 it., ait as the liule One WHS le^s than two vears of. i.g-i wa-n Mf-fifa-ret, Gayer lust bold Ir. In ber arm*, the poor mother could fionrciely hope that it would reco^nlzn her. \ mother's love, bowevt-r, in immeasurable, aod more eurprlNln. tbioys tbno ih'3 ftoprd fur reunion of thin mother and ber little child bnvo hMppenud before today. The wearcberri wect from bore i« Denver, lud. Fit OH CHAFFJIXG. SOLD AT iEN FISHER'S DRUG STORE OR F. M. BOZCR'S DENTAL PARLORS. Over State National Bank, Logansport, Ind. WANTED! REAL ESTATE. Wanted. Chimp Cntbw-s Tor ialo. WHIH-I! Low mi I Aerns "jr 3 lie. Wnnioil Sinull Minns For NI!B, Wurund DuslnpH-, B|Q,;K.H For riale. WuiiCml to KxctiiLHgn 'iirins fn» Citv Pruppttj. Wnntcil Mnrch'indUi n Tr il«for J'jir.ns. . .11. 4;OHIM>\. S|>r. Block I.o:;.iiiSpurt, Iiidliinji. •INCKEASE YOU'R INCOME I Ottisrs • r. doing It why not you? rnvp.it Jin.00 ta Decwmbor wnwit. Our systmn IniioKuniWvj for lh« b >netlt or mnnll tendon., tiers you .tin «xc«l ent .ppirtunltjto try It. WrltH ns tori y for full Informntlon. PEHKINS * CO.,. 211 Klnlto ElldK. C!ilc;iiro. 111. NOTICE FARMERS. M«s-iPr.« M^r;uir« ,t H^lv«ron will bo nt .T. w J,p 'a r'npd Siorn on North strict Sii'imlurs to exhibit n Wlr-l«js Uln'cK Itowor on wlik-ti ttiey kiwc UfOii hlluvvcd it putt^nt. JOSEPH GILLOTT'S STEEL PENS IN K:TKA FINK. KUM: AND HHOAD POUTS TO M;IT ALL HANDS. MOST PEEFECT OP PENS. BOTH ARE INDICTED H-rry Wordcn and Itu^r Kills ni-e H'la by cim Grand Jurt'N Fiiininu. H-i.rry VVocdon and Ruey Riiis. IQQ two men who almost killed Warren Koowies last Sunday nlgtu, havo baen Indicted by the grand jury on a charge of assault with intent to commit murder. Two indictments were returned, one against Word n and Ellis j ilntly, the o.her ag-alcst Wordea aloae. Ttie papers wero served OD tbe two prison- era yesterday ut the Jill by Ddpuiv Smith. Wordea still keeps uu bis assumption of Ignorance of what ha did Suaday ni^fit. His father clttims to have oo monQ3 with which to fight bis son's battle in the courts, and it U also known that Harry VVorden Is without money with which to hire tin attorfloy. lie Could .'• l> Iv > KHUN. Jonns S -nr x. Htrivillu. O'llo, re- liitos ao exporif-oco all the mure wonderful httt;>ii)He hrt U no-*' nearly neventy. H-t t-av-: ' [ *-oU'dn't take ?K10 for tbR good D • Wnceior's N Vita lzi?r ha^ done me. I always worked htird and *»•= careless about a little slom-icb trouble I bud and s eep leseness. wblon I suppo-e accounts for the rjjrvou^ troublw which ctrtick me abnut four years duo L'mOn of my rlchl side f/ot so I oouldrA control them; at ticnes I couldn't hold a cup In my hand :o drink from It, and in a crowd would uaconsuloii!.ly bit puople wiih my j-«rking rlybt, «rm Tbe doc •Org culled It nervous paralysis aod 3-Ud that at my a^n. I oouido'i be cured 1 saw Dr Wheeler's Nerve Vitahzer advartlged in tae Ripoditory and pot ai. simple bimle of ii. which [ thought helped me, »o b'lutrht a b ittle. Tolnk [ h'lvtj used three b.ntleij, and they h ive tn idu u steady min of me. I h-*ve noi/ felt j.s well In four years aad am SLill impro?loff. Woy. for two years ( couldn't drive a nail." Mr. (roldltag-ftr. In whose Store the Interview toulc place, fully corroborated Mr Siting' ntat^cneat. S'-iylnff bis cure was a surprise to all who knew of tha case Wo are autborlzou to eay. ihia medicine for control and cure of nerve troubled IH sold by Ben Flehor and by all druggists. SEKilj DISCRIMINATINO-. A elance at the voarly appropriation bl 1 ! passed by eonpreg* causes cne to •onrler why 60 lai-ga an uraount of money la devoted to too maintenance Of waterways, many of them of ullsr ine-igoiflosuce and wi;houi public value, while other means of oommuni- cuton are altogether