The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 3, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 3, 1937
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEW» WILL GET SI IB, TRIP Crimson Tide Has Yet To Re Repelled In Rose . Howl Formidable 1938 Grid Schedule THORPE TODAY Is In Making For Chickasaws Ity HAKRY GRAYSON Sr-orls Editor, NE.\ Service Mlfr noting as (hough it pre- frrred to play Amlierst or Johas Hopkins, California winds up with n representative and worthy op- pr'Kiit in the nose Bowl, Jan. I. The current and young Aln- kiirii varsity may not be the equal c.I !•>•<> or three of its predecessor vlijc-li appeared at i'nsaciena. but Ii.'« f.' •iletc-nntned and well-drilled •Iwn. and tlic TiLwalocsa tribe's nickname. Red Elephants, always v.a-i n misnomer, A'atama vas California's second choice, but what institution in ! rr'-il of funds wouldn't want $110,-j f". flitch .should be each club's' .Ov.-re with the top tariff /nek«l : vn to $5.60? I California' handled the sltua-', (ion all'right once it settled down io jnvfllii". hut (he pre-bid talk mi the olden slope did the Joot- l.'all. department of the Tournament of Roses no good. While the PiMvburgh players i' rre fed up. the statement by CaJ- "binia' olflclals that they'd like Iticir opponents to wear the cloaks i'f apnroprfatc scholarship raliny. i-mloubtedl.v had some bearing on i'-c Panther.?' refusal to make the I rip to the ccnst. It \>ns reported that President rcl'erl Poroul of California al- I'mr'fd Io coax. Dorlmoutli into ir.aUn-^ the junket. Expensive Amateur Affair To be sure, there always -Is Fcrdhain,. but when Pilt.sburgh re- •I'cts a highly remunerative ijig- '•Mn appointment. Qrncte A bowlers are becoming scarce. Califoinla's demanding some learning in the other corner .ccmmendable, but a school about to drag down $110.000 for participating In n . commercial venture miles from Its campus, shouldn't be too choosy. It can't expect to collect (hat kind of kale on u strictly amateur busts. It Is Alabama's fifth trip to the Arroyo Seco, anil the Crimson Tfrie has yet f.o be repelled. Under . .Wallace Wade, Alabama re- 1 ul'aj Washington in a thriller 50-19 Jan: !, 1920. It tied Stanford. 7-7, <me year later, and Wade's finest job tit Tiiscnloosa' (rushed Washington State, 24-0 JnnV i; 193!. , Frank Tliomas was In charge al the Alabama squad that passed Its way to vktory over• Stanford.! 19-13, three years ago. j After watching erudite Alabama ramble through the .1937 season of upsets without a setback, southern observers are at a loss to figure out Just where 'the strength of the precise, ncver-give-up array lies. : Teamwork Makes . 'Em Cllok Coach .Tliomas believes the fourfold to. tins year's success is teamwork, balance, coordliu- ticn and spirit. Cf course there's Joe Kllgrovv. v.licse play in the bacWlelcl -.ill ^eal has L-cen unwavering, but Kll|ro\v isn't the broken-field lreakav,ay artist nor the punter .that Dixie Howell vas. Tut Warren and Tex Shoemaker n re •consistent ends who have imd :i greet deal to do with the suc- ci<-« of the. Tide, but neither Is In (he c'oss with Don Hutson as p. deceptive paM-snagger. Kllgron, 176-pound senior, is the tram's mainspring. He playecj CO minutes in the lough Tula-ic ditrgia Tech, and Vanderbllt b.n-' tle.s never, tiring in ish plugging fliinglng style. Kllgrow calls slg- •naJs from left halfback, does the poising nnd much of the running. Sharinj the , ball-lugging chorea i-re Charley Helm, strapping 191- pound fullback ar-i younger brother of 'Tony Holm, All-America Both Little Rock and Pine Bluff high school athletic officials have agreed to two-year "liome-and- liome" contracts for football games with the Blylhcvllle Chicks in 1938 and 1939, Coach Joe Dlldy told members of the chlckasaw athletic club at a meeting in the Rose Itrxrai at Hotel Noble last night. Dilrty said it was probable that both teams would appear on Jho Chick schedule tve>;t season (f mrmber.s of Die Arkansas High School Conference, who will moot In Little Rock December 11, will amend rules of the organization Io permit the contests to count as regular conference games. Under the present rules the conference season does not open until Ihc last «-cc-k in Scplemixx nnrt apparently the Chicks will bf> forced to play at least one of the .strong conference foes before this time, The dates offered Ihe Chicks bv Ihe Pine lilntr zebras, rccoa-l