The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1935
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SereeS Hy flte United Press NT NEWSPAPER OP vnn.VriBM «r nits-,< MO A i, . «„ — ._~ "*• ^^ *~- ^- • •. • . THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS A«n B n,«,, rAH 'ft^|J- ~ VOL. XXXII NO. 1G . Blyllievllle Courier Blythevlllo Herald Blytliovllle Dally News Mississippi Valley I/cniler lil-1 " " ' ' " ' ' IN. THEVlLlvK, ARKANSAS, TIUJKSDAY, AI'KIl, <l 19.% SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS mi m tp Ditch Prince Negro "Parked Car" Bandits Are Expected to Plead Not Guilty With death as the penally asked for their alleged criminal attack upon a white girl, Jim 'X Carnlhers and "Bubbles" Clayton. negroes accused as "parked car" bandits, will go an trial .In circuit criminal court here Monday morning. It is doubtful if the negroes will * be arraigned in open court to enter their pleas before their appearance for trial Monday, pleas of not guilty arc anticipated. Adams May Represent Pair It. Is generally understood that Arthur Adams,' prominent member .of the Jonesboro bar and former B(l(!h frnm h local attorney, will appear as conn- tour ani] .' sel-for the accused -negroes by. re- -Hcno-to win quest of the court. Adams' appointment in the case was 1 said to have been considered only nfter jnembers of the local' bar had expressed or Indicated .a strong desire to be relieved of any responsibility for conducting Hie defense of the pair, against whom intense feeling developed here at the time of their capture, partly because they were accused . ot a shooting which led to the Injury of Sheriff Clarence Wilson's' eyes while he was attempting to" trap the "parked car" bandits. Adams, here early this week on business, is said to liaye expressed his willingness to eerye if asked by -the court; It appeared hardly possible to' day that Archie Barnes, {'accused of the murder of O. A. Martin, will go to trial before the.-:end of the current' term'.,8 week/f'rbm to- .Krriorrow. 'Continued, efforts "to reach a.n agreement in Archie's case have _ are now at a __ _„ _ „„„...„(, ml. ' AfClllB S father, Prank Barnes, died' March long foreign to head for _ divorce rrora Prince Alexis Mdlvanl, nm- bara (lutton, dime store heiress, Is Bliowii here on-her arrival la New York. si, B reaialnert locked In her cabio when other passengers left the stiip, cmerK- tng later |u an aLiempi to "avoid the rush." " Association • Head ' Wants Coordinator of Transportation Abolished NEW YORK, April 4. (UP)~ IJaih'oad leadership today called upon president, Roosevelt to abolish his coordinator of tran<j|X>rta tion and allow Ihe nation's Mil- ways to work out their ov,n -sil vat km. Speaking for the Association ' of American Railways, of union he Ls president, John j. pelley outlined a three point program before the New York chamber of Commerce which he said would allow the railroads (Q "give a good account of themselves." ile urged these steps: 1.—Withdrawal ol subsidies from other forms o[ transportation and regulation of them on a basis comparable with liiat of the railroads. 2.—Prevention ol uny legislation increasing the cast or railroad operation. 3.—Discontinuance of the trans- portafsm coordinator and authorization to the Association of American Railways to see what can be done for the carriers within the .industry itself. Pelley went Into the old charges that the government Is subsidizing water transportation and (hat it is m trie barge business itself upon the .Mississippi. He said that the government, also subsidized hlgh- ,-way transportation by more than pSOO.OOO.OOO a year. Partners in Southern Dis- tnbiiting Compariy Face Federal Charges"' ;•' -.'Sff. . -VW, Mor-X' (Su (Suppressed . . , r- federal" !' indictment ' : : c ha rg I n g '?- Brock, ', former collector '' , a ..:- , , mer coecor electric.;' chair "and Bill pf.'.Scolt'-'coiinty, who Jives. in-Ne»' ' Barries,, a brother, is now in death row at- Tucker.; Farm awaiting re- ler s.on of .... , •-, -j , " : ".