The Edwardsville Intelligencer from Edwardsville, Illinois on October 12, 1921 · Page 8
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The Edwardsville Intelligencer from Edwardsville, Illinois · Page 8

Edwardsville, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 12, 1921
Page 8
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EDWABDSVILLE INTELLIGENCER Leather Trimmings Are Smart Will Go on Hike. The Boy Scouts of Troops 2 and 3 have been invited to Join the Granite City Council of Boy Scouts in a hike to Monks' Mound on Saturday, October 15. The Granite City Scouts leave at one o'elock and will hare supper on the mound returning at night. It was first planned that Prof. Moorehead would address the Scouts showing relics and stereopti- can views, but It has not been ascertained whether that part of the pro gram will be carried out or not. The local Scout authorities expect to know by Thursday evening and will make arrangements at that time for the trip. Should Prof. Moorehead speak, others will bo asked to Join the Scouts in the UIp. It IB hoped that a largo number will go. Club Is Organized. The Leclaire Athletic Club organized last n i g h t ' in their new club room which was formerly the bowling alley and was presented to them by L. D. Lawnin. They elected officers as follows: Kenneth Shaw, president; James Allen, vice president; Garland Faust, .lecretary and treasurer. The club is for the purpose of furnishing clean entertainment for the boys and a large number is «pected to join in the future. Thos. Triggs, Sr. is in charge of the boys and the best of order is maintained. Dues will be. assessed nionthly_and the boys plan to give entertainments at various times. Pleasantly Surprised. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Neutzling Via dute SMMOB Alvin Kraf-, manager of tha Diamond Si rings announces : that danclnij will con tin u= there until' October 30. when the close for th sesson. pla;i w i l l ; I Ladle* Aid Meets. The Ladies Aid of the First Presbyterian Church will meet at the church basement on Friday afternoon. Personals Harrison Barco spent the weekend visiting in Champaign. W. H. Kuetho of Buchanan street spent Sunday with relatives at Dorsey. Miss Gertrude Voegle of St. Louis, spent the week-end with Miss Anna Anderson. Miss Vivian Edwards and father, W. A. Edwards, spent yesterday in St. Louis. Mr. and Mrs. Meade Steele are visiting with friends in Summerfield this week. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hebeler, of Alton spent Sunday evening wlti Mrs.; B. Wlgand. Mrs. Mary Smith of Pana, Illinois spent the week-end with her daughter Mrs. R. Glass. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Hall and son spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Springer of St. Louis street. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Anthony and children motored to Greenville Sunday and spent the day with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Robert I. McKee and Mrs. J. A Vance spent the week were pleasantly surprised Sunday in end with IVIrs - J R McKee ° f st honor of Mrs. Neutzling's 51 birthday. All present had a very enjoyable time. Those present were, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lami, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Lumbattis and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Adams and family of Belleville; Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lami and f a m i l y of East St. Louis; Mr. and M r s . Emil Neutzling and family, Mrs. E. Voeg- tlo, Miss Kloess, E. Kloss, R . Kloess of St. Louis, and Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Xeutxling and Mr. and Mrs. Evan Thomaa of Glen Carbon. Birthday Surprise. Mrs. Earl Wiley, of 263 Clay street was p l e a s a n t l y surprised last night by a party of friends in honor of her birthday. A very delightful even- Ins was spent and refreshments served. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Bliken, Mr. and Mrs. J. CV Delicate, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Olivn, Mrs. F. L. Leadley, Miss Jessie PettiiiKill. Henry Delicate and Glen Kinzer. Mot Monday. The Twelfth Night Club met in the basement ot St. John's M. E. church W I L D E Y T H 27c Flu Tax ^he smartest shops are showing many fall suits with leather binding and trimmings. A clever use of leather in excellent taste is this shown on this suit of black with white pin stripe. The hat is a new turban of black hatter's plush. . RESOLUTION. during the noon hour. A number Whereas, The voters of Madison 'of requests were received by the election held : committee, asking that the proposition be deferred until the Decem'ber of the board. On motion Louis county Illinois, at an Mrs. H. W. Jarrett and son of f. S ^°^l\^ ^^\^ ^llch Murphyboro, 111., have arrived for a ^hen^coHected should form and con- visit with her mother Mrs. L. Ann-i stitute a " f U nd known as"'Tubercu- [ ot Chairman Locqyr He request was bruster. 