tir/cd as champions cf the confer-' <nce on the l-asto of [he number rf iiaiiies won In the loop, were FV number 23 or Thanksgiving Kn". Since Blylheville Is already "nder contract to Forrest Cliy .'or the Turkey Dny game the Chicks; mml meet Pine Blnfl' on the! Srotrmber dnte if (hoy arc to break Into the Zebras' schedule nr.vf .vi'nr. Athletic Dlerctor Eurl which Mr, McCUirkln and Coach Dlldy ho|>e to straighten out many phases of the new schedule. Tentatively, the 1038 schedule may be an follows: September 10, Senrcy, September 23, F,ne Bluff. September 30. North Little nock. Oclober 7, Little Hock. October H, i'nragould. • October 21, open. October 28. open. November 4, Hope, November 11, Jonesboro. November, 18 open. November- 24, Forrest City. The ifot Springs Trojaiw are certain to nil one of the dates us they are under contract for a tame- in ulj'lheville, leaving the other dnte.s for possible ginnes with Camden, Rnsselh'ille, Clarks- vllle or Greenwood if r .vyfyw *„ j •" "*#J f: s The PAYO Qnivlev of the Little Rock Tigers has offered the Chicks (heir choice of Sentnmber 1C or October 7 BV I1ARKV GRAYSON Sports Kditor, NKA Service NEW Y05iK. Dec. 3.-A wooden duck that Haps Its wings, decoy thai has lured scores «. loons to vary the diet of three i generations If Maine llgMhouse FRIDAY, DECEMBER 3, 1937 of Sentnmber 1C or October 7 ! Ke»eriu;on.s it Maine IfKMhouse Plvlho\'llte Is lentndvelv sched- keepo '-' s ' A - llec °y sl10 ' over by nlcd to meet' Hot Springs here Presiucnt Grover Cleveland . . . on October 7. but school oiTiciak TllcsL ' :ill(1 '"mdredK of other on October 7. but school officials are. nlteinuttng to get Trojan nih- '"I" officials to ngrcc to anotlw dnte. wlWfoitl images from every impor- tnnt duck .shooting region In America make np the collection of Joel' also lold members of the E ' Bnrlx(l '' New York architect w |l«nd outstanding authority on the : nrt of fooling giniK; birds. Sportsmen lire giving renewed attention to wooden decoys now that tl^e use of live ones Is prohibited by federni regulation. With <:h'b thai negotiations arc also rmlmvuv for games with other "'•nfermcc foes Including Cnmden Pussellvillc and ClarksviUe, giving Blvthcville prospects for the tough— schedule In the history of poo>- slblv liny Norlhensl 'Arkansas team. ' He Plso snid that Greenwood. Miss., f s nnxlot'.s for another crack at the Chicks In 1B38, but thru no ccnti-nct would be offered Greenwood if Blythevlllc Is able to fill the schedule with regular conference fees. However, Chick officials aru reluctant to drop lhe ! strong Mtssissipptans from the list us tliej-, on tlie basis of performances of the pnst two seasons in ho'dlng Ihc Chicks to close scores, would prove n good drawing card I'ere next year. Thus, a decision on tlic Greenwood contract will NO! be made until after the con- Icrence meeting in Little Rock v.t tVllunck at Alabama In ihc shooting of canvasb'ack and five other species banned, the Barber collection is being used as an object lesson in conservation by such orgnnlzntlons as the General Wildlife federation. Decoy making goes back to prehistoric mair In America. Indians, long before Columbus, made line , Jim Thorpe flips a pass just to I give the boys a rough idea of : what he looked like while roar- Ing across the chalk marks for the Carlisle Indians and Canton Bulldogs. The Sac-Fox, generally considered to have been'the greatest all-round athlete of all time, wore the buckskin shirt while officiating in an Ameri- cjm League game between the IXM Angeles Bulldogs and Boston Shamrocks in Los Ange.'es. coloring should resemble the plumage of birds at the time of year when they are hunted." Birds K«lum With Conservation Barber lias mode a decoy movie on behalf of National Wildlife •Restoration, to be held next March. He lias decoys 100 years old. " --- ..... .*,..,, ,,*« uc jujc: nc iirth uetyys juu years OKI decoys out of reeds and brought] Most of his decoys date back to wildfowl within range of their, the days of unlimited gunning arrows by mounting the heads or. when the vast clouds of migrating ducks and geci-c on sticks and wildfowl were looked upon as in- displaying them above the grass. ..... If the Mucks' Aren't Too Smart Modern-, American decoy -ma king is out: of country's native handicrafts and had its origin in the old days or market shooting. "The art of the bout builder roulptor,' and painter Is combined in turning : out a good decoy," ex- puntlne. nnd his blocking, unh-:- knownpt to most ( .f those who <••!