ignored. Thousands of dollars, Buys tbe R-illir»y Ba view, are yearly given to the improvement of streams upon wbicQ it it doubtful If property off-qual value 1» transported during the year, whereas many a railroad, utterly unable be-, cause of attendant circumstances lo maintain its ntract and equipment in sufficiently good condition to afford H-tfe '.ran-portation, but which serves as the only means of inter commun Ication for a thousand times tbe number of persons pmolovlag the sr.reuras, is left to etr^gg'ie along as best it otn to tbe inconvuntenca of its patrons and to tbe detriment of Its owners. If a snag- becomes faszoned In the channel of a sireim ttie-e^y imyiidln? navigition, thu government is expected to remove it, but the idea of toe stunt) dUiauruy baio^ called uonn in remove a tree that has fallen across a railroad track would be re- g-nrJed as absurd In the extreme. A liandbar forma in a rlvor aod the trovernmsat dredges are at work lo maintain an unobstrucitd channel, nut should alandilide bury a ral'road track, the carrier would be obliged to r^nvve It it Its own expense L^hr, houses, buoys, and other appliances art' provided and maintained by the irovernrjaent to make posr-iilo the safe running pf vesxels, bur, tbe correepond- U.g safety appl ances for railroads, if "iijiplled at all, must be done by tbe company. Are tha lives of the (ew persons traveling by water 0'" SO much mure value tb*n the thousand* who travel by rail as to justify in the on« cnse the expenditure of a sum sufficient to make it possible lo trans, port them in aafdty, »nd in the other to refuse it even when such safety appliances can not otherwise be obtained. Tae government ownership or operation of railways does not enter into tbis question. In does not operate tha steamboats- It simply renders their safe operation possible, and as both tho railroads and tbe steamboats are common car. rlers, subject to a large extent to the same radiations (»blcn, similarity could with advantage be materially increased), there would seem to appear to be no necessary reason why the safely element tn transportation should be provided by the government in the one case and ignored in tho other. ' baiho*Q thtf month, io much hat tho work *t tho ferer*! ihopt been cur* tailed. The fact i* that the curtailment must be largely in the shops, aa the transportation r epartment has out lie expenaag do<rn to a minimum. All Peons) Iranla llnea mat of Pitts* bun? and Erie for Dacembar, 1894 aa compared with tbe same month in 1893 sho* an Increase In gross earnings of $70 6<H 75. a decrease to expenses [ of f 18 2:24 65 aid an iQjrene la net e»rniogs of $118 856.40. Tnetwelve months of 1891 ** com pi red with the g»me period of 1893 shows a decrease in gross earnings of $5123.559.56, a decrease in expenses of $3,717.008.85, and a decrease In net earning* of $1,406,460. RELIEF CORPS r— Tk« ABIBTHUiY PARTY. Mr. and Mr*. J. U. Kami*}- of Vr«Ilon Have • Duttble Oel«- brailvn. The home of Ytr. and Mra. J. H. Ramsey near Wilioa was filled nvth the smiling fdoe-i of relative* and friends Tuesday Dijjbt. Many ot those present were from Logansport. It was a, surprise on the pair, aod tho occasion was the double birthday of Mr. and Mrs Ramsey, be being 61 and his better half 54 years of aee. An elesrant supper was served und the evening was very pleasantly epent by tbe jolly company. Curia for H^a<tKChn. As a remedy fur all forms of headache, Blectrlo Bitters has proved to be the v^ry best. It effects a permanent oiirti and the most drtaded bsbitual s'ck headaches yield to Its Influence. We urpo all who arc afflicted io procure a bjiitlo, ar.d give ihls remedy a fair trial. I ca^co of h-intual constl- patiOQ Elootrlc Bittera cured bv giving 1 Cbo uoeried. tone io tbe bowels, and a few cases lon^ res ; st the use of thU medicine. T'y itoac:e. Lirgebottles only 5C coots at B. F. Keosling'i? drug score. SEYBNTI-FIVK INDICTMENTS. OflUerB f»r the X-w -*- V«rlou» UoBBtlitee*. The Woman's Relief Corps held tb.