-J -fi <to . in -i^cfV vladnd, Mo., and'Byfoh E. Pat- supreme court. They were convicted of murder 'Jones ' Case Moorehousc, Mo., with - keep proper records of -„ „-., -'"^chases and sales of their liquor Mai-tin's death', 'company, and with shipping liquor *\jr, t*n- I.UI.M:I runn awaiung re- it -*-'" |[ view. of.his dentli sentence by the .failure Ne.xt Week "" Should ,the trial ""of. Caruthers lic yoslcrdny . by 'District Attorney and Clayton -be completed- Monday Jlmmie Jones, Doyle Widner and possibly Leonard. Humbert will be brought into court -Tuesday. Jones and Widner were allegedly caught "fed-handed" in an attempted safe robbery, at the 'A. , S. Barboro wholesale plant' in February. Cjaiide p. Cooper, local attorney] Wils Davis, Memphis attorney and probably several others will com' pose a 'battery of counsel representing Jones when the trial opens Although the defense has not disclosed its plans it is rumored that Jones' plea of not 'guilty' will be Blanton. The .indictment charges the two men ore partners — ,-—v.»^*., ,n llll; urtiLt.-i- >*,. me i_umLIIUU.SC 10 ascertain ao ship of the Southern Distributing proximate value of the land imi ;jcy. nl. TTpvmrm,fl,il*i »/*»*;.-...., — n,n nti.~-- -... ... ' mm based on a defense such a charge. unusual Jo Roosevelt West and James Clay negroes, were on trial today charged with robbery of another negro. They were,represented, by Claude F. Cooper. Duck Crew's, negro, accepted fines of $100 and $50 on misdemeanor liquor charges yesterday after the state had opened his prosecution on a charge of selling liquor. He was represented by Gene Bradley and E. E. Alexander, Charlie Rhodes was found guilty of grand larceny by a Jury late yesterday afternoon and sentenced to one year in the state prison. He was reoresented by Gene Bradley and Graham Sudbury by appointment of the court.' Co., at Hermondale, Pemiscot county, a wholesale and retail liquor dealing firm. Four truck drivers are named as co-conspirators but not as defendants. They are Otho Bramlet, J C. Hootcn, Richard" Lemons and M. p. Sweston. The penalty for failure lo keep proper records is imprisonment of not more than two years, a line of not more than $10,000, or both For shipping into dry territory the penalty Is a jail term of not more than six montlis, a fine of not more than $1000, or both. Liquor Law Violator Sent to County Farm Crawford to Address Democratic Women Relief Tie-Up Delays . Cottonwood Point Road CARUTHEnsviLLE, Mo. —Construction of the nine-mile Cottonwood Point road will be: delayed for some time because of failure of the legislature to provide revenue for the stale's share of relief funds. The road, an Important link In the county highway system, and n connection link between the major highways of Tennessee and Missouri, was to have been built with labor from the relief rolls. As all J vy W. Crawford, Mississippi relief has been curtailed In Ihis f° un 'y representative In the stale stale, there Is no money available 'egislature, will address the Demo- for payrolls: cratic Women's club at the Hotel Noble at 9:30 o'clock Friday morn Services for Sam Baker Funeral services were held yesterday for Sam Baker, 34, resident of the Clear Lake community, who died Tuesday. Interment was made at Elmwood cemetery. Tiie deceased Is survived by, in addition to other relatives, six brothers, Orland, L. B., Cy, Onls Elvis Ana Billy. U. S. Proposes to Buy . Big Cross County Tract WYNNE.-A project for the purchase by the government of 32 000 acres in southwestern Cross county for the land utilization program i of the Agricultural Adjustment Administration has been approved in Washington, 'County Agent E. K. Schultz, announced lere Wednesday. The area includes . all of cross county south "f the Missouri Pacific railroad racks and west of L'Angiiiile river H. O. Buffalo of Marianna, government representative, and A O - - v i •;•"> mill .-Muijjjiug uquur «-i*,i>u:iii, icprc.sL'iiuuive and A O into dry territory, was made pub- Scroggins and M. L Brownin? IT. Vf-KIPIYIflv Vll, nic-t.