'losis Sanitarium Fund," and whereas !granted,. Mrs. Goodfrom, Mrs. Loebner and Isuch levy has been, made, such tax Mrs. Glauber and daughters of St. ^collected and such fund established Louis, spent Thursday with Mrs., Sabra Stubbs. under this authorization, and Whereas, The Madison County SMAliL BOY DIES AT BETHALTO YESTERDAY Milfred, small son of Mr. and Mrs. Board of Supervisors, In accordance , F d Harmeni of Bethalto pags . *.,; + K " A n o n f r t A a l l t h n r l Z P TOllntV aU- ' ^ Mr. and Mrs. John Elble, Mr. and ! with ~'Au act to authorize county au · .Mrs. J. C. Faulstigh and Mr. and H. thorfties to establish and maintain a I , I ed a t . t h e home of T H U R S D A \ Jin star cost featuring House Peters and Florci:cs lAndssoclated ProducersProduction parents Heuser of Alton were Edwardsville Counjr Tuberculosis Sanitarium, and [yesterday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock, visitors Tuesday. branches, dspensaries and other aux- |Hin death was due to stomach trou- iliaior institutions connected with the i ))le. The little boy was born on Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham went : sam8i ana to levy and collect a ; :: to to Collinsville Sunday where they at-i pay the cost of tlie'.r rttiiljiijhijioai, . )efin tended the wedding of John Doa arid'and m.-int ::v . ' jyjroved Miss Lena Meyer. siibsequont umend- Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Bradley and menis thereto, did heretofore appoint and designate Fred Henke, Dr. W . .Mr. and Mrs. R. E Stalkey of St. Louis spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. W. H. West. Mrs. B. Wiegand and son, Mrs. Margaret Schneider and daughter Freda, and Dale Schneider spent Sunday in Marine. B. H. Barber left Sunday for his ia^her's birthday and would have years old Friday. He was an only child. Besides his parents he is survived by his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Smith and C. H. Dorris, as the I Fred Harmening and Mr. and Mrs. Board of Directors of the Madison jEdward Balster. Mrs.'Tony Gerhardt County Tuberculosis Sanitarium, and ' whereas said Fred Henke, Dr. W. i and Mrs. H. Bangs of Leclaire are Mrs. Adolph ;ilso an aunt. wnereas BHIU neu «-"--- "· · " · a u n t s 0 J the little boy. H C. Smith and C. H. Dorns did accept said appointments and entered; j Bu»'ck of St. Lou.s is ,, upon and continue to perform the du- jThis is the second death in the rela- ties thereof, and Whereas, said Directors herein ter an extended visit with ihs mother home in Los Angeles, California af- named have decided upon and agreed to purchase for the purpose of a site for said Sanitarium, a tract of ground more particularly described as £ol- itnil other Mr. in I relatives. M i s K:n Mueller "d Monday night, tion of officers was held, elected were: Miss Faye president; Mips Christine .Mrs. Kaf.he- Moore nnrt children, of The annual eiec- siimmerfleld 'spent Sunday with Mr. Those Proctor, Wiedey, .,iul Mrs. V. M. Fteele. .Mr. and Mrs. Ed Stallman lows: l e f t s "Beginning at the Southwest corner of the Southeast. 1-4 of Section 14, Township 4 North, Ranga 8 West of the Third vice presidonot; Miss Jessie Pettingill, secretary treasurer. The coming year promises to be one if act i v i t y and a campaign for new members will be started soon. UL LUH i 111, U yesterday for their home in Brigh- thence north ton a f t e r a few weeks visit with Mr. nne 2 0 . 3 7 chains to a stone set in j Principal Meridian, along the half-section and Mrs. James Ptallman. i the half-section line 2 0 . 4 0 Fred Bamabaek. Mrs. Kath- south of the center of said crine Zarber, Mrs. W. Duban, Sr. and [ Miss Olive Duban went to Marine chains Section :h the . 