« first meeting for the year lust Tue*» day. Tde following DOW offlj-jr* *r« nowserrio^j in tbolr r^rlous potilioae; President — Lizzie Brown. Sea V P — ,Mvry Oomer. Jun V P— Lizzie L'aton. Secretary — Belle JMasn. Chaplain —Carrie Stukoy. Cjn — Edna, Foster. Ass'l Con — Inez Hutg-h. Guard — Lizzie Burke. Ass't guard — Aana Wright. Naff oommUteas irarj announced by the new president as follows: eouitTe - Jleedames Loutbaln, Twells, Foster, Triolc, Woll, Stukej, MoSheehy and \Vlley. Rsltef— Mesdames Crinmr, Miller, Wrlgbt, Saarpe and Gr . •. i. ,i Finance — Mesdatne* Louihaln, Fo8» ter. Woll and Getty, and Ml»8 Dolia Sloll. Home and Emplovfflo or — Mesdamet Cromer. Toooii-j and Sioll. Conference — Mesditon-b G^tty, Nash, Halgh. Fincli, Taouipjoa, Shephard, LiatOD and WdAr, Chumbem- j J«mes Cn.tmber- und Miss Lena Caldwell, both of this city, were married by the Kev. W. R. Wones at the partonace of i be Market street M. E. cnurcb at 6:80 Wed'jti-duy evening-. The Iti'pon of the Uraud Jiirp After a Mcnolon of Fifn-eu l>ay«. The session of tdo grand jury that closed yesterday with the filing of that body's report, was a decided change from the lust meeting of that tribunal. Sx indictments were all tUat could be shaken ouv of the box at the former session but this time it rained Indictments. There were sev. enty-five, and the session lasted fifteen dajs at a total expense of $20610. The jury was discharged D1KK ANN BLOOD F. II. E. TRUAX, M. D. Spcolnl nttentlJn Klven to Noso, Lung, Llror andCnronic DI.SHII-UU. Ortlco unil tttMldtmuii ovor Stntu National &ink. Hours U) t» I'J u in , ^ tn -I p. ui., anil 7 to S p. ru. All calls promptly uttoiKi.-j. KKOE'^ER & STRAIN, Undertakers and Embalmers, (Sl.'J DAILY JOURNAL FKlDAi' MOKNTNG. JA.V. i'5. Bargains In nil kinds o( shoos at Brown's flr« sale. Men's and boys' rubbers, boots and shoes cheap, at Brown's firo sale. Bro*a's tiro sale) of hid entire stock of shoes and rubbers, Is attracting- large crowds. The Journal has a few blrdseye views of Logaaaaort left. They can be had in pasteboard tubas for mailing or preservation for flfiy oonta. S- M. Closson has a few hundred dollars private local funds, also Eist era money in any amount to loan on mortgage security. Office No. 319 Pear itreet. « ao ol»»9 In physical culture being mizod by Prof. P. J. Piiztin among the young men of the city, wiU b« limited to twaniy mambers, inaur- iBfr good work. The list ia now about fall. Drukennoss hiis no comparison in evil effect to the opium or morphine habit, whoa (irmly tixea on the hap- le?d victim. Mothers should ba caraful in use of as siojple ft thing as uuou<ro. cure wicti their children. Many so-culled ctiupb cures depend upon the stupcfytn tifftct of tho ouium they contain io husb tho cough. Brant's Balsam is one which cun nlvayour cblldron wiih peifcct confidence that It is entirely free from opiates, as well as a reliable cure, not only to stop the cou^h, but also perfectly heal tbo diseased parts, L.irge 25 coot bottled at Bon Fisher's drug sioro. <3<.lus t» ilui Front. The Evening Post of Chicago cently contained a. portruit and torlnff write up of the suoconi roer of \Vo!, J. -Smberlano, genera. inaouger of :he Mooney & Bolaud detecttvo ageaoy o! Ctiic«tro. .Mr. thurUnu's many friends In this city, his former norm, areal.vays pleased to note auy ludtcmious of hU prominonct; and prosperity. to SIOD RrW..rU. S100. The r«iUxrs ot this paper will b;« plix irn that til tr is at In «t one dreuirul tlint sclwico tiJis own itliM c i aht< In nil Its s;«i,v.