The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1935
Page 2
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(ARK.) COURIER NEWS Social Calendar FRIDAY'S 13 VENTS ,^'omari's Detnocratjo club meeting at lioUl Nob!c, 9:30 a'.n>. Blmwood Cemetery ass&cladon lAeeUri'g with Mis, U. .\V. Mullliu, 3 30 P. M Ladiw Bible class, First Methodist- church, meeting with Mrs. W. A. Slickrnon, 7:30 p.m. American Legion auxiliary mc-et- ing at legion lint 2:3(1 p. M. . U&nclitg party at country club, B-.unllJ 11 p.m. tSA'rVuiMVS EVENTS •Mmcs. Charles L'crry, J. 1'. Holland, Whit Goodman, Dixie Craw- l<jf<i arid Rlley D. Jones having bridge luncheon at American Lesion hut. Children of Confederacy meeting at '.Home of Mrs. J. Nick Thoiim.s With Elaine • Anderson hostess, 12 To-IIavo Clilckon Dinner. .Tno • senior high school Parau- Ttacncr BESOCUUIDII will serve a ciitcKeu dinner In me Grand lii-sxl- Kt" building Friday. Proceeds Iron; u",is allair \vlll go lo'liay tuition lor nc-cdy Entertains Ciul). Mrs. Faul Hucklns jr. wr.s hostess to; the .Wednesday Bridge club this •\reek at the Hotel Noble, where shC' hiakes her home 1 . : Tbe memlw].s were sealed at one table !n the 'dining room decorated in a purple a net white color motif cinprmsizcsl In the centerpiece ol lilacs, tulips and other spring llow- ers, and In the nut basnets which had Easter raobiU on them. ;ln We bridge games Mrs. Fflrm- \vorih Black won the tery water bottle. a pot' Laglon Aux'y to Meet. 'Mmcs: Edgar Boniin, w. J. Pollard, C. E. Criiigcr untl nohcri Blaylack src to be hostesses to llic meeting ot llic American Legion AUxillniy Friday afternoon, !!:30 o'clock, at Ihe Legion hut. Hive Bridge 1'arly. . ' .'Mr. and Mrs. George Pollock cn- tertflined cignt couples .with a Bits oj News Mostly Persona: J. T. iwj'iiulds ami Hoycc Moore attended a denning school iu Memphis Siindnv. D. A. 1!. Slrrls. The Ohartc-volx chapter ol Ihc D. A. K. was entertained !>)• Mrs. James Hill, Mrs. J. W. Parker, Mrs. M. !1. Whllclow anil Miss Cordo- hi Wilhile Wednesday ullemooii lit the Hill home Mrs, Jiums B. Clark, fcgcnt, presided in the business meeting mid Ijafe an account of the recent state meeting al Jonesbnro. Mrs. Hill mid Miss Wllhilc ulso spoke oj llic The history of Ihc D. A. H, was icusffd by Mrs. Clark mid a piano solo. "Prelude 11 McDowell, was played by Mrs. !•'. B, Joyncr. Hcfreshnicms. were served In Ihc social hour. Tlic houso had been decorated with tulips, iris unit roses. lirij'or and Mrs. Cecil .shun; have :is their guests Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Scliacfer, ol SI. Louis. Mr. and Mrs, Oliver W. Coppcdgo have moved to Ihclr nc\v home In the Pride subdivision which nd- johis lliat ol Mrs. Copriedge's par-'ifs, Mr. and Mrs. Joe p. pride. W. A. Dmvcll Jr. has none lo Au- girsla, On., to watch the Masters' Oolr Tournament. Miss Martini Lyn Norrls, who has been terioubl yill for more than two weeks, Is now gradually Improving. She is at the mytbevlllc hospital, Mrs. James Hill lias gone lo Greenfield and Hamburg, s. C., [or 11 brisf visit, with relatives. Upon her return stie «-ln be accompanied home by her parents, Mrs. J. p. Goode, of Richmond, Va. Mr. and Mrs. w. A. Black will leave April 15 for Vlcksbwg, Miss., lo spend tlie siuumer will) (heir daughter, Mrs. Guy Jurrcll., anil fnmily.. Mr. and Mrs. James Hill will tnkc their house on West Walnut street. Hob;rl Ii u-e Kjhig, who lias been crillcuily ill nt the Memphis Baptist hospital since Friday. Is nv better. Miss Norvellu Humphrey, who lias uccn ill nt Ihe Blythcvilic hospital since a vertebra In her back was broken some time ago in an unto- mobile accident, lins teen removed lo Hie Memphis Duptlst hospital for special' tteaCmenl. eho was-'taken in - - ' ., _ Mis. p. E. Fox wns* removed lo (he Blylhovilii! hospital lust night, in a. Coub nuilmlance, where slio unricrwciiL tin operation for appendicitis. . patty last evening al their home with Mi's. W. I. Demon. 