The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 16, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 16, 1931
Page 6
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"AC7I; SIX __ = __ '<].rnii-:vii,i-,K (AitK.) COUUIKU NKWS Out for Another Pennant Old Gambler Says There Will Be No Changes Un-| less Boltomlcy Falters. ' nv WII.I.IAM nnAiTur:n : XKA Sm-Ii-o SjmrK lldilor URADENTON. fill.. Mi'.ivh I 1 !--! Peacefully Gabby Street -sal nn 11 bench on the shelivnd L-ieic of Hie hotel in Or.ideir.i-ii whrir- the! Cardinals live In spiin^. | We had chosen the '."heller. 1 :j slile because, uddly, there was :i law wind Unit day, and while a: wind "was vrry unusual for rlur-j Ida al this thm 1 of year," it v.a-, a little chilly. j Gabby relaxed and was talk-1 ing about Ills bull team. M:HW:.T| Street waits like a soldier, .nnd; when he barks a command en Ih.j field it is not hard lo fiienre v.'ny! they call him "Old Sarye." Uul; when he is nsiine;, (Tabby, llko .1 sUdier. relaxes. ' Two tu Nothing for Gabby : "Young fellfr," lie '.v.n saying.! "I tc.ld ycu last year ih:it «e l'.:i;l. a good ball club, and you went and; vrote something atom Ihe Cardinal? being a palclKdup machine that was apt to miss em a few cylinders now ar.d then, didn't you?" | He had me there. "Well, did we?" . Score two straight for Gabby Street. ' "And now I'm (join' to Icll you! that we've got a gouA bail club; again," he went on, "and I iv.riin • that." I "Any changes in prospect?" I ask-:d. "Changes. 1 he rc-plleel. "where?" "1 thought, there might be n chance lu the infield." I suggested. "What you. mean Is at fir.H bas: : ." he went c:i quickly. "Well, let me (ell you semuthms—Jim BollomSoy played for me bsl year when hi-: hand \vas so bael he shouJd have breu imticr a doctor's c.ire. "Yes. he did! Course. Jiiti Collins, coming up from Rochester; hit out' of everything last year ! If he can show me he's better than : Bcttomley al his btst. that's som?- 1 thing else again. Course, with the infield I QUI—Frlsch al second, Gel-, birl nt short, and Adams at thiidj —we need a reserve inftcldt 1 !. There's Eddie Delker, from Kcch-. ester and lu hit pretty iinod in| 1 that Uaeue. too. i "I told you we were coal las!' year, and we're stronger now. We I didn't have Grimes at the. starl] last year. The rest of Ihe team's] almost the same, llafey will be In,] oh, sure! And Douthit, • he'll hit: better than .303 this year nnd you 1 can put thr.'. ("own and I'll lay. you thf-i. i "Come to think of it we haven't > Got an outfielder who played las', year who knows how to hit under j .320, except Doulhll fell under that i figure a llttl? bit. Look nt Watkins.l hitting .373; Orsalli .320. ami; Blades, way up around Ilircc- ninety-somcthing!" "You have a gccd memory for j figures," I Interrupted. ' "Why shculdn'1 I remember, 'em?" he came back. "When I want a pinch-hitter I have to e»mb!e, don't I?" Gabby smiled. "We gambled a couple of timrs lost season." he went ou. "and, fcoled the boys pretty good. Lo"k: at Hallahan, loadin' the bases purposely In that 1 to 0 game he. pitched apalnst Vance, so he could . get at the 'guys he thought hc ; could knock over. \ "And. just remember. Hallnhan' is supposed to b; wild. But' we: didn't do it once, \ve did it often -' gambled right with 'em—and. knocked 'em over. That