1-4 ot I jtionship. The Harmening boy and William Smith who died last week were also related to Mrs. Lena Schomberg. Both of the little boys were also related to Mrs. Adolph Busick. There was also two deaths in the Gerhardt family, Mr. Gerhardt received word of the death of his father this morning about the same timcas they received word of the death of tlie Harmening boy who is a nephew. The funeral will be held tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at the Ed- Have 'cw toupe Miss Helen HciRhway is out t h i s week in a new Ford coupe which has been pvtrchared by the Madison County Tuberculosis Society for the use of the c o m m u n i t y n u r s e . The old roadster was in nepd of repairs so the coup. 1 was purchased in order to f u r n i i h better protection for the 'urse when on d u t p . i [said section 24.80 chains to a stone, I S u n d a y and attsaded the funeral o f j t h e n c e gou th parallel with the east · \. I.. Ryder. yne of said quarter-section and 15.40 D. D. Rtarkey and family and Mrs. ^chains west therefrom, 29.20 chains Mire ' m ' t h of Chenoa, Illinois, who ito the south line of said quarter-sec- i, visiting with them and H. H. jtion. intersecting said quarter-section Starkey and famly, of Wood River, '.-' spent ryosterday in St. Louis at Forth "e" quar f e r-section line 25 chains to kat Park. . the place o! beginnfiug. containing Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Isaacs, Mrs. L. ] 50.50 acres," all in the county of B. Livingston, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. j Madison and State of Illinois, and Prange of New Douglas and Mrs. R. (has submitted a full ^^^^^ en Evangelical church, Rsv. Kalin officiating. Interment Woodlawn cemetery. will be in the The pallbearers are Charles and Lester Berleman, Clarence Gerhardt and Fred Heindrichs. AGRICULTURAL ASSOCIATION BUYS CABS OF POTATOKS Farmers of Illinois have bought 126 cars of potatoes during the first two weeks of the co-operative potato purchasing polo started this fall by the Illinois Agricultural Association and county farm bureaus of the state, according to an announcement today from the headquarters of the state agricultural association. Throo expert buyers are now scouring the country for potatoes. The county farm bureaus are placing their orders direct with these buyers through the Illinois Agricultural Association. The purchasing pool began two weeks ago with- two buyers in the field but the rush of business caused a third to be added. It is expected that other buyers may be placed on the force. The result of the purchasing pool j so far, officials of the Illinois Agri- j cultural Association say, has beew '· the securing for farm bureau members of a bettor quality of potatoes [ for a lower price than could have | been secured in individual purchases. : N- K' Rupert Hughes dipped his pen Into his heart when he wrote "The Old Nest." TIGKK.S WILL I'J/AY STHONG TEAM HERE OX SUNDAY Gives Social for Class. Miss Pearl Krrnier gave a social for her S u n d a y School class last niRlit at P t . John's c h u r c h . There were about twenty-five present and tl'.tr had a contest between the Red C. Vandenbroech ot St. Louis i entertained at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Mead Sunday. ' Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Smith and 1 daughters Ora and Evelyn accompan- jied by Mrs. William Kusick, of D«- and Blue " s i J M and ",'he Blues won i c a t u r ' "turned to their home in St ; Louis last night. They were here for the funeral of their son which ! took place Sunday at the First Pres- the c o n t e s t . They played pames and all enjoyed a very pl.'ai-ar.t t i m e . Oivcn Farrwoll. A farewell surprise was jriven l a s t j evening in honor of Mr. and Mrs. i R. R. Sillcot who are moving from i tlie city in the near f u t u r e . A large n u m b e r wcro prc-ent and a most del i g h t f u l evc-nir.·: s ..'as spent. Dainty refreshment- wire served. byterian church. therein, to this County Board of parvisors, therefore be it Su- Resolved, By the Madison County eg Jast Sunday afternoon, October 16 at 3 o'clock the Edwardsville Tigers will play the St. Charles Independents in what will probably be a close game, as St. Charles holds the record of having won all oftheir gam- Board of Supervisors, that tie report of the said Board of Directors of the Madison County Tuberculosis Sani- y£ar an( , thosc p]aye(! this year. However, the Tigers have been successful in their first three tari-jm. de.ted October 10, 1921, is : games and certainly do not intend to herewith approved, and all actions , break their record, taken by said Directors and noted j Manager Anderson of the St. Charin said report ar eherewith confirm- i , es Independen t g , says that he has ed and approved, and the purchase , , Brlck . Trayis of said site spaciflcally mentioned is * * , v ..,, _,,.. . t . Section Will Meet. The I.iU-KUure section of the Mon day C1;il) will meet Friday afternoon at 2 : J O . Mrs. W. D. Harnist will have charge of the History part of Ihe r-.Me and Mrs. G.