The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 16, 1933 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1933
Page 8
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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 1983 KILLER HIT HELPS Bridge Maestro Still Supreme Despite His Recent Defeat BV PAUL HARRISON' NEA Service Staff Correspondent NEW YORK.— Long alter his elimination from the Vanderblll Cup bridge tournament, P. Hal Sims sulked In his teni. At least. It. had the proportions ol a tent though it was just a pink silk dressing gown, worn In Sims' hotel rooms. Tiie ponderous maestro could find no solace in the fact (hat lie remains the top-ranking player-expert of the United Stales. Nor was he comforted by remembering lt:ut the two youngsters who helped nil- set his defense of the co\'et«l trophy had been his special proteges. For Hal Sims, there is no substitute for victory— and alibis are a dime a dozen. Silting there with his long legs tucked under Ills great bulk, his blue eyes wide and imperturbable Ix.-ncalh a mop of disheveled hair lhal hung in ringlets, he looked like a cherubic Buddlia in some outlandish negligee. "I always play lo win." lie said. "And wlien I lose 1 sil nrotind and think over all my mistakes so they may noi be made again. HAS PENCHANT 4'OR BETTING "To be successful in any business or sporl, you've got !o have the killer Instinct. And the instinct of self-preservation is just as important. A good- gambler, for Instance. has a lot more than mere daring. He seems to scent threats and dan- gi'r a mile away. "1 like to bet on anything— horse races, cards, billiards, golf, tennis Yes, I play teimis. Most of all I like to bel on golf, because, unlike bridge, you're not responsible to a partner for your conduct. I don't like roulette, or any other sure- tiling mathematical game. I enjoy stud poker, which has interesting proWr-ms, but find draw very boring unless tee company's amusing ... At bridge, though. I can play with the world's three worst bores and still be entertained by the problems 1( offers." Sims always has played cards in his leisure time. Prom a boyhood in Selma. Ala., he went Into banking, then into the export business. He made a fortune, inherited an^ other, married a wealthy woman. '-"fife! "if, -the ''early 1920's ret1trd~to enjoy himself as a sportsman. He became a familiar figure at the Knickerbocker' Whist Club. When contract bridge came in, bringing a . BI.YTHEVILLE, (ASK.) COURIER NEWS TLe Ponderous Mr, Sims ot of the hard-nnd-fa'st tions of Its predecessor, Sims be- to go unconventional !n a big ray. His unorthodox methods •Jrove his opponents to distraction, specially since he won consis^em- y. Some regarded him with actual iiispicion, and some, wit:i disapproval. His sloppy dress and nndi<;- Him More Good Than All Others Mr. Hurst Had I.osf Fiiith In All Medicines — Uuli! He Tried the New GlyCas: Now Enjoys Good Health Again Many hundreds of Blythevll residents and people throughout this entire section are now taking Gly-Cas. the amazing combinations of natures purest and powerful medical properties, am stresses psychology and Imagination orlshod ^oiingstei rather than any rigid system. Hi' game or bllllrmlK has anoUx-r bock In i>rei>arftt!on. exactly (lie same Last March Sliepard Barclay's annual ranking placed Sims at tin 1 top of ihe com/act list. '"If his overwhelming .success In rubber play (In nddtlion to tournament competition) could be counted." Barclay siid. "it would show this tremendous figure of a man bestriding ti:t' entire contract field like u colossus." In play. Sims quickly sorts his cards by suit, but not .sequence, taking In at a glance how many nicks Hie luind is good for at each suit and at 110 Then lie observes his opponents, striving by their b?r.avlor and bidding to form picture cf Hie htmds they hold. • * * KKTENTIVE MEMORY FACTOR IN l-r,AV "I'm blessed with n remarkable photographic memory." lie said. "I remember years ago going lo a demonstration by a memory expert, wi-o ollercd $1000 lo anyone who could du his stunt of cnHlng olT n deck of cards forward and back- orlshod youngster 25 cenls on n . . And will gel thrill from winning either bet. WICK A I.EAUINC WOMAN I'l.AVKK Mrs. Dorothy lilcc Sims Is us iniicii an Individualist us J:«r 1ms band. in ihe HMO's, when she wns a society deb who limed society, headline writers coiled her the "lilui'-Stivak Ciir!" because «l:e oc- ca.siyunily got nrresieo for riding a moloroycl.- -10 mtles nn hour on i-'ifih Avenue. She took up paint and sculpture, studied in Paris, married und divorced mi American nrits'.. In 191SJ .slK 1 becamo one of the first American women airplane pilots, and s\erj[ because she wnsu'l owod to go lo war. Sbc aixl Sims were mnrrled In 1318. and over his pretests she look »l> bridge. She now Is one of the leading women players In the country. and is generally credited with the .ni-st In make practical uw ol the dangerous psychic bid. She doesn't dance, drink, or gnm- P. HAL SIMS . . . THE PONDEROUS MAESTRO . HIS BLUE EYES WIDE AND 1MPERTURBA DLE BENEATH A MOP OP DISHEVELED HAIR . . . HIS PASSIVE FACE CHILDISHLY 1NNO- .