The Edwardsville Intelligencer from Edwardsville, Illinois on October 8, 1897 · Page 1
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The Edwardsville Intelligencer from Edwardsville, Illinois · Page 1

Edwardsville, Illinois
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Friday, October 8, 1897
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35TH !TJElA.K/.-lNro LOCAL HAPPENINGS. THE WEEK'S EVENTS OF INTEREST REFLECTED la «·!·· O EMB« WMl Alt*** U» «». --Dr. A C. Corr ol Carlinvllle will be at Di. E. W. Fiegenbai.m'8 office on October 11. » --Ed Boll man has entered the employ of Tuxhoru Bros. He will prove an excellent salesman . --Fred Wilhelm, formerly with Kosman Meyer, Is now employed ny Waldemar Starke. Freddie la a good barber. -- W W. McKee has on exhibition a Dumber ol samples of farm and orchard prodncts from Vermllllon, South Dakota, raised by J A Bsrnsback. t-S. Berger, of Glen Carbon, has rented the F W. Overbeck building north of Mat Boa's f urnitnre store, and commenc ini; Monday, will begin the sale of a stock of general merchandise. --Isaac Cartis Wimbtrly died of jeilow fever at Edwards, Miss , on Tuesday, the 5 inst Pie was the hnabaod of Miss Mattie Keown who visited relaiives in this city In August, 18S6. --Mary Erly, the five-year-old daughter of Mrs Emma E«ly, of Pocahohtas, died jesterday morning at New Douglas, of diphtheria, and was buried this morn- Ing Mrd. Early was summoned to the jedside of her father-in-law, Matthew B Early, two weeks, and while there the child took sick. --Win. Lemen, an old and highly respected resident of St Clalt county, living three miles sooth of Collinsvllle, died Wednesday afternoon The funeral took place this alternoon at 1 SO o'clock, from his late residence Mr. Lemen was well- known throughout this county, and all regret to learn of his demise. He was abont 70 years of age --Mrs William Gait, resiHing on the SpriDgfleld road, had a narrow escape from strions injury yesterday afternoon In company with her niece, M. -3 Kerr, she was driving up Main stree 1 -, when the liorse became frightened and ran away The animal was stopped by a colored man, JOB. Gamble, in front of Tuxhorn Bros , qnite a brave action, as It was go- log at h'gh tpeed, and the ladies alighted uninjured -- Ihings at the electric light plant are torn up generally this wees. The floor has bten taken np for the construction of a foundation for a new dynamo. B. H. Richards is doing the work Then W A. Dilzell, of Greeuville, who has been head engineer, has resigned, and M C. Crowley, of St Louis, has taken his place Kemp Leonard has given np the work of lineman and Ed Mort field is back in his old position. -- Bennett Biemer, an 18-year-old boy from Chicago, had his left foot crushed this noon at the Wabash lower depot He camr mto town on.a passenger, beating his v ay to Hot Springs, Ark. He got off at the 3 auction and loitered about, and as a freight started out he stepped on the bumpers of a car. His foot slipped and was mashed by the drawbeaa Supervisor S T. Kendall took charge of him aud be was taken to the count} farm --The home of James Burke, near the Wabash depot, was the scene of an old time charivari Tuesday night, upon his return from St. Louis, where that day he bad wedded Miss Anna Stantou, also of this city. A crowd of boys numbering nearly 100 had assembled, armed with various noise producing instruments, and for an hour or more pandemonium reigned. The ages of the couple were not properly reported in St. Louis The groom is C8 and the bride 38, be ten years younger and published. she ten years older than True* ana Train. John Cross, the colored man who was hurt one Saturday night about a month ago by being run into by the dinkey, hai brought BOH against the Wabash for f 5, 400 damages. Fair week travel from this place hai fceen .lighter