-! n l A41 llnl,/i l,™., _--., i. ... ' """'6 the owner- at the courthouse to ascertain Ihe others are contacting farmers n the area. The project calls for all land in the area to be bought, by the gov- :rmnent and to be,made into a game preserve, grazing region, wrk or a forestry preserve. Government representatives will call >n formers In the area and make m offer for their land in line with information gathered from tav -•ecords. , . ', May William "Oklahoma" been fined $200 by Dauss has Municipal arrested after three the Huffman com- Judge O. A. Cunningham on a charge of violating the new state liquor control act. Dauss was youths from munity admitted they had purchased liquor from him on the streets here since the new control act went into effect. Dauss was committed to the county farm. Henry Burbank of New Orleans, La,, has been arrested by Highway Patrolman Bill Armstrong. He Is charged with violation of the state cigarette tax law by bringing 50 cartons ol unstamped cigarettes into the state. Llge Wilson and Pcry Wilson, negroes, have been arrested for violaflon of the stale cigarette tax and liquor control ads, by Officer Armstrong. "~ July Ocf. Dec. Jan. Mar. will d I by the recent .cjommii. -- have particular Importance for residents of Mississippi county Masons Meet Tonight Chlckasawba Lodge No 13 p & A. M. will meet tonight at 7:30 o clock In special communicallo work In the E. A. degree lave been sent to Wynne to In- 'estlgate the project. One of the •'orkers is inspecting the tax books New York Cotton NEW YORK, April 4. (UP)-Catton closed steady. open high low close 1102 1102 107C ]09D 1083 1042 1058 1059 1063 1068 1102 1104 1058 1062 1063 1068 1097 1054 1045 10CO 1049 1062 • - -• --"" iwu iwi lyua Spots closed at 1120. unchanged. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, April 4. (UP)'Otton closed steady. >psn high low close 1004 1094 1072 1091 1099 1099 1054 1057 1055 1059 1060 1060 May . July Oct. Dec. .. Jan. Mar. .. changed. 1072 1075 1097 1040 1055 1040 1058 1060 1060 •-•- 1056 106S 1062 1062 dosed quiet at 1125, un n, - ^ . btocff Prices A- T - ""id T. 103,. 2 Anaconda Copper 10 Bethlehem steel 25 Chrysler '.\\\\' 333.4 Cities sen-Ice i Coca Cola .' 197 1.2 General American Tank S3 3-4 General Electric 22 3-8 General Motors 28 1-4 International Harvester 36 1-4 McKesson-Robblns 7 Montgomery Ward 23 3- New York Central .....'.' 135-8 Packard 3 s-J Phillips Pclrolcum ....'.'. 16 7-8 Radio Corp 43.3 St. Louis-San Francisco Simmons Bed 63-4 Standard of N J .. .. 38 Texas Co IB 1-2 U. S. Smelling 05 1-3 U. S. Stee) 28 1-2 "Ming- ,t Future 0 II5 , Sl .r IH . A tiny Austrian pine, set In Oklahoma's red clay, here is planted, first of the millions which will grow to form the great inldwcsteru shelter belt, stretching across iix states to save soil and curb the devastating dust storms. whlclij have taken heavy loll of Hie and property In recent weeks: Gathered for the ceremony 20 miles northeast of iVangiim, Ofcla., jire C. II. Phillies, Oklahoma foresler, planting the li-ce; Wilson Martin, Oklahoma unit director, crouching at right; Floyd Cassit, left, rear, Lincoln, Neb., assistant director, and Jesse Miirrrill. Oklahoma assistant direclor. Only "Plain Damn Fools" Will Oppose Project Says Army Engineer WASHINGTON, npr. 4 tun— Little local opposition lo construction of the proposed Etidora Hood- way under' modified lower Mississippi ilood control plans ol army engineers is expected, the house flood control committee was lold today. .MaJ. T. c. Oliver, army engineer for Ihe Vicksburg district, suid that residents of the area embraced in the proposed floodwav were "just, plain damn- fools" if they oppose the project, He said he did not expect, any "substantial" opposition. Rep. John L. McClelland. (Dem.. Ark.) said he knew of strong opposition in Arkansas, which he expected lo grow. "This plan of payment ts so liberal that. If the residents oppose it they're just pl.iin damn fools," Oliver retorted. Persons living in the Louisiana section of the floodway would receive approximately . 