was be-, cause this team had the guts. And . how those boys played ball!" j Harking back to the sensational: stretch drive cf the Cardinals, a tremendous finish then won the, pennant for Street's team in his; lirst year as a tr.ajor league manager, it was easily ; the Old Sarge must have enabled more than anybody realired—on pitchers and pinch-hitters— most of the games thr Cards won in that, last furious onrush were tough ones. rut here was Gauby a; jKac-', puffing his pipe. "We'll gamble some more." he raid, arising to 1:0 to his .roam, "but don't put is in 0:~. paper eh. 1 .: team Is goin' (o be shy a few tar.- tous,- my boy. 'This is a gcod, team, icmcmb that!' Girls' District Tille Again Won By '(irawfordsville MONDAV, JIAHC1I 10, !f)31 BRUSHING UP SPORTS STJIKKT XKISCH GUi.UKd OSCEOLA, Ark., March 10.- Cnwfordsville. girls basketball team successfully defended hep title as champions of the Northeast Arkansas district at the district tournament which ended here Saturday i night. j The championship game, between I Crawfcrdsvillc and Marlon, result- ! tag in a score of 22 lo 20 for Cia fordsville, followed a preliminary • game between Bono and Shaw-ne? ; with Hhawnec scoring 25 <o liono's 23. which placed the Mississippi , county loam as contender for sec- : und place in the tournament against ; the loser of (he championship game. 'I he consolation game for second place between Sliawnec und Murlon resulted In a 21 to 25 score for Shawnce, and placed Marlon third in ilw district..the ]»sltion she won last year alter losing to Luxora, ! another Mississippi county team. ; Ilcmo and Shaiince arrived al ! tluil rpositlon for the preliminary ! Baine after Rono defeated Earle and Shaivne'3 won an easy victory | over Whitton Friday afternoon. ; Teams which entered the tcmrna- j mom were Stiamieo, Caraway, Corning. Bono. Egypt, Osceola, Wilson. Crawlordsvllle. Marked Tree, Wliltton, Marlon and Earl. !>!!> VIII! KNOW THAT— f-'or wtling a new NiitlonV. I/:a«UL' record and for leadnn (he major league In home run's tost year. Hack Wilson gets his picture o'i the cover of tlie 1911I SpCJtlni; News iceord book . . . a very linnily little booklet CDII- taliinsi; almost anyt!:lni! you'd v.'.'.nt In know ab:iut baseball. . . . Jim I.evey a u cl Jack Hums wiil hit first and ser.'nu! in II:-. 1 Hrowns' lineup till'; si'a- icn . . . They're the Tex3< l/.MHi:e ro'jklrs Uill KlllrM thinks . i ;j iiuiuh <if . . . ThL-rr may IK inr.if ot a Imtl;- fo.- first, 1 liDi'.in'.s mi the Curdi- [llil nine th'irl f-:ibljy .'Slrset. or fve:i ,llm Uol'.nmlr-y. j|[i,.j{ S . . . . Jimmy Collins, the Rochester kid. sr=nis (a b? serlc-:^ h: "Is bid lor the Job ... Mnyb; il doesn't unylbinc;. bu; Collins swings aiwad of siunny Jim In the praotico rornn!';. Baseball? No, Turf! MIAMI, l-'la.—Daseball may have I brought several hundred your: j inlddle-;<i;L'd and i;rbvlr-J nililol-.- (ianliiiahs Would Lengthen Season in Senior Loop P.Y JOE O'CiOOFTY Former Mg League Pitcher COMMISSIONER'S SALE NOTICE is hereby given ihat the j undersigned commissioner, in com: pliance with the terms of a decree rendered by the Chancery . Court for the Chickasnwba District j o! Mississippi County. Arkansas, I on ihs 23rd, day of February. 