„ . r ^ j ---- j •*"" >«..«<3 me ouutimroL lined posture at a bridge table w?rc going outside no credi to ho teach. He helped to formulate, new theories which -,vcre adopted by other prominent players, and cie was one ot the Knickerbocker group w- v .!ch worked out the one- ovor-one principle and the forcing two-bid. In 1931 he set out to organize the strongest team in the world, 'the ranks of recog- "The only bridge expert 1 know with a bolter memory is William E. McKenney, secretary of the American liridgc League (who writes dally articles lor Courier Kens and NBA Service). Ho far as I know, he has (he best card-memory in the world. Mac can lake an honestly-shuffled deck, rilfle thru U, then call it forward and back- wan). He also can play several ganii's simultaneously, blindfolded, remembering his own hands, the dummies and the plays at each table ... Of course, a good player dcesn'i have to have such a phenomenal memory, but a lot of us envy McKenney Ms ability to recall all the h^iuis of a tournament days after it has been played." Sims doesn't believe, either, that his o\vn natural ability at mathematics has much to do with his card skill. And he denies that he's su- perslilioiis, though he has all sorls of liLiichps about lucky clothes, andi PACK Q.ueWo eels arc going to Hamburg ttu\ year, with a similar qtmr.llly wsttnod fur New York and Cier. Xcl llshlng I.H an Industry in 11- wlf. und keeps between WO and ISO 'iK'Ople. 'busy all season. . Tho M-to. averaging from three to live IxAiiuls cadi, are cauglil In traps. which are lowered Inlo Ihe si. l-nwmicc lllver In Ihe spring, anil f-nly reiuoveit wlicn Ice forms. A 40-mlU' slrelcli of SI. Lawrf-ncc u-atpr Is the scene of ei'Hiijj oiiom- "his. wilh a couple of lumilml out on Ihe river dally dur- the bnsv .season. Boom in Western Travel Forecast by Survey NKW YOHK IUP)— r>S|ilte Hi;. depression. American tourist travel lo foreign lands In the Western Hemisphere this year sets a now all-lime high record. . An entirely new class of travelers Ins been developed In uir'rmn ( Hid country, tfi'o as a rule im\v never belore gone lo sen. AccmJ- l»!f lo n survey made by Alberv X uawson, president of the Travelers Hound 'nible Ctub, 100.000 tmirlsls will be i-anled aboard ISO liny" cruising steamers during die roui- It Is not true (hat sims and jils '"R winter. Upwards of $10.WX> (W wife are never partners al bridge,. w 'il be expended In transjxvliil'.rm though Sims himself believes Hie! "lone. and millions mure will practice should bc> avoided married couples. "I'm sure Unit I'm meaner wilh her lluin when I piny with anyone else," he admitted. "Tin' n-iison is thai I take chances, make most of tire mistakes inyitcU, aiHI do most of the criticizing, while she plays a good, sound gnme." no credit to the snooty Knicker- nizert experts to get brilliant play- boccer Cnb. His oig hands .-eomed er s such as Willard Karn. David grotesqn?ly awkward. And when lie played, his broad, impassive face looked almost childishly innocent. HELPED FORM <EW THEORIES Having no need of money, Sims toyed out of the gold-rush ' in rtiel) so many experts participated. He didn't sell cards and score pads and-'Jxwks a bout, systems: iior did Burnstine and Oswald Jacoby. Tlicse original Foil contract made cr basis of all their play, and from beginning of the year thrDnjh . . -• 'nv.iv ilill [C widely scattered by tourists in Caribbean and South American port*. We Can Now Sett HOMES Belonging to the AMERICAN BUILDING & LOAN ASSOCIATION CHEAP Morse & Kirshner AGENTS American Students Ready For Scholarship Work PARIS. (UP)—The American University Union, wnlch administers the Franco-American scholarships, announces that the following students, uach of whom holds one of Ihe scholarships, have arrived to take up their work in the opening of the university: Miss B. B. Spoerry. of Lincoln. touched by a kibitzer. He believes! College; Miss It. f. Weaver, ol unhappy people and cripples ho!d I w c"s College, Aurora, N. Y.; Mis:! the be.rt cards. | Jeanne Ernst, of Rutherford, N. J., Miss E. R. Scott, of Scripps He swears It's just a coincidence j "'?. ML<i5 , E - R - Sl ' eslate is lo:ated 'ai'-'a Coll( ' gc ' €larcmo1 "- the .Vanderbilt Cup tournament in November they were victorious in every major" contesU-a record unsurpassed In bridge history. Sims brought out hjs first book, ' ' "Xfoney Contract." ' a 'year, ago. that his big town named Deal. N. J. His big rambling house on the shore road there has become a' private Mount Olympus of tl:e contract world. - and on invitation to visit Deal is Horsemen ol | considered an accolade from the -6vcr-one thei master. The place always has from Iwo lo a dozen guests, and life there is a continual round of games. Sims bets on anything, but is scrupulously fair, always sizing up his guests and estimating how much they can afford to lose. Thus he may bet a.wealthy man $25 a „.. , ___,.