than usual and not over 80 fares were sold from here to St. Loui tbe entire week. The Veiled Prophet Tuesday night, drew abont 300. Tbe Clover Leaf has changed opera tors. Clarence Stone arrived Tnesda from Neoga to take tbe place, and N. G Clarke the former operator accompanlec by bis family went to ft. Dodge, Iowa The Wabssh Is following the practiet ofJmsDy roads, and having the number o tbe locomotive painted in letters two fee long on tbe tender. Tbe dinkey went to EutSt Lonis ysterday for that parpon and Mike Welsh did the branch work. --For bargains IB dry goods and no tloas, call at Simon Kellermsnn Co's --Edward Naeher le rannlog his tide mill every day. Good whiskey barrels famished when needed. --Granite and tinware, chlaa and gli ware, ask for price*. It will P»T yon to trade at Simon Kellermsna t Co'fl. --Frail oysters, choicest lathe marks farmed In any style atallhoaw,t?*rj day at.Jos. Teober's, place, Main Street, AMICABLY ADJUSTED. Iflereucei Between HlrlbloK Miners Hud Operators Senrlnie Adjustment. The striking miners who have been ere nearly a week have deserted their amps on the county farm and have re- their families in nearby towns, his happy consummation of the local rouble was brought about at a meeting eid yesterday morning at the home of ohn JMcCullaugh, better known as "Scoter," on South Main street. He, to- ether with the other men who have been t work were present. The miners who ime here from other towns aud also the sal nnion were represented by James arson, president of the state organlza- op; Geo. J Horn, of Glen Carbon, and lexander Bradley, of Mt Olive, An ;reement was reached under which the en will work for the Madison Coal Co., o supply the local demand As soon as ie company begins to ship coal mined n the oid wage bcale, the men agree to ome out to remain until the new tcale adopted Under this arrangement the trlkers have left the citv and the Madion Coal Co. it, operating its shaft for toe resent. The mass meeting of miners and citl- ens held at the court bouse Wednesday ight was a representativa gathering of workiDgmen. The circuit court room as packed long before the meeting was ailed. Win. Koiler was selected as lainnan, and in a few remarks intro- uced James M Carson, ol O'Failon, resident of the United Mine Workers of llinois The speaker for an hour held he undivided attention of bis hearers. He reviewed the causes leading up to the trike for a higher scale of wages, which as been on throughout this country ie past three months, and quoted rom the statistics of coal production In oi;* for the years 1S95 and 1896 some nterestiog facts Among other things B stated that the figures given by the perators show that in 1896 the average elltng price of coal in the state was even cents per ton less than the year efore, and that the miners who pro- uced the coal received for their labor me cents per ton lesi, a loss sustained y the workman of two cents per ton. Ie stated that coal companies generally hroughout the state have adopted the ew scale, and are working under it, and Iso expressed the hope that within a iiort lime the two leading companies in bis section would accede to the demand. General A. Bradley made a few remarks, -nd Attorney Chas. H Burton, in re- ponse to calls, proffered words of en- ouragement to the men. SOCIAL AND PERSONAL. ABOUT PEOPLE FROM HOME AND ABROAD. OeenrreneeeBnly Holed and Elaborated Visitors In an* On* ·* Town. The Guild meets Monlay with Mrs. Wm H, Hall. * 8t. Boniface's society will meet Wednesday, October 20, with Mrs M. Ser- rler Mrs. Otto Wolf will entertain the Thursday Afternoon Social Club next Pulpit and few. R=v S. P Groves' topic Sunday morn- ng will be "A Personal Question." Rev. -John Owen, of St. Louis, will irepch at both services at the Christian ihnrch Sunday. The subject for the lecture at Leclaire, Sunday