'A purple ano yellow color inotll emphasised the Easter motif with iris, raooii tallies', homo mode EMJ- ter eggs, and In the isalml plates. Mrs. James Hill received a rose tcrtvl uiid Harry W. Ilalucs, lurtl- \idual ash tra>s, fur the prizes. "Mrs £fTle Goolsby, of Tcxiukixiia, Ark., has accepted the position ot home economies instructor In Ihe Keisir high school, taking the place of. Miss Uourtncy, who resigned lo lake a posilton a t Pleasant Lake, _ Ihd Miss Ooolsbj is i gradiiute I Ot A and M college of btil!walcr,ILj|;llr> TilCatOr Pl'eSCtlts Tr.e Girls' Drum Corps will par-' (IclpnteMn Ihc Cotton Carnival ul Mempnis, in M-\s Ivelsr is one of 1 the tUc schools in Ihc stale to be uO represented .E. O. Garrctt was conrincd lo his home by illness Thursday anil Fri- Hev. J. R. Kelson filled his'iip- pbintrnenl. Sunday at the Methodist chwch. Rev. and Mrs. Nelson spent Monday in.Kelscr and al- lended the meeting ol the Missionary society, at the home of Mrs. J. T. Polk Monday afternoon. Mrs. J. \V. Gresnam. of Wilson, Mrs. J. T. Polk, Miss Lucy M. Duu- ayant, and Mrs. H. p. Dinuminl, entertained In the. home of Mrs Dunavant in honor Of Mrs. Thur- mah Hudson, iris, tulips, and lilacs were vised in lire decorations, and Ihc giiest of honor received a number 01 assorted gifts. An ice course \vas served. H. M. Crockett, Charles Lambert. BUlic- Lambcrl, and Dick Watson, spent, [he day nl i'ocahonlas Monday. The girls and bays of the Kciscr school toot; April I-'ooi's Day school vacation. The eighth walked lo the- Dj'css colony went through the various Us First Play Tonight A liirjie audience Is expected to intend the play "Let Us Be Gay," a thwc-acl comedy, ti> be presented this evening. 8 o'clock, nt the Koxy llicnler by the Ulllc Theater. Ihis Is the first production slagcd by the recently organized group with Mrs. Anne Stevens Potler as president. The Rev. J. J. Thompson Is director. An added altractloii will be music by Harold sudbury and his Southerners. The leading roles will be taken by Miss Hazel Sample und E. L. Tallnlcrro, of Osccola, and Mrs R R Kirshner, with Hie supporting ixfes carried by Miss Julin Crai- of Osccola, Mrs. Aunc Stevens Potler. Chester II. Nabcock, Gene Bradley and James Terry. Ushers for the show will \i-y. Misses Martha Ann Lynch, Mildred Lou Hiiblnnl. JUIK- Uiiiiison K\ta\- bol.h Ann Wilson. E V ami Hetty McCutclien. Smurl r. Rulh Hughcy Is Scholarship Winner Dr Hull) Hughe} of Wjmie, v;ho has b-en All-School Orchcslra To Give First Concert UiMlUTllKriSVlLl.K. Mi). — Tin- I'eniiscot Comity All-School oivlies- (ri(, a newly nr S uiiiml ensrmblc of music sludenls of Hayli. Caruth- CKville. Drci'liig, Slcc i 0 ,,, ul ,, ol . land schools, will present ils firsl program next Friday m^ht at Ihc the Giissc-nhohn IHtccle high school at B p m .