< nnil ttiiit isCiitiirrh. Unll'ji Qiuirrh Cur« Is the onlj pasltlve cure now known io thi< unyllail trttertnty. &tt;;-rh b=ln^ ;i uoii-tltutli>n;tl dls- etisd. req Hires » constltutl m U tr<jAtniija - . Hnli's CutJirra Cure Is uikwi internally, Rcting directly, upon tn* nlo.nl «nd iuu.-.m< sarraces of the system thtirnoy destr T'nj; tne foundutlon of tbe iibtwse and Klvlne tUe patient strenirtn 67 balldl m ap tho onstt'utlouHtid luislstlnKiiaturtMn dolmrlca work. Tbe proprietors have, su mucli fiutti In Its curatlTB powers, ttiiit ihej olTer One Uujdred Dollars Tor aixr cjvse Uut It mils :o care. Send for llstoriestlmoniHls. Address !•• J. CHEVET & CO^ Toledo HP~Sold bj Druggists, 75c. AMyitcry Thnt Wa.H Xot HytitorloiiH Wlii-n It I'anned Out What promised to be a deep, dark, blood-stained soDSitional murder case was found bj J.imea Cahfll, near the Soul b Side ."cnonl buildin? yesterday morning-. James lean tx- member of ibe l.o«farjsporc police force and his Instinct for tracking crlmti is still with him. Wheo he found a revolver lying on ibe slae.i-.alk, uiid near at hand a small pool nf rich, red gore, he was fit dr.st Inclined to think that a murderous iisduult bad been made on some unloriunateone'. (icorgo Prost yesterday claimed the gun, which bssuys must have blipptrd from his pocket, wbeo lie /eKiasc ni^-nt at t o point where the fijd was niiiJe. Tnw bluud was drawn from a wound la Frost's head, o-LUMiti by bis striking'.hat part of his muke-up on a pointed atocc. Tho Mr G errTille, Ncoviry s«,iv Oailou-jcit) III., 5iyc: .-a To Tbe Xlchols J>Ucb. The Nichols dUch oase has been reopened, and viewers have been appointed to again look over the pro. posed route. The report of the former viewer* was set aside by Judg-e Wiley on oomplaint of Williamson Wrijat. Samuel E Walton of Walton has been granted an original pension. Ii< Life, ^ist, Heav- Dr. King's Jfo* Discovery I OAS my life. Vfas tnkon with U grippa f.nd tried all the physicians for miles abiui, bui ol no avail and was givan up and told I could Dot lire Having Dr. King' Discovery in my store I sent for a bottle and bsgan to get better, e.nd after using three bottles was up s.nd about agiln. It Is worth it weight in gold. We rroa't keep store or nouse without it " Set a free trial bottle at F. Keesllag's drug jtore. Ju«t H^ Two carloads of sleighs from the celebrated fuller Bug^y & Sleigh Co., Jackson. Michigan. Come one, come all. come everybody; we have sleigtis for the millions. Prices* below the lowest. Call at < GEORGE HARRISON'S, 61.7 Broadway. Everybody is attending the fire sale of shoes aad rubber* at Brova'g ehoe 8to.re. It is stated tha: B. W. Hibbard, lato genaral freight agent of the Vin- dalia, did not leave a large estate, although foryeara Ha hd.3 drawn a handsome salary, at no time les^ than ?6,OGO a year, but bo had ao invalid Caugeler, wno has been so for ufteen years, and he lavisbid money on her In hopes of restorh^g her to heaUh. He curried some life insurance, but no't a very large Bum. Much regret is being expressed at the probable loss of the steamer Cbicora which du-ing the World's Fair curried many L'jganspcrt citizens from Si Joe to Chicago. The steamer loft Milwaukee for St. Joe on Monday with-a oirgo of flour lobe delivered to ihe Vnn'talia, and has not since been beard from. Ic id generally boiieved that during tbe storm of Monday night, she -vsa capnizad and her crew consisting of thluy men drowned, From a table of train robberies pre, pared by the Express G-aZstte, it is shown lass year and 1S93 were phe rornenal ones fu the matter of "hoid^ una." In 1S90 there wero twelve, in 1891 tbere were sixteen, and in 1S92 tbu same number. Ia 