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The Pensacola News from Pensacola, Florida • Page 7
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The Pensacola News from Pensacola, Florida • Page 7

Pensacola, Florida
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The Pensacola News Soturday, Jon. 6, 1962 Dr. Molner m.i. '1 f'1)" i-is Prostate Trouble Not Necessarily Cancer Trouble vj' I yt Tornado Relief Depot Set Up In Pensacola A disaster relief depot has been e.sianiiMiru in i ensduuia in am Crestview tornado victims, Sheriff W. E.

(Bill) Davis said this morn ing. Sheriff Davis made an urgent appeal for clothing, cooking uten- bus and dishware and anything else these people can use." He emphasized that residents have many things that might be torn, with a button off or needing pressing. He said that these also can ue ustu uci-ause arrangements have been made to put the articles in useable condition. Those unable to deliver the needed items to the sheriff's office can contact HE 3-3871 for pickup. Cholera Fight Fund Started UNITED NATIONS, N.Y.

AP) The U.N. Children's Fund announced Friday an emergency allotment of $50,000 to help combat a cholera epidemic in the Philippines. Officials said the disease, which broke out late last year, has killed more than 1.000 persons and infected 10,000 others, many of them children. I '0Mm lit' i ImXf: Tornado Coiiee Break Mrs. Nell Myrick of the Escambia Search and Rescue Unit serves coffee to Escambia's Road Patrol director Lt.

Robert Ward, aiding during Crestview cleanup after tornado struck the Okaloosa city. New Car Not So New Bill Reynolds, 16, son of W. C. Reynolds, owner of a new car tornado damage to a 1962 model crumbled when a wall fell on it. Anymore dealership in Crestview, surveys OPEN 10:45 TODAY 'Internal Decay' Hit when surgery is the logical treatment, I can't see any reason for avoiding it.

Comfort, as well as safety, has advanced enormously in surgery, but money can still be made by preying on the old idea that surgery is to be feared. (That's a mighty good example of why the medical profession frowns so vigorously on advertising medical care,) G. M. concludes: "How should sex relations be coped with when the gland is so affected? I am married." The operation heresay advice notwithstanding does not interfere with sex relations. Potency continues about as it was before surgery.

"Dear Dr. Molner: My three-year-old daughter has had peculiar lesions on her tongue ever since she was an infant. They come and go, disappear completely or move to a different spot. Our family doctor said to Just wait and watch. Do they have any significance and what can I do about them! Mrs.

D. They could be canker sores, and keeping a "food diary" may give you a clue. If an outbreak occurs after eating certain foods, then eliminate such foods from the diet. Food sensitivities of this sort are not unusual. The fact that the spots come and go would shed doubt on the fear that glossitis (that is, a specific infection) is involved.

"Dear Dr. Molner: Is there any harm in freezing milk? M. E. It might crack the container, but it doesn't harm the food value of the milk. How to get rid of leg cramps and foot pains? The answer may be simple.

Write to Dr. Molner in care of this newspaper for a copy of my leaflet, "How To Stop Leg Cramps and Foot Pains," enclosing a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope and 5c in coin to-cover cost of printing and handling. Dr. Molner welcomes all mail from his readers, but because of the great volume received daily he is unable to answer individual letters. Dr.

Molner uses readers' letters in his column whenever possible. Lewis Attacks News Media fe I WM A i I i tf7i United States' struggle against, international communism stumbles daily as a result of "internal de cay, fensacola industrialist Thomas P. Lewis said Friday. Lewis, in addressing Pensacola Lions at a Hotel San Carlos lunch eon, aimed his "Wake Up Amer-'j ica attack primarily at the na-i tion's news media. I "Melodramatic headlines blow up each Russian propaganda move," he said, but point with pain" at United States' short comings.

"I believe," Lewis said, "that our nation is not in imminent danger of war economical collapse but internal decay. "There are no horses to be rode through darkened villages, but many Americans need to be awakened," he added. Lewis urged democracy lovers to learn about communism and do something about curtail ing its power by being dedicated Americans. "Certain (newspaper) columnists should be dropped," he said. (He did not name them.) "Most columnists slant toward the left," he added.