75 per cent of the actual value of their land merely for flowage rights, Oliver c-.xplained. Those in Arkansas will receive about 37 1 ,; per cent because ol low assessed valuations. Surrenders Baby He Took From His Wife by Force Alma Owens, fined $50 by Municipal Judge C. A. Cunningham this week for assault and battery on his wife, surrendered custody of his 20-months-old baby to his wife this morning wlien brought into circuit court to answer to a petition for a writ of habeas corpus. Owens, separated from his wife, allegedly went to her residence, struck her.'and forcibly carried ivay their baby. Oscar .Ftndtcr. local attorney, at the request of Judge Cunningham, filed the petition for a writ of habeas corpus In behalf of Mrs. Owen. Ohio Holds Fourth in Manufactured Products CLEVELAND" <up) - Ohio is holding it, rank as fourlh state ni the Union In value- of manufactured products, according (o J. W. Vanden Bosch, statistician for Ihe Cleveland chamber of Commerce. New York ranks first. According to a U. S. census of inamifflctiirtnn there were In Ohio n 1933 8,)0l manufacturing establishments, employing an average of 472.699 wage earners, draw- mi? $439,752.675 In wages, nosch Schwab Is Bearish On.Return Home i'-jfc^^.: Rejoicing over Improved health, Dharlcs hi. Schwab, steel magnate and perennial business optimist tieretotore, made hl3 Brat gloomy corame&tt about the outlook on Ilia return (rom Europe. "We ieom to have gone- back while I was 6way ; " he Bald. Sarazen Sels Pace In Augusta Tourney AUGUSTA, Go., Apr. 4 (UP)— Riding the crest of a magnificently sustained burst ol scoring, Gene Sarazen, the big money favorite, set a torrid pace in today's first round of the Augusta national golf tourney. Sara/en. despite four lapses, registered a 68, four strokes below par. Sarazcn played with Tommy Armour before a gallery of some 300, Armour played a scrambling round but missed par by only one stroke. Bobby Jones, playing his first tournament golf since he inaugurated the Augusta last year, was a late starter and commanded a huge gnllery. Chicago Wheat open high low close ...jy 95 1-2 95 1-4 95 1-2 95 7-8 July 91 7-8 92 3-4 9l 7-8 92 1 RKERS STRIKE New Highway Ac I Applies Only lp Slate Money, Is Legal Opinion L1TTLR HOCK. April 4. (Ul>>- 1'lie now onrncr net providing for (location and distribution ol iilgh- vny funds will not apply lo fwl- ral funds. Assistant Attorney Cleii- •i-ul Thomas, Pltr.liugh said in an pinion to the Iiiuhwity department o<lay. Chairman Dnvo lilock of the coin- nisslon will take the opinion with ilm on his trip to Washington to- light where he wll) confer rcgnnl- ng federal lunds for this slate. The darner bill, which became ,w last night without the gover- lor's signature, sets a scale by vhich allocations of highway funds •uist bo made. There has been much (scusslon whether It would apply ) federal money. "It Is my opinion; FiU-.hugh •rote, "Hint the bill pertains sole- j lo distribution of funds under he sole jurisdiction ot Hie state Uguwny commission mid not to federal funds that may be allotted on my basis the federal government teems advisable." It became more apparent today rial control of the highway 'de- Kirtmcni hereafter will be In the director of highways office under lie Garner act, which gives the governor authority to name, the dl- cctor and make the director chief executive olftccr or the department. \ C. flaker Is the present direclor. Chicago Corn open high low close May 83 7-8 85 3-4 83 7-8 85 5-8 July 77 3-4 19 1-8 77 1-2 78 3- AREJVA, Wls. (UP)—The Alton Branders family, town of Arena , tried to decide upon a name IK- glnnlng with "P" f or a new-bori son lo continue an alphabetical se. quence. Branders' name is Alton a son Is named Bsryl; a daughter Carol; another son, Donald, ant Mrs. Branders' name is Edna. •Jungafy..and.Bulgaria May Also Demand'Lifting of Treaty Limits ; VIENNA, April 4: (I/P)--Allstrla vill send an envoy to the allied onfercnce at stscsn to demand ancellatlon of Ireaty restrictions on Is army, H v;us said authorltatlve- y today. YljustrlVs nsserttoti of Us ' right o reai-m opened the way tor the crapping of military restrictions In ill the ivorld war Irejitle.s. . Hungary and Bulgaria were ex- )ected to demand that their treaty Imitcd forces be increased. Turkey, the remaining nation whose forces