• for aisKrtcrj Jii Englnnd • or a coll-clion or 350 si\t"enth ccn-! tlir> |>0"ins half of them never : published Is tl^ daughter of ths 1 | Ilev and M| 0 f M Ilughry, fur- i merlj of Ihn cil> • i The Roy Mr fiugrcy n as -pa.', tori of the F.rst Methodist rhiudi lor.' eeveral .years.. Read ^Courier Kens Want Ads. J THE RecuiflR PRICEOF CALUMET BAKING POWDER ll$NOWONlY25 (f APOUIII)/ CAN 15 SO JO OPEN/ •s 1 Solulioji to Previous Contract Problem BY WM. K. nSrKKNNIvV Sri-rrlary, Aincrfciiii Brldse Neajnc 1 believe today's hand presents ii Dumber of bidding proMcm/i uint confront, us every day. First, should 8oulli open llic .iddinu? NO, I do not believe so. I do not think It Is even a good |)ie-cmptlve bid. If yon bid four Driirts on the hand, you may be 5J)UtUri(; out n slam and tfic liatid Is too slrone lo make n thtec bid, Second, what to do with West's hand? Should he imike a preemptive bid to try to .stop a hcnrt bid? if he does, It may shut out spade bid from his partner that nay result In a game. I think should para. However, when the hand was )iaycd, West did open the bidding with n diamond. North's doublu of a diamond was Eoimil. Now what docs East's bid of one •spade mean? The accepted rule today Is that n bid over n double cays, "Partner, 1 am afraid that ,'our doubled contract will bo defeated. My hand Is weak." South'b bid of two hearts nutur- This Hand Offers Unusual "Range of Bidding Problems A10 B * 9 E 7.G 3 V C -I 3 -2 Void 10 7,4 3 A Q J 10 3 S 7 llubbci South Wesl, Pass 2 V I V PllSB illy Is n fire bid. However, llic land Is almost stroni; enough, to jump lo four hearts, certainly .hlcc, bill (hare Is possibility of a •ilnin, so South's bid of two hearts may be the soimdcsl, North's jump lo three no turnip •'••a Jiilld slum try.'iiiiH shows sdn'io" kind of nt hi hearls. Now. after Soulli's correct bid of four hearts, North's jump lo six icarts is bad, because West hiis lid diamonds, North holds five of diamonds; therefore, then; Is possibility (hat Esisl may >bc out of diamonds. The sounder bid would be six no trump, but suppose Novtli does bid six (icarls, when.. East doubles Norm should lake the contract to 'x no trump. The I'lay With the jack of diamonds opened, dummy pl^ys the queen urd East ruffs and returns a club, ^nocking out dummy's ace. Now the kind ot spades is cashed and all the trumps played except one. Tills leaves the dummy wllh the ace and eight, of diamonds and the ace and ten of spades. On (lie Today's Contract Problem How should the bidding proceed on llio tollowIiiK hand? sit In with a foursome and play Uiu hand at four S|)arti)B by North. You will bo BiirprtBod ut llio iium- hor who will miss making five- odd. The king ot clubs Is opened. * K Q J 1 V 10 0 I * J 9 S + Q10 5 A id r>.i V K Q 7 2 * Q 10 A & 7 0 2 N W E S *r, 2: V •' « B 3 4 5 •) 2 , A A K 0 3 * AO S 7 » A S 4 A K S 7 3 + 'J4 Solution'in next IESUO. last trump lead, West finds himself squeezed. He has becii forced lo discard down to the queen-jack of spades mid the king-ten of diamonds. Whichever ln> discards, a spade or a diamond, will establish that suit in the dummy. I'lnyjiiR ,the hand In henrls is the best score, on account of Ihc hundred honors. Nevertheless, Ihc hand should have been played nt no Irump. Braggadocio News Jessie Benghiheimer, ot St. Louis, Mrs. Olio NaU'.drufl, Mrs. R. O. Benglnhelmer, and MLss Ada Bcn- glnbclmcr, of Cajie. Olrardcati, re- tinncd home 'llicsday after spending several days with Mr. and Mrs. L-.. B. Bcntjlnhcliiier, Miss Ndi'inn. Holt is the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. p. C. Holt, while the school in which she is employed is dismissed because of high water. !.'