The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 3, 1935 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 3, 1935
Page 8
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PAGE St* CARP;.) COURIER Sleep Overtakes Yvonne Dionne ImpiovemeiH District Landowners Face Problem Since Court Action.! t HY T15I) II.' ' United Press Staff CorVesiiuhilcn ' LITMK ROCK, Ark.-{(Jl>l-!ui- iJprovement^district landowners, \v)io le^ taxes BO delinquent under protection of three .icl.s by (lie W'.KI legislature will have In-liinry; Id ' j'edcem their propcM'ty now, Inal Die United SIM<>.5 .snpn-me court Inis held the nets' invalid. Under the three acts, lasi^ 352 nnd 278, Die owners had six,find F. half jcars ;o redeem tWh-'jIrop- crty before it could !:o- finally cx- i changed lor- the improvement district, levies. One extended time foi sile of the delinquent- prop. I'crly from 65 days to two and'a half years. (Another extended'i.H>e time' for rcdccmption affe'r 'sile Horn tun (o'fohr years. The olh- i or-reduced prtitiKfos ' lor' dellii- , quoncy from 20 per cent., to three per cent, . '' '. Many inmimvnm nble to niiy 1 the tn>os let them co 'detiiKjutmt, A \V Dobyns. .attorney, Ji(ii-e \yho 'nrcncd tlic case for bondholdtls |before the United-Slates;;siipre)jis | court, believes. The owners 'coiiid put their money In savings bunks or, buy bonds, and make more In ••K'a'hd a ! half years thnri' : lhev ( conld pnjins, their luxes, he sold .Tjme of. the owners ndmlttedlv r were' In rmanclal straiiihu and took ndvtint-iee of the moratorium - ttirou(>l] necessity.. • Pew of the landowners will lose .their rcrtcimillon time since the laws have ij«pti In effect only nbflut two yenrs, Few sales have been rnidc. nue attorney advised, rteverflnn to the .stnlnles effective prior to Ihe moratorium acls. I'ip J^mlpvncrs havn t\vo wnre from Oin Onto of 5"ln lo rrf.lnlm their proivrtv hv iv>vlnc th emi'-- chaso virico n'lis in ner cent. If the sale has Iv^mi mom ihrijj i\vr> ye^-s np'.l th" i;ed"'ii"'lnii limn fxnirefi Ihe owner must nav 'all ia\e^ dii* 1 iiifl n"it. due r»nd t'f!. n nuif clmm Hned frnni ihn dj<;_ trlrt ^unissioners. an attorney ore lire evnecic-] to nnnrovc the j-rtem-Mtrin- veortii,- ,,)„,] tn ,-pi,,,.,, ill" rvirvirfF to |. hi- "(nv lloolts not rnv- F>S All-in' 1 " Oen^ril Oiri ^,. ~)i~*t <:ilfl -J'hevn pro n rn v| ll"V Act 'i nf ()),i in;j;j vi,,. C i,,i •;m" md Act oi the 'uiat'si , Tl'^ hi'-' of tin- o|.ii t >i-'ij . . Sinn nvt,o|ir)»(} Ihn ,|'"" In A'H''i i HH'I flVph in s-'i«i"v>'ipr :tn ifiv,. A n»u- in^'i .Ani ]« wli'^'i win J1IIO I'tlrrl l^hnin," S ;jii« vi'in' f"""""'' •»».• rcnriiniiioii tiiiii- TH IWIMM (i horn's tliii ,« nv i.'iv,, i,,...,, i Ml ,, <0 Wn.p ,„,,)„ on ,„,,„ , (1V) ||f] . -^ Jlons .onninsr. nrnimrtv. Tilprefori 1 . rm, r.n n,, ..„.,„!, i ni%ilc wuwin I,L. rf- mtl(utc(i m ntJi-.yiiis pnviiic-nt u? in\iv-, • ' t. ' ' — -; - . __ Dick crcw-s, negro, charged with clllnir liquor, wt'iil on Irinl in circuit courl, here lodny. . This h pvw^"<. il • ivnnvn* for whlrh P^IK r n for "a lifeninrrt wlm can ,,-n,,tnH hen. nn nrUrln in (m vn hif-"iini> NOTICE OF fi SAT.E Notlcn is l>er™bv v\vm. that in p»r<:i'anci> pf th" anthoritv and i.lironion'!' rcnta-ned In Die de- civl«l, Prtler of the Chnnrorr Onirt of MI.«Ksipni rnuiiiv. for the Chlchnsawba District. " mado and nnterrrl on the nth dav of Fehni!>r". inw. i n a cprmin ,..,„,;,, 'No. 5nfr» then uendin? therein bet.veen.T1ie Federal Lnnrt Ban); of St. I-Oiit?