afternoon at 3 P M , will be 'Ethical Religion " Kev F M Van Treese, the new pre- tding elder of this district, is preparing o take np bis residence in Ailon. Rev. Henry Schntz will arrive home to- iay or tomorrow from his sum-ner trip hrongh the north, and will preach in he German M E. church Sunday. Rev. J A Scarrett wao was taken com the superannuated list by conference two weeks ago, and assigned to Cairo, is very ill at the Baptist Hospital n St. Louis, Rev, Geo. Steele, of DeSoto, Mo , has accepted tbe call extended to him by the congregation of the Baptist church Sanday evening and will probably remove lere with his family soon. Quarterly meeting will take place at the Evangelical church Sunday morning, preaching by Rev. A. Meyer. Sixteen new members will be received into the church In the evening a mission service will take place Wednesday was Yom Kippnr, the Jewish day ot atonement. The Jewish congregation recently organized in Alton by Rabbi Rosenbanm, gathered in their hall attired in their b- ?lal robes and went through the solemn ordeals of the ceremony of observance. The German Methodist society will be entertained on Wednesday, the 20th by Mrs C H Barrels. Mr. and Mrs. W. M WarnocK and also Miss Lutle Warnock who was their guess last week attended the Veiled Prophet'i ball in St. Louis Tuesday evening October, the month of fail weddings, has commenced with a society one on the first Thursday, and well founded rumor has it that there will be one on each and every Thursday in the month. Mr, Charles Keed and Miss Laura Heary were united in marriage Wednesday afternoon at 3-30 o'clock at St. Mary's parsonage. Rev. Fr. C. A O'Reilly performed the ceremony, The attendants were Wm Nix and Miss Lena Wolf The young conple have many friends here who wish them well ia their future life. Mrs. Mary Jarvia, of Troy, bad a birthday Wednesday. She had birthdays before, eighty-three of them, but something occurred to impress the eighty- fourth especially on her mind. Mr. and Mrs W. W. Jarvis asked a party of old friends to spend the day at their pretty home, and invited the venerable lady as guest of honor It was all a surprise to her, and though she did not see the joke as the others did, she soon entered enthusiastically into tbe celebration of the anniversary. Mrs. Jarvis, assisted bj her daughters, with accustomed hospitality, served a bountiful dinner. The young ladies present were. Mesdames Mary Jarvis, aged 84, Nancy Purviance 82, Mary Ensminger SO, Sarah Johnson 80, Eleanor Montgomery 78, Emily Jarvis T8 and Blary Cochran, of Paris, Texas, 70 Another guest of distinction was Nathaniel B Kinder, aged 7G Others favored were: Mrs. Belle Hasslnger, of St. Lonis; Mesdames Ellen Barnett, A P. Wolf and H C Barnsback, of Edwardsville; Mrs T. O Evans and three daughters, of Collinsvllle, and Mesdames Sarah Kersey, Mary Kisser, Ed Donoho, Mary Granger, Jennie Montgomery, and Miss Ethel Kimberlm; also Mr. and Mrs. John F. Jarvis and Mr. and Mrs. James N. Jarvis, of Troy. of friends wherever he is known. The belles, a young Ifidy of many accomplishments and charms of manner. They will reside in Greenville, Among the guests were quite a Dumber o! distinguished visitors from abroad : Acting Governor and Mrs. W. A. Northcott, Editor and Mrs. W. W. Lowis, of the Greenville Advocate; Circuit Clerk and Mrs. Ward Reid, Inspector of Building Associations and Mrs. J. A. Appel, County Clerk and Mrs. W. D, Matney, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Van Wlese, Mr. and Mrs. Ell Armstrong, Mr, and Mrs. 3. S. Wheeler and Frank Watson, of Greenville; Mrs. C. Fritz, Mrs. Geo. Asbton, Mrs. Frank Lewis, Mrs. E. A. Kolbe and (daughter Edna, Mr. and Mrs. J. 8. Trares and daughters, Bertha, Annie and Josephine; M. P. Linn, George Bickel- hanpt and Henry Armstrong, of St Louis, Mr and Mrs. J. L Fritz and daughter, of Coffeen; Mrs. S. E. McAleese, of Bement, and Mrs. John Copley, of Godfrey, COURTS AND RECORDS. CONCERNING TRANSACTIONS IN THE TEMPLE OF JUSTICE. Circuit and Probate Court*.