1S93 the number Increased to thirty-three, and last year tbere were twenty Sdven. Tni makes a total of 104, with twenty- rieven lives lost and t^enty-savon persons injured. Engine 101 is undergoing demoli. tion at tha Vandalia rou .d house. Tbe locomotive was built in 1869 at the Bildwln Locomotive works; and at tbat time was considered a heavy piece of machinery, although the dimensions of ber cylinders were but 14x22. and her other parts in proportion. Another and much larger en-. Buckien'* A.micn Swire. •fhe be»t salve in the world for cuts, bruises sores, ulcers, salt rheum fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It - is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25 cents per bor. For sale by B. F, K«e«lfoa-. A I>»n» e - Suit. W. C, Corbeti'ti demand for flO 000 in which the Logansport S'reet Rill- road Co., is made tbe defendant, will be heard, in tne Cass circuit court next Tuesday. | YEARS OF INTENSE PAIN. JDr. JT. JT. IFfctts, dnigslst and physician, Humboldt, Nob., wbo sultorcd with heart disease Tor four years, trying every remedy and all treat.tncnts known to himself and fellow-practitioners; believes that heart disease Is curable. Oo writes: "I wish to tell what your valuable medicine has done for mo. For four years I liad heart disease of tho very worst klr.d. 8cr- eraj physicians I consulted, said it wa» Rheumatism of the Heart. It was almost ua- ondurablc; with shortness of breath, palpitations, sovoro pains, unablo to sJccp, especially on tho left sldo. No pen can do- SCrlbo my suffer , particularly nff tho lost lOntbs 'of thoao four weary yearn. I finally tried Heart Cure, ,DR. J. H. WATTS, Dr. Miles' New and was surprised at the result. It put now life Into and made a new man of mo. I havo noc bad a symptom of trouble since and 1 am sausfiod your medicine hascurod mo tor I have now enjoyed, since taking It Three Years of Splendid Health. I rnlRbt add that I am a drucglst and havo sold and recommended your Heart Cure, for 1 know -wbutlt has done for mo and only wish 1 could stnio more clearly my suUci- ing then and Uio Rood health I now enjoy. Your Nervine and oilier remedies also give excellent satisfaction." J, H, \VATT8- Butnboldt, Neb., May 9,'W. Dr. Jliles Heart Cure 5s sold on a positive puaranteo tbat tho lirst bottle will Doneflt. All druRgl.su.sell itatSL, 6 bottles for$5, or It will be soul/, nrenafd, on receipt of prlco by tbe Dr. MJles Medical Co.. Elthart. Ind, Dr. Miles' Heart Cure Restores Health For Fine Printing. LETTER You will find the Journal Rooms unsurpassed, INVITATIONS Job gine is now being built at the compa. nj's shops at Terro Haute to take toe place ol engine 101 In the yard at St. Joe. Indianapolis Journal: In the statement published Monday morning It was shown that the Pan Hincle lines earned ia December, 1894, $21,000 less than In December, 1893, while the operating • expenses were reduced $62.090. Tats shows at what an alarming rate tbe Pan Handle hag been reducing ite ex peases, aad it la said that Btlll further reduction will NOTE M Efl DS, PROGRAMS, STATEMENTS, GftRDS, ENVELOPES ft SPECIALTY. You get our figures and we'll do the work. Do not- fail to call on the JOURNAL for > Job Printing. See The Specialists For Chronic and Private Diseases and Deformities. Diseases of Women treated by the new electrical method that haa given wonderful results. Don't forget that their vapor treatment for a!I Chronic Lang Troubles tets the remedies to ibe diseased spots and cafes when everything else fails. Call ard investigate anyway. It «osts you. nothing for eonsnltation. Drs. Christopher & Longenecker, At Tbe Medical and Surgical Institute. 417 Market St, - - Logansport. Ind.

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