1931 | wherein Travelers Building ,t Loan | Association, was Plalntlfl. and | Browne & Billings. Inc., el al.. were no n lIC-VT-rxxi t^i ,IM r '""" lil - « ijuiujsa, IIJI^., VI, ui., Uliu BRAUEMON F a.-The Nation- [ Defendants, will sell at public auc- nl League baseball season is uo Ucn to the highest oiul best bid- short. I found that out after li:tcr- - - nin-- , into (he reuth for the annual 're-' J' lCW ", 1 , B lh f, Ci> " ll » al " ltchll 'S ^ hearsal of major leaciue lines, bn nowhere down her!' Ls talk of th natlonnl pastlm-j l<mu •rnoui;li tr here (lie other day. Dizzy Dean is t.!ie guy who eani- plicali.'s mutters. I3can says he wili ings and i fans. nut coinpk-iely the cliallerl i w —' IP'"" thls_year. and ih.u'.<, 'if the liirl ' Yon may stumble Into o; jne (jroiip loudly upholding Equipoise r.s thr . oncoming lliree-year-old champion ! ! and one cerlain to eimilatc th ' StateCag'e j winning habits of Gallant Fox. I whom some oy you may remember i -—'- j fl ' c " 1 last snmiiu'i'. Another lltt!i'' ; K.itlierini; miiy he discussing Jaeni's j : town and squawking their very' I hcail* nfl because Owner .lack .Toy- i ;ni-r drcldeel noi to send the sn:i of ! ; at., James (o race in the Kentucky i ' IJctby next May. Ami still other I .croups of men arc wagging their! \ heads, waving their arms anil tmk- i ! Ini.' oilier queer noises aliDiit purses.' starling Hates, jockeys in senera!.' Karl Bantlr's movie venture PUT HE DOWN FOR- ighe: cler, on a credit of three months, at Ihe front door of the Court House, between the hours prescribed by law, in the City of Dly- Ihrvllle. Arkansas, on the Oth day of April, 1931. the following' real estate, to-wit: All of Lot 8, and the East ' -10 feet of Lot 9. in Block 3. of Davis Third Addition to Blytheville, Arkansas; and a strip of land carved out of the' SEV. li'-es a.-J ll:e Caph'm Nun'! Slvlh $!:«! bill tM-xi:, ptyot i game al Noni-ood In.i ye=!uJay before d'nu<[. sewed, and that n ^ocig some for .1 L^cli of old- In the 13lli innjig Bfjewj Co'.lir;, pitcher for iht Burr.Uc Bees, slur.g or* lo tight field m Q nomtt. Tlie l:il vcrjld not h.»ve gor.f for a I'.cme lur, Ka<l not lisfcL-.g fimed llie Budilc Bcc;. As thr baS »j s n> ir.g Iow2i4l llic tijkl fc!< L-r, n ho «ii 4wul to maU s play on il, ihc bo! was sired ly Thii scaitd li-.e f.c!J f , « L>fy Ke un in '• oppoiile <!i;. ; ,i:». n . 7>, c LJI, lull Lml..v. fr j '• IheioiJsidesnJ nhra il WM/tco-,i:,-.!, Jlti U- towd aiouj.J a c«j|>!c t[ lines, i! \,l to ^ ( ings Bank was Plaintiff, and| were Defendants, wiil sell at pub-! the front door of the Court Ho-» I,. McKay, ct al.. were! lie aucilion lo the highest and' between the hours "prescribed fv Defendants, will sell at public auc- best bidder, on a credit of three" iaw in the c'ty of Blvi'hevi'lr tion to the highest and best bid- months, at the front door of, Arkansas, on the Oth day of 'A^"' der, on a credit of three months, | the Court House, between the hours 1931, the followim: i-a! es'alo 'iu' at the front door of the Courti prescribed by law, lu the City of wit: " ' House, between the hours prescrib-1 Blytheville. Arkansas, on the'6th ed by law, In the City of Blythe-jday of April, l!