-- Iran*fen and Mti«r Matter*. New circuit Court case*. At midnight tonight, October 8, will expire the time In which cases may be brought to the term of the circuit court, which convenes Monday, October 18. Judge Martin W. Schaeffer, of Belleville, will preside, it being his initial appearance In the capacity of county. Judge in this Mr HOSTO-RIKKEL Charles W. Hosto and Miss Jose- phiae M Rlnkel were married Tuesday at high noon, at the home of the bride's parents, Mr and Mrs. Theo. Rlnkel. near Carpenter. The decorations were in white and piuk and golden rod. The bridal party took position in the parlor beneath an arch, to the strains of the "Happy Moments Wedding March," which was played by Miss Maude Koch, a niece of the blide. The attendants were Mies Luzie Picker, of St Lonis, maid of honor; Miss Julia Bardelmeier, bridesmaid, and Mr, John Rinkei, brother ol the bride, groomsman. The ceremony was performed by Rev. P. Freytag, of Hamel. Ihe bride was becomingly attired in blue, trimmed in white lace with white veil. She carried a bouquet of bridal rosea. Her traveling dress was After congratu- wedding dinner was served The happy couple left on au evening train, amid a shower of rice B tailor-made suit lations, a sumptuous and well wishes, for St. Lonis, several days Upon their Attractions. Cholly Lowboard--Do you have a bill tit fare? Farmer McCarthy--No. but I have a billy goat,--Comio Cuts. . Ice cream In any quantity, best quality, cheap, at Frank Stenzel's parlors. One at the most brilliant events of the year In the social world took place last night at the home of Mr and Mrs, John Keller in the West End. It was the marriage ol their daughter, Miss Lncie Smith Keller, to Mr. Frederic William Fritz, of Greenville. At 7 30 the bridal procession moved down tbe stairway and entered the pallor to the strains ol the Bridal Chorus from Lohengrin, rendered by Prof. W. C, Schwarz and Miss Julia Brink. In order cnme, the ushers, Dr C. A. Crane and Harry Kirkpatrick, Rev S. P. Groves; the groom and hia best man s Frank Watson, of Greenville; Miss Josephine Trares, ot St Lonis, bridesmaid, with Jnle Keller, groomsman; Miss Nellie Keller, maid of honor; and the brkle. The party took their positions beneath a canopy of feathery plumes of asparagus in the second parlor, and Rev. S. P. Groves, of St. John's, pronounced the impressive ceremony of the Methodist church. The ceremony was witnessed by nearly two hundred aad fifty guests, and at its conclusion the happy couple were showered with congratulations. Tbe bride was attired ia a superb costume of Ducfeesse satin and carried white Bride roses. Miss Nellie Keller, maid of honor, wore a handsome dress of pink tafleta, trimmed with monsse- laiae de sole, and Miss Josephine Trares, the bridesmaid, looked lovely in pale green taffeta, trimmed with duchess lacei Mrs Katharine Fritz-, of St Louis, mother ol the groom, was dressed in black satin, trimmed with real lace, and Mrs. John Keller, mother of the bride, wore black satin, diamond ornaments. Many handsome presents attested the esteem in which the conple were held by their friends. They left on tbe Wabash late train for St. Lonis, the branch train making a special trip from tiie residence, They will go np the Ohio river and then make a tour of the northern lakes. Miss Julia, Brink contributed to the pleasure ot the evening with vocal music, "Sacred Is the Weeping," the bride playing the accompaniment. An elegant wedding supper was served by trained waiters, under direction,of a St. Lonis caterer. Mr. Fritz is state's attorney of Bond county and a. business partner of Lieutenant Govornor W. A. Nortncott. He is