As an example, Lewis said that "most" stories by the "two major wire services" during the 1960 presidential election were "slanted." (He did not name them. "We are being fed a diet of political garbage," he said. Civic clubs and chambers of commerce, he noted, should never dodge political issues. He said, however, "Some or- i ganizations pass resolutions call ing for federal hand-outs, then wave a flag against federal inter vention. "We can make the difference be tween national survival or defeat," Lewis said.

"Fortunately, there are enough patriots left in this land to do the job." Americans. Lewis added, must become as dedicated in their fight against communism as the Communists are in spreading their cause. Americans, he said, must "get to work." "The job will not be done by men who insist on comfort or soft cushions." He said, at present, Americans watch television more total hours than they work. "I sometimes wonder if World War III is not being lost before the television screens of "Faith without works is dead!" ihe concluded. On Half Shell Dos.

75' BAKED dot $1.25 Big MitiTVf nri iriTrf rru Here 286 North Palo fox OPEN 11:45 mm STARTS SUNDAY 200 MEN and ONE II the Shoe Fits Mrs. Harold E. Perkins discovered her year-old son's shoe 100 yards away from her trailer home after tornado struck Crestview. By JOSEPH G. MOLNER, M.

D. Sometimes it seems to me that it's just about as important to tell what ISN'T so as to tell what IS. And in doing ihis I trust that I can avoid the predicament of the New England lady who made a whole batch of apple and mince pies one day. To keep them straight, she cut the initials in the mince pies, meaning "Tis mince," and in the apple pies, meaning "Tain't mince." Today I have a letter from Mr. G.

who is 72 and has been having some prostate gland trouble. He is concerned over what to do because some of his "friends have had relief for quite a time," and others "have had repeated operations and finally died from cancer." Prostate enlargement does not necessarily impfycancer. The prostate gland happens to be one of the places where cancer may start But in thousands, or perhaps I should say many thousands of cases, cancer is not involved at all. If cancer is present, and it is detected in time, then removal means cure. If it is not removed in time, then the cancer may progress.

But where there is no cancer, then surgery to correct the enlargement of the gland is all that is necessary. M. G. goes on, "Now I have been told that when the prostate gland is removed, death is not too far away because the gland is essential to life." No, positively. The gland is NOT essential to life." (Except, of course, when removal of the gland is urgent, the operation prolongs life! He has, in the past, gone to a clinic which advertises its "injection treatment," and he found that it didn't seem to do any good.

This does not surprise me, because I can't see any valid reason why it should. These advertisements are a persuasive appeal to people who will try all sorts of treatments on the argument that they will cure something or other "without surgery." Well, I'm opposed to surgery, too if some other treatment will do as well or better. But Geronimo Restaurant BANQUETS and MEETING ROOMS Day or Night Geronimo Restaurant On Beautiful Pensacola Beach CALL '32-3794 See Hear! IN PERSON ROY ORBISON SHOW Featuring ROY ORBISON Singing "Only that Lonely" "Running Scared" "Condy Man" "Crying." The Untouchable Sound of THE BILL BLACK COMBO ACE CANNON Ploying His Big "Tuff" CHUCK REED Singing "Talk No Trash" THE WEBS Singing "Lost" SATURDAY Jan. 6th. MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM 8:15 P.M.

ONE SHOW ONLY Advance ticket $1.25 Now ot Plee-Zing Food Store and Stan Rabin Melody Lena Tickers at door, SI. SO COME EARLY FOR GOOD SEATS rWfMMiriMMMV CALL HE 2-7895 AND FABULOUS THETWiST FOR THE FIRST JWHHMMM? M-(W mW BE MARCELS 'CLAYCiLE NEXT BIG ATTRACTION i i tmnm wr wmeo wnwn LAST TIMES TODAY "Season of Passion" And "The Greot Wor" GIRL TRAPPED h. a TZb OETUR Slr LUXE CHILD THROUGH 1 1 35c open 11:45 V. jri AVI I Riot Police Set To Curb Rallies Television Tonight I (6 P.M. Til) i CHANNEL 3: Virginia Roaring Leave It To Beaver 7:30.