- •_ . a golf game, and some Impov- German Duty Boosts Eel Price in Canada MONTKEAL. (UP)— Import duly recently imposed by Lhe German Government on Quebec .eels has resulted In higher prices being ob- lained by Canadian fishermen for Iheir product, bast year t!w average price received was three cents per pound. This' year tlw price Is from five/ to six cents. " * ' rice Is from five/ to six cents. . ( !5omet!rlrig like" 500,600* poBh'cis'oT MR. F. Si. HURST many are frnnkly saying they have never before had any medicine 10 act so .surprisingly upon the rvstem. BIylhcville residents by the scores continue to publicly endorse Gly-Cas and praise it as they have never praised anything before. Read what Mr. p. M. Hurst. 520 Norlh Ninth St.. Bly- Ihevllle. well known retired farmer who has lived here n number of years, said recently: ! "Gly-Cas is the only medicine 1 have ever taken that gives the lesults it is supposed to give." lie said. "I had lost faith In all medicines but was finally persuaded to try this new herbal remedy ns so many people were praising it here. And was I surprised when It began to give me results from the very first. Why 11 was no time until my stomach mid bowels were regulated, was freed of years of suffering from lumbago. Now I gel around with case, stoop over and do as I like which I could never do before My wife got wonderful relief from Gly-Cas too, and we both Join In praising oiy-Cns for the remarkable refills it gives-even In coses where other remedies fall to have any effect." Oly-Cas Is .sold by Kirby Tiros mug Co., Main at Broadway, and by all leading drug stores in surrounding towas. —Adv. NOTICE TO LANDOWNERS TO THE LANDOWNERS IN GRASSY LAKE & TYRONZA DRAINAGE DISTRICT NO. 9 AND SUB- DISTRICT NO. 3 OF GRASSY LAKE & TYRONZA DRAINAGE DISTRICT NO. 9. Read the Following Offer Carefully: w o^^c 'L y ° Ur 5and was sol<1 more tlian tw ° years ago * or drainage taxes due Drainage District Wo. 9 or bub-District No. 3 of Drainage District No. 9, you can pay the receiver. FIFTY (SO*) PER CENT of the tax for which the Hand was sold, and no effort will be made to collect the balance of said tax, or subsequent tax, prior to November 1, 1934. (2) If your land was sold for such taxes less than two years ago, you can pay the Clerk of ihe Chancery Court FIFTY (50") PER CENT )f the tax for which the land was sold, and no effort will b f .made to collect the balance of said tax, or subsequent delinquent tax, until November 1, 1934. T mi ™ / 3 ? • If ^° ur dra ' na & e lax » delinquent and your land has not been sold, you can pay the Clerk of the Chancery Court FIFTY (50*) PER CENT ...of the tax for one year .(oldest year), and no effort will be made to collect the balance of said tax, or subsequent taxes, until November 1, 1934. £1 '»« , (4) For any lahiiwner to receive the benefit of this offer he must make the 50' ; payment prior to January 1, 19J4. (5) If any landowner does not pay said 50^ by January 1, 1934, he will lose the benefit of this offer, and will be subject to penalties and costs. This is the order of Hon. John E. Mariineau, Federal Judge, made October 24i 1933. This day, October 30, 1933. E. N. AHLFELDT, Receiver, 905 Rector Bidg., Little Rock, Ark. J. t. COSTON Osceola, Ark. A. G. MEEHAN, Stuttgart, Ark. Attorney for Drainage Dist. No. 9. Attorney for Sub-Dist. No. 3 of Drainage DUt. No. 9. Many large landowner*, such a$ Lee Wilson & Company, have signified their intention of taking advantage of the above offer. ;* (44-52) ' ' OLD BARGAINS We still have some of those old bargains you well remember for a long time and may never see again. Bedroom Suites Living Room Suites HnMBMMMMl Cast Ranges No. 7 Cook Stove No. 8 Cook Stove piece it few left 2 piece Mohair -or Jnctiu.trd overstuffed With full fi-eye, 8-inch lids v Special $29J5 HI $24,75 $6.95 .85 Oil Ranges •MMMMMM Oil Ranges Simmons Beds ••^••^••••MH Mattresses mmmmmmmmmm^mt Child's Rockers 5 burner, built in oven Made by Florence 5 burner, built in oven Florence best 2 inch iron posts SO pound cotton, rolled edge Banner Fibre. As long its inn last $3750 $49.75 $195 $4.95 $1 & $1.50 Get Your Childs Rocker Now 9 x 12 Close out patterns 9 x 12 Heavy Axminster $19.95 $24.95 Axminister Rugs •^••^^••^•^^•••••i Seamless Rugs HUBBARD FURNITURE COMPANY It costs nothing to figure with Hubbard on furniture but might save you money.

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