>3!, the following of SW« of Section 10, Town- I vlllc . Arkansas, on the 6th day of | real estate, to-wit: ship 15 tjorth, Range 11 "East, j April, 1931, the following real es-| Lot number Two (2) in Bloc described as follows: Begin- . t^e, to-wu: [ ElEV| , n ,„,_ o[ the Hielll!ul lib? at the Northeast corner of Lot 8. said block and addition, and running thence East 45 f:ct; thence South 145 feet, ihcnce West 45 feet; thence aloir> the East line of said Lot 8, 145 feet to the point of beginning. THE purchaser at said sale will be required to execute bond with Aifcansa'-, state hlijh Imketbnl! title here Sntiir-: lli " K t:1 movc Cl " nt tnc Cllli cf 1!v day iilelit. ! '"™ nl1 - '' rl(lr to swinnin? Into 111 cf Hie racing slaWcs arc plan- batting wilt slow him up about four Fh>r Bluff put in> a game slnis- fle nml their rally In the liual quarlcr mill! have i:iven tliem \ vlcl:ry except frr the Mr.c.olh work gamcsi Paul Derringer, the recruit frcm campaigns in Maryland. New Rochester, also was forced lo admit, he would win 20 this year. Between Doan and Derringer, that's 40 In the bag. York ant! Illinois. Tliar's Gold In liacin;. I would like lo make IL phin- Lefty Hallahan says !ie thinks h? rijl-.l now !h::t msney flows freely can win 20 If they start him a-Minst , hc nob , ]|s enough J[m Un[] _ Mnbhard Quintet and Frisco Five. To Meet. TonighI hcl . 5[ , ,.,,,,,„„ , h( , sc <(i>J ._ . --- 'only n few of (he larger stakes to wy also has sst that eoal for him- 1 total a million dollars in gross valur. -"elf. That's 80 -games bei-wcen the The 10 richest stakes add up to four of them. j lhre?-quarlers of a million in roun:l numbers. WITNESS my hand and the .seal of said Court,'on this, the f4th (lay of March. .1931.' R. L. GAINES.' Commissioner hi Chancery. Reid, Evruid" \t Henderson, Attorneys for PlaintifT. ' 16-23 NOTICE OK COJLMISSIONER'S SALE ' NOTICE Is hereby given thaL the . undersigned, as commissioner of who won 0 and lost | the Chancery Court for the Chlcka- 4 for St. Louis mst year, jays he'll ' days. pick and shovel aren't «'!n 10. r.e thinks. Sylvester Jnhn- in dljglng gold these ' sen thinks he will win 1G. Flint I Hhem. barring kidnapers, thinks he =^=- • The Agua Calinilc Handicap of i cnn kn3rk ofr 20 - Jess Haines says Two'of the thro" tC3m= t!-el ['- M: "'ch Ki is uolns lo rcvv.ird the tlw ° :<l ' vi "8 is good for 18. That's, ••' 'all told, 1-14 games. And Bmlctgh Grimes says he'll the lend in the City C:i"e lew wl'h Dinner with a nice litlle present i l-.vo victories eacli. will cMi te>- ° r appvoximaiely S106.000, a n ' night In the first game of the, iL m . olmt . ^! lleh lvi11 disphc? llv Irnqne pby at the Armory. The Ilubbarrl e-,uin:et anei th^ Frisco railroad five have cbau ree- . ords thrcugh hsl Moerlay. bill n:i- ' " cfr »«der the wire a!:e.i:i Relmont Fntnrlty as the wnrld'r, richest race. An-J if Willis Sharp? Kilmer's Sun Beau sSiou!:! ink^ h'f •or the ot'icr will sink into Ihc ID.V 'column tonicrht. ; In the second came Cennn.iny ^ • will battle tbe Dixl? Fliers. T!v Gas fir?' bait;. an- II'.: AII.-S. celinrltrs. tip «:> i.i !'• ti:ir;i In the fin?.! e.i«:n t!: -Merchants, w'-o share the b.i^uc i • Irael with Hiibtard and Fri" meo! thr Hi-.I:ir!:e:.<. , Th.-> Hist fame will start o'clock. iieui, that SlOO.oro or sa vale him to lh^ top j;i i the world's greatest mnn^y ning horses. irand win 22 games, giving you a total cf 16G games, which more games than will be played by the team Ibis season. The only way out seems to be n longer season. Girls' Tille Won Bv Me . Much i rMiM-.i.ii,- ),,oh r , kftbp.ll tram •*?' rrnv i-:en= P! jcuthca"; M < i i here "- r i n -h' after i 'v hi 1 dt 1 - ffrleri the Havtl tram 23-n. Phy- in; lit:.