were restricted, never -has pretended, lo restrict thm. ft was said In official quarters adny that Austria will demand an army or from 00,000 to (15,000, ol vhom 30,000 would be selected conscripts. Tlie army Is limited under the St. Germain treaty to 30,000, who mist be regulars on long term en- islments. Conscription Is forbidden, Big Lake Gauge Shows Slight Rise in Water Recent rains have halted Big Lake's fall and resulted in a slight rise in the gauge reading at the Highway 13 bridge, but the water is still two feet below the crest of last month's high water and no trouble Is anticipated. The gauge reading this morning was 217.4, up a tenth of a foot In 24 hours, Little River was at a stand at Hornersvllle, Mo,, this morning, however, and the water was- falling In the ditches east of Kcnnett. indicating Jhat the crop would soon be resumed at the lake. The next 24 hours,may show a rise of another tenth or so at the Highway 18 bridge but after that the stage wll Idrop. No concern is felt for the Big Lake-Little River levees. Sheriff Slain of New Mexico Jobless C1AI,UJI>, N. M., Apr. 4 <Uf>)- Glicrlff M, 11, Carmlclmel was .shot o ctrnii) and flu- other persons vere woim'di'd when a mob of un- 'iniitoyed, rloled lir-iv ic-iliiy In pro- is! uiiiilnst, tin eviction of one of heir mimbei 1 . The i-lptlng occurred as W. M, llckel, Justice or the peace, was earing an eviction case against 11 unemployed man. A mob of about 11)0 unemployed Jiifht lo enter the courtroom. Sheriff Carinlchai'l and several lepiiilcs barred tiro way. The ut- iick climaxed a period of bluer ccllns on the part of local un- •uployed. . Article.? of Incorporation have icon prepared tor Blyco, Inc., r •jomiumy formed to acquire a situ tor expansion of Die nJylhcvllle banning company and lo hold real 'State [or other purposes, and will be filed within a few days, B. D. Estes is the president. Oth- >r olllcers arc A. B. Pah-field, vlcc- H-eslilent, Russell Phillips, trcasur- :r, and Oscar Pondlor, secretary. The new company h«- an uuthor- zed capital of $10,000, of which $3,- iOO will be paid In. A considerable portion of the stock lias already been subscribed nnd officers of the company expect to have Hie necessary sa.SQO within a short time. The Immediate purpose of the cnmpany is to acmilro' from the Dreamery Package company a tract ot about 24 acres, lying south of the Cotton Belt railroad right of ivny and. west of that of the Frisco railroad, at will resell between three and four acres of'this land to tlic canning company and' will hold ihf rest 'for possible future Industrial use. Bankhead Defends AAA Program, Assails Critics . (UP)- Scnator John Bankhead (Dem., Ala.) moved lo the defense of the AAA cotton program today and'-vt- gorously attacked its critics, Bankhead directed his speech especially at Senator Milliard T ings (Dem.. Maine) who had i vocated a general scrapping of New Deal policies including AAA and NRA programs. Industry itself, Bankhead said, tad controlled production during the depression. "This was hailed as good business," he said, "but when the government participated in a. plan to apply the same principles to agriculture—business and Industry cry Site for Canning Expansion Plant fllfi DEFENSE IS Action Follows Chicago Mill Abandonment ''of Lumber Code - \' HELENA,- Ark., April 4, (UPJl-l 'Ifteen hundred Chicago Mill JuinS ' ier,workers walked from their Jote lore today, piotesttng Ihe lower, rage scales mid longer working lours posted by the company Monlay in announcing it was "oil the NRA." _ The company's departure from he NRA hunter coda was the first spoil break of (he industry with Washington authorities since the NHA's recent withdrawal or its test :ase from thp United State.! su- ircme court. i|i that case the NRA mil appealed from the federal dls- i trlct court ruling In Alabama that ' held the lumber code unconslltii- , tlonnl. William A. Belcher had been Indicted for violating the working hours and minimum wapo | provisions of the code. ' i Sumo I'ay for Longer liours The Chicago company announced the workers v,ould put In CO hours per week Instead of 