-> Manuel May has accepted a position In Carnlhersvlllc, where life will bcsin work Wednesday. He will slay wilh his sister, Mrs. Raymond nt', and family. > Miss Mildred Bruce is ill at lici home from the mumps. ','-'. r OLBVEbUND., _ (UP)J-Tlie ' 2.K 000th document to be filed in I Ciiyalioea County recorder's office since Us establishment in 1810 has just been filed. . .DANGING. . Al The '., American Legion Hut !; , I'Viilay niid S.illirriay Nights' Under Auspices of llic Lccloi: Admission—Gentlemen 25 C Indies Free lil.vthcvillc School of licauty Culture Ofien April 1st 1st Nnl'J. Bank Dlrig. For Dclalls See Mrs. Berryman At Elaine Beauty Shop Coats and Swagger Suits HALF PRICE We wish in |hank 0 »r IViotids , m { patrons fur their response lo our Pro-Master Sale. Wi> slill have ijnitc j, nico Koleclion of Sp-iiiK Coats and .Swnjrgc,. Suits. Our policy has alwavs iciiii imi 11, ( ., m . v nuMvlinndisc from one >x'asou o aiHitliur H( , ,vc an. now |>!j,cj,,g ()ll „.,],, al | (-r-als and Swagjjur Suits KANGINt; IN I'lUCI-; l^UOM ?10.75 I,, ?2!l,76 Some very (iiil^audiiig iimnliurB. Coniu in and make your selection at REGULAR 2 PRICE SPECIAL FEATURE 1 table SU»8 .to $2.05 Hats— Friday - Satuwlay jiitd JJoiid;iy $1.00 and $1.69 "" ' ' ' ii i » ,ir-- - --. . m ^|- r> .,,._,. All Other Merchandise On Special Sale Located in InKi-am.lJIdR, Phone ',151 THURSDAY, APRIL "<i, 1935 NRA COMPARE ALL OUR PRICES LIBERTY CASH , SPEND YOUR SCIUP HERE Customers Scales in Our Store-Guaranteed 16 Ounce, to the Pound Specials for Friday, Saturday and Monday Kxlr;i Largo Ripe Fruit Dozen 14c i'a Funny J tintliii Stalk CARROTS 10.\lrit ''Fancy J.aryi' lititicli EGG PLANT Extra Fancy Pound BELL PEPPERS Pound Heads Kadi 5c LEMONS Suiikist. Dozen 12c Greens Home Grown Mustard or Turnip , • Hiincli ; 2c RADISHES Home Grown Large Bunch Wincsi 'l'. Fancy Box . Bach KALE Fresh. Home Grown Bunch $j(jASH Tm(ltv - Whi " °' P SJ- Sugar I'urc Cttiic Paper Hug 10 Lte. 46c STRAMMR1ES ORANGES Ue<! Kipc I'in^ Kloridas 15c GRW BEANS' 1 ' rrall '" nd po!S fl *'; 20c JRESSJNG TaWc 29c On the Col).' Fresh Ear 'MJUPWER' Wh ^ Ira S, 5c Flour Jane Plain or Self Rising 2'1-Llj. Sack MEAL Hcst Cream 24-Lb. Sack CATSUP 84c 57c POTATOES u lie CANOVA COFFEE Lb. OO« "IT SURR IS GOOD |»»^ ^Q Q t COFFEJ5" Can Lard Snuw White Compound J'oiiml KRAIT 13'c Fresh I'uuntl MACKEREL 4c Nice Size Euth BACON GROUND BEEF Swii'l's ' Oriole. Sliced «JO _ I'oimd AOC found lOc SllHilr STEW BEEF WJiolu. J'pmid Fat Pound lOc Spinach Garden Home Grown 1'oimd 3'c PICKLES School Girl Size. Dili 2 for 5c HENS Fancy flliik Fed Pound r ^ Good K. C. liecf Poti rid 25c 12c «UVSL_ Little Pig NECK BONES Pound Plenty uf Meat Pound 12ic 7*c ; Large Ghiss , •••' Onions Fresh Home Grown Hunch le TOMATOES [)^J JBnd ,C'u<s, Kcal Lean *ig\—- I'utmd. feUC Stokcly'S: Small Can \.•., ,j c Finest '<> liiirgo Can- - - v;..-!. ;. 7,. 'Stohcly's Finest No. 2 Can KRAUT lOc Stokely's Finest 9c PEAS^ KIDNEmANS. Salmon Finest. Honey Pod Nt^ 2 Can Phillips Can 16c Be Chum Tall Can Each SOAP Palmolivc 13c AValdorf Roll TOMATO JUICE Ciln '" MI u c ; S lokcly 5c iWESSON OIL Pint Quarl .. 21c •Jlc Maxwell House Coffee VITA FRESH i L "GOOD TO THE LAST !)]«)]»' LD. 28c I'd >MC lid.v 02 W1LSORB ' Mkl T isr 3? HBYS SPECIALS" or Dill ICC Qu.irl 13 SPINACH CORN (s7 Can '(ildcn lian(;un No. 2 Can 1C • No. 2'/ 2 Can Large t\' t Can FORirBE.WSc CATSUP Large M-bz; Bottle 15 C DOG FOOD Victory 170 I! Cans ll f?C Ar K o ICC CiOLge. 2«/ t Can itJ ,,,19 C Dixie BUTTER .-S^LF MACKEREL Tn " ( S T GUU. ,Pn\v. 10-oz. can 2 GRAPE NUTS POST Brun Flakes 1AC Pkg. IU Hakcr's '/i Lh. Unx COCONUT K\*» Log Small Cabin Medium 21c TOIfFT TISSUK ' K ° 1U1LL-1 Hawkins. Roll TOMATO SAUCE >S,r Large 2!4_Can T Sli. or 2%. Can 18 C C'ru.tQC Can It/ FRflFT r ° R SALA lllUil L ge . 2>/ ASPARAGUS Tca P|7 Del Monlc i * j I', %" 1,1). TUNA FISH ^u

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