- arri f-e-i-rdiiiT. t'n^ fnith :)rir prratc^t efr vi n.'. in in their ci;v!e:narv tac:irs i.f p::;Ihe final tiiiarter. the Ilr.ri:.-r<.i-illr Ten IlirhrM Pllrvs. During; 1MO wlu-n :h: d-:-. •, c' Gallant Fox ni::l his canable n-,'.- inipulator, Saneie. set the turf MD--' ' ablaze, the Behncn: r-::i;ri'v/ : i 7 ,, ciWhlel1 Jamcstwor. (jaliopiJ to'vr " lory, stood at the [op in r.e: | Jamestown carried JLV..IV SD" 1 i;co :; thtil race, topping by S1500 t h r: nmotint paid the oivnjrs of Vlr:-:i- nn for his victory In the Aqua Cr,i\ ; if nt.' fraiure a yo.~r ai p ?. r i In the remain-lrr nf the 10 h:-'-- l(^p[ cst stakes. Ga!'.-,:u F^r; r«--->-s ,; -times, rle graterd the "ArUn'-'-vi . ^ classic, worth S4.i;>0 to Owner \vil- '~ h ' liam Woodward: the n-: : >i~''i ,.,.,„,'[ Stakes, worth JiW.niO: the- I're!V> nesi. returning $51.025. nr.-! "ic Kentucky Derby, netting $5" TJJ Others in the in-richei:--vi rs ^, group were the HcpMu! 'sMk'-s' which Epithet won m (!•-.•.•' [ '^..""." 555,000: Pimli:o Futu:/;.-. , : , ,.;,'/,;, F/julpoise's victory v,:is no:- 1 -, v^-) 30; the Arlington Ha:i:l.c.ip Pigeon Hole and v.eir:l: <,\\ ; l':e Maryl.n::! H,:-.; feature In which Sin: }};-.;• nv-i thrrr i-iic'rt::'.-' r;;^r:e:r iv i; .da?zi:n; ofTrmo. :n the r.:nl .-,.,- „ , flon that swcji! away the ' of- 0 ' e w1niler ' s P r 'z" ' tl-.eir nppKirnis a;:d ;r.-irn'. them ("i! in from. Tlw elm!:: !o this Ilcrnersvillo guard ' a'!<?: u:itil Ihe fiml \vh!--'lr " COSI.IIISSIOXER'S SALE NOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned ccmmtoloncr. in compliance v, !lh the trrn'. 1 ! of a de- oiei. 1 rendered by the Chancery Court for Ihc Chickasawbit Dis- tr:c: cf Mississippi County. Ar- -:rnrr.;. on the 23rd day of February. 1921. wherein Prudential In".'-lance' Company of America was I'bintilT. and Mat tic Bryeans. ct !l. v/erc Dcfcr.elants, will sell nt public auction to the highest and r.-oL bidder, on a credit of three ::'i::iths. at th? Iront door of the f'-.irt Ilcuse. betwesn (he hours I'-:--.Bribed by law. in the City of Bly:hcville. Arkansas, on the" 6th day <if_ April. 1S31. the fc'.lowing real er.btr. to-wit: ill" Fcutheast Quarter of the Kem'h:-:M Quarter of Section 3fi. Toanjhip 1C North, nange 10 Knz.:. |f.« four acres on! of the Southeast corner thereol for Fdionl. described as follows: l!r?mmn<: at a point on :he North side of the right-of-way '.; the public road at the Southeast corner of said tract; thence North 32 rods; thence The Etta Half of the East Hnlf of the Fractional Northwest Quarter, and all thai part of the Fractional Northeast Quarter lying West of Frisco Railroad and hard surfaced road, in Section 5, Township 15 North, Range 8 East. Lot number Five (51, of Vick's Subdivision of nn acre lot carved oiil of the SW.i of the NE 1 .; of Section 1«. Township 15 North, Ransc 11 East. The purchaser'at said 52!? will be required to execute bond with :k Highland Place Second Addition to the ' City of Blytheville. Arkansas. THE purchaser at .said sale will approved security; to secure tl-e be required to execute bond with payment, of the purchase money, approved security, to secure the and a lien will be retained