40, for tlio iimio ivcokiy pay, soon after the Soldier case was withdrawn from thr? supreme court. , The walkout ivfis (lined today by the mill workers union an hour after Ihe men came to work An attorney was employed soon Bfrei- • ward and he was to confer with laborers at a p m. to determine'what course of action they would pursue In fightlngi the wage reduction . Local Mill Not Operating The Chicago Mill's Blythevllle mwinlll lias not been operating since the company's abandonment if NRA wage and hour standards, Max Miller, manager of Ihe local plant, lold • the ,'Coufier News to- j flay, and therefore the older has,.been -of "no - practical cffect~here thus far. He said he had heard of no organised protest amorig local workers against the change" In •wage rates amMioursiOf ,wotk. ' Jimmy Doolitlle Appeals for Separate Set-up and More Planes WASHINGTON, April 4. (UPJ- laj. James H. Dooliltle, speed flyer old the house military alTalrscom- nHtec today t.'iat a department ol mtlonal air defense was needed soon if the country \s to be ready for efficient defense In time of war Doolittlc Joined MaJ. Gen. Wiliam c. Rivers, retired, in urging a separate nir defense setup. Tils comailttce Is considering measures o build up national air defense. Doolittlc warned that at present :here are insufficient factories to nake engines and planes, and that in time of war replacements alone coutd be manufactured. He charged the present army and navy air strength wap "woefully \venk" and should be doubled Fonncr Qov. Charles H. Brough of Arkansas urged a unified command, increase in tanks and armored cars for Ihe army, and smaller and more compact divisions. 1,000,000 Farmers Sign Under Corn-Hog Program WASHINGTON, April 4. (UP)- rhe AAA drive to enlist farmers in Its 1935 corn-hog control program went "over the top" today with 1,000,000 farmers applying for participation. Applicants ivill be given contracts to sign which require a 10 per cent reduction !*-*'«—- «— -.1,.. .. . . „ u "• tl n* be mailed them. Utah May Have Third Parly . SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (UPJ «» rt ' ' - s handling of the social, liquor, and labor problems, SHEBOYOAN, Wls. (UP) ~ A double-barreled German pistol, 90 to 100 years old, has bsen presented to the museum here by A W. Let:<ter. Both barrels are rifled Wins $100,000 Verdict in Heart Balm Action CHICAGO, April 4. (UP)—A federal court Jury today airarded' Mrs. Helen Bedford-Jones, .divorced wife of the author, Henry Bedford-Jones', a $100,000 judgment in her'aliena- tion of affections suit against the writer's present wife, Mrs. -'Mary Bernardln Bedford-Jones. The first wife' sought $200,0(X) damages. The Jury's scaled verdict hi the case, which was featured by spicy testimony and the courtroom spectacle of a 10-year-old girl turning against her oun mother on the witness stand, was reached last night. The jury deliberated less than three hours to decide that the "author's present wife, a wealthy^,widow before she married'the-pulp paper magazine author in '1929, stole the writer's affections. Says Holding Companies";. Prevent Big Rate Cjjts' WASHINGTON, April 4. (OP) — David A. Lllienllial, TVA director, told the house Interstate commerce committee today that an Immediate- 35 lo 60 per cent reduction In electric rates could be made were-it not for Ihe public utilities hold-' Ing companies. •; • - ( Llllenthal's testimony was in support of the Wheeler-Rayburn bill which provides for elimination-of holding companies by 1940. '.."• Pal of Baby Face Nelsoiir Given 25-Year Sentence' FLORENCE, S. C., April 4. (UP) —Frank English, reputed pal of the late George "Baby Face" Nelson lember of $1H,000 and .... some of the bank officials. He had entered pleas of guilts- earlier tills week. • ' WEATHER Arkansas—cWidy tonight, Friday cloudy, unsettled, warmer In north and central portions. ,: Memphis and vicinity—Mostly cloudy tonight and Friday. Wanner Friday. ; Tile maximum temperature here yesterday was 52, minimum 45, cloudy, with .10 of an Inch rainfall. ficlal weather observer.

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