Lawrence Boxing-9. Make That Spare 9:50. Saturday Report 10. The New Breed 10:15. Late Show "The Big Store," Marx News, Sports CHANNEL 5: Frontier Circus Perry Defenders 7:30.

Have Gun Will Travel 8:30. Gunsmoke 9. Rip-cord 10. Wrestling 10:30. News 11:55.

CHANNEL 10: Capt. Mai's Wells Tall Saturday Night at the Movies, "What Price Glory," James Cagney. Dan Daily 8. Hong Kong-10. Whodunit-11.

"A telephone call to your local i radio station a network will get attention," Lewis remarked. Lewis, however, urged his audience to stand strongly behind news media when it does "right," but when it "doesn't" "call the editor." Americans, he said, have been putting materialism above principles. "There is no such thing as the-middle-of-the-road where principle is concerned," he said. Activity of stragglers for principles of life, liberty and justice are often curtailed, he noted. "Two or three of the most constructive columnists in the nation," he said, "are struggling for circulation." (He did not name them.) Lewis said Americans should visit and write congressmen, when they think the elected officials are not acting in the nation's best in terest.

Politically, he remarked, the current trend is toward "central ized government. "We must turn the trend," he said. Lewis said, for example, that this ration's federal income tax system, Congress approved, was modeled after Marxist principles. Hitting at government security programs, Lewis said this nation is giving away "government checks" to "one-half" of its population. $53I Taken By Burglars At Guli Breeze Burglars who apparently were not familiar with opening cash registers robbed the Bogas Pharmacy of Gulf Breeze of $531 early today.

Some merchandise was also taken. Constable Richard Smith and Town Marshal H. T. Forsyth said that three registers containing the money had been left unlocked but the thieves pried them open, ap parently with a crowbar. The officers said the burglars first attempted to gain entrance through the roof and after failing to do so, broke through the back door.

Smith said that Gulf Breeze City Hall also was broken into and a cabinet ransacked. Twenty dol lars was missing from the petty cash box. Smith said the evidence indicated the two breakins were made by the same parties. Cadets Release 1962 Schedule CHARLESTON, S.C. Wl The Citadel announced a 10-game football schedule for 1962 today that includes games with Vander-bilt and West Virginia.

Eddie Teague, athletic director and football coach at the military college, said the card includes five Southern Conference games. The Citadel won its first conference football championship in history last fall with a 5-1 league record and 7-3 over-all mark. Non-conference games on the schedule besides Vanderbilt are Florida State, Presbyterian, Arkansas State and Memphis State. Also (SUMS year has left at least 80 Europeans and Moslems dead and about twice that number wounded. The clashes have centered in Algiers and the territory's second largest city, Oran.

At the same time, the secret army has called for "general mobilization" in handbills and on broadcasts over secret transmitters. This has increased fears of a new European rising in Algeria and a similar attempt in France. Although the big French Communist party has led the cry of alarm against a possible attempt by the extreme right to overturn De Gaulle, socialists and other groups in the moderate left have also become aroused. The official socialist party organ Le Populaire branded the secret army as fascist and called for action, before it is too late. The French Human Rights League, joined by some 30 other liberal organizations, published a declaration denouncing the "criminal action of the secret army." COLOR SCOPE AN AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL PICTURE Hemlines Drop At Girl School PEORIA.

111. (AP)-There was not a knee in sight Friday at the Academy of Our Lady, a Catholic high school for girls. School authorities had decided that there were too many knees showing. The 600 students were inspected for proper uniform, and 100 had been sent home with instructions to lower their hemlines to a point midway between knee and calf. LAST TIMES TODAY "Big John" Wayne Slugs It Out! DeMoite Petition Is Filed Frank Charles DeMotte, accused killer, has filed a petition in Circuit Court seeking the court to inquire into the circumstances of his alleged solitary confinement.