ujxj;i payment of the purchase money, said property as additional aeuir- and a lien will b= retained upon : ity for the payment of such piiv- said property as additional secur- ' chase money. THE purchaser at said sale will ity for the payment of such pur- be required to execute bond with | chase money. approved security, to secure the', WITNESS my hand and the seal payment of the purchase mon;y,; of said Court, on [his, [he 14th and a lien will be retained upon; day of March, 1931. said property as additional secur-j R. L. GAINES. Ity for (he payment of such pur-! Commissioner in Chanciry. chase money. i Reid. -Eyfard & Henderson WITNESS my hand nnd the seal; Attorneys for PlaintifT. uf sold Court, on this, the 14th I day of .March. 1931. j • • • ' R. L. GAINES, I Commissioner in Chancery.; iv hand and the ,'S** of said Court, on this, the l-,th day of March. 1931. R. L. GAINES. Commissic-nsr in Chancery. Held. Evrard & Henderson, Attorneys for Plaintiff. 1G-23 16-231 Read Courier News want ads. Reid, Evrard ,t Henderson, Attor.ieys.for Plaintiff. ' ' COMMISSIONER'S SALE NOTICE is hereby given that the , COMMISSIONER'S SALE NOTICE Is hereby given that the j undersigned commissioner, in com- 1 j pliance with the terms of a decree | 16-23i; rendered by the Chancery Court! : for (lie • Chlckasawba District of' Mississippi County. Arkansas, on! the 23rd day of February, 1931, i sawba District of Mississippi Conn- Arkansas, acting under and by authority of the decree rendered on the 23rd day of February, 1931, In a cause pending In said court, wherein Tiger-Levine Company, ct al.. were Plaintiffs, and W. H. Hiitton. et al.. were Defendants, will, on the 4th day of April. 1931. at the Court House in Blytheville, offer for sale to the highest bidder, upon a credit of three months, the following described real estate located in said District, and County, to-uit: Two (2) acres more or less carved oil the east side of the fractional South Half (S'.v) of the Northwest Quarter (NW'i) of Section Nine 19), Township Fourteen (14) North, Range Nine (91 cast, the land conveyed being about 1070 feet, frcm north to south and about 91 feet Crcm the old original Meander Line on the west side of Big Lake; Also all of Lot Five (5) In Section J-Mne (9). Township Fourteen (14) north, Range Nine (9) east. SUCH sale will be made with the understanding that all taxes nnd special assessments which be- ccm" due or have become due on cr before Ihe date of. sale. In eluding any which may have been paid by the plaintiffs and not included In their Judgment, will be paid out of the purchase money. And the purchaser will be required to execute bond with ap- pro-, cd security to secure the. payment of the purchase price and a Urn will be retained upon the land as additional security. undersigned commissioner,' in com- j wherein Union Savings Building & . pliance with the.terms of a decree Loan . Ass_ociafioi:. was Plaintiff,! rendered by the Chancery Court. and C".. G. Hires, ct. al., were Defer the Chlckasawba District of' fendants. will sel! at public auc-! Mississippi County, Arkansas, on "on to-the highest and best bid- rhe 23rd day -of February, 1931,j dcr, on a credit of three months, at' wherein Peoples Building &, Loan: Association Was Plaintiff, and Odum B. Boone, et al., were Defendants, .will sell-at public, auc-! tlon to the highest -and best bid- • der, on a credit of three months. | at ths front door of the Court | House, between the hours pre-i scribed by law, In the City of J31y-! thevlllc. Arkansas, on the 6th day-: He loml his wife of April, 1931," (he'following real took her to Paris' Where the 1 estate, to-wit: -• . f un |. 