- n conxirntimi, com- r!i>l"ant. and Harrv Tavlor. et al.. defpnrTont=, the miders!?ned. as Commissioner of said court, will ofler for K>\-, O t. miblic vemhio tn Die htshrst bidder, at the RonIh door or entrance - of the CounU- Courthouse, in the Citv of Blvthcvllle. in the County of Xfissis'lppi, for the Blythevllle Ei'tnrt, within tli« hours prescribed by law for: lutlicial sales on Saturday. Ihe 13th day of April, )935, the following described IrePl estate, to-wit: ' ,' The North Thlny-Uvo (32) acres of the Northwest Quarter <NWiJ> of the Northwest Quarter (NWU) O t Section Twenty-three (23) ToM-n-ship Fifteen (15) North. Ranee Eleven (11) East of the." Fifth Principal Meridian, in Mississippi county, Arkansas TERMS OF SALE: On a credit of three months, (he purchaser being required to execute a bon as required by law and the or.,. nnd decree of sold Court in s.iu cause, with npproved securitv bearins interest at the rate of Fii" lien being retained on tlie prcn fees sold lo .wcure the paymei of the purchase money. Given under my hand this day of March, 1935. R. L. GAINJ3S, ° Commlfisloner In Chan, . 30-27 rder 18th cery. Ill r rv T • i r_ LrCWS Lm innl lo„. M- ] ,. o ' \ , ,lNlght JCSSIOI1S Arc Pl'os ios, cluint. {llp ( | in mi aulo accident. Crews denies that In- sold lirinor to Ilio boys and it Is expected 'hat. his ngcd'. ftjilibr. who claims 'o be more than' ion years old "-'ill Inkc Mm .slhiid n,' his' son's •lefense, cliilmhi'p that < Honor found in (heir house wns kept is a Ionic for him. Gene nr.idlev ind E. E. Alexander arc counsel for Crews. It was understood today that .1 :hnme of forpery nnd ntteriiv •>enlust Rnlrti Hauey. nycrsbiiru! renn., prenchcr. wns lo he dis- nisscd with the withdrawal of nrosecutlon on Ihe urvrt of relatives of a K irt nvin B in the Oswota section who was nlleeed tricked into 11 puriwrted marriage ivlth Ranev. An niuwlmonl ^i'it. was nierl In chancery court innnedinlelv nfler \ disixttlt.lnn of (he ciiminnl mater had been rcfiched n-lth Thelnm Kow-rtoii was plnintirr and Bnnev is defendant. PH C S in the case .•ere removed from lh<- rhnne«rv :tpr).-« o(Tj c< , b v die pirl\ nllornov "'!. H was reuwtiM Hint the case '•on'd he submiDerl In ChaiW!-Mor '. p . Gaiitney proinntly by agreement. '.uclllc rnijan, neoress. vas Hned •w b" a iurv ves(r-r,j. lv nfiernoon hat foniui her "iiiltv of nssault. •mil with intent to kill. Claude ". Ccoper represented the delcnd- -int. npSHile Ihe innnber of cases "Ircadv disnosed of several nicht -ffslom of eoiirt nimear to be in >rn«D«:t. if n larqe number of mnortnnt. cases ore disposed of at hi<; term. TVnver t... D»dlcv. "roceculln" •liornni'. and Ills 'riuisinnt. \v 'pnii Smith, fiiii~hnvp their 'mosl -Ireiuious work- ahead of them. Tlie ernnri ju r v concluded Us nrfc vc=lnrrtav. rpturn*"? a total "f 4n indiciiuc"!'. The iurv'F •vnbe V-.TS coni"teti^ In shorter -r^rr than usual, -r^nd lury in- '•e.«ti«a(ioi« ordinarily lasting'three "•nd fomrllmre four davs. or spK. v «« u Miiors for beveraqc at retail o.. the nremiscs described as 103 South Oivision Sfrret. fflythevilte. At This permit issued on the 28th day of March. 1935. and expires on the 30lh day oi June, 1835 n. a. Simmons. it; Former Oil Man •Holds .'Revival At Ash Street An "old time" revival Is In progress nt the church at 700 West Ash sired, with Evangelist II c Lcelc, of Tulsa, Okln., doing the preaching. The Ucv. and Mrs. trole ni-e traveling cvangelfeU for the states of Arkansas and LO'H ana. An oil man. the Rev. Mr. Leele was In' the department of refining Elite IhiKli, of Kelser, were the week end guests of. Mrs. Henry Din-field. Prayer meeting will be held "» the home of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Moseley al 1:110 Sunday afternoon to which everyone Is invited. his appeal •nen as tvcll „., u, „„ other Christians and he is extending nn invitation lo nil lo hear him, rcBiirdless. of religion. He wll spenli cud, eyeninn on .nidgment.ipropheQyHnnd' Ihe Ne:u- Coining of ".Irsa^ServireS