The petition, filed by DeMotte's I court appointed attorney, Tom Lewis, alleges that DeMotte is being confined alone without just cause. He states that he has not violated the rules of the jail and that the present method of confinement is a form of punishment. "The cruel and unusual punishment is being inflicted without just cause," DeMotte contends. DeMotte states that he believes the punishment of solitary confinement may affect his physical and mental health. DeMotte has previously written letters to his attorney, Circuit Judge Ralph McLane, Sheriff William E.

Davis, State Atty. William Frye III, Gov. Farris Bryant and U. S. Atty.

Gen. Robert Kennedy pleading for release from "solitary confinement." The prison was at that time, and still is, confined in a double-barred maximum security unit located on the top floor of the jail. Beyond the two sets of bars is a large barred window overlooking the Pensacola Interstate Fairgrounds. His cell is as airy as any other cell in his block. Other prisoners are confined alongside him, separated, however, by a concrete wall.

He can't see them, but they can pass coffee to him and they can converse. He is not in solitary confinement as it is generally known. DeMotte is awaiting trial on a charge that he killed Harold S. Baird, wealthy Fort Walton Beach motel owner, last Jan. 31 in Pensacola.

Zelre Takes 2nd NFL Goll Title HOLLYWOOD BEACH, Fla. '(LTD Los Angeles quarterback Zeke Bratiiowski recovered from bogey troubles on the closing i holes Friday to hold his lead and Iwin the National Football League 'players golf tournament a second jtime with a 36-hole total of 152. I Bratkowski fired a five-over-par 1 75 over the Hollywood Beach Ho-tel course in Friday's final 18 holes to overcome the first round I lead of Dick Le Beau of the De-jtroit Lions, who soared to an 82 (Friday for a 158 total and third place. 1 King Hill of the Philadelphia Eagles finished second with a 78 in the. final round and a 155 total.

ALL $1.00 HE 2-3381 PARIS i AP) Special squads of tough riot police rolled into the capital today with orders to put down a Communist rally against rightist terrorism called in defiance of a government ban on all demonstrations. Big blue buses loaded with hel-meted riot forces rumbled at dawn toward strategic street corners to be on hand for the mid-afternoon demonstration. They augment the already strong regular police units. Enraged by the shooting of a guard at the party headquarters Thursday the CommunisU called for a showing from all liberal and left-wing elements in defiance of a police ban against street demonstrations. Communist chieftains claim that France is in danger of a fascist putsch from the Secret Army Organization.

The secret Army, savagely determined to keep Algeria French against President Charles de Gaulle's program of independence for the North African territory, is blamed for much of the. bombings and shootings in metropolitan France as well as Algeria. Although the Communists were warned not to go ahead with the demonstration, the police order was ignored and the Communist newspaper L'Humanite called for a massive turnout. As the prospect of a day of violence loomed in France, terrorism in Algeria continued almost without letup. Just after dawn terrorists struck twice in tense Algiers.

A European merchant was seriously wounded by a gunman near the Casbah. A little later, a terrorist shot another European to death. At Lille in northern France, a plastic bomb, apparently set by the secret army, heavily damaged the front of local Communist party headquarters. At crossing points on the Belgian border, police reinforcements carefully searched vehicles entering France. There were unconfirmed rumors that the secret army leader, Ex-Gen.

Raoul Sal-an, had arrived in Belgium from Algeria where he has been hiding since he led last spring's abortive military putsch. A savage upsurge of terrorism in Algeria since the first of the MIDNIGHT SHOW TONIGHT REGULAR RUN STARTS SUNDAY ww QnsmaScopB Check Presented Check for $210 as proceeds from a benefit dance is presented by Mrs. Glen McDaniel, president of the Beta Rho Chapter of Epsilon Sigma Alpha business sorority, to Bryant Liggett, president of the Escambia Chapter of Cerebral Palsy Association'! board of directors. Each year, the sorority sponsors a dance to aid locally in cerebral palsy equipment purchase. RiiMiHmQ ami-Mil.

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