0!rins . frn . ' ; ,-i-rl»-i \..i,ii^,4 :0 rods; thence So;ilh 32 I WITNESS my hand as such com.^ CI 53-i.O.IO. r;ri=; thence 20 rods to the )>cint of beginning. THE purchaser at said sale will mlsslcner and the seal of said court this 16th day of March, 1931. R. W.-K rhoson 0:1 br rrquln-rt to execute bond with L. OATNES. Commissioner. 16-23 COMMISSIONER'S SALE hrrrby given that the commissioner. l:i corn- RITZ THEATER Last Time Today HOME THEATRE Last Time Today Bottle, Bottle. Who's Got the Bottle? \V!i;it every floor - walking daddy . should know. Lots 1, 2, 3 and 4, In Block 1, of the Marsh Addition 'to .Ely- ' thevHle; also a/.part'of the , Southwest Quarter of '• the ' Southwest Quarter of the' Southeast Quarter of Section 9. Township 15 North, Rongs 11 East,, described as follows:— Connnencing -at the Northeast corner of Block 1, of Mflreh Addition to Blytheville and running thence North to Lum- erate Bayou Ditch; thence Northwesterly along said 'ditch to a point 313 fe,'t due North of the Nortlw-est cirner.of sa:d Block i; then:e South to. said Northwest corner- of Block .1. thence In, a Southeasterly direction along llv North line of sold Block 1. to the point of beginning. THE purchaser at saJd sals wiil be required to execute bond with approved sfcurity, to secure th; payment of the purchase money, and a lien will be retained upon said property as additional secur- > Ity for the payment of such pur- i chase money. WITNESS my hand and the seal! of said Court, on (his, the 14th day of March, 1931. R. L. OAINES, Commissioner In Chancery. Reid, Evrard * Henderson, Attorneys for Plaintiff. 16-23 ally, tv.o "Tinys" were jj'.p.crd 0:1 .this If am. "Tiny" Brewer, llern- crsvillo forward, and "Tim- Mc] Coy. Hayli. guard. Sybil Hone. rter. bc-midm:: Wildcat ;-r. was the olher Ileirneisvllle -Star selection. ;; c; ,i «, L. OAINE3, the terms of 1 crce rendered by COMMISSIONER'S SALE NOTICE Ii hereby given that the underlined commissioner, In compliance with the terms of a decree r:nd;fod by the Chancery- Vonll find it in the waul nds. „ , . ••• "• v "--J' -nit-- icnutieu oy me unancery i tnct 01 M „,„ Commissioner In Chancery.] Court for the Chlckasiwba Dls- knnsaj, on \ue i-p\x C '' ™ C " d ,74 311 - lrlcl - of "lateslPPl County, Ar- .eisry. 1831, Alto.ucis .0. p.a.mirt. Kall5nSi 011 lhc Mr(1 daj . of j^.^ |ng & L<jan 1C-23 ary, 1931. wherein Veimont Sat- liff. an.H .In Court for the Chlckasawba DIs- i the Chancery i trlct of Mlsilsstppl County, Arthe 23rd day of Feb- v.hereln Peoples Build- Association, was Plain- Admission—Matinee— lOc—25c—'lOcy. Night—15 and 40c. . , _ tiff, and James J. Jajgers, ct al.,] With ANITA PAGE DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS, .Ir. and others you like fie stole his own baby, but didn't know how to feed il. But that was only onsi trouble of this fathrv siirpmr-d with a sou on his wertdiii;: eve. Admission—Jlatince & Ni- '. .10 and 2i5c.

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