•• tch rl:i> man with the ball, h nne of the re.iions the wheels t-p 'round. Vic Urarifoivl, .quartor- l:."Ck. is also n fins bbcier Mos'lcy Ai>cth>r Kotviill? in Ihe line, Oi;;r Lcrov• Monsky,' K'^-pound guard, and J.liii Hyb.i, 106-pounil tackle, are the big ber- tNs. Monsky and Lew Botitlck, a 1 lP3-pDiinder. man' the guards, and arc-two of the .fnMost. deadliest Mockers 'Baim hns ever had RV- ba is n'olson ut Uickle. " At tlie tackle post ouposlte Rvlm Is Waller Merrill, staunch 220- Iiound sophomore who IOOK sllkc a great player for two years to come. Ke Is iixw-boned vul rug- •ied. Another soph; Cavey cox Imndles first strinj r<.,,| e .. .v ^.^ju.miviiii', niicic he devole.s idle evenings to the carving cf dcoys. He hus written a book on the subject. ."Sportsmen tie their own flies nnd . make their own rods and archery, gear," Barber iioints out, "so why shouldn't they learn to make . decoys? There .is no . more fascinating activity for the home work shop. A beghmei-.'s' flrii decoys' will work, If the dnek.s tiren't too smart. In Louisiana, newspapers are spread out on the marshes to lure BMe>'e. In utnh, mud Is heaped -" into lumps to bring in "On Ihe other hand, educated. tucks and geese are mighty crit- cal. . "A decoy should be slightly over- 'ize. Its body shape must be exhaustible. Several years ago the sudden realization came upon sportsmen that ducks were close to extim> tion. Drainage projects had toins- fonned muny of the vast duck factories of northwestern states into mortgaged, unproductive farms. Droutii heaped IIP' thc'.^a- lamily. " „" Ducks are .returning, thanks',,to constructive restoration measures, some of which were viewed as being too severe when put into force. The sport of duck hunting will not be denied future generations, if nation-wide cooperation is maintained. . Meanwhile. Architect Barber will carve better and ' brighter decoys. In Russia, persons 'wearing beards -are forbidden In Moscow's new 'subway. Tlie government considers beards, a , menace to health. on jllf HI He UIlC -•..«j,i l , u>u.-)i UT; i| I having beaten out an upper-class- cot »l irol » i > : « between 1 tlic form of man in mid-searon. Only Rylja, ", le l ' l>(;k " ml u 111<x| el that will: _'o«-, and \fonsfcy of the hr/l tlevcn are seniors, ! fhcnias' second team is ip;nkc<l ty Soph Herky Moslcy. who -uu' passes and punts like Howell Hie sccord-jtringers are far more spectacular than the ivjulnrs. Tiitre is little lost whm replacements are sent in. Wayward Snnford won the Va:i- dcrbilt battle with a fourth-period i; field goal. Thomas is a resourceful eo-.ich • and has the material with which I to find the way at Pasadena .'.leadilv Pecans Wanted i Highest Market Prices (ioldstein Hide* Fur Co. Rear joe Isaacs' Store THC -1-iT-i.e oo &••>: t*. n^ nuwwiiMG ~ THt EKT&.Nr. U, rjurvj^; \.-\JG THHij YOU. CAN EASILY PUN INTO UMSRTISFrtCTOR DEALS 3V NOT PftTDOW A RELIAQLF- -FOQ MOfon'S I BROADWAY SALES inc. Phone 111 PREPARE FOR W1NTE WE INSTALL Prestone & Ford Anti-Freeze FREE TESTING OF ... Brakes, Hose Connections, Battery, etc. OPEN DAY, NIGHT AND SUNDAY Don't Delay! PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY PboneSlO PREPARE FOR >VINTE! ^JsyC'aU I w^-'A ., . Tomorrow morning at the stroke of 8! Mead's unloosen a power-hou&e with a spectacular presentation of 164 Hart Schaffner & Marx and Mans field dramatically priced at 75 Here is a most unusual opportunity for every man and young man in BlytheviUe and Mississippi County to own a new suit and topcoat far und«r today's market price . .. a suit and topcoat of known trustworthy quality from a trustworthy store 1 We're going to acquaint many new customers with Mead's and our regular patrons will get new clothes at substantial savings. bead's are out to break every December clothing sales record this store has eyer known! We've been reserving January for clothing specials, but December is going to be topped off in a blaze of glory . . . that's why we unloosen thu power-house new customer drive with an unheard of presentation of F a 1 1 1 9 3 7 suits and topcoats tailored by Hart Schaffner & Marx and Mansfield. Every suit and top- co&t is from our regular stock. As usual the best is always at 316 WEST MAIN STREET F*S |jj] x

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