begin "t 7:30 o'clock. >•'•; Tlie nev: N. H. RhtHles I-, pastor of the .church:Hill Farm Jim Mnnsfield, who Is n patient In the Dlythcville hospital is improving. Marvin Richardson is the snest of friends near Blytheville this A slngine was held at the home of Mrs. M. A. Clay Sunday night Mrs. Aulher Bin-field nri<i son' ROXY Wednesday Only BARGAIN NITE— 5 C & lac 'Night Life of the Gods' PEGGY SHANNON and lNNEY:J No Matinee— NMle Show uVli> Thursday Only Little Theatre Presents 'Let Us Be Gay' Tickets nn Sale rtl Kirby Drug Co. Show Starts at 8:00 P. M. U3 \Vo arc very sorry Mrs. m Claude Kdwards \vas not here ';!' ; asl , Ni . Rhl for th c sioo.oo '- Iwnk Nfchl \yhcn her name "'as called. Next Tuesday Bank Nile— $125.00 FOR I.KASE • 7 Brick business building in best district, ready for occupancy In May. Choice location,. G. G. CaiitJill I'lioiie 797 Last Time Today PAL NIGHTS! PAT, NIGHTS Mat. ,2:00; Night 6:45 Matinee (2 adiills atlmtttcd for. price of 1) 2r>e Night (2 adults admitted for price of 1) 35c All children Oc Mat & Nile Wednesday, Boy Seoul Night WORLDS TALKING with HOWARD (i. UOHINSON This picture now showing at Warner Bros. Theatre, Memphis. Also—Pahtniount News (,'onmly, "Raised and Called" with Chick Chandler Thursday & Friday Matinee—2:00 lOc & 2;ic NiKhl—C:.I5 lOc & H5c ;' • • - SEE ; : 'VANESSA' (Met- I.pyo:>StorV) with •:'". '" • HELEN HAYES ami ROBERT MONTGOMERY Oito Knifjer, fllay Knhson and Lewis Stone Comcdy_"0bjccl N'ol Matrimony" and Novelty Heel COMING TO RITZ SOON— "LIVING ON VELVET" ^ v ith Kay Francos. "MISSISSWI" wi (h l!m R trosliy and Joan Bennett. s'S AT -10" "KOHKRTA Dunn, Fre Ginger «'' ( li Irene Aslairc a n d Clear Lake News ... JVBDNESPAY, APRIL, 3, 1905 |f MJsa Gladys Holison, of Flat Lake, was Ihc (juest of Miss Olive Bast for the week. Junior Hfiyncjs, of Dogwood, wns the Knesl of William Ifuncix.-!: Mnnduy night. Ham Baiter, W | )0 has heen 111 for ffveml days, li:i:i licen returned in the niytheviile hosnlinl. where he Is in a serious condition Miss Coin Lee CoJeman v;ns lire-sent at the regular mrftlne of Die home demonslmllon cluh Monday afternoon, Mrs. Tommie .lames was the re- I'lplent of the cjuilt awarded hy the home demonstration club Friday nltiht. Ten wns the- winning Jiiutitei 1 . Silas liakcr. of Uo-seinnd, was called (o Hie hedslde of hi.s hio- ttier, Soin nnker. Miss Ada Jtimes, of Iliiiriiiini (lie I-IIPSC of her sister. Mrs Alma linker. Driver drove t\cws Sunday school will he held at 10 a.m. Everyone is Invited. Mr. and Mrs. Charley Brock jr., and Mr. nnd Mrs. jess names Mr. and Mrs. Charley SpriiiKer have liecn attending the revival ceLliiK held at Pecan Grove 1)1)1 Skelton .siient Friday nleht with Roy Mall, or Calumet. Mrs. Evelyn Springer was the of her sister, ,\fre. Charles Qiliham. Thursday night. 1)111 Moseley, who lias lieen ill K inneli linprovnt, Little Christine Springer Is ill from colitis. and out every time w^ ^^ — because it's a Lleml of onlq cojillifip fitrninh, whinkion if l^ll/«F GoldenWeddin Calumet News Air. and Mrs. j. c. Powers are lew residents of this community. Mr. and Mrs. p. D. Ford have relumed from Jonoti.oro. where they were guests of relatives They were accompanied home by Mr Ford's brother, 'Kiiel, wlio will be their guest for several days Mrs. j. T. Clover is 111 this week. . Miss Virginia Liery Is sitfferln" from an Infected linger, earned by a fish hook. _><ead_'Courier News Want Ads. I fit? GULDEN WEDDING True—it ,, 1BV C{!&1 a ,;,,,,, morc _ _ _ nut you your.fricruls will recognize, its'BETTER TASTE it's a Mend of COSTLIEK STRAIGHT •WHISKIES-'W, ALL wliigkcy". CLOTHES NOW AT A BIG SAVING lMetnijiis_Distributing Co., West Memphis,' Ark. 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