-:r;r::phy. F. Wier of the . Kn!-rt uns Frtends Mr. and :\;r;-. K. Kasin of Plum street pp.'-.-rt.i-'r.e i a. party of guests at their IIOKIJ on Sunday at dinner and supper. Those in the party w«re: Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Sheridan, Mrs. M. Filburn. Miss Helen Hodge of St. Louis, OLeavy, Dr. r f ·'*'lit Decatur, 111., Oct. 12--William R. McCaulcy, Olney. 111., started in today on his second term as State Commander of the American Legion. He was re-elected on the first ballot over five opponents last night at the state convention of the legion. Other officers elected were: Senior Vice Commander--Charles W. Schick, Chicago. Junior Vice Commander--Fred Pond, Chicago. State Chaplain--Ernest H. Reed, Taylorvllle. These delegates to the national convention which meets at Kansas City this month were named: W. L. Kelley, Shelbyville; Milton J. Foreman, Chicago; William R. McCauley 01neK*ndJL,.L. Meyers, (jt1f»«n. All Missouri Valley Tackle for the year 1920, and Dickie Edwards, Fullback on 1920 Missouri State Univer- !ized, same to le paid from and onV ' sity Team. Local folks are waiting to FIVE OPPOSING ASPIRANTS | warrant for the purchase price of the same, $40,000, is hereby author- from "Tuberculosis Sanitarium | Fund." now or to be in the hands of : the County Treasurer of Madison County, said warrant to be drawn by the proper officers of said county. upon the properly authenticated vouc'ier of said Board of Directors see the Tigers stop them. GE\. PERSHIXG AFTER ALL WILL MAKE THE LOXDOX TRIP S«j Pliar and S«?e Better. Treatment of children's eyes our specialty. Faulty eyes make many bright i children seem dull and listless irrit-! able and unruly. i Every parent owes it to his child | to correct such faults in youth and j give him an equal chance with others j Why take a chance. ; See Phar and See Better. Dr. A. Marion Phar, Bank of Ed-1 wardsville Bldg. Edwardsville. j To-night and Thursday 2 Shows, 7:00 8:43 Admission lOc 25c Good by C. Gardner Suh'rian Clyde Cook Comedy--"THE TOREADOR" (A Burlcsquo on Spalne's Favorite Pastime) 4 4 4 4 \ WILDEY To-night-9e22cPlDs Tax of Madison County Tuberculosis San- ] itarium. London, Oct. 12.--Gen. Pershing 11 come to London and decorate I with the Congressional Medal of JHonor the grave of Britain's un- A resolution was offered by the ' known warrior on Monday, October Road and Bridge committee just be- ! 17, it was announced today. fore noon today asking that two i British explanation of the incident previous actions pertaining to hard t which nearly resulted in abandon- roads be rescinded and the commit- ; m ent of the American Commander- tee be given time to work out a new ! j n Chief's visit was that the Arneri- system. The recent action was taken can embassy in London failed to at the September meeting and pro- make clear the connection between vides for a connecting up of a num- i Pershing's trip to Europe and the her of cities. |conferring of the Medal oJ Honor by The conmlttM WM tat Motion j Congjass. , iielay In Treatment Means More Suffering Do Aw»y irith Piles. Be Happy in a Few D»y§ by Taking Miro Internal Treatment Now. "I cannot MX stroncly recommend Mlro Pile nemwJy for I1Ie«. There ii no enual u II. 1 suffered tor 18 rears and tiled etcryihias lhat iris recommended. I doctored for years j with no results and was itaost a contUut sufferer with bleedlni piles. Took only 2 bottles of Mlio and was entirelr cured. Am truly confident that anyone using it will neier regret it." Mrs. Smith, 2313 Broadway. Many pmple haT« become despondent be- j cause they have been led to bellete that their . cue was hopdecs. Through your drncslst, ; ive sell Mlro Internal Treatment and guar- | ; ante* B to Eire complete satisfaction or your i money will be refunded. Tour drugsist alss carrio Ulro Antlconittpatlon pills and Mlro, L_iie Ointment for. Itching piles. ' DELICATE'S DRUG STPBEJ p,t^i.;-' *tfs)ip tec With Ajnei Ayers and Theodore Roberfs Comedy. "Torcby'* Mrfht Hood" Rupert Hughes in "The Old Nest' 1 has produced an absolutely new type of picture. This beautiful production is the first to our knowledge that gives a t r u t h f u l , h u m timentalized version of every-day life, with its comedy and its tragedy, its laughter and its tears. It will be at the Oh-Gco Theatre goon. renflRCHIVE»com

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