a lawyer ot unusual ability and has hosts remain reception will be given In taeir honor by her slater, Mrs Thos Koch. The couple will go to housekeeping on the groom's farm, near Alhambra. The many presents received attest the esteem in which the twain is held by a wide circle of friends. The groom is a prosperous young farmer of Alhambra, and the bride is the youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs. Theo ISinkel, and a prepossessing young lady. Among guests from abroad In attendance were Henry Hosto, of Ulm, Prairie county, Ark,; Mr. and Mrs. William Klansing and Miss Lizzie Picker, of St Louis, Mesdaaies J A. Roswell, S. R. Winchester and S. A. Badley, of Upper Alton; Ed. and Geo. Rsckart, of Clayton, Mo ; Mr. and Mrs John Trauernicht and Mr. and Mrs. J. B Bardelmeier, of New Douglas; Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hosto, Mr. and Mrs Adam Dan- derman, Edward and Miss Lizzie Hosto, Geo. Klausing, Wm Branndmeier and Miss Minnie Dietermann, of Alhambra; Miss Lena Dornseif, of Worden; Miss by the defendant The past days have witnessed the filing of an unusually large number of new cases, the number to date being 172. The dockets up to this morning show the total number of cases to be 3i8, classified as follows- criminal, old 57; chancery, old 77, new 78; law, old 43, new 94. The filings for today will increase the total. Noteworthy among the new cases Is the unprecedented number of foreclosure proceedings, nearly half a hundred suits at that kind having been filed. The following additional cases have been entered: Bessie Price, by Jos. Price, against Alton Railway S, Illuminating Co , is a damage suit for $25,000 The child, eight years old, wss injured on State street. Alton, April 20, this year, by being run over by a car on defendant company's road, necessitating the amputation of the right lower limb above the ankle and the left just below the knee. C L B Stahlbnt against Wm. Moellenbrock, is a foreclosure proceeding; mortgage for 82,000 made May 22, 1894. to Chas. Lexow, and assigned by him to orator, secured by lands In Nameoki township George Eardley against Jos, F Long and wife, is a bill to foreclose mortgage of $900, dated November 22 1894, secured by lots 7, 8, 9 and 10, block 1, A. T. Dus- enburj's addition to New Douglas. John Cross against Ihe Wabsh Ball- road Company,, is a damage suit for 85,000, brought as a result of injuries sustained recently by being run into by a passenger train on the dinkey line. Mary W Cooper against Josiah P Cooper, is a divorce proceeding, couple were married April T, 1870, and lived together until three years ago, when, oratrix charges, the husband deserted her. Charles F, Cook, conservator, against John and Minnie Braden, is a foreclosure proceeding, mortgage for 82,000 dated September 23,1895, secured by 40 acres in section 5, Nameoki township. Chas. N.Travous and E D Glllespie, assignees against W. D Harnist is a foreclosure proceeding; mortgage for $2,000 dated January 26, 1893, secured by property on Hillsboro road. Fnt: Kable against Henry Sjry Is an appeal from Justice John Feeble, before whom by a jury was tried the claim of plaintiff for $137 50, rent The jary found Issues for defendant The City of Alton against Heary Watson, Is a suit brought to secure the payment of §672 96, expended by the city in filling an excavation on Ninth street made et al, is a suit in assampslt, damages 9600. Edward A Burke aglnst John B. Kerwin, is a suit in asanmpsit, damages $100. Philip Iiistemsn against Jas. H Belt, et al, is a salt in assumpeit, damages 910000. Martin Schroeppel against Gottlieb El geubrodt, is a foreclosure proceeding. W. G Bowman against Ed Paul et al ia a forcible detainer proceeding. Jessie E Teipel, of East Alton, asks for a divorce from John F Teipel; the conple were married Christmas Day, 1892, and lived together until September 21, 1897; oratrix charges adultery, and names Hettle Linder and Mary Kaus, as co-respondents. She asks that the tie that binds be annulled, and she be given the cnsto- dy of their only son, yesrs. Harold F., aged 8 hearing on flail report of conservator, ·bowing a balance of «867 27, to which exception had been takea^ objection overruled and report approved; Eugene Wabl and Otto Bauer, objector*, pray aa appeal to circuit court, which le allowed. Wm Ashauer, deceased; admlalstra- trlx reports a deficiency and If ordered to turn over to the widow f315 TO, amount of personal assets, to be applied on widow's award of 1680; estate declared settled. AlGert Dlppold. deceased; 'proof of death made; letters iosue to Barbara DSppoid, bond to be in eutn of 911,000;~ bond presented, with Joba A Miller, Albert Miller, John and Edward Dlp- pold sureties, approved; J T. Tartt, S. T. Kendall and Wra Holle appraisers. Frotmte BBFOBE JDDOE WM P. EABLT S. F. Holt, deceased; claims amounting to §705.20 allowed. W A. Hildebrand, deceased; claims amounting to 9726 72 allowed Fred Schulze, minor; John Flach named as guardian without bond. H, W Berkemeyer, deceased; claim of Lucy Banmgartner for" §383 76 allowed. Friedrich Meyer, deceased; inventory, appraisement approved; widow's award S7G7. Choutean, Nameofci Venice Drainage and Levee District; annual report approved. AsaB. Stelle, insane; Enos Johnson appointed conservator, he to give bond of S600. John Duban, deceased; proof of death made; last will set for hearing on November 1 John T Tartt, deceased; proof of death made: last will set for hearing on November 1 EUoda A. Webster, deceased; proof of death made; last will set for bearing on November 1. George Schiettinger, deceased; final Will of K«« fan KanKUMIBB. The will of Rev. Carl Koozmaun, who died recently, was admitted to probate Wednesday. It was executed September 18, 1896, and attested by E C. Springer and J H Banner. It is brief, coveiing less than one sheet, legal size. After providing tor jnst debts and funeral expenses, he wills 9100 to his daughter Elizabeth M Crusius and 9100 to bla eon, Wm. Cr Knuzmann. The balance of bin estate he bequeaths to his daughter Margaret C. W. who is also named «- ecntnx without bond. The estate Is valued at 910,000 la the estate of «FrancIska Knnimann, deceased, of which Rev Call KtUEmaim was executor, Margaret C W Kunzmann was appointed administratrix de bonfs non with will annexed, bond of 91,000 with Elizabeth M Crnsius and WVC. Kunzmnnn safeties was approved. . $ 176 .467 Emma Gerber, of Edwardsvllle; Mr, and Mrs J. A. Miller, of Pin Oak; T. E. Riakel, of Kaufman; Chas. Bardelmeier and Miss Addle Williams, of Hamel. and Edward Bardelmeier, of Fruit. Is a Ernst Delicate, of St. Louis, was a Sunday visitor. Mr. W V, Weise, of Greenville, guest of Mrs. S. P Groves. Thos. Webb, ol Granite City, was a business visitor Wednesday. L F. Alsop, editor of the New Douglas World, was In the city yesterday. B F. DuRosy, of St Lonis, was a guest Sunday of Miss Edith WbarfE Attorney Wm. G. Burroughs was here from CoHinsville on business Wednesday. Edward Hobson has taken the place of Thos O'Connor, as clerk at the Leland Miss Jessie Stanley, of Gienwood Mo., is visiting at the home of Rev. G, E. Cunningham. H. T. McCres, of Litcbfleld, representing the American Book Company, was B visitor yesterday. Dr. E B Dickie, a student of Washington University, was a gnest yesterday of Miss Laura Wetmote. MM. Will Donoho and son Fred, of South Dakota, are here for s month's visit with relatives. H. M. Harriss, and Harrlss Long of Da Quoin, arrived Wesnesday for a several nays' visit with the former's daughter Mrs. Jos. H. Keown. M. M. Flannlgan left yesterday to assume his duties at the Crescent Planing mill, St. Louis. His family will follow the fore part of next week. JOOQ Ttiska, t prosperous merchant of Hannover Kansas, Is here on a visit to his brother Joseph, He reports splendid crops and a lively business at borne. Dr. W. A, Bowllng,of Virginia, arrived Sunday and has been a gnest of his uncle, H. H. Keller, this week. Tlse doctor !« considering toe sdvlsablity ot locating here for the practice of medicine.. Z. B Job against Big Four Railroad Co , is a suit for $16,000 damages, for injuries sustained by the plaintiff June 16 last, he being struck by a train while in a buggy. Otto Gossran, receiver etc , against Melzlnia M L Leigh is a forcible detain- er proceeding, the plaintiff seeking possession of lots 1 to 4 in block 4, Yager Park. Wm Merkel has instituted foreclosure proceedings against Eva Thison, et al; mortgage for 8650 dated May 13,1892, secured by a lot on Jefferson street, Alton. Otilla H Fishback against the City of Alton, Is a suit for trespass; damages asked $2,000, being Jor injury to fence and grass and shrulberyon her premises. E P McCuce against Lucy and G W Hess, is an appeal from Justice John Fechte, who entered judgment on verdict of jury for 8§1 78 in favor of plalntifl Eppstein Baernstem against W A Itlsh is an appeal Jiom Justice John Fechte; suit oa note-for 8200 tried by ja- ry; verdict In favor of defendant. John McCnllough, a workman of the Madison Coal Co., has brought suit against Madison county for f 100 damages. John Pope, administrator of Enoch Pope, agiiost the Madison County Ferry Co, Is a suit for 96,000 damages. E, B. Glass has filled a cross bill report of administrator set for hearing on October 18 James H. Varner, distracted; John Rv- aD, conservator, reports a balance ol 95,491 49; approved, John F. Roth, distracted; conservator reports and tenders his resignation, which is set for hearing on October 18 B H Gouldmg, deceased; administra- trix authorized to compromise the claim against the estate of Mary Stevens for ?50.' John W Coonce, deceased; claim of Lewis B Coonce for §480 being set for hearing and he making default claim is disallowed. Albert C Mervin, minor, guardian reports balance of $1,063 86; ward being of age receipts for balance and guardian Is discharged. Joseph W. Grossen, deceased; last will admitted to probate, John S Hoerner being named executor without bond, ordered letters issue. Louisa C. Bellm et al, minors; guardian reports receipts 8400 55, one-third of which Is due the guardian as widow, and the balance to wards. Enoch Pope, deceased; proof of death; letters Issue to John Pope, father; bond of 8100 with C. H. Burton and W. F. L. Hftdley sureties; approved Albert E. Davis, deceased; on petition of Andrew L. Davis, a brother, it Is ordered letters issue to Charles W. Smith bond to be in the sum of 9700. George Kamm, minor; guardian reports balance dne ward 9400; ward having attained legal age receipts for this amount, and guardian is discharged. John Frutiger, deceased; administra- trix reports sale of personal property at private sale for 91,276 5i; administratrix also shows a deficiency of 96,599.76. Rebecca Millbank, Insane; J. W. Gornett, conservator, report* a balance of $4 14, which he pays over to F L Hampton, his successor, aad is discharged. Dennis Rt-nand, deceased; administrator's final report shows a balance of 820 27; approved; same being applied on Trfmmcrii. Transfers of real estate filed for record in the recorder's office of Madison county, HI., since last Issue: Wm H Toung to Ernst Doerper, lots 1 and 2 blk 1, Newport . Carl Kunzmann to Margaret W C Kunzmann, wd, tract adjoining lots 69,70, 71 and 72 and right of way, Kd- wardsvllle ··· ' Heinrlch Helmke and wife to Henry C Priest, q c d lots 7 and 8 bllr 11 and lot 1 bit IT, Yager Park ... » John. Hagen and wife to Peter Eklof, w d ete lot 8 blk u Yager Park 2 C P Daudermann to Amelia Daudermann, w d tract In 5 6, t ear Alhambra, see record 1.600 Fred Grotefendt and wife to John Schoureck, w d, pt sw4 sett sec 33 4 6 Oliver S Stow ell to Anna E StrochWrsch w d, Iocs 12 and 13, bit 3, East End Place Alton . . .-Catharine Reagan et al to-G M Reagan, w d, lot 3. Wk 24, Hauler's add Alton GOO 200 600 Mamace lateen**', County Clerk Rlniker issued the following licenses «ince last issue: rCharlesReea.Edwardsvlile jlaura Henry, ·· i Fred Schulze, Ft Russell ( Nellie M Flack, " I Edward E WooUey, Nashville. Tenn. f Ella O Fletcher, New Douglas . ... ( John H Wilson, Madison \ Barbara Mtechte, Venice j F. W. Fritz, Greenville age 17 . 26 19 35 . . , i Lucy S. Keller, Edwardsvllle ............ ft weeks against Mary Warner, who some ago filed a bill to foreclose. Henry Fehllng against Diedrich Brinkhoff, Is a distress warrant for rent; amount due 9390. Margaret Henry against Alton Railway Illuminating Co,, Is a damage suit lor «2.600. James H Belt, Jr, against Philip Liste- snan, et al, Is a suit IP assmnpslt. damages 9350. Orville O.BaWwin, against The Merchants Bridge Co , Is an action for $5,000 damage*. Joto F Edwards against Wm B DM!» claims of seventh class, administrator Is discharged. John D Dillon, deceased; last will admitted to probate; Jonn F. and Harrj P. Thompson witnesses; Thomas C. Dillon being named executor, ordered letters Issue to him npon giving 9500 bond, JohnDubach, deceased; executor reports balance on hand 9119 63; estate being tally settled executor ffreeents receipt for balance, which is to be applied on payment of mortgage, and is discharged. Frieda Oebike et al, minors; guardian reports that she compromised a claim against the German-American Mutual Life Assn,, oa a policy ot 92,000, one-half being payable to wards for 9326; actloa confirmed. Thomas Richardson, deceased; proof of death made; laai will admitted to probate ; witnesses Loreni Btohr and Cbarlei Crawaon; Elizabeth Richardson being named executrix without bond ordered letters tame. Christine Wahl, Insane, decMMd] Edwamvill* M«rk«». Notwithstanding the report* Iron -r* 4 f. The late James T Drnmmond ia bis will probated in St Loots this week provides legacies for all of his relative* and also sets aside the sum of 91,600 ia trust to the City of Alton for the maintenance of the family lot in the cemetery there. The Drammond Tobacco Co. has made a reorganization by electing Harrison I. Drnmmond, late vice president as prmi- dent; R B. Dala. vice president; J. T. Drnmmond Jr , second xlce president; Clarence JoncS. secretary and Joba N. Drammond treasurer. Harrison I Drnujmond qualified as guardian of bis sister Rachael Le« Drammond and bis brother Charles B Drommond, giving bond in $1,000,000 in each case, the Mississippi Valley Trust Co. becoming surety on both bonds. Harrison I. Drnmmond who thus becomes thn head ot the vast Drammaad interests has Inherited the Dullness sagacity of his father and Is recogalceit in the business and financial field as on* of the best and safest business men of St. Lonis, an achievement rarely won by one of his age. He is tbe son-io-lair of Major Wm. R. Prlckett, of this city, aad is known to man; here woo will le»ra with pleasure of his promising career. ter- mers that the son has been destroying their corn aad what the son dlda't ban sparks from locomotives did. tfes prfea of that article has gone down ant today is S3 cents a bushel. Oats an tftr saaM at 16 cents and wheat if 98. Prices of the market products ba»e aot changed materially since latt qaotatlosi, aad littls Is being dona ia any clad ot pjodace business, except la apptea. You can hire a none aad trngo, two-seat spring wagon all day tor JI.M from Fred H»rt«ng. 9600 at 6 par ceat Apply at thia cffloa Two -good Osrmaa